BBQ Doombots

May 17, 2015:

Cyclops arranges a superhero bbq… Victor Von Doom crashes it

Queens - New York


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Its a beautiful day. Partly sunny, high of 76, light breeze. Which means that a handful of would be heroes have been sent a simple text message from Cyclops, directing them to a certain park in Queens. There is to be burgers… hot dogs… vegetarian options… perhaps even a cooler with cold beverages.

Given the particularly difficult nature of holding two radically different identities, Scott has opted to be out in public today as Cyclops, leader of the elusive X-Men. To that end, he's wearing a pair of cargo shorts, athletic shoes, and a short sleeved top made of the armored, spandexy material that the X-Men usually wear on operations.

Really, it's just cool gear Underarmor with the X-Insignia.

Cyclops is manning the grill and dishing out burgers with practiced ease. This ain't his first charcoal-laden rodeo.

Janet is sitting, eh about an inch tall, over on one of the coolers watching Cyclops grill. She also quietly watches to see who else might be showing up, or already have shown up. Superhero BBQ, very odd but also pretty cool idea she figures.

Jericho arrives on foot, having been a bit surprised but somewhat flattered by the X-Invitation. To a barbeque. Hell why not? He hasn't had a social invite in uh… it's been some time. He'll drop by. The man in the underarmor with the visor gets a wave from a man in casual jeans and a long sleeved tee. "Hey there. Nice day for a grill out. Need a hand with anything?"

Sue has recently been trying to spend more time connecting with other heroes in the city, so when the invitation came for a BBQ, she changed into something a little more comfortable, then came on down to the park. In a pair of jean shorts and a tank top, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she looks like she could be any young New Yorker, rather than a biochem genius and well-known super heroine.

Brinley arrives, on foot, wearing jeans and a T-Shirt. She's slowly reconnecting with the X-team after her long absence and, it seems, other heroes in the tri-city areas. The brunette smiles and waves to Scott and the others. Jericho, she recognises from Metropolis. Sue, not at all. Janet, she hasn't seen just yet. Echo Jericho's offer, she calls to Scott "How can I help?"

It's about that moment that the first scream echoes across the street. It's not a yell of startlement or surprise, but full-fledged terror. It's also likely the only warning anyone gets that something's happening before it all breaks loose.

What had been a man standing oddly still under some shade trees turns, revealing a gross caricature of a person's face hiding under a ballcap. The image blurs and fuzzes, like a computer monitor being adjusted, and resolves itself into a six-foot plus armored figure clad in a green cloak. A window across the street shatters, revealing another Doom-looking figure in the empty spot.

Within a hundred yards of the group of heroes, no less than twenty people and objects drop their holographic shields, revealing an entire army of DoomBots! "Foolish heroes!" one of the Dooms yells, blasting skyward along with a dozen others. "This is your penance for interfering with our plans! Now kneel before the might… of DOCTOR DOOM!"

"I need help eating these burgers," answers Cyclops. "Go on, guys and gals. Dig in. I've been sweating over hot charcoal since I was a kid."

A superhero grill out is a good idea. With all of the stupid politics coming out of Washington, it's good for people to know that metahumans are normal people too. They eat grilled meat on cheap buns and occasionally even drink Budweiser. They laugh, they cry, they bleed.

Well. Some of them.

"Actually, Brin, there's a plate over there with some corn on the cob. Can you -" Then, there's a scream, and Cyclops looks toward the source with an open mouthed frown.

"You've got to be kidding," he murmurs, before dropping the spatula and wiping his hands off on his cargo shorts.

Kara was here in costume, enjoying the barbeque with others and trying not to think of the recent events with Hydra that she did not seem to be able to escape no matter how hard she tried.

She's about to get a burger from Beach Cyclops when suddenly DoomBots interfere in the pleasant afternoon get together.

Removing the sunglasses she was wearing because they were stylish, she looked to Cyclops and smiled, "Hey Cyclops, want to show these jerks that two laser beams are better than one?"

She aimed at the group of DoomBots with her blue eyes and they began to turn red as she fired a beam of energy towards the biggest cluster.

Janet grows to full height, wings vanishing as she sits on the cooler. She fishes the cider up that she had tucked by it and sips it. She is making the appearance now that so many of the others have arrived. Good to be social. She is pretty recognizable as Janet van Dyne though she is wearing black and gold leather armorweave made of unstable molecules. "Hi!" it is a general hello to the whole group. Of course no time for real introductions because all the screaming and doombotting. "What the hell .. Doom!?" she whips her gaze around trying to take in everything very quickly there. "If you can't take a heavily armed and armored Robot .. distract and confound them. Everyone else take them out before they hurt anyone, so hit them hard." eh it is just instincts to try to give a tactical command, not that she has ever led a team.. maybe just in her blood.

Wasp shrinks back down vanishing to wasp-sized and zips out now heading to a doombot to ZZZT it with a heavy duty Sting.

Jericho glances over at the Doombots. Then to Cyclops. Then to the Doombots. Then to Cyclops. Then to Sue. "Interfering with Doom's plans involves Barbequed Ribs?" Doom's made the news before, of course. But mostly Jericho understands he, you know, runs Latveria. What in the name of all that is unholy…

The hacker sighs and produces his gunblade approaching at a walk as his traces glow. He does so hate tracing out in public. Well… at least there'll be lots of cover. There's a flash and in an instant his form is replaced by that of a sevan and a half foot tall glowing demon-werewolf-thing made of blue light. "Right… now… where were we?"

Sue raises a hand, starting toward the group with an easy smile when things suddenly go suddenly sideways. "Dammit," she curses with a sigh, reaching into her pocket to send a message back to the Baxter Building. "Guys, we've got Doom in the park. Yeah, well, then get here."

Shoving the phone back into her pocket, she steps onto a disc of force, lifting herself up to get a better view of the scene. "Victor!" she calls toward the bots. "No one here is kneeling! Knock it off!"

"Sure Cyclops…" Brins turning to reach for the Corn as the scream rips outs and she turns to look at what is going on. "What…." starting slightly at Janets appearance. Gaping at Sue's response to the man and the appearance of the glowing were-wolf, Brin takes her queue from those and concentrates… a green and gold bow with arrows appear in her hands "Not someone you invited, Cyclops?"

It's a credit to Doom's genius as an engineer that the robots are indiscernable from a mortal man inside an armored shell. They move, act, and even respond as intelligently as Doom does. And they take the fight to the heroes quickly, moving with a surprising grasp of tactics and a lack of communication with one another (aside from 'Kneel before Doom!', and 'Victory is at hand!' being repeated quite a bit.) The ones assailing Kara and Cyclops move to positions where they are backdropped by civilians, making it more difficult for the heroes to employ their more destructive talents. A Doombot gathers a handful of magical lightning to it and throws bolts of power at Kara, while two go after Cyclops with a scattering energy field projected in front of them.

Other Bots- possibly Doom himself among them- attack the other heroes. The one battling Wasp promptly electrifies the air around itself, zapped into malfunctioning by the Sting but posing a hazard to the scientist. The others launch micromissiles and even gouts of superheated flame at Jericho and Brinley, the attacks more meant to deter and limit their movement while the other Doom clones focus their powers on Kara and Scott. Oddly, none of the Doombots seems willing to attack Sue, though surges of crackling energy and fire zap around the air to keep her from effectively drawing into the fray.

"No, that dick wasn't on the group text," says Scott to Brinley. "Go, start clearing bystanders out of the park."

Scott then turns toward Supergirl and walks up beside her, lifting a hand to engage his tactical visor. "Aim true," he says to the young woman, before picking his first target.

One blast goes off and is promptly absorbed by the scattering field. "Damnit. Watch those civilians, Kara." He looks around a bit, head snapping in small increments left, then up, then down. Back to the left he looks, and fires an optic blast right into a traffic light across the park and over the nearby intersection.

The beam bounces off the light, streams across to a billboard with reflective mirrors upon it, and bounces off that into the back end of one DoomBot.

One of Kara's weaknesses was magic and when the magical lightning strikes the young woman she is hit with a great amount of force. Her hair stands up straight on her head and gets all frizzy as she's electrocuted by the magical energy and sent flying backwards towards a tree.

The tree falls down and collapses on the unconscious Supergirl who was seemingly out of the fight for now!

Janet gasps and surges backwards out of the electrofied air, weaving and getting shocked mildly in the foot …. shaking it this way and that as she zips around in a circle in the air. "Gah." she notes professionally. Then Kara goes flying into a tree and is unconcious. Well hell. She zips straight at lightning bot and ZZZZTs this one from the side.. and further away havin learned her lesson. She is trying to protect Kara.

Jericho is a bit busy. The first micro-rocket was a direct hit, causing his traces to spark and burn him as his fields got strained. He dives out of the way of the next set. Flame throwers. Not quite what he was hoping to deal with. Well he'd been hoping to deal with dead cow and tenderized pork. The ex-soldier picks up one of the park benches as he moves, ripping it from it's moorings and throwing it disqus like at the nearest doombot. Or doom. Or… whatever these are. Time to see how tough these things are.

Free of attacks, Sue turns her attention to the civilians around them, letting the field beneath her feet drop her to the ground in favor of erecting a large dome around the entire confrontation. "Let's watch the friendly fire, please," she calls to the others, crouching on the ground. If Victor isn't going to attack her, that means she has a chance to observe the fight unhindered. Which…Victor should know is potentially more dangerous than anything she might do with her powers.

"Bit busy, Cyclops" Brinley dives for cover as the micromissiles flames come at her. She's not armoured and her powers don't protect her that way. Singed from the flames, a missile grazing an arm because she wasn't fast enough, the brunette mutant starts to take aim with that bow and arrow of hers at one of the bots. The wound in her arm may affect her aim though.

The heroes work effectively, rallying to fight back, and the Doombots reveal their real weakness- none of them are quite as heavily armored as Doom himself might be. Cyclops ingenious angled blast blows one robot into smithereens, and the rest of the heroes find similar results from the rapid countertattacks, innovative responses, or sheer power of assault. The Doombots fight with no fear of life or limb, though, and readily fall under the counterattack.

Wasp focuses on protecting the downed Supergirl. Worried about her taking any more of those shots until the heroes can get a chance to see how badly hurt she is. No one wants to see a fellow hero pull a Kenny after all. She zips and darts .. ZZTing when a doombot seems to focus that way.

Sue's field not only protects the civilians from the battle, it also provides another surface from which to angle his attacks. "Off the hook, Mana!" he calls to her, just in time to see Kara get blasted and blown halfway across the battlescape. "Shit."

Scott crouches down, finding cover beside a sculpture, and begins shooting optic blasts up into the dome. Each little shift of his neck causes the blasts to ricochet from Sue's dome, some of them blasting dirt and grass from the ground, others absorbed by the enemy's shields, and two of them finding their home in the back of DoomBots. He can read their strategy, and has combined his mastery of geometry with a counter attack designed to confuse and mislead, which helps those two shots to hit home.

Jericho takes another hit and another blast of napalm. The hits more than the napalm are the worisome part. His blade separates limb from body easily enough though and he's had a lot of practice using this thing (don't ask how or where). He's also quite good at taking orders and following direction. Scott and Sue know this fight best so he'll cue off of them. It'll be nice when they stop shooting at him though. So nice.

And there's someone with a… seriously, what's with all the archers around? He must be missing something.

"I'll cover her," Sue calls to the others as Kara goes down, moving to crouch next to the girl. If the doombots aren't attacking her, then Kara should be safe while she's next to her. Keeping the field around the fight up, she checks the girl's vitals quickly, before looking back to the fight. "These are 'bots, guys. Victor might be here, but if your hits aren't bouncing off, he's probably not."

As the tree she shelters behind erupts into flames, Brinley hops, skips and jumps back with a look to Sue. That hadn't made a whole lot of sense… Taking aim at another bot, Brinley lets another two arrows loose.

The fight gets taken to the Doombots, and in short order, more than a dozen of them are in pieces on the ground. The individual bots and components start self destructing in place, blasting in skyward jets of thermite. At a certain point, when exactly one more than half of the Bots are destroyed, the rest suddenly shoot skyward. "You have weathered this attack, but we will return!" one of the Doombots shouts, before they all soar off in a dozen different directions, vanishing into the alleys and side streets of New York.

Scott rises to his feet when the battle suddenly ends, chest heaving with a deep sigh. "I think he was jealous of our burgers," he quips darkly, before turning to the others. "Everyone alright? Gather 'round, I'll get the first aid kit."

Jericho's traces fade and for just a moment he's there, hovering about a foot off the ground. Then he drops to the turf, flexes his knees and straightens. His blade has scorch marks on it and his wrists and forearms are covered in odd merucury looking bracers that seem to have appeared over his shirt. "So it seems." He glances over to Sue. "You know him?"

The hacker does a quick scan to see if anyone is down. Brinley… Janet… aw hell. Supergirl. He points, gesturing so Scott can see.

"Victor," Sue sighs. "He was in school with Reed. We were…friends. As much as anyone can be friends with Victor, at least." She's already checking out Supergirl, helping to get her settled comfortably. "Unless there was more to it than the shock, I think she'll probably be all right," she says quietly.

The green and gold bow and arrows wink out of existence and Brinley walks over to the group. There's a gash in her arm where she was winged and her clothes are singed. "Tis merely a flesh wound" she quips to Cyclops.

"One of these days I'm gonna have a barbecue where things don't explode," grumps Cyclops as he returns with a first aid kit. Meanwhile, he's on the X-Comm, reporting what happened to the rest of the X-Men.

When he gets close to Kara, however, he pauses. They were both ley pendulum bearers, and when he touches her shoulder, his begins whispering to him. A shiver runs down his spine, and his hand withdraws to touch one of the pockets on his cargo shorts. A look of concern settles in. "That's odd," he murmurs quietly to himself.

Leaving it be for now, he places his fingers upon Kara's wrist and begins quietly counting to read her pulse. "Thanks," he offers to Sue, then turning the same upon Brinley and Jericho. Brinley's wound is noted, and he gestures toward the kit. "Sterilize it and wrap it up, we can get you stitched up soon. Kara's pulse is strong, Sue, I think you're right."

Kara is unconscious still but she will be alright, the magical lightning had just hit her rather hard. On the plus side, at least she would get some much needed rest after all the insanity lately.

Jericho has several feedback burns, though those'll simply need time to heal. Painful, not serious. He takes a seat on one of the tables, watching Scott to make sure that he doesn't need any help before glancing to Sue and Brinley. "Nice work, both of you. High school friends eh? Hell of a way to stage a reunion. Doesn't he run his own country now? Was he here for you or did the X-Men tick him off?"

"College," Sue corrects. "And he blames Reed for his…condition. I don't think he was here for me, actually," she sighs, stepping back from Kara to get a look at Brinley's injury. "You may not have noticed, but none of those Doombots were targeting me. Victor used to have something of a soft spot for me. Unfortunately, it looks like that isn't quite enough to keep him from attacking innocent people. Are you all right, Trent?" she asks with a glance at the burns.

Brinley starts to patch herself up, cleansing it and trying to wrap a bandage around it, if Sue helps her, all the better. "Thank you," quietly said to Jericho, her gaze on the feedback burns for a moment. "That's one way to show a girl you like her, I suppose" the brunette shakes her head to Sue "I'm Brinley by the way, code name Mana. This is one helluva of way to meet." A glance at Kara and a questioning look at Cyclops about the womans condition.

"I really.. really don't think it's a good idea for me to go down there, Kitty-taen. I don't even think that guy -LIKES- being around me… and he barely even knows my.."


Reese materializes out of thin air, the smell of charred.. something or other hitting her nose as she lets in a slight sigh. "I need MAX! HEL-OOOOOO!" She waits. No dog. Fuck. She reaches into her back pocket to draw out her cane, the communicator held within her hand as she flips the cane out like so, her nose working in either direction, lifeless eyes burning due to the smell.. and.. stumbling over an ill placed rock that has her swearing. She lets out a slight grunt, drawing on her life-lines, attempting to pick Jericho out from whatever crowd was gathered. The outline of his chi flows differently than any others that she's met. So it's just easy pickings.. though.. some of them..

"Robotto no otoko." Reese snaps out. She was grumpy. She even holds out a hand to beckon him over. "Aspect. Aspect? I know that's you.."

It seems that SOMEONE called Rescue Inc. One of Mike Drakos' multiple 'side jobs' is that he works on their ambulances and emergency vehicles. And, with the information he's able to gather from the description of the situation, the ambulance that flies into view is about the size of a fire truck, or perhaps it's better to say a greyhound tour bus; it's armored, and there are emergency treatment stations, a triage nurse, and an actual intensive care station.

It lowers to hover above the ground, and Mike (and a few EMTs) emerge from the side of the Airborne Emergency Medical Services vehicle. (It says that on the side in friendly block letters, black on the white-and-orange vehicle.) Meanwhile, the onboard computer uplinks to the city's emergency management system grid, and cameras begin presenting the view of the scene to the police and the dispatch agents.

"Cyke. What happened?" the robot asks as he gets close. The EMTs spread out to look for injured.

Scott rises up to his feet when Mike Drakos brings in the proverbial cavalry. A grin forms and he crosses the way, nodding his head to his fellow X-Man. "Bunch of robots attacked us here. Sue was able to construct a force field, but there may have been some collateral damage beforehand. I need you to corral the citizens and make sure everyone is alright."

When be returns to the others, Cyclops looks from Sue to Brinley. "Well, her vitals seem strong, but I'm only trained in first aid. I also don't know a thing about Kryptonian biology, so, it's hard to say. We should probably transport her back to the JL:A Lakehouse."

Hearing Jericho's codename called by an unfamiliar voice, Cyclops turns to look at Reese curiously.

Jericho looks over when Reese just… appears. Via the Starfire express. Without her dog. Oh dear. The hacker's aware that she's blind. He gets up and heads toward her. "I'm here Reese. Watchout for the gopher hole…" Please. Why would she… wait… He glances down. Yep. His comm unit's busted. Probably during the fight.

"I'm alright Sue." He calls back. "Burnt from feedback. Happens any time my fields get… strained. Took a couple of small rockets to the chest. Those things pack a punch."

"Apparently," Sue calls back to Jericho, taking a look at Brinley's arm. "I can help with this, but…" And then the emergency personnel are showing up, and she smiles faintly. "These people probably have much more practice with that sort of thing than I do."

At the arrival of others and Sues suggestion, Brinley nods "Probably, or it can wait till later." She's not really fussy. "Maybe try to contact Superman?" It's a dry suggestion that she doesn't expect to be taken seriously. "Any food survive, Cyclops?" She's feeling peckish… fighting on an empty stomach is not the done thing.

"The what? Where?" Reese continues forward, only stopping once her cane dips into the hole. "Oh there.." She pulls it out, taking a step towards her right carefully, her stick soon prodding at the ground to ensure that she could move closer carefully. She could hear a commotion of EMT's, one that causes her head to twist left and right, her lips pursing briefly as she holds out her hand to try to grasp Jericho's forearm.

"Ooh. You /are/ reading a bit weird for me today. Here. I know this may sound rude but.. you ever think of ducking?"

If Reese has him, that glow would start from the tips of her fingers, sinking right into Jericho's skin. She was healing him of course, but she knows full well that there could be rejection of her magic. So, it was light and guiding, also laced with a bit of rejuvination that'll offer up a caffiene fueled high. "So.. who'd you piss off today?" At least that part was murmured..

People first. Mike has learned (in Mutant Town) that erupting drones out of your very (apparent) flesh is extremely disturbing to most people, and therefore, they come out of a backpack he's wearing. About the size of a large marble, each of them spins off in its own direction, providing him a view (and a temporary place to scan from) over the area, as well as a way to stop and talk to people who may have been injured or who are fleeing. One of the EMTs comes over to Brinley and does a quick assessment, and offers her a food bar from the first aid kit. (These are apparently not just the bandage boxes you get at Rat-Aid.) The others quickly go to the most seriously injured, and little holograms pop up around some of the drones and start talking to various people. The crowd

"Is there a standard process for dealing with the doombots?" Mike asks, including Susan Richards in the question. He's not sure it's safe to leave them lying around, and he's also not sure they're safe to take, but he isn't particularly interested in letting Doom have them back without having to navigate bureaucracy to get them. Robots take vengeance where they can, after all.

Cyclops scoffs at Brinley's suggestion. "Metal is here. We can arrange transport." He casts a look over to the grill; it's been shattered, and shrapnel in the form of burnt meat and charred buns is all over the place. "Well, at least the pigeons will be well fed." He looks toward Sue more pointedly. She was familiar with Doom, and he's curious. "I have no idea what we did to piss him off, if it was us."

"Maybe he's gone vegan." Jericho murmurs. Reese's magic makes him, quite literally, light up. His traces drink it in, beginning to glow white from the healing flow. The burns fade and he lets out a sigh. "Whew… thanks Reese." He murmurs as the others arrive.

"I take those were just robots right? Who sends robots to break up a Barbeque… unless that was just a… rope-a-dope, you know?"

Glancing back at the mage and then to the injured Brinley the hacker motions. Come over here. He'll ask Reese nicely to take care of you too.

"Most of them flew off already," Sue shakes her head to Mike. "Otherwise, I wouldn't keep them anywhere delicate information is stored. You never know what sort of secondary properties Victor may have programmed into them."

Brin smiles at the EMT and readily takes the food bar, letting them minister to her arm. Watching Jericho light up has the young womans eyebrows rising and then the man is gesturing to her to join him, so she does. Cyclops gets a small shrug, the scoff had been expected "Or maybe he simply didn't like your cooking."

"No problem, oni-san." There seemed to be a lot of commotion going on, it was hard enough for Reese to keep up with the bodies, the moving around, the random and unknown voices. So she keeps that hold of Jericho until her 'lines' pick up the approach of young woman.

"Wait, there's food?" Reese wanted to disengage, but there were a lot of hurt people around, and she'd feel guilty for doing so. So as Brinley nears, she doesn't touch, but she does hold out the palm of her hand, the blue light slowly manifesting into a small, glowing orb, which soon lifts from Reese's hand to float towards Brinley, breaking apart into smaller pieces to sink into her skin where she was hurt.

"Are there more?" And was there food. That was more important.

"Right," Mike says. They'll go to the junk yard in New Jersey, all … probably enough parts to make six of them? … and then be taken apart at his leisure. Who knows what a mutant technomancer might learn from a sorcerous mad-scientist's junkpile, after all.

"You weren't making that horrible North Carolina barbecue, were you, Cyke?" The robot stops moving for a moment while all the metal shrapnel from the grill pulls together and reforms into what looks like a fairly undamaged, albeit unpainted, grill. The food, he leaves. It's not tech and insufficiently metallic, so he can't easily TK it around.

The EMTs are taking anyone who needs more careful treatment to the vehicle, and the majority of the spheres return to Mike's backpack, with one stopping to spin around Brin, orbiting two or three times. Then it moves to hover over the various bits of doombot, and the metal and tech floats up into a hovering pile. Mike leaves it there for now; he'll send for a junk truck when he gets the chance. The new hire can come for it; having to replace Reha was annoying but always expected.

The EMT who was working on Brinley's injury follows to where the blind person has been doing something to make the somewhat skinny, dark haired man glow like a TRON character; apparently it requires energy. She pulls another one from the pouch — that's it for this medkit — and says, "Food bar, it's not lembas but it's not bad," and extends the foil-wrapped not-a-candy-bar against the side of Reese's hand so she can take it if she wants to.

"We're treating the majority for abrasions and contusions. One or two sprains. I think you've found the more injured people."

"My cooking is fantastic," defends Cyclops, before looking toward Mike in a meaningful way. Whatever the technomancer has in mind, it seems that Scott doesn't need to micromanage. "And it's from South Carolina," he adds, before pulling it his cellular phone and keying something in. From close by, a souped up old Corvette suddenly rises into the air, flying over and into the park, where it sets down not far from where Cyclops and Supergirl are. "Aspect, help me load her up? I've never tried to lift a Kryptonian before." For all he knows, she weighs a few tons.

Jericho nods and straightens up, headed over to Cyclops while Reese tends to Brinley. "No food you want to eat after the grill went boom, Reese, but stick around, I'll take you somewhere." Somewhere where Orn isn'd cooking. That alien… needs help.

The hacker leans over to get Kara in one of those clasic EMT lift poses. Arms under the shoulders, hands crossed to grip her wrists. It's uncomfortable as hell for the person being lifted but… being dropped is worse, so there's that. Hopefully she's not, like, super dense or something. He'll trace out to lift her if he has to, but hopefully he and Scott can manage it without that. "Sue, do we need to follow this up?" The Four have done him, and SHIELD some good turns. If they need help dealing with Doom, he'll make time for it.
"Hey there Mike." He says in passing. Metal's X-Red and good people so far as he's concerned.

"Thank you, Jericho, but I think we have what we need to track them down," Sue says with a small, weary smile. "I should do that, though. Thank you all so much for the invitation, and I'm sorry it went the way it did."

Brinley just … watches… as Reese heals her. "That's pretty damn impressive. Thank you… uh, I didn't get your name. I'm Brinley." The EMT who follows her gets a smile as they hand over another bar "The bars are ok, better than nothing." She assures the woman.

Cyclops has a flying car? Brinley's been away way to long and she shakes her head in apparent bemusement. "So you've experienced Cyclops' cooking too, Mike?" She'll tease the X-Team leader. "It was nice to meet you, Sue… " Brin picks that up from Jericho "Maybe we can meet up again… "

Grasping Kara by her feet, Scott helps Jericho to lift her and carries her over to the back seat of his flying car, where he straps her in. Not… that it would be too bad for her if she got ejected, but bad for whatever she struck. Once she's secure, he gives Jericho a nod of thanks, then walks over to the others with a sigh.

"Don't blame yourself, Sue, it could have happened to anybody. If you don't mind, I'd like to stop by the Baxter Building soon, confer over whatever information Metal is able to obtain from that." He gestures toward the hulk of flying DoomBot-bits. "I think it's best if those of us not part of any public 'teams' depart." Indeed, the telltale sound of sirens is getting closer. "I'll handle transporting Kara to the JL:A."

The EMT gives her a bar, and the rundown of who was left that was injured. They were small injuries, things that would make every day an annoyance yet would make them thankful to be alive. Reese just leaves it be. She was nearing her limit, which was soon eased up a bit by the food bar. "If you guys need any help, just let me know?" They'll survive.

As Jericho promises food, Reese takes a gander at all present. She couldn't put the chi to the voice, but it seems that everyone gathered there was nice. Though, they were loading someone onto a.. mass.. at that point, she shuts down her lines and goes back to being a regular ol' blind Joe. At least until Brin comments. "Takeda Seikatsu." Reese promptly spits out, offering up a little smile. Social situations were not her fortay. "But.. you're welcome, Brinley."

Since Jericho pretty much says to stick around, Reese sits crossed-legged upon the ground, her fingers tucked into her shirt collar to draw out the pendant, which was played with. Maybe a jewelers could fix it. "I don't want barbecue! It smells kind of nasty out here. Maybe sushi.. or you buy ingredients and I'll make." Reese is awesome at making sushi.

"Eating food for me is a bit strange. I have to calibrate my taste sensors, and he does things with spices that just don't translate into robot food," Mike answers. "I think the food bars are more useful as fuel, myself."

He looks at this Reese person curiously, because she's pinging sensors that normally don't ping. Also, she lit Aspect up like a neon sign.

"What's with the pendant?" he asks.

Grasping Kara by her feet, Scott helps Jericho to lift her and carries her over to the back seat of his flying car, where he straps her in. Not… that it would be too bad for her if she got ejected, but bad for whatever she struck. Once she's secure, he gives Jericho a nod of thanks, then walks over to the others with a sigh.

"Don't blame yourself, Sue, it could have happened to anybody. If you don't mind, I'd like to stop by the Baxter Building soon, confer over whatever information Metal is able to obtain from that." He gestures toward the hulk of flying DoomBot-bits. "I think it's best if those of us not part of any public 'teams' depart." Indeed, the telltale sound of sirens is getting closer. "I'll handle transporting Kara to the JL:A."

He's about to turn, when sight of Reese's pendant draws his attention. Behind the visor, his brow furrows, but for the moment, he leaves it be. Those sirens are getting louder, and he's got important cargo to transport.

Jericho makes his way back over to Reese and… well… she's got a stick, but he offers an arm anyway. She's blind after all. "Sushi it is." He knows a few places that serve good, fresh, fairly authentic sushi. Brin and Sue and Metal get a look. They're welcome. Cyke would be too but… he's busy. "Come on, let's get you fed." And with that he's moving off. With the blind woman. Nothing to see here, just two friends going to get food. Doombots? What are those?

"Sue, Scott, you guys have my number if you need it."

"Any time, Cyclops," Sue nods to the man with a small smile. "All of you for that matter. In the meantime…" She looks toward the sound of sirens, sighing. "I'll take care of the authorities."

"Pleased to meet you, Takeda Seikatsu" Brin smiles warmly, knowing it will translate to her voice "And thank you for the healing." Rubbing her arm, she peers down at it impressed. "The spices Cyclops uses, Mike, does that to everyone…" Yeah, she's still teasing the X-Leaders cooking.

Brinley will stay with Sue. As X-Red she can do that. "Later Cyclops. Thanks for the invite. We'll have to do this again, soon." Preferably without Doombots though.

"Hmm? This?" Reese lifts it, then promptly tucks it back into her shirt. "Family heirloom." Though, Mike was an interesting sort, she even draws up her 'lines' again just to see if he had chi. The effort in this, causes her eyes to glow briefly.

Though, Jericho manages to get her off of the ground and into a good pace, her brow raising as she tries to look back to find an actual cyclops. "There's a cyclops around? Where? I didn't know cyclops were still in existence! I want to see it.. and it cooks?" Yes, she was hollaring that while being dragged away by Jericho. Too bad she couldn't stay to pry at Mike longer, as well. Unless he was joining!

"It's a codename," Mike says. He does in fact have chi, but it's all over the place, some of it in the ambulance, some of it in his robot chassis, and a noticeable amount in the clump of metal hovering over there. And it's not hot or cold chi, it's metallic chi, which is more than a bit bizarre and possibly monster-flavored, for some variety of yokai.

Mike will hunt down Jericho after he puts his doombot pieces on the truck that's … just now coming in over the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge.

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