One Smooth Knight

May 15, 2015:

A mob mistakes Jay's work ethic for Smooth-induced behavior. Sir Ystin to the rescue!

Random street, Little Italy, New York City


NPCs: Mob of 'concerned citizens'


Mood Music: [*\# 'I'm Moving Out' (Anthony's Song), Billy Joel]

Fade In…

In the growing twilight hours in Little Italy there is a most peculiar sight indeed. A toothpick of a short woman, cleaning away the detritus of decades of wear and neglect from a currently vacant storefront.

At least, that was the sight five minutes ago. Apparently, someone took grave issue with her rendition of 'I'm Moving Out', and what was a fascinated group of on-lookers has turned into a most irate group of individuals. Matters are probably not helped by the pointy ears that the woman is sporting on either side of her skull, through the tattered remains of an orange and green bandana that apparently has taken a couple too many broken bottles. While she could arguably cut and run, this is the wall she was *cleaning*, and she's damned if she's going to leave before her work is Done.

A mutant or an elf, it really doesn't matter, people are still riled up over Smooth and the behavior she was exhibiting before? Well, she COULD be a 'smoothie'. Can they take that chance? Heck no… she could melt their brains or something!


"Hold!" calls a voice, alto in pitch but thick with authority. From out of the sky lands a winged, white horse and on it a small figure in shining gold armor. The figure holds aloft a sword, one that gleams in the light. The winged horse lands between the crowd and the cleaning lady. One bottle is still in the air, having been thrown just as the horse landed. Ystin cleaves it in two, easily, with the sword.
"I would hear your grievances, good people, with this woman. Justice should come at the hands of law, not the spur of anger."


A few folks back up because, hey… FREAKING HORSE! FREAKIN' WINGED HORSE! Horse with PERSON WITH FREAKIN' SWORD!

A couple of the others, though, whether bolstered by drink or by the bravado that only mob action can inspire, surge in to fill the gaps left by the deserting individuals.

"She's a freakin' mutant!", shouts one.
"She's gonna kill us when she comes off her high!" bellows another!
Meanwhile, the 'elfin' girl squints at the rider. "Ijustwanttocleanthisareaisthatsowrong? What'swrongwithdoinghonestwork?!"

A couple of rocks come flying in, no threat to a hero in armor laden, though they might have opened up serious welts or concussed the toothpick woman.

"Get the smoothie before she can get us, and if the wannabe knight with the mutant horse wants it, give it to him, too!"

And they say chivalry is dead in this day and age…


Ystin has cleaved arrows from the air. Stopping a few rocks is of no concern. Each blow is stopped, the rocks split in twain or into powder by the powerful sword.
"Friends," Ystin says, firmly, "I do not know your grudge but I will defend this woman. Any who step forward with fists raised will be met in turn. I do not wish you to be my enemies. You do not wish me to be your's. Go to your homes, now." She dismounts, landing to show she is short and slight of build but she stands with authority.


The display of martial prowess is enough to cow a good portion of the mob, which is quickly finding other places to be and other things to be doing. A couple diehards remain, though.

"If she kills us all then it's all your fault!" one gripes before slinking off.
"We're just trying to protect ourselves! She's dangerous!"

Visually the cleaning woman doesn't look like she could hurt a fly, much less a grown person. She starts to raise her finger as she watches Ystin but lowers it and gets kind of quiet. She hasn't seen a real honest-to-God knight that she can recall, and the Truth of the matter has left her a bit stunned. Occupational hazard of seeing the Truth of things.


The Truth of the matter is Ystin is exactly who he appears to be. A Shining Knight wielding the sword of Artur the Bear King. The sword of the Once and Future King. Ystin stares down those brave or stupid enough to remain.
"I give you one warning." Ystin settles herself, blade at the ready. "I will stand here all night if need be. Leave. If you attack it will go badly for you."


The remaining hold-outs mutter amongst themselves, and amongst that muttering words like 'cops' and 'place a call' can be heard, whatever that might mean. They do shove off, though, and suddenly the previously exceptionally active street corner is almost dead quiet… except for one knight with a steed brandishing a blade and one pointy-eared cleaning woman, who is just now starting to pick up the battered remains of her cleaning apron. A broom with strange markings on it leans against a wall, near a bucket. Where there has been cleaning done, it practically sparkles — though not as brightly as the golden armor being worn by Ystin.

"Umthanksalotforhelpingout?" The toothpick is uncertain of the stranger's intent, though her slitted eyes are casting about warily for something or someone.


Ystin waits to make sure this is not a ruse. That the potential enemy does not intend to circle back and strike from behind. Only when he is sure does he once more sheath her sword. He turns and offers a low bow to the pointed-eared cleaning woman.
"Tis only my duty. You are of the fair ones, yes?" Ystin straightens. "I had not expected to meet your kind here. They should know better than to interupt one of the good people in their tasks."


The cleaning woman blinks a few times. Bowing is a bit weird but.. okay, to each their own, and hey, it's a knightly person. But then he starts discussing who he thinks she is. There's a twitch of her lip and she steels herself, biting it hard, causing a vein to throb on her forehead.

" 'mnot a 'fair one'. I'm a person with special abilities just like a bunch of other people and I just see things differently, is all."

Of course, her ears seem to really be selling the initial premise Ystin had quite well, as they twitch.

" 'm not an elf or a fae!"

There's a brief grimace that is the most horrific thin-lipped smile one can imagine as she really attempts to dial it in. "Just a person who cleans real good and Deals fairly."


"As you say." Ystin says, though she obviously knows differently. He has encountered the fair people too many times in her lifetime. They stick out like a sore thumb - too powerful or too queer to be anything but what they are. Their true nature always shining through.
"Well, then. I shall leave you to your cleaning. I recommend being about it swiftly and then returning to safety. This city does not seem a place for idleness."


"Exactly as I say!" There's a slight relaxing of the shoulders as she finishes picking up her apron.

"You'd actually be surprised about that! But since I have you here, you bailed my butt out of the fire so do you have a number? I mean, if you need me to clean something for you or help you out with something I promise to work hard at the Deal? I mean, it's only fair is fair, right? You saved my butt so I need to save yours at some point!"

And she claims not to be Fae? HAH.

"My name's Jay Donohue! Custodian Extraordinaire! Here's my card!"

She pulls out a small piece of paper and hands it to the knight even as a car with black and white markings begins to drive through the area.

"You ah, might ah, want to ah, get going. Police don't like people with swords around here."

"Thanks again!"

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