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September 27, 2014:

Batman puts Spoiler in her place.



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Many have called Gotham one of the ugliest cities in the world. All rigid planes and sharpened angles: those people clearly never visited the Bowery. A flat, squat Gotham City location that despite invalidating the planes and angles rumor it doesn't exactly do away with the ugly one.
Jezebel Plaza - once a rather popular shopping center pre-Cataclysm it's become gutted, condemned and boarded. The streets to and through it are cemented away or blocked off with detour signs guiding visitors around this area.
Batman is here somewhere. Batgirl knows this as a signal was lit up and the GPS indicated here was the incident location but that was perhaps thirty minutes ago and it ceased, meaning either it was dealt with or the Dark Knight was. Unlikely as that second aspect is.
That beginning chill off the North River is present as is the ever present murky sky of Gotham, it can't exactly be described as black, but it's never blue, nor any other color one could name off the top of their head. Simply… murk. Wan, dingy, murk. Some mutation of a Van Gogh done all in Sepia.

There is the snapping sound of Batgirl's cape as she comes in to land on one of the taller buildings, like the flap of leathern wings of the creatures that the family takes its name from. Landing in a crouch, the quietest of the Bats twists her head to look about for signs of either the incident or the Dark Knight himself.
Spoiler, lurking on the edges of the bat territory, is here, her purple cape flying behind her as she runs across the rooftop, her black mask hiding her face, as she tries to catch up with the signal. The sight of the Batgirl on the building brings the movement to a halt, a sliding, skidding halt, requiring a hand thrown out to rebalance herself. A movement of the mask suggests a grin beneath it, and she leans against a ledge, aiming for cool, "Hey."

Gunshots? Yes. These are heard about the same time as the scent of burning and chemical of the kerosene to fuel is caught. Hard to tell what sort but it's potent and most likely fuel. Meaning flammable and if the smell is there that means some if it has caught or will soon.
Three blocks over past what was once a skylight window smoke tendrils curl upwards visible only because they're darker than the surrounding nightscape and the flames flickering up from below. Below wreckage and crumbling building that looks like it was hit by a missile OR something large that was once flying, like a helicopter.
More gunshots rip through the night. Still no visiblity on the Bat.

Batgirl looks over as Spoiler comes up, giving the purple-clad one a slow nod. She's not sure about the other woman being in this dangerous of an area but she's also not one to tell folks they need to leave. That's Batman's line. Any other greeting, not that it was likely, is forgone as the sound of shots ring out. Batgirl's head snaps around and she's already bringing one arm up with her grappel launcher. The trigger depressed there's the *paft!* of it firing and she's jerking herself along the decel cable without even seeming to look for somewhere to land. Or saying goodbye. Definitely not offering the Spoiler a lift into the deadly area.

The shots remove the coolness and Spoiler gets her own homemade cable, swinging it above her head, the toss more cautious than Batgirl's, watching the landing before she jumps. Clinging to the line, her cape flaring behind her, she slides down into the area. She lands with more care than Batgirl will need, crouching down to balance her body, her hands thrown out - acrobatics coming out.

"Don't shoot you fuckin' moron!" Someone yells. "You'll hit Jasper."

"I don't care who I shoot!" Another man replies. "I seen somethin' big and scary in there. Wings or something."

The voices are close just underneath a ledge that Batgirl and Spoiler will come down on (it's the only one that opens up to the area below that's safest to get to). The entire street gave away here. Not from the chopper being downed but from before. Below in a pit of it's own making is the now rubble of a downed helicopter with SRD written across it in bold. There appears to be a man struggling, laid out on his back with a firearm in his hand aiming up. Across from the women on the ledge is a landing where men are knelt down behind pillars of the old mall (part if it that remained intact at least) they're covered in white facepaint with marks on it. An Anarchy symbol on one of their cheeks? Thats about right. They're unaware of Batgirl and Spoiler and firing in to the darkness below the two as is the downed SRD member. Who is clearly injured.
It's then they see the Caped Crusader, knelt down behind a car on it's side, half buried and for sometime as it's almost rust fused in place and spotted with rebar spines.
"I think it's a Bat or a Bird…"
"Nah, they don't come around these parts."
The two are loud and talkative. Amateurs. Next to the man on the left is a used up RPG, it's payload already gone. Obviously what brought down the chopper.

Batgirl pulls a tactical flashlight from her belt, one of those little ones and aims the tight beam down towards where Batman is crouched down. She flicks it on and off a few times, her hand cupping it so those across the way are unlikely to see anything. Most people wouldn't catch the spot of light from above, but Batgirl is trusting to the bigger Bat's perceptive skills to catch it. Once she has his attention she nods to the platform. That's it. No other communication.

Spoiler balances on the ledge, her gaze sober as she studies the struggling man, lifting it to study the Anarchists. "What now?" The question is soft and she grouches down, watching Batgirl, cautious of showing off, or pushing her luck with this pair around. "We need to get down there, stop them shooting." Her voice is very low, for Batgirl's ears only, the black mask turned towards the silent woman in question, her head tilted.

Jezebel Plaza is lit up right now with a localized firefight, an SRD Helicopter sits in the husk of an old mall, the centerpiece statue of what was possibly a Greek god is smashed underneath the bulk of the whirly-bird, two SRD officers are hunched behind it, one shooting at the 'Anarchists' who downed them and the other aiming off in to the shadows beyond their line of vision.
Across the way from them firing towards yet beyond the SRD personnel are two men face painted and armed with submachine guns, heavy loadouts for street thugs.
Upon a ledge overlooking all of this is Spoiler and Batgirl.
Batman to those with extra-normal sensory options (like most of his /crew/) can see the Caped Crusader pinned down behind an old pillar. A tip of a cowl is given in indication of the signal. Clear meaning for a girl who reads body language which is for her to move. A second later after the small motion Batman is moving a flashbang lobbed high and between SRD chopper and the costumed thugs.

Batgirl's head turns a bit as Spoiler speaks, more to catch sight of her than to hear the words. Understanding spoken language is still work, and tends to fall by the wayside when time is off the essence. "Stay." It's the only word that Batgirl says, clearly wanting to keep the other girl out of the line of fire. Then, without any apparent thought to y'know, a plan the darkly clad young woman leaps off the ledge, heading towards the painted men. From near-stillness to flat-out and well, little to no conversation.

Spoiler hesitates, meeting that gaze, and she frowns after the command, watching Batgirl leap off the ledge. Spoiler peers down, watching for a few moments, her gaze seeking figures in the mess below. The flashbang startles her, and she sits back on her ass for a moment. Then a tilt of her head that would give Batgirl plenty of warning, of the next movement. She crouches on the ledge, studying the location of the men, before she too leaps, aiming to land and roll.

There's no snapping, no thud, and no soft clink to announce the presence of another into this space. Just the occasional sound of feet tramping against rooftops in shadows drawing on stealth acquired from years of training and practice. Several buildings adjacent, coming from the other side, one of the birds outstretches his own cape as he soars downwards, utilizing the stiffness of his own cape as a glider.

A batshaped flashbang? Blindness all around for the two Anarchists and the duo of SRD gunmen. Normally taking out four armed men would be no problem for the likes of anyone in the Batfamily but this has something to do with positioning, location and flammables. Batman has been intentionally trying to keep them from firing in the wrong direction. Something he is hoping with Batgirl's arrival can be dealt with quickly. He's also well-aware Robin is making a show: Spoiler's presence? Not so much.

Batgirl lands near the two painted gunmen, the nearest wiping his eyes and aiming that submachine gun out finger about to depress. It's held outstretched and being shot off sideways /towards/ the chopper, Batman and the SRD's general location. Stupid and bad news if that trigger is depressed.

Spoiler lands behind his companion who is a bull of a man with a neck that doesn't seem to exist. He's backing up straight towards her and clutching his weapon to his chest, "Shit, I can't see!" Way to point out the obvious.

Robin's glider sends him spiraling around the open 'cylinder' shape of an arena which points him at a vantage above the SRD officers who have yet to cease fire on the gunmen or where Batman was last scene. "Robin! Take them." Batman's voice it's usual deep timber as the man races from one bit of cover to the next.

The painted thugs have time to recognize that Batgirl's there, but that's about all they get before the little bat is on them. The one with the submachine gun is the priority and she pivots on one foot to knock the big weapon up and away with a kick, following up with a strike at his wrist to make him release it so she can toss it away. There's no hesitation from the moment her feet hit the ground despite being right in the potential path of the weapon and she has him down in a matter of moments moving almost too fast too see, especially in the dim lighting.

A roll and a spring, taken out of acrobatic lessons, lands Spoiler's feet into the back of the man's head. One of the favourite moves, it seems, and she follows it up with a roundhouse kick, hitting the dazed man's weapon from his hands, sending it skidding across the floor. A punch aimed at her head is dodged, the one aimed at her stomach less so, and Spoiler doubles up, gasping for breath for a moment. She recovers though, replying with a series of kicks, punches, and finally, breathing hard, her hand on her stomach, he is down.

"On it, Batman," he replies evenly. Even as he glides, Robin tugs at the collapsible bo staff attached to his utility belt. His gloved hand wraps around it and he more purposefully, shifts, positioning himself at angle to come down hard. The trick of the dark, the stealth it provides, and the silence of gliding are all important aids in exacting justice without facing round upon round of gunfire. He tilts forward, allowing the air to bend around him faster in a sort of free fall as he ascends on trajectory towards the first of the SRD officers. His cape spreads feet before landing, catching the air with the slightest sound, masked by the constant gunfire.

The bird lands behind them and the staff is given a sharp shake, causing it to expand to its full length. Robin's boot makes contact with the back of the first SRD officer's knee, causing him to buckle beneath the force while the staff spins twice in his hands, sweeping out to pummel the second with a sharp blow to his head. But it doesn't stop there. Once more Robin cuts back, corkscrewing the staff to round on both at once, training to catch each of them in turn with a series of three consecutive blows.

The discordant yet musical (to the right persons) thuds of meat and armored bodies being met with plated fists, staves and booted heels announces the end of the firefight. Immediate danger suppressed.
Batman's tall form peels away from the eastern wall to stride forward and toss out several small black objects that land upon the downed men's chests electrical currents being delivered that will cause the shooters to squirm in place then lay completely still. Not quite as dangerous as a taser just enough of a short-term current to keep them down for a while. They'll also need a change of clothes.
"Well done, Robin, Batgirl." Then his deadpan stare settles on Spoiler. "Why is she here?"

Batgirl looks over to Spoiler as the painted thug's punch sends her reeling, but her expression isn't really visible behind that full-face mask. She doesn't have time to offer commentary (not like she probably would) when Batman speaks. She looks over to the large man and then seems to cut Spoiler an accusing glance when he asks why she's there. "Told her… to stay." OK. So maybe those that know Batgirl can forgive her using the same words that one might use for a pet. Spoiler though?

Spoiler's joy at finally working alongside the Bat family is deflated instantly by the stare and the Batman's words, her shoulders slumping. "I'm the Spoiler." She offers the words without snark, without bite to them, offering her hand to Batman with a tilt of her head. "I was helping you." Her hand moves towards her stomach, the gesture stopped as soon as it happened. Her gaze flickers to Robin, to Batgirl, and then back to Batman, facing him as if he was the headmaster, her shoulders determinedly back. "I have as much right to be here as any of you." And her arms fold, a gesture familiar to Robin, that stubbornness returning.

Robin's gaze flits between Batgirl, Spoiler, and eventually Batman. "Uh…" he begins, his gloved hand raking through his hair. "She's sort of new…?" It's a question more than an answer. He looks back at Batgirl, her response earning little more than a squint of his eyes that draws deep etched creases into his face while he shakes his head. "She's pretty determined to keep fighting." He talks about her like she isn't here, but at the realization that he's doing so, his arms cross over his chest. And he issues an apology towards Spoiler, "Sorry." He manages a lopsided grin, and then offers as an explanation, "I told Nightwing about her," kind of.

Batman's mouth sets in to a straight line and he edges closer with two steps, two steps that just make the six foot + just look more imposing until he is staring down at Spoiler.
"First off, you don't. You're out of your league, this the majors not tee-ball. Second, your moves are sloppy and you apparently don't listen to instruction." Turning his back to the trio he walks over and grips a hold of the 'no-necked' thug hauling him to his comrade then towards the SRD officers.
"Get her out of here now." Special Response Department will be here within minutes and he has just about that much time to get these men to safety away from a possible accidental explosion.
"Topside and three blocks, corner of Slott street, 5 minutes."
With that Batman proceeds to fire a grapnel line up and out beginning the process of hoisting and securing the fallen men free of the blast zone and wreckage. He's clearly done with words for the moment.

Batgirl looks between Batman and Robin. Then over to Spoiler. Then finally back over to Robin. She tilts her head over to the side a bit at the boy wonder in mute question. He seems to know her. Batgirl only met her the once! Robin likely recognizes the mute question by now as she seems to be putting this whole 'get rid of her' thing into Robin's lap.

Because let's be honest, as much of that stubborn vibe that Spoiler is throwing, Batgirl might just knock her out to take the most expedient path.

"Sit. Stay. Don't talk about me like I'm not here. I'm not a dog." Robin gets a narrowed eyed look, before she turns back to Batman, her cheeks reddening behind her mask. Her chin lifts and she stares for a moment in silence at the man who was a hero and an inspiration. "You can say what you want but I'm not going to stop. If you think I'm out of my league, then help me. Or don't." A touch of snark managing to surface through the shock and embarrassment, and then she turns, a swirl of that aubergine coloured cape, running for a leap off onto a nearby ledge, running along the rooftops, away from him.

Batgirl's look towards him has Robin offering a small tilt of his head and a one-shouldered shrug. His eyes narrow further behind his mask while a wry eyebrow arches back at Batgirl in turn, seemingly accusing Batgirl of having brought Spoiler along. "Hey — wait — " but Spoiler is already leaving. A glance is given towards Batman's efforts and then back towards the now-fleeing Spoiler. That probably counts as getting her out of here, but with the vaguest reddening of his cheeks, he inhales a sharp breath, shakes his head, and springs after her, following along the ledge. "Spoiler! Wait up! I didn't mean — "

Spoiler flees, her heels given speed by fury and embarrassment, her cape flying out behind her as she leaps from buildings, swinging down the fire escape, heading for the place she parked her motorbike. There, she pauses, leaning against the wall, her arms curled around her stomach, the slump of her shoulders speaking loudly of her feelings. The bike is a good one, a street racer, designed for speed on the inner city streets.

The stopping Spoiler has Robin slow his pursuit. His paces become silent when he is just steps away from her. "Hey," he starts, a glance given to the bike and then back to the Spoiler as he slides closer to her. "I…" his eyebrows draw together. "Are you okay?" It seems like a stupid question, even when it leaves his lips. HIs head shakes, "Sorry. I wasn't trying to talk about you in front of you, I just wanted to explain something."

She lifts her head, shooting him a glare that has a whole world of anger and hurt in it, before she straightens, turning to face him, "Oh sure, I just got trashed by a hero of mine, in front of the guy I like, after I thought I did great at kicking someone's ass. I'm just peachy keen, Robin, just wonderful." She turns away, that flare of her cape expressive, stalking towards her bike, "Leave me alone, you JERK!" Snark abandoned for outright fury.

Even with the flare of her cape and her obvious upset, Robin traipses after her. "Look, he wasn't wrong. Not entirely. We've talked about it before — these streets, this place, it's — it's really dangerous. I told you that. I told you it's not for everyone. That people get hurt. People die. And while I know you have your reasons for what you're doing it, he knows you're not trained." His lips press together irritably. "He's also just like that. He's serious and not one to praise or compliment." His steps quicken. "He values people who listen. Who take orders. And I'm not saying you have to take my orders, but that's who Batman is."

"Oh really? It's dangerous? Oh wow, I didn't get that before. I thought those guys just wanted to invite me to a dance…" Sarcasm, another service offered by the princess of snark. "If you say you told me once more, I swear…" Any threat is left unspoken as she grabs the bike, pushing it a little distance before mounting it. She turns her head, giving him a glare from behind that mask. "You don't know my reasons, Robin, you don't know anything about me, not really." A kick and the bike roars to life, and she revs it hard. "I'm not your puppy, but I wanted to help. I wanted to learn. I'll do it without you guys, whatever it takes."

Once more feeling like he hasn't actually earned her ire, Robin just shakes his head and counter states: "I told you I'd help you! I never thought you were my puppy! I never considered you any different than me save one thing — " there's a lot pause " — I've been training for what I'm doing most of my life." And that's the long and short of it. His arms cross over his chest and he shakes his head.

Robin, between a bat and an angry woman, poor boy. "And your toys, and money and help. But apart from that, we're totally alike." She stares at him, revving the bike, a silent moment before she shakes her head, "You don't know what you have, Robin, you don't get it. You have so much." The other words unspoken sit there, before she shakes her head, the bike revved once before she flees, her cape flaring behind her, leaving him behind for the moment.

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