Wartime Luxuries

February 08, 2015:

Batman and Wonder Woman manage some face time as he hunts for Aquaman's assassin.

Themyscira House, NYC

Amazon Embassy in NYC


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It is not often that Batman makes house calls, especially when those house calls send him out of Gotham. A city that he has taken to calling his domain, his territory, his home. He is strongest there, New York City he is familiar with, it's more comfortable to him than Metropolis which places it second of the three. Still, he's out of his comfort zone.
The Embassy at dark being home to one of his allies is a welcome sight in the sprawl of the Big Apple. A ride across a bridge deposited him here, thankfully no passage beyond highways and tunnels was required. The motorcycle an inconspicuous black matte vehicle that had no identifying features as being something more. Batman's cape isn't even visible, a black helmet with black mask underneath, black jacket, black armored pant legs and boots, the utility belt is always an accessory.

Expected. When Batman pulls up the gate at the front of the Embassy opens after a scan of the security camera, that red light blinking to show it is manned, Sirena always on duty.

When he pulls up before the doors they are opened and Diana stands at the top of the small rise of crescent stairs that lead to the entry of the Themyscira House, dressed in her typical regalia most have pictured, drawn, and accepted her in. Black and silver lined boots, black and white star spangled and leading into the red cinch of red corseted armor where an eagle spreads its wings across the upper cusp.

Even in the darkness that gold lasso casts a glow against her outer thigh. but it does not outshine the smile upon lips at seeing heer friend arrive, having heard the utterances of capture and release amongst the Atlanteans.

A matter at hand.

Batman removes his helmet tucking it under his arm and ascends the stairs, "Princess." He offers in greeting before joining her at the top. His cowl worn underneath that rider's helmet.
"I figured I would stop by for a visit while I was in New York." Truthful enough, he has an assassin to hunt and was at the sniper's firing location. It's all politics. The annoying aspect of this being that he was never able to see Arthur's body and despite him wanting to believe Mera is a grieving widow that denial alone puts her in suspicion.
"May we go inside?"

Diana's smile does not fully fade, but her awareness of the happenings and what Batman says can be decoded enough. Enough to leave her curious and yet parting lips only to close them and nod with the finale being a look of stoicism.

"It is good to have you." In saying as much she turns and enters the Embassy, the foyer large and open, at the decision where it truly spreads and spans into arched ceilings held aloft by pillars, Sirena's desk sits, the Afrikkan woman looking up from trying to show another woman how to paint her nails, her own finely manicured but the other woman looks like she has a paint test done on her hands.

"Well you cannot move so much."

"I find the smell repulsive and chemical…"

"Because it is, girl, sit still!"

Diana quirks one corner of her lips at their attempt at reformation, even the little bits, holding up a hand as a couple of the guards women seek to join her in the office she heads for with Batman.

"I will call when I need you. Thank you sisters." And inside she slips, shutting the doors behind them and moving towards a chair, the one beside it missing its back completely, the metal obviously having been bent and snapped. Her hand extends to another chair beside her, one not…modified, as she takes her seat.

Instead of speaking, she lets him lead this dance, waiting for her moment while cerulean eyes seek for any signs of damage.

"Your people manufacture curule chairs right?" Batman inquires at the obviously snapped chair. Keeping up appearances no doubt. He doesn't take a seat just yet instead opening up his belt to flick a small miniature handheld device open, somewhere her security is being alerted someone just activated something.
"Just a scan. I apologize… " The Dark Knight tucks it away quickly, it would appear he caught a blip back as soon as he opened it. "Habit."
A clearing of his throat and the man now sits down, his cowl kept on.
"I'm investigating Arthur's death. The Atlantean issue at hand has not affected Paradise Island has it? I imagine officials have been beating down your doorstep wanting to know where the Amazons stand."

Diana sits back in her chair, the leather protesting and the swivel allowing her to lean back ever so slightly, enough to rest her elbow on the armrest and lift her hand to cup her chin, fingertips pressing over lips. When Batman scans and he gets the return blip a single brow rises and she looks from him to the seat now, silent until he claims it. "Satisfied? You should know by now I would not compromise my people, or our friendship. Though your doubts are ever high these past few months."

Diana's words hold a deeper meaning and a harder bit of a jab (ribbing!) but it all comes back to the now and the mention of Arthur and those dealings. Her breath draws in and those fingers slide from her lips to rest upon chin. "Arthur was a friend as well years back, even when I first arrived. His wife is obviously grieving and I have stayed mine and my peoples hands in the affair until I spoke with someone who can give me the truth." In the final statement she gestures towards him and then brought her hand back to her lap. "They released the reasons I would release my hold. Our nations are two that would not have a pretty war - especially here in Patriarch's World."

Meaning if they warred it would crash over horrendously. Sometimes when you want to rush in, it is best to wait, despite how hard those binds holding you back have to be. Ah, common sense and the art of war.

"I've had good reason. It's hard to determine who can be trusted anymore." Batman studies the woman a moment, the ribbing is lost on him, he's tired. The man is almost always tired, thankfully the gel used on his wound while a 'diplomatic hostage' of the Atlanteans worked wonders on knitting and accelerating his recovery.
"Present company excluded. No Clark, his death thankfully nothing more than a confusion in his biological makeup and what he could withstand but he is now missing. Gone wherever and now… we have Arthur. They won't let me in to see his body either. I spoke to Mera, the woman seems distraught, I believe her grief is genuine or at least she thinks it is. Unless I'm losing my touch and she is just that good of an actress." A light, shift of the man's shoulders in what could be a shrug. A bad habit, he's hung around one too many Robins. His mother would tell him shrugging is poor posture and to straighten up - with a smile of course.
As an act of trust Batman slides his cowl up and over his features letting it fold back like a hood, as this particular suit was designed. A five o'clock shadow - he has been busy.
"It may very well come to war even if I find the shooter. I know I quit the Justice League but you haven't, you're still looked at by the rest of the world as a force against threats like this. Orm may force your hand in this."

"I would hope you know me well enough…" As Diana speaks the foot planted on the ground swivels her chair to face him fully a hand now resting upon the long stretch of the marble conference table, one leg crossing over the other to keep and maintain a poise in that slight lean. A casual regality to it, even though speaking of such things makes you want to slouch, deflate and express what Batman does in his own way.
No five o' clock shadows for Wonder Woman.

"Are you hungry? Thirsty?" The concern cannot be seen openly, instead it is expressed in small gestures as her hand passes over a swirl in the table and the top begins to slide and open, square doors lifting, sinking, and pocketing to push up a pitcher with glasses, fruits, and breads. The other part though is a large interactive screen interface that powers on and waits for a imprint scan before access is granted.

No second look is given as the cowl is removed, it is simply accepted, as all things are with Diana, though the smile she offers is small, and does not lie about what is beneath. Concern.

"Not if I can contact Mera first and the Holder of the Trident has audience with me, both as representatives of our respective… Orm…" Diana pauses and now fully sits back, that chair rocking under the new weight. "Yes… The one proclaiming the throne and war all at once? Such as things tend to go.."

Those final words drawing out into further thought.

"Thirsty, seem to be always thirsty anymore." Though now that Bruce is seeing the fruit he is taking a couple grapes and peeling them from their stem. Apparently he is hungry as well. One doesn't always know such things until it's right before your eyes.
"It is bad timing for them but they are serious. I do not thing they're too far outside of being able to be reasoned with. One way or another."
A slight incline of the man's head and he regards the pitcher, "Wartime Leaders rarely last long after their victories. I suspect Orm is aware of this as well so I can't honestly fathom his true motivations beyond perhaps actual care for Arthur. It isn't my focus to be honest, the politics of it… I'll leave that to people who have such concerns. I have a killer to bring to justice. I simply wanted to see where you stood, if you'd heard anything and… well, to see you, I know each date we have planned has been interrupted. Timing… again."
A light smile appears on Bruce's features, at least he can find some humor in something.

Diana appears to be in thought and then looks at Bruce as he partakes of the food, though that look drops back into a thoughtful one. "I stand where I have always stood, Bruce. Leave the political affairs to me, and if it comes to war…" The final word bringing a long pause with a slow intake of breath.

Picking up the pitcher of ice cold water she pours herself a glass, a smaller more oval shaped one behind bearing the wine of Themyscira, something she does not touch on occasions that bear weight like this. "That is also mine to deal with, and I can count on the Justice League as well as my people." Sipping from the glass her fingers smear across the quickly fogging surface from heat to chill, sweeping away condensation. "And you?"

That inquiry holds just as much weight as the rest, though his light smile somewhat breaks that surface of her own stoicism. "Perhaps there will be time when it is allowed, to finish business started. You see me now.."

One hand rises and holds up, palm out.

Now what?

"Worst case scenario I activate all of the fail safes I put in place should Arthur have ever pulled this stunt. I am relying on the League and the others, like the X-Men, the Titans, SHIELD to make sure it never comes to that. So I like you stand where I always have… Gotham is my priority but should this persist and it is within my power to stop it where I can. I will."
Bruce takes up the water himself, no wine, no alcohol, such things are only for show. He isn't needing to pretend right now. "I am but this is hardly romantic circumstances. This is business and an interlude."
"If you want to count it as a date… I suppose that is one less I owe you. I'll make sure Alfred updates my tally." Another joke? Bruce is on a roll tonight.

Diana's hand drops to clasp fingers over the top of the glass, a single digit tracing the rim's surface. "I have too many priorities to put any in a numerical order, they all sit equal. Less shuffling to do that way." Casually said before she sips her glass and it finds its home within her lap once more. "I will do what needs to be done and I will call for audience with the Atlanteans as an Amazon and Ambassador first. A defender of Justice if they push."

Already mapped and figured, it is weights and measures, finding that balance, and she already has. There is likely more, all he has to do is ask and she would elaborate, but she is pretty sure Bruce gets it very well.

"Oh… I see. A tally now is how it is. That is not romantic in the slightest." Diana's brows furrow slightly as she watches Bruce now.

"Worst case scenarios." Bruce repeats quietly before crushing more grapes between his teeth and washing them away with that cool water. Straightening up on the chair he exhales and glances towards the wall, not really at it but past. "Romance is not one of my strong points. I've warned you about this in the past." A blink has those hazel eyes drawn back to the present, to the here and now. "Though, you were well prepared for such things."
A push back of the chair and the Dark Knight stands to his feet. A slice of orange snared in the process.

Diana's moment of watching Bruce from beneath furrowed brow ends with a small smirk, rising with him. Yes, she was playing with him in saying as much. An Amazon's version of romance ends in the man being speared and tossed off a ship. Needless to say she has never partaken and it is one of the many reasons…

"I am prepared for most things. You being a man in all 'normal' sense of the word is one I am not." Heading for the door to the office she pauses. "Stay, rest. Continue your exhausting search after you enjoy something for once. Like sleep."

A sidelong glance at Diana and Bruce considers a moment before carefully speaking, "A luxury I haven't considered much of lately. Sleep, romance, personal affection… normally I would say such things hold a man hostage to a corruption of judgement but I've already done that number this week as well. I could use for a single night. If of course it is only just sleep you have in mind, Princess." Now the Batman is the one teasing the Amazon and the door to her office becomes a forgotten thought.

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