Not of this Earth

May 16, 2015:

The crew of the Starfire makes a disturbing discovery and a few Outsiders have a remote conversation with Partisan

Starfire Lounge/Partisan's Living Room

The Starfire Lounge has a decent view of the Western Hemisphere. Partisan's living room has a decent view of Jake from Adventure Time


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After sweeping the scanner for bugs and a quick talk with Part, Jericho headed up to the Starfire to see how things were proceeding. K'tten loves to have things to take apart (she nearly did that to him once), so he hadn't had any trouble convincing her to figure out what made it tick and whether or not it worked.

Now he's on the bridge. Alone. Its late, after all. Most are off ship or asleep. And he doesn't like what he's seeing in the report that K'tten left him before she went to shower and go to bed. Not one bit. He turns it over in his hands a few times before standing up and using his internal systems to open up a comm line to Partisan. It'll come through her cell from Jericho.

What does Partisan do when nobody is looking? Well she sits around in pajama pants, eats cereal and watches adventure time with the little adventure-wiki opened up in another tab. Yet theres a call from Jericho, so after a moment to pause the episode she snags the phone. "The fucks up Jerry, you know I'm in the middle of some super important shit right now."Which is, well it's a lie. She would never have picked up.

Lunair will help look for bugs, too. But Jericho is the tech dude and Lunair figures he's the brains since he's been at this a bit longer than she. She's glad Jeri did not get disassembled. He's a friend, after all. Lunair is probably nearby, puttering around. "Want some tea or coffee?" She asks Jericho. "I brought both in," Lunair is good (or bad for indulging them) about bringing Earth snacks and drinks for people here. And likely, Lunair sleeps here or around Skaar. She falls quiet as Partisan is called.

Nancy is nestled in the dining area, doing weekly maintenance on her gun. She's not sure how it works and so she makes sure she has an alien around that does when she cleans it. Partisan taught her to always take care of her weapons. She's not even sure how this thing does what it does. Okay, yes, it stuns people into a paralytic state. But how. K'tten has tried to explain it to Nancy, but the explanation has always flies right over Nancy's head.

"Coffee's good Lunair, thanks." Jericho murmurs. "Let's take it in the lounge." The rec area's more comfortable than the bridge anyway and while the bridge is good for solo brooding, Coffee and chatting are best done elsewhere.

"Lunair's here, Part." He annoucnes as they move down the hall. "Tech guys finished the review of the meta scanner. Got some pieces of bad news. The first is that it works. It doesn't work well but it does work. Should be able to detect mutans, certain kinds of non-mutant metas and certain kinds of tech within a short bubble. With decent line of sight." The door opens to the lounge and… "Oh, hey there Nan. Part's on the line." She's clearly audible for all.

"Hey my little treasure, Hey Looney Tunes."Comes Part as she reclines to light up, well a joint of course. "Well thats good and bad news I suppose, whats the thing run off a diesel generator I'm guessing? Do we have a comprehensive list of suppliers for me to investigate yet, I mean I got those two names but I want a big list."Part's gaze wandering back towards her pauses cartoons. "With Cyclops doing zilch, I'm going to start at least preparing a hitlist if he doesn't get his ass in gear. I've been very patient I feel."

Aww. "Hi Parti!" Beam. Lunair is happy to hear the Partisan. She's at a loss to respond for a moment. It might be funny to watch Lunair bluescreen with happiness a moment before she goes to get them some coffee. "You want it dark, or with stuff?" Lunair asks. And she doesn't intrude on the sacred brooding spot.

"Huh," Lunair grunts softly. What an odd machine… not a good precedent for sure. "Hi Nancy!"

Looks up at Jericho and Lunair walk in, finally finishing her maintenance on the weapon. She puts it back in its holster and starts listening to the conversation. "Yeah, I haven't even gotten a chance to tell Cyclops all that lovely poetic license you asked of me. I told Bobby though, so maybe he'll get it to old Clop eyes." She frowns at the talk of the machine. "Does my power work on it at all? Can I turn it off? Okay, no, I can't effect tech. So… can I effect the people it's looking for?"

"We'll have to experiment. After K'tten puts it back together." Jericho notes to Nan. Partisan may have heard him use the name before. Not a human one to be sure.

"Just Dark Lunair and only if it's not too much trouble. I can make it otherwise." Much like Nan, Lunair is a sweet girl. Which may be why Part likes her so much.

"That's the second part of the bad news Part. While I am assured that the construction in one hundred percent Earth make, the tech itself is alien. Someone has reverse engineered alien scanner tech to use for this. Which is, I suspect, how they're able to get it to find 'unusual people'. And it's got a lot more applications than just mutants. If they refine it, and I have no doubt that whomever is behind this will, it could detect… well, you and me eventually."

Theres a sigh, as Part slumps back to run a hand through her hair. "Jesus fucking christ, these god damned cuntnuggety sons of bitches are starting to raise my mother fucking ire here. How about reverse engineering the fucking scanner, to find like technology? I mean we're talking hard kill territory here, Fucking "And she goes on for a few beats in a smattering of languages there. "Has -anyone- had contact with the X-men, have we heard about them even -potentially- doing any fucking thing?"

"Dark coffee, not hard to make at all. Did you want a drink, Nancy?" Lunair asks. She doesn't comment on Cyclops, figuring it's already been answered. She grunts softly as she pulls down a couple of mugs. Lunair seems equally fond of those around her. She listens, though, not really liking the sounds of this scanner business. Her nose wrinkles a bit. Improvements, not a good thing.

Listening to this, Nancy frowns. "Alien tech? Not from our crew, I hope. Not on purpose, obviously, but … " She stops, trying to think of any other aliens she knows about. Other then Superman. "Yes please. And I like it like I like my men, creamy, sweet and cold." Yes, she just made a reference to Bobby. Get over it. "Ummm, well, I talk to Bobby a little every day."

"I've had a lot on my plate. Most of my contact with X recently has been from Red. So no. That's not it, though, Part. With the parts numbers for the subcontractors I got, I was able to do some orders tracing. This thing has been ready to go for months. The unvieling at the Metro PD station wasn't a prototype. They've already got this thing deployed to the new K-Squad units. Of which we're seeing more and more every day. DoD just signed on after that HYDRA mess in Metro. Having police and soldiers that can combat Powers is very much on everyone's minds."

He sighs and looks to Nancy and Lunair. "It's not Tamarran, no." He says quietly. "So I doubt it came from here." A bit more loudly, so Part can hear more clearly. "Mutants are pretty visible targets, but I don't think they're the only ones. I'm also hearing rumors about… other measures."

"This is a genocide, anyone who doesn't participate is an enemy of the state. I'd like the addresses of those squads, where the machines are located. Who supplies them, who they buy their parts and uniforms from. Once this kicks off, I'm going to make an example of a few of them. I've been on both sides of this fight, but I will -break- these men and I will destroy their families. I shall render unto them a great and terrible fate which they not only deserve, but cannot escape. I'll kill every last one of them, anyone involved. Jerry, make generating a targeting list a priority. I want to hit one of these guys very soon, and make a little propaganda video."Part heaves a sigh, looking past her laptop to the armor resting just beyond. "I was really hoping, the X-men would prove me wrong."

Lunair doesn't say much for now. People get busy, for better or worse. She nods at Jeri. "I didn't think so," She admits. Starfire and her crew have been super nice. "I mean, on one hand, I can see why people without powers would want more even footing. On the other, monitoring like this cannot end well, or targeting us," She frowns. People seemed REALLY happy about it, too. Sigh. "Other measures? Like magic and alien sensors?" That would be so bad. What a bummer.

She does kind of giggle at Nancy's response. Awww. That is so sweet. Lunair smiles and nods, "One iced sweet coffee with cream," She can handle that. Bit of ice, coffee… yup! It's all easy to mix together and she re-emerges shortly with the mugs. "The blue one is cool, red one is hot black coffee."

Nancy looks over to Jericho as Partisan talks and shakes her head. She sighs and gets up, starting to pace, grabbing a lollipop from her purse and popping it in her mouth. She needs a sugar fix now something fierce. Oooh, and just in time for her iced coffee to show up. She tastes it and shakes her head. "Needs ta be sweeter," she says as she adds two heaping spoons of sugar, stirs, sips and then adds three more.

"I'll get you one but Part, this is already in deployment. I don't think we can put this one back in the bottle. And worse, I still don't know who's behind getting it made though all the signs point to 'government'. Now I need to figure out who could have possibly gotten their hands on alien tech and where our government would hide it." No, not in New Mexico, he's thinking. Or in Navada…

"Other measures like I hear rumors of the goverment recruiting powered people to deal with powered people. Nothing definite but I've heard names floated around." He taps his chin and shakes his head, watching Nan. "You might wanna break out that sugar rig I made for you Nan."

"I intend, to kill the men assigned to operate this machine in the most graphic manner possible one after the other. Then Kill them and post it online, and then I will kill their families. I will draw a line in the sand, I will -spell out- the consequences and if necessary I will become a revolutionary once more. I intend to horrify the men hired to carry out this work, and in doing so hope they will walk away. Let Red mend fences, if they wanna call me a mutant? I'm dropping my CIA file on the net, let everyone know who I used to work for. I wont look like a random terrorist, I'll look like a false flag operative running a spook op. Fabricate some documents about how this is all a conspiracy, yadda yadda. Either way, the fight begins soon and I will make the opening move."Part rubs the back of her head. "I would like it if we could reconfigure the unit we have to find other alien tech, maybe?"

Lunair smiles at Nancy. "Oh. Okay. Sorry, I'll remember that," She looks a little in awe. That is some sugar! She just lets it be, quietly amused. "I wish I could tell you guys more. It's difficult to say. But at least we confirmed it wasn't someone in R&D being awesome," Lunair offers. That's a relief, right? That supply may be somewhat limited? Nevertheless, Lunair settles quiet and concerned.

Glowers at Jericho as he mentions the rig. She lifts up her shirt to show that she's already wearing it. She and the other nutates always wear them for the semblance of a regular life. The fact that she is showing her bra off to her brother doesn't seem to bother her. She drops the shirt and starts drinking her coffee. "This is just out of habit, Jer Bear. It's a case of want over need." She doesn't sound like she's too convinced, like a smoker that can say that they can quit any time they want to. Nancy almost hates to be the one to pop Lunair's adorable bubble of optimism. "LunLun, if it's one thing I have come to depend on, it's the fact that humans are very resourceful when it comes to killing each other. Supply might be limited, but they'll find a way to deal with that."

"Part you'll start a war. I'm all for a bit of making these people think twice but we're past the part where we can eradicate the problem and make it go away. We're in damge control mode now. Someone in the government wants to control powered people. Killing cops isn't going to help us tactically or otherwise. I need intel. You still up for some B and E?" Jericho grins a bit at the rig. So she did use it. "Lunair I might need your help too. Things are starting to get out of hand. Nan… hows that no killing vow of yours looking?"

"I want a plan B, Jerry."A pause and a huff, as Part rolls her jaw. "Lunair, I had planned for like a huge long discussion about life and adventure time and how it's all connected but we haven't exactly got the time. Me and Jerry talked about it, and I'm sorry to do this over the phone. We'd like you to join the CCU, Nancy will vouch for the fact that we won't leave you out in the cold. We need to buckle down if we're going to do this."

Nancy takes a heavy sigh and looks pained at Jericho's question. "I don't want to, but it's starting to look like I don't have a choice in the matter. I'll get K'tten to show me how to change the settings on my pistol." She hangs her head, looking somehow defeated. She nods her head to Partisan's words. "Once Mama decides your family, you're family for life and she will protect you with her very last breath. The CCU is… well, if you end up dead, it won't be because they weren't looking out for your survival."

Lunair tilts her head. Huh. Well, then. She goes with it. "I figured, but it was a theory," She replies. "I hope the coffee's okay besides the sugar," She offers. As Nancy looks defeated, Lunair frowns. "Hey, you don't have to kill anyone. Even knocking them out is usually fine, yeah? Most of the time we're not sitting and waiting to have tea with them," She rubs the back of her head. While Lunair has no problems killing, it's tough to see someone struggle with it.

"And really? I'd be glad to help." She nods. Lunair adores Parti and friends. Aw.

To Jeri, she offers, "Sure, I can help. And aw." Parti's words touch her, after all. Lunair totally is here and braining.

Jericho nods, though Part can't see him. "We'll get plan B worked up. Sensible after all. The alien angle has me a bit worried though. Outside of a few I know of there shouldn't be that much of this floating around. The idea that someone managed to reverse engineer it makes me wonder what else they have." He glances over to Lunair and Nan and smiles a little. "I won't ask you to if it's not necessary. Either of you. But we may get there at least in some limited instances."

"I'd like to put Lunair on pogue duty for this one, at least to start things out. I need to set things up for the RED kids and I'm running low on time here."sighing softly, as Part rubs her temples. Exchanging that joint for a cigarette. "More tech to scavenge hopefully."

"Pogue duty?" Vas es? Lunair looks puzzled a bit. "I don't mind killing, but I try not to when there are people who object around. Besides, the dubstep gun is funny." Sometimes Lunair does do it for the lulz. "Well, I'm glad to help as I can." Nod. "I think I may get some sleep, though. I have a lot to think about," She admits.

Nancy smirks at the mention of the dubstep gun. She leans over closer to Lunair. "Don't forget the loogey gun I taught you about, from 'Snowcrash'." She finishes her coffee and puts the mug down. SHe walks over to Jericho and leans in close. "We need to talk," she tells him in hushed tones.

"It means Lunair, I dont want you in the front line. I want you being our rear guard, It means I'm trusting you to watch our backs. There is a laundry list of things to do, and I trust you to do them even if they're all life or death kinds of things."Part nods, as she rises to her feet and shuts her laptop. Adventure time shall have to wait. "Looney tunes, I have no doubt that you'll do whatever needs to be done. You're a member of the CCU, I trust you."

"Personnel Other than Grunt, Lunair. It's a mark of affection from Part. Also she wants you safe." Jericho smiles. "Get back to me Part, when you're done and we'll work up our next Operations. You may need to take point since I'll be doing this and dealing with something in Limbo." He glances to Nan and mouths to her "What's up?" quietly.

Looking down at her brother, Nancy mouths the words "Idea. Big, stupid idea."

Lunair nods at Nancy. She doesn't butt in as Nancy talks to Jeri in hushed tones. "Oh. I see. Thank you," Lunair nods. "And I you," Lunair murmurs. "I appreciate the trust. I'll probably get some sleep now," Perhaps this is Lunair's way of letting Nancy talk to jeri and getting her sleep on too.

Smiling over to Lunair, Nancy nods to her. "Sleep well, LunLun. I'd say don't let the bedbugs bite, but really, the idea of alien bedbugs scares the crap out of me. So, if they bite, blast them to kingdom come."

"What'cha got?" Or they can talk later. Either way. Jericho streaightens up. "Sleep well Lunair. We'll be in touch soon. And say hi to Skaar." He smirks. "Part you should probably get her to introduce you to her squeeze at some point. He's interesting."

Sho smirks, quietly gathering magazines and grenades as she moves about the room. "Sleep tight Looney tunes, keep in touch and keep your powder dry."

"Thanks. I will do my best." Then a wince. Lunair hms. "Earth bedbugs are enough for me…" She would probably end up leveling the building along with said bed bugs. "Will do to both." She adores Skaar, and agrees. He is indeed interesting. "You know it. Good night, be well." And off to get some Z's.

Nancy stretches and grabs her mug, taking it into the galley to wash it. She's out of this conversation for now.

Jericho chuckles. "I've got a couple more leads to chase here Part. Did you need anything else? Otherwise I think we're done here." Jericho motions to Nan to maybe get him one of the brownies? Not Orm's cooking. That stuff's awful.

"for much of this, I wont be wearing a CCU patch. So find a pic of my logo and hand it to our friends I havent already met, I dont wanna get shanked in the back. I'm gonna give my armor a final run down and load up the war wagons."Part sighs, peering back after the armory for a moment. "Be safe, be sharp."-click-.

Nancy seems to be the only one that can eat Orm's cooking without showing how bad it is. Must come from having an alcoholic mom doing the cooking. She's used to nasty food and having to pretend it's caviar on melba toast. Mmmm mmmm. So Nancy knows what brownies he means. She brings over the brownie and the pot of coffee to refill Brother Wolf. Once Partisan hangs up, Nancy finally speaks outloud again. "Jer, you know how I come up with stupid ideas? Like going to the Maria Stark Foundation to get out from under the thumb of the X-men, and giving Illy a piece of our souls to help her, which by the way, I'm still pissed of at you about for doing without me… well, I've had another one."

Jericho chuckles and takes the brownie, munching on it while he listens. "Go on? Your dumb ideas work out remarkably well most of the time." Though she may want to leave her soul where it is.

Nancy sits down on the edge of the table, more leaning then sitting. People eat on that thing, after all. "Well… someone said something about how the reason why this is happening is because we're faceless. The masses don't really know who they are affecting with these devices. What if we gave them a face? What if someone, perhaps someone who is a mutant who uses their power to help people, makes themself a sort of poster child. They might even be able to get the people they care for to join in, a mass of faces, people who have already been victimized. Play at the heart strings of the public. What if this poster child went to Congress and stated the worries of the mutant community, what these devices could be used for."

"I think that's a great idea. The catch is whoever does that is going to be a big damn target. X-Red is kind of doing it already and they're… well… big damn targets." Jericho pauses. "Speaking of which, and Part might kill me for this, but what do you think about X-Red. I know you're doing okay with the Outsiders here and it's probably best to keep the Nest off the books… but they didn't exist when you left the X-Men and they seem to be a lot more independent."

Nancy sighs with relief. The first part of her idea actually got approved. Now for the hard part. "I'm glad you think that, because I've been working on my speech for Congress. I've been researching things like Auschwitz and the American Charter of Rights. I've also considered going to Ms. Potts. She said anytime I needed help I could and if anyone knows about making themselves look like roses in the media before Congress, it's that Stark guy." She starts chewing on her lower lip. She hasn't even told Bobby this idea yet because he would worry and likely try to talk her out of it. "X-Red? They are good people and they are trying so hard. If I was going to join the X-men again, it would be X-Red. They seem to believe what I believe in, to be honest. To be upfront. Show people we aren't anything to be feared. And yeah, I know, from someone that was once a card carrying member of Friends of Humanity, I know how hypocritical I sound."

"Well you were an angry young idiot. And I say that with love." Jericho smirks. "We're all angry young idiots at some point. I just was an angry young idiot in the Army instead of other places. Now… congress…" Jericho strokes his chin. "Do you have an in? Congress is rough and people are going to eviscerate you in the media if you go there. There's also the Nest to think about. It's low key, but public. And it'll get out if you do that."

Nancy smiles at being called an angry young idiot. She can hear that tone of love in her adoptive brother's voice. "Well, like I said, I think if I talk to Ms. Potts of the Maria Stark Foundation, they can help me out. From what I've seen of Stark himself, all I have to say is 'I want to talk to Congress and point out they are being stupid' and he'll be in like flint. As to the Nest… I have the paperwork set up to release the Nest to Gus, but I was thinking of talking to Gus and the other nesters and giving them the option to join me if they wish."

Jericho seems to weigh it. "Pros and cons either way. I trust you to make that decision with them so I won't put in my oar unless you ask me. Look, I'll be honest. Part and I will fight this where we can but I don't think it's going away, which means this is about to become as much about PR as anything else. And if you've ever seen guys like Graydon Creed go at it, you know they can be very good at PR. So whatever you decide, if you step into this, it's gonna get bumpy. I wouldn't blame you for staying out of it… though I know it's kind of not in your blood."

"Jericho, I found out a while ago that I'm not a fighter. Not if I can help it. I'm a talker. Like when we first met Skaar. And facing Xavier and the Stark Foundation. I'm realizing my place in the world and oddly enough it's with my words, not my music. I think the Nesters will agree with me on this and if not, Partisan has made a refuge in Belize for those that want nothing to do with this. I'll make sure they are safe. And yeah, I know it's gonna get bumpy. They will likely do their research on me and point out that I was a Friend of Humanity, hoping to use that to discredit me."

"They'll lie about you too. And they'll make people believe it. And it'll put you right back in HYDRA's crosshairs too. Sort out things with the Nest. Pepper may have ways to hide it and shield it as well and Stark's lawyers can be pretty terrifying. You work with them. See if you can use that."

Nancy nods. "I'll call Potts office tomorrow and arrange a meeting. That woman scares me almost as much as the Partisan does and for a totally different reason. She's so… calm."

"She should." Jericho straightens up. "But she's good and she's on your side. Okay. I need to get some more work done. You sleeping here or back down on earth?"

Smirks over at Jericho. "Bobby and I are sorta… enjoying the fact that I have more time for us, so yeah. Not sleeping here tonight." Nancy then smirks even more mischievously. "Mind you, the mile high club is over-populated, but the five mile high club might need some new members… Goodnight, Jer Bear."

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