Party In The Garden

May 20, 2015:

The aborted party from the day before restarts in the gardens of the Institute

Xavier Institute


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Fade In…

Since Rose had more time…

Through the day people came and went, Rose was overseeing their oresence on the grounds so no one went astray and if they wandered off the alloted path they would have quickly been rdirected in a not-so-friendly manner, but this was until the sun set and then the people left, thinking they were setting up the decor for 'graduations'. When the sun set what happened along the chinese gardens and the hedge maze came from the charge of the UV rays. Lights began to flicker, streams of them veiling over the top of the area in a spiderwebbed spread, overhead like stars.

Branches of cherry blossom trees were alit with pinkened and red lights to come to the fall where the grass has a transparent veil overlain, smaller lights in mimicry of dew glistening in the morning sun. Pretty…

A sound system picked up, playing music from a digital DJ where people can put in requests and eventually it will gather lists and play likenesses of genre as the night rolls on. Tables are sprawled out and some refreshments already there around what may as well be considered the gaming and dance area. Sitting on one of the wooden benches is Rose, a bottle of wine clutched between her knees and finers grip a cork, wite knuckled and pop it free.

The call went out, let's do this and lighten up the (over)load.

Bobby's actually showing up for the food on purpose this time. He could use some relaxation after… recent events. So he snagged Mana from X-Red and headed northward to the school. It's always odd for him to see it. He never was there a whole lot. Most of the folks on the X-Men have put in more time here. Apparently it really is just like any other school in some respects.

Mmmmm, that food smells good.

Gone for five minutes and the party was a bust. Damn McCoy and his non-alcoholic ways. Good thing Rose is not so easily beaten. Nate has been on and off the grounds all the day, but now he is definitely back and helping the white-haired woman with the finishing touches and the wine bottle.

After a bit of a nap and speaking with Hank, Jean was ready and waiting to party. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the woman, typical t-shirt with NIN scrawled across the top, pair of jeans and a set of sneakers that carry the three stripes down the side. There wasn't anything K0rn about it, it was all Run DMC up in this piece, throw back to the days of old where Rap carried a bit of fre.. okay.

Per usual, new spread and new food was carted behind her, TK wave ushering the food as well as the tables on, fingers fanning as well as arms spread to set up the spread like so.

Whatever you find at a party? It was there. There was even a bowl of punch made out of the core of watermelon. More wings than you can shake a stick at, veg, fruit platters, fruit salad.. yummy yummy. Impressive displays of desserts one can get fat on, ranging from each of their specialized continent, yet absent of the durian fruit that SOME people can't stomach.

And there's fruit fluff. Goddamn that fruit fluff. There's also the basic bbq, potato salad, ribs and rib tips, shaved pork, cole slaw, the works. If you're going to have a party outdoors? You really, really have to put in work.

And it helped that she borrowed money from Xavier to do it.

Lunair turns up because that's just what Lunair do. While it's probably for the better she doesn't drink (The Twerking would never end), the activity and call out have even drawn the somewhat retiring mutant out of wherever it is she hides during the day.

Well. She's brought some cake with her, just to be polite. Although, dang, Jean really got the refreshments covered. It's impressive. Her eyes are a bit wide. "Wow." Okay, suddenly her cake feels a bit sad. But still. Time to meander in carefully. There's people she knows. "Hi!" Yes, there you go, Lunair.

The arrivals get a small quirk of a grin from Rose as with Nate's assistance the cork pops and goes flying to hit the light net above, ripplin the light to make them even moreso the efigy of stars above. A swig from the bottle and she is offering it to Nate, standing to do so as the bottle is loosed from between knees.

Bobby is given a lingering hold of that mismatched gaze, still unofficial in knowing him, but having seen him enouh to offer him a up-tilt of chin.

Jean's arrival with the spread that almot seems one-man catered gets a long blink. "I think your spare time is far too vast." Said the merc-pot to the super-kettle.

Lunair's arrival gets another smile, something only -that- woman could get from Rose, she still blames the constant run of kitten bowl. It does something to ones brain. Sliding to the other side of Nate she scoops up a chicken wing and plucks up a piece of cake. "What flavor? Or all of them?"

Danger Room exercise x 1000 tomorrow to work all this off guys!

Brin follows alongside Bobby "Well at least Dr McCoy can't complain…" Having lived at the Institute from very young, the brunette doesn't look like she's coming home… bad memories maybe. As they draw closer, her eyes grow wider "Seems like Rose and Jean have outdone themselves." as she gives a wave those who have gathered.

"Seems like, doesn't it." Bobby waves to Rose and Jean and Lunair as he makes his way to get a drink and a couple of wings. "Hey folks." He offers a smile. Yeah, he'll be paying for this in the morning. And in the Danger Room he's sure. His version of a danger room has involved rather more danger than he'd like of late. Damn Purifiers.

"You have to ask?" Replies Nate after taking his own swig from the bottle. Of course he will eat everything. "And it looks like Jean again brought food for an army. Hi, Jean." And Luna, Brin & Iceman. Others will show up soon, he is sure.

There was definitely going to be a workout; Jean was going to hit the trails, the mazes, the Danger Room, the boxing gym..

Either way, spread set, game, matched.. and everyone was waved at as she grabs a plate and begins to load up lightly. First course was going to be easy. Through the night? Throw down.

"Hi everyone.." She calls out, moving to another section of the party to generally sit by herself. She just needed to gather her wits before she attempts any socializing.

Fortunately, Lunair does burn up a lot when she creates a ton of things. But yeah, she'll be doing aerobics or the danger room later (Bod with Zod?). She smiles at Rose. "Well, half is rainbow fruit and half is marble with chocolate and vanilla. I couldn't decide," She admits. So it's the world's oddest 50/50 cake. But Lunair does seem quietly fond of Rose in her own, puppylike way. If puppies had rocket launchers, anyway. She waves back to Bobby. Cool dude. And there's a Nate and a Jean and a Brinley. Her head is spinning a little bit.

"Wow. Lots of people. How are you two?"

"I am good. Just figured, with everything going on," Pausing she bites into the cake, crumbs of rainbow mingled with choco'nilla falling, the frosting the only thing keeping her and the cake clinging together for devouring. "Swiftly she is lifting frosting coated fingers and smearing them down Nates cheek with a smirk. "The atmosphere needed lightening. Good reasons to be tired and beaten up. Ya know?"

Looking around at all the people a confectioned wave is offered and brin gets a point. "You. Alcohol. Mingle. That order helps, trust me." Allll too often, Roses socially crippled self needed some alcoholic priming… To say the least.

Bobby is socially crippled with or without alchohol. And he has to drive, so he won't be drinking much. If at all. Fooooood. Though. This smells and looks good. "Rose right? I'm Bobby. Have you met Brin yet?" He's going to guess the woman's met Jean (Hi Jean, nope, still having that problem) and Lunair already.

"Doing alright" Brinley answers Lunair…and jumps as Rose gives her direction… and follows in Bobbys path to snag a beer and plate of wings herself. "Yes, Ma'am" she murmurs under her breath and returns to the group, taking a long drink before trying to interact…. "Hi, I'm Brin"

Lunair smiles. "That's good," She nods. Lunair looks to Rose and grins. "Yeah, I understand that," She seems sympathetic to Rose and all the fighting. She tries not to giggle a bit at the frosting on Nate. "Aw." It's adorable! She seems quietly happy, in her awkward, socially stunted way. "I am glad to hear you're well." She really is. And mm, cake.

Nate's wandering to mingle is followed by that gaze, but when Bobby approaches it snaps her back, teeth tearing into a wing and smattering her lips with sauce before a tongue darts them clean. "Bobby, got it." Cleaning the wing off she tosses the bones aside and glances between him and Brin, nodding lightly while a hand rises and a nial is diging between teeth.

Chicken never fails to get stuck between and it drives her bonkers, a light sucking noise and she finally speaks more, post a chaser for good measure. "So… Only time I have seen you two is - not here. What is it you do then?" Rose has to know, it's what makes her tick. Luna gets a smirk and the bottle is offered her way. "And how are you after all of that?"

Rose might not have been there, but there's word on the streets, tv, and fellow X'ers. It doesn't take muuch.

Bobby chuckles. "I don't hang around the School or Mansion much. Used to but it got a bit stuffy for my stastes and I don't see eye to eye with some of the seniors. I work over at DCI mostly. Do disaster relief and run the labs there for X-Red. That's when I'm not doing other jobs for Red. Berto lines 'em up a fair bit and then there's the odd emergency." He'll let Brin explain herself. "Lunair why don't you come join us."

"That would be about right" Brin takes another sip of the beer "Don't get back here much… not since I was placed with X-Red and I've been away for a few months, just returned really." The enforced R&R after her last mission had been lengthy. "I work with Bobby and Berto, look after some of the more …. special …. clients." beat "What about you?" Brin gives Lunair a welcoming smile, bolstering Bobbys invitation.

It was good to see the others converse, though she stares pointedly towards Bobby, there were still issues that needed to be discussed but she was wise enough to know that right now? Not the place and time. People just need a break from issues, and she was taking hers now. With bbq. Tips, ribs, and pork. Even po-tay-toe salad. Damn.

Instead of drinking, she grabs up a soda, cracking it, drawing back a little from the fizzle as it bubbles over just enough to cause her to push the can outwards to avoid messing herself. Then it was sipped, and she was eating.. and being completely nosy.

Lunair watches Nate go, before glancing to Rose and Bobby. "I am okay enough. Just glad the weekly dartings have stopped, really," She admits. Lunair has low standards, really. She is going to load herself a plate up before pausing. "Okay!" A nod at Bobby. She goes with it. Lunair doesn't really comment on what she does. She does a lot of things, really. "Come join what?" She looks a little puzzled. "I mean, I'm here." Lookaround. Waitaminute. Then a smile to Brin. "What about me…?" Oops. "Oh! I'm not sure."

"I was drug here for help. They helped me. What I do here…" A pause. Rose swirls the bottle of wine in her grip to let the alcoholic fermented fruit coat the side while she sucks in between teeth and tongue flicks off a canine in that debate.

"I repay my debt as best I can. I don't fit, but a hammer can squeeze a puzzle piece in enough." Taking another long drink from the bottle she glsnces to Jean and then back to Bobby and Brin. Rose has seen Luna in action… and if only she had enough space… She'd be a walking gun as well.

"What is Red exactly? Why does a team sporting the same name follow different directives?"

"Public mutants, best way to explain it." Bobby glances over at Brin, if she wants to contribute. "Our names and faces are known, as are the generalities of our talents. We show people that mutants can use extraordinary abilities for ordinary things as well as extraordinary ones. We're still connected to the group. Same goals. Different leadership, methods and base though. Bunch of thought that…" He frowns glancing over to Jean. No offense Doctor Grey. "Bunch of us felt that hiding here did more harm than good in the main. Change doesn't come unless someone is out there working for it."

"And we still work beside the X-Men." Brin adds "Some of us were outed, early on. Some… can't really hide what they are. You saw Lin, yesterday." The brunette inclines her head to Bobby in agreement. "It suited me better than remaining here." An apologetic glance to Jean… After what happened with the Paragons, she didn't want to be around the Institute.

Swigging her beer, Brins quiet a moment as she regards Rose "Sometimes hammers are needed. Not everything can be finessed… or so I find when dealing with some of our clients."

"I think they go out and work for it plenty, the difference being, you guys get names and smiling faces in the newspaper kissing said kids you rescued and getting blogs ….and t-shirts?" Rose's nose wrinkles and she leans back now on one of the slender trunks of the aglow cherry blossom trees, arms folded and wine still clutched. "I guess I don't have to get it but I am not one for being tracked. Ever. I do what I do and the little booger bombs can love me from behind tissues in dreams." Kids make Rose feel all shuddery and sanitizer needing inside. Warm and nauseous as well as cool for a moment then dry and chafed after. No, not just kids… Anyone.

"But you guys are away to keep the ones here safe then while hopefully giving their future a good name." She gets it! Bottle lifted in a toast and she takes another sip. Not the area for her, she cannot and will not go open and public. No good comes of it.

"Public… Wouldn't you guys be required to be the carnival hammer, the blow up one that squeaks on impact in that case? Considering the media craze lately?"

Blinking Rose is lost now, looking at Luna and furrowing brows, she has seen what she does. "And what of you? Red… So is the rest white, and blue?"

Rose never asked, and although she's moving out, she owes a life for a life, but the hammered in puzzle piece still has to /fit/.

Lunair listens more than speaks. "I think you fit fine, but … fitting is relative. I mean, they make puzzles with no edge pieces." That's just sadistic! Lunair rubs the back of her head. "I'm a student. I haven't really decided," She shrugs and smiles faintly. "Maybe SHIELD, Maybe fighting stuff. I dunno. I'm just sorta glad the dartings have stopped." Mmm, low standards. She looks to one of the cherry blossoms. So pretty.

Oddly, Lunair thinks of Rose as a friend if nothing else. "I'd probably better not go public," She admits quietly. She already gets HYDRAtized. Or did, anyway. Was totes awkward.

"You weren't here when they left twenty mutants high and dry and then turned on the folks that tried to rescue them." Bobby says flatly. "I'm not saying they don't earn their keep. I am saying that expecting people to view us as normal one day won't happen if we never give them a chance to get to know us. Also, you know, making enemies by being paranoid. Or alienating your own kind."

"It's a balancing act. Squeaky clean is kind of the order of the day, so it's definitely not for everyone, but you might be surprised what you can do within that framework."

And they get plenty of big red bullseyes too. Being public mutants means taking the risk of being public targets. Gotta take the bad with the good after all. Not honest to try and work it otherwise.

Jean wasn't insulted, not in the slightest. She was fine, really!

Brinley hadn't actually been there for that and she turns to observe Bobby before looking back to Rose. "We all do what we can in our own way." she murmurs. "And some of us are just trying to find our own way." Oh look, her beer is empty! Time to retrieve another one.

"I was there when they pulled bombs out of my neck and spine, gave me a new eye, and let me throw a party on a lawn that got blown up by the people who put the bombs in place." Pause. "Oh, and they did not even know me." Rose lifts one shoulder in a slight shrug but looks to Luna and retains that smile, although the mention of SHIELD gets a curious peer.

"I am trying to understand why there are two teams that boast the same purpose, same name, and I do not think would hesitate if I had showed at your door either, and yet reside apart and harbor resentment and hesitance to eachother? Aside from being put in magazines and newspapers I see no difference."

Brinley speaking up though has Rose's mismatched gaze of blue and milky hues following her as well. "That's exactly what I am trying to do. Pay my dues and still be on my way, without parting ways." A small wave of hand and she finishes the wine bottle, tossing it in the wastebasket.

Lunair blinks at Bobby. She looks a little uncertain. "I'm glad," Lunair seems happy Rose is no longer explosive. Really. She does like Rose. She tilts her head. "It's fun to have you here." She doesn't comment much on teams. She looks to her soda. "So there's that. I imagine a lot of people want to help, even if they don't want it public. I don't want to go public and that's okay," She offers.

Scanners say that not only is Lunair at the Mansion/School, but Rose Wilson is there as well. Errand can be accomplished in one step! Along with two of his errant X-Red teamies, but that's OK, human!Simon is at the DCI building and can summon the entire team if necessary, but it's a Wednesday Night, it' s never important on Hump Night.

A cloaked spacecraft (looking like something out of a certain Disney movie, and we're not talking Witch Mountain) appears in the parking lot, and Mike (Metal) Drakos emerges, making his way to where people are preparing to eat, and possibly have graduated or will graduate. It's difficult to tell from the garbled schedule he was sent.

He opts for human-with-obvious-robot-traits today. It means he doesn't need to worry about the weapon load and he can wear his "heavy" uniform with the apparent candy-red armor shell.

"Greetings, programs," he says as he approaches what amounts to a gathering.

Brin returns with a new bottle of beer and drink if anyone asked for them and smiles as Rose explains "It's how I feel too." beat "I still see Cyclops as the leader of the X-Men, think of X-Red as a different branch, not completely different organisation… although" Brin looks to Bobby for clarification "I might be wrong in that."

As Mike arrives, Brin gives him a wave… "Hey Mike."

"Mike." Jean speaks up, finally stepping away from her hovel with empty plate and full belly. She was going to head to the danger room to work this'un.. yeah, nope. "Turning in early guys. Enjoy the party. Take home left overs, leave some for me."

She was going to show everyone just what a barbecue coma looks like.

Nothing, Beuller? The matter at heart is going to have to be discussed with Jean and Scott. It leaves her to the plain and simple findin that they are one in the same. One just goes in the paper while the others are mutant-ninjas.

Lunair's words though have Rose staying by her side, the bottle of omnipresent vodka taken now, after the primer of wine. "I enjoy being here. It is not that I do not like the people. It's who I am and what I do that just may not be desired." She could hide things well, but for someone elses sake, she had to at least.. somewhat, partially, kindasorta, an /iota/, be honest.

Mike's arrival gets a blink and a smirk. "Yes I am taking care of it, keeping it lubricated, and checked up. My ball that is.."

A couh… and she's bending over then holding it aloft in her hand, her socket empty but lid closed.


"Hello!" Metalbuddy! Lunair seems happy enough to see her metal friend. She has a good number of her peeps here and that is groovy. She waves to Jean. "Will do!" She promises. Maybe she'll have to take some to Skaar and her friends? Hmm. Lunair will have to turn that idea over. Lunair looks to Rose. She tilts her head. "I think I understand that." She perhaps, feels similarly. It's sort of what happens when you do mercenarywork and your power starts as HORRIBLY LETHAL WEAPONS. You tend to see life's problems as targets. Lunair doesn't fuss, but she seems happy for that iota.

A blink. "Oh. That is one hell of a party trick," A peer at Rose and her eye.

"Ask the others if you want to hear their reasons. I already gave you mine." He sips his drink. "Thanks for putting this on Rose. I should get going though. Brin. Mike. Lunair. Doctor Grey." He nods to the others present and then turns to head out and take the long drive back south.

"Awesome. I just wanted to check it for correct function, but it says it's working fine," Mike says grinning to Rose. He smiles at Lunair, "And it's good to see you still not under remote control. I figured out a reconstruction sequence, I can make those leftover nanites into something a lot more useful for you."

He notices Bobby leaving, and wonders for a moment… no, down that path lies an emotional emulation loop that will require simulating at least three bottles of Jack Daniels before it will break. Do not try to deep-model why Bobby's pissed off — it's not something that can be readily fixed and it's his issue.

"Annndddd there goes my lift" Brin watches Bobby leave, she's not ready yet. "And what is it you do, Rose, that may not be desired." and then the eyeball…. another swig and wonderful….

Once Mike gives the eye the seal of approval she pops it back in and blinks a few times, then offers a half cocked smirk to Lunair, Mike and Brin.

The vodka gets an extremely long pull from it and when lowered she takes this as he queue to exit stage right. She needed to speak to Jean, if anyone got it all first, the brain poking woman either already had it or had that right. "Things that get my eye stabbed out and bombs implanted in my spine and neck." Think that about sums it up! "Be back in a few all I nneed to go get pencilled in with Firebird Betty Crocker."

Lunair smiles at Rose. She waves. "Be careful. And aw." Lunair likes both Flaming Jean and Rose. She pauses at Mike. "Are you sure?" She taps the side of her head. "Um, we can take a look." Part of her is still in the freezer at SHIELD, too. She seems uneasy thinking about it. She waves to Brin.

"Not sure when I'll find the time soon otherwise," Mike says far too cheerfully. "Remember, I still work for my family business and run my own, on top of the stuff for Team Red. I've been considering making a fast-time chamber just so I can get sleep."

He spreads his hands out, fingers all apart, and holds them exactly six point seven inches from the sides of Lunair's head, and his eyes flash all-over white for a moment. He moves his hands exactly three millimeters upwards and does it again.

"There. Scan complete. So. I can make sure they won't ever be used to control you again, but just pulling them out might do something drastic, because they're all over the place. Would you like them for your own use instead?"

Waving to Rose as she wanders off, Brin settles in nursing her beer. "What are you doing there, Mike?" She's not up with the latest on Lunair… not something that directly relates to what she does for X-Red.

Lunair is quiet for a moment and smiles. "That's a lot." While some have assimilated in, Lunair goes with it, and blinks. She watches Mike. "I could probably use them, sure. And I guess that means no rolling around on magnets to get them out, huh?" That is a bit of a joke, but she has a good sense of humor about it - even if her jokes are tinged with fear and unease. What was it the Baroness did? Who is this Baroness? So many uneasy memories bubbling.

Mike did not mention the Baroness… out loud. He was warned, PTSD-like effect. Still. He feels the guilts over the fact that it was his own sneak attack that was turned into something that made Lunair into a Hydrant-Bot.

This will prevent that from happening again. Like most of his nano-probe systems, these guys have various specific functional types, and one of them is a 'repair/upgrade installed form factors' set. And those are the ones he starts talking to. The existing structure is now to become something protective of brain function; a backup, if you will, in the event that her inevitably dangerous life involves dain bramage. Also, since it's there — some sensory backup and protection. Also also, to be integrated VERY slowly and at her speed, some computational features. Bluetooth can come later.

Lunair will go with what Mike offers. She trusts him well enough. At least those that haven't already become a part of her (sneaky so sneaky). Either way, she goes with it out of curiousity and the novelty. "Thanks. I owe you one," Smile. She still should have a training montage day with Mike one of these days. She is quiet, as the nanos and nanus do their thing.

User's manual? Of course not. They're organic-ish, they will sneakishly present their functionality to Lunair as she needs it, and probably following the pattern she directs, because Mike told them to do what she wants. But not what Hydra wants. And he's sure the Spirits of Tech can tell the difference. Probably.

"Brin, I'll be happy to give you a ride back to town when you need. I think Bobby's headed for the Farm anyway. He had that sullen cast to his chin."

"Thanks Mike." Brins been watching what's going on, slowly sipping the beer in her hand "He's just frustrated, Rose asked about the difference between the teams and well… " she shrugs "you know how Bobby feels about those things" Well, she thinks Mike does. "What was that about, might I ask?" looking between Mike and Lunair.

Lunair will go with it. "Thanks. And aw." Poor Bobby. "I think it felt a bit personal to cast people as the same after someone pointed out a mistake," She remarks. "I don't know." Lunair admits. Some of the finer points of the teams are lost on her. She's not so sure on this nanonano stuff some days.

"I know roughly what happened, and it involved politics and was made very ugly by someone named Partisan, who nearly blew the cover of the X-Men by killing a LOT of people, many of them unnecessarily. Hydra or not, they were still alive. She seems to have a 'differently abled' moral compass."

Mike shrugs. He'd have a drink or eat something, but that would mean less for people who could enjoy it more.

"Why did I scan Lunair?" This would get a blush if he was currently more human. "I made the mistake of trying to infiltrate and control the robotic dog-tank of one of … I think they're called Cobra, they're apparently related somehow to Hydra or were doing a job for them, because when this woman kidnapped Lunair, she also perverted my nanotech that I shot into the dog, into something she could use on people. I'm equal parts furious and humiliated by this, and only in part because my friend was the one who got the worst of it. So I just repurposed what was left in her to be unable to be used to control her."

Brin nods at Mike "I'm not fully aware of what happened, but I get where he's coming from." Nodding to the large amount of food and drink, Brin adds "Help yourself. Dr Grey has been doing a lot of cooking it seems. And Rose outdid herself." She's taken to nursing that beer. At the mention of Partisan, Brin gives Mike a look… but the subject slides right on by for the time being.

As Mike explains further, the brunette considers Lunair "Kidnapped… " eyes flicking to Mike "is that related to the information you shared on her being found at the last X-Red gathering?" Brins… not aware how many times Lunair has been taken. "Are you doing ok, Lunair?"

Lunair smiles at Mike. "I don't know what she is or does," Her smile fades at the memory. "I don't know much about the nanostuff," She admits. Alas, it's similar to some infectious nanostuff stashed somewhere in Gotham but she has NO IDEA. Lunair rubs the back of her head and looks to Brin. "She did, it's true. Both of them." Pause. "… yeah, I'm okay enough." She seems uncertain on what went down at the last X-red gathering. Are they up on her latest kidnapping?

"It's not your fault, Mike. You're not the only person with nanostuff," She offers. "And you had no idea. We were just helping a lady and that turned out badly."

Mike definitely does have an idea about the other nano-inflected toxin, but he doesn't know it's stashed there in Gotham. That Woman did hit him in the throat with the stuff, after all, not realizing that he wasn't a human. Sometimes, surprise is not the best ally.

"I know. But it was a mess. I was knocked off-guard, and temporarily disabled. She also wrecked my most realistic human chassis. And then they came back for Lunair."

He nods to Brin, "Yes, that's approximately why I was looking for her."

"Alright then." Brinley looks between the two of them and takes another swig of her beer. "We haven't had much chance to catch up since I got back, Mike" and then a look to Lunair "Or even for us to get to know each other, Lunair… I mean, we did that smooth deal… but that's about it." beat "So Mike, what's been going down? Bobbys caught me up on some stuff but it sounds like you've been kept busy."

Poor Mike. Lunair frowns. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you lost a whole chassis." Now she feels kind of bad about it. "I wonder if she was after just me or just a subject," A soft sigh. "I guess you heard about what I did when HYDRA took over a city?" She tilts her head. Still, poor Mike!

She looks to Brin. "Yeah… I'm sorry. I tend to keep to myself a bit, but I wouldn't mind hanging out a bit." A faint smile.

"Chassis? Inventory says I have twelve full-weapon-quality part depots in each of New York, Gotham, and Metropolis, four in Seattle, seven in orbit, six operational robotic armor chassis, two humanoid chassis, not quite as good as the one that was damaged because I'm reworking the design, and one spacecraft. It wasn't so much lost as messed up and some serious design flaws revealed. It's … how human should I try to be, when I'm publicly known, and I need to do things that need me to be able to be more robot than that?"

Lunair tilts her head. "really?" Huh. "Well. Still a bummer to lose a good one," She remarks. "And I don't know?" Lunair considers. "I know you as my friend, metal or otherwise." She doesn't really know much different. "And I always thought of myself as human until I found out otherwise," She admits with a shrug. "I wonder if humanity is relative these days." She considers it.

"Well, I was born human. My Mom does that whole embarrassing 'when you were a baby' thing and still has baby pictures. My Dad had the talk with me when I was thirteen — I already knew though. The SRD even has records of my mutation and how it worked before the train wreck."

The robot guy shrugs. "I think it's become flexible but we still need to make sure that nobody is denied the rights of a human if they're technically not one, if it's just a matter of bodies. Maybe even more than that."

Brins been quiet, sipping her beer, as she listens to the two other metahumans talk. "It's more than just bodies, I'm sure." She's thoughtful "I really believe we're looking at evolution in action, and laws will have to evolve as we do."

Lunair listens. "Hee." She smiles a little at the mental image of a wee Mike. Aw. "That sounds- Oh." She looks sympathetic. "I think that makes sense," She nods. Lunair is lucky enough that she can pass. Did pass until she found out. And there's a look to Brin. "Hopefully." She's heard some bad stuff about alternate time lines and realities. "I'm not keeping you two, am I?"

"There's nothing I have to be elsewhere to work on at the moment," Mike answers. "Honestly I'm waiting to give Brin a ride back, but it's good to be able to relax."

Note: Relax - in the original Mike-ese, to dedicate one processor thread to doing social things that remind him of being human, and build relationships. As opposed to doing robot things that other people find weird. Like simultaneously designing an engine using one of his other personality threads as a CAD program, and at the same time, processing and filtering his email. All THAT he can do without letting on that he's doing them.

Brins was just happy to listen to the talk and at Mikes comments, smiles faintly. "Oh, sorry Mike…" chugging the last of her beer, she stands "Ready when you are… It's been good just to kick back a little." A glance to Lunair "Drop by X-Red. I'm there most days… and if I'm not, I'm usually not too far away." beat "Thanks for sticking around, you two."

Lunair tilts her head. "It was good to see you both. I'll definitely have to say hi." She smiles. "Be well. Have a good day," She waves to them. "I may help clean up and pack up the leftovers." Oh boy. Treats for space friends and X-peeps!

Mike nods, and says, "I hear rumors that some of those guys who helped you out really need to learn to cook. So this could help them maybe."

In the parking lot, the spaceship-looking thing (it is one, it's just not what you would expect) drops liquid-metal steps where its door used to be, and waits for Mike and Brin. It's only 30 seconds to X-Red the way Mike drives it.

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