Natural Magic Washes Over

May 10, 2015:

A wave of natural magic washes over Staten Island… Primal Force responds.

Staten Island - New York


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Fade In…

Waves of natural magic washed over island moments before and the air here is clear and the sky dark. A rain falls from the sky and the tide is high. There are not many here camping and at one of the campsites a fire burns brightly in a fire pit and glows brightly like a beacon in the night. "Mae angen glaw." A blond haired woman says. She is dressed in a sun dress and her she is wearing heavy gold jewelry in the form of hair clasps, torque and gold arm bands. She is standing next to a man before a fire. When she speaks to him it is form of ancient welsh. "Pwy fydd yn holi ei pan nad yw'n ddigon i niwed ond yn hytrach mae'n ddigon i blanhigion dwr sydd yma. Mae llawer o bethau y dylech boeni i mi am, ond nid yw hyn yn un ohonynt. Mae hyn yn hyn yr wyf yn ei wybod a'r hyn y cefais fy ngeni, a godwyd ac wedi'u hyfforddi i'w wneud." She says to him. "Pan fydd yr amser yn iawn y gwelwn am hynny tan arall." The wind blows and the trees seem to murmur and whisper as if gossiping. A gust of wind move to wrap itself around the two figures who are talking.

Zee's felt the wave of natural magic, how could she not. Even with her pendulum still in the claws of Catwoman. She hopes that other Primal Force members have to… even with the Pendulums cracked, that much magic should resonate… well she hopes so.

Focussing on where that power emanates from, the young magi murmurs her teleport spell and arrives just outside the flow of that fire. Hearing the words spoken, Zee shakes her head in amusement and uses a new spell she's been perfecting.

~~ etalsnarT tahW newnyL sI gniyaS oS eW llA naC dnatsrednU reH dnA etalsnarT tahW eW erA gniyaS oS ehS naC dnatsrednU sU ~~

Now… if she has this spell right, anyone who comes with listening range of Zee and the ones at the campfire, should hear the words in their own language.

"I "Nid m poeni am y tro," Joshua answers. "Ond efallai y cawodydd sydyn neu wynt yn y ddinas yn codi ychydig o aeliau os ydynt yn ddigon mawr," he tells Lynwen. They are standing together before a merry, cracking fire, with a tall tent behind them. When Zee suddenly materials in the clearning, he glances to Lynwen. He waits until the mage has cast her spell. Then he comments, "Even in hiding, we have visitors."

"I think I liked it better when it was just the infernal that got my attention." Paul says to Sara as they appear. "Less running back and forth." He's pretty sure that complaining to the bearer of an artifact dedicated to maintaining the balance so concerns itself with everything is not going to get him much sympathy but still. "The teleportation though is pretty useful even if it's just limited to leylines. Looks like Zatanna beat us here."

Magic seems to have gotten slightly more peaceful lately. A moment to take a break and breathe. Which Sara appreciates. So when the pendulum alerts them to magical activity, she reluctantly comes after with Paul. "You know how cell phones have those weather emergency alerts?" she grumbles to her partner as they appear. "Sometimes it feels like I've got two of them. With no silent function. And I live in a disaster movie."

"How would they know? It does not make sense, they cannot tame nature. Storms happen." The blonde points out to the man with her. This magic sings of nature. The wind and the trees murmur and fire continues to glow despite there being no fuel. The woman with the blonde hair turs her head in the direction of the new comers, "Zee! Good day, we can make coffee if you would like it?" she offers. The rain continues to fall gently. She does not seem to notice it. "Also do you know them?" She asks as the other two materialize.

"Coffee," Zee smiles and joins Lynwen and Joshua, looking a little damp now. "sounds good. Though, if you have tea, I would prefer it." As Sara and Paul appear, Zee gives them a wave "So the pendulums still give something of a warning, that's good to know." Hearing their comments, the young woman shakes her head "Not an emergency today, just magic."

"These are more of my friends." Zee speaks to Lyn and Josh as she indicates the other two "We belong to a group that safeguards magic in this world. Whatever you did, Lynwen, sent ripples through the Leylines."

Joshua laughs. "We can't control weather except for seeding clouds to bring rain, in a few cases," he says to Lynwen. Then, with a frown, he adds, "I'll explain what I mean about that later. We /do/ have people who predict, or try to predict, They aren't terribly accurate. Still, they are good enough that if you bring heavy rain too often on days when the forecasters predict clear skies, someone might grow suspicious. Just be cautious." He nods to Zee and agrees, "We certainly can offer coffee, and dinner, if you don't mind food by campfire." He brought some supplies with them, but nothing like a microwave oven. He, too, peers toward the strangers and then looks to Zee. "I hope that you know them," he murmurs.

"It would be nice if we knew if someone was already on site." Paul's tone is idle as he studies the ones with Zee. "Then we'd know if someone had it handled if they didn't send out a distress call." Seeing no threat, he moves his hand from the gun tucked away in its holster. "It's a good thing May is part of this or we'd be so busted they way we disappear on dity." But then a magic word is uttered. "Coffee?" And dinner too. "Coffee would be good. Who are your fiends, Zatanna?"

"Hey, Zee," Sara tips her chin to the other woman, raising a hand. "Just checking in. To be fair," she adds with a sidelong glance toward Paul, "Neither of us thought to try the mind to mind thing. Or cell phones." She looks ready to head back where she came from, since there's no crisis in progress, until Paul signs on for the food part of the evening. Rolling her eyes, she smiles faintly.

"Tea, do we have tea Sunstone?" The blonde says then she introduces herself when Zee indicates she knows them. "I am Lynwen and this is Joshua Cornwall." She motions towards the man who is ducking toward the tent to get supplies. "Zee I am not certain if there is tea, I just had my first cup of coffee today." She looks towards the other two. "What are your names?" Then she bounces topics like one who is still hopped up on caffeine. "Oh, they remember me, they have been waiting." She gestures with her hand. "They have not been touched like this in a long time." She adds. "They and I are relearning about each other. what you sense is them and I opening ourselves up to each other." She offers them a grin.

Zee hangs head a little sheepishily at Pauls admonishment. "I would have let you know I was responding but…" she gestures to her hip "My pendulum's missing. And… I don't actually have your phone numbers." She's pretty sure calling the SHIELD main number and asking for the two agents is probably not the greatest idea.

"Coffee will be fine, thank you Lynwen." As Lynwen had done the introductions, Zee tries to explain "This is Sara and Paul" Zee indicates each in turn before turning her attention to the pendulum bearers "I think… Lynwen is time displaced. Jericho, Jesana and I found her, frozen in a boat, in New York Harbour. There were dark things attacking the boat, but she was protected." And that probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Glancing at Lynwen when the topic changes, Zee frowns a little "You mean the Leylines?" She's sure that's what the Druid means.

Paul wasn't admonishing, he was complaining. Complaining is a hobby for cops and not to be taken seriously. "Your pendulum is missing." he repeats. "The irony of an item used for finding things needing finding is amusing. Did you check the fridge?" His mother used to put her keys in the fridge. "Time displaced." he repeats. It's going to be one of those days, he sees. "Frozen like Captain America? Attacked by what and protected how? Are they still a danger?" Questions done, he nods a greeting to Lynwen. "Welcome to the twenty first century."

"Missing how?" Sara asks with a quirk of her brow. "I didn't think these things could…You know, I guess it was something of an assumption that they were non-transferable," she muses. "Personal bias." She nods to Lynwen, considering her and her companion for a moment. "Welcome to the twenty-first century, then. I'm starting to think someone ought to put together a manual for adjusting, the rate we get time-displaced people around here."

"No, leylines are magic currents or rivers that surround the earth and connect it to other places. This is the heart of the earth itself. It is what makes up the earth." Lynwen tries to explain. "They are the elements, earth, air, fire, water and spirit or life." She tells her.

The blonde's attention was drawn to Paul. "Thank you I think, Paul, I am still not certain about the horseless chariots and you have more rules and law than Rome. Dinner we can do, this is one place I can cook!" she grins. "I have also had my shots; I was told it was important for me to have them. So I figured if I announce it, there will be no other questions."

"Adjusting, and what is a manual?" The woman asks her. "This is something I have not heard of before. Thank you, Sara. I am learning, the language. It complex, I hear Latin in it at times and then a few words are very Gaulish and norse."

It's night time, in a wooded clearing and it's lightly raining. There's a fire blazing brightly and tall tent near it. Around the fire are people talking.

"Oh, that kind of explains it." Zee looks at Lynwen and then around the clearing "You meant this place, in general."

Grimacing at Pauls and Sara's question about her Pendulum, Zee worries her bottom lip "I met with Catwoman the other day, I'd heard she had information on Darque. She decided she liked the pendulum and took it." there's a pause "I can summons it, but…. she had more information she wasn't sharing, I'm going to try and meet her again to get it back… and maybe more on Darque." She's sort of thought that through, a bit.

"Frozen by magic" Zee turns to Paul and clarifies "Dark magic attacked her and she seems to have some sort magic protecting her. Honestly, with Fenris being missing, I was focussed on other things. Oh… we found him yesterday… "

Joshua returns from the tent with an armload. He has a coffee-pot, tea kettle, and some packages. "We have coffee and tea," he announces. "We also can prepare a meal if you're hungry." He glances to Zee and the others, who are strangers to him because he was busy in the tent if anyone gave introductions. He goes to the fire and begins the process of preparing things. He looks to Lynwen and asks, "What do you have in mind for dinner, after looking through the supplies?"

"Catwoman?" Paul asks, brow quirking. "Did you show it to her that she knew you had it to take?" Here kitty, a shiny to tempt you. "She'd make an interesting addition to the club." And he doesn't even have to care if there are any warrants out on her. Gotham's not his jurisdiction.

Melinda May steps out of the surrounding foliage, having very likely arrived on the same ley line that any of the other pendulum-bearers used. Despite being dressed in 'causal' dark shirt and jeans, harp-eyed individuals might notice that May has weapons in hand but she's being careful to keep them concealed. For the moment. "You let the Catwoman take your pendulum, Zatara?" She shakes her head. "Very sloppy. You and I are going to go get it back." The only thing that keeps her from saying 'now' is the presence of the others, partiuclarly anyone she doesn't recognize.

"Paul's always hungry," Sara assures with a slight smirk for her partner. As May arrives, she tips her chin upward in greeting. "May. A manual's sort of…instructions," she explains to Lynwen. "Seems like lately we've got people from other times and other worlds popping up every other day. This place is a hell of a place to adjust to even if you're just coming from the midwest, let alone another time period entirely."

"The elements are everywhere." Lynwen tries to explain. "It is more than just here. It is being in tune with them." She tells her. "It is like your use of the rivers and streams of magic that you call leylines.

The blonde dressed in a sun dress and wearing a lot of heavy gold jewelry turns her head towards Joshua when he returns from the tent. "Chicken but you get to make the tea and coffee; I have no idea how to make it." She tells him. "Also bring that garlic out and the oil, please. I think they will enjoy not tasting tasteless meat and alchemical food."

She looks to Paul and grins. "Good you will like it I think, but it is not that odd stuff you call food."

She turns her attention over to Sara. "Aww that still does not make sense, why can you not explain? Instructions should be explained, it is a waste of good paper to write them down on scrolls and even more of a waste of good vellum. Unless it is something that needs to be known for the future," She shakes her head.

Her green eyes fall on May. "Dinner and coffee and who are you? I am Lynwen."

"I normally have it on my hip" Zee's outfits don't generally have room for pockets and she's not hanging the pendulum from the collar she wears… well for reasons. And, as a known Magician, she doesn't feel the need or even want to, hide it.

"Agent May." Zee greets the woman as she appears and flushes at the words "I didn't exactly let her take it. But I've certainly let her keep it for now." she considers May, yes, May can go with her when she arranges to meet Catwoman again. "She has information on Master Darque and may be willing to well… not work with me, us, but something like that, I think."

"I take it you felt the magic too, Agent May?" Zee's about to introduce her but Lynwen starts the process. "Of course, Lynwen." It finally clicks for the homo-magi "You're a Druid, you work with nature, the elements." Zee might use Leylines, but her magic is innate, it's part of her, part of what she is. "If there's tea, Joshua, I'd prefer that please."

"Lynne wanted to try both," Joshua says to Zee, speaking with a noticeable English accent while setting the pot and kettle on the ground near the fire. "So, we brought both. I have Earl Gray, Darjeeling, and a mint green tea, all imported from the Isle. Which would you prefer?" then he looks to the others. "I don't mind brewing coffee as well, if you'd like that instead of the tea," he offers. Finally, he nods to Lynwen. "You'll have all of that before this is hot," he assures her while handing a heavy, cast-iron pan to her.

"Agent May." Paul nods a greeting to his superior when she appears. "Coffee will be fine." he tells Joshua. "And I'm sure I'll like whatever you make." he adds to Lynwen. Just don't insult his food. "You might want to be less tempting the next time you go talk to notorious thieves." he suggests to Zee.

Melinda May looks at Lynwen, taking in her choice of clothing and jewelry and greeting and tentatively puts a mental label on her of non-combatant. Joshua gets a similar evaluating look, though his carrying of cooking items and offering of tea earns him the non-combatant status faster. She offers both newcomers a nod; Manning and Pezzini each get looks silently implying 'hope you told your CO you were going off base' before her eyes stop on Zee. She doesn't say anything else as she very carefully and obviously tucks away the blades she'd had in her hands before approaching the group and the cookfire. "SHIELD's databases have nothing on Darque." Bad news, presented badly. Great.

"Coffee sounds great," Sara nods to Joshua. She's largely silent for the moment, looking over the tent and the people in it, trying to place everything that's currently out of place.

May is given a look by the blonde. "You are like a noreman heading into battle." There is amusement in her eyes as she says this. "The earth clings to you and sings through you."

This is something Lynwen knows well. She takes the pan from Joshua. "Thank you." She moves towards the fire and she puts her hand into it as she mutters something to it. The flames lower and she sets the pan on the grill that stands over the pit. She grins. "Good!"

"Good, Paul, it feels good to cook over an open flame. I have yet to try the microwave and stove or oven. I let Joshua cook; then again I think he does not mind for the sake of his neighbors." She prattles on happily and she is talking a million miles an hour. Blame Joshua giving caffeine for the first time.

A looks is given to Zee. "So is catwoman is she a product of a cat breeding with a human?" She asks. "Or is she fey? Or of the dark ones?"

She looks to Sara, "Are you well?" The fire does not seem to be bothered by the rain.

Zee has a bit more information on Darque and she's not surprised that SHIELD has nothing "Powerful necromancer, very powerful. More so now… " Zee winces with the news she's about to deliver "He's taken Fenris' Divinity…" May thought she had bad news….

Shaking her head to Lynwen, Zee looks a little unsure "I believe she's human and very, very good thief. We call them cat burglars… so she's called Catwoman." Zee doesn't know why.

Paul gets another sheepish look from the teen magi "Yeah, you've got a point there." touching her hip where the pendulum should be "I learned my lesson, really…." Zee gives Sara a considering look "You maintain the balance, does your armour" Zee doesn't want to say Witchblade in front of newcomers "give you anything on Fenris' problem?" She's not sure how that works.

While the others talked, Joshua returned to the tent to bring the chicken, oil, garlic, and some vegetables to the fire. He returns in time to hear the explanation about Catwoman and cat burglars. "They are cat burglars because they can move silently, like cats," he explains. "In some cases, they also count climbing and jumping among their techniques." He leaves the foods with Lynwen. Then he checks on the coffee pot and tea kettle, to see how much longer they will have before they are ready. He looks up to Zee and wonders, "Did our mutual … acquaintance tell you why we are here?" he asks.

Paul returns May's look blandly. Sure, he informed his superior officer. Sir, I felt a great disturbance in the Force. Permission to teleport out and investigate? Yeah, that's totally not going to go over well. "We also cook over flame." he tells Lynwen. Yummy, yummy barbecue. His pleasure is evident until he hears what Zee has to say. "He did what? How? Is Fenris…" Okay? Obviously not, if he's missing his godhood. "How do we get it back?" Waiting for Zee to answer, he looks to Joshua. There's a reason why they're here?

Melinda May listens to the discussion about Catwoman, and makes a mental note to 'recruit' some additional help when going after the thief to get Zee's pendulum back. She seems completely unphased by the pendulum discussion going on around her despite the blatant appearance of a pendulum anywhere on her person. There is, nowever, a gold dragon medallion hanging from a gold chain around her neck, the other end of the chain disappearing under the neckline of her shirt. "Can we get a visual on this Darque person? Once we get eyes on him, we can keep tracking him."

"Fine," Sara assures Lynwen with a nod, pacing a few steps. "Still…not entirely comfortable with the heavy magic end of things here." At Zee's question, she shakes her head. "It hasn't put up an alarm about it, for whatever that's worth. But it's usually more concerned about the bigger picture. Light and Dark. Serious, major imbalances. As big a deal as Fenris may be in Norse mythology, I'm not sure the 'blade cares all that much about who's got his power. It exists, regardless of the bearer."

"Thank you!" Lynwen says in response to the explanations. She takes the food and begins to cook. Oil and garlic are first to go into the pan. Well the garlic goes in once the oil is hot. She sweats it and the the chicken is added. A glaze of honey and is added. She continue to cook and listen to the flow of conversation. "Nature is about balance, despite that I am of the light it is about balance and is one thing I have noticed since coming here. There is no balance. I can help with balance, if it is needed."

"We rescued him, Paul and he needed to rest. I'm trying to get the full story from him" Zee looks very concerned "Fenris is worried… and so am I. Everything I have in Shadowcrests library makes Darque out to be strong normally, with Fenris' divinity? " Mays question gets a frown "Not sure, Agent May. I really wasn't looking for images in my books. I'll look again."

Sara gets a slow nod "Well that's something at least." and then looks as Lynwen begins to cook "That smells wonderful…. "

Joshua's question gets a frown "Jericho? Everyone here knows Jericho, no he did not." She'd seen Jericho in club in Metropolis last night but had been distracted by Ben mistakenly thinking they were a couple (the term sugar daddy was partially mentioned). "So why are you here? I figured Lynwen needed nature around her."

Jes is in a better mood than she has been in some time. Fenris isn't okay yet but he's back and she's feeling much more stable and settled. Having just woke and dressed, hiking boots, grey jeans and a black tank top and green flannel shirt, the coyote in human form has gone looking for her Zee. She's wearing her dog tag collar just in case and of course her pendulum. Stepping of the nearest ley line, Jes heads for the group she can see in the distance at a run. "Zee!" She blurts and grabs her in a hug, still panting to catch her breath. It isn't until she's gotten a good hug and looked Zee over that Jes really notices the others. "Uh..Hi!"

"Who wanted coffee?" Joshua asks. He drops the diffuser into the ceramic pot, pours water form the kettle into it, and sets the pot aside to steep while he lifts the coffee pot. He inclines his head to Zee. "I did not wish to drop his name if that might be a problem," he explains. "We met him on a street in Manhattan. There was a … disturbance, and we became … involved. He and an associate advised us to leave the city for a few days in case the police began to look into things."

"I wonder if he'd find that insulting." Paul muses at Sara's comment. Would most of these so-called gods? Sorry god of whatever. You're just not important enough for an ancient artifact to consider noteworthy. Thanks for playing though and have a mint on the way out. "Hello Jesana." he says when she shows up then adds "I'll have coffee."

May's eyes sharpen a bit when Jericho's name is mentioned, but before she can ask for details, Jesana charges into the clearing. Her response is, let's be honest, entirely in character as she surges to her feet with a pair of machete-sized blades already in her hands. Of course, THEN recnognition settles in.

"Jesana, announce yourself next time," May tells the exuberant young woman sternly as she puts the blades back into their concealed scabbards at her spine under her everpresent black jacket. Maybe that's why she's still wearing the thing in the middle of spring.

Sara lifts her hand when Lynwen speaks of balance, and the Witchblade grows into a gauntlet for a moment. "Balance is my job for now," she says, then uses the raised hand to wave to Joshua. "Coffee here, please," she requests as the Witchblade fades back into a bracelet at her wrist. Paul's question gets a shrug, though. Moot point.

"Joshua, can you please get me the parsnips and the butter?" She asks him. She listens to the flow of conversation around her. When Jes appears she grins. "We will need more food Sunstone." She turn towards Sara and grins. "So the blade remains, all is not lost." She turns her head away and towards her cooking she is lost in memory at this time.

As Jes hugs Zee, a light flickers in the depth of the mages eyes before she blows out a breath and hugs the young woman back. "What May says, Jes…" Zee's kind of jumpy. The Witchblade never grows old for Zee, and she watches Sara demonstrate, smiling at Lynwens response with curiosity. "You're familiar with it, Lynwen?"

"What do you mean involved? and why would Jericho advise you to leave? Tea for me, please." There's only a couple of reasons Zee can think of that would warrant that. Pauls question gets a small smirk but no response.

Joshua remains silent except for occasional questions about beverages, and that query from Zee about the incident, which he seems reluctant to describe in detail beyond the hint that it was something public and that it might require Lynwen and him to wait for news from someone about the situation. When Jes emerges into radius of the campfire from the gloom beyond it, and immediately heads for Zee, the man smiles in recognition. "I'll be back," he tells Lynwen. He stands from the fire and heads toward the tent. "I'll explain in a moment, if Lynwen does not," he assures Zee before ducking into the tent.

Jes swallows as she turns from hugging Zee and sees May putting her weapons away. "Agent May! Sorry Sir." The coyote looks chagrined. She's usually much more careful about approaching a group of people. She'd had common sense drilled and often beaten into her most of her life. When she's near one of her bonded though, she tends to sort of lose track of, well, everything but them at times and she was damn happy to see Zee. "Sorry." She whispers to her friend. "Coffee would be great." To Paul. "It's wonderful to see you Lady Lynwen and Dr…Josh." She waves at Sara, unsure if she's met the woman while human or not.

Melinda May moves to sit back down as Jesana seems suitably chagrined. She wouldn't physically reprimand the child (in her mind, the coyote shifter is a child) as it's clear she knows what she did wrong, but there will be more scolding if she exhibits any other examples of 'bad manners'. In the meantime, though, she turns her attention back to Lynwen and Joshua.

"Still around," Sara nods to Lynwen with a faint smile, waving to Jesana. She's met her in her person form at least once. Probably just the once, actually. "The 'blade spent some time kicking around the British isles around the time of King Arthur, from what I can tell. Blood says it wasn't actually Excalibur, which…makes sense, given I haven't heard King Arthur was a woman lately. But I wouldn't be surprised if some of the legends have gotten their wires crossed in the intervening centuries."

There is a snort of laughter from the druid minding the food. She does not answer the question about the blade instead she allows herself to drift until she realizes something. Then she says softly, "I will answer for Sunstone, but I do not understand all that happened. I was told I need papers like a Roman, this is after I had all my shots or vaccination. I was told that I can now bite people if I choose." This is said with impish humor. "There was a man who was ill like he had too many of the wrong mushrooms. I purged it from his body and then he appeared to be fine until he showed his power. Lightening was thrown and the Dark one with the imp reacted. A voice named Oracle told to leave town for a few days and she asked Sunstone to take a picture of me and send it over." She says with a shake of her head. "I do not understand all of it." She waves her hand dismissively.

Neither does Zee understand what happened. The explanation from Lynwen makes a little sense but Zee looks to Joshua for clarity. "Did someone get hurt or die?" Jericho's normally pretty good at protecting people, but to be told to leave town…. how odd. Maybe Sara or Paul had heard something?

Glancing at Jes, Zee nods "It's alright, we've all got to be careful now."

While the others continue the conversation, Joshua leaves to fetch cups a carton of cream, and a plastic container full of sugar cubes. "We don't have a table, so this will be rather informal," he explains. He prepares Zee's first, with the tea. While he does so, he glances toward her, hearing her question about the incident. "We were on a public street. I was taking Lynwen to a restaurant. An addict was on the street, begging for money. When I told Lynwen what he was, she tried to … help him. Her intervention seemed to help for a moment. Then the addict transformed into something … inhuman. It doubled in size and grew boney spines along his back and shoulders. Jericho attempted to subdue it. I'm sure that the lightning was not strong enough to kill the thing. He was still fighting, and police were on the scene. They had body cameras. Jericho and his colleague decided that we should leave the city and come here, in case the police have film of the event and want to question us." He glances to Lynwen and then adds, looking to Zee, "You know that she doesn't have a passport or other proper documentation. That will raise many questions."

Paul doesn't know any more than Zee does. He no longer hears about the strange things happening in the city. Course, being told about them was usually followed up by 'go take care of it' so, in a way, ignorance is indeed bliss. "Yes, that could be trouble if she ended up in the hands of the police. Or worse, the Feds."

"If he landed in the hands of the authorities, I would hear about it." May frowns fainltly, but she has her own personal litmus test to determine if this person and his 'colleague' are who she thinks they are. "Describe the colleague to me."

Jes settles on the ground at Zee's feet with her coffee. This all sounds interesting and she's curious so she's quiet and just listens. She knows of at least two corrupt cops in the city and is glad that Lynwen and Josh are here and safe.

"Smooth, maybe," Sara suggests. "Could've been a mutant. Smooth suppresses their powers, so if you were doing a detox, there could've been a reaction that dealt with his powers."

"A voice on thing what did they call it Sunstone?" Lynwen asks Joshua. "Do you have that thing with you?" Lynwen says to him. "Smooth that was mentioned." The woman says. "I am skilled, he chose the dark and not the light." She explains. She looks up at the stars and smiles warmly and she takes a deep breath. "This is much better than the City of Glass and steel."

"Lightning? As far as I know, that's not part of Jericho's…. repertoire" Zee says. "Smooth makes sense, Sara." and then Lynwen confirms it. Taking the tea from Joshua, Zee settles with Jes in front of her. The picture of what happened, starting to take shape. Looking between Paul, Joshua and Lynwen, Zee considers "Is the papers thing being handled then?"

Joshua shakes his head. "The situation was chaotic, Between Jericho, the addict or mutant, the police … everything. I do know that Jericho wasn't responsible for the lighting." He glances around the group. Then he nods. "He had … communications device. We talked to a woman. He called her 'Oracle.'" Joshua shrugs. "I'm not sure but I hope that we'll have the papers soon. She was very busy with trying to prevent people from leaking information and photos about the … incident."

"A mutant on smooth would explain it." Paul agrees. "That's becoming increasingly common, I hear." He doesn't envy his former fellow cops who have to deal with it. "It's a bad situation." He looks from one to the other then asks "So just why are you here? Intentional or was it something accidental?

Melinda May blinks at Jesana's words and looks from the coyote-girl to Lynwen and then to everyone else before asking of the druid, "Please tell me if I'm being improper, but would you be able to remove an … unwanted influence from a person's psyche?" She doesn't detail that it's Shift she's wanting that for. She'll give whomever a proper briefing AFTER the woman agrees. IF she agrees. Then, following the current topic, she debates asking him why he can't request a replacement passport from the UK embassy, but, yeah. She doesn't often voice her thoughts.

Sara stays quiet for the moment, listening to the rest of the conversation to piece things together.

Jes knows why Lynwen needs papers made rather than replaced but that is not her story to tell. "It's good you got away to here for awhile. It's really nice here. I know how big and strange the city must seem." Jes smiles at Lyn. "Before I came here this year, I'd spent almost all of my life on a farm at the edge of the blackfoot reservation. Occasionally acoss the border in Canada but it was even more wild and isolated there. I'd thought I'd never get used to the city but if coyote's are anything, it's adaptable. I love it as much as the wilderness now."

"I do not understand." Lynwen looks confused. She then looks to at Sara and she frowns and shakes her head. She turns her attention to Paul and her frown deepens. "Poison can be removed from the blood." The she says at last. "It can be drawn out and balance restored. He could not fight the darkness that rode him." She shrugs her shoulders. Then she looks to Jes and grins. "I do not know about loving it but what is Canada and Blackfoot and a reservation?"

Zee makes a note to ask Jericho the next time she see's him. Joshua's answer, whilst full still didn't cover the questions she had. Paul and May are asking the interesting questions… but Zee adds as an aside to May "Lynwen is time displaced, we think. Jericho, Jes and I found her in a boat in New York Harbour, frozen by magic and under attack from dark magic." Much longer story to be told, but that should explain why the woman needs papers.

Ampere nods toward Lynwen, and then explains to the rest. "She has no passport, nothing to explain who she is or why she should be here," he confirms. "Although you understand her, that is due to something that our friend Zatanna does. Her actual language is an ancient tongue. We are waiting to see if this … Oracle can help her. We came here in case the police are looking for her."

Jes smiles at Lyn. "The answers to those questions are all kind of long. I'll tell you about it soon." Explaining indian reservations and canda seems like something hard to sum up in only a few words or sentences. Plus everyone else already knows. Jes yawns and rises to her feet. "It's good to have seen alll of you again. I need to go check on Fenris and then meet someone. " Jes rises and looks inquiringly at Zee. If the magician is ready to go soon Jes will wait a few moments. If not she'll head back towards the ley line.

Melinda May nods slowly and mostly to herself, thinking that Lynwen indirectly answered her direct question. So, back to plan A. "Zatara, do you or someone you know have the skills or knowledge to remove an implanted foreign personality from someone? It manifests like demonic possession."

Paul eyes the coffee and food but t hen checks the time on his cell phone and glances over at May. "I should be getting back." Considering he's supposed to be in the Triskelion at the moment and there's no actual danger here as it turns out. "Agent May, we should talk soon about…" He makes an indecipherable hand motion around him. "…this stuff and protocol." Translation: he and Sara disappearing without notice to take care of things.

"I'm with Paul," Sara agrees, hands in her pockets as she steps back. She seems a little less worried about this stuff and protocol…but then, she's been working around it with the NYPD for a while at this point. At least SHIELD knows what she's talking about when she says she had to go close a portal to a dark dimension. Small mercies.

"It is a pleasure to meet you." Lynwen says to them and offers a bow of her head. She looks to Jes. "Good, we can have wine or mead and talk about it. I have reading." She tells her. "I now understand what happen with the Saxons." She frowns and taps her finger to her lip. "There is a lot to learn. You can let me test my English on you." She looks to Sara. "How long have you had the blade, we should have wine and talk it. I am curious to know how it has survived." Another look is given to Paul. "Pleasure meeting you." Then to May she offers a grin. "Warrior, it is a pleasure too and I hope we can meet again." At last her green eyes go to Zee. "We need to talk about magic soon." Then to Joshua, "Dishes and bed."

Mead and Wine… that's an interesting thought for the teen magi. "Good to see you two again," Zee nods to Paul and Sara. "Next time, I'll remember to broadcast and let people know if I'm attending… or I will when I get my pendulum back."

Standing herself, Zee hands her mug back to Joshua "The tea was lovely, thank you." She's getting ready to leave with Jes but pauses at Mays question "It's something Constantine taught me a few years ago. I could brush up on it, Agent May, and ask John for his help." Glancing at Jes "I'll contact you tomorrow, we can discuss it, further."

"We should talk about magic soon, Lynwen. I'm curious, I'll admit." Zee grins as May is addressed as Warrior, it is certainly appropriate.

With that, Zee will let Jes lead them home.

Joshua stands. "We are sorry if Lynwen's … exercise raised alarms. That was not her intent. I can assure you of that. However, this is another thing to understand so that we will not be responsible for problems." He inclines his head to their 'guests.' "I do not know what will happen in coming days, but we are glad to have met you." After nodding to Lynwen, He begins to collect dishes. "Be well and safe," he urges.

Jes smiles. "I look forward to that Lyn." She glances around at everyone before taking Zee's hand and heading for the ley line. "Yes, be safe all of you."

Melinda May moves to depart as well, planning on going back with Pezzini and Manning. There will likely be far less kvetching if they return with a senior agent. "Lynwen, Dr. … Joshua." She offers each of them a nod before making her way back to the ley line also.

"We will." Lynwen states while she goes to scrub out the pan. She looks up from what she is doing. "We will see each other again." She smiles and turns her attention back to her task at hand.

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