A Better Gotham, A Safer Gotham

March 28, 2015:

A conversation between Hugo Strange and an SRD representative. (Emits by Batman)

Undisclosed, Gotham

Undisclosed Gotham location


NPCs: Hugo Strange, SRD Representitive


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Your campaign slogan, do you recall that, Doctor Strange?"
"A Better Gotham, A Safer Gotham. I do indeed remember. I even had a plaque of it posted in my office."
"Please hold the sarcasm."
"My apologies, Mr. Green, I assumed sarcasm was going to be part of our conversational flow with your rhetorical question.
"It was not rhetorical, it was making a point."
"Oh? Then please go on."
"Before we begin, you do understand I've been appointed by the Mayor, State Senate, Colonel Hawk and the DMNA to evaluate you in regards to your current activities on behalf of the SRD in Gotham, understood?"
"Perfectly understood. This is being recorded?"
"Yes, several are listening in. Now, your slogan, we're not seeing it."
"You were quite proud of that attacking point weren't you, Mr. Green."
"Anyways, for the past three years you have been Gotham's Operations Manager for the Special Response Division. Correct?"
"Now, Doctor, your first year we didn't expect much results and your mobilization of the SRD was impressive. You filled the roster in record timing."
"Yes. Many of Gotham's finest were still eager for work and quite disgruntled with former Commissioner Gordon's methods and operational procedures. His acceptance of vigilantism."
"Which, that was a saving point. What transpired after that… You helped shut down several criminal organizations, discovered and raided multiple roosts for the Batman and his gang, commissioned surveillance drones, apprehended almost two dozen vigilantes… All impressive. Commissioner Yindel says you were quite an asset. However, were is the key word here. We have new issues at hand, a new budget to consider, new threats, aliens, Doctor, aliens are now a concern. The world is turning upside down. But that is another subject."
"It is indeed. And yes, I'm quite aware of what is being said about me and what is believed. As dry as your tone and as comely your face remains even with your best expressions worn I am still quite adept at reading people. I can feel your detest and resentment for me."
"I'm sure. So… care to indulge us in these recent rumors?"
"Which would those be? I released the Joker? That I am conducting secret experiments on inmates and prisoners? Working with terrorist organizations? I've brainwashed the city council and even the commissioner, herself? "
"Yes, those exactly. Are they true?"
"They are indeed."
Long silence.
"W… why? To what end?"
"Behavioral Control and Management. If you noticed while in Arkham many are simply given Thorazine and locked in a cell? That is the extent to which some of the most complex and beautiful criminal minds of Gotham are being handled, what does it do? Makes them docile, complacent for a time but once the drugs wear off, once they realize no one is standing over them with a clipboard and there is no guards around they return to their true selves. The sickness wraps them up again and reroutes them back to their nature."
"What I do now is not simply for a time, it's an extensive practice that lasts, corrects their damage, they begin to listen and soon they even obey, they flip their entire thought process around and become willing and very willful members of society. Functional human beings that can finally synergize with the rest of the species. All at my commands."
"This is not condoned, this sounds… "
"No, dangerous! This is a lawsuit waiting to happen."
"And just exactly where are you getting your uh… volunteers?"
"All of Gotham has graciously volunteered."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Exactly what I am saying. As it stands I have several camps and facilities all throughout Gotham. And thanks to several of my benefactors I am in full process of rewriting the cancer of this city in to it's own cure."
"Y-you're mad. Completely insane and admitting to this is going to put you out of work and most likely in prison for a very long time."
"No. I don't believe so."
"I was sent here to evaluate you, to confront you and get your input on the allegations that are being held against Gotham SRD, kidnapping, illegal experiments, human trafficking, unauthorized surveillance, trespassing, aiding and abiding known criminals, the list goes on… these are very serious crimes, Doctor Strange and someone will be answering for them and that someone is you!"
"Mr. Green, do you seriously believe anyone outside of this room will stop me? Do you honestly think they're even still listening?"
"What? What do you mean?"
"You have been alone this entire time. The moment they assigned my case to you, you became an island unto yourself. Much sooner than we all inevitably do. And now you're one ill-equipped man against an entire army. It is best not to get in the way of change."
"What do you mean alone? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Is this on…" Shuffling sounds. "Maggie? Hello?"
"Your cellphone won't work either, Edmund."
"I never gave you my full name? No wait… You can't do this. You're a monster. An absolute fucking monster… "
"No, I am the cure. I am what Batman and his foolish children could never be for this city. I am fixing Gotham, correcting it. Remember? A Better, Safer Gotham. Now, Eddie, just sit back and relax. Hold him still."
"No, keep them away from me! Just stop! NO NOOOOOO NO!"
"Don't worry, it only hurts a minute. Just trust me. I'm a doctor."

OOC: Mr.Green returned to the SRD central office and gave a very good accounting of what transpired. He informed the board that Hugo Strange is an outstanding individual with great plans for Gotham and they can fully trust in him. All criminal ties are false and there is no evidence supporting any forms of misconduct or illegal activity.

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