Hacking Corvinus

May 13, 2015:

Setting aside some time, Simmons spend some time interacting with the Corvinus' AI… with an interesting result. Agent May might be amused…

Secure SHIELD Facility




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Undisclosed Secure SHIELD Research Facility, Biological Studies Annex

This secret state - of - the - art lab is equipped with the best fancy diagnostic and research equipment that SHIELD can find. It bears absolutely no *REDACTED* that *REDACTED* at location *REDACTED* or *REDACTED* or *REDACTED*

First, a bit of recap for the home audience…

The avianoid entity known as the Corvinus came stumbling out of an undocumented asset's access point to a place used to keep the Hellgate in place in Metropolis. It perhaps would have been equated with the Titans and let to go with them, save for one crucial factoid When it came whipping out of the other place, it had two manacles clamped around its wrists that it was whirling at extreme speeds and only JUST avoided clipping Maria Hill with them.

Despite the apparent consideration for her safety, protocols are protocols, and some in the organization want a better look at JUST what this thing is. It has appeared in some files in the past, but it is largely an anomaly.

When last we left this strange entity, it had just been given some cursory examination by the superscience duo of FitzSimmons that caused some exceptionally erratic readouts to appear. Now that the immediate security risk has been defused, it is being maintained in a positively pressured examination room, with many pieces of diagnostic equipment attatched as it is held via an improvised harness arrangement upright. There were concerns over the wings either being crushed or said wings crushing the ribcage, though they were probably unwarranted.

Simmons has been observing the avianoid entity over the last few days and has put aside time to do some more indepth investigation. The results from her last attempts indicates that the Corvinus' systems are borked. "Alright, then" the British Biochemist is speaking to herself, let's see where we left off last time.

Speaking a little louder, knowing she had put the system into hibernation "System Report." She's prepared a monitor, that sits on a table next to where the Corvinus' is laying, she's expecting to see the same system report appear on that screen.

Once again a screen pops up and provides some… disturbingly erratic information, once again accompanied by the strains of 'Still Alive'

System Status: User-Based Resources 1500 percent maximum.
System Status: Internal Resources -3000 percent.
System Memory Integrity: 100
Hardware Status: 200 percent optimal operational speed
Software Status: -500 percent
The Cake IS a Lie
System Status: Database 1.4x10^256 sectors available
Unidentified Syntax Error: Rock the Casbah: Detected
End Query

Simmons spends some time reading the output, snorting softly at the The Cake IS a Lie line. "Well, it's borked, that's for sure." Mmming softly to herself, this is normally Fitz's thing but the british woman has learned a thing or two herself.

Making notes on her tablet, Simmons worries her bottom lip. "Backup System" if the system can give a report, maybe it can back itself up as well.

System Resource: Backup System: NOT FOUND! (A)bort, (R)etry, (F)ail?
Well, it was worth a shot, at least.

It should be worth noting that the diagnostic equipment that SHIELD has present is… struggling to keep up with whatever is going on with the program, though it is painfully obvious that the error that it is encountering is something inherent to the bird-being not the examination tools.

"Abort" Simmons sighs and taps a finger against her chin as her eyes wander over the screens. Fitz is always on about doing a system backup before attempting something new, but if this system can't backup. "Alright, then. System Awake."

The thing's eyes flicker open as it stares at the ceiling. There's no testing of restraints, though a few of those exceptionally pricey diagnostic monitors are beginning to let the magic grey smoke out through the vents. Some fail under the stress in a cascade of sparks.

That theta-wave monitor from the previous excursion? Is now showing the most *odd* of patterns. Every ten microseconds the theta does a dive down to negative, or a quick rise up to positive, but the lines are smacked together closer than a 10.9 Earthquake on the Richter Scale.

Powering down the equipment quickly, except the theta-wave monitor that desipte the display seems to continue operating, Simmons looks ruefully at the failed pieces. "Oh well, can't be helped." she murmurs to herself. "Do you speak?" Given what's she's seeing, she suspects it does a lot more than speak. "Will a system reset help, I wonder" That last is said to herself more than anything.

An unused monitor flickers to lit status.

Unit: Corvinus capable of performing speech patterns.
DiagVoc: System resource CorOS: NOT FOUND
DiagVoc: TerJReOS: FOUND

Is there anybody… out there?

Well, either someone is really in the trolling hard department or… more borked systems…

"Someone or something's done a number on you, haven't they." Simmons is going to talk to the Corvinus as she works this through. "Corvinus, that's your name. So you can speak but something in your operating system has failed. Can you tell me how to repair it?" That's worth a shot, right? Corvinus can obviously hear her and can communicate.

Reply texsurvoc: Negative.
Reply texsurvoc: Corvinus partner name.
Reply texsurvoc: Nothing working right.
Reply texsurvoc: OH GOD WHY CAN'T I MOVE?!

That theta sawtooth is going at about one microsecond a cycle now, and the overhead lights flicker a bit as there's significant draw on local systems.. though it doesn't appear to be so much 'accessing' them as 'flailing about on a compuelectronic or encepholographic level.

"Partner name?" Simmons leans back in surprise. That's not what she had expected. "And that now explains the theta readings I've been seeing. What is your name? You probably can't move because we have the Avianoid restrained." Why she's explaining to the creature, she isn't sure.

Reply texsurvoc: James Reha.
Reply texsurvoc: I work for Stark Industries in QA.
Reply texsurvoc: Nothing working right.
Reply texsurvoc: Why do you have partner Corvinus restrained?

That theta sawtooth is stable at about one microsecond a cycle now, and the overhead lights flicker a bit as there's significant draw on local systems.. though it doesn't appear to be so much 'accessing' them as 'flailing about on a compuelectronic or encepholographic level.

Reply texsurvoc: WHERE AM I? ARE WE DEAD?

Jemma's eyes widen and she steps back in shock "Mr Reha? It's Jemma Simmons… you're in a SHIELD facility." Jemma had quite liked Jim when she met him. A polite, well mannered, man who had readily handed over information on the Power Grids.

Pulling up a stool, still watching the theta-waves, she grimaces and tries to explain "Corvinus is restrained because it.. um he… um she… attacked a SHIELD agent when Metropolis was attacked by HYDRA." She's making notes on her table as she talks "And what? Oh no, you're not dead. Still very much alive from what I can see. Corvinus' systems seem to be compromised somehow and I'm conducting diagnostics." That's a good word for flailing around not really knowing how to use the system isn't it? "Can you explain how your …. partnering … works? It may help me work out what's wrong with the OS."

Reply texsurvoc: Typical.
Reply texsurvoc: We escaped?.
Reply texsurvoc: Alive is good.
Reply texsurvoc: Partner comprised partially of transuranic alloy of proprietary note.
Reply texsurvoc: Partner utilized as dimmer switch in Abyss for portals.
Reply texsurvoc: Excessive power input.
Reply texsurvoc: VorpalNotTheSwordNorTheBunnyPresent
Reply texsurvoc: Partner and I work on synergistic philocomputational level approximating positive outcomes Re: Schroedinger's Cat.
Reply texsurvoc: Unable to access more descriptive resource.
There's a bit of a pause.

Reply texsurvoc: Please notify Pepper will be late for work today.
Reply texsurvoc: What is today's date?

It's a telling fact that Simmons is sitting, talking to an AI and reading it's rather strange responses, without rubbing her temples. "OK, so you Corvinus was in the Abyss as a dimmer switch, not quite sure what that means, and comprised by an overdose of power." She's noting this down on that data pad. "I'm assuming that because that the presence of Vorpal is mentioned, it's important." The biochem is aware of the purple cheshire, thanks primarily to the Titans PR campaigns. "Was Vorpal responsible for the power overload?"

Simmons accesses the report from that day to see what information she find from when the Corvinus was bought in.

"Are you able to come forward, Mr Reha or are you trapped in there?" Yes, Jemma's asked two questions… "And of course, I'll let Miss Potts know you'll be late." After she's checked with the powers that be, of course. "Todays date… in May 13th, 2015."

The avianoid's eyes close, though the theta-wave pattern continues. There's a slightly more 'human' approximation for about ten microseconds then it resumes the status it was at prior.

Reply texsurvoc: Proprietary transuranic null-enchant.
Reply texsurvoc: Vorpal: Heisenberg Principle In Flesh.
Reply texsurvoc: Uncertain.
Reply texsurvoc: Cannot.
Reply texsurvoc: Move.
Reply texsurvoc: Thank you.
Reply texsurvoc: Oh For Fuck's Sake!
Reply texsurvoc: *sigh*
Reply texsurvoc: Thank you in advance.

Jemma sighs as she watches the avianoid try to change, and fail. "So Corvinus was hit with a nullify spell from Vorpal to counteract the transuranic material. And it seems like you're stuck in there." The Biochem is very concerned about touching the systems. She might just make it worse. "What if we were to reverse the effects?"

Simmons starts to pull up the previous test results from the material Corvinus is created from. "The readings I have here would be incorrect. What would be considered normal levels?"

The head rolls from left to right and then back to the left before returning to staring up at the ceiling.
Reply texsurvoc: Partner Control rod.
Reply texsurvoc: Vorpal outside framework.
Reply texsurvoc: Vorpal Partner Self.
Reply texsurvoc: Excrutiating Agony.
Reply texsurvoc: Data Unavailable.
Reply texsurvoc: Access Denied.

Simmons reads that response and then reads it again. "I'm sorry you're in agony Corvinus, Mr Reha." She'll address both entities here. "Does Miss Potts know about Corvinus, Mr Reha? Does she know they exist?" Simmons is going to need some specialist help here. Someone who actually understands the avianoid creature and someone who understands magic. Magic, because she's fairly certain that whatever occured, it's related to the magic that Vorpal uses and the transuranic material that Corvinus uses.

Reply texsurvoc: *FACEPALM*
Reply texsurvoc: Not pain now.
Reply texsurvoc: Pain THEN.
Reply texsurvoc: Yes.
Reply texsurvoc: They take tea together.
Reply texsurvoc: It drinks too much.
Reply texsurvoc: Makes it hard to sleep sometimes.
Reply texsurvoc: More agony right now not being able to move and feeling out of body.
Reply texsurvoc: Nothing feels right.
Reply texsurvoc: We just want to go home.

At the last comment, the theta spikes at 100 transactions per microsecond, and the monitor's surge protector engages even as an exceptionally long numeric expression begins to flood the screen. Whatever it was, it wasn't a hostile attack on the computing systems… they're still operating within normal parameters.

Simmons has set some time aside to examine the Corvinus. She'd left a message for Agent May and Fitz, letting them know she would be in the Secure Offsite Facility. She's been there some time and right now, she's sitting on a stool beside the bed that the Corvinus is secured to, seemingly talking to the air.

The only piece of equipment that appear to be on is the theta-wave monitor and another monitor.

"OK so Miss Potts knows about Corvinus… Please do try to calm yourself, Mr Reha. Would it help if I put the system in sleep mode again?" She sighs sympathetically "I'm going to do my best to get you fixed up as quickly as possible." She'll leave the system on for as long as she can.

The avianoid entity, festooned with many sensors and restraints and the like lets out a visible exhalation — would that have been an actual sigh?

Reply texsurvoc: Yes.
Reply texsurvoc: Been sleeping a lot lately.
Reply texsurvoc: I prefer having my manhood thankyouverymuch. *dry humor indicated*
Reply texsurvoc: Trying to remain calm.
Reply texsurvoc: Why, is something wrong?
Reply texsurvoc: I mean, besides not being able to feel anything and experiencing the mother of all out of body experiences? *dark humor indicated*

Well, at least the entity appears to be retaining its sense of humor, at any rate.

For the new viewers, the 'replies' are playing out across a monitor, they are not being spoken, though they are coming in response to questions that Simmons appears to be asking.

Having seen Simmons' message about spending more time with the Corvinus individual, May opted to track the scientist down once her own duties were completed. She enters the room quietly, carrying a fresh container of tea as the current one here has got to be close to gone by now. She watches Simmons seemingly talk to thin air and then realizes that the monitor by the younger woman has replies appearing on it as if they were the microphone-less half of a skype conversation.

Setting the tea in the small 'break' area, she returns to stand next to Simmons, actually a bit intentionally making her footsteps audible so as to not startle her. "Any progress?"

Simmons shakes herself and looks up as May stops beside her. "A fair bit actually, Agent May and then not enough at the same time." The biochem refers to her tablet as she reviews the situation. "Mr Jim Reha from Stark Industries seems to be partnered with this creature." Nodding to the text on the screen "That's actually him I'm speaking with, not the Corvinus. Oh, that's the name of this creature… Corvinus."

She pauses as she thinks how to frame the next bit "Vorpal, from the Titans, seems to have done something to Corvinus that's caused the system glitch. I'm not entirely certain, Agent May but I think I'm going to need some advice. And I think speaking to the people at Stark Industries" Jemma blinks "Oh yes, their CEO apparently has tea with Corvinus where he drinks to much of it and causes poor Mr Reha to not sleep." realising she's rambling, Jemma gives a quick shake of her head "And potentially speak to the Vorpal or the Titans about what might have happened."

Addressing the Corvinus/Jim again, Simmons lets out a slow breath "The systems are so confused, Mr Reha, I'm getting some strange readings, that's all. I'll try, very hard, to keep your manhood intact." Simmons tries to joke back. "If there's nothing else at this point Mr Reha, I'll put your systems back to hibernate and enlist additional help."

There's another exhalation from the avianoid entity.

Reply texsurvoc: That is HIGHLY appreciated. *desperate humor indicated*
Reply texsurvoc: Just don't forget about me, okay?
Reply texsurvoc: Seeing stars and walking among them very scary.
Reply texsurvoc: Do that if you have to, and… good night.

Seriously broken, yes.

Melinda May nods as Simmons reports what's she's learned about Reha/Corvinus and what is still aggravatingly unknown. And… the Bird drinking tea is a problem? Interesting. "Get in touch with Stark's CEO, I'll clear it with Fury. Maybe they already have the knowledge and resources to help get Corvinus' programming sorted out." She looks at the text on the monitor. "Good night, Mr. Reha."

Simmons nods to Agent May "I'll do that. Immediately." Looking back to the monitor, Simmons smiles a little "I won't forget Mr Reha, and when we get this fixed and you're back to normal, maybe we can have tea together." Checking the readings one last time, the british biochem blows out a deep breath "System Sleep."

The monitor that was taking the texts and displaying them winks out, and the bird-like being slumps, beginning to snore a bit. That's still a bit of an unnerving 'bonus' the avianoid has.

Melinda May waits for the system to acknowledge that Corvinus/Reha is asleep and then turns to raise an eyebrow at Simmons. "Did you just ask Mr. Reha out on a date?" Of course, the snoring avianoid gets a brief glance. Because wow.

Turning all the monitoring equipment on, Simmons begins reviewing her notes after giving a brief glance to the snoring Corvinus. Giving May a startled glance, the British Biochem stammers "Ummm I guess I did."

Melinda May is now doing that May version of an evil grin. Which means she's ALMOST smiling. "Let me see if I can get in touch with Fury right now." That's just a little bit of evil right there. Because the sooner she gets the okay, the sooner Simmons goes to talk with the Stark Industries people, the sooner Corvinus gets his brain unscrambled, and the sooner Simmons has to make good on that offer and have tea with Reha.

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