The Ballard Report

May 17, 2015:

The Ballard Report is released. It is an investigation into the death of the President.



NPCs: Ballard, Jimenez, Stewart, Traverstein, Ross


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This report is the culmination of work by a committee ordered by President Frederick Upton after the April 18 death of President James Pershing. The purpose of this report and investigation is to show how travesties such as this can avoid happening in the future. It is also tasked with making recommendations to the Executive Branch on how to deal with the aftermath of the death of Pershing.

The committee tasked with the investigation is a bipartisan group of legislators chosen by the President.

Senator Henry Ballard of Delaware (chair)
Speaker of the House Hector Jimenez of New Mexico (vice-chair)
Senator Reece Stewart of California
Representative Sarah Traverstein of Washington
Representative Peter Ross of Kansas

The committee finds that the ultimate responsibility for the President's death lies with the Secret Service. The assassin, Loic Devereaux, 27 of Orleans, France, was an underground HYDRA agent. The Secret Service was unable to uncover this during the normal vetting process.

The committee also finds that the group known as the Justice League: Avengers could have prevented the catastrophe. Through interviews, the League has presented itself as a rogue group, uncoordinated, ineffective, and unwilling to hold themselves accountable to the American people on the basis that they are not under the government purview.

The group's leadership structure is unclear. The investigation found that within the team itself, no member could accurately corroborate the chain of command in a way that coincided with any other member. In short, the leadership of the team is not only a mystery to the committee and America, but a mystery to themselves as well.

When asked to explain their actions, many of the team that was sent to save the President responded hastily by pointing fingers or challenging the authority of the duly elected representatives of the United States of America. While some members of the team were extremely cooperative with the investigation, half felt it was a time to grandstand (at best) or refuse to answer questions (at worst).

In regards to the matter of the hero known as Supergirl and her alleged involvement into the incineration of an enemy vessel, thereby killing an unknown amount of people, the investigation found the Kryptonian did in fact commit the action she is accused with. This point was not argued by the accused or any of her teammates.


The committee makes the following recommendations to the Executive Branch of the United States Government.

*The entire leadership of the secret service should be immediately replaced and a deeper investigation, led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Central Intelligence Agency, should begin immediately and focus on using technological ways of augmenting the service's ability.

*Devereaux should be tried in the United States, not in an international court.

  • Whereas the Justice League: Avengers, along with SHIELD, do not feel as though they should answer to the American people, it seems plausible that the President should request they no longer operate within the borders of our nation. Lands which have been set aside for headquarters (Triskelion, New York; Hall of Justice, Metropolis) should be nationalized, and the teammates unwilling to be answerable to the American people should be required to ply their "trade" elsewhere. SHIELD has shown itself to be an international agency which uses violence to uphold laws not specific to the United States. Allowing them to operate on these shores has been a luxury that should no longer be extended.
  • Because Supergirl is an illegal alien from outer space and is not a citizen, and because she was not operating with authority from the government of the United States, and because her actions would fall under international law, this committee does not recommend bringing charges against her. At the same time, we believe she should be deported immediately.

*The committee recommends that if the Executive feels the Justice League: Avengers should continue their work in America, that the two leaders present at Orleans (Wonder Woman and Captain America) should be immediately replaced.

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