Bio-etheric Energy

May 18, 2015:

WAND, The INDEX and bio-etheric energy is discussed.

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"What do you make of it, Fitz?" Simmons glances up from her monitor, a puzzled frown marring her brow. "Bio-etheric energy? Endemic to everyone… And what do you make of this"

Moving her hand over the touch screen, a photo appears and is displayed on the holoprojector in the middle of the lab. The quality of the picture is poor, making the image grainy and all that can be made out is a man in a long sleeve tee shirt and a baseball cap, shot from above. The face isn't visible but the image is captioned 'They walk among us.'

"All living things give off energy, Simmons." There is just the touch of a chiding tone in Fitz's voice when he says that. Jemma should know these things! But, that's not the point. "But that's the kind of energy our machines can read. Everything from… mundane heat waves to more complicated brain waves. I think…" He taps at the monitor. "I think he may have been referencing something more similar to psionics, but different. If psionics are related to telepathic communication and manipulation - mind over matter stuff - then bio-etheric energy might just be the natural emulation of that… stuff… in animals. Maybe even plants? You ever read that file about the meta who could mentally control insects?"

Well. There's a thought.

Fitz is moving over to look at the display when another message scrolls across his screen, one that he opens and frowns at. "Um, Simmons, I… need to go and find Agent May. Like, now. Like, probably yesterday." He begins clearing out his windows post haste.

No need to go find May, she's on her way to find Fitz. And yes, poor Thompson is likely trailing along. She enters the lab area just in time to see the engineer hastily closing windows. She gives Simmons a nod and then calls aloud, "Fitz."

Fitz's chiding tone causes Simmons eyes to roll. Of course she knows these things, she was engaging him in discussion.

Fitz's behaviour has her glancing at him and narrowing her eyes. "What is i….. Agent May" Simmons acknowledges May as she enters. The photograph is still displayed on the holographic projector.

"I'm going to try and clean this photo up" Simmons says absently, looking at it with a frown.

"Sorry, Simmons," admits Fitz. He should know better! "I'll have to -" Then he spins about, eyes widening. "Wha - Agent May, how did you - I only just received that message!" Quickly recollecting himself, he clears his throat and stands a bit straighter. "That is, um, hello, Agent May."

Walking in alongside Agent May, Flash Thompson is keeping a close pace with the head of WAND for now. Sticking at her side as she tends to duties and checking in with people. When they both enter the laboratory/tech area he looks around curiously, considering the surroundings. He lifts a hand and gestures to Fitz and Simmons, "Evening."

"I know. I just sent it." Well, duh. And, of the agents listed on the message, Fitz was the only one that wasn't in Fury's office when the official changes were made. Hence why she came straight here. Oh, and while she's here…

"Simmons, I'd like you to check Thompson's status on the Index, please." Yes, she just said please.

The image processing has started and will take a while. It's a hit and miss process really. Sometimes the process makes the image worse and sometimes better.

Smiling fondly at Fitz as he makes his apologies, Simmons frowns at the mention of a message but hey! SHIELD is need to know and, in Jemmas' experience, if she doesn't need to know, she probably doesn't want to.

"Evening, Agent Thompson" the biochemist greets the newcomer to the office "Uh, yes certainly Agent May." The 'please' getting a slight pause… "Doing that right now."

Well, at least he wasn't late then. With a begrudging expression, Fitz turns back around and presses the recall command, holding it down so that the console can properly scan his thumbprint and DNA identifications. The terminal comes back up, gradually restoring his former work. While this is happening, he turns back around toward Agent May, eyebrows rising. "So, I guess you want to see me?" he asks, with those hesitant tones that wonder… you know… are we supposed to go behind closed doors about this, or can Simmons and Flash be here as well?

Speaking of, the scientist glances toward Thompson and smiles, but it's painfully obvious that it's a forced smile. He is feeling awfully uncomfortable about all of this.

Stepping forwards to take a gander at what May's talking about, he looks towards Simmons and then Fitz. The pained smile is returned with a small commiserating half-smile of his own and a barely perceived shrug. He turns back to Simmons and asks, "The Index?" He looks over towards May but then back to the other woman. "Let me know if there's anything I need to do."
The tall young agent still is in his civvies from earlier, but he's trying to present a decent professional manner. He removes his hands from his pockets and steps to the side.

Melinda May nods and steps over toward Fitz while leaving Thompson to 'fear' Simmons. She doesn't seem worried about the biochemist overhearing any of this. That's probably a good sign? "Talked with Fury earlier. He's starting up a new division called WAND. Wizardry, Alchemy, and Necromancy Division. He's assigned you to this new division probably because of your work on the portal buster equipment. He did mention, though, that you and Simmons are not being segregated."

Simmons looks over to May and then to Thompson. "Just so Agent Thompson, The Index." She doesn't explain anymore…. just yet.

The image of the man is replaced by a database listing and Simmons nods to it. "Do those details look correct to you, Agent Thompson?" It's his record, listing all known facts about him, right down to the details on his symbioate and suit.

Mays news about WAND has the biochemists head turning, obviously the news isn't hush hush, "Who's the head of that Department, Agent May?" Simmons suspects she knows….

"So 'Operation' Wand is now 'Division' WAND." Fitz seems bummed for a moment, until May clarifies that he and Simmons will still be allowed to work together. "Well, that's keen of him, because I couldn't have developed any of that tech without Jemma's help. I don't understand psionics or biology like she does. I mean, I understand it well, but she's the expert."

Mention of The Index has Leo glancing sideways with his eyes, curious about what's appeared on that report. Duty first, though! He looks back toward Agent May, attentive.

Canting his head to the side, Flash considers the data readout on him. His brow furrows as it also includes a little text about that time in 5th grade when he made little Sally Swenson cry and go home after he accidentally say down on her science project. Crazy, his teacher did say it was going on his permanent record.
He peruses through some more of the data and cocks his eyebrows at what's displayed. He gestures with one hand towards a particular block of text that states the initial findings of their research on its regenerative properties. It also states that he might potentially be immortal, depending on the aging process of the symbiote itself. "Hey is that true? Crazy."
But then he straightens up, "Looks complete. Though it doesn't mention the prehensile pseudopods I've gotten used to using."

Melinda May glances over toward Simmons. "I am." No bragging, no defelcting. Just a simple statement of fact, and then she's looking at Fitz again. "The reassignment is optional. If you want out, just say so, and I'll nix your reassignment paperwork."

"Then congratulations" Jemma frowns and thinks about that for a few minutes "I think. That's a good thing isn't it, Agent May." Then it dawns on the biochemist "So who do I report to now?" Fitz gets a warm smile "That's great for you, Fitz. You did great work on that portal buster. My contribution was minimal in the scheme of things."

"What, oh, right Agent Thompson." Simmons updates the entry. "Does that look correct for you now? And" she peers at the screen "yes, it would appear so. Slowed ageing process that may result in immortality. Doesn't mean you should be testing it out, though." She doesn't want to have to patch him up.

The image processing finishes and makes a sound on Simmons machine putting The Index entry side by side with the image, she turns her attention to it and frowns… "Agent May, do you recognise that person?"

"Well." Fitz considers it for a moment. "You know, I signed up to build… guns, and ICERs, and surveillance drones and things of that nature. But, I seem to be one of the only blokes around here willing to even entertain the idea that technology and mystical things can work together, so, I suppose its my duty to accept."

Deep down, there's a part of him that is eager to continue work on such things, but it's a part of him that is at severe odds with the scientist within. Probably always will be.

The engineer suddenly looks over toward Agent Thompson, then toward the entries again. "Did you say, 'prehensile pseudopods'?" A beat later, he's turning to Simmons. "That image doesn't say anything to me, no." Then he's batting his head back toward Thompson, quizzically, before batting again to May. "Congratulations, Agent May."

Yeah, a part of him is agreeing because he trusts Melinda, but he's not going to be daft enough to admit that out loud.

Stepping away from the data display as it updates, Flash gives the techies room to converse with Agent May. He makes sure to stand clear against the wall, folding his arms over his chest. But then his attention is snared by Fitz's question and he offers the man a smile. "Yes, sir."
The young Empire State Alum extends a hand with palm up as a black viscuous liquid begins to pool together upon it. It seems to emanate from his pores and congeals until it's a black mass that extends itself upwards, upwards, a twisting tentacle that curves over towards one of the nearby tables.
Slowly that tentacle opens into smaller 'fingers' on the end and it picks up an errant pen, twirls it around in a circle, then sets it down. "There's no lack of familiarity with it, each time I make one it feels sort of like using my dominant hand. Can make about seven total and keep some level of dexterity, more than that and it becomes more clumsy."

Melinda May nods in response to several comments. She actually dares to put a hand on Fitz's shoulder briefly before stepping over to take a look at the image that Simmons just finished processing. "Well, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was Trent." But she knows the hacker would never be caught on camera like this. Thompson's display of the 'pseudopod' capability has her glancing over, but not reacting visibly otherwise. She's had time to steel herself against the weirdness of it.

Of course Simmons has seen some of Thompsons display and she closes down his record to enlarge the image. "Please let me know, Agent Thompson if anything else changes. I keep The Index as up to date as I can."

Looking at the image, Simmons nods to May "That's what I think, too, Agent May." She's spent enough time around the man to know the basic form. "Fitz, did you read the research notes that came with this image?"

Well, needless to say, Fitz's attention is fully captured by Thompson's display of the 'prehensile pseudopods', for the duration of it all. He stares, mouth ajar, and eventually grins boyishly.


Mention of Trent's name, however, has him darting his face back to the image, to which he peers at it curiously. "He does rock the long-sleeved tee and ball cap. Often. That's weird." Moving over toward Simmons' terminal, he looks at her with an expression that silently asks for permission. If granted, he'll jump in and start tweaking the programming, in the hopes that the enhancements might take better. The beauty of nondestructive editing is, of course, that one can always start over from the source image, again, and again, and again, until its right.

"Not quite yet, I've been working on that thing with the… with the telepath. Just… crunching some theoretical numbers."

As quickly as it appeared, the black tentacle retracts smoothly into its place upon Flash's hand, then the liquid disappears into his skin, leaving no hint of any residue nor evidence that what just happened… had happened. He smiles and offers a small shrug, then steps back to his place against the wall with his arms folded and seemingly content to observe the others.

Melinda May watches as Fitz works to clear up the image more. "Concentrate around the neckline of the shirt and the wrists." If it is Trent, maybe there will be a trace of his, well, traces. That'll prove one way or another if it's the hacker or not. Hopefully.

Fitz can use Simmons computer, if he clears up the image more, good. As he finishes that, Simmons pulls up the Aetherblade report for everyone to see.

"Fitz was saying before you came in, Agent May, that he thought atheric-energy was specific type of energy. This report supports that and goes on to say that it is very hard to detect." Skimming through it quickly "Fitz, machines that be used to detect it… do you think…" she leaves that thought open.

Thompson trying to fade into the background gets an amused smirk from the biochemist.

"Ahhh, bollocks." Fitz steps away from the computer after a few moments, frustrated. "I've run the bloody thing through every algorithm I've got. There's no more cleaning it up than that." He gestures dismissively toward the photo. Poor guy doesn't like failure.

Fortunately, Simmons is right there to tickle his fancy. When she talks about building a machine to detect the bio-etheric energy, he raises an eyebrow. "It's worth looking into…" If anyone knows Leo Fitz, he's already coming up with some potential design ideas, and will probably have a prototype built by morning, if there's enough coffee left in the lab to keep him awake.

Placing a booted foot against the wall and helping to prop himself up, Agent Venom looks after the other folks trying to discern if that's Jericho, if it's not. If it is he might sort of recognize the guy since he knows the fellow. But then again in this city most everyone who runs in these circles knows Mr. Trent. He gets a small smile as May and Fitz work on the machine and he says under his breath, 'enhance.'

Melinda May frowns ever so faintly at the image that won't get any clearer, and then turns her attention as well to the aetheric energy. "I agree, it is worth looking into. So start on that first thing in the morning."

And just like that, the picture quality enhances considerably. Still it's not conclusive but to Jemma… "That certainly looks like Mr Trent… even if we can't see the traces." Looking to Agent May "Could we get Mr Trent in here, Agent May? To look at this image and to speak with him?" That seems like the sensible thing to do. She's already forgotten that May's no longer in her chain of command, that's probably going to take some getting used to.

Watching Fitz, Simmons smiles faintly "I'll keep the coffee pot full, Fitz. And I'll help." Of course she knows her lab partner and best friend that well.

It would seem that May has developed a knack for knowing FitzSimmons' tendencies, too. For, you see, she just ordered Leo to go home and get some sleep. A slightly coy grin is given toward his Direct SO, before canting his head toward Simmons. "Good call, there. I know he doesn't like poking his head around here too often, but I think this is in his best interest."

Walking back over to his workstation, he begins to close up shop. "I'd like to turn in, mull over some ideas and get a full night's sleep."

Melinda May pulls her phone — not the SHIELD issue one — while saying to Simmons, "Forward me that image. I can ask without making him come down here. And then I think we should all call it a night." She glances over at Thompson. He's included in that.

Pushing off the wall, Flash looks to Agent May and says, "If you won't be needing me, ma'am, I'll be retiring as well. I still have some things in storage I was wanting to move over." Then he tilts his head to the side, "Unless you want me to go escort Mr. Trent in," He leaves that offer floating there, not necessarily that he wants to but it's a possibility.

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