Cutscene: The Shadows Stir

January 30, 2015:

A dark assembly gathers, recruitment for the Society begins and the Unternet launches. Emits by Master Darque.


Hidden Location


NPCs: Doctor Sivana, Titania, Vandal Savage


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Several hours after the attack on King Arthur of Atlantis…

"Is your project operational, doctor?" A deep voice inquires, a voice that sounds like a bear trying to spit out human words. The owner of it little more than a bulky shadow sitting at the end of a long table, large gloved hands steepled in front of an obscured face.
The man always shows up as little more than a silhouette. An imposing one.
"With the Calculator's work and my own expertise in Rhodomagnetic Spectrum technologies…. " The responder is a thin bald man with large round glasses.
"Sivana, I don't need your self-indulgent ramblings. I just want to know if it is ready to be launched… "
Doctor Sivana adjusts his spectacles before speaking again, his pride wounded, only briefly. Fear has a way of making things speed along, "Yes. the Unternet will be accessible come midnight."
"It had best be. It is a instrumental to our designs. The King of Atlantis was shot recently if you were not aware and with that I foresee… certain events transpiring that will make your Unternet an invaluable weapon for us. It is time for our next phase… recruitment."
"Yes, Mr… "
The mad scientist as cut off as light showers the dimly lit room, a third member of their secret society joins them, "Am I late or fashionably late? I'll settle with fashionable." A towering woman with auburn hair joins the two men, near them Sivana felt small, a feeling he despised. Yet with the woman at least his intellect did not feel questioned.
"Titania." The acknowledgement from their founder, their leader.
Doctor Sivana offers only a nod.
"We were just discussing recruitment. Your contacts, which of them have you spoken to?"
"Now that we are revealing ourselves you mean? Constrictor, my husband, Batroc but the man is currently imprisoned and works for HYDRA often enough I'd consider his loyalty in that regards." It is well known to Titana, Sivana and the rest of their hidden number that their mysterious leader seriously dislikes HYDRA. It borders on hatred.
"Cut Batroc out. The Joker?"
A static sound and on one of the consoles nearby a face appears, Doctor Hugo Strange, the man's smile twisted up making him look as demented as the rest gathered, "Hello my esteemed colleagues, I apologize for eavesdropping. I heard the Joker and my interest was piqued… "
"The boss man wants to recruit the crazy clown."
Hugo's image wavers and he shakes his head, "I must speak out against this, I invoke my veto as a member of the inner circle."
"Denied." The voice from the head of the table speaks firmly.
"But at least listen to what I have to say? He is chaotic and unpredictable, we cannot control the Joker, You cannot control the Clown Prince." Strange warns, "I have even tried hypnotism, torture, toxins, it is pointless, as would his membership to us be."
"I will determine such things, your input, as pointless as much of your action in Gotham lately is noted. Titania, send someone to the Joker."
The glaring image of Strange contorts in rage and closes out his connection. Doctor Sivana can't help but smile at that.
"Who else?"
"The Baroness?"
"No. Read your files Sivana, the woman is High Council with HYDRA. Cobra is but a front."
"Possible. I hear the East End is in a riot with the woman's recent activities and we have extended our hand before. Try one more time, see if it comes back with more than just scratches."
Sivana continues to read through a compiled list, "Deadpool?"
"Not inner circle but extend invitation… "
Titania clears her throat.
"What is it? Just speak next time, this is not a place for childish gestures."
The woman's cheeks flush and she straightens up, "He's a fucking maniac. Same complaints Hugo had about the Joker… "
"The same answer. I don't care. There is always a use for crazy."
Sivana sighs and reads the next, "Deathstroke."
The man at the head of the table's lips curl in to a smile, even as a complete shadow his teeth are visible. Are his canines sharp? "I'll handle that one myself. Next."
Blue reflective light outlines Sivana's features as he scans, "Domino?"
"No. Per job only. Her associates are questionable and she lacks the heart for our line of dirty work."
"But she is an assassin?" Titania interjects.
"An assassin with a soft side and I am aware of a HYDRA tech that has been implanted in her body, we know little of what it does. She is off the books until we determine her true calling and what exactly it is they installed in her. I care little to expend resources in to that however. It will solve itself"
The doctor flicks a button and scrolls more, "Fracture?"
TItania chuckles, "Woman is a D lister at best. Not worth our time."
"D List for now. Give her some time and resources she will easily become more, we'll test her, see what comes of it. Go on Doctor."
"Grendel, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, Prince Namor… "
"Consider Grendel, I know little of him, he has been of no interest to me until recent. The second is League of Shadows… " The man leaves it at that, as if it answers all. "The hybrid is being dealt with and not to be considered an ally. Is this all you can bring me, Sivana?"
The doctor frowns in reply, "No, I have a list of more, Nyx, Poison Ivy and Master Darque."
"Nyx is questionable, what do we know of this person?"
"Very little."
"Give it more time. Ivy has killed our agents we sent to her and is working alongside the Baroness. Consider her a no option for the moment."
"The last one has already joined our ranks. He will be a suitable stand in for Faust."
The other two say nothing in regards to Faust, they know of his mishaps and failures to date and what the man at the head of the table did to him in response. The magician still lives but it was still…
"Is that it, Doctor Sivana?"
"For now yes, we're trying to see what we can do about the Hellfire Club but we're trying to be respectful there. As instructed. "
Titania stands up and stretches, "Who shall I get started on?"
"Whomever. Just maintain anonymity, I declare us recruiting doesn't mean we announce ourselves to the world, we're simply expanding to capitalize on the upcoming. Now, both of you begone." The large man turns in his chair and stands up and arms fold behind his back as he stares at another display screen, an image of an Atlantean vessel appears, "Good morning, friend, how fares your king?"
The final words Doctor Sivana and Titania hear as they depart the conference room give one another a glare and walk opposing directions. Much to be done.

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