Doth Thy Heart Weep

January 30, 2015:

he Dark Knight confronts Catwoman (Melody too!). There are hugs, cats thrown, name calling, blood and bullets.

The Tin Roof Club, East End, Gotham

Catwoman's night club.


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Fade In…

Post street fight the inside of the Tin Roof Club looks like Fort Knox. Men and women lounging around nursing wounds, bitching to one another and loaded in firearms. It looks like a guerrilla camp in the wrong movie set. Hours ago there had been fighting, gunshots, a battle on the streets of the Bowery waged between member's of Selina's gang, Italian mafioso and the Triad. Ugly exchange and the Dark Knight was just shy of the engagement.
It's a hissing sound that has weapons rattle as people stand up, not sure what it is they're hearing and then the explosive pop of smoke being expelled in all directions, gagging and blindness follow. Then the screams, the thuds, the breaking, the large shadowy movement of the Bat. He's a musician at work, his sonata? Screams, crunches, tears, whimpering and crashing. Within seconds the skirmish is ended, a batarang in the wall, 'Alley Cats' littering the floor of the Tin Roof Club (even a dancer or two) and the Dark Knight stands there middle of the room glaring.
"CATWOMAN!" His shout is explosive, bounding off the walls and holds a powerful timber. Man knows how to project his voice. It's bestial.

While the bitching and moaning carried on, Melody was in her usual haunt. Nursing a cup of coffee, speaking with Keith about the issues that happened out on the streets. He was her practical shadow, sticking close by, protecting the body while she got away on the wave-lengths, and being fodder when she snuck away to enjoy the fresh .. or not so fresh smog that Gotham provided. They were aces!

Though, there was a skirmish in the club that had her leaping from the chair. She had /no/ clue how that person got in. It wasn't until the cameras were met with a stream of fog, her fingers soon hitting the keyboards, typing in random commands to push the HVAC systems to it's limit. She tried to clear everything out as soon as she could, but yet.. it was too late. Bodies dropped like beats whilst her lip hung low in shock as the Bat stood there and howled.

"Good lord and a fucking quarter.." She mumbled, glancing up towards Keith. "That guy.." She wanted to point at the screen but.. she was sure that Catwoman knew he was there. Her leather jacket was snatched from the chair and soon she was bounding down the stairs, taking the short-cut route that was built for emergency purposes (cause she was bored, really, wanted to be cool and all of that) to eject herself behind the bar with a duck and a quiet snap close of the latch.

And where was Keith? Watching on the cameras. Preparing to nope the hell out of Tin Roof if Batman moves off screen.

The silence is momentary, but can be drawn out as her people lay on the ground with terrified eyes turned toward the shadow of Gotham, the shadow that moves, the nightmare, the fear. Then the sound comes, that echoing like it comes from a chasm as safeties are flicked off and rounds are chambered. There's a different kind of fear though that comes from the bouncers that now have slipped forward, a few on the stairs up to the office, the ones pressing passed Mel as she goes down as well, all sights trained. It is her goon squad in monkey suits with bugs in their ears and sunglasses at night.

It is not from the stairs but above, it sounded like the yowl of an angry feline, that shadows unfolding as she unfolds like a bat herself from that banister, her spine arching just like that whip she unleashes. The loud crack following the preparatory clambering by her men aiming to twine that braided and barb tipped whip for around Batman. No matter where it lands just as quick as she unwound her attack she is folding back into the rafters to twist over them like an acrobat and use her own body weight to hoist him into the air with her. Swinging above the floor ten feet…

"You dare…" Her words on the edge of a hiss as that swing carries her at him with an openly clawed hand.

A man in heavy drag with muscles that would make Arnold Shwarzheimer (Selina's friend from Mardi Gra) look tiny races towards Batman only to have his wrist snapped, body flipped and twirled around slamming face first in to a table with an explosion of teeth. Blood splatters that once smooth surface creating a wonderful Rorschach splat. Analyzing this image says the man obvious daddy issues beyond all that bulk and was a bed wetter in to his teens. Poor Sandra Dean (Yes that was is his name).
A forearm rises up to catch the whip-snap, it binds around his long arm and he is ascending with Catwoman's force on the other side. A grunt comes out of Batman she manages to slash his mouth and lips. A close fisted backhand is the response. A *pop* sound as well and a counterbalance in the form of one of her bodyguards (Nelson the Bouncer) has the man pitching over the rail and Batman yanking downwards, Catwoman and the bouncer being jerked roughly with the motion. One attached by grapnel launcher the other her own whip.
"We had an agreement! What is going on!? A war… You started a war!" It's then that a cat lunges at him from somewhere above, an orange tabby, it's caught by the scruff and it stares at Batman, they share a look and then it is tossed aside.

The men pass her by while she's pressed against the bar, only lifting up to peek her head over to stare at the scene once the last man who passes gives her a lingering look and a press on to fall into line. While Melody didn't wish harm on Catwoman; she's always wanted to see her go toe to toe, the other times where she could have born witness, she was either shot, stabbed, or high as a kite, riding the dragon.. et cetera.

But this was fantastic, her adrenaline kicked into full gear, fighting back the need to make her skin glow or to join the foray with random flails and kicks to help. She knows she'd just get in the way.. but..

Even the tabby was brave enough to go against the Bat, but once it was tossed it skitters across the floor, and that made Melody's blood boil.

"LUCY!" She shrieks out, lifting up from the bar with a hand atop of the counter to race at blazing speed and a slip, trip, fall to grab the tabby before it runs off, dejected.

When kittens are tossed, you kind of need to offer care and nurture so they don't feel neglected or frightened. And that's what Melody does, holding the poor little tabbie against her chest to stroke the rattled and scared kitten with little whispers and middle finger gone to the Bat.

Yeah. She did it. "You're a fucking dick!" She spat out. The guards? She could understand.. but a cat? God.. doth thy heart weep!

Flesh, she felt that pliable rip beneath diamond tipped claws.

/Just a scratch/.

But just before her swing past was in apex that backhand has her spinning in an airborne pirouette, her grip sliding down the whip only slightly, enough for her to catch the fall of one of her Queens, the blood soak through a white shirt and hear Lucifer howl as he pinwheels his body through the air.

That arching swing now is being warped, her own leather clad figure pinwheeling like the cats but with a trained grace, her body moving like a wave through the air to make that counter resistance begin to waver, tension easing and tightening rapidly in the moves befitting Cirque upon blood red ribbon. When that arching spin back drops back to press towards Batman again her ankle hooks into the whip and she drops, flipping up side down to sweep /below/ the Bat and high kick with her other leg, aiming for his armpit of the hand holding onto her guard.

"And you are about to start another. Leave my people alone!"

Mel's voice heard her jaw sets beneath the cover of that mask, relief, assurance… Reinforcement.
The gesture from Melody gets a squinted glare from Batman before Catwoman is swinging in with another kick. Both of the Dark Knight's arms block the assault but he is forced in to a stagger that has him tripping over a fallen Alley Cat rolling in to a one-handed spring only to end up in a crouch. Three batarangs in hand, "You're ripping the East End apart and playing in to everything the SRD wants. Why? This isn't like you. Poisoning and now gang wars… you're slipping, you're getting close to the edge again. You're losing grip."
A flick of the wrist and all three of those Bat-stylized projectiles launch at the Catwoman.

"It's okay Lucifer.." Even as she holds tight to the cat, it scrambles and slips from her arm and she lets him go. At least for those few seconds that she held him? He knew he was loved.

he fight was picking up as well as the conversation, this left Melody confused, but yet.. he did not see what they saw. The way the woman was tortured beyond recognition, and put to death soon after. No one could recover from that, not even the strongest of the strong. At least that's what Melody believed.

The upturned table was soon crawled towards, ducking behind it to continue to watch, her fingers grasping along the edges like a peek-a-boo troll who only served to be as a by-stander. But her eyes slowly roll into the back of her head, her skin lighting with yellows and greens as she draws herself into the electromagnetic waves that encompass the building. She was becoming one with the systems, yet leaving herself 'awake' enough to move if need be..

..control panels accessed..

.. commands entered…

The club goes /dark/. Maybe that'll help!

"The East End was already apart, I am bringing it back together. Remember Batman, what I claimed and protect is 'beneath notice', enough so even you did not see. I saw when my people get delivered mutilated and I have to put them down. No more!" When he staggers back and releases the whip her body somersaults and lands her atop a table in a crouch with ease. Both legs are bent at the knees, toes braced into the solid surface, one hand held over the edge with those claws /raking/ gouges into the underside audibly. Her other hand cracks the whip back to her in a fashion that has it snapping its coils around her waist, placing her between him and the fallen Queen as he stumbles up and dabs at his lip with rather large sobs coming from him.
Rodaga slipping forward in his tiny cut off short shorts and the kerchief plucked from what was left of a back pocket to dab his lower lip and shoot a withering glare at batman while he sashays back and away from this with Sandra Dean in his embrace.
"Dis is no good, damn Bats." The Brazilian accent evident amongst the dominant lisp. What a mix, but that /glare/.. Dayumn gurl.

"LEAVE!" Catwoman yells out and those who could gather themselves are backing out, lifting their comrades who could not - but the indignant few remain, scars beneath their eyes, guns in hand, and loyalty firmly planted - waiting for her word even before those lights go out and the Batarangs fly…

Catwoman's goggles flicker from clear to green, her body launching back, that gripping hand not releasing the table but dragging it up in the momentum with her like a large cocktail shield, slamming down in front of her as she twists and lands on her ass in front of it, the -kicks- it at Batman solidly, hoping to catch and lodge those batarangs into it so no more casualties come of this, then gifting the blades shield back to him.

"This is as much like me as you. These are my people and I will bring order to the chaos!"

Batman's optics instantly toggle to low-light vision as Melody drops the club in to shadow. The man's head cants and he speaks, "Your gang needs educated. "
"Nothing in Gotham is beneath my notice. My people aren't killers."
"You want me to stop hurting your people? Maybe you should stop hurting innocents or did you think of that!? Do you think there is no spillover in this nonsense." The bladed shield is evaded as Batman scales the stairs.
Keith finds himself seeing stars and Batman's forehead slams in to his face, his nose bursted. He is then taking flight down the rest of the stairwell. The man behind Keith is punched in the ribcage, the fist is twisted and the man is then hoisted in to the air, "WAGH! SHIT NO!"
Batman launches the three hundred and forty pound bouncer at Catwoman.
"You set your scum loose on MY streets! You invited bloodshed and carnage…" So much anger in the man's voice. It is making him sound guttural as he spits out his words.

Alright, this is the pecking order according to Melody. Catwoman, Kittens, and Keith. But Keith had a special place in her heart because he protected her goods and once she spies Batman (yes, she can see in the dark, thank you nanites!) scaling the stairs, her mind immediately goes to the big hunk of protective buddy-friend and she immediately shrieks.


Mel didn't have the flair for the dramatics, but the Bat was quick. Rant snapped.


She really didn't. The only person who really got caught in the crossfire was the dead woman and Melody. She was alive and kicking, and about to start kicking some Bat-ass. With the way the club was designed, it allowed Melody to make full use of it's capabilities, there was of course, running and glowing, a beacon in the dark as she jumps with that meta human strength to clear the floor towards the stairs.

They were scaled of course, and instead of throwing kicks and punches she intends to plant a shoulder right into the man's midsection to take him down upon the stairs. No monologue for this'un. She's upset.

"That is the mindset of you and /yours/ that put me here!" Catwoman watches through the night vision her goggles automatically toggled to as he plows through her people like an eighteen wheeler with the driver asleep and foot on the gas. "My people are not scum!" There is an altering vibrato in her voice that growl is choking back an emotion that she is trying not to show behind clenched teeth.

When Keith is hoisted and Mel yells out her body rolls behind one of those rounded cushioned chairs that belong to the VIP patrons to watch cushy and up close. Throwing her shoulder into it she digs her feet in and grinds it to slide just beneath Keith so his landing is 'partially' cushioned, though the legs of the chair splinter and shoot outward, buckling beneath his weight.

Mel's charge garners her attention and she looks down towards Keith's unconscious body, reaching into the fold of his jacket and drawing his gun, unraveling her whip in a single grip to swing herself up onto that balcony as well and land behind Batman, now that gun is cocked and leveled, her body stable, steady, but her chest rises and falls in a waver that shows just /how/ upset he is making her. Those tell tale signs. "Don't…"

That one word wavering, faltering on unstable tone, but warning enough in regard to what she hopes does not happen.

The yell announces the incoming Melody giving Batman time to shift but not as much as he would a normal person (she isn't exactly /just/ a human), the collide sends him and Melody in a splash of balcony over the edge and in to the ground.
Rant's impact knocks the wind out of Batman. If not for all that protective armor she may have also broken a rib. A bruise will exist in the form of a basketball sized splash on his left waist one that will reach from top of hip to lowest rib. Melody's arm is grabbed and they spin / tumble upon descent, the woman is maneuvered in to becoming the Caped Crusader's landing pad, a knee on the inside of her shoulder, on her chest. That same limb is bent awkwardly then the methodical push of a gloved palm releases the audible snap pop sound of a dislocated shoulder. A fist then closes and lifts up prepared to pound Melody with more punishment but the movement freezes as a gun cocks behind them.
Poised there with Melody pinned underneath him Batman snarls, "Guns now? Who are you?"

"I am pushed too far." Catwoman's voice does not change, the wavering still there, but it cannot be seen - what is going on behind that mask, in her mind, that torn asunder bit of darkness like the rest of Gotham - made of Gotham.

"I am tired." Though as she says that her words grow a bit stronger, a bit more assured due to that deep breath taken in, the gun not lowering.

"I am strength for those who need it."

Now she moves forward, closer to Batman and Melody, her eyes flickering over the woman beneath him. "Get off her."

Slowly Catwoman's head shakes, but her hand does not. "Don't make me…"

// Nameless -here- for evermore.//

It was a whirlwind really, the way she's tossed and toppled and maneuvered, how she lands with a hard *THUD*, a rib cracking but not so much, but the shoulder dislocation? It causes a scream. A little yelping scream that devolves her into tears, hearing that Catwoman was near and the sorrow that was hidden behind strength in her voice causes her to speak up as well.

"You don't see that?" She utters through whimpering sobs. "You don't see that she's just like /you/?"

The nanites in her body rejects his assault immediately, a faint little pop is heard within her chest, her arm twisting just enough so that her shoulder could be pulled back into place by the electro-stimulants in her body. That led with a sickening pop and a crack, a low whimper exuding from her lips as she tries to twist her gaze to see.

"She's just like you protecting her city! Where were you when all of this happened? You're supposed to be her Spirit. Her angel, but you leave us alone here and you don't help her at all! You're only here because you're looking bad! We're dying out here and you punish her because she wants to change things! You're so goddamned mean.."

And then it happens, she devolves into a fit of tears that would make Swanson break and crumble.

(Though it probably won't have an effect on this guy here.)

"Shut up and stay down!" Batman barks at the sobbing woman underneath him and then he stands up of of her before turning slowly to look at Catwoman. The cowl is tipped down and he glares from underneath pronounced armor laced brows, "Your helping your people is doing more damage than good. Reign them in before more innocents are hurt. If you don't, I will." Crying women. Crying people. It's disturbing, it makes him uncomfortable because he is forced to acknowledge other emotions exist out there. Batman doesn't like that.
"And get that gun off of me." His voice catches switching from a moment of sympathetic to anger again. Those hazel eyes underneath that Batmask hard again. Emotion is a fleeting thing with the Dark Knight.

Catwoman lowers her weapon as the scene unfolds, with Melody's cries as well, her confessions, her curses. Catwoman doesn't need to speak for them.

"Then we will keep on at this dance. For now, we're done here unless you want to raise your hand to me again. Otherwise…." The safety to the weapon she held is clicked back on and she throws it off the balcony to hit the floor of the club abd skid with muzzle pointing to the door.

Rodaga comes out then from beneath the stage where he had been nursing Sandy's fat lip, pulling a gun out from the waist of his shorts, taking aim and firing at the Batman. "Why dun choo go now?!? Choo hurting her feelings, joo Betch." That sashay is emphasized in his quick and hasty retreat back to Sandy, holding the gun between thumb and index and then dropping it in a garbage can after popping the lid open with a touch of heeled toe. "Deese people, come in 'ere, messing t'ings up for us, cheesus." Mutter mutter.

Melody .. kind of stayed down? She surely shut up, those sobs drawn into whimpers as she rolled to a sit upright to wipe away at her face. She even sniffles loudly; crying was ugly. No matter how much TV and movies painted it. And it was draining.

Hearing them two talk though? God. It depressed her into shedding silent tears even more, her head shaking a little until the *POP* of the gun is heard and Melody launches to her feet. No, she wasn't jumping in the way of the bullet.. at least she hopes not! But she does launch herself right towards Batman to give him a hug that .. well, she thought he needed.

Yes. He dislocated her shoulder, used her as a pillow so he doesn't get hurt. Sure, he threw Keith from the balcony after knocking him off and..

Lucifer? Oh. The cat.

But that was a surefire sign that Batman needed a goddamned hug and she was going to dole it out and make it as loving as she could. "Don't listen to Rodaga, you're not a bitch. You just need a hug and to understand.. okay?" All of this was said with a cry in her voice.

She wanted to ask him to just help.. but that wasn't her place.

"Joo Betch?" The last words Batman will hear as the bullet catches him. His mind is toying with it, rewinding it and paneling through the possibilities, analyzing exactly what just transpired and is someone hugging him? A small person. The woman he just pummeled. He's been shot. The bullet is still inside of him… That is right…
Batman's jaw unclench-es and he opens his mouth, "Oh." He manages.
The adrenaline is coursing but not fast enough - he can feel the warmth and simultaneously a chill. Where is it? Hip? No. Stomach? No. Spine? No… So much pain. Crippling agony and the girl is squeezing him like he is a fuzzy bunny.
"Get off me." Batman protests and peels free of the limbs twined about his person. A step and he feels the bullets presence. Is it free floating in destroyed meat?
Staggering free of Rant the Bat staggers forward knocking over a table full of glasses.
"Joo Betch… " A half slump against that same table and an odd out of place sound ripples free of Batman, "Joo Betch… hah… " A laugh? A strained deep laugh. "Hahah… are you kidding me?"
A turn of his shoulder and Batman collapses to the floor in a clatter on to his back, one arm aimed up towards the ceiling and he is making clawing motions at it before finding purchase. Somehow he manages to pull himself up right and begins to walk. Favoring his right side whilst fishing through his belt to drop a pellet on the ground, another of those smoke bombs he entered with.
"I hope this is all worth it."

Catwoman watches, and in the darkness and behind the broken refraction made by goggles something is transpiring, but despite that her nose wrinkles and her upper lip peels back - that hiss silenced.

Walking to the edge of the uplifted walkway her hand extends to the railing, those diamonds sparking, the metal beneath hooking in the unfurled appendages as they hook around the metal banister in her vigil of Batman's exit.

Her other arm reaches for Mel, pulling the woman close, but not for a hug, just to cast a glance at her, a brif tilt of her head her way, the touch to mended shoulder… Life. Then when the smoke begins to rise and Batman's silhouette is darker against the looming cast and the emergency lights that slowly began to come on Catwoman's chin rises, her decision well made no matter how torn it is making her. People need her and they believe in her.

"Consider East End annexed."

With her arms pried away from the Bat, she steps away, a look of concern marking features as the glow that she emits dies down. Her arm was sore, his moving agitated it, but it was nothing compared to what he felt at that moment. And all she could really do was stare. Stare at the way he stumbled and laughed, looking over the balcony, gaze drawn towards Catwoman and back again until he departs in a haze of smoke. She couldn't even pinpoint when he left or how, he was just..


It was really amazing. She had never met anyone as angry, and vigila.. never mind, there's Catwoman. But even still, the two of them in the same room was explosive and it blew her mind.

As The Woman, so aptly named pulls her in to check her over, she pulls away ever so slightly to stand next to her against the rails. Not as an equal, as a friend.

"Selina.." She finally says, looking down towards the wreckage that was Tin Roof. "Can we really do this alone?"

The smoke is there again obscuring Batman in his escape. His fingers have found the hole and he is working on injecting a foaming sealant in to the wound as he exits the Tin Roof Club and stumbles down back alleyways to get to the waiting Batmobile.
"Penny One… "
"Prepare the medical bay."
"Where you stabbed, burnt, shot or is something needed reset? Or all of the above? Poisoned perhaps?"
"Shot. Just be ready… "
Alfred's sarcastic and tired tone leaves him immediately, "Yes, Sir. Hurry."
The Batmobile's canopy slides open and Batman falls in, an armored leg drug in with the sprawl before he slumps and weakly presses a button then one more. The vehicle snarls to life and tears out of East End, the Bowery then South Point in it's automated race towards it's destination where a weary old man frantically prepares a waiting bed.
"Master Bruce… you mad fool… "

"I've operated alone for so long…" Catwoman says, though in her voice there is obvious harbored thought, and restraint.

Her history is one like any others and some ties just run deeper then any bullet could penetrate, but sometimes it is best to sever one for the better of the other, her history, her past, who she /was/. This is who she is. Standing sentinel over the open expanse of Tin Roof as the people slowly started filtering back in, peering around warily, Keith waking from the collapse chair.

With a draw of claws over metal her hand withdraws and she goes fr the stairs to go down and help her people.

"In this I am not alone, and /that/ is what I have to get used to." The weight is immeasurable and hardening to the threadbare heart.

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