What is a Sunstone?

May 13, 2015:

A chance meeting at a coffee shop and K'nert is threatened with no more icecream

New York


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Come gather 'round people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you have grown and accept that soon you'll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you is worth savin' then you'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone, for times tehy are a-changin'.

Not all change is bad though. Jericho's noticed it in the wake of HYDRA's defeat at Metropolis. A sharp drop across all networks. The hacker is too jaded to believe they're down and out for good, but they appear to be pulling back to lick their wounds. And while he certainly intends to keep harrassing them, he's got other problems a-brewing and for the most part is content to let the snakes slip back to their holes for now. He has, after all, been at this for two years.

Which gives him a certain freedom of action. Less chance that he's being looked for actively. Less worries about going out. It feels odd, but Jericho's taking advantage of it to enjoy lunch in the East Side of Manhattan at a little cafe not far from the Tri. He's tracing some rather disturbing recent developments in law enforcement and following a 'situation' overseas. Still dressed to conceal his traces, though. He doesn't really want to be come 'known' if he can help it.

For Zee, things are pretty much the same. The defeat of HYDRA has been replaced by the search for Master Darque and, eventually she hopes, the returning of the Wolf-Gods divinity. She's not sure what's worse, a cult like terrorist organisation or a powerful necromancer that no one seems to know much about.

Oh wait…. yes she does.

Dressed in black leather trousers, white leather corset laced at the front, black biker boots, fishnet sleeves and a black shrug top, diamond encrusted collar, those that know her will note that the cracked emerald pendulum she usually has is missing.

There's an air of thoughtfulness around the young magi as she walks down street right outside the cafe. An air that is quickly replaced when a young male, fairly close to Zee in age, approaches her stammering "Zzzzatanna Zzzatara…. could I get your autograph and a photo with you?" he gestures to his friend who is already holding out a camera phone.

Ever the trained performer, Zee smiles brightly as she signs the piece of paper he holds out asking "Who should I make it out to?"

"Dddddaniel." Another smile "Daniel, then" and then turns to face the camera next to Daniel. "Thanks for saying hi, Daniel. Have a nice day." Zee doesn't give the young man another chance to say more as she continues her way into the cafe.

Jericho glances up, eyes glimmering slightly at Zee as she signs the autograph and takes the picture. It's not that Jericho thinks that people would want that with him even if he were more public, but all the same he's damn glad he doesn't have to deal with it. For a moment his mind wanders to others he's been trying to keep an eye on in recent days. The possible metahuman Josh and the timelost mage Lynwen. A woman named Agent Carter who has apparently had a run in or three with the demonic. Things seem to converge in his life these days. Fewer things seem random now, even if he doesn't understand what's going on at the time.

Which is fairly normal for him, truth be told. For one who deals in information he is near constantly trying to catch up and comprehend what it's all telling him. Right now the only thing he's sure of is things are changing.

"Hey Zee." He calls out from his seat.

It is at this time that, Lynwen steps into the establishment. She is a woman who stands about 5'7". Her long blonde hair has been braided and bound up with gold clasps. Around her neck she is wearing gold heavy intricate gold torque. More gold can be found around her biceps. Today she is dressed in a turquoise blue spaghetti strap summer dress. On her feet she has on brown leather sandals. Around her eyes there are dark circles. A light smile plays up on her lips as he clutches a purse. She steps aside at the entrance like she is waiting for someone. She has not seen the others yet.

"Coffee and banana cake, thanks" Zee places her order and glances over to Jericho as he calls and looks back to the young man behind the till "and a bowl of ice cream. I'll be sitting over there." After paying, Zee turns and goes to sit at the table.

Just as she sits, she sees the blonde enter and she raises her hand in greeting. Lynwen is welcome to come and join them, if she wants.

"You aren't exactly who I was looking for, Jericho" Zee murmurs as she settles, confident in her welcome at his table.

"I'm generally not who anyone is looking for unless people are out of options." Or, linked to him. The hacker chuckles slightly and sips his coffee. "What brings you by? Time lost druid at ten o'clock by the way."

He nods over in Lynwen's direction. She does look like she's expecting company. Which may mean her mysterious possibly metahuman friend. "You look like someone with a lot on your mind." Beat. "Shall we invite her over or leave her be?"

The wave is seen and Lynwen holds her hand up in greeting and she call out. "Hello, how are you doing today?" Her voice is clear but her words heavily accented. She starts to move towards them. The light smile that played upon her lips reaches her tired green eyes. When she reaches their table she stops and that smile turns to a grin. "Hope you are doing well. Have you been here before?" Her words are carefully spoken. She then waits to see what they say back.

Zee smiles faintly at Jericho's comment "Not what I meant. I came looking for John and to see if Dr Strange had miraculously re-appeared." Looking over to the blonde, Zee shrugs "She's probably waiting for Josh, I don't mind if she joins us. Wow…. she learns fast." Zee wonders what her trick is, the raven haired magi is thinking of learning a new language.

"Hello Lynwen" Zee speak clearly enough to be heard across the cafe "Care to join us…" with a small shake of her head at Jericho "I do have a lot on my mind… it will keep."

"They say immersion is really the best trick." Jericho notes, inclining his head at an empty seat, one of three that happens to be at the table. "Haven't seen Constantine in a while myself. Not that I'm complaining mind. Guy sounded like he wanted to dissect me."

Turning back to Lyn he looks the woman over. She seems to be adapting…. well ish. "Good afternoon Lynwen. I come here sometimes, yes. How have you been?"

"I am well today, thank you. I am waiting for Sunstone." Lynwen says in response. Then comes the rapid ancient welsh. "Mae'n ddiwrnod da ac yn un hyfryd ar hynny. Nid wyf wedi gweld y ddau ohonoch yn y man, a ydych wedi clywed gan Oracle? Joshua yn concered amdanaf beidio a chael papurau oherwydd y digwyddiad hwnnw yn erbyn y resturant mae yna hefyd y digwyddiad yn yr iard tren." She says with a warm smile. She turns her head towards the counter where they are taking orders. Then her green eyes go to the door.

Constantine had, but had gotten over that… even though it caused a few words between him and Zee. "Immersion? Oh yes, in the language and the culture." That might make it a little difficult for Zee to learn language she's considering.

As Lynwen reverts to Welsh, Zee smirks a little at Jericho… "I got it…"

~~ etalsnarT tahW newnyL sI gniyaS oS llA tA sihT elbaT naC dnatsrednU reH dnA etalsnarT tahW llA tA sihT elbaT erA gniyaS oS ehS naC dnatsrednU sU ~~

A slightly more specific version of her earlier spell. As she speaks a light flickers in the depths of her eyes, the simple spell not requiring her to expend much magical energy.

"Correct." It's part of how Jericho's learned demonic. Also study. Anyway chances to practice definitely help. "I'm glad one of us has it…" Jericho says as Lyn starts off in Welsh. At least online translation enables him to kind of sort of follow but replying is a bit beyond him unless it's going to be in Latin.

And he's not going to start going off in Latin in the middle of a coffee shop in New York less than two weeks after a magical disaster in Metro. Sounds like a good way to have to hurt a lot of scared people.

"Sunstone? Who's that now? I've spoken to Oracle a couple of times recently. I'm sure she'll have some ID for you soon."

"Joshua is sunstone." The blonde woman says in Welsh but those at the table can understand her. "He is a sunstone, he is helping me learn this strange world and the language. Sunstones are used in navigation when the sun cannot be seen through a cloudy sky. If you look through them just right you can catch a glimpse of the golden rays of the sun. It is a good name for him." She smiles. "I am still learning the language, he also has been teaching me. I am learning about computers and this program called Rosetta stone." She says in response as she goes to take a seat that had been offered.

Jericho and Zee are sitting at a table in a cafe, somewhere near the Triskellian. Lynwen has just joined. Those not sitting at the table table may hear Lynwen speaking a different language but thanks to a spell that Zee has cast, anyone at the table will understand Lywen and vice versa.

"That sounds very interesting, Lynwen. You're learning very quickly." The flickering light in the darkhaired womans eyes disappears. "Why do you call Josua, Sunstone, Lynwen?" Zee will let herself be distracted for a while.

As they're talking, a waitress approaches the table with Zee's order and puts the coffee, banana cake and bowl of icecream in front of her.

"Thank you" Zee smiles pleasantly to the young woman and then casts a look to Jericho "You know who the icecream is for…"

As the cafe is nearby the Triskelion, it's not an unusual occurrence for the time displaced woman to stop by. Currently, Peggy Carter is on her way toward SHIELD headquarters and figures that stopping in to get a coffee and maybe a muffin is in order. It's been awhile since visiting the place and she would like to check in for very specific reasons. Possibly involving the latest broadcasts she's been hearing.

Stepping into the cafe, she's in the mood to just get a coffee and go. While not a woman who dwells or lingers without need, she particularly seems like she is in a hurry. Today, at least, she has made more of an attempt at looking modern. She's still wearing a skirt and sensible heels - her hair waved from pin curls - but her clothing has a more modern cut to them than she has recently worn.

The door opens again, and a slender young man who might pass for a student at one of the universities steps inside. The young man pauses at the door to look around the room, apparently searching for someone. When he sees the table where Jericho, Zee, and Lynwen are sitting, he waves and weaves his way toward them. "Cheerio, all!" he greets. Having been around Zee with Lynwen on a few occasions, he has guessed that the young magician might have used her spell for translations. He looks particularly to Lynwen and smiles. "I'm glad to see that my instructions were good," he tells her. Then he looks to the others and queries, "And how are the two of you today?"

As Lynwen describes what a Sunstone is and why Joshua is called one Jericho leans forward, using his hand to conceal a smirk. He can't conceal the amused glimmer in his eyes though. The more so when the young man steps inside. Ah. There's the Sunstone now.

And the other person he'd been thinking about. "Well well…" He tracks Peggy accross the floor and once she's done ordering hails her. "Afternoon Agent Carter. Going to join us or just here for a quick cup of joe?" The ice cream? Yeah, that's gone. If anyone is particularly quick they might have seen K'nert swipe it.

"Because without his scholar like abilities, I would be lost, I have seen quagmires less sticky and boggy than this city." Lynwen states with a shake of her head. "He is what I use for navigation and direction and much more." She frowns a little. "The imp?" This is asked after the food is put down in front of Zee.

She looks towards the door and there she Peggy and Joshua both come in. Her green eyes study Peggy for a moment. There is curiosity on her face as she studies what the woman is dressed in. Her gaze then goes to Joshua and she grins impishly and her eyes follow him to the table. "Oh, Sunstone I was explaining to them why I call you sunstone, I do not think they believe how the sunstone is used in navigation. They really work and can even be used on land."

Her gaze goes to Jericho when he addresses Peggy. She cannot help herself but ask. "What is a Joe, how can you drink Joe. Is it some sort of sacrifice?"

At the greeting of Jericho, Peggy turns just slightly to take in the hacker. A head tilts as she studies not only him, but the three other men and women who make up his party. It's a slow few steps as she approaches him. It seems she's not exactly suspicious, but perhaps a bit wary.

"Good afternoon," she greets with her proper British accent. "I was just dashing in for a cup, yes. I certainly did not expect to see you here. Do you make a habit of hanging about nearby?" Nearby the Triskelion, that is. It seems every time she's met him he's been somewhere around it.

"Yes the Imp…" Zee's not surprised that Henson has already absconded with her offering. Jericho gets an amused look from the teen mage. Looking between Peggy and Jericho for a moment, Zee smiles at the other woman and then turns her attention to Lynwen and Joshua

"Hello Joshua, I'm well thank you." before Lynwens question gets an amused smirk "Joe is a term we use for Coffee… " she thinks on that for a moment and shakes her head "I… don't know why, but it's definitely not a sacrifice. And I do to believe you about sunstones…" she's just not seen them in action.

Joshua settles into the seat beside Lynwen and inclines his head to the approaching stranger. "Good day, it's nice to hear another vocie from the Island around these parts," he quips. He looks at the other nearby tables for an empty chair. "If you'd like to join us, I'm sure that you'd be welcome." He smiles warmly. "If not, I'm sure that we'll understand."

Jericho smiles a bit. "Sometimes I need to talk to people. Being nearby makes it convenient and I don't like going to the Tri for a few reasons. Today though I'm just relaxing and enjoying the lack of foreseeable mortal peril." The unforeseeable type, that tends to be harder to get rid of. But at least it doesn't make you worry before it gets there.

"Haven't seen anything unusual crop up. Oh, sorry. Manners. This is Lynwen, Joshua and Zatanna Zatara. I don't imagine Zee needs an introduction. Joshua's a local professor and Lyn is… interesting. Everyone this is Agent Carter."

Ordinarily Jericho might avoid 'outing' Peggy but he's not sure that she wouldn't take offense to 'Miss' Carter.

"Thank you, I appreciate it." She tells Zee, "So Joe is a name and another name for Coffee." She nods her head as the information is absorbed.

"Aww yes she does sound like you Joshua. Pleasure to meet you now is Agent a title or is your first name and how you would like for me to call you?" The blond asks without missing a beat.

She offers Jericho a warm charming smile when he announces she is interesting. "You are not the first to say that, others in the city have called me that as well. It is a compliment."

Sunstones? That's something Peggy hasn't heard before. "A pleasure," she nods to Joshua, eyes following his toward the empty chairs surrounding them. "Oh, I'm not sure how long I may stay. But, thank you for the invitation."

Jericho's response gets a bit of a smirk as she nods. "I see. Yes, it's nice when the only mortal peril you have to worry about is the unforeseeable type." As Jericho introduces each of them, she nods and smiles in turn. "It's nice to meet you all. "I'm sure anyone Mr. Trent identifies as interesting surely deserves the title," she adds warmly and wryly. "Agent is a title, yes. My first name is Peggy." She does not, however, dissuade anyone from not calling her Agent Carter, though it is not really a necessity.

While she does not exactly know why Zatanna does not need an introduction, she studies the woman for a moment, smiling. If there's an explanation needed, she's sure she can find out from context.

"Call me, Zee, Agent Carter. It's a pleasure to meet you." Zee, for being all of 19, is exceedingly polite. Something about being raised as they travelled round the world. "I take it, that the Agent is similar to that of Agent Mays, Jericho?"

Zee's been cleared to work with SHIELD, under supervision, and has consulted with Fitz on his Portal Busting technology.

"Yes, another term for coffee, Lynwen." Zee smiles "I see you two have returned from your camping trip." She looks at Lynwen very curiously "I felt a swell in the natural magic while I was out and about yesterday. Would you know anything about that?" Zee had been helping Jericho, Kate and Alexander clear out a Smooth facility, and the swell in magic had registered for later investigaton.

"A pleasure," Joshua answers when Agent Carter greets the group. "We should not impinge further on your time, then, if it is so valuable as to prevent you from enjoying cup of coffee. However, I do hope that another opportunity, assuming that you would enjoy it as well." He looks to Lynwen and adds, "I'm sorry that for being late. The good news is that I've graded the last exam of the term, and I will have more time to devote to my newest student for several months." Then he looks to Zee and Jericho and marvels, "In such a huge city, I marvel at how often our paths seem to cross." When Zee mentions Agent Mays, Joshua's eyebrows lift for a moment. "I remember her. She seemed quite concerned about the situation on Staten Island recently."

"You've met May?" Jericho's eyes narrow. He hadn't been tracking anything on Staten Island, but with HYDRA pulling back he'll probably ask May about it tonight or tomorrow. He needs to see where she's at on things anyway. He's not had a chance to catch up with her since Metropolis.

"Yes, she works for the same organization." He affirms for Zee and Joshua (and possibly Lyn). And apparently she's quite busy. Or doesn't like him. Couldn't really blame her for that. He can be damn suspicious even without the demonic and the ice cream munching imp which is currently peering out of the shadows at Peggy and Lynwen.

"Your camping trip went without incident I hope then?" No throwing lightning at drug addicts? "Oh, Agent Carter, I wonder, have you been tracking recent developments in law enforcement? Like… metahuman scanners?"

"Thank you for the compliment Agent Carter. I hope we can have mead together sometime. Where are you from and do you know Oracle" Lynwen says to her with an impish smile. She looks to Joshua and offers him a wink.

Her attention is drawn to Zee. "I was busy yesterday, there were snakes that had to seek a new hole. I called and it answered though spirit of this place is still lost to me. We will find a way to connect again."

She turns her attention back to Joshua. "Very good, dinner then camping? Is there a way to move to the island? I think May's worry about the island at the moment is unfounded for this moment of course."

"Yes we have met Melinda May she is like the Norsemen, she is a woman of the earth." She says warmly. "Just woke what needed to be woken from their slumber. There have been no addicts cleansed. I have learned my lesson."

"Zee, then," Peggy tells Zee, though she does not offer to have her name shortened or mentioned in a more informal way. "I tend to enjoy my coffee on the run," she tells Joshua with a bit of a smile. "And I was actually on my way to tend to things. I have a bit of time while waiting for my pastry, however."

As for whether Peggy actually works for SHIELD, well, she won't dissuade them from that impression. She did more than simply work for SHIELD once upon a time. Now, her position is far muddier. But, that is not something she needs to convey to people she just met and Jericho, who seems to know far more about many things than she could have guessed. "Metahuman scanners? No, I don't believe I have heard that."

Lynwen's mention of mead has her eyebrows raise just slightly. "Mead? I've not ever actually had that. I'll be sure to take you up on that. I'm from England, originally, though at the moment I've been living in Manhattan." The question about Oracle causes her to look at the Welshwoman all the more closely. "I have heard of Oracle, yes. I take it you know that person as well?"

Zee smiles faintly at Jericho "We detected a disturbance in a Leyline" Zee explains to Jericho, he will know the group of 'we' she's referring to "and several of us responded. It was just Lynwen here, calling " Zee smiles at Lynwens words "the spirit of the place." The teen frowns a little "I really need to catch up with her and discuss something she asked, I think I might be able to help."

To Peggy, Joshua and Lynwen, Zee nods seriously "May is a bit of a role model for me, really and we've worked closely on several projects recently." Truly, Zee trusts May with her life. "And yes Lynwen, yesterday was a busy day for rounding up snakes."

Joshua nods when Peggy suggests that she woiudl have been off already if not for that pastry, which seems to have been delayed be demonic forces, possibly even K'Nert himself, fiend that the little imp is. When she asks about Oracle, he nods and explains, "We have been introduced, but not in person. She has offered to help us with … a small matter." His attention shifts briefly to Jericho and he answers. "No addicts, although, as Lynwen mentioned, we were on a bit of a hunt." Zee's mention of May brings another nod. "She seemed a cautious and attentive sort, with good reason."

"Is she going to teach you to terrify me in a hundred ways great and small, Kitten?" Jericho smirks at the younger mage. Seriously, May frightens him sometimes. They're friends, but that is one very seriosly skilled Agent.

"Mmmmmm… you may want to look into it. Or mention them to Agent May. I'm not sure what kind of trouble it is yet… but I'm sure it is trouble." This is how he helps SHIELD a lot. SHIELD doens't always appreciate it.

"A hunt mmm?" As Jericho asks K'nert creeps forward, skirting Lynwen to peer at Peggy. "For spirts or something else?"

"No, do not know her Agent Carter, I wanted to see if others did that way I could verify she was not a spirit." Lynwen grins as she says this. "Mead is very lovely, sweet but not too sweet. I am from the island of Man. What is this scanner and what is a Metahuman?"

"Yes it was a busy day Zee we where thinking of leaving the city to find balance. Oh if you see Sara again let her know that I would like to speak with her over Cider. There is much for us to talk about. Tell her that I am sure Joshua would not mind being there to translate. I really do appreciate you playing messenger for me, I know that you are busy."

Her green eyes are smiling when she says this.

The imp she feels him as he moves to skirt around her and towards the agent. She shivers and wraps her arms around herself. She turns her gaze upon him. Then her gaze goes to Jericho and she sadly shakes her head.

"From what I've seen of Agent May, I'm rather taken with her, myself. She's quite a capable woman." Peggy gives Zatanna a warm smile, perhaps a bit warmer than has been seen just yet. The smile turns to a bit more of a smirk. "Well, trouble does seem to follow, despite the lack of mortal danger." Though, she has seen her fair share of that as well. "I'll be sure to look into it, Mr. Trent, thank you for the information."

Lynwen and Joshua get another smile. "She might as well be a spirit, as I have only heard a voice. Perhaps she is a ghost of sorts. I was rather hoping you two might know more of the subject. I suppose it is just that we will have to partake in that mead and we can discuss."

The creeping of K'nert is not ignored. The Agent looks at the small creature, smile fading from her face as she studies it, glancing up at Lynwen to see if it may belong to her. Seeing her reaction and the look toward Jericho, she says, "I should go. If I wait too long my coffee will be cold. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Zee rolls her eyes as Jericho calls her Kitten "Keep calling me that and you might just find out, Jericho." Zee rejoinds "But no, it was about demonic possession and whether I could remove it. After yesterday, I feel that I can." The discussion on the scanner and metahumans gets her interest and she winces "Wonderful, what do you know about it" she asks Jericho.

Looking to Joshua, Zee cants her head "Have you managed to explain what Mutants are?" she'll leave the explaining to Joshua. "I'll pass the message to Sara, Lynwen." If Zee had her pendulum, she'd use the one method Sara really dislikes.

Peggy's warm smile is returned just as Zee sees Lynwen's response to K'nert and the mageling will try to nudge him with boot "Stop it Hensen or there'll be no more ice cream for you." as she casts a look at Jericho.

She really hope that she keeps that foot.

"A pleasure meeting you Agent Carter." The smile is back in place… although Zee keeps a weather eye on that imp. "I hope to see you again."

Joshua Cornwall stands from his chair to offer a half-bow to Peggy. "Indeed, it was a brief but enjoyable occasion." He answers. "If you need to speak my Lady Lynwen, I'm sure that Zee will be able to make the arrangements." He nods to the young magician, then he agrees, "Certainly, I would be available to translate if Mistress Sara should decide to enjoy cider and conversation." Then he adds. "I have explained mutants to her." Then he looks to Lynwen and notes, "Metahuman is another word for Mutant, essentially, although there can be some differences." When Lynwen and Peggy watch the place where K'nert is, Joshua's eyes cannot help focusing there, too, although the shadows are indistinct.

"Aww that would explain, they are the gifted ones." Lynwen nods her head. "Good Cider and Joshua you will have to come to the meeting with Agent Carter, unless agent Carter you speak Latin or one of the other languages from the islands."

She forces herself to unwrap her arms from around herself. She eyes the imp. Outside the wind has begun to pick up and the door to the cafe opens up and then closes. She then nods her head.

K'nert responds to Zee's nudging by turning, hissing at her in a strange way and scampering up into her lap. Sitting there he stares at her, the collar and then back at her face intently.

Zee leans back to get as much space between the imp and her face, staring back at him. "I meant it, no more ice cream." It's bravado but she thinks he's unlikely to hurt her… she's Illyana's Kitten.

"The gifted ones" Zee looks sideways at Joshua and Lynwen "you mean the metahumans?" such a nicer term than mutant. "That's a good way of looking at them." Discussion of the scanner is put on hold for the time being. "I wonder if I could help Lynwen with a translate spell." Zee continues talking despite the imp on her lap.

"As I understand it, Zee, her magic works differently from that of most whom I have met recently," Joshua explains. "However, you might succeed." He glances to Lynwen and smiles. "She is exceptionally bright as a student, and clever in adapting. She might find a way to use what you teach." Then he nods. "Metahuman is better than mutant, and gifted ones is most positive of all. As for our … hunt, it was not for spirits, but for workers of evil mischief." Lowering his voice, he adds, "We had a small and unexpected part in the recent actions against Hydra."

"They are gifted, each person is gifted with life and abilities, it is what they do with those gifts that makes them evil or good. Then again it is also a matter of who the victor is or the ruling party is." Lynwen shrugs her shoulders. "My magic comes from the nature itself. I can try and learn or I can also try and adapt and see what can be done. I can also just study harder and not use magic, that way I will learn." She points out with a grin. Her green eyes are on the imp and she raises an eyebrow at it and then in a language that is not translated she says something to it and her eyes narrow just a little bit. She turns her head to Joshua. "You said something abot Dinner, Sunstone?"

K'nert turns his head to peer at Lynwen and hisses at her in demonic before looking back at Zee intently. Maybe Zee's threat about ice cream has been taken as a promise if he's good. "Jericho?" Zee keeps her eyes primarily on the Imp. She's not going to reiterate her 'threat'…

"Well, Dad always told me that history was written by the victors, but I like to think that each one of us who stand up in the light will have an effect… not matter what." Joshua gets a small smile, if a little tight "I was more thinking helping her create her own, with her magic. I know peoples magic work differently. I mean, Lynwens' learning the language so quickly, it might not be worth it." Zee looks a little sheepish "It was a thought."

Joshua encourages, "It is a fine thought, and I'm sure that between the two of you, good would come of it." Then he turns to Lynwen and smiles. "I did promise dinner, a ride on the ferry, and a walk along the beech," he confirms. Looking back to Zee and Jericho, he inclines his head. "If you will excuse us, such a promise should not be in vain." He stands and prepares to pull the chair away from the table for Lynwen.

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