What Happens at STAR Labs when Harrison Wells is not around

May 19, 2015:

Kitty comes to STAR Labs to tell Barry about her crazy dream and gets more surprises than she anticipated.


A laboratory.


NPCs: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow


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Fade In…

It's moving toward the end of the work day when Kitty Pryde arrives at STAR Labs. While there is some security, it's not really air tight. Though the phasing mutant could most likely move through fences and walls and make it into the actual facility without tripping a wire, she's gone the more routine route today. A visitor's badge is attached to her shirt as she walks through the pristine halls in her search.

Lockheed has remained at home today, it seems like. The purple dragon is nowhere to be seen. Instead, as a scientist rushes by on her way one way or another, Kitty stops her. "Er, hi, sorry, I'm looking for Mr. Barry Allen?"

The brunette scientist gives her a bit of a once over before warily gesturing her in the correct direction. Kitty follows the direction, though she feels as if the woman is still staring at her as she moves continues onward. Is there anyone else here? "Uh, Barry?" she calls out a bit louder, hoping he might hear her.

"Show me! How you want it to be!"

As Kitty gets closer to the inner sanctum of STAR Labs, a place where such deep and philosophical scientific questions take place, the home of some of the brightest minds that science has to offer, she will hear some melodic tones. Deeper and deeper she walks, closer and closer.

There's just one door between Kitty and the main control bridge where Barry and his cohorts do their business.

The door opens on something surprising, to be sure.

This is what happens when Harrison Wells is not in the building.

"My loneliness is killing me! I must confess, I still believe!" Caitlin Snow, elegant and proper; a woman so demure, is singing her guts out in an off key way with a broomstick for a mic stand.

"Still believe!" echoes Barry Allen as he's doing his best background dancer impersonation.

From off to one side of Kitty's vision she'll see Cisco riding the treadmill from her right to her left as all three come together and exclaim:


and then they see Kitty and you can almost hear the record scratch as Cisco quick turns off his LexPod.

There is a really awkward moment for 10 seconds that feel like 10 years.

"We really like 90s music in here, Kitty," Caitlin says meekly before she grabs Cisco and the pair disappear down a dark hallway.

The music brings Kitty all the closer to the main control room and, curious, she pushes open the door to see Cisco, Barry and Caitlin singing to Britney Spears. The mutant raises her eyebrows very slowly.

There's no clearing of her throat or attempt to stop this madness. Instead, she just watches until her presence is noted. "I can see that," Kitty tells Caitlin with a laughing grin. "It looks like everyone's hard at work." The teasing is quick to continue. "I was hoping I could borrow Barry for a moment, though. I need to talk to him. If he's done time traveling to the 90s."

"Yeah, I mean. Yeah," Barry says with a nod and a wipe of his hair. "How's it going, Kitty?" It's been quite a while since he'd seen her, but it was a good surprise.

Barry takes a few strides down the steps from their "stage" and leans against the computer banks, folding his arms over his frame. "So what's this about?"

Kitty grins as Barry jumps off of the stage. "Britney Spears? Really?" She can't help but just needle it just a little. "It could have at least been the Spice Girls." That she would have accepted.

"It's nothing, really. I just had this crazy real dream the other night that involved time travel and you kidnapping someone. Or, well, the Flash kidnapping someone. It made me realize we hadn't talked in a bit."

Barry's shoulders shrug and his mouth twists as if to say that his hands were tied in the matter. "You know, I was thinking we'd go Whitney Houston or something classy, but it was Caitlin's turn and sometimes that's just going to be how it's going to be, I guess. There's no real way to avoid it when she gets her heels dug in."

But Barry gets real serious when all of the sudden Kitty starts talking about dreams, "You know, I had a simila—It wasn't me. It was a different Flash from the future. Was it Ronnie?" He asks hopefully, but full of dread. Maybe he's going crazy.

"So, this is a recurring thing? You guys singing 90s tunes when you don't have anything else to do?" The thought makes Kitty smirk. "I can see you do very serious work here." The X-Men operate a little differently - being a much larger organization and the tend to have less singing and dancing parties.

"Yeah, Ronnie." She tilts her head and studies Barry, realizing that he seems to know what she's talking about. "A different Flash? There are more of you? Is it a clone or something? And how did you know about that?"

"I had the same dream. It was like Ronnie was trying to get home. I hadn't talked to her in—gosh, months?" Barry shakes his head, "I don't know who or why. She said it was some Flash from the future. From the year 10015."

He nosewrinkles, "Man, if I live that long, I hope I didn't go senile or something." He has no idea what these powers do in the longterm.

"Well, you can also do some crazy…" Kitty wriggles her fingers a bit, attempting to mean supernatural powers that have nothing to do with just running very fast. "…you know. Stuff. And that healing power. I mean, the last guy I knew who could heal like you could has lived about two hundred years. If he isn't lying, which he may be because he's grumpy. And he isn't wrinkly."

She's getting off track. With a frown, she crosses her arms. "So, we both had the same dream? She mentioned coordinates at some point."

"40.572144 and -74.112295," Barry says with a nod. "Kitty, I think we had the same dream. And I think we're going to have to try and save my girlfriend." He swallows hard as his eyes dart back and forth. He'd pretty much written her off and just assumed she'd grown tired of him. That she didn't want the drama of a breakup.

"We need to help her."

Kitty should be used to weird dream sharing and other things by now, but it still comes as a surprise to her. "Of course. I mean, if some evil yoor Flashhas her we'll find her. I mean, that's what we do." Save people, help each other out. "We'll help her."

"Alright, let me talk to Caitlin and Cisco and see if they can whip anything up that might help us. I can go check out those coordinates," Barry says, already moving into action mode.

He presses a button on the control panel and a large wall begins to move, showing his Flash costume on a mannequin behind it.

"You keep it on a mannequin?" Kitty asks as the Flash suit reveals itself. It's not something she ever thought about. "I'll ask around, too. I'm sure I can get some information at least on where it is and what might be there." She's not good at computers for nothing.

Barry turns and looks over his shoulder, "Yeah, well, if Ronnie were here right now…" He can't help but think about the young assistant Professor, the girl he'd known for a short time but had been through so much with.

"She'd tell you where you could stick it.

"I'll meet you at the coordinates. Bring whoever you can."

And just like that, in a flash, Barry Allen and that red suit are both gone.

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