Follow The Children

May 15, 2015:

Oracle briefs some of the team on the Obelisks in South Hook and details the plan for moving forward.



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Last nights operation had gone well. Seven children had been found and placed, under supervision (medical and otherwise), in one of Oracles safehouses overnight. The redheaded Information Goddess is currently making arrangements for more permanent accomodation for them, as well as moving things forward to finish whatever those obelisks in South Hook were about.

To that end Oracle needs to brief her team, or rather those who will be working closely on this one. She's sent out a message with a time and the location of the gym May had found. This may become the teams new headquarters…

Sitting in her command chair on the top floor of the Clocktower, Oracle is ready for the meeting, she's got video footage queued and all.

Nighteyes enters the gym with a thoughtful look on her face. Goliath is tucked between her skin and tube top, peeking out from between the shirt and her chest. He has a very smug expression on his face. "I was thinking La-" No no, just Oracle. The vampire has to remind herself again. "Oracle. You should hang crosses from your air vents. It would most likely keep any of my kind from entering that way again. Any of those old enough that it did not work, would be very unlikely to come for you."

Melinda May looks over from where she's already standing inside the gym waiting for the 'conference call' to begin. "I've already coated the insides of the vents in here with silver leaf. Less readily visible." And likely fragging expensive. She just hopes that it'll actually work. She touches the comm unit in her ear to signal Oracle. "Do you want the rest of the silver leaf for your workspace?"

Charlie is sitting on the couch in the Clocktower muttering to herself as she pulls on her gear. Her top still has ragged zombie claw rends on her side right over her ribs exposing pink skin. She has been trying to figure out the bunker equipment batwing used to make a new top but for now the damage shows. Oracle who knows the technology in the armor would probably be impressed.

Misfit pulls her goggles on and bounces up to her feet and then bounces >pinkurple> out of the establishment and into the gym now appearing in that slash of smoke.

All three avatars now appear in the one location, that's a good thing. Oracle considered having Misfit beside her, but for the interest of team building decided being onsite with the team was more important.

"Please, Agent May." the redhead makes a note to check the expenses the Agent is incurring and ensure that she's contributing enought to cover costs. "As you know, I've already had an incursion. It's not something that I would like to repeat."

Since May had found the Gym, Oracles been having it fitted out. It's a work in progress and until she and May decide that this is the place the Tech Fitout, is good but not the best she could do. For now, there's a large flat screen monitor which is connected to Oracles network and audio / visual surveilleince and communications. It will allow the wheel chair bound redhead to share information with the team in a limited fashion.

"Since we're all here, I'll begin. Thank you all for coming. Misfit, I'm not sure if you've met Nighteyes. Nighteyes is a newer member to the team." But not the newest. Displaying the Obelisks from the video feeds on South Hook, Oracle explains how they came to be there. "What do you know about Intergang?"

Goliath watches and listens from his nice warm and very soft resting place. He tilts his head back for a moment to regard his Mistress. She seems a bit distracted. The tiny dogs eyes widen and Nighteyes sighs and pats his ears. "I apologze, I must confess I know nothing of them." She answers.

Melinda May turns to look at the flat screen display. "Metropolis based gang. Suspected of involvement with clandestine human trafficking and black market weapons deals. Most recently showing up with 084 levels of technology." She doesn't add that they are VERY quickly rising in the ranks of threats that will require SHIELD intervention.

Misfit tilts her head studying Nighteyes and her dog. "Hey nice to meet you." she thinks she may have met Nighteyes, but isn't positive so much chaos has been happening these days. She steps closer to the screen, looking up to it. "Aren't they the ones that use the metahumans and supervillains to do crime too sometimes?"

Oracle prefers to let her teams be part of the solution, hence asking them what they already know. "There is much happening, Nighteyes and there is no need to apologize. It's why I called this briefing, to share the information we have."

As she's talking, a video starts to play showing the Obelisks in South Hook coming into existence. From them rising and then the chyralis stage, become what they see today. "That is correct, May and Misfit. We believe this work is related to Intergang and I've been asked to help with stopping them. This wasn't the only attempt."

A video from a village in Russia is displayed on the screen. The quality of the video isn't good, it looks like it was taken from a phone and then processed a number of times. "This incident happened several weeks ago. It was interrupted by members of the JL:A" The Information Goddess pauses for a moment "We have reason to believe they are related. The incidents are similar in nature."

Oracle pauses now, waiting for the team to take this in.

Nighteyes and Goliath both seem surprised and pleased with Misfit's greeting. People usually see the unusual pairs glowing red eyes and either go the other way or prepare to attack. Goliath studies Misfit. Hey, maybe this lady will pet him…? He is still a dog dammit! Okay, he's sort of still a dog. He gives a tiny sigh of frustration. Nighteyes watches the video and then frowns. "That looked to be Russia? What does a Russian village and Gotham have in common, that these people would be …doing whatever it is they are doing in both places?"

Melinda May squints a bit at the over-processed footage, trying to place the kinds of weapons that each child is using. What she wouldn't give for Partisan's knowledge of firearms right this moment. "Is there a way to identify the types of firearms in use here? If so, are they consistent with the ones encountered the other day?" That kind of information might possibly give them a new lead or two. Just as likely not, but…

Misfit steps closer now as well to squint at the screen. "So are the obelisks making the kids attack heroes.. some sort of mind control or magic. I mean obelisks scream magic but it could be tech I suppose…." she trails off "how are they making them.. or well um.. what else do we know?"

"All very good questions." Oracle sighs to herself before continuing "Nighteyes, yes that was in Russia, a little out of the way place." Kane had asked that same question "There are no similarities that we can see at the moment but…" the redhead pauses "I'm getting more detailed analysis of both locations done. I've contacted members of the JL:A to do Russia and I will find someone to do Gotham. Wonder Woman said that the Russian village wouldn't have been missed, so we're a little suspicious that it might have been a testing ground. But the JL:A interrupted that test and they moved forward, to Gotham, where we interrupted their plans again. If those obelisks had exploded, South Hook would be gone and much of Gotham affected by the seismic activity."

Taking a deep breath, Oracle answers the next question "May, I can ask those that were in Russia and find out. That's a good thought." Misfits question gets attention "It's tech, Misfit. Our analysis shows that they are dimensional oscillators, so high-tech it's Science Fiction - and given what I do, that's saying something."

Next a video plays:

// "Hello. What is it they call you? Oracle, right? There is no need to respond. But I do hope this message will be received loud and clear. Sometimes new fruits must be flowered to make a wine less bitter in taste. Allow me."

The calm aristocratic voice seeks control of her screens and her search, and if it is had over them the displays begin to show explosions, war, marching troops, emulative training practices, war. And as the scroll of what all would come up in a simple Google run begins to speed up like a horrific slide show. Bombings, trenches, poverty? In between images of known heroes in this world come and go. X-Men. Missiles. Bats and Birds. War stricken faces of impoverished citizens. Justice League:Avengers. A mushroom cloud. Society. A Berlin Wall with warplanes overhead. Over and Over, faces known ad shown in the heat of battle, the current political races and news articles of hate.

"It's time to end this. Don't you say. I say it's time for something less bitter." //

"They took control of my displays for a moment. My systems stopped them getting any further but that's how good they are." Oracle hadn't been happy that they'd got that far. Lastly an image of Whisper Adaire is shown on the screen ( "This is who was controlling the children."

One brow raises as Nighteyes watches the footage, the other slowly inching up. "That was interesting. I would say someone certainly has it out for you. Perhaps the world at large, although I get the sense it's all a show, for you specificly. He wants you afraid and jumping at every shadow, looking into every corner. You could be kept so busy doing that, you miss the obvious." She sighs and shrugs. "I could be completely wrong, I admit. Humans and their ways are rather odd to me now. I am strange even for a vampire in that I have no memory of my previous life. I do not remember what it was like to be human, it can make it very hard to understand one's motives."

Melinda May says, "If those obelisks are tech, how risky would it be to take someone to Sandy Hook to study them?" Yes, May is thinking of Fitz. "It's very specific tech, by the looks of things. If there's a matching distinctive energy signature, we can likely track it. ""

Missy mmmms to herself "Well if they are tech I could port them far away from each other and all… though dimensional tech." she pauses "I don't want to get stuck in faerie again.. that was dangerous I'm told." she scrunches her nose up. "So … do we know anything about the lady or the one who hacked you.. because that is scary hardcore Oracle."

Nighteyes has a point and the redhead nods slowly "I believe you're right and if not just me, then all of us. But it's not going to work, they've chosen the wrong group of people to mess with." Looking back at the notes she's made from the incidence "Sandy Hook is safe for the most part, Agent May. He may require armed escort but we haven't been able to penetrate the outer shell of the obelisks. However, do you thinkg that Dr Fitz maybe able to help with the analysis of the area? Mineral samples, I'd say seismic readings, electrical activity etc? We can compare that data to the Russian site, it might proven enlightening."

A final image, the armoured man from the scene is displayed "We believe this is the Crimson Dynamo, I'm confirming." Blowing out a breath, the redhead smiles almost sardonically to herself "So, now that we're all on the same page, let's discuss how we're going to move forward." And as succinctly as possible Oracle outlines last nights operation and the fact they now have 7 mind controlled children in custody.

Nighteyes nods her head in approval. She likes the redheads fighting spirit. The vampire bares her fangs in a silent snarl as last night's events are outlined. "I very much wish to find that man again. Very much. I will make an another exception to my no harming the humans rule for that one." She pauses and then adds. "Also, whoever did this to those children. It is sickening. Just as much as the Master who went for you in your home. There are some things that are just not done! Even by Vampires." She has no regrets for staking that one despite the trouble it will bring her if it ever gets out to others of her kind.

May nods at Oracle's words. "I'll bring Fitz and maybe a few others." Simmons, of course, is the next that comes to mind, and she'll see who else she can tap from outside of SHIELD. But, more important at this moment, "How are those children doing?" She's especially had a momentary twinge of worry for the ones she hit with the ICERs.

Misfit pauses and holds up her hand. She bounces back to the Clocktower with a flash of Pink and Purple Smoke. "A master vampire invaded our place?!" then she bounces back out. She doesn't know Nighteyes knows about the Tower or Babs. She is back in the Gym in a heartbeat. "Do we need like a psychic to wake them?"

For our homeviewers… Oracle is conducting a briefing for part of her team. Bringing them up to date on what happened in South Hook recently and Russia sometime ago. Oracles in the Clocktower and the team are in an abandoned gym that May found… a basic tech fitout has been conducted with a large flatscreen monitor and audio/video feeds.

"The children are fine, Agent May. I've had them under medical care and I'm making arrangements to move them to something more permanent." Misfits bounce in and out has Oracle sighing "Yes, Misfit, we'll talk about that later. We don't want to wake the children up, just yet, or rather remove the mindcontrol" She's bracing for the arguments …. um discussions …. "We want to follow them, listen to them, find Whisper Adaires base of operation and root this problem out at it's roots."

Nighteyes isn't sure about this plan but she doesn't have any better ideas herself. Goliath pokes his head back up out of the shirt and stares at the monitor. Wow, that's cold. He's thinking. Practical though. The tiny dog rolls one eye back up at Nighteyes. For a moment she looks startled and then vaguely upset. "No. You know better than that." She chastises him.

Melinda May looks at the monitor flatly for the first time. "I don't like it, Oracle." She doesn't tell Oracle she's going to stop it, but she had to at least say she wasn't happy about it. She does give Eyes and Goliath a brief look, perhaps wondering what conversation those two are having.

Misfit also studies the dog and Nighteyes "Is the dog like… your renfield or something.. is that a bad term.. is there something preferred?" she trails off and eyes the monitor. "Um.. we need to make sure they don't get hurt tho too when we do this."

The trap door up top flops and The Fox (in costume) comes on down the stairs. "Evening ladies." He murmurs. "You called, Oracle? This about the other night?" He'd been talking to Babs and Diana and Batman of all people when they'd had this conversation earlier. "Anything new, O?"

"I did Fox" Oracle would be amused at his entrance, but… that's the Fox. Vaguely she wonders in May might punch him again."A little Fox, you're just in time, really."

"It's cold but I think it's a necessity. And I will add that this was suggested by Wonder Woman herself" Oracle's open to discussion, to a degree, maybe they'll come up with some other way. "Of course we will make sure they are safe and as soon as we find the locations, Misfit. It's why we're having this discussion, to determine the best way to approach it." Worrying her bottom lip for a moment, the redhead blows out a deep breath "We know that Black Canary's cry snaps them out of it and it's possible other meta-human abilities might as well. We can certainly synthesis something like the Canary's Call."

Nighteyes blinks a bit at being called a lady and her lips faintly quirk into a hint of a smile. She gives Misfit a puzzled look. "I do not know what a Reinfeld is. Goliath is my child." She glances down and prods her tube top until the tiny dog pokes his head back out. He'd hidden when she chastised him. The vampire sighs "Oops." When the dogs wriggling about inadverdantly shows some of her…assests off. "Be still you, that is not a thing to do in polite company. Unlike you I do not have fur." Goliath grins, tiny vampire dog fangs flashing. He looks rather smug again. Nighteyes just rolls her eyes. "Uh, I apologize. I have no other ideas at the moment."

Melinda May whirls and steps back into a combat stance at the sound of the trap door, but straightens again when it's just that fox-masked guy. She seems … unimpressed. And then Nighteyes and Goliath have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and she just barely refrains from rolling her eyes. Instead, she pulls a length of black silk and with some clever knotting of the meters-long sash, she offers the vampire a little sling-like affair to help with carrying Goliath AND keeping her clothing in place. "I don't see any other option right now." Because of their options, shifting the 'possession' over to one of them is a DANGEROUS prospect, and she won't let anyone else volunteer.

The young Misfit is just staring at the dog and Nighteyes "Wait.. you made the dog a vampire…. that dog is a vampire…. " she trails off just staring wide eyed behind her goggles. Yeah she derailed.

Kane also stares at the vampire and the vampire dog. He'd been introduced to the notion that this particular vampire didn't need steaking. He's sort of unused to that idea. "Yeah, Misfit. Takes a bit of getting used to. Someone want to bring me up to speed?"

"I've just given the group the update, Fox. Last night May, Nighteyes and another took seven mind controlled children into custody. " Oracle watches Nighteyes display with mild amusement "They're currently in one of my safe houses but I'm making more permanent arrangements for their well being."

The redhead in the Clocktower nods, sometimes they had to do things they didn't like. "If we're all in agreement, let's move on. How are we going to achieve this?" It's a question that she starts to answer "We need someone with them constantly, listening to what they have to say and it needs to be someone, or multiple someone's, who know know what they're listening for. That's a start and it needs to be done now." Of course there's more….

Nighteyes takes the length of material from May and nods her thanks. As she's settling it around her and placing Goliath in it, the little dog turns and gives May a look as if to say "Gee, thanks lady." No more nice cool skin for him. Once she's done Nighteyes looks up at Kane and Misfit and her voice is somewhat defensive. "It was an accident." Goliath wilts. "A happy accident." She reassures him. Goliath rolls his glowing red eyes and sighs. "Hrrrmph." "We should have tracking devices on all the children. Good ones. In case they have aniticpated this I have another idea but it may take a little work. I need to look into something first. Can you not make a computer program to do the listening?" She asks. "As for the mind control…what about a telepath? One of them could undo the damage perhaps." Goliath makes a tiny sound. "No. That is not an option. We will find another way. There are many other ways to undo mind control."

"I can requisition SHIELD-issue trackers, but I'll have to explain why. I'm not sure how well that'll go over." May just gives Goliath a brief and unimpressed look before turning back to the display. "Trackers, even top of the line ones, aren't infallible. If we're going to be putting these children at risk, I want a safety net. Magical tracking or similar."

Missy considers and then nods "I can get Fenris to show me how to make a magical tracker… should be hard to block with my chaos magic I think.." she keeps one eye on vampire dog.

The Fox nods. If that's all then he already knows most of what they've gone over. "Okay…. sooooooo….?" Why am I here, is the subtext. "I have arcane tracking methods, you guys know, right?"

Oracle gives a slightly bemused smile "Your here, Fox, because we help with the next phase. Listening to and tracking the children." She pauses "I have audio facilities in the Safehouse, I've been getting some of what they're saying. It's the talk, between and to themselves that may prove enlightening. As to tracking devices, I have sufficient that are hooked into the OracleNet, May. Your offer is appreciated but for now let's not go there. Nighteyes, I can make a recording program and hook it into the trackers, why?"

"Fox, I need at least seven lots of whatever you can give us for back up tracking. And we need it now." She's being demanding, she knows, but time is of the essence "And you'll need to teach us how to use them, if you can, in case you're otherwise engaged when this goes down." The redhead blows out a breath "The next thing is when we let the kids out. I recommend we let one go and follow closely. I'll want at least three of you following, at the first sign of danger to the child, get them out there. Even if it means aborting the mission and tipping our hand. Does anyone have anything to add?"

"I meant, make a program to listen when you need to sleep. Or someone else does. That way no one needs to be watching them constantly. Rest is important for you humans." She frowns. "I will do my best to help but I am limited to the night hours…if dawn is coming I will need to go, I do not care for the thought of abandoning you all mid mission if we are not done in time."

Melinda May nods at Oracle's declining the SHIELD equipment. Likely best if she keeps them completely out of this. "I dont' know how much I can help with the monitoring part, but once we're ready to move, I can be there."

Missy looks curious at May "Do they have cool stuff that can fix armor.." yeah she has visible claw marks right through her chest armor under her arm to the skin. Then she looks over curious to Fox "Oh right.. maybe I can watch you make em?"

"Is that armor leather?" The Fox peers over at Misfit's suit. No… it's a bit higher tech. But sandwiched armor, what the people in medieval times called 'brigandine' is something he knows a thing or two about. "There's a shop in Gotham that might be able to do something with that too. O knows where."

Kane nods. "You won't be able to use them. I don't have time to teach you how. But i can apply it. When do you all want me to move? And will I be working solo or…" With any of these frightening women?

"You're it then, Fox" Oracle listens as they speak "Tomorrow night, we move, as soon as it's safe for Nighteyes. You four, will work together." And she'll play overwatch. "I'll send out the full details before noon tomorrow."

"Misfit, I want to see that suit. I might be able to help you fix it. And if not, that shop The Fox mentioned should be able to ." Oracle expects to see the Chaos Muppet anytime now. "May, please let me know when Dr Fitz is available, I'll pass through a list of things I want to test for." Blowing out a deep breath, the redhead nods to herself "If there aren't anymore suggestions or questions, Oracle out." Of course, she'll keep the audio and video feeds open till the gym is locked up.

"We will be ready." Nighteyes nods and rises. Goliath rolls his head back and looks at her and she suddenly snorts in laughter. "Where on earth did you pick up *that* saying?" She gives the others a wave and May a respectful nod before heading towards the exit. "Goodnight Oracle. It was well to hear you again."

Misfit nods to Fox then cants her head "I have access to the machines that manufactored my top." which is likely to drive someone crazy it being the bat bunker. "I just need help if you can with getting them to work Oracle." she smiles sweetly to the camera. "Ill be by shortly…. stupid necromancer ghouls.." she bounces out of the room >pinkurple>

Kane shakes his head. "Well, gonna be an interesting night. See you ladies soon." Beat. Tea, oracle?"

Melinda May simply nods and watches the others leave, then moves to lock the place up again. And she makes a mental note to bring the remaining silver leaf next to give to Oracle.

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