No Drinking In The Institute

May 19, 2015:

An impromptu gathering at the Xavier Institute

Xavier Institute


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The kids are either gone or in their respective dormitories. This is the hour that normally th faculty, staff, or those like Rose (vagabonds) of the group come to the social room. A pool table, a large TV, a fridge, tables chairs, couches and games can be found as well as books that have filtered from the library and into here lay about.

The TV blares the digitally loaded Tube content to stream music in a loud tenor that vibrates the walls but does not resound further beyond the hall outside. These walls are made of sturdier stuff afterall. A bottle of opened beer is on the end of the pool table, several shots of vodka filled also sit over each pocket, the large bottle of Viniq sparkling its purple swirl on a chair not far.

Rose is chalking the tip of the pool cue while stating the rules. "You call each shot, you miss it you take a shot, you maske it, you're home free. Goal is to keep seeing as many balls as there realy is and not to puke."

Rose is dressed in black leather pants, the belt bedazzled with studs and gems, loops dangling to ring a cadence with each step as she rolls the white ball out onto the table for Nate to catch. You shoot first to see who is stripes or solids. The shirt that hangs off one shoulder but leaves abdomen bare says 'Stay Weird' upside down across it as well, leaving nothing to the imagination of the girls attitude.

Jean was there. No, Jean was getting there. But there was a cart that was being rolled in front of her as she keeps two trays upon the palms of her hands.

Looks like someone wasn't getting any sleep.

But there was a nice spread that went with a party, buffalo wings, teriyaki wings, jamaica-me-crazy spicey wings, lemon pepper wings, rows upon rows of raw veg that houses dip filled in a bowl that a big man eats cereal in.

Drinks were already in the fridge, which was good. Not to mention, rows of desserts that lined the bottom of the cart which were all soon deposited upon the table with a wink of an eye and a bit of TK, Samantha style.

And then, a book was snatched from the shelf to orbit around the red-head along with two bottles of beer. Jean was getting used to being a wee bit toasted. But there was no sense in getting chocolate wasted before a fight.

BAM. Right on the couch went she, feet kicked up, beer cracked open, Ocean at the End of the Lane broken down at the page.


Popping in from DaCosta International, Doug Ramsey greets everyone else with a simple 'Hi!' followed by putting down a tray of what looked like cookies. "How's everyone doing…?" he asks, pausing to regard the scene, and then moving to fall in place next to Jean, studying the book. "Is this really the best place to be reading, ma'am?"

It's not unusual for Brinley to be hanging back, in a corner, watching the goings on. She's vaguely familiar with Rose, from the X-Red meeting a few weeks ago and more familiar with Nate from the Smooth network takedown recently. A bottle of beer in hand, the reserved brunette is barely sipping from it…. she'll warm up to the group in a while, she's sure.

Lin has made her way here and just arrived inside. Instead of her usual sundress today she's got on jeans and matching jacket and blue tshirt. She seems to have forgotten her shoes today though. A sparrow is perched on one side of her antlers and a small owl is asleep on the other. From the rustling in her jacket pockets she's probably got a few more small critters stashed about her person. She has two large containers of sun tea that she adds to the rest of the party supplies before she actually looks up and around. Seeing Brin the asian american girl smiles and darts over to stand next to her. "Hi! Hi Brin!" She smiles shyly and then ducks her head.

Beast wasn't expecting to smell what he smelled as he came up from his lab. His nose twitched some and there was a light 'chuff' as it was recognized. There's even a heavy sigh as he follows the scent to the social gathering happening. Golden eyes look around at those in attendance and he gives a shake of his head before clearing his throat and speaking up, "I hate to be the party pooper, but we shouldn't be drinking alcohol in the school. It's a nice night…let's just take it outside, all right?"

Since the party was Rose's idea. Nate was here helping to setup, of course. The pool-drinking contest was not his idea. As much as he finds amusing the concept of getting some X-Men really drunk, he is not very good with the game. And alcohol and telepathy don't do well together.

On the other hand, if he can't get drunk at Xavier's, where could he do it?

Jean bringing the food distracts him, though. Maybe he can snatch some buffalo wings before the first shots, that would help some to keep him sober!

Bobby is just here to drop off a few things from DCI and pick up his guitar, which he left here the last time he was over. But! There was food and he'll not turn it down. "Hey Lin, Brin." He greets his fellow Red members as he comes up to peer and see who's about. There's Doctor Grey and Doctor McCoy and Rose… that's her name right? "Hey Doug!" Bobby waves. Fancy seeing him about.

Rose shrugs as Nate declines the breaking shot, sipping from her beer and setting it aside while she leans over and braces the stick between two fingers, drawing back and…

*CLACK!* The balls scatter and bounce, settling…

The arrival of other faces, familiar and not bring a small smile onto features. "Doug! Loving the eye." Point, wink, that milky occular is a far batter thing then the black pit that once reigned. Stepping away from the table she picks up the 24 pack of A&W+ (Not your GrandDaddy's Root Beer) and sets it up for them all, though pausing at Beasts proclaimation.

"Don't be so blue, there's wings and things and… This is party, lite. get a beer and don't be what you hate then."

A small shimmy of shoulders in emphasis to loosen up and she is moving back to the pool table lined in shots and ready for a game, bumping her hip against Nate in the passing process.

Jean glances up towards Doug from her book, "It's the best place as any.." Plus, it'll do her good to get out and mingle with the folk, one leg lifting to bring bare toes into view which flex and curl in time to the beat. "I've been trying to finish this book for ages. I got a little bit of time.." Sip. Sip.

Most of them were hanging out, all met with nods and smiles, Brinley receiving a finger wave and Bobby a brief, concerned stare. Yeah, she'd have to talk to him, but now? It's time for fun.

Beast's proclimation has her grinning a little, her head shaking a bit as she gestures towards the spread. "I'll keep an eye on them. But.. try out my blooming onion bread." Yeah, blooming.. onion.. bread. Beast should have first crack at her creation.

"Then grab a seat Doug.. Hank.. I'll uncurl." She draws her legs from the couch to sit upright, one arm draping over the armrest.

"Blooming onion bread…?" Doug echoes, trying to picture such a thing. It earns a dubious look. No thank you, let Hank go first. Instead, Doug turns his attention towards winking back at Rose. "Glad to hear it." A grin at the others who arrives, followed by a smirk. "Well, some of us are -naturally- blue," he teases, pulling the lid from the tray of cookies and setting it out, before hollering, "Hey! Bobby! What's the latest?"

Rose spins the cue in her hand, much like a natural motion, placing it at her side and taking a shot, not one ball sank but they scattered. Does that mean a shot over each? She'll work her way to that…

Lin, on the other hand, the antlers, the owl resting on them. The girl gets a fluttering blink and her bottom lip is sucked in and released, the shot glass set aside. "You dearie, may want to know, the travelling hooter on you rack… Bad pun. Nevermind." She already said it but…didn't.

So much for restraint!

This is the part he doesn't like. Beast's shoulders slump just a little as he sighs, "Guys…we can't have alcohol on school property. It's…like a State thing. Even if this is where the Staff hang out, we can't have it while kids are in the building. Please. Just take it outside." He's not telling them to stop the partying, at least.

Bobby picks up the guitar from the corner of the room. "Not much and quite a bit. Depends on which news you're talking about. We should catch up later, Doug. I've got some samples in the centrifuge though so…" And with Bobby that's not just an expression. "See you guys later." He pats Brin on the shoulder and waves to everyone else as he heads out.

Nate smirks at Rose. He missed the breaking shot. But he will make it up by bringing a plate with food to the young woman. "Hey folks," he greets to the others as they come into the room. Looks like they got some students after all. "I'll bring the sodas. Don't eat everything, hmm?" He will be back in five minutes!

Brinley snickers at Rose' unfinished pun… and takes a sip of her beer before greeting Bobby (and then saying goodbye) and Doug. Giving Lin a quick hug. Beasts protestations have the young brunette smirking "I don't think anyone's listening."

Lin just looks baffled. She didn't understand the joke but then, humor isn't a concept Lin usually does well with. She looks startled by Brin's hug but after a moment she smiles again. She's getting a bit more used to touch. At least with people she likes. She crumbles up a bit of cookie and the sparrow hops into her palm to pick at it. "Bye Bobby!" Lin's eyes widen and she looks at Beast. "Oooooh pretty." She starts forward and then stops. People generally don't like it when you walk up and start petting them like her friends do and she remembers this. "Hi." She says instead.

Beast looks over to Lin, "Hello…I'm sorry, have we met?" He looks to some of the others that he doesn't recognize, namely Brinley, and then gives a pointed look to Jean. He may even be thinking in her direction to see if she picks up on it. 'Why are there strangers at the Institute??' There is a brief, "Excuse me" before there is something muttered about this is why he stays in his lab even as he moves towards the beverage table and starts to lift it up…hopefully not spilling any of the beverages in the process.

Beasts slump is obvious even if it was small. Lucky fr him he caught this before it was something much more and Rose was a bottle of vodka into it. Another song in the playlist begins to bump over the large tv and Rose smirks. walking around the pool table she gathers up the shots and is taking one after the other like an alkie given 5 minutes to sin and win.

"You helped save my neck. Literlally-ally…" Pause, think. "for realz." Right? She got it! "For that I will take my stuff outside… Save it for tomorrow." Rose give Beasta finger wiggle wave as she mimics the dance on the screen right on over to the case of beer and tucks it under her arm eyeing Bobby as he leaves and then Brin. "I need to get out and meet these new people. Bird ladies be crazy though, and meeting people is what made me do what I used to.."


Dont blame Rose she just took down nine shots and in about 10 minutes it'll be metabolized but it doesn't mean she doesn't like the minute buzz.

Grabbing and peeling a piece of bread she pops it in her mouth with a muffled 'mmmm'.

"Yool give Nate n' I a giftht bathkit when we move…right?" Oh and in case "mom" didn't know!

Now she does.

Swallownig said mouthful. "Peace out!"

"You worry too much about rules sometimes, Hank," Doug sighs. "So long as they don't -drink-, what's it going to hurt?"

Jean's beer floats from her hands, the cap soon twisted upon it as it's floated towards the table where Beast picks up the refreshments and put back on. The top was dimpled, in case anyone was afraid of Jean germs, (cause they're the catastropic swallow the world type germs), so that no one would touch her stuff.

The mental voice was caught, which causes the book to snap shut after the page and spot was memorized, a slight smile drawn towards Beast as she offers up this:

« Former students. Crash course, or readable files? »

In fact, Jean reverses it all, drawing her dimple-topped beer from the cooler, waiting for Hank to pass as she takes a slight sip. She was going to her office to get said files.. but.. "Oh. Don't forget to pack. Ororo is expecting us soon."

As for Rose? Of course they were getting a frickin basket! And meals for a week until they were able to fend for themselves, like all the others who happened to leave into their own private spaces. Would she tell her that mentally? Nah. There was enough prying going on..

Brin smirks a little more at Beast as he moves the table, pointedly taking a swig of her beer, and then Rose is leaving. "See you tomorrow night, Rose… Outside I guess." The brunette moves to intercept Lin and distract her with the pot plant in the corner.

Eyeing the cookies Doug bought, Brin raises her chin at them "What are Cookies, Doug?"

"Thank you, Rose," is offered as she takes her shots outside. Beast then takes the table with the alcohol outside and sets it back, "Because, Doug, it's against the law and the school could be discredited and investigated and then what will happen to everything we're doing here?" He shakes his head and makes his way back towards his office. He pauses and glances back at Jean, "Sure. I'll be in the classroom or in my office." He then pads his way back…he'll have to try that onion bread later.

Lin is maybe the only one not drinking. She doesn't. If she were to lose control of her mind then its rather likely all the plant and animal life anywhere nearby would do the same. Not a good idea. She's easily distraced by the plant. "Very nice." Lin reaches out and pets the leaves, using the tiniest bit of her power to encourage a bit of growth and heal any bug bitten spots. "There. All good now." She looks up and frowns slightly. Wasn't she doing something else? Beast has left the room though and so she doesn't remember and shrugs. "How's Brin?" Lin turns back to ask.

Cookies? As Rose passes those in her little shimmy dance she also shovels some onto the 24 pack as well as placing one between teeth to partake on with loaded arms. The precarious teeter is going to end in a trail of crumbs but more to feed thee birds the antlered one brought in, right??

"See you all tomorrow night then." Welp, if they have time to spare, she has a few phone calls to make to make sure the event is one of fun, a labor of love and not of loss.

They'll hopefully forget about it and wonder why they woke up in a shrubbery!

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