The Demi-God and the Girl

May 16, 2015:

Phobos meets up with Bluebird after hearing from Susan. Again.

The Narrows, Gotham


NPCs: Susan


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'Alexander, it's me. Susan. Your little friend is here again. I did all that I could, but she's pretty banged up. Just call me back, because I'm starting to think that she has some sort of boyfriend that beats her and its definitely not roller derby. I checked. Listen, I'm just worried about her, alright? So talk some sense into this kid. She said you were paying for this one too. Call me back.'

Harper was on patrol that night; suited with the complete body armor that she fashioned for herself. There were a few rigs within her outfit that she wanted to test out, but it was slow. Ever since the incident in Sandy Hook; people have stayed off the streets in fear of another earth shattering attack. But not Harper.

Her hand lifts, wincing all the while as she scratches at the back of her neck, stopping in the middle of the street to draw out her phone to check the random SRD feeds from drones hacked around the Narrows to see if anything needed.. fixing.

Which was nothing. Bummer.

Cursed mortals and their cursed demands on his time. Don't they know he has important things to do, he can't be looking after every single one of them despite their proclivity to constantly hurl themselves in the way of harm over and over. He's going to have to have words with this Bat Man. He should know he influences young people to rush out and…
Alexander took a deep breath after listening to the message, his crimson eyes glowing viciously as he stalked the length of that small training hall he's been staying in. He wanted to grab something, bend it, break it.
But then none of this would heal Harper, and there was nothing else to do now. He strode towards the door, grabbed his coat and his phone as he stepped out. Her number was the second he dialled after answering Susan's message, telling her he'd handle it. The second call was to Harper, telling her that he would handle things, but he needed to meet her to speak of what has passed. That, and a time and a location were what she gained.
And at the appointed hour there he was on the streets of Gotham… he didn't like Gotham, not as much as he didn't like Metropolis… but Gotham still smelled funny. He was sitting down at the designated dog park in one of the passable neighborhoods of the city, his rear resting on the bench surrounding a fountain. Glasses on his eyes, grey hoodie with his hands thrust in, he looked fairly non-descript for the most part.

Since patrolling was out of the window, Harper looked at the time upon her phone and decided to make her way to the meet up point, a casual walk along in the quiet of the night, up until she makes her way towards the dog park that was a little ways out of the Narrows but not too far to where she couldn't get there without a few rooftop sprints.

The back of the bench was approached, her hand reaching out to lightly touch upon his shoulder. It was a brief touch, a slight frown dampening her features, "You shouldn't be out here by yourself, Sir. Think you should go home."

Does she know that it was him? Nope. He really didn't tell her what he was going to wear. But she waited for the man who currently sat there to push off and move towards a sembliance of safetly.

LOGNOTE: safety.

Looking sidelong towards her, the man lowers his glasses just a touch to let her recognize him as he smiles a bit. "Don't worry about me, officer. I have someone that looks out for me when the going gets rough." He clambers to his feet slowly, looking a bit tired as he rises to his full height and looks across the way at her.
He slides his hands out of his pockets and casually steps towards her to give her a small hug in greeting if she allows it, then steps back to meet her gaze. "So I got this phone call thing from Dr. Sue. She's totally getting ready to call protective services down to the hospital for you."

"Oh? And who is that?" Harper smiles big beneath her harem-esque mask, taking a step back as he rises, leaning forward so that she could return the hug, but not without a few winces that show within her features. Thankfully, he didn't see that.

"Ugh.." Harper immediately blurts out, drawing her hand towards the back of the bench so that she could hop over and settle down in one swift motion, her boots planted hard against the ground as she leans forward, both elbows hanging upon her knees.

"I didn't know she was going to say all of that. I just told her to call you to tell you to pay for it." She rubs at her neck again, fingers idly scratching. "Pretty lady, but damn she's nosy. And I'm eightteen. She can't call those people on me. It shou.." She stop herself, then shakes her head. "Just.. tell her thanks looking after me, alright?"

"Well still," Alexander takes up a seat beside her. "She is concerned, something to do with her oath I imagine." The young man settles into the seat slowly, resting his arms upon his knees and leaning forwards with fingers interlaced. His eyes distance as he looks around the empty park so late at this time of night.
"And don't worry, I will. But see, I don't think you can maintain things this way." He rolls one shoulder slowly until the joint gives a faint crackle, then he looks at her askance through one scrunched up eye. "You are doing something that won't end well. I can't keep paying your bills. That is literally just putting a bandaid on the core issue. You need to get better, or to stop the whole crazy vigilante thing."
Alexander opens his hands, as if staving off her assuredly negative comments. "It'll depress me terribly if I do this repeatedly and then finally have to spot the bill for your funeral. I mean I'd probably be all sad, moping around in my underwear, eating Ben and Jerry's. You don't want that on your conscience."

"I know that.." Harper murmurs, her eyes planted upon the ground as she feels she's being scolded. It was nice, at least. No one was calling her names, and there were options there. He was starting to feel like a bigger brother, than a friend. "Honestly. The only way for me to get better is to do this. And, I'm training with a friend. I just so happen to get slipped up on that particular night and things didn't go as planned." She smiles slightly, her head shaking briefly as she finally sits up to rest her back against the slats.

The image she had of him fed /by/ him causes her grin to grow wider. "I think I'd enjoy that. My suffering.. your suffering.. won't be just in your pockets anymore. That shit'll reach your soul." She laughs a little, patting at her chest.. something she really shouldn't have done.

"Trust me on this, Al-fooey. I'm doing some good here. I'm getting good. Better. I just need.. something." She really didn't expect this talk. "Just a little bit longer, is all I need. Yeah." She nods her head, her own eyes scanning the horizon now, drawing silent.

For a time he just sort of looks at her, incredulous with one eyebrow cocked. Alexander leans to the side, as if perhaps a different angle would reveal to him what really is wrong with her. It doesn't help. His nose crinkles then he shakes his head. "Alright. But I think I want to meet this Bat Person." He says this solemnly, as if passing judgement. "If you have the connections hook me up and I'll give him a stern talking to. Or I'll just track him down myself. Dress up like a hot dog, call myself the deadly Dr. Condiment or something."
He waves a hand to the side and looks away. "If you get hurt I don't want you to not get yourself checked out. But I don't want you to feel there's some safety net. There really isn't."
He looks up somewhat and takes a deep breath, "And I'll have to go out with Susan if only to get her to agree to hush it for the forseeable future." He looks sidelong at Harper. "You are very trying."

There were a lot of things wrong with Harper. She could count on both hands and the remainder of her toes of the issues that she was currently rocking. But there in was a little smile, her head rocking a little to the side as she glances towards him, her brows lowering. "He's not training me." Yet. "And.. I really don't have his number, or any way to contact him.." Yeah. Oracle has her number obviously, but that's as far as it goes. One foot in the door.

"If I get hurt.." She starts, thinking, fingers pressed together to tense with a slight bend. "..I got back up. It's just this one time that I didn't find her in time. Listen.. Alex.." She turns now, planting a knee slightly upon the bench, the turn itself was slow.. practiced, careful.

"I'm not going back to Susan after this. I don't want you to put yourself through the motions to do .. whatever it is to keep me healthy. I really shouldn't have said you were going to pay this time." She lets out a little huff. "Besides, you look a little too tired to deal with her. What's going on?"

A small smile touches his features as he looks to her. "I'm fine, you shouldn't worry about me. Besides, Susan can be fun. Just she seemed to have a certain desire to pick out towels together, wanted me to meet her parents." Alexander again waves the words away with the brush of one hand, as if they were just so much smoke.
He turns to the side to meet her gaze evenly, resting his arm upon the back of the bench to support him as he leans there. "Don't worry about me, I'm a big kid now and all that." Alex cocks his head to the side, as if trying to convince her through the power of pure charisma! But it probably doesn't work. "You don't have to go back to her. Just… if you're hurt get yourself seen to. If I was like some sort of rich guy I'd have a company or whatever and could give you some kind of health insurance, but I don't. I'm just some guy with a trust fund."

"Oooh.. you did say you were one of those types.." Harper mutters, her eyes cutting towards him through her lenses. "You know.. the wham, bam, thank you ma'am, oh I'm soo tortured that if you're with me, I'll only just hurt you because I'm not a real boy!" She leans over to give him a slight shove, then pushes herself to a stand.

"Yeah, you and your trust fund is going to dwindle if I keep asking for you to pay. I know a lady, Zee who can fix me up when she's able." She gives a toss of her head for him to join her, holding out her gloved hand for him to take so that they could walk.

"C'mon. Take me home."

She'll feel his own hand curl over hers and he gives a gentle affectionate squeeze before he places it on the crook of his arm as they begin their casual moonlight stroll. "You know, you might be surprised at how accurate your words truly may be." The young Olympian's footsteps are silent upon the cement sidewalk as he strolls along with her, moving under the boughs of the trees and along the gentle curve of the path.
"Did you ever read the Odyssey in school? Like when was that a few months ago?" His lip twitches as he offers her that joke, fully expecting a vigilante reprisal upon his terribly vulnerable upper arm. "Homer described Odysseus as a man whose thread of fate was terribly strong. So strong that when it came near others it tended to rub against them until one or the other broke. Invariably not his."

"I'm not surprised. I'm Ha.. Bluebird. I'm always right." She grins at that little joke, however his question coupled -along- with the joke? It was taken seriously. She was fresh out of high school, just a couple of months ago. So whatever joke he intended to say, was totally glossed over and missed.

"I've read it, but I don't recall it." She answers honestly, settling for silence as they strolled, her eyes upon each dark nook and cranny, even often times glancing up towards the sky.

"In other words.." She murmurs, so that she could understand. "…Odysseus pretty much gave everyone around him bad luck, bad luck to the point of killing them, yeah?" She pauses for clarification, but says nothing else, waiting for him to continue.

His other hand covers hers gently as they walk, just to give a small squeeze before he slides it back into the pocket of his jeans. The young deity looks upwards, scrunching one eye up and to the right as if searching for the right words. "Not so much, more like… by knowing him, being around him… their lives were put into danger by them. Wasn't so much bad luck as he was an individual with great destiny. So through no malice, nor ill use, sometimes he'd get those people around him killed."
Alexander looks back down, how much to really tell is the key. He could just blurt it all, but that always leads to weirdness. Best to take it somewhat slow. "Things are sort of like that for me. Like…" He looks at the tip of his shoe for an instant. "I plan to find the Batman eventually. By making this wish known to the world and what powers there are… it most likely will come true in some form. For me the concept of Fate is a palpable thing. It has to do with my family."

Harper listens, her face scrunching beneath her mask, her head tilting up to glance towards him as they walk. Beneath the shades, she could see that faint glow, she never really thought about it, or found it weird. But.. now? It was starting to make a tiny bit of sense. This guy? He was like Fox and Zee. All filled with magic and possibly mutants. She never bothered to ask, she just.. accepted it.

"So.. you're trying to meet Batman. So you could eventually get him killed just by knowing and being around him." She possibly took that wrong, but she was protective of him, even if he wasn't of her at times. "I don't like that." She doesn't pull away however, but she does lead him towards the sidewalk, that slow stroll continuing.

"Listen. It's a mutant thing. I get it. And it's alright. But you're not going to get to Batman if that's going to happen to him eventually. We actually need him around here. And I'm not apart of that.. crew he has." Not yet, at least. "I'm learning from the Fox." Eventually.

"You're kinda misunderstanding me." Alexander walks along for a bit, scritching a fingertip along the curve of his chin thoughtfully. He takes a few moments considering what to say, then turns back to look at her as he murmurs, "I'm sure he has a fairly strong strand of fate. I worry about you, however. It's sort of like…"
A small twitch of his lip is seen as he looks up. "It would make for a good poem. Young beautiful girl, taken with a mysterious stranger. They spend time together and she swoons into his arms, only for her to tragically be fatally wounded during a wild conflict for him to hold her as she passes." Again he crinkles his nose. "It would not be good. Meeting the Bat, once, however would be worth a few lines but I just intend to scold him a bit."
As he says that Alexander keeps walking then he sighs as it's becoming apparent that he's going to need to tell more. "Alright, put it this way. You know how there's a Thor running around, and his brother Loki, right?"

"How am I?" She asks, but she would soon get her answer. She wanted to ask if her strand was as strong as the Bats.. but the way he speaks, it obviously wasn't. She does listen to the tale, her brows furrowing, her lips quirking in a weird way, but she remains silent through it all, a soft little chuckle drawn out. "It sounds like a movie.. Al-lopecia.." She still couldn't find a good nick-name for him, so she was trying it out. Willy-nilly style.

"You really don't have to do that. He's telling me to quit, over and over. I won't. You won't get me to quit either. It feels like its in my blood."

Though, as he puts the question to her, she raises her brow. "Uh.. yeah? I mean, I've heard rumors. But I ain't actually seen any of them." Thank the Jesus she hadn't, how could anyone handle that little tidbit, meeting a God?

"Yeah, well, about that…" Alexander starts to explain to her, but then perhaps decides to answer something else first. "I kind of want to speak with him anyways because he should know the impact he has on people, and not just the ones breaking the law and all that."
The young Olympian stops walking with her to turn her to look him in the eyes, he lowers his hands somewhat and tells her. "Remember that night you jumped down to save me? It was terribly heroic. But you also remember I wasn't scared?" He holds up a hand, "I mean that literally. I had no fear. You see my father… he's really rather old. Several thousand years."
Alex turns away again, hooking his hands behind his neck and interlacing the fingers as if struggling with this last bit. "I mean, some people have tried to explain it that when a race of people become sentient, they create deities to explain things they don't understand. Some people say we're sort of just extensions of humanity as a whole. My father is sort of like, a manifestation of War. I'm his son, and so I became a manifestation of Fear… does that make sense?"

"You can't curse out Batman." Harper states simply. "One does not simply cuss out the Bats." She even draws up her fingers, just like in the meme's that are all over the internet. "Trust me. He's well aware of the impact he has upon people. Good and bad. But.. I think he doesn't entertain it, because he's focused on doing what's right and rejecting what's wrong. He's like.. a symbol of justice. Our hope. He's what gets my baby brother home safe at night.. he's what keeps him alive. And, I want to /be/ that for him. Cause he has to make it out, he has to go somewhere far, he has to be somebody. And doing this? It's.. making it easier for that to happen for him. At any cost."

She huffs a little laugh, then stops right along with him, his grasp to turn her causes her to shrink back in a tiny bit of pain that she felt within her arms. She couldn't help but shrug back away from him, then slightly nods. She admittedly was focused on saving him than to be worried about how Alex had felt. But.. it made sense.

"So let me get this straight. Cause I'm pretty fly when it comes to /some/ smarts. Your dad, is the God of War. And you're like some weird off-shoot of a fear God?" She wrinkles her nose, taking in a deep breath through her nostrils which causes her to sneeze just a little.

"Okaaaaay…" And if he could see through her lenses? Her eyes would be working. This.. this is the moment that spells trouble with a capital T.

"So what, yo' mama is Xena the Warrior Princess too?" She starts sniggering, reaching out to give him a smack upon the arm, which was soon gripped and grabbed to drag him along. "Hercules is your cousin, oh oh. Lets not forget about Gabriella. She's your lesbian step mother."

"That could be so," Alexander listens to her comments about Batman, but then goes on. "But I figure I'll see what I can see for myself. I'll probably get him to take a swing at me if possible and then sort of watch." He scritches a fingertip along the bridge of his nose thoughtfully, but then doesn't elaborate further upon his plans.
But then she starts smirking and laughing and making jokes. To which Alexander folds his arms over his chest and feigns a glower, but his own smile is there a touch, despite the blaze in his eyes. "This is serious, ass." He shakes his head, rolling his eyes as if being so put upon by such an unruly creature as she. "His name is Ares, when I got older the role of Phobos fell to me and here I am." He spreads his arms wide. "I'm not going to do any tricks or anything, so if you don't believe me then hey, fine, be a butt."

Harper lets the Batman issue go; for this one was just too good to pass up. She was seriously cracking up, laughter that stops with random 'ow's' and 'ohs'. She had to bend a little, just to stop, a slight wheeze pitched forth, even as he calls her an ass, and a butt!

"Alright, alright.. Torpedo, don't get your panties in a bunch." She was obviously tired, winded just a little, and she reaches out to grasp his arm again to tug him into walking.

"I don't have any reason to not believe you, though I do reserve the right to call you a headcase at random points." Did she believe him? It was hard to tell; though.. as she thought. It made sense with the red eyes. "Honestly? Lately? I've seen too many magick tricks so it's a little relief to not have you do any." She was taking this, really well.

But there was silence there for a moment, leaving whatever her thoughts were for another day, stopping in the middle of the way to tug him back just a bit. "Alright, this is as far as we go. I don't think it's good.. parental.. stuff to have my brother or any random hoodlum seeing me walk to the door of our house with some random joe. You might get your ass kicked and me killed.. then you'd wind up crying over my corpse and boo-hoo'ing into some Kemps."

Again he rolls his eyes, there's just no winning with some people. But he does slow his pace to wander with her back towards her home. "Please, go see Susan. I won't bitch about it further, alright?" He offers her this entreaty with a sort of look of concern in his eyes, but then he shakes his head.
Another squeeze is given to her hand on his arm, then he steps back and away. "You go on up and do your family stuff. I'll try not to get myself killed on my way home, since I'm a delicate little flower and all." He makes another dissatisfied harumph of sound, but it's clear he's not actually annoyed.

Some people just ain't used to the Narrows humor, but that was Harper, in all of her glory. "Fine. Just.. don't subject yourself to something you don't necessarily have to do, alright?" She meant it. Which also means she'll consider continuing to see Susan whenever she gets hurt. Or.. bleeds from the inside.

She'd hug him, but she keeps away, drawing her hand up in a faint wave. "See you later, Phobos." Which is a better name than Petunia. "And try to get some sleep? You need your beauty rest.."

And with that, she was off, dipping into the first entryway of the concrete maze, heading the rest of the way home alone.

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