Necrotaint in Greece

May 17, 2015:

Magical activity in Greece from Necromancers have some of the Primal Force team responding…

Old Ruins In Athens


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Fade In…

The Ley Lines are buzzing now. Greece. A very specific location in Greece actually. What's going on over there isn't clear but it's the dead of night there and something is decidedly not right. There's a flash and Fenris appears glancing around. He closes his eyes and concentrates on members of Primal Force. "If any of you are out there, and available ,I need help."

Luckily for Fenris, dead of night in Greece is more like late evening for Manhattan. May is finally feeling closer to normal after getting hit by quills from damed HEDGEHOG, but the ketamine-like effects have left behind a rather nasty headache. So, when the Sun Eater's call comes in for assistance, she winces then checks her weapons and makes for the nearest ley line. It's three blocks away and walking hurriedly does NOT help her headache, but it's not like she's never had to work with worse.

When she appears on the ley line closest to Fenris it takes all she has to not fall over AGAIN, and about a minute besides for her vision to return to something vaguely resembling normal. "This had better be good."

Having her pendulum back is a marvellous thing for Zee… at least she hears Fenris' call. Sending a text message to her man and a message with the Shadowcrest staff, the Mistress of Magic focusses her attention and decides to use the Leyline to travel. She's interested to see the effects the magical turbulence has caused.

Appearing near May, Zee's eyes narrow as she notices the Agent doesn't appear to be all that well "Everything ok, Agent May?" before looking over to Fenris with a nod. "You rang?"

"I did." They're in a set of ruins near Old Athens. A wide field near a hill covered in tumbled down white stone. At the top is a building surrounded in columns. The Parthenon. There's a glow coming from it. "Trouble. Up there. Can you feel it?" Their ley pendulums should already be telling them. "Someone is draining the magic from here. Rapidly."

Melinda May takes a deep breath then nods to Zee before turning (slowly) to look at the Parthenon. "Let's get this over with, then." She pulls a fresh sash whip from a pocket and looks ready to just walks right on up there.

Zee can but it's May that has her attention for a while before she turns back to Fenris and then the glow. "As Agent May says, let's do this." She pauses and looks at the Old Wolf and then May "Maybe I should take point today…"

"Sounds good to me…" Fenris murmurs, pulling his own blade. He concentrates. "I sense necromancy. Be on guard." Whomever these people are they're skilled. Mortal, clearly, but skilled. Zee and May should be able to handle them but he'll be happy to help. As best he can.

Melinda May trudges almost grimly toward their target. If she were being honest, she'd have to admit that the fresh air and the steady walk is helping to clear her head, but she feels like being a grump right now, so … Grump. Hmph.

Zee eyes Fenris' blade and leads the way. Concentrating her own senses on what lays ahead, she blanches a little as the taste of the magic in use gets stronger. As they approach the glow, Zee slows so they can get a better look at what they're up against.

The columns shelter their approach, allowing the trio to approach the building without being seen. Inside four figures - lacking the usual robes and apparently all greek - are performing a ritual around a glowing ley-line nexus. May and Zee can feel the power flowing out of it, flavored with the faith and divinity this place was once devoted to. Fenris' eyes narrow when he looks past them to see the ones guarding them. Living, yes, all with marks on their necks. "Cultists. Darques…" He murmurs. "Careful. They'll be shielded against casual magic."

"I wasn't planning on using magic," May murmurs back darkly. She looks from Fenris to Zee, then begins to slink around to attack them from a different angle than the others. Even clearly not at her best at the moment, she can sneak attack with the best of them. Gone from everyone's view for the moment, she waits for the signal to attack.

Zee gives Fenris a searching look "If you get hurt, I'll never hear the end of it from Jes." In other words, be careful himself. "And I don't do casual…." a poor joke, but the best she can muster

"If they're shielded, I'm going to use the terrain to distract them, break their concentration. That should also leave them open to a physical attack." As May disappears, Zee takes a deep breath "Let's do this…" and a light starts to flicker in the depth of her eyes growing till hers eyes glow a vibrant blue… she's calling her power to her.

~~ htraE elbmerT dnA ekahS, kconK ehT stsitluC ffO riehT teeF ~~

A unique approach for the Mistress of Magic to be sure, but she's encountered shielded practioners and this is to important.

Fenris closes his eyes and waits. The guards and the magi cry out in alarm when the 'earthquake' hits. And then the Old Wolf makes his move. He spins out from behind the column and moves in. The guards have guns and blades but he's in among them before they can recover. An AK 47 gets slapped away as its wielder takes a cut to the chest. Another gets run through. There are quite a few though…

From behind a fall pillar, a black snaking length of silk shoots out and pegs someone, but then gets tangled on the way back. May has to abandon the weapon with a bit of a curse, then brandishes her pair of taser-tipped batons. And then she wades in, and she's not pulling her punches. Apparently, she's got a good bit of a bad mood to work out today.

Zee's eye still glow and she forgets about May and Fenris, well not exactly… she knows they can look after themselves… Moving in a little closer, the raven haired magician stays shielded by the columns.

~~ sdruaG snuG teG toH, maJ dnA liaF ~~

Zee's disarming the guards to hopefully give May and Fenris an unfair advantage to them out, then she'll work on the cultists… with the assistance of the other two.

The guns heat up… and then the magazines heat up. And they do get dropped… and then the magazine starts cooking off. Pop. Pop. Popopopopopopopopop. In short order every round in every gun present has been fired which momentarily halts the fight, sending everyone diving for cover. No one wants to get shot, after all and no one's aiming these damn things. When the last round goes off though the guards are picking up blades. One of them goes for May.

And one of the magi goes for Zee. He doesn't try to hit her. He tries to tap and drain her. Of everything.

Melinda May dove for cover just like everyone else, and when one of the guards goes after her with a blade, she is singularly unimpressed. If her head weren't still pounding she'd be using her chain whip and these guys wouldn't have a ghost of a chance (in May's mind, anyway), but as she doesn't trust that she won't brain herself, she's sticking with the batons. And they're more than strong enough to block a blade. Oh, and surprise, douchebag. The ends of these things are tasers.

Ouch. That wasn't particularly well thought out, Zee needs some practice working against guns obviously. Luckily she'd remained behind the column. And then the counter attack hits and Zee's left staggering for a moment till her eyes flare and she sucks in a deep breath. She's not going to try and fend it off, that will tap her just as quickly as not. If they want her power, they can have it… this might be risk though.

~~ doolF ehT egaM htiW yM rewoP nruB mehT tuO ~~

A risk to be sure but as Zee knows drawing too much power too quickly can rather hurt.

Zee can feel the power go out from her. A lot of power. The mage she's directing it at screams as, indeed, it does burn. And hurt a lot. Fenris is moving again. One of the magi goes down hard. Another gets wrapped up in some kind of spell and simply… vanishes. May's target spasms in pain and stumbles in time for another to attack her and a third from behind. It's cute, they think they can trap her.

Zee's just slung around a lot of power. And the remaining Magi just tries to kill her. Choking her with her own blood.

Melinda May slams one baton into a second attacker and then aims a spin kick at the head of the third, using the same momentum to throw one of her batons full force at the remaining Magi. All fancy with the spellwork, let's see how you stand up to a titanium-shell baton with an active taser end. Jerk.

Stumbling, falling to her knees, Zee coughs up blood, even as she fights to draw breath. The light in her eyes fades quickly, she can't draw anymore power whilst she's this distracted.

May nicely poleaxes both of her attackers. The second one goes down jerking with shock. Literally. There's only one left, the magi. And Fenris is closing in on him…

Zee can feel necrotic taint take hold of her. A curse. This mage means to kill her and then raise her as a lich-thrall. All her power. Turned against any of the necromancer's enemies.

And then Fenris slams into the man. Sending him sliding right to May's feet. The spell breaks.

Melinda May plants a knee in the man's sternum and the business end of her remaining baton into the soft flesh under his chin. "Reverse what you're doing to our spell caster and I might consider leaving you the ability to chew your own food." She says that lowly and matter of factly, making it sound more like a promise than a threat.

On her hands and knees, hair falling over her face, Zee can barely breath, the blood pooling beneath her. She's not going to look up "I.. I think it's done Agent May." she barely gets the words out. "How are you and Fenris?"

The necrotic taint hadn't gone but Zee can feel it leave as the last caster up takes May's threat very, very seriously. "I'm uninjured." Fenris says, making his way over and letting May handle the necromancer as she will. "However this ley line junction is wounded and vulnerable to further tapping."

Melinda May starts to lift her knee off of the magi's chest and then promptly zaps him into oblivion with the taser baton. He got off easy compared to some of this cohorts. She moves to stand, and hopes that her reaching for a nearby pillar to help maintani her balance is interpreted as a casual gesture. "What do we do to fix it?"

Zee put a bandaid solution on a nexus not too long ago. But she's not sure she can do it this time not with what she just threw around.

Drawing herself slowly to her feet, the young magi wipes the back of her hand across her mouth but doesn't look at it. She tests what's left in her. "Combined we might be able to mend it, or at least patch it… what do you think, Fenris?"

"Not in my present state. Not without help… but…" Fenris looks over to May. "Your pendulums. I'll direct the power to you. If you channel it through your Pendulum and May's, I think you can seal it. At least well enough." Fenris nods and when she's ready, he'll start. This may feel a bit… odd for May, but it shouldn't hurt her.

Melinda May starts over toward Zee, trying to remain upright and straight-backed. But, it's an increasingly difficult proposition. The mess from earlier today and now this fight, it's catching up to her. She used to be able to shake off side effects like these and keep moving. Not so much anymore. And it sucks.

What a pair they are. Wiping her mouth again, the coppery taste still on her tongue, Zee nods to Fenris as she takes May hand. "Focus on your pendulum, just let the energy flow. I'll control it as best I can." beat "Ready Fenris." and as he directs the power to her, she'll channel it

~~ laeH ehT enilyeL dnA suxeN hguorhT ehT smuludneP ~~

The wound, invisible except to the three of them, seals shut and with it the power that Darque's minions had sought is, at least for now, denied them. May and Zee's pendulums glow with the primal energy she channels and then the light fades to a glimmer, but lingers. Fenris nods, not used to being this tired after a fight. "Alright… come on you two, I'll get us home." He opens a portal back to New York. "Thank you both… and keep an eye out. I've a feeling we'll be seeing more of this."

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