Lunair's Brain

May 16, 2015:

Hank, Jean and Lunair discuss the matters of her brain. And feelings.

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Jean spent three days sleeping in her own bed, a sleep that was forced upon her until she awoke with a start. Dreams were weird, but everything else? Even weirder. And there was still a need for her to return to Africa post haste, but this time with a few friends in tow. Namely Henry and Hank. And possibly Calvin. Here's to hoping they'd all agree.

But when you want to take care of problems abroad? You start at home first; making sure your shit doesn't stink is the top priority now a days. Lunair was having troubles, she had received word from Scott that she was due to be seen by her and Hank, which is why she showered, brushed her hair, and invaded Hank's space by entering in without knocking and playing with his bunson burners. Mostly cause of the fire.

"… so you see. We think it's a mutant. But we're not sure. Henry is on board. Ororo is recovering at the hospitals in Lwak and Warren is working with our old student to come up with something better than they have now until we find out who or what it is.."

She looks at her watch, shifting her weight within the chair, finally turning the burners off. "She's a bit late.."

Beast was able to scent Jean's approach so he wasn't completely surprised when she barged into his lab. He'd been up for a bit and was looking things up on the computer, "And you're early," is offered as he finishes what he was looking at. Only then does he turn to Jean, "Henry…which Henry? And where in Africa again? I'm happy to go if you think I'll be of any use." His mind flashes back to the SHIELD mission with the silo.

"I would suggest not messing with those…" although he's sure she could probably put them out if they got out of hand. "And just what are we supposed to do about nanites? I'm not a surgeon…"

Lunair's been even more retiring than usual post-HYDRAfication. Combined with 'remedial' training, she's been feeling lower than a drunken slug in a mud road during December. She's also been doing Lunair Stuff(TM). And maybe getting a Skaarhug. Or two. Or a dozen. Lunair is even not dressing in ruffles these days. She dresses more in flowing fabrics, giving herself the appearance of a renegade art student. Or a very dedicated botanist.

There's a careful rap on the doorframe. Never startle a fellow in his HQ.

"I'm always early." Jean admits. Save for the past few days. "Ororo's Henry. That Henry." She states, drawing up a glass stick to pointed it towards him. "Lwak. And yes, you'll be of use. They're struggling on how to keep an entire lake and their water stores from evaporating, and fear that it'll turn to the earth. It's already causing crops to come to dust.." She furrows her brows slightly.

"I took the same classes you did, Hank." Jean teases, perking up at the sound of the door as she turns towards Hank with a slight shrug. "You're a scientist and a friend. Let's be that for her, at least." She lets Hank get the door, she already wandered in willy nilly.

"Well, I can try to help with the water thing, yes…" even though he's not an engineer either. But that certainly seems more up his alley than fighting in some sort of silo…when he can't really get to the people he's supposed to fight. Anyways. Hank looks over at the knock on the door, "Come in, Lunair," and he stands to welcome the other. Noting her clothing, he offers, "You're looking very Springy," before he gestures her to the sofa.

"Thanks," She smiles at the last bit. Lunair doesn't seem bothered by Jean's early-ness. Never be bothered by someone who can set you and your brain on fire at the same time. It's a good life motto, right? Besides, she's more upset by the creepy Nazi grandpa speedster business. At least he seems to be gone. Nevertheless, she waves to Hank. "It's good to see you," Nod. He's fantastically blue!

She moves to sit on the couch. Lunair suffers from weird resting face. Unless she's feeling something strongly or remembering, her face falls blank and distant. "How are you two?" She do care, though.

Jean grins just a little. "It's all science-y stuff. There's no try. You'll probably enjoy this one." Jean leans back upon the stool as she glances towards Lunair, actually admiring the bit of dress that she wears. Jean is going to take a page out of her book one day, when she's not suited up or knocked out cold in a hospital gown.

"Gorgeous." Jean calls Lunair, drawing herself up to a stand to move towards the couch, taking up a spot right next to her, shifting her weight a little into her direction so Lunair could be in full view. "Ugh.." Jean murmurs as soon as that question was asked.

"I've been asleep for close to three days and not a drop to drink or something to eat.." She wasn't hungry, really. "So, starving maybe?" There was a little laugh, then a slight frown. "But enough about us, we're here for you. Scott told us that.. you were kidnapped? What happened?" She at least.. wanted the whole and full story.

Beast offers, "No complaints," before he gives a bit of a snort before he moves over to a mini fridge and pulls out a couple of bottles of water and a salad that was going to be a snack later. The food, along with a fork, are set down before Jean. He then joins the two, sitting in a chair across from the couch and listening.

Lunair smiles at Jean. "Aw, thanks. That is nice of you. And really? Would you want me to get you something after this?" She asks. "I can get some kobe beef or Chinese or-" Handwave. "There's breakfast foods to go, too." She looks concerned. "Or water…" Poor Jean. "Sleeping for three days is pretty intense." Lunair looks worried, the nanites in her brain forgotten for a moment.

"That's good," She offers to Beast. And then Lunair is asked the dread question. She falls quiet. "Which one? The one where I got nanites or the one where I apparently went HYDRA for a weekend? I don't remember a whole lot about either. The first incident was in Centennial Park in Metropolis. I was playing in the hedge maze when myself, Metal and Arsenal heard a purse snatching going down." She looks thoughtful. "So we all rushed over to help. Arsenal tackled the purse guy and Metal and I went to check on the lady. She looked like a debutante. Anyway, turns out she wanted 'one of us' and is apparently Baroness. So she paralyzed Metal, I guess Taskmaster knocked Arsenal out after her ninja henchman got blown up by her purse and then a giant robot catdog grabbed me, shook me a lot and I got knocked out." Pause. "Then I woke up a day or so later on the side of a road. I only remember a lab, seeing Taskmaster and everything was foggy."

Jean just shakes her head. Beast had already had it handled. Salad was actually good in the morning for energy, and not grease. Though, the kobe does sound inticing. "I'll take some Kobe if you can grab it." Why not?

But she does listen as she drinks down the water and quietly eats, trying her best to not crunch upon the snappy veggies too often, her face an emotionalless mask, seeming to focus more on the food than the conversation, though that was pure accidental deception.

But she doesn't say anything until Lunair was finished, but first she glances towards Beast, and then towards Lunair. Nanites? That's above her /own/ paygrade, however, there may be something Beast could do about it. Maybe.

"Do you /want/ to remember what happened?"


There's a second water if Lunair wants one. He then listens as Lunair explains what went on, his fingers laced together before him. "To be honest, I don't really know what to do about removing the nanites. I'm not a surgeon, neither is Jean, and that's delicate, delicate work. Now, we might be able to figure out a way to separate them from their programming, but I may need to get Kitty involved in that…or Doug." That's a thought there. He should explore that.

"As for the programming, that's where Jean may be able to help you. We can try and…separate you from what they did to you. Lunair, we understand that you were being controlled. No one is upset with you…"

Lunair smiles. "Yeah, no problem. I'll bring it back if you like." Then she goes quiet. "Well, I was told someone in SHIELD might be able to but… I thought I'd ask you guys," She admits, fidgeting quietly. "As for my weekend with HYDRA, I was coming home and that was the whole engine punched out of my car thing. I hate fighting speedsters," A pout. "So damn fast." It's not fair, it isn't.

At Beast's last words, she goes quiet. "I feel awful about it. I'm a hazard to be around. I'm not even that great at things. I'm not sure why they wanted me so much. It's frustrating." Maybe it's the stuff in her blood? Who knows? "I sort of thought about going it alone awhile. I don't know." Sigh. "I guess if I'm stuck with the nanites… that's that. They seem to be dormant, far as anyone can tell. What if I headbutted a magnet?"

The salad, while half gone, was set aside upon the table in front of them. "Is it a matter of trust?" She asks, finishing off the bottle of water, then allows it to float towards the garbage without a fuss or show of display. Then.. there was the mention of the speedsters.. her brows furrowing and rising all at once. The only speedster she knew of, was Quicksilver.


Note: Lunair is a very, very busy girl. Remind her to take a vacation.

Though, as Lunair finally confesses her feelings, Jean slips close so that an arm can go around her shoulder, giving her a brief hug and a light kiss upon her temple if allowed. But the magnet thing? Causes her to giggle sharply. "I think that's a job for Hank.. or Doug and Kitty to figure out. But you have to know, Lunair, that we've been at this for years. Distancing yourself from your friends and family only hurts them even more than physical pain." She squeezes her briefly. "So don't do that. How about we come up with a plan of action first to see if you're kindly with it?" She glances towards Beast, then. She wasn't going to pry, not without permission.

"Then they'd be ripped out of your skull and probably kill you. Don't think that's the best idea," Beast points out. He quiets as Jean and Lunair have their moment, "We'll get through this. I was at SHIELD when they dealt with someone else who had also been taken by HYDRA, but his was different, I think. I trust SHIELD…" to a point, "And if you want, I can get in touch with them for you."

There's another pause, "It's good that you feel awful…it would be bad if you didn't feel a thing. But that said, no one is blaming you. Or judging you. Things…happen." He looks to Jean, "We can try to help some, if you'll let us. If you'll let Jean. I can work on seeing about powering down the nanites until we can get them out of you."

Lunair does work pretty hard of her own volition, but it's likely she grabs life wholly since she spent most of it in a lab or a hospital room. Being out and about is /awesome/. Lunair smiles at the giggle, but she falls quiet. "Sure." Nod.

Beast's words make her hm softly. "Well, that'd be a bummer. And really?" She tilts her head. "It's okay, I have some of their phone numbers but we can go together if you like." She does trust Beast. "They seem to be kinda dormant right now, but you can take a look." She appreciates it, but still. Freaking nanites in her freaking brain and being HYDRAtized for a weekend. Sucked, man.

Jean winces harshly at Hank's bluntness. But.. that's pretty much what he always is. Blunt. Got to appreciate that. She does look towards him questioningly at the mention of SHIELD, but she says nothing about that at all. "I think you two should go together.." She murmurs quietly, drawing herself away from Lunair to keep them both within an easy field of vision.

"I'll step out of the way and gather the materials.. unless you prefer saliva over blood, Hank?"

Beast didn't need to sugar coat that…besides, he didn't want her thinking that it could be possible. That would just be…bad. "I'll happily go with you, Lunair…you just let me know and I'll give them a call." Although, knowing SHIELD, they're listening. Somehow. He then blinks at Jean, "Blood…saliva…for what? The nanites are in her brain. I think we'll have to either convince one to come out on its own or do some sort of scans to catch them. I'm sure I can rework something to do that…" that isn't an MRI.

'Maybe you can help with that though, Jean?" He looks to Lunair, "If you'll let her…"

Lunair doesn't seem too bothered by his bluntness. It's just Beast as she knows Beast. She looks confused a moment. "Sure, we'll see," She murmurs. "Um." She's not entirely sure about that for a moment. Phobia says what. "I - uh - S-sure?" She's not sure what that entails, really. Can Jean talk to them? Brain probing? A bad nose picking habit? Hmm. Either way, she seems glad enough to have the two here. And SCIENCE!

"Her brain? I was assuming that it was somehow in her bloodstream as well." Jean could admit that she was wrong, at least. It was going to be tricky, really. How would she be able to touch Lunair's brain with any of her gifts without activating her, or killing her? If they were that small, she'd be able to feel it, yet not see it..

This was a connundrum, for sure. "I think we also need Metal for this too.." Jean murmurs quietly, her green eyed gaze boring into Lunair.. not really an angry stare.. but she was thinking. And thinking hard..

Beast does know about Lunair's phobia, "Well, from what I understand about nanites is that they control you through the brain. I guess it could be in the blood, but that would mean they'd be all through the body…and might not have a strong enough presence when it comes to the brain at any given time. I mean, that's just what I thought…SHIELD may know more since they've apparently dealt with this. They might even give us ideas to deal with them here." However, and he looks at Jean again, "Jean may be able to help you deal with it on a more…psychic level. Maybe help protect you so even if they do get activated, you'll have some protection?"

"I don't know if it's in my blood, too… definitely the brain," She considers it. Lunair is quiet, letting herself think. "I'll talk to Agent May then," Lunair promises. Then she tilts her head. "Is that possible? I don't even know what she wanted with me, since Zyklon went on cheerfully after me even after the nanites." It's all a big puzzle. Too bad a good chunk of the nanites are already assimilated into Lunair Collective. "Either way, I'm glad I got to at least see you two."

Jean is aware of it, possibly things she managed to gleam from the surface and their time down in Detroit. As the two make their plans, she was set on making her own. She just had to see the professor first.

"Alright. You two see what you can do with the nanites first and foremost. Then, after I speak to Xavier, he can show me a way to.. help you remember if you so choose." Her powers were still growing from expending it all to save all of those HYDRA agents, which is why sleep and rest is necessary. "Until then, Lunair.. try not to think about it all. And do not distance yourself from people who love you."

"All right, speak with May, and I'll go with you if you want. It would be my pleasure." Beast gets up and moves over to the computers again, "I'll do some more research, but Jean is right. Don't forget that there are people who care for you. We're not going to let a bunch of nanites change our mind about that. So don't run away and be solitary in thinking that you're protecting everyone. There is strength in numbers. Far better than fighting solo."

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