What, no Earl Grey?

May 15, 2015:

During the dinner of Ivy and Nightwing, Green Arrow drops by and it promptly ends. Lives were saved! Yay!

Isley Gardens


NPCs: Children


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He thought he was being so sneaky. He moved like Tarzan, leaping from branch to branch, occasionally using a vine, and making his way through the green without ever touching the ground. Trees aren't sentient. They can't tell he's there, and his costume blended so well against the shrubbery.

The Green Arrow was on a mission. He had a tip that something was going down tonight in the Greenhouse, and thus, he had made his way, slipping in through a hatch in the roof. He wasn't sure what purpose the hatch served, he was no expert on greenhouses, but he was thankful for the surreptitious entrance. Dropping down, he landed on a branch, causing it to flutter a little bit. From there, he crouched, but kept still, hoping to blend into the surroundings.

What can be seen in the greenhouse? Well, there are two kids…around thirteen or so, playing video games, and Ivy and…Nightwing are seated at a table. Eating, what seems to be, dinner. Nightwing still has his mask on but they two are actually having a seemingly-friendly conversation over some tomato bisque, pork chops, and side dishes.

"So, the avocados have to have that button in them in order to be ripe? Really? Because I always get them and I swear they're ready…but they're either too far gone or too hard. I swear, it's sheer luck to get ripe avocados."

"Yes." Ivy enjoyed this chat, even though her senses were spread all around her. Her garden wasn't too idle, her sentries were at work on the outside, tending to the plants with fertilizer that Ivy made herself. It was plant food, really. Mixed with cured H2o, fed to the lush green that surrounds it. There were stalls in the conversation for that matter, but she was able to keep up with the conversation with no issues.

"Yes. That's the one thing that grocery stores cannot stop you from doing. You have the divine right to pick the freshest of fruits and vegetables. You're actually doing them a service by checking." Ivy says matter of factly. Her bisque was almost gone.

"Remember. Brown. Bad. Green. Good."

'Why are youths playing video games in a greenhouse?' Oliver wonders to himself. When he was their age, if he had been in a greenhouse, it was because he was there with a 15 year old girl, and video games were the furthest thing from his mind. But then again, that's how he ended up the father of someone of voting age.

Moving further into the greenhouse, he spies the couple talking about… avocados? Things were going from strange to just plain weird. As he drew closer, he risked being spotted, but there was too much in the way, he needed to get a clear shot with that listening device of his. It was aimed at the table between Nightwing and Poison Ivy. And after hearing more, he thought his device must be broken.

No girls in sight and not everyone can be Oliver Queen. "I tend to try and shop at the Farmer's markets, to be honest," Nightwing points out as he works on finishing what was on his plate. "I like to support the local economy." See? He loves this city too! "But I'll try to remember that with the avocados. I mean, who doesn't like a good guacamole?"

The two young boys were having fun, it was like music to Ivy's ears. The conversation was informative and she actually taught Nightwing a little thing or two about avocados. It was a good night so far, but it was sad, tonight would possibly be the last time they'd chat as friends. This month.

"That is very good of you, Nightwing." She was pleased of course. Very. "There's a small tincture that I'd like to give to you to pass on to some of the farmers. I'd.. venture my way out there myself, but none of them trust me because.." Of the Batman. And that she's a villain.

The vines that hang from the roof begin to subtily swing, as the walls seemingly spark to life as Ivy stands from the table. It was as if at her whim, the house came alive.

She paces quickly towards the cabinents full of vials and liquids, picking through them until she draws out a smaller one, reading the label with her own handwriting upon it. "You're welcome to test it, or whatever you bat-people do. However, it's my special brand of growth serum. It strips the negative chemicals in some of the fertilizers that are used in foods, then adds a bit more vitamin so that it could be much more healther than normal stock.." She didn't move from her place.. but there was something strange a foot.. there was more heat within the greenhouse than usual..

Being Oliver Queen isn't all its chalked up to be. He has to put in the hours, both training and in combat, or else all those calories he consumes would start putting on the pounds. There's a reason it's called Big Belly Burger. Well, if you don't work like Oliver, that's exactly what you might get.

The swaying of the branches, the vines… trees don't move, do they? It set Ollie on edge. He began looking for a source, listening, watching, trying to find the cause, but there was none. And then, since the conversation had been quite civil so far, at least what he had heard, he decides to drop down.

Green Arrow lands with a thud, dropping into a crouch to cushion the fall. Then he slowly rises, bow in one hand, but contracted. "Is this a private tea party, or can anyone join? I don't suppose you have some Earl Grey?"

Nightwing doesn't seem too terribly surprised, but he does give a heavy sigh when Green Arrow drops in. "Arrow…leave. Please." The last thing that they need is to get Ivy upset again. "Look…there's nothing going on. Two people had dinner…I'm leaving." That's said towards Ivy, "Thank you for the meal and the…hospitality." Right…the serum. He steps over and holds out a hand, "I'll make sure they'll get it," once it's tested, of course. He doesn't want to be handing out random things to farmers that feed Gotham, after all.

"Come on, Arrow. We'll walk out together."

The heavy thud has Ivy turning, her red locks whipped with a snap of her head, her eyes narrowing harshly upon the Arrow. Her fingers clasp the little vial hard, her teeth a full grit as her gaze falls towards the room with the children, and then towards the Arrow yet again. Just as she fully faces him, a step was taken, Nightwing immediately speaking up but.. still…

She was waiting on the both of them to walk out; her once normal skin soon darkening into it's greenish hues. She was becoming virtually toxic, right there upon the spot.. mostly because she perceives this new hero's arrival as a threat.

Nightwing's feelings are pretty clear, but it doesn't mean that Green Arrow has to like them. But he plays it pretty casual, "leave? But I just got here, and I'm dressed up in my Sunday best. And dinner? It's the red hair, isn't it? I'm more into blondes myself, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one of us out there who isn't dating a redhead."

And then he sees Ivy turning green. "Woah, is that normal? I'm pretty sure that's not normal. I could get the vial checked out why you check out Ivy. How does that sound to you, NW?"

And then to Ivy, he offered a gloved hand, "Nightwing seems to have lost his manners, but I haven't. The name's Green Arrow. I was in the neighbourhood, so I thought I'd pop in."

"Get out, Arrow. Now." Nightwing is going to use his Bat-voice for this. Everything that he's done for the last couple of hours is about to be completely undone. He looks to Ivy, "I'll get the vial from you later," before he moves to try and guide the archer back out. "This is none of your business. How would you like it if we just dropped into your home without any invitation? Out. NOW."

There was a slight tick beneath her eye as she looks back towards the kids, her gaze falling upon the two men, figuring that.. all of this? Was just one horrible mistake. She takes a step back, her eyes glancing up towards the ceiling as she takes a few deep breaths, attempting to calm herself for the moment.. she couldn't lose her shit in front of the kids. No.. that would be a very, very bad thing to do.

"Get… out.." She meant the both of them. She was on that last vine of niceness.. pretty soon? It would turn bad, and she'd lose everything…

The Bat-voice doesn't impress Green Arrow, or at least it doesn't seem to. But Nightwing had a good teacher, and is a hero in his own right. If he says it's best to leave, he's probably got something going on. "All right, all right, whatever you say Mr. Wing." He's still keeping up the jovial expression and attitude. He's far sharper, and more observant, than he's letting on right now.

"Oh," he says at Ivy's response, and he does begin to leave with Nightwing. "Your old boss does that kind of thing all the time, and I hear, you're a chip off the old shoulder. Are you two even related? Anyway, yes, it's late, and we must be going." So much for his fun. He would have liked to try out his new arrows, but if Ivy is reformed, or reforming, or whatever the hell the Bat-Family seems to think about criminals who sometimes don't commit crimes, he guesses that was a start.

Nightwing just offers a nod to Ivy before he goes to usher Green Arrow out. "Not in the mood for witty banter, Arrow. What the hell were you even thinking? Seriously, I don't get why you would even do such a thing. I was in no danger and if it was just to sate your curiosity, don't." He still keeps that Bat-scowl. It must be something included in the training.

Ivy lets out a little breath as she watches the two men off, the vial slapped upon the counter top as she rushes towards the little viewing window so that she could see the boys continuing on with their games. Just the mere look at them draws her skin to a normalcy, her fingers curling to wrap upon the window to point and signal that it was time for them to go to bed. Phew. They didn't see her get green.

Thank heavens!

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