Comin' Clean

May 19, 2015:

Cap comes clean about Shift to Peg.


Steve's apt.


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Fade In…

It's a Friday evening in Brooklyn. Many people are planning their weekends or getting together for drinks and dinner. Peggy Carter is waiting outside Steve's door. She's a founder of SHIELD and a woman of many resources; if she really wished to pick the lock and meet him inside, she most likely would do so. Instead, she leans against the wall as she waits. Though she has a smartphone now, she doesn't know about loading games on it or using it to pass the time. Nor does she have a tablet or a Kindle. Her means of entertainment is a good old fashioned paperback book: a history of the Cold War. It seems she's brushing up on what she can while she can.

"Hey," Steve says as he walks down the hallway of his apartment building towards his door. She'll be able to hear his keys jangle as he gets them out. "I'm sorry for making you wait, have you been out here long?"

He leans in to give her a kiss upon her cheek, presuming this Shift business has not made her grumpy towards him. He was very adamant he didn't want to talk about it on the phone.

A moment later the door is open and the light is flipped on shedding luminescence on the world's most spartan apartment. There is an old style lazy-boy and a flat screen television. The rest is very utilitarian.

Steve shrugs out of his coat and hangs it up. "Just a sec." There's a device in his coat that he pulls out. It's rectangular and thin and has a blue hued light upon it. He holds it on the wall until it turns green. Then he moves to the next wall.

"Hello," Peggy greets, slipping a bit of fabric into the book as her mark and allowing Steve to kiss her on the cheek. She's not exactly sour, but she's certainly tense. Her visit to the Triskelion did not exactly go well.

She follows him into his flat easily. She's been here before, but she still takes it in every time. It's strange to her to be in his apartment: a place she never thought she would ever see. "Of course," she says, tucking her book under her arm.

Her eyes follow him around the room, eyebrows raising at the device he's using. "May I ask waht you're doing?"

"Just getting dinner ready."

Steve is most certainly not getting dinner ready.

He goes on like this, making it to a final wall of this blue to green thing before finally putting the piece down upon the table.

"Checking for bugs," he finally confesses to her. "Can I get you anything into drink?"

At the response, Peggy's eyes narrow and she nods. Adopting a put upon tone, she continues without skipping a beat, "Yes, I know, darling, but you're using the margarine instead of the butter. You know how I hate that. Here, I'll let me help you." Moving toward the kitchen she starts moving things around, pulling things from the fridge and putting them on the counter. It's all nonsense, but it will help to the credibility.

Only when his tone returns to normal that she, in turn, starts putting things back where they belonged. "Bugs? Do you truly think someone has gone so far? Who?" As for the drinks, she tilts her head. "I wouldn't say no to a bourbon, but I can get myself a water just as easily."

"Bourbon I can do," Steve says as he gets out two glasses. "Ice?" he asks as he pulls the bottle from over his stove. "I'm starting to think people will stop at nothing, Peg. And what's more, they're starting to have reason to."

He complies with her drink order and slides the glass over to her, before taking a large swig himself. "Things are getting pretty messy, Peg."

Peggy smirks and shakes her head at the ice. She'll drink it straight. Leaning a hip against one of his counters while she remains in the kitchen with him, she sighs. "They have no reason to attempt to listen in on your private conversations, Steve. What have you done for this country other than attempt to protect the innocent and fight for them?"

Her smirk fades into pursed lips. "Define things." She picks up the slid over glass and swirls the amber liquid about. "Does this have to do with Mr. Odame? You know I came here to speak with you about what happened to him."

"It does," Steve says as he looks over towards her. "I've never really kept anything from you, Peg. Not on purpose. I wanted to tell you right away, but some things took me out of town and I wanted to tell it to your face."

"It got harder as the days went by. And I'm sorry."

Steve's confession is met with a shift in weight. Her hip pushes off the counter and she stands straight. An arm crosses against her waist and she takes a drink of her bourbon. While she doesn't say that it's alright that he kept something from her, she doesn't seem upset. People who know Peggy will can tell when she's attempting to hide her anger. Jarvis and Howard certainly could after awhile - though it might have taken a few punches to knock that into them.

"I know. I'm here now," she tells him. "Tell me what's going on."

Steve gets that casual tone in his voice, but looks at her intently. He's just going to give it to her straight.

"A few weeks ago, President Upton signed a secret executive order to terminate Kwabena's life. I knew he was innocent; really we all did. Most importantly Fury did. He complied with the order by switching the body with Kwabena. He staged the execution. The real Odame is working as an agent, with me as his contact."

"While it wasn't my idea, I take responsibility for it. I was an accomplice, at the very least. I'm not fond of it, but to me, it's the right thing to do."

If there's one thing that Peggy appreciates, it's honesty. Most likely that's due to the fact that her job is built on lies and secrets. When someone tells her the truth, it's a breath of fresh air.

"A secret executive order? That doesn't seem incredibly democratic." The agent, frowns. "I'm, of course, glad an innocent man wasn't executed, but he's still…" she's not sure of what words to properly use, still. She's just been going with what she'll use now, "possessed. How can we trust that he won't be taken over again and attempt to kill another member of government?"

Steve gives a weary nod and sighs. "Apparently whatever Fitz had given him is working. He's on a pretty tight surveillance in several ways. We feel confident we can intercept him. I know that's not very reassuring, but it was the decision that was made at the time, and it's a decision I support."

After a brief pause, he adds, "I realize my own bias in this."

At that, Peggy nods. While she's certainly still nervous and not exactly on board with the entire plan, she sighs and finishes her glass, setting it on the counter. It's not exactly a night of heavy drinking, but she'll certainly have a few while discussing difficult topics with Steve.

Pulling the glass along the counter with her, she moves so that she's standing next to him. "It's your bias that I trust, Steve." Not over her own, but the decision is already made. "If you can…keep me informed?" Instead of an order that sounds like a request, it truly is a request. She knows chains of commands and secrets that must be kept. Perhaps better than most. It's not exactly easy, but it's something she can respect. Then, she adds, "Was the order and Director Fury's execution you were speaking of that was messy? Or is there more?"

Mockingbird comes into Brooklyn from Lower Manhattan.

Mockingbird heads out to Lower Manhattan.

"Just the latest and greatest," Steve says. "After the hearings at the Congress, I kind of feel like this is the lull before the storm. Things could end up heading very sour for us very quickly," Steve says.

As she stands next to him, he's braced himself up by his hands upon his sink. With her near, he shifts slightly to be just a bit closer to her. "You, myself, Shift, and Fury are the only ones who know he's alive right now. If that's not keeping you informed, I can't do much better than that."

At the mention of the hearings, Peggy rolls her eyes. "I've seen my share of Congress hearings." Mostly involving Howard. In fact, they might all have until recently. "That was not a hearing, it was an inquisition."

She only moves slightly away from him to take the bottle of bourbon and splashes more into her glass. With a raised questioning eyebrow as she holds it out to him, she offers to pour some more into his. Otherwise, she'll stay by him. "I meant as things move forward. He just…he said something that put me ill at ease. When he wasn't himself." Pausing, she clarified, "Well, honestly, everything he said when he wasn't himself put me ill at ease. I just want to make sure we know what we're dealing with until we can draw out that poison."

A hand snakes out to wrap around his waist. "Thank you. For telling me. I know you didn't have to."

Steve nods, "He said some pretty intense things, Peg. What did he tell you?"

"I have to keep secrets from a lot of people these days, Peg. I'm not going to keep them from my girl." His hand lifts off the sink to rest on the other side of her, giving her a half hug and pulling them into a bit of a knot. "I'm really glad to have you here for all of this. Thank you for being there for me."

His head tilts away as he chuckles, "That's all the mushiness I'll give to you. Promise."

Peggy smirks. "He did at that. It's not really anything worse than those shadow insects," the woman shrugs. She's used to being a one woman team and even now, with Steve, shedding that is hard. "Just what he said about harvesting. And inviting." In regards to her in one case in particular. "It's something seemingly undiagnosable without people actually seeing him and now he's gone." Which is really what is bothering her.

She takes a sip of her newly poured bourbon before setting the glass down on the counter next to her. "Your girl." The words are warm when she says that. "I never thought I'd hear those words." The mushiness, she doesn't mind, despite her reputation. She rests her head against his shoulder. "No need for a promise. I'm glad you're here for me, too."

"It /is/ a lot better than sleeping in an old folks home. Or an ice cube," Steve quips. "Makes the rest of this world not seem so bad."

His blue eyes look up to meet hers. "I know Shift is a threat. I can't give you anything more than my promis that I'll be looking after him. There wasn't much I could have said to have stopped Fury. Or Upton for that matter."

There's a bit of a sad smile. "Yes. It certainly is." Certainly more preferable. "It does, though there's still quite a lot to do." It's not so bad, but it can always be improved.

Peggy looks up from resting on his shoulder. "I don't need more to that. You don't answer to me on this. I will be doing what I can to figure out how to stop him on my own as well. Not because I don't trust you, but because the both of us working on this is better than just the one. It's better that he wasn't unjustly executed. We just need to make precautions."

She pauses for a moment, thinking something else over before asking, "Have you ever heard of someone named Oracle?"

"I don't take offense. I know you have to do what you have to do, and the more eyes the better. And while I don't /answer/ to you on this, we work better as a team anyways. I don't think about it as answering, and I hope you don't either."

"The Oracle?" Steve nods. "I know /of/ the Oracle. Whatever it is…he, or she, or computer program, it works for good I believe. At least I sure hope so, because it works for the JL:A"

"I know you don't. Forgive me, I normally have to explain myself to everyone. This is all force of habit." Peggy looks down, then, looking more at his chest than at him. "I'm used to fighting for everything and for people to not take me seriously. Coming here, seeing you…it doesn't just switch off." Even though she wishes it did.

"I believe it's a she, or at least was referred to as such once. Perhaps that was a fake out. She recently came in contact with me through Jericho Trent." At the information that she works for the JL:A raises her eyebrows. "Does she?" That's certainly something in her favor.

"It's not a big deal," Steve says with a grin. "I'm pretty fond of who you are. Don't go changing on my account."

"The Oracle sort of runs our intel, especially in mission. Sort of coordinates events behind the scenes. Whoever it is, they're pretty wonderful and have helped for as long as I've been fished out of the Arctic. Trent? Trent and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but he's a good guy."

He looks down at his watch and groans, 'And I have a meeting in three hours." He looks at her plainly, "I have to get some sleep before hand; I'm going on three days. Two drinks of that size may be a bit much to drive on, so if you want to stay you can take the bed. I'm good with the couch."

"I wouldn't," Peggy tells Steve with a smirk. Though, learning to trust people is something she's attempting to expand. "But, that doesn't mean I can't adapt to new things."

She takes in the information about Oracle with a nod. "You seem to say that about a lot of people." In fact, she remembers him saying something very similar, if not identical about Shift. "But, yes, I met Mr. Trent a few days ago. I'm not sure if I should even be tell you this, of course. So, I would also appreciate a bit of discreteness on your part."

"I wouldn't," Peggy tells Steve with a smirk. Though, learning to trust people is something she's attempting to expand. "But, that doesn't mean I can't adapt to new things."

She takes in the information about Oracle with a nod. "You seem to say that about a lot of people." In fact, she remembers him saying something very similar, if not identical about Shift. "But, yes, I met Mr. Trent a few days ago. I'm not sure if I should even be tell you this, of course. So, I would also appreciate a bit of discreteness on your part." That comes with a grin. She's teasing him at this point.

As for weather she'll stay here or not, she laughs. "There's always taxis, Steve. But, I can stay. Though, if you have to leave in three hours, sleeping on the couch isn't going to be at all restful."

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