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May 17, 2015:

The Joker and Harley plot

Joker Hideout #17

One of the Joker's Hideouts, not far from Amusement Mile


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Fade In…

Mister J is up top. Waaaaaaay up top. Up on the rooftops of Gotham in fact. Overlooking the city. Peering out at it. With a frown on his face as the wind whips his coat around. "I just don't get what the Bat sees up here…"

Harley, dressed in some Edwardian ensemble in red and black with a veil over her head as if she was in mourning, walks over to join her paramour. She stands behind him, her hands on his shoulders. There is that momentary urge to just push him off. A natural human urge that everyone has, she reminds herself. See, she is still a normal, mentally healthy individual. "From up here," she says, her voice in tones that are closer to Harleen's then her usual speech pattern, "He can get a sense of overseeing it all. It gives him a false sense of control. He can fool himself into thinking that he is the protector of all he surveys, that their very lives are dependent on him. Being up here feeds his megalomania."

"Thank you, Harleen…" The Joker murmurs. "I just don't… see it. It's too far. This isn't the real city. It's just a bunch of lights…" He sighs and shakes his head, leaning back on Harley. "How's the new drug coming along. The Joker Venom 2.0?"

Harley presses her head to his shoulder. She doesn't mind him calling her Harleen. She actually rather likes the fact that her Mister J knows her in all her moods and how to adress her. She sighs happily and nods. "Production has started and we are on to animal testing. Human trials will start next week, Puddin."

The Joker nods. "Now remember it can't be too… killy. There's no punchline if all the Bats finds is corpses. No, we have to make it linger. Sometimes good jokes require some setup." Of course the chemists they abducted may find themselves shortly more… disposed to help them. As exposure to the drug goes on.

Harleen nods sagely. "Of course, my sweet love. Killing them too quickly wouldn't let them in on the joke themselves, and everyone needs a little laughter in their life." Like how her sweet, sweet Mistah J brought laughter into hers. "It will kill everyone it infects, but it will take a while, just as you requested. Effects so far include sudden urges to laugh along with a total loss of inhibition. That in itself is likely to kill more people then the actual drug. With no inhibitions, they might just walk into traffic."

"The Bats will try to cure it." Bats are always trying to ruin the joke. "So we'll have to have several versions ready." He considers. "Do you think our chemists are up to the task or are we going to need to… recruit more help?" He reaches back to pat Harley's blonde head.

Harleen knows that if Red saw Joker patting her head like this, she would blow a gasket. It's demeaning, she would say. But, Harley rather likes it. Dog is man's best friend and she is as loyal as one to her Mister J, so if he should wish to treat her as a pet, so be it. "Well, we are sort of on the edge of a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. While more help could be useful, we don't want to get them to the point where they are spending more time arguing with each other then working on the task at hand."

Mister J briefly considers pushing the situation to just that for the entertainment value of watching them come to blows… but he thinks the better joke would be having Joker Venom 2.0 (A-E) ready to go sooner rather than later. "We'll need some eqipment. Aerosolizers… ways to get it into the water system." Oh, this is going to be good. He doesn't even think of the way he's patting Harley.

Harley sighs happily as Joker continues to pet her. Bliss! He might not often say it, but she can tell he loves her. "We could talk to Scarecrow about that. Mind you, he's just as likely to hurt us as to help us. Also, I'm not exactly sure where to find him. He was in Arkham when I was there, but that was months ago."

"What about your friend Ivy?" The Joker knows that Ivy doesn't like him. He also knows that she loves Harleen. He's… more or less ambivilant about Ivy himself. She's not real funny. But she is helpful. Sometimes. "She might know a good thing or two to throw into the mix."

See how wonderful her man is? He gives her excuses to go visit her bestie whom he doesn't even like. Harley gives Joker a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I'll talk ta her tamorra, Mistah J." It seems that talking about Ivy brings her Harley personality closer to the surface. More playful. "Ya know, bein' up here, lookin' down at the city below, it's no wondah the B-Man is so moody. It's downright melancholy up here. Heck, it's even makin' me depressed!"

The Joker chuckles. "Well then Harley…" Since that's who he's talking to now. He doesn't bat an eye. It makes pefect sense. "Since that's the case, why don't we go cheer you up. You know…" His voice becomes sinister. "Paint the town red…"

Harley giggles and coos, her fingers walking up Joker's tie and then booping him on the nose before she kisses him. "Give me a 'mo ta get changed. I was thinkin' maybe my naughty nurse outfiit. I know how much it reminds ya of the fun times at Arkham."

Naughty in Harley's case doesn't always mean 'revealing' since Joker and Harley have more than one way to be bad. But he clearly approves, giving the blonde a nod and a wink. "I'll wait for you downstairs." Near their ride. He hopes the cabbie isn't making too much noise in the trunk.

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