Finding The Children

May 14, 2015:

Following Wonder Womans suggestion, Oracle gets members of the Birds of Prey to help locate the mind controlled children

Ekin Tzu (Emitted by Rowan)


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Wonder Womans directive to Oracle was clear. Find the mind controlled children, don't clear the mind control, but get the children into custody. Finding the children is tough enough, getting them and containing them without danger to others? Oracles going to need some of her best to work with.

"The children have some form of mind control. They've been taken from the streets, brain washed and are now used in this new eventuality." Oracles detailing what happened in South Hook a few days ago and what her team can be expect. "I've located some of those children, most nights they seem to return here. I need you to detain them and bring them in." She blows out a deep breath "I know this is the first you will be working together, but I want each of you to know that I trust you. It's why I've called you together."

As part of the briefing, all members have been given a map of the area and the areas where Oracle has seen the children on a regular basis. "Are there any questions before we begin?"

Nighteyes listens quietly a frown slowly taking shape on her face. "What are these children being made to do?" They are children after all. This seems a matter for human police or..isn't there some part of the government here that takes care of children? Nighteyes isn't sure. This is an area in which she knows very little. She does smile a bit at being told the la- the Oracle trusts her. Trust isn't easy to gain for someone like her and she's very happy to hear this.

May takes a moment to check the rounds in her ICER and its two extra clips, letting her motorcycle's engine idle while she does so. "Acknowledged, Oracle. ETA to target location, four minutes." She stows the weapon in a concealed holster (as she's not exactly advertising her SHIELD status currently) then starts out, blending into whatever traffic there is easily enough.

Rowan is on foot and not in dragon form. Dragon form is not subtle and the Oracle - that is, Babs - has lead him to beleive that subtle is needed here. He doesn't look like much. Muddy haired young man with an odd bracer. Fit though. He glances at Nighteyes curiously before looking back. "Do we know what the children are doing… or who they're reporting to?"

Oracle grimaces at the question. The answer is not one for the faint hearted. Not that her team is really faint hearted… "In our first and only encounter, these children were used as soldiers. Expect them to be armed and dangerous. That's why I've chosen you. We need to detain them, not hurt them. I don't expect them to be easy." The redhead checks her systems as she talking "I'm activating the video and audio feeds in your communicators, remember these will help me help you, so try to keep them in one piece."

"We believe the children are … controlled" Oracle refuses to use the term 'working' "by Whisper A'Daire. I'm still compiling her dossier but it appears she has ties to the 'al Ghul family. The information I have so far indicates she may be able to shapeshift. But… I don't expect we will encounter her tonight, I've kept my investigation low key." That doesn't mean that this will be easy though. "Agent May, you have team lead. I'm your eyes and ears… and whatever else I can do from here."

Nighteyes strolls along with her glowing red eyes and Goliath perched on her shoulder. That isn't a lot of info but she's worked with less. Catch the children without harming them, she can do that. She falls into step with Rowan, giving him a bemused look. This is not a human man but she has no idea what he is. Strange. The tiny glowring red eyed dog is staring at him too. At least for a moment, then he turns his attention back towards where they are going.

Melinda May pulls the motorcycle to a stop a block or so away from the target location and tucks it into a gap between two parked cars. Annoying for the owners of the cars, but not illegal. And she'll likely be gone again before those drivers return to their cars. Then she crosses the rest of the distance on foot, walking at a brisk pace to catch up with the rest of the team.

Oh. Speaking of… "Team. This is May. Sound off and status." Nope. No please in thre.

"This is Rowan. I'm bipedal and on the north face of a very ugly building." Not textbook but… okay. "There's a woman with glowing eyes here. Tell me she's with you?" Because if not the party's starting a little early. There's no hint of motion inside but that doesn't mean that there's no one there. No sign of the kids yet either but again…

"Nighteyes, meet Rowan. Rowan meet Nighteyes. She is part of the team." Relinquishing command of the team on the ground to May, Oracle checks her video feeds … the avatars for the three showing her exactly where they are.

"This is the first place I've noticed the children congregating." Coordinates are sent to the communicators. It happens to be a cluster of shipping containers, good place for someone to shelter from the elements. "I saw a group of five or six enter about 2 hours ago. There's been no futher activity since then."

"Hello, Rowan. This is Goliath." She carefully pats the tiny dog's head. He grins a bit inadverdantly showing his fangs. Finally! She's mastered the ability to pet him without knocking him to the ground, or into a puddle, or in one very unpleasant instance, into a thorn bush. Nighteyes pauses for a moment and unlings the backpack hanging from her shoulders. "Eeerrrffff!" Goliath is topped to the ground headfirst. "Oh! Goliath…" The tiny dog stares up at her as if to say Really?!?! Really?! The vampire winces. "I apologize." She fishes in a pocket of the bag and pulls out a large handful of zip ties. "Restraints?" She asks May and Rowan.

Melinda May catches up to the others. Nighteyes she's seen before. The muddy-haired young man… looks inadequate to the task. But, Oracle asked him to be here, so she's deferring to computer expert's judgement. The zip ties earn a nod and May reaches for a modest handful of them and promptly stows them inside her jacket. For anyone trained to look for these things, she's got weapons concealed on her person. Yes, plural. For enhanced senses, she smells like metal and a non-petroleum based oil… with faint spices mixed in?

"Eyes. Circle around the far side, don't let anyone escape. Rowan, with me. We'll flush them out."

Rowan glances up at May. She looks… familiar. Well no. He knows what it is. She looks like the sea queen. The same 'Piss me off and I'll rip your arm off and shove it down your throat before beating your pancreas to death with your spleen' look that the red head has. Huh. Wow. That's weird.

He'll let May take point. She smells odd but surfacers often do. Babs called it… perfume? He thinks. The cargo containers are just up ahead… and there's a faint 'clank' noise coming from it.

"I don't have visuals inside the containers, I'll be going in with you." Oracle watches the screens intently, this is the hard part for her. The watching and the waiting….

Nighteyes thinks May smells wonderful but isn't about to comment on it. She gives Rowan another quick look. What is he? Then tucks the ties into her belt and perches Goliath up on her shoulder once more. "No biting of the small humans." His eyes roll. Of course not. He has a different plan in mind. "Do not worry Oracle, it will be well." Nighteyes murmurs softly. She can guess this must be hard for their leader.

Melinda May nods to Nighteyes then leads Rowan toward the most likely entrypoint for the children. She's seen the red-eyed woman move blindingly fast, she knows she can catch any kids that try to escape.

As soon as they get close she pulls the ICER from her jacket — it looks enough like an automatic pistol that someone unfamiliar with the technology might mistake it for an actual handgun. Taking a gamble, she uses military hand gestures to direct Rowan toward the cargo container that just clanked. Sorry, kid. You might just end up as bait.

Rowan pulls a flashlight sized cylender off his belt and creeps forward, peering carefully. As he moves the tube extends to a full sized spear made seemingly of hard coral. Wicked looking warhead on the end too. He's wary of that clanking… "I don't see any…" There's a loud 'caw' as of a bird and a man lands in the center of crates hard, going nearly to the ground before coming up to his feet. He draws a blade and smirks as the kids emerge from hiding places nearby. "Looking for us?"

As the being lands on the ground, Oracles' recognition systems begin to run, the search is going to take a couple of minutes "Thankyou Nighteyes." Just give her a minute and she'll have information on what, or who, this is.

The vampire hesitates. Her first reaction is to knock the strange man's head off, but mind control was mentioned in regards to the children, maybe its true of the man also. None of these at first glance seem to be like the undead she's been dealing with recently, so Nighteyes rocks back on her heels and takes up a defensive position at the doorway of the container. No one is getting past her.

Melinda May doesn't let the baddie of the day get more than those initial three words out. She fires an ICER round at him, aiming for bare skin to make sure the dendrotoxin hits. It doesn't sound like a normal pistol, even if it kind of sounds like one.

That he's not normal is imeditely evident. Whomever he is he's not pinging on Oracle's immediate searches. The nearest thing is… a hit on a Japanese crime database but it looks to have been tampered with. A lot. She can probably undo the damage but it'll take time.

A shadow seems to emerge in front of the man, taking the ICER rounds. As May fires other fire opens up. THe kids have guns. And despite the desire to not use lethal force is not reciprocated. Rowan dives for cover.

"The man is not friendly, Nighteyes." Oracle knows that much. The corrupted database has her grimacing as she sets her repair tools to work on it. "No data on him as yet. But the closest I got a hit on was from Japan." She'll also kick off alternate searches to see if something else can provide information.

Nighteyes sighs. Children with guns..She's going to be hunting whoever is responsible for this very soon. This is a worry, not for her so much but her companions are not nearly so bullet resistant. Goliath leaps down, showing he can match his Mistress's blurring speed as he heads straight for strange man's crotch. No biting but a high speed headbutt there ought to give him pause. Nighteyes explodes into motion herself, with the intent of getting those guns out of the those little hands as quickly as she can manage. She'll take a few hits if necessary, especially if it's heading towards one of her teammates.

Melinda May ducks behind some cover, cursing faintly. One of those bullets managed to burn a line across her leg, but it's inconsequential unless the smell of fresh blood bothers Nighteyes or her parrot. She waits for a hesitation in the gunfire and this time aims for the children and hopes like hell that the dendrotoxin isn't too much for their little bodies.

Two of the children slump over. Out. Clearly unconscious rather than dead. It's in the skin color. Two more are robbed of their guns by Nighteyes and then Rowan moves again. He's a bit… blue ish. SOmehow. The tint of his skin that his. One hand shoots out, a sonic wave knocking over another controlled child and then the Japanese man is on him. His spear comes up to deflect the blade, parry and strike back but his opponent's used to (and good at) this.

Oracle's search comes up. Ekin Tzu. Triad. Huh. Maybe he's Chinese then. There's not much on him beyond a note that he's not been active in the East for some time. How he ended up here is an excellent question but he appears to be more than human which isn't noted in this profiule.

Nighteyes snarls. Blood in the air. One of her companions has been hit. Goliath growls as well. He has a headache now and that asshole is still moving. The tiny dog tilts his head in consideration. She said no biting small humans… gleaming white fangs flash in a little doggie grin that would be terrifying if he weren't so tiny. He leaps onto the strangers shoulder and sinks his fangs into the man's neck. Nighteyes usual speed is hampered a bit by so many people in a small space and the need to not accidently kill any of the children. She's zip tying them as she goes. How many of the little bastards can there be in this box?!

That hit gives Oracle information she needs and she relays it to the team "That's Ekin Tzu, Head of the Lucky Hands Triad, here in Gotham. Part Rave, associated with the 'al Ghuls as well." Not that that's really a surprise given how he arrived. "There's a mention here about an immortality potion. Move to detain and subdue. Needless to say he's got superhuman strength as well."

There's a lot more information about Ekin Tzu, but none of it is pertinent right now.

Okay, so Rowan isn't just a hapless dweeb Oracle picked up somewhere. Good to know. She lets him keep contending with Ekin Tzu, and fires a few more times, aiming to take more children out of the fight. She makes a mental note to thank Simmons and Fitz for inventing the ICERs. THIS is what they were designed for.

There's a blur of shadow and a caw like a crow's and suddenly Tzu isn't fighting Rowan anymore. He's right in May's face and swinging at her leg to maim her. May knows enough kendo to know that the follow up is a downward stab right through her heart if she gets put on her back. Ther dog? He's back there. Somewhere.

The good news is that the kids are all down and none of them are seriously hurt. The bad news? Is that this little fracas seems to have generated some police interest. Oracle can see dispatches going out.

Oracle can see the despatches going out. She could access the system and make a few tweaks, reroute the cars to elsewhere but that would tip her hand… it's too obvious that someone has access. Better to keep a low profile. "You've got incoming Law Enforcement, eta 7 minutes" She transmits that information to the team.

Nighteyes sighs. Oh great..thats just what this situation needs and she still doesn't have her papers. Goliath is making little growling sounds of rage. If this was a human it would have been down and out from this neck savaging he's given the man. His growl turns into a yelp as the chunk of skin he's hanging onto tears free and Goliath finds himself flying into the side of the container with a dull thud. Nighteyes is suddenly behind the man and grabbing the arm attempting to stab May, jerking it back with enough force to break it. Oracle said subdue. She didn't say how and he'll live just fine with a broken arm. *Crunch* She also stomps down on one of his feet.

Yes, May knows that move. She's TAUGHT that move to more agents than she can remember offhand. She pivots to block the attack aimed at her leg, using the same momentum to step inside the man's reach and jam the ICER into his neck and fire it at point blank range. If the projectile doens't do its job (again), hopefully the impact to his trachea will be enough to make him hesitate. And maybe it'll be enough of a hesitation for her to pull a blade and put him down for good. Of course, having Nighteyes step in and stop the attack doesn't hurt either.

Rowan snarls and throws a hand out as May fires. The sonic wave catches the man as May fires… and Nighteyes appears behind him. Slamming him into Nighteyes with enough force to throw him into the opposite wall. That may end up poorly for Nighteyes. It's not immediately clear whether or not Mays projectile had the desired effect.

"Do what you must." Oracle doesn't condone lethal force, but the police are drawing nearer and they've got to get the kids out. "We need to vacate, get the children and leave." If they want to leave Tzu for another day, they can. "Remember what our objective is." There's a bigger picture to consider.

Nighteyes snarls in pain. She'd already caught a bullet or two, being forcefully thrown into the metal wall with this freakish asshole who just won't die hasn't helped her any. She thinks she felt a rib or two crack. The vampires struggles to her feet. Okay, maybe more than crack. She shakes it off and shoves the man onto the floor, taking advantage of the disoriontation to zip tie his hands and legs a couple times. Her eyes flick towards Goliath. He's getting to his feet and shaking himself off as well. "A van…there was a van..parked nearby." Nighteyes pants. If they can get the children in there then they can get out of here before the police arrive.

Melinda May nods to Nighteyes while she deals with Tzu and moves to get the van. "Oracle, locate the van Eyes just mentioned. Time to see if she can still hotwire a car in under thirty seconds.

Tzu isn't sufficiently disoriented for that, sadly. Abandoning his blade he pushes off in a puff of smoke again that leaves a feather on her shirt. He vanishes from sight. Rowan snarls again in frustration and picks up a couple of the kids, one under each arm. "Nighteyes, come on! We need to get them out of here!" Soon. The dragon blue loads them into the back of the van, careful to seat belt them.

Rowans located the van, the police are still minutes away. Oracle watches as the children are loaded into the van. She'll direct the group to one of her safehouses and sends an encoded message to Wonder Woman via Watchtower. "Sit rep, please."

Nighteyes looks rather pissed off at the man's sudden escape but manages to help load the children, being careful not to hurt them. She makes sure Goliath is resting beneath one of the seats, grabs her backpack and settles down on the floor of the van. After a moments fishing inside she removes a plastic pressure bandages and with a word of warning, she doesn't want her hand taken off by accidently startling May, Nighteyes reaches forwards and presses it to her wound, making sure it sticks before she lets ago and collapses back against the wall.

"Seven children." Rowan murmurs from the back. He seems to have some rudimentary first aid, not that the kids seem to need much. May and Nighteyes were very effective at disarming them without seriously harming them. "All alive but it'd be good to have a plan for when they wake up. Are we going to try to deprogram them?"

"Eventually, Rowan." Oracle sighs, this is going to be the hard part. "Right now, we're going to… I hate to say it… use them against their makers." She fully expects a visit or two about this decision "We're going to follow them back, listen to what they say, glean all the information we can." It's a terrible thing, really, but is it worse than putting guns in the hands children?

The vampire's eyes flash open. That seems a litte…cold, really. For a human anyway. Not as bad as what had been done to them but not a lot better. Her eyes move over the children and she sighs. It isn't as if she has a better idea. She'll let it rest for now. "I apologize for this but I am rather injured and it cannot wait." She fishes a large thermos from her backback and then titls her head back and drains the entire contents. She'd already fed earlier and this is twice her usual dose but her body is in need right now. Sighing in relief, her glowing eyes soften and Nighteyes leans back again. Goliath edges forward and clamps his tiny fangs on her wrist. He was hurt too. "Good boy." She murmurs. "It was animal blood." For the others. "I do not feed upon humans.

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