Last Chance

November 02, 2014:

Batman offers Catwoman an in. Whether she takes it or not is on her.

East End, Gotham

The East End


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Fade In…

With Damian in Egypt that is one less thing for Batman to worry about. At least where Gotham is concerned, his thoughts on exactly what is transpiring in Egypt have him curious but he'll get to that later. No doubt something will come around. The youth leaves footprints a mile deep.

A shift in his position is the first time the Dark Knight's moved in almost an hour, polynomex and plastic composite scrapes against the broken stony outcropping beside him. The only sound he's made in that entire near hour as well. His own stirring has him slipping out of that state somewhere between relaxation and unconsciousness.

A flex of fingers and Batman stands upright to lift from that crouch a shriek nearby says he startled a nearby predator, a cat, always cats around here. This ones mouth is clamped around a pigeon's breast, defensive over it's catch it mrrows past it's meal at the strange night creature that just interrupted it's meal.

"Tsk, Lulu, he's not interested in a feast that flies. Too close to /family./" Catwoman speaks from her perch atop a rooftop generator that just now kicks on and whirs to life. As the darkness of night sets in so does a more penetrating cold, one the people will need heat from.

Slowly she leans forward as 'Lulu' makes off in opposing direction with her meal, carrying it only a few more feet away and beneath pipework to begin tearing feathers off and cleaning her dinner appropriately.

Her hands reach forward and wrap around the end of the generator, adjusting her crouch to almost a lunging stretched poise.

From behind goggles that gaze shifts and sets upon Batman, no smile, in fact it is a hard trained expression of… nothing.

"I haven't had a change in heart. I doubt that is what brings -you- here." From her opposing hand that whip scrapes along the top of the generator, slipping down like a dead serpent to fall split ends along the ground.

"In one piece. I almost couldn't say the same a month ago." Batman's cold rough voice manages. The cat 'Lulu' is ignored. "Nothing to do with your heart, information is what I seek now and I'm aware of just exactly who it is that aided you in your escape. I'm not talking about the clowns either." Or Ivy for that matter.

"You're going to help me. Then maybe we can work on forgetting the rest and letting you earn back what you've lost." The hubris there is outstanding but he is serious. Dead serious. The expressionless cowl matches his tone. He's prepared for the whip of course, his gloved fingers have already curled around several batarangs.

"Nor could I, and no thanks to you might I add." Catwoman states, her upper lip slowly coiling back to reveal a flash of human fang in that silent hiss that only comes from the sound of her whip slowly dragging upward, her hand rotating to coil it around in its light becon upward.

A flash of her gaze now shows he has her attention albeit some of it may not be wanted. When he laid out his demand (or so it seemed) the *crack* follows, aimed for Batman as she lunges forward at him, in her other hand a taser with the metal edged mandibles begins to charge, that soft sound announcing as much. "You dare make demands of me in my home, and offer me another bladed edge to boot?! Only /you/ would dare…"

A bladed arm guard lifts, deflect, parry, block, evade, sidestep. His head ducks and the Dark Knight begins to take the blows the woman delivers, tazer zaps flicking off his armor and gear crackling over the absorbing coating and texture. It's built for such things after all.

"You know the rules and you crossed the line. What did you expect?" The man snarls and a batarang swipes out at Catwoman a roundhouse kick with a heavy heel follows it up. No punches pulled. She's not a soft woman.

"We've been over this. Now, cooperate with me or I will put you in Blackgate and no one will stop me this time."

Catwoman is not backing off, nor backing down. Every blow she delivers she knows is practically useless against him. Hardened beneath just as much as his armor above, though the softer parts… She could use those to get the upper hand if any were accessible, though the only part is harder to get close to, rendering a lot of her moves useless… Futile… And venting.

"Your rules!" Kick, block, swing and roundhouse, she is pushing, seeking to at least lay one claim to claws across that exposed part. His cheek. Her kind of slap, one you see in the reflection for weeks.

His roundhouse catches her as she bends back from one push forward, another upward slashed strike of clawed hand just before she is trying to arch her spine back and twist enough to dodge, the motion helping soften the brute force blow.

Catwoman rolls with it, her body going horizontal a moment in the spin that lands her in a push up position on the ground upon all fours, one leg beneath her to lunge her forward i need be but now… She remains there, braced and if he sought to land another kick she was going to go dirty with the placement of that taser.

No more bastards for Bruce if he commences or her taser to the groin lands true. "Someone will always seek to stop you. Sentence me to death Bruce, you might as well drag me along your own path. Murder me in the /nicest/ way possible so you can sleep at night. Or how about this…" Her whip cracks outward, wrapping around a wire, those barbed tips dancing in a dangle of making but not quite /touching/ the exposure they just rent past protective coating.

"You give me an offer I don't want to refuse."

Batman can taste blood as she swipes open the left portion of his mask and cuts in to cheek. He'll have to get that taken care of soon so it doesn't leave a questionable scar on his face. Bruce Wayne doesn't need that sort of attention.

"Watch it, Selina." The Caped Crusader snarls but doesn't pursue - he's playing defensive. He's talking.

The barbed whip has him bringing his cape up in front of him like a shield, blocking the crack but causing him to step back with it's impact, numbness slides through his arm accompanied with a tingling sensation. Armor or not there is still force there.

"I just gave you the offer. You help me and we can try this again. Fortunately those men survived, did you know Lazzari has three daughters? Not one of them is older than eighteen? You don't want that blood on your hands." He doesn't mention Guglielmo the man was a serial rapist and wanted in question for several missing persons. She doesn't need that kind of re-enforcement for her actions.

"Watch what?" Catwoman says as she tugs the whip she had recoiled and snapped up, making a live and exposed wire of a power line, those metal ends precariously close to the exposure. One. slow. tug..

Lights in the apartments below them flicker as if they are about to lose and then regain, the surge making the lines crack and spark above them both. "Try /what/? Try and figure out who I am to /you/, in your shadow, while here, on these streets I know who I am… /They/ know who I am, and love me for it.." She pauses, despite her obvious ire and looming threat with the whip around a hot wire she is responding. Bruises and rage yet another day… This man…

"Did you know that they have been here robbing shops blind so people with children of the same age group cannot even eat the same food they cater to those monsters… That those men make my girls disappear and reappear needing nursed back to even have a career, if they return at all! Tell me, where do I stand when Batman doesn't stand for them?? Your side or theirs is what you make me choose. I /am/ their Batman, Bruce. Make me have pity for the right people if you seek to make me at all."

Remaining in her crouch she slides back, one foot balanced to leave her crouched form straddling a large gathered puddle. "/We/ try. Meaning you leave me to mine and I don't mess with yours, but East End… I have given everything to. I won't stop. You can't make me." Indignant, obvious with the rise of her chin.

"They love you? Listen to yourself, Catwoman. If you really believe that you're losing your grip." Batman launches himself forward now as he notices what shes doing with the wiring and her whip. Both of his hands grip her up by the biceps and he physically lifts her up off of her feet to slam her back against the brick slab that separates this building from a drop to the next.

"I know exactly what the Galante do. I know what they are. They're cowards and scum." He growls at feline now, his face close to hers as his fingers bite down in to her limbs, clenching hard. He's in the puddle with her though, that pool of water at his feet. "Ease up. I promise you I'm better outfitted."

A pause as Batman's cowl hovers in front of her just mere inches away. "Calm down. I don't want to take East End from you. I am not asking you to stop. I am telling you no more death. No more killing or else we're back to square one. Wouldn't you rather we get along? We can help each other. This is your last chance to make things right." Fingers knot up tighter, harder, exerting that almost inhuman strength.

"Last chance."

Catwoman is lifted, hoisted and slammed, the slight jostle rattling her teeth and making her hiss a breath inward after all of it had been forced out. It took a moment, one she also used to ensure she still had her grip.

"No you seek to take me away from East End and them." His grip bearing into the muscle and meat of her arms beneath the Catsuit makes her jaw tense, that evident line forming between ridge and cheek while teeth grind. "You will always be better outfitted, but I am willing to make sacrifices if I have to."

Goddamn him. Goddamn him to hell, her eyes seek to evade him in the proximity. From afar she can let her rage simmer, but up close and even in a harsh grip she wants to be shaken loose, another part of her broken off like a piece of a ceramic doll when shaken and rattled too hard.

Catwoman looks away now, ignoring the pain, appearing to ignore his words..

"If it's a chance you want to take." Now Catwoman lets one corner of her lips curl upward, her hand holding the whip flicks at the wrist, the whip uncoiling to slap lamely at the ground behind him.

Leaning in now she presses her lips against his, an almost wanton press of bruising affection in reciprocation for the hold.

"Sacrifice is expected." Batman mumbles before their lips crush together hard enough he can feel teeth behind the passionate angry kiss. His grip relaxes on her biceps as he adjusts to draw her in to his chest, rougher now in his embrace he crushes her in to him and deepens their lip lock. What seems like minutes is mere heartbeats before he pulls his face away from her own, blood from the slash on his cheek having smeared the side of her mouth.

He has released her entirely now to stand on her own two feet and is opening a gap between the two of them, still tasting her on his tongue and inhaling her scent. The man is silent once more as if composing himself, taking on that iron discipline. "I'm being monitored and it's not the SRD. The SRD is sloppy, too careless, this is delicate, precise, cunning and resourceful. They tipped off the Joker, Ivy and Harley about our drop off and I have a feeling they'll be contacting you soon. I want you to take them up on their offer. Join them. Do whatever it takes to make them believe you're one of them."

The deepened embrace is met with an angered passion that rolls harsher then a monsoon, even the winds can shift like the moods with the marionette strings drawing her in closer. Only one can do that to her.

A moment lost and yet another gained, with the withdrawal her body slides from his with a release of pressure that softens the compress of curvature against him. The last to part is lips, her teeth capturing the lower lip and dragging away with a release that will leave it swell.

When finally separated her tongue slips across her own lower lip with that /smile/ forming. Cat that ate the canary grin never repressed but emphasized with the narrow set of eyes. "They already think I am. Cat in the bag so to speak. I owe them whatever it takes. This'll be easy."

No further words necessary, the whip rises once more with a swift motion, carrying her over and up, scaling the side of the building that he had just pressed her against. Taking his exit.

She had to. Damn him to /hell/.

As Catwoman disentangles and scales the wall behind him, that weighted cape falls around his shoulders to obscure his limbs from view. Once more he looks like an unapproachable shadow staring after her with those ever vigilant eyes.

It's the hiss to his left that draws his gaze away from Selina Kyle's retreating form. "Lulu." Batman says in recognition to the feline before turning around and vanishing in to darkness.

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