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May 16, 2015:

Kate Bishop, Captain America, Wonder Woman meet to decide Supergirl's fate on the team

The Watchtower

It's a Watchtower….in space


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The Watchtower is always alight and moving, if it is not with the hustle and bustle of the members, it is definitely with that of Agents and the monitors in the central hub, but branched off is the monolithic walkway that harbors large rooms varying from bunks to a training simulation gym, and a large meeting office.

The meeting office is where those called for the meeting will be directed to. Even though the League has shaken hands with SHIELD there are some things still /theirs/ and down this corridor is just that. Free of most of the hustle and bustle, the open doors of the meeting chamber where Wonder Woman stands in wait, leave the stretch of table and chairs seem stoic and silent to go with her demeanor. For now though her eyes are cast towards the windows, revealed with the drawing back of metal cover to show the orbit the Watchtower rests in. Like the ocean, the vast spanse of space can be calming - or as of right now, forboding.

"Got your message," Steve says as he enters through the doorway. He's helmetless, but still carries the shield over the back of his uniform. As he moves to sit, he rests the shield upon the wall before nestling in.

"Who else is coming?" he asks idly, leaning back in his chair.

"I don't think I'm ever going to get used to the space thing," Kate admits as she steps into the meeting room, looking out the windows toward the vast darkness. "I think Clint's got a thing," she adds, overhearing Cap's question as she comes in. "Not sure if he's going to be able to make it. SHIELD might be able to patch him in. If we didn't mind them overhearing the whole thing," she wrinkles her nose at the last.

"This is it," Diana states, her hands spread out from her sides to gesture to them just before palms place on the table and she takes her own seat, lowering slowly to slide her gaze towards Kate. "And if Clint can be patched in that is fine because his input in the matter is needed."

"Superman has asked that we accept his recusal because of the matter we are to discuss here tonight and his closeness to it." Waiting for them to get seated and comfortable, as well as taking the moment to see if Kate can pull Clint into this.

Cap raises his eyebrows and nods. It seems pretty clear who this is about, then, if not entirely what. "So, it's about Supergirl," he states, wondering if he should have gotten more information beforehand. He sits back further in his chair and rubs his face, looking to Diana and, later, to Kate, to see if she has any luck with Clint.

Kate settles in at the table, leaning back in her chair and trying to reach Clint on the communicator. As the tone sounds, she looks back up to the others. "She's…" She stops herself, grimacing faintly. Wait for everyone. But the phone goes to message, and she shakes her head, tucking it away. "Looks like he's working," she says, looking back to the others. "So. New developments, or are we on the helicarrier?"

"It is." Diana states on an exhale, her hands resting upon the table, clasped together where vambraces meet as well. Once Kate makes it clear there will be no Clint in the matter she continues.

"Since our introduction as a merged whole to the public and the induction I have had Director fury breathing down my neck about her. The open outing and statement is neither here nor there, I can handwave that. No matter who or what someone is, it will be met with apprehension if it is not seen as totally acceptable. But what is?"

"What I am calling us all here today for is the hammer that has to drop. In this Nick is right and I cannot handwave it. We have two options in this, and we have to show the UN as well as the people that we will not go against our principles even for our own. That we will act."

Captain America takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He brings a hand to his chin, rubbing at it gruffly as he stares into the halogen light above them. The outing of her alien species doesn't bother him in the least. The helicarrier, on the other hand, is a pretty big mistake. Supergirl had also made a point of disregarding orders in the field of battle at several points during missions. Was she just young? Young or no, she had killed thousands of people who might have been saved, put the city under Orleans at risked, and seemed rather glib about the entire thing. Youth? He's frankly not sure.

"Whatever decision is made, I don't want it to be because we caved to pressure. Not to Fury. And sure as hell not to Sarah Traverstein."

"I'm not sure how I feel about that phrase," Kate replies, shifting to sit cross-legged in her chair, elbows on her knees. "Dropping the hammer sounds…drastic. Kara made a mistake. Kara…has a record of making mistakes," she admits with a sigh. "But she doesn't need to be punished. She needs training. And probably some impulse control counseling," she adds, scrubbing a hand over her face. "I don't disagree that we need to be seen doing something about what happened. But I think we need to be careful about what that is. What were you thinking?"

Wonder Woman nods to Steve, one hand rising to gesture to him. "That is why I have waited. Neither of them, Nick or Sara, can walk away from even knowing this occurred thinking it was their doing. But something needs done. Another reason for the pause is the fact that I needed to take what is being said into consideration. All of it - even Kara. She is part of tis team, she was there; they were not."

Eyes slide to Kate and her hand lowers. "One option is to disband her from the team entirely. It is what has been the outcry and the desire. What my option and conclusion has come to isto put her into probationary status. She will be stripped of everything but her communicator. Missions with the team will be minimal unless she is with her mentor or one of us. A mentor will be appointed to her and her training will be monitored, reported."

"Perhaps the probation would be a good idea. Both for us and for her. Any way you slice it, the girl killed in a pretty brazen way. Putting her on probation shows us, the world, and everyone that her actions are not acceptable. Stripping her from the team may seem harsh to some, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was deeply troubled by her lack of growth since she's arrived," Steve responds.

"Kicking her out won't help," Kate shakes her head. "Kicking her out means she's no longer under any sort of supervision, no influence, no nothing. And it's not like teams of superheroes aren't popping up everywhere these days. You kick her out, and best case scenario is she ends up with a group like the Titans. Worst case scenario is she falls in with other young, headstrong people with powers who don't think ahead about what they're doing. Worst case scenario is they aren't even misguided heroes: they're just villains taking advantage of her."

She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Probation's…an option. I'd like to put some positive action on the table, too. Not just what we're taking away from her, but what we expect her to do. I've been thinking, actually, that Cam might be a good match for her. She's got a similar power set, but more importantly, she's intimately familiar with working inside standard protocols for the safety of the whole. It might be a good thing if we had her do some unpowered ride-alongs."

"I'd offer to you that she would most likely be under her cousin's supervision. And if not his, then it seems she works closely with Thor," Steve says. "I caution against allowing her to be part of this team simply because it benefits her. That isn't our purpose."

Steve stares at Kate for a long time after her comment about the ride alongs, "While I like your idea about positive action, it seems you're taking this team as if it's some sort of training ground for young heroes." He looks to Diana, "I'm wondering if we need to begin changing how we recruit."

"I'm not looking at her being on the team as a benefit to her, so much as a benefit to all of us. Like it or not, she's been a part of this team," Kate points out. "We can kick her out, but if or when she goes on a downward spiral because of it, they're going to call her a former member of the JL:A, and our name's going to get dragged through the mud with it." She taps a finger on the table, restless, staring out toward the dark as she thinks it through.

"There needs to be some sort of training ground for young heroes. I'm not saying it needs to be our team. You're right, that's not what we're here for. But once someone's on our team, they're our responsibility. So…yeah. We should think about how we're recruiting. Only taking on people we're willing to be responsible for."

"Kate," Steve says, continuing to stare. "She's already drug our names through the mud. We're already living in the world you're listing as the end scenario. Even after Orleans, she was still disobeying orders openly. If it comes to a vote, I think probation is the least of what I'd be in favor of."

"I know."

Kate shifts with a pained expression, letting one leg hang as she draws the other knee toward her chest. "But she's one of us, Steve. She's our teammate. You don't- You can't- I can't just give up on her. I can't look at this and say there's nothing we can do to fix it. I do this to protect people. I can't turn that off just because the person in question can punch a hole in a battleship."

"The problem isn't that she can punch a hole through a battleship, Kate," Steve says. "It's that she incinerated one. Why that isn't a bigger deal to you, or most of all, her, frankly terrifies me.""

"Whoa, hey." Kate raises both hands, palms out. "I've never said it's not a big deal. Not once. It's a big deal. It's a very big deal. But I don't believe justice is about punishment. Justice is about making the world a better place. About doing what's right. And I don't know that kicking Kara off the team accomplishes that. That's all I'm saying." She gives him a long look, brows furrowing. "Steve, you know I've never killed anyone, right?"

"You're saying it's a big deal, but I think you and I are leagues apart on the value of human lives. I have killed people. And each time it's something that I've had to carry. Your friend Kara barely batted a lash, and you're here talking about ride-alongs. There's telling and there's showing, Kate."

"I don't know what else to tell you," Kate shakes her head. "I'm not sure what you want me to show. If I've been doing this for seven years, doing everything I can not to kill anyone, I'm not sure what else I can do to show you. I can't bring those people back, Steve. I couldn't bring back my best friend, I sure as hell can't do anything about a helicarrier full of hydra agents. All I can do is try to stop her from ever doing it again. That's my goal. And I don't know how to do it. I don't know how to make someone understand the value of a human life when they don't already know it. My mom…"

She trails off, pushing a hand through her hair. "My mom used to try. With benefits. With outreach drives. But she always said, when it came down to it, that you can't make someone care if they don't. All you can do is keep caring yourself. And maybe, if you're lucky, you'll inspire someone else."

"Well, I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree when it comes to Kara,' Steve says bringing it back to the question at hand. "My vote is for probation. At the very least. And if she disobeys another order in the field, then we'll find ourselves back here."

"I agree with probation," Kate sighs. "I also think that there needs to be an active component of something she has to do. Not just something she has to not do. Like community service. Or I wasn't entirely kidding about the impulse control counseling. Or…look, it's something criminals on probation have to do, too. In hopes of actually rehabilitating them. She's a freaking Kryptonian, grounding her isn't going to work forever, and I sure as hell don't want to fight evil Kara five years down the road."

Wonder Woman slowly sits back, her hands remove from the table as she does so and come to rest upon the armrest of the chair instead. There is no movement, only the flicker of light as cerulean eyes shift between the two in their talk, a brow rising slightly at a point and falling in a slow manner to furrow in thought.

"Probation. But she does not get to pick her mentor, her mentor will be someone of her skillset that upholds his to the highest degree of respect in the field already. We do not know Thor, we have not seen him in the field under circumstances such as what she faced and it is yet another risk. I feel her mentor should be Superman, if he accepts. If not I will do it. Impulse control counseling can be covered by him, he is a Kryptonian, he can control himself and has on the field with me many times. Overall, he is her best bet. He is family as well." Pausing Diana looks between them both and leans forward. "She has to learn to control herself. She has to show not only us but the people who rightfully fear her, that she is what the Justice League is founded on. She /has/ to listen. That is what she has to do. For gaining the trust of the people, actively out helping with Cameron may be a great idea, if the Rescue will take her on as a volunteer, I think that will help. But in that regard she must follow Cameron's directive and footsteps. Learning about picking up the pieces might benefit her."

Now Diana looks at Cap. "There is no coming back here if this happens again. It won't happen again. I have faith in her. If it does though, this team is not for her."

Captain America nods towards Diana, "I agree with what you've said. And I think Hawkeye's recommendation about having positive things that she can work toward is a really good idea. I imagine if we talked to the mentor about it, they would agree."

"And that should be made clear to her," Kate nods to Wonder Woman's last. "She needs to know there are no more chances. And that this is our decision, not something we're doing because of Congress. We can't…" She pauses, reaching up to rub a hand at the back of her neck. "No giving her the chance to blame someone else for her problems. It's time for her to take some responsibility."

Watching Kate and Steve, Diana slowly swivels to the side in her chair, facing it towards the door of the meeting chamber while keeping her focus and attention on the both of them fully. "So are we all in agreement, then? Once we state that this is it, this is how it will be. If we are all comfortable with it and firmly behind it we can see if she is available so we can inform her and let her decide as well."

"I think it's good. I think it's something that's best for the team and best for Supergirl," Steve says. "I'm in favor."

"We're agreed," Kate nods, letting out a slow breath as she settles back into a cross-legged position.

With that being said and the vote unanimous Wonder Woman puts a call out to the communication line specifically for Kara. One that would give her directive to join them at the Watchtower, from there she will be directed back to themeeting chamber where Captain America, Hawkeye, and Wonder Woman wait.

Kara leaves whatever it is she was doing at the time when the summons is given and flies to The Watchtower, having only been there once before. Arriving before the others, she tries her best to force a smile and says, "Here as requested."

Once Kara arrives, Steve gives her a nod. "Thank you for coming to see us, Supergirl. We appreciate you coming so quickly. Please feel free to take a seat."

"Hey, Kara," Kate smiles faintly to the other girl, sitting cross-legged in one of the chairs. She stays silent otherwise, though, looking to Wonder Woman.

Once Kara has taken her seat, if she chooses to Diana does not wait too long to begin. "Kara. As you know the incident with HYDRA's helicarrier is one tha held great weight and has caused great upheaval amongst the people, as well as within the parameters that the Justice League: Avengers has been founded upon. We all had to meet and come to a decision that weighs upon the matter and do what we saw fit for the team and you."

"From this day forward and for the next few months you are to be placed under probationary membership. I will be speaking with Superman about being you sole mentor where he will counsel you in the use and control of your abilities as well as that of the extent of them. The understanding of Earth and it's people as well. In his absence I will do the same. Training will also be included in this. In any missions you will be with one of us and under our watch and guidance. This means the orders given, you must follow."

Pausing Wonder Woman looks to each of them and then goes on. "The trust of the people must be regained, and the only way to do that no matter who you are, or the circumstance is to prove it. To be amongst them. There will be detail given to you to go out there and volunteer amongst them. One of us will speak with Cameron and see if the Rescue perhaps will give you a voluntary position there, but if you know of other options by all means. Until the period is up we will be limiting you to your call communicator as well as Watchtower access, but anywhere else is still open to your needs."

"Do you have any questions at all?" Diana asks, looking now to the other two to see if there is anything they would also like to add.

Kara nodded her head slowly from her seat, not exactly looking very cheerful at the words that are spoken. She looks pale enough that she might be sick and she shook her head to the question from Wonder Woman, remaining silent as her blue eyes looked away from Wonder Woman down towards the table sadly.

Captain America nods at Diana's words and then adds some of his own. "There are people on this team who think highly of your character and your potential. But this misdeed is going to take a lot to work off. And that's just for us; that says nothing about the American people or throughout the world."

"It's…important that you understand the stakes here, Kara," Kate says quietly, leaning forward a bit. "I understand that what happened was a mistake. But it was a mistake that's cost all of us. Not to mention the people who died. And it was a mistake that's been part of a pattern of acting without regard for the consequences. So we need to be clear about the potential consequences here."

She takes a deep breath, bracing herself. "This probation is for you to learn to be better. If you disobey orders, if you hurt someone else or hurt your team? We can't keep you. Not on the team. I can honestly say that you'll always be my friend, no matter what, but…That's what's at stake here."

Diana listens as the others speak, but the entire time she watches Kara, her body language, her response to it all, seemingly taken like the blow that it was. There is empathy in that heavy gaze, and once it is all laid out for her by the three of them, Diana leans forward, hands clasped on the conference table before her.

"When you make it through the first part of this, Kara, I want to extend to you the final stages of training with my sisters and myself at the Themyscira House." When, despite the levity of the situation and it's heavy moment Diana did not let go of hope for the young woman. "This is but another path to take. We are still here, and always will be, but how much is up to you."

Kara listens to the words of the three carefully, biting her lower lip before replying, "Thank you all for giving me another chance and I'm sorry again, for everything I've done. I'll do whatever I can not to disappoint all of you and the people of Earth."

Her head nodded a little to Diana in response to her offer and she smiled faintly before replying, "I'll look forward to that .. and I won't let you all down again."

"Well," Steve says as he looks around the table. "I don't know about you ladies, but I gotta get something to eat. If only for the story about being able to eat a steak in space so I can go home and tell my gal."

"I believe you, Kara," Kate says quietly, offering over a small smile. "I believe in you." And then she rolls her eyes at Steve, smirking, before she pauses and looks to Diana with a speculative eye. "Can we really get steaks up here? Like, there's a kitchen, with other people who cook?"

Important JL:A intel right there.

"Ask for Hans, he loves his job and a good critic." Diana states, rising as well with thr rest of them.

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