A JL:A 4v4: Kanye's Workout Plan

May 14, 2015:

Steve, Kara, Booster and Shayera meet up for an 4vs4 sparring session. Columbia arrives to help and others watch.

Rolling Plains

The Sticks.


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ROLLING PLAINS: Somewhere in the Sticks.

When you're going to spar with some of the best; it's wise to do it somewhere where no one could get killed. Shayera chose this place specifically, save for a few snakes and scorpions and various wildlife that no one really gives a damn about, it was practically empty. There were a few crops that are currently in the whithering process due to lack of water, but with no landlord to tend to them, they're just fodder for being stolen or possibly destroyed.

One particular section is filled with stalks of grass; high enough to reach the kneecaps or possibly lower of someone taller, a few rocks and other sorts of debris upon the field that landed there, suffering the effects of moss and other wildlife that clings to the metals, woods, and whatever materia is made of it.

Shayera stands alone; unarmored and unarmed for now, hair tied into a bun, typical t-shirt worn as well as spandex pants and boots to match. Her wings occasionally ruffle; there was no agitation in her stance. Only patience. Perhaps they were already there and chose the method of stealth, or perhaps they were on their way..

Whatever they were doing, it doesn't seem as if she was on guard, but her ears were attuned and eyes piercing upon the horizon to wait for the first combatant to arrive.

"May seem kind of cold to anyone else this year?"

Steve Rogers is speaking about the month, not the SHIELD agent, for the record. He kneels down low and touches the earth with his hand, running his fingers over the damp soil. Cap nods towards the other assorted heroes as he raises to his feet and cracks his neck before kick-hopping his shield up to his wrist.

Contrary to the thoughts of some people on the internet, Booster Gold is good at a few things. One of the things he is very bad at is stealth of any kind. At this point, he does not even try. When he flies in, it is fast, but not supersonic, and he gleams brightly. It will give Shayera more than enough time to notice the incoming human missile, because when his forcefield is on, an impact with him can be brutal and painful. He is not out to hurt one of his teammates, but he trusts she can handle this kind of direct, brute force.

Kara arrived from the sky above and set down beside Shayera, arms crossed her chest as she looked around, "So, what exactly did you have in mind Shayera? More dish smashing?" She turns to wave at Steve only to notice the approaching golden missile, "Uh, is that a missile?"

"Cold. Yes. But we'll warm up soon enough." Three were here, but Booster was not. It was strange, she figured him to be the punctual sort.

As Kara lands, one brow goes up towards Supergirl, coupled with an almost feral grin, her hands drawing up to crack her knuckles, her ears quirking to the sound of something too far off into the distance.

"Maybe.." Is the only word that was spared for Kara, for she was now strafing backwards, her hands upright and curled into fists until Booster gets closer.. and closer..

Close enough for Shayera to bend backwards in a half flip, her legs swinging up to attempt to wrap around Booster's waist. If she has him, she'd try her damnest to pile drive the guy in the ground. If not? She'd be taken on a ride. (NO PUN INTENDED.)

Game. Set. Match.

Steve gives a deep sigh as they get down to it. He flicks a reed of grass away from his fingers as Shayera and Booster start going at it, doing whatever it is they're about to do. "I suppose that means it's you and me, kid," he says to Kara.

The impact is a fairly loud *thud* that shivers the air. Louder is the impact that occurs when Shayera grabs and twists Booster in mid-air. He is strong, but so is the hawk, and the result is a trench in the ground. When Booster gets up, he still looks shiny and unharmed. He is even laughing a little, as he admits, "I wasn't sure that would work, but now I know." As flippant as he seems, he is still in a ready crouch as he greets the others. "Captain. Kara."

Kara nodded her head to Captain America, smiling just a little, "That should be fun, get ready!!!!" Supergirl started to run directly towards Captain America before leaping into the air and flying towards him just above ground level with her fist outstretched forward.

It looked like she intended to give Cap a good punch.

Then suddenly a few feet away she flew up into the air, heading for the clouds. She was definitely not going to make this easy for Captain America.

While Cameron has a pretty decent flight speed, she's nowhere, nowhere near the folks with hypersonic flight or the sort, nor is she quite the combatant that most of the folks called out to this remote little corner of Erewhon are. Still, she is a paramedic and a healer, and tonight she's just starting to catch up to the sparring zone, taking one pass at about four hundred miles per hour before arcing and banking back once she sees a flash of gold — from Booster's outfit — and a flash of the red, white, and blue from Cap's shield.

She makes her way to a landing spot and quickly shucks her sweats and her trenchcoat, revealing what appears to be a green spandex jobber with silver shoulder, knee, and foot-plates at reinforcement points.

«This is Columbia. I am on-site and watching. Anyone gets smacked, holler, I'll be on you in twenty seconds, okay?»

Crazy. Her legs release as soon as she felt the momentum was thick enough for him to fly or sprawl, Shayera's hands reaching out to grasp at the ground, a low dragging slide bringing her to a halt that draws her upright with a slight grin. Were they on teams? If so, who was with who? Either way, Shayera saw all of them as fair game.

She stands apart from them, one hand smacking against her chest as her skin positively bleeds. It could have been a gross transition if she let it; but her skin manifests the Nth that she carries within. Shoulder armor, wings coated, chest plate.. thigh guards, fingers raptured with claws and soon a spear of that same gold manifests.

No time for flowery writing, folks, Kara was in the air. So with a draw back and a grit of her teeth, she launches the spear towards the retreating woman, then side-steps to slide into a razor sharp, winged twirl towards Booster.

« Good. »

That was the only thing sent to Cameron. Shayera was a wee bit busy.

"Kids these days," Steve says with a groan, lowering his shield and leaning back in irritation. "Always making a show of everything."

As Shayera makes towards the other two, Cap sees his opening. He twists his body in a coil and unleashes a throw towards Shayera, sending his vibranium shield hurtling toward her, while she pays attention to the other two.

"I'm good at being a target," Booster remarks, in response to Steve's grumbling. He is not good at dodging, or at least, he rarely tries to do it. When Shayera spins to attack him, sparks light up where she strikes his body, or more precisely, where his forcefield protects his body. It makes him stumble back, however, but he stays on his feet.

Raising his arms, Booster bends them at the elbows and his fists glow with golden energy. He starts firing bolts at Hawkgirl, very low energy jolts that do little more than sting if they land.

« Hi Colombia. Lovely day isn't it? » Kara asks of the other woman as she's heading up into the sky, her eye on the battle down below. When Steve supposedly lowered his guard and tosses his shield towards Hawkgirl she dives towards the ground.

Targetting a point in the ground not far from Steve she quips, « I heard that Cap. »

Moments later she crashes into the ground near Captain America, intending to use the shockwave of force from her impact to knock him off balance or down entirely perhaps.

Bobbi steps into the field dressed in her Mockingbird costume. She's a little late to the sparring party, but she's been absent a lot lately either working hard at her other job, or eating tubs of Ben & Jerry's on her couch while moping over Hunter, take your pick. She works on binding her long blonde hair into a ponytail as she watches the training commence, and her eyes follow the action like an expert observer. "Hey Columbia. Anyone land any hits yet?" she asks Cameron.

The green and silver clad heroine from Metropolis carefully watches the action, though admittedly some of it is blowing by so fast that she's missing it. She doesn't miss the armoring up of Shayera, however Kara's presence is missed for a moment or two as she watches the play 'closer to grown level'.

«It's May. Better'n August.» As Kara clashes into the ground Columbia skip-hops into the air a half-step to *not* get knocked over by the ground strike, and attempts to split her attention between the two pairs of combatants.

Mockingbird's arrival elicits a bit of a shrug.

"Booster and Hawkgirl were twirling it up a bit, pretty even, Kara just went suborbital and came back down for a ground strike near Cap. Looks pretty even so far, despite that."

It's the sort of absent play-by-play one might expect from someone watching a game on television or the sort.

It was like a butterfly effect, the scrapes and slashes of her Nth wings only knock Booster back into firing.. right when Captain America throws his shield. Just when she was about to take a few to the chest, she catches the shield at her side, it effectively knocking her clean out of the way, only leaving a loud 'YIP' in her wake.

But, she has the Shield for only a brief moment, in melee's such as this? It was best to keep moving, so with a final fall to the ground, claws grasp upon the metal to throw it right back towards Captain and where the now, Kara lands.

It's a toss up of who's going to hit who. The shockwave from Kara's land draws her into the air, claws shearing out with a sing of metals to fly low and rake at the knees of Booster, Cap, and Kara alike if she's not stopped.

Kate has been adamant about training. Most days, she's spending at least four to six hours on it - the benefits of not having an actual job she has to keep up with. Of course, it doesn't matter how hard she trains to some extent. She's never going to be on the same level as most of the team. Thus the training.

She's hanging back a bit at the moment, stepping up to Bobbi and Columbia to watch the matches in progress. "Hey, guys," she greets with a brief flash of a smile. "Heck of a cage match going on here."

Captain America doesn't seem overly worried as Supergirl makes her high speed approach back towards the earth. As she gets closer and closer, Capperhaps in a peculiar moveleans close to the ground, obviously setting up the timing.

Once Kara is about to land, Captain America leaps upwards, avoiding the violent shaking of the earth that accompanies Kara's blast.

His back, however, is turned to Shayera's throw. Surely he'll be bonked in the back of he noggin!

Steve flips a switch on his wrist—time to see what Fitz' piece of machinery can do. The shield takes an awkward and unnatural flight pattern towards the Star Spangled Avenger, only to have the vibranium saucer nestle neatly upon his wrist.

That is the other real weakness of Booster's forcefield; it largely protects him from harm, but it does not keep him from getting knocked around. When Kara clobbers the ground, he ends up doing a flip to keep himself ultimately upright and rather than landing, he just hangs in the air. This time, when Shayera zooms by and tries to cut his legs out from under him, he extends one arm and his forcefield manifests like a rounded rectangular shield to help deflect her blow without knocking him over again.

Absently, because his attention is on the sparring match, Booster says towards the others on the sidelines, "Next time, I'm going to have Skeets flying around to record everything. Not for the internet, I mean so we can analyze… I didn't know your shield could fly," this last bit is a remark to Captain America.

Columbia squints as the ation intensifies a bit, listening for any tell-tale cracks of limbs breaking or sounds of bodily evisceration or dismemberment. Despite working one - in - three, she gets her own training in, courtesy of her mother though it's almost the exact opposite of what Kate trains for. No, Cameron's been training to be the bull in the china shop, so to speak, without breaking any of the glassware. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

The reactions to the ground punch mirroring her own get a brief nod, then she's back to trying to split her attention between the two fights. "Stay focused, Booster!"

One of the easiest ways to get mauled when lots of strength is being tossed around is to lose said focus. And it's never a pretty sight.

Bobbi gets her regular hours of training in via SHIELD, who are still measuring and monitoring her new abilities. She has been reluctant to spar with the JLA just yet, until the Triskelion's finest assure her that she has full control of her own strength and she can grasp her own limits. The mess in France shook her up, and the follow-up interrogation by the government has made her ultra-cautious. There are things Mockingbird can't have in the public, her identity being number one, and she's concerned that the government may push for full disclosure of hero identities. How she'd explain to her mother and brother that she is, in fact, still alive and didn't die right out of college, is something she is not ready to even think about.

Kara raises her eyebrows in surprise more at Captain America's shield being able to fly on its own rather than him dodging her attack, "That's pretty cool." She notes before running towards him with accelerated speed, trying to punch and kick him with a series of Kryptonian Martial Arts moves.

Upon slicing at Booster, her hand was thrown back which sends her at a turn, her body twisting mid-air with her wings splayed, using the air to attempt to float as she lands right upon the shield as soon as Cap brings it up. She uses that to boost herself, her wings folding to rocket herself towards Booster, intending to swoop down and up with a hand cocked back, drawing it upright mid-motion with the intent to upper cut him towards Bobbi, Kate and Columbia. Might as well, right?

"Guys, if you get his shield, stop throwing it back at him," Kate calls out toward the field. "Throw it away."

What? It's not really making things more difficult for Cap, it's just making sure he's prepared in case they ever run into an enemy who thinks while they fight.

'Yeah, well, even old men have new surprises once in a while."

Cap gives Shayera a little give and then an extra burst as she lifts off from his shield, just in time to catch Kara coming at him fiercely with kicks and punches. He does what he can to hold up his shield in front of his body, dissipating the blows' force through its vibranium capabilities.

But then, an odd thing happens. There's a ringing coming from his hip.

"Wait, wait, wait. Time out," Steve says as he reaches for his phone. "Peg? No, I'm not …No. No, I can talk." He gives Kara a hand held up as he begins to walk from the field.

"I am," Booster objects to Columbia, although the fact that he is answering at all means he's at least a little unfocused. When Hawkgirl clobbers him, his forcefield is protecting him but the blow still sends him rocketing at the three women. This is something of a problem—with his forcefield on, that kind of impact will not hurt him but it could seriously injure anyone he collides with. Even if he just lands nearby, he has a tendency to have crater-creating impacts.

All of this just flashes through Booster's mind in a nanosecond, which is not a lot of time to make a decision. This is why his forcefield winks out at the last moment, though, because even if someone gets bowled over by a 200-something pound human body, it is better than the alternative. He ultimately ends up on the ground groaning quietly, in any case.

"Incoming!" Bobbi shouts, before she grabs Kate and dives both of them out of the way of the flying Booster. The tall blonde does her best to curl her body around the un-enhanced Hawkeye and take the brunt of the landing. All for no reason as the blue and gold clad hero manages to blink out in time. "Ow."

Columbia skip-hops up to attempt a catch of Booster as the blonde hero comes whipping towards the trio 'on the sidelines'. If she's successful, she'll make a half - spin in mid - flight and attempt to return the time - travelling hero to the one who sent him over — in this case, Shayera.

That was before Booster killed his shields to prevent causing a ninepin explosion…

She hops back down to the ground and heads over to check his injuries and make sure that no one else is hurt.

«Stand Down. Stand Down.»

"I've gotcha, Boost, where does it hurt?"

Shayera stands still as she glances around towards the four who melee'd, Captain takes off on a phone call, and poor Booster had to deal with the effects of landing. All of this? It makes Shayera laugh. It wasn't a mocking laugh, but a joy in the midst of battle laugh, her hands drawing up to clap together repeatedly, the sing of metal creating a slight racket. There were no winners this day, but Shayera had to take her own leave eventually. Even if the tips of her fingers hurt and her side would soon grow a bruise. That shield? Hurts.

"I stopping." She calls out towards Columbia, drawing her hands upright in a surrendering motion, but still lowering so that mace of hers could manifest within the grips of her fingers and fire to life.

Just in case.

Kate is already starting to sidestep when Bobbi takes her down, ducking her chin and tucking herself in to take the fall as well as she can. Which is…Well, fairly well. She does get plenty of practice both falling, and being dived out of the way. Clint's a major proponent of her avoiding getting hit. "Thanks, Bobbi," she says ruefully as they skid to a stop, peering around the other woman to make sure no one else got hit. "Everything seems to still be attached."

Kara laughs a little as Captain America gets a phone call mid-fight and waves him off, "Go see your girlfriend Cap, from what I've heard you two waited a long time to be together." She walks over to the bothers and asks, "Everyone ok?" She pats Hawkgirl on the shoulder, "Nice work girl."

"Ugh." Booster sits up groggily. "I'm okay. I don't think I hit anybody…?" His suit looks a little scuffed but it is nothing a quick wash-up will not fix. His hair is ruffled up, though. "I'm actually still pretty tough without my shield up, just… you know, just not as." He does seem to need a little help to get to his feet, however, because he is staggering from getting the wind severely knocked out of him. He takes that assistance from Columbia, if she's offering.

"My 'Ow' may have been premature. I seem to be able to take a heck of a lot more of a beating these days without needing the good old band-aid company sponsorship." Bobbi gets to her feet, offering Kate a hand up and dusting herself off. "Pro-tip," she yells towards Shayera, "In a fight, try not to fling your enemies at your teammates!"

Columbia gives the barest of nods to Shayera. The laughter… well, she's heard the like multiple times from her mother during training and also from a few of the strange visitors to Metropolis. So it doesn't throw her off so much as elicit a bit of a shrug as she focuses on Booster.

Of course she'll give him a hand up.

"Alright, walk it off, then. If your rib feels cracked, shout, okay?"

She glances over at Bobbi.

"Actually, that… isn't a bad tactic? Amend that, Hawkgirl… 'try not to fling your enemies at your teammates that can't handle the incoming'." Cap's phone call leaves her grinning a bit. If he's seeing Peggy odds are he's getting the down - time (no pun intended) that Cameron prodded him about the last time they spoke.

The pat to the shoulder was met with a faint raise of it, her grin falling away as she tilts her head a little awkwardly to the side as she tries to call back the Nth. Her shoulder quirks yet again, her eye squints, the metal liquifying where it manifests to sink right into the closest pore it could find. Ow..

But she hides it well.

She approaches the small gathering with a twirl of her lit mace, which was soon shut down and attached to her hip, her shoulders working back and forth as she twists a little at the hips. "Out here.." She says towards Bobbi. "There were no teammates. Just presumably innocent bystanders who'd cushion the fall of my foe." She reaches out to lightly pat Booster's shoulder. To Columbia, she frowns a little, a glance given towards Kate, considering. One hand lifting to tap upon her bottom lip.

"Good thing you're here then. Right?" Sarcasm all the way to the redhead.

"Nah, it was a fair tactic," Booster says, brushing himself off. "I mean, kind of a dirty trick, but that doesn't make it wrong or bad in a fight. It also helps me figure out my own weaknesses. Well," he inclines his head. "Not that its a weakness to NOT want to take out innocent bystanders. But it's good for me to have to deal with that kind of thing." He gives Hawkgirl a solid pat to the shoulder.

The transmitters of all the Justice League: Avengers on sight immediately light up with signals from the Watchtower; there had been a sudden flurry of activity around the United States of America by some of the last remnants of Hydra.

"Watchtower to Justice League Avengers." The shield technician on duty transmitted to the group.

"Supergirl and Hawkgirl. We've received word a group of hydra terrorists have hijacked flight 574 out of Miami, we need you to respond immediately."

"Booster Gold, a satellite was knocked out of orbit by a missile. The debris will be falling over Houston, you should be able to take care of it."

"Columbia, a mine collapsed in Utah. There are a lot of people who need rescuing and healing."

"Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Hostage situation at Ferris Air in Coast City, Quinjet is en-route."

Kara looked to the others and smiled at Hawkgirl, "Never a dull day for the Justice League Avengers is it?"

Just look at them, all standing there.. even though the JLA wasn't /hers/, Shayera was proud. All snark and bite aside, she couldn't imagine herself on any other team.

She'd have to be stone cold drunk to admit that to them all.

As the orders come in, Shayera frowns, her gaze falling towards Supergirl and each of them in turn. They were.. in fact, all amazing men and women. The job was going to get done, there was no doubt.

"Never a dull day indeed." Shayera echoes the sentiment, reaching out to lightly pat them all upon the shoulder. "Be careful everyone. I mean it." Angry glares abound as she takes a few steps back, that Nth bleeding through her skin yet again as the helmet that encases her features fires to life with bright lenses that would shine in the darkness. "Hawkgirl and Supergirl en route. On my six." The militant lingers for a brief moment before she crouches and takes off in flight.

"Watchtower, Columbia, point to point, standing by."

She does take care to pick up her street clothes so they don't get lost.

Shayera gets a nod. Team needs work, but you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk.

Kate reaches out to take Bobbi's hand up, brushing herself off as the word comes in from the comms. "And we're off," she says with a crooked smile, raising a hand to wave after the others. "Looking forward to hearing about it later, guys," she calls to the sky before heading toward the landing zone.

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