The Voice of Reason

May 15, 2015:

After the events of Let There Be Darkness; Nightwing was stolen away from the scene and taken to Ivy's lair. He actually breaks her down to the point of sanity..

Isley Gardens

"If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the

The gateway to the conquered corner is green. Once a wrought iron
gate of olde surrounded this small personal slice of a groundskeepers home,
but now it is overgrown, overcome, vines wind their way up in a deadly
serpentine embrace, conquering the man made materials and over the time it
took them to grow slowly bending it and warping the ore into submission as
well as the brickwork reinforcement pillars, chipping and eroding away to
make room for the housed death of all humanity.
Within the newly made blockade of green is the entrapped bodies,
wandering too close, seeking to poison this small nest of /life/, taken in
by the Venus and her traps to be her eternal weapons to future trespass. But
if you get behind, if she lets you beyond the gates of the Poison Ivy…
Beyond the walls and gates built of those held in her eternal sway
is a garden of plants that thrive no matter the season, a vining network
like nerves; veins pumping lifeblood throughout the spanse of a garden long
forgotten, and yet not. Habitable only if you fall within the embrace of the
green that networks its way along stone paths, cobble uprooted and discarded
into broken paths, surrounded by trees ever-green and thickets ever-deadly
only moving for the sway held by one and guiding you with rippling movements
in shadows towards the greenhouse as well as the former garden masters keep.

The greenhouse is yet another of Gotham's long forgotten places,
old Victorian and Gothic architecture held together by bending metal
framework and glass once, and now it seems the vines, trees and
(un)forgotten plants keep the structure held aloft, giving it a haunting
appeal that is appreciated by its owner. Within this vast structure it is
not only above ground but below, where Isley holds her labs and nurtures
life from seedling to spore and expands on their growth. (
B1s3hp12o1_1280.jpg )
Offset and in the far reach of the garden is the old gardeners
cottage, just as poorly kept as the greenhouse in outward appearance, but
inside the green keeps holes sealed, floorboards in place and every
precarious step sure - as long as you are the owner, within her thrall, or
accepted by the green. Furnishings are knocked aside here and there, as they
are of no need for Ivy, but perhaps guests will right them and find comfort
in the old velvet and overstuffed chairs, if comfort is offered your way. (
ca6af31.jpg )
Always remember, looks can deceive and the life networked through
and within these walls can defend and deceive, the only truth is what the
Poisonous let you see, and even then it may not be real. Or too real.


NPCs: Two Children


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Fade In…

There was a dose, just high enough to put Nightwing down for a couple of days. Just enough to allow him to sleep while she ventures out, using her contacts best as she knows how to return some of the children to parents who were missing them, or reluctantly to the orphanage where most of them were stolen from by Whisper D'aire. But he was under heavy guard, her sentries stood by the velvet couch to subdue him just in case he woke up during the interim. Which she knew that he would do soon.

But the children were safe, save for a set of twins who amused her; the young teens marveling at the plants, who asked questions which Ivy happily obliged them with the answers to. They seemed to have a knack in the Green Thumb department, and since they lost their parents while young, she /really/ didn't see a point in taking them back.

Right? Right.

The children had their own wing in the garden which allows them to sleep comfortably outdoors, while Ivy remained inside doing things that people would do. Normal people. Cook. The smell of a nice tomato bisque with nicely season pork cutlets on the limb, plates dished out and given to the kids with their own little juice boxes shelved out and a DVD of the latest straight to TV Shakespeare movies.

This one is Macbeth. A tale as old as time. She found the dynamics interesting, and the modernized story almost relatable to their time. It helped, that the original play was given to them as well. And books. Got to keep their smarts up.

But, this set up was odd for someone who is a villain, but she wouldn't be Ivy if she wasn't a good hostess, a good hostess that removed his utilities before she decides to wake him up, and whatever communication devices he had on his person. She was nice enough to leave the mask, however.. well as the vines that hung from the ceiling that encircles his wrist and legs in case he decided to get a bit uppity.


"Wake up." She says sharply. The poisons in his system should be lessening by now.


The last thing he remembered was beating down the foe and Ivy coming to help. Right? She -was- coming to help…but then…Nightwing wakes with a start, a breath taken in sharply as he sits up, his eyes blinking from behind the mask.

This isn't the Batcave.

The smell of cooking food hits his nose and he looks around, quickly noting the vines about his wrists and ankles as well as noticing Ivy. A frown quickly forms on his face and he tugs against the vines, "What do you want, Ivy? Why are you keeping me here?"

If she wanted to know his identity, she would have taken his mask off. A hand reaches up to see if he still has his earbud on…not surpringly, he doesn't.


Her arms fold about her chest as she looks down towards him, her lips forming into a thin line as her teeth press against each other which causes her jaw to tense remarkably. She was still in the same usual outfit, only favoring other forms of dress when there wasn't a chance she'd indulge herself into a fight.

Fingers curl tightly against her side, her head cocked just a moment as she finally draws out a sigh.

"I want a lot of things." She confesses, beginning a slow stroll that causes her heels to knock against the wooden floor. "I want you people wiped out of Gotham, I want those who remain to cater and care for the earth as it should be. I want the bat strung up from a light pole, dead, bleeding and swaying." She could go on and on and on…

"And I want you.. dead at the end of the day." Does she really? Who's to tell. "But a little fun first! We're going to play a game.."


Nightwing's press together in a thin sort of line as Ivy explains what she wants. "You know, there are a lot of us who care for the earth. I'm really big into recycling and reusing…seriously. I'm sure Batman is as well — the Batmobile has low emissions." He knows this probably won't work, but he has to try. "Dead…if you want everyone dead except your precious plants, won't that be pretty lonely?"

That tactic may not work either. There's another tug given to the vines even as he tries to roll them off of his wrists, "What sort of game?" is asked warily.


Do not snap. Do not snap. This is your domain, this is your home.

Ivy repeats that to herself as she listens to Nightwing's excuses. Try as he might, she was unmoved. "He could walk." Though, it would seem a silly prospect. Recycling, reusing, all of that goes out the window as they break bikes and set fire to the world that did not deserve it. But the question he poses there after causes her to think; while she did have the children, they would eventually want to leave soon. To attend college. She couldn't keep them forever. That thought causes those paces to stop as she settles down right upon his lap, using him as a chair as one leg crosses over the other, fingers lifting and pressing against her lips as her green eyes shoot slightly towards his direction. "I'm always alone. What would be the difference now?"


But, there was the game! And soon, her hands were clapping with delight. The game itself really wasn't a game, but more or less, a confession. Many of them. "We're going to play a game of Truth. And depending on how you answer, I may… may just let you live."

She twists within his lap, her grin wide and apparent. "I'll start! Who is the Batman."


Nightwing tries to move from under Ivy…he just doesn't want her that close. He knows what she can do…and what she is obviously willing to do and he does not need that. "How long have I been out?" is asked before she decides on what this game is. His eyes narrow from behind his mask, not that they can be seen easily, but he doesn't seem enthusiastic about the game.

"Batman is Batman. What does it matter? If it mattered, you would have removed my mask already."


"Four days when the sun rises."

"And it matters because.. where is he? He should be here, knocking down my door, burning down my garden.. all to retrieve his precious few." She smirks a little, leaning in towards him just a little. "Unless he fully is aware of your capabilities… and mine." Her fingers do reach up, grasping at his mask, thankfully she was gloved and no skin to skin contact was shared. Even though she could turn it off by her whims, the secretion of poisons and toxins.. gloves were still almost.. mandatory.

"It's the game and the thrill, Nightwing. Knowing that your life is on the line, even though you won't divulge such a secret. Perhaps.. you would tell me who you were in place of him…"

Or, she'd just take off the mask, but she waited..


Nightwing reaches up quickly to stop Ivy from touching his mask…if the vines allow him to do so. "I don't know where he is. Maybe he is fully aware of my capabilities or maybe he doesn't care. I really don't know." Who can say they know the thoughts of Batman? "I'm not a fan of these sorts of games, Ivy. I'm a nobody when it comes down to it. What is that going to get you in your long term goals of ridding Gotham of people and making it some overgrown garden? Knowing who I am will do what, exactly?"


The vines let him, of course. They would only seek to restrain him should he try to strike her. Which he doesn't do.. yet. But she suspects it may be soon. But this game was fun, the questions put to her nearly causing her eyes to roll, her other hand drawing upright to try to touch and snatch at the mask, but adding no real effort.

"Oh, you're somebody. And it's going to give me.." She tries to snatch at again if he bats her away.. "…the satisfaction of having one up on everyone.. else.." In her profession of course.


Her hands are certainly batted away as he doesn't want her this close to him at all, much less attempting to remove his mask. "That's a pretty weak reason to do all of this, if you ask me." It's a dangerous tactic, but he's going to try and get her off of that line of thinking. "I'm not a bargaining chip." He looks over, past her, and notes the kids that are still here, "You're going to take them back to their parents aren't you? Because I'm guessing you really do -not- want 'Kidnapping' added to your list of felonies."


"Weak reasoning?!" She nearly shrieks out, stopping at her false attempts, drawing herself to a stand, one hand lashing out to grasp the vine which gives it a sharp tug in attempts to pull him from the couch by that alone. "You -are- a bargaining chip, more than -you- know. All I want are names, yours.. Batman's.. Robins.."

In fact, there really was only one reason to kidnap him, to get the Batman to her lair. To drive him mad and dump him somewhere where he'd definitely be killed. But deep down? She -was- lonely. Wasn't her fault. It was everyone elses.

Her gaze fall towards the children and where they were, busying themselves with eating and watching the movies she gave them, her gaze softening just a touch, that line of thinking certainly thwarted as she moves towards the large open window where they were easily viewed.

"It's not kidnapping if they weren't wanted to begin with." Her lips purse tightly as she turns half way, her gaze resting upon him.. and then towards the table. "Eat."


Nightwing lets out an 'oof' as he's pulled up by the vines, but he's also going to use that to try and wrench himself free from the vines. He's had practice in getting free from ropes, handcuffs, tape…but these are a little different. "Do what you will to me, Ivy, but I'm not giving you names." It's said resoundly as if that's the final word on that.

He does note that her gaze goes to the kids, "They're missing from somewhere. If you want to adopt them, you need to go through the proper channels. Have you asked them if they want to stay? What happens when they want to leave? To go to school? To go shopping? To meet up with their friends? Are you actually going to support them like a foster parent?"


The vines tighten at his efforts, but not too much to cut off the flow of blood. The names were all but forgotten for now, as her gaze falls upon the children as he continues his line of questioning. She knew what she was doing. She was going to care for them. She was going to teach them, and the simple fact that he questioned her integrity..

She turns and storms towards him, her hand striking out to attempt to grasp his neck in order to hoist him violently from the ground. "I DIDN'T NEED TO ASK!"

"I will give them everything their real mother couldn't. I will give them love, an education. Food in their bellies and a warm place to sleep! If they wish for true schooling then they shall have it! If they wish to see their friends then so be it! I will be better than anyone else out here in this shit city and will /do/ better by them." She hisses softly. "Fuck the proper channels.. if anything was proper about the system in Gotham then they wouldn't have been kidnapped and possibly killed as fodder.."


Nightwing tries to move away from her grabbing him but he's hindered by the vines. Damn things…and she took his tricks. He inclines his head as his neck is grabbed and he is, indeed, lifted off of the floor some, but his hands reach out to grasp at her wrist to try and control her grip to some degree. "Do you think I don't agree?" He manages to get out despite a squeezed vocal tract.

"I want them safe too. I want them to have all that you say you're going to give them." He tries to get out of her grip, "Are you going to do this for the rest of their lives then? If so, what sort of example are you setting by treating me like this?"


Her grip was controlled enough that it didn't constrict, keeping him aloft within the air as her eyes narrow towards his, her teeth bared and gritted as she turns her gaze a final time upon the children.. who weren't watching. Thank goodness.

She wanted to scream out, to throw him, to thrash him, the kids now being his only saving grace in bodily injury, and she was so, so very angry for that fact.

The grip tightens considerably as she continues to watch the children, then slowly lessens.. lowering him towards the floor as her bottom lip trembles slightly, a hitch of her breath taken as well as a step forward to draw herself closer to embrace him into a hug. It was alright, she wasn't toxic. Yet.

"I'm sorry.." She stammers out, tears easily falling. It was just a few that were blinked back and away that caresses her cheeks. It was /rare/ that someone was able to question and get to her like this. Perhaps..


Nightwing stiffens as he's suddenly embraced…he knows full well what she can do. But when there seems to be no effect, he warily reaches to pat her back a couple of times. It's not really ok so he's not going to tell her that. But he will offer, "Look. If you promise to treat these kids like a mother would…and encourage their interests and education…and you just let me go, I won't speak of it. It'll be just between the two of us. No one needs to know you have them."


Pamela closes her eyes, the hug tightening just enough to cause a brief moment of pain. That's if he was a weakling. But he was at his peak, she was sure he could handle such a constricting hold.

But she didn't know if he was lying, so she pulls away from him, her eyes looking up towards the mask, a slight step back is taken to draw her away from him as she glances out towards the window yet again. She couldn't have her own; they were the next best thing. Though she desperately missed the need to change diapers, bottle feed..

"Take off your mask. For them. And I promise I will give them the world and the people to work it for them." One secret.. for another.


"Those secrets aren't fair and you know it, Ivy." When she steps back, he holds his arms out, wrists to her, as he asks, "Take these off of me and let me go and I won't say anything about you holding me…I won't say anything about the kids." That seems to be fair in his mind. "You won't want them to see you fighting others just for the sake of fighting, do you?" No reason to get Batman involved…


"Oh.. but they are.." Her hand draws upright to wipe away at her cheeks, fully facing him now, blocking him from the view of the children. Her voice grows lower, quieter. "I hold their lives in my hands." He could take it as he will. "As well as yours." She reaches out to lightly grasp his wrists, keeping them held as she begins to walk, tugging him along with her towards the table and away from the childrens viewing.

"No one is /that/ stupid to bring the fight to me. They will never see a thing.. besides. T'was a show of good faith, no? I allowed you to wear that mask when I could have easily taken it away. I spared you the violation.. though if this continues.."


He had her and now he may have lost her. Dammit. But he couldn't give into her demands. Not when he -can- get out of this…he thinks. Even if he has to use the kids there. "Would you really kill them? And become as bad…or worse than the ones who kidnapped them? Really? Why keep them here then if you're just going to use them as bargaining chips?" As far as bringing the fight to her, she's right in that. If it's been four days, no one is coming for him. "Good faith? Really? What's the real reason, Ivy? Batman isn't coming for me."


The pace backward included a draw back of her foot to push the chair away from the table. Those wrists that she held were soon grasped a little harder as she turns with him, pushing him right into the chair. Then and only then, is when she lets him go.

She doesn't answer at first, for it stung her ears to hear. She wouldn't kill them, and already she felt that she failed them by even using them in such a way. But she wouldn't dare say.

She leans over, drawing the small platter of bisque towards him as well as the pork, fork, knives, and spoon already there.. then steps away from him to take a seat close to him, yet facing him all the same.

To the truth, goes the victor. She didn't expect those two kids to enjoy her, and her plants. They were the last ones to be returned to the orphanage. She didn't expect to kidnap Nightwing, it seemed like the best option at the time..

She -was- mad, after all. "I don't know."


Nightwing stumbles a little as he's pushed back into the chair, but he quickly gains his balance so that he doesn't end up falling backwards in the chair. He looks at her as she pushes the meal towards him and sits down nearby. The food is glanced at but he doesn't start eating yet. "Well then…why are you still holding me here?" Another look at the food. "I'll share the meal with you, but then I think I'd like to leave. The kids will be just between you and me."

He just hopes there's nothing in the food that could be dangerous.


One leg crooks over the other as an elbow is planted upon the table, her eyes upon the food, then towards Nightwing, and then towards the food yet again. There was nothing dangerous within the food, unless he had an allergy to cajun dry rub and garlic. And peanut oil. And tomatoes.

"I don't know." She admits yet again, her plans were all tossed out of the window when it came to him. In a way, the mystery behind the identity works. It's all she's known him as since he stepped upon the Gotham hero scene.

"You don't get to get off and get out of here for free, Nightwing." She states, drawing her own plate near, a spoon soon taken up and dipped into the bisque. "Lets make a deal. You share one meal with me a month, and come to my aid when dealing with these boys. Babysit. Ensure they have things that I cannot give them. And then you walk away free."


Nightwing somehow manages not to burst out laughing at the proposed deal. He remains seated and just sort of stares at Ivy for a moment before considering the offer. "One meal a month…and nothing is poisoned or drugged." He would hope that woud be a given, but one never knows. "However, I cannot be your personal babysitter, available at a whim. They're also kind of old for a sitter…" but then again, he was essentially on his own from the age of twelve. "But if there are emergencies or if they have questions that you can't answer…yes, I can help."

Maybe this will mellow Ivy out as well…move her from her villainous path.


Admittedly, that was an absurd request. 'Nightwing, could you pick the children up from school? It's an emergency, I'm in jail..' Oh well! Ivy is in it for the long con. Perhaps in doing this? She'd be able to get away with a lot more where the Bat is concerned, children do need their mothers, after all.

"Hm. I suppose you're right." She murmurs softly, she assumed that children always needed supervision until they were nearing the age of eightteen, perhaps it was the sheltered life she lived growing up.

"You have a deal." She quickly scoops some bisque upon her spoon to sip, allowing the spoon to rest against the sides to strike out a hand for a shake. "Don't.." No. She wasn't going to say it. If those children were torn from her, her heart would break.


He waits until Ivy agrees to his amendments. When she does, he tries not to look too surprised but when she offers a hand and makes her simple, one-word request, he offers his own, still-vined hand, for her to shake. "I won't."

And, as agreed upon, he'll have his first meal with her now. "Do you mind removing the vines? I won't bolt."


His hand was taken and shaken, her grip firm as she reaches out with her fingers to lightly tip-tap the fine upon that one wrist. "Ease up, ladies.." She mutters, glancing up towards the ceiling as there was a little tense and pull, until the vines themselves unravel their hold from his wrists and ankles to allow him freedom.

What an odd turn of events, but that goes to play towards Ivy's mental state. First, she was going to kill him. And now? They were sharing a meal. Weird.

"I'll have to lead you out when it's time. Show you trick and turn to get to here should you need to. And promise me you will keep those facts to yourself.."


Nightwing dutifully rubs his wrists once they're let go and he then takes up the silverware to begin the meal. He always figured Ivy could be reasoned with and now he's just proven that. A glance is given to the kids before he looks back to the woman and nods, "All right…I'll remember for next time. And I promise I'll keep the facts to myself. I won't speak of this to anyone."

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