Analysis: CC-CV1

February 08, 2015:

A message to the Batclan in regards to the newly discovered bio-weaponry employed by Hugo Strange.


A message to the Batclan.


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Analysis: CC-CV1

-Priority Notice-

The Fox, Oracle and I recently obstructed a criminal exchange between the SRD and known terrorists Pamela "Poison Ivy" Isley and Archibald "Doctor Venom" Monev and from that exchange we confiscated a sample I am dubbing CC-CV1 until a more suitable name is determined.

CC-CV1 is an extremely refined brilliantly engineered chemical enhancement and control compound no doubt developed by our suspects and a bi-product of Bannerman Pharmaceutical's earlier and now defunct work. Upon initial scans of the canister containing CC-CV1 I discovered nothing, a follow up revealed hundreds of microscopic high-tech machines… nanites.

I further studied CC-CV1 first and determined through a series of tests this chemical drastically augments a subjects physical strength, hand-eye-coordination, reaction speed, reflexes and focus to peak human levels. The side-effects to note are a decrease in cognitive thought and personal 'will'. Essentially it makes those inflicted with CC-CV1 highly susceptible to outside coercion, hypnosis and mental domination. There is also a recorded lack of pain registry that effectively makes the subject psychologically immune to pain. The receptors are simply blocked.

The adrenal surge is very dangerous and could prove to be addictive. Also long term mutation could be suspected. This cocktail has a lot of plant and reptilian DNA splice in to it. I have no doubts a considerable amount of innocents have died in the development of this grotesque bio-weapon.

Further investigation in to the nanites themselves sparks particular interest as I discovered tiny electro-projectors outfitted on each machine. These are of special note as connected suspect Archibald Monev is the inventor of the infamous Brainwave Scanner. An early stage prototype was presented to the US government years ago before Doctor Venom was banned from any United Nations country. The Scanner was presumably seized and all research tied to it destroyed due to the dangerous nature of such an invention and the irreparable brain damage caused on it's victims. This apparently was not the case or Monev was capable of replicating it.

Fortunately these nanites are a finite number in each case and completely dissolve with the release of CC-CV1 in to the specimen. This was perhaps intentional to destroy evidence and make it almost impossible to trace (unfortunately for them we got our hands on CC-CV1).

This is a terrifying and sophisticated development, Pamela Isley, Hugo Strange and Archibald Monev's fingerprints are allover it.

It is imperative that EVERY member of our team be aware that contaminated individuals are more than likely out there. We won't know where they are or even who they are until they activate. Keep an eye out for anyone you have captured recently, if they went straight to SRD Holding and not through the GCPD they are most likely hosts for CC-CV1. We really cannot know until we find a suitable method of detection. Also avoid use of EMPs or anything of the like, it is possible it will cause a full on release of CC-CV1 in to the victims, that could very well result in death.

This was not an inexpensive operation - this cost more than those three could possibly conjure up together in all of their success. Further investigation in to Hugo Strange's contacts and this woman <a picture of the Baroness> is required we need to know who is their financial backers are. This woman is one of our first suspects, she goes by the name Anastasia DeCobray and has been sighted on multiple occasions with Monev and Isley, she is head of a privatized military contractor called the Cobra Security Firm. They're known to hire out to just about anyone who can afford them, their clientele are actually some of the world's most dangerous men and women. People that usually cannot be pinned to their crimes and act through mercenary trash like her.

We need hard evidence to tie in Hugo Strange and his SRD operatives. If we can gather this evidence we may very well be able to dismantle the entire Special Response Division in Gotham or at the very least get Hugo removed as their operation head as a bonus we might even be able to pin some of this on the Baroness as well and have her company brought under investigation for their own crimes.
We have to get this scum and their bio-weaponry out of Gotham ASAP.

I'll be in touch,

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