Over Zombies Dead Bodies

May 09, 2015:

Misfit faces her own challenges in helping bring the Wolf God home



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Fade In…

The Gate turned out to be, well, what else? The Brandenburg Gate. Zee'd figured out a way to unlock it. Once inside the group had been confronted with the sight of the God-Wolf in chains, laying on his flank in wolf form. In the dark. Alone. There were many things to deal with but one of the most critical was the God-Wolf himself. Put simply, he was going out of his mind. A long, deep seated fear of being chained up exactly like this had robbed him of his reason and as the others scattered to reclaim the various portions of him that had been separated from him, it remained to one person to stay and make sure he didn't kill himself while they did. Or… anyone else…

Well predictably enough Charlie doesn't want to leave his side. She carefully approaches while the others scatter to the winds to gather up parts of the God Wolf to help restore him. "Fenris." she murmurs softly now as she approaches, pushing her goggles up onto her forehead.

The god-wolf… well, perhaps just wolf now, given what was being said about 'parts of him missing' snarls and rises in his chains. They clink and rattle. His eyes are wide and wild. Frightened. Angry.


Charlie moved the goggles up so he could see her eyes. She also pivots stepping along now so that she is upwind, letting her scent hit him as she carefully approaches. "It's okay Fenris… everyone is going to gather you up and we are going to get you out of here." she pauses "I'm sorry it took so long to find a way to get to you."

Fenris' hackles are up, eyes tracking her as she moves. Her scent wafts over to him and he sniffs, once, twice. He seems… uncertain. Teeth are still bared but at least he's not growling anymore.

Charlie keeps her hands visible, then pulls them back but still visible and carefully removes her armored gloves and tucks them in her belt. She figures more time for her scent to hit him the better with that reaction. Gloves tucked she starts to approach very slowly once more, slightly in profile showing her side and not a direct confrontation. "I'm going to sit with you and protect you while the others work Fenris."

The wolf shuffles and clinks in his chains. Which are enchanted but nothing he shouldn't be able to break. Or well, had he not been so drained. There's a lot that seems to be missing. Like any awareness behind those eyes. There's movement in the darkness beyond them. Bats? Something else? Hard to say in this nether-realm.

Well Charlie is ready to break her no killing rule at this rate if she has to. She is pretty twisted in a knot there about her wolf being drained, chained, and driven insane.

Charlie finishes approaching offering her hand within bite range, palm up, held still.

There's a long moment where he growls again. Hand. He remembers something about a hand. Betrayers. The ones who left him here. Bite off the hand! Revange!

But the scent's wrong. This isn't Tyr… not… the Aesir. Who? He feels like he should know but the parts of him are too scattered right now…

And then he scents them. The dead. They're coming. He looks over Charlie's shoulder and growls more.

Charlie sighs at the growl "Fenris…" it is said very tenderly. Then she straightens up again and turns at the growl past her and reaches into her belt. Eyes barrowed as she slips her gloves on quick and surveys the oncoming threat.

There's moans in the darkness. And the sound of shuffling. The dead are coming. Charlie can smell their stench now. Fenris is growling like an engine now but he's at the end of his chain and his mobility is… limited.

Well Charlie is probably going to do some stupid things here. Since she doesn't have any magical weapons made yet just unluck stones, and the dead are.. difficult. She licks her lips and then concentrates hard. Willing her own Chaos magic into her armored gloves there. Slowly feeding it while the shuffling approaches. Not wanting her hands to blow up.

The dead shuffle forward. They're not looking at her. They mean to feast on wolf blood. And brains. Or whatever. Fenris' death would probably release a great deal of power, even though most of it has already been stolen. Charlie's hands begin to glow bright red as Fenris strains at his chains.

Charlie murmurs "I got this sweetie…" then she charges forward. She doesn't want to get overwhelmed right by Fenris because they migth get past her to him while he is chained up. She keeps one eye on him though so they don't get flanked.. but she still leaps to punch the nearest one hoping she did this right.

The chaos energy explodes from her fists, knocking the first one back. But there are more. So many more. They reach for her. Slow but with incredible strength, beyond what a human should have. Even beyond what a corpse should have. Dark magic. For dark vengeance.

Of course Charlie doesn't stand still to be swarmed by them. She hsssses at the one she punched, then starts to boune. hitting them in the back of the neck where neck meets skull with CHAOS FIST…. bouncing as soon as she hits one to the next one…. blip.. blip… blip. Trying to thin this herd of stupid EVIL Undead.

The first line falls and the next wave up… is odd. There aren't as many. But they're armored somehow in a black chitenous material that absorbs blows and - somehow - also magic. They also have claws. And they're much quicker. Elite, quality undead these. The flesh-pylons holding Fenris in place pulse and Zee, Kate and Kara struggle within them against the magic they contain.

Misfit takes a claw to the arm, which damages her awesome armor… but… it can probably be patched up either by magic or by raiding the batbunker batwing made her armor in.. maybe. Anyhow she falls back for a moment and checks for blood. "Damn." faint blood even after one bounce. Then she changes tactics. Zombies… no rule to not.. well… do them hard. She bounces >pinkurple> and grabs two of them from behind and bounces up three hundred feet and then bounces back down without them. She isn't sure if they will blow up…. like people do… or just drop like objects do. For Science! In the meantime she grabs a third and repeats.

Fenris is straining on the edge of his chains. Something is happening as the Pylons start to melt and run like wax. The wolf seems halfway caught in a shapeshift and unable to shift out. There's only half a dozen left now. But they're closing. They don't want to let the god-wolf escape.

Charlie notes the process but also the press. There may be only a half dozen but they are still the elite ones. "No!" she notes and charges her fists further and leaps into the fray. Bouncing up and droppin them is a one at a time thing since they are spread out and that won't be good enough. So she leaps into the fray aiming for headshots as she moves rapidly. A bit of wild chaos magic let loose….. and she takes several deep slices now from those talons but she won't let anyone else hurt her wolf.

One goes down. And then another. The pylons are looking less and less like fleshy pylons and more and more like… puddles of goo. And then they seem to shatter and Fenris shifts into his human form, shattering the chains as he does. There's a sword in his hand in a moment and he slices into the armored zombies. Though with perhaps less strength than might be expected. In less than a minute they're all down.

Charlie punches one last one and then runs over to Fenris and well hopefully he doesn't stab her but she seems intent on grabbing him. She does douse her magic before she does, barely… thank small favors for that right…

Fenris doens't stab her though the impact rocks him back a bit. He doesn't say anything, just gives her a tight hug. "You okay?" He manages after a moment. "The others will be returning soon and we should leave. This place will not be at all safe when Darque returns."

Charlie's blood scent is definitely in the air. "I think so… I'm not use to not healing completely when I bounce.." dark magic indeed. "The gate is over here…" she lets go reluctantly and heads to the gate. Probably right in time for the others to reappear and for the exits to be made.

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