Calling Cheeseburger out of Retirement

May 14, 2015:

Carol Ferris calls up an old friend, and asks for some test piloting help.

Carol's Office, Ferris Aerospace, Metropolis

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NPCs: Carol Ferris' assistant


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A Week Ago

"Miss Ferris. We could send Gonzales up in the prototype, he's ski-" Carol's assistant murmured to her as she was looking over a tablet only to be interrupted by the woman, "No. He won't do. He's good for putting on a show but he won't test the plane to its limit. We're going to need someone a little reckless."

Carol began to browse through the computer in front of her, looking over her old Air Force contacts. Quite a few of them were working for her presently, even operating in the lesser known branch of Ferris Air which provided Civil Air Defense contracting but none of them would really do.

A name came across her screen, 'Carol Danvers'. Her lips pursed for a moment and she nodded her head, 'yes she would be perfect', Carol Ferris thought to herself.

"Lily, track down Carol Danvers for me. I don't care what it costs. Send her an invitation to come to Ferris Air, pay for a flight or send a plane if need be. Just get it done."

Present Day

Carol Ferris was sitting in her office, a tasteful and large room with full windows that allowed her to overlook the airfield that had been built here in Metropolis to deal with the expanded operations that Coast City could no longer handle.

She looked at her watch, still five minutes till the meeting with Danvers was supposed to take place.

Finding Cheeseburger - her old callsign - wasn't hard. The Editor of the Daily Planet has at least a national if not international reputation. She's also on the active reserve of the United States Air Force, which means she can be reached through them whenever wanted. And she's cleared for any level of secrecy required.

The call came, and Carol answered. Why? She could argue that she's doing it because Ferris is an old Air Force comrade in arms. And that'd be the truth. Or she could argue that she's doing it because she loves the chance to get in on the ground floor and look over new planes and tech. That too would be a truth. But the real truth is that she is and always has been not just an adrenaline junkie, but a /flight/ junkie. There is nothing in the world Carol Susan Jane Danvers loves more than flying. And as amazing as doing so without a plane can be - and IS - she loves the thrill of doing it the old-fashioned way too.

Meet with the boss? Got it. But Danvers didn't accept a plane ticket. She just implied she'd arrange her own transportation. And she did. Her plane came in for a landing twenty minutes ago. Now, a tall blonde woman in a deep blue unzipped flight suit, a heather grey t-shirt with NASA logo on underneath. The flight suit has her wings, her insignia, her name, and her rank. 'COL. DANVERS, C.' She steps up smartly to the desk of the receptionist. "Carol Danvers, Colonel, US Air Force, reporting. Please inform Captain Ferris that I'm here, whenever she's ready for me."

Carol Ferris's Assistant looks a bit confused when Carol Danvers reports in and takes a second to compose herself before she almost salutes and replies, "Just that way Maam, Miss Ferris is expecting you."

The assistant directs Carol Danvers towards a door down the hallway leading to the office.

When she enters, Carol stands up to greet the other woman, offering a salute for old times' sake before asking, "How have you been Cheeseburger?" Her own callsign had been Sapphire, an irony considering the secret identity that she harboured.

"Hey there, Sapphire. Good to see you." Cheeseburger offers, with a snappy salute for the ex-Captain. "Cheeseburger, reporting as requested. How can an old jet jockey be of assistance?"

That said, Carol strolls into the office and lets the door close behind her, done putting on a show for everyone. Still, her smile is real and genuine, and stays in place as she walks over and extends her hand to the lovely brunette. "It really is good to see you, Carol. How have you been? I mean, besides the fact that you've expanded the company a good three hundred percent." Yep, she pays attention to such things. That's the journalism angle.

Carol accepts the offered hand and smiles back at the badass blonde, "I've been busy as hell but good, finally ditched that loser a few years ago to." She had no doubt Miss Danvers knew who she was referring to, "I was wondering if you might be interested in a job? I'm looking for an exceptionally good pilot who might be interested in flying some state of the art prototypes. We're working on a fighter with space combat capabilities right now, pretty cool stuff but I'm not exactly an astronaut like some people."

Danvers smiles broadly, and then takes the offered seat now that they're here to put things down to brass tacks. "Well, you know me. I'm always up for a good flight, hotter the better." Carol may not be out and out stupid reckless, but she often pushed the envelope, and often swore she'd earn her ace if given the chance. Her test scores in mock combat support that conclusion, but the combats she flew in didn't have enough air to air against other pilots to give her a chance. Of course, no one knows that she got plenty of time in 'air to air' when she was off-planet. But the confidence is there.

"I could probably take a leave. Honestly, if you need me, I'd be happy to help out." Danvers doesn't need the pay, though she won't just work it for free, either. Have to keep up appearances. "After all, I really want to see you - or anyone - make the best plane possible, and that includes making sure it can take the punishment and keep getting its people back to the tarmac in one piece." Unfair advantage she has; there's virtually nothing one can do to a plane that would actually kill her, and most wouldn't even do her serious injury.

"Excellent. That's why I wanted to call you, a lot of companies don't push the envelope with their designs to find the real flaws that would be found in combat." Carol Ferris muses as she sits back down at her desk, gesturing for Carol Danvers to take a seat in the comfy chair across from it, "It's a shame you weren't around during the Atlantean Invasion, Metropolis was hell. You wouldn't be able to tell from looking at it now, but the city was a complete war zone." If Danvers kept up on things, she would know Carol had flown sorties against the Atlanteans during the invasion.

Carol nods in understanding. "I've certainly seen enough of that." Whether because she was there, or because she's seen it in the Daily Planet archives, Danvers is well aware of the damages suffered during the Atlantean invasion. "And rebuilding from that offered you the opportunity for the expansion of the company, and you've capitalized well. So, your air- and vaccuum-sucker fighter. Is this a contract already secured with the Air Force, or someone else? Or is this something you're trying to get done before you find buyers, to inspire them?"

"It's one of our longer standing contracts to produce an aerospace fighter for the Air Force, although there's still another decade before they expect an actual finished product. With all of the fuss about aliens being real, they are putting a bit more pressure on me though." Carol sighed a little but based on her attitude she must have known aliens were already real or didn't care, "I'm not sure on that assessment though, since we got hit just as hard here in Metropolis as anyone else. I lost a lot of pilots who volunteered their services in defense of Metropolis and our holding here took considerable damage." She gestures outside the window to a few of the hangars that have yet to be rebuilt.

"Well, you've still done an amazing job, and I'm sure it won't be long until the rest is repaired and better than ever." Danvers offers. She too doesn't seem surprised by the existence of aliens, or the threats they represent. "Why don't we just work on pushing your current design through its paces. If there's anything I can suggest in the process, I will. The sooner you can present them a top of the line effort, capable and solid, the better for everyone, I'm sure." She's equally certain Ferris has to be working on updated weapons systems for the environment of space combat, but she'll get into that later. "Put together a schedule. Obviously, we'll want to go over the design with the designers. I'll want to put the contract through the lawyers. Then I'll do my homework, go through the specs in detail once the NDAs are filed. And then we can start scheduleing simulator prep and flight times." In short: Cheeseburger is in.

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