Mushy Stuff

May 13, 2015:

Two friends, Reese and Barry, get back together and talk mushy friend stuff like boys and girls and other things.


It's in a cemetery


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Fade In…

It has been a while since Reese has been out in the open really. Most of the days she's spent in the Cemetary, no one wanders and hangs out in the cemetary unless you're dead or someones dying, or there's a crew of stupid goth kid attempting to do a video shoot with their crappy music and emo dressings.

Yeah. Emo dressings.

Or, you could be Reese. Blind as the day is young, fingers idly bouncing the slightly cracked ley pendant in her hand, her fingers thumbing the smooth screen of her phone as she presses the button and speaks right into it.

"Call Barry Allen."

And it does! Cause, Technology rocks. She could hear the hello as well.

"Barry! Come hang. In the cemetary. We need to talk."

And she leaves the call open, cause obviously smart phones aren't made for the blind.

It doesn't take long, of course. Nothing really does when it's Barry. Unless you're waiting for a report. Or unless he needs to be on time for work. Or unless you're waiting on him for much of …well, in any event, he does show up after amid the normal crackle of electricity. A lingering amount still over his eyes as he becomes visible.

"Hey, you," Barry says with a smile as he takes a look around. "Cemetery sort of a creepy spot. How's the Lantern? He taking care of you?"

The only way she really knows that Barry is there is with the gust of wind that comes with his arrival. Along with the faintest hints of a crackle that touches upon her ears and makes her feel kind of.. Chilly. Barry and Chilly in the same sentence..

Doesn't make sense.

There was a little frown right off the bat as he asks the two questions, her shoulders shrugging as she holds out the phone towards Barry, at least so he could end the call if he hasn't on his end.

"He's gone." Simple as that. "I.. don't know where he is and haven't seen him really. SO.. no?" There was a tiny pout, then a glance around. "It's quiet here, though. You may like it one day."

"Ha," Barry says as his head tilts back just a bit. She'll likely be able to hear the smile on his face. "You know I'm always better around people." A moment after it fades he tilts his head toward her. "So what's the deal here, Reese?"

"Dark, cold, empty. As gothy as this sounds, and as some of my friends from high school would have loved it, I don't think this is just a social call. What happened to Lantern?"

Reese actually sat upon a tombstone that was big enough for the both of them. So it didn't take much for her to scoot over to offer him a seat. Disrespect or no, who could stand while having a conversation? Even though he was taller than her, her sitting felt like intimidation.

"I.. I admittedly don't know.."

"He was here one day.. gone the next. And that.. thing that he gave me with him as well." Was he dead? She wasn't sure. But she was sad. "I just needed a friend, Barry. I'm old as dirt and I don't have much but you and maybe three others." Okay, so it wasn't a social call, without the Lantern's protection she was probably a walking oni target. And she was a little afraid, though.. her poker face is really damn good.

"Tell me something new."

Barry wouldn't mind sitting next to her, but on a tombstone just seems to disrespectful for him. Instead he goes to stand by her on the other side and kneels down.

"I'm sure he'll turn up," Barry responds as he pulls a blade of grass and looks up at her. He leaves the oni topic for just a moment. "New? I wish I could. Some small potato stuff, but we seem to have it handled pretty well. Most of my drama is just the personal kind."

Reese turns her head to listen to the sound of his steps, to feel the air around her to discern his location. At least he wasn't far. "He won't." She states simply. The absense of him seemed final, at least. But she didn't intend to be a debbie downer in all of .. alright, yeah she did.

"Personal? What is it?" A beat. "If you don't mind sharing."

She shrugs her shoulders if he didn't want to share, leaving it be for now. "I kind of wanted to ask you a question too. I mean.." She stalls a little. "I have a place to stay. But it's usually filled with people and I can't handle that sometimes.. so…"

"Well, bunch of lame stuff really. Ronnie hasn't talked to me in months. I didn't even get a reason why. Fell in like with a mutant girl who can walk through things, but Cisco saw her first, and there was nothing doin' anyhow. Worst of all, Iris started texting me again," Barry shakes his head. "Kind of small potatoes when you consider the other stuff going on."

"I'm sure Cisco will let you stay. He lives on Staten Island—I moved in with him after my apartment got destroyed and when I moved out of Ronnie's."

Reese listens, a little frown upon her lips as she draws out a sigh. "For you to be such a ladies man, you sure can't do the follow up well." Reese teasingly smiles, reaching out to carefully touch his shoulder. "In my time, I've learned that nothing is small potatoes, especially if it's personal."

"I think you should at least.. you know, try with the Eye." She grins a little. "You haven't told me much about her, but she seems to have an impact, yes?" She does nod a little, her lips twisting. "I really hope your friend doesn't mind that I uh.. can't pay for my space. I can cook though, soon as I learn my paces. Well, you know that." She would hug him, but he was a little bit low. "It'll be good to room with you again. I kind of missed you."

"Well, Iris was always my best friend. It got weird, and that's when I moved out here. I didn't know her dad was going to move out here, which has been really nice. It just got weird, so it's good that I got away, I suppose."

Barry chuckles, "And I don't think anyone would ever confuse me with being a ladies man."

He nods vigorously, "Cisco will be cool with it. You just have to worry about him catching feelings for ya."

"Best friends make the greatest.." Reese wrinkles her nose, and just lets it drop. That was a little bit too mushy for her. She pushes herself off of the tombstone, her fingers stuck into her mouth to crack out a loud whistle..

A bark in the distance, along with a padding of quick feet rushes towards the two, slowly slowing once Max sees Barry. He sniffs at his foot for a little, his tail waggling, doing his paces around the man as Reese points. "I don't think he'd catch feelings for me. He may fall in love with Max though. Can he room with us too? Or is it a no dog zone."

But, she does stop to think for a moment. "Don't take this as me hitting on you. But you sound great. So yes. Ladies man. Take the compliment."

"Yeah, well, I don't think it's ever going to happen and, honestly, that's probably for the best." The Flash shrugs his shoulders.

As the dog approaches, Barry smiles and reaches out to pet him. "You know, I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Cisco. I'm not even on the lease, to be honest."

"Well, I'm honored you think that, but that's about as far from reality as possible, I'm afraid. Which is really for the best, I'm not sure you can have a healthy relationship doing the sorts of things I have to do."

"One can dream." Reese mutters. "I live my life vicariously through my friends. You need to get something fun going." She reaches out for his hand, wanting to move from out of the open. She's had her few minutes of outdoors time, and it was time to get back inside and off of the radar.

"He can go back to the tugboat if necessary. Sometimes I need time away from the big guy too." Who, is eagerly licking Barry's hand. Eating up the affection.

"Perhaps you should find someone who does the same thing you do. Maybe it'll .." No. It all just reminded her of Hal. "So.. hey. You still have my jars?"

"I tried that. That was what Ronnie did," Barry says. "But it is what it is. Just some momentary frustration." Barry takes his hand to lead her wherever it is she wants to go. "I do have you jars. They're in my suitcase underneath the futon at Cisco's."

"Did she?" See! There were some things that Reese herself didn't know. She does feel for him, as she was/is in the same boat. It all was just starting to make her sad. "I hear you there.."

She clenches her teeth, bringing up the elephant in the room. She didn't have anywhere to go really, she just walked. "I.. still have that problem. But with this.." She pulls the pendulum from her shirt, allowing it to dangle just a bit. "I suppose it cloaks me from the oni who try to find me. For now. I'm just, at a loss of what to do. And I'm afraid of pulling you in because I don't want you to get hurt either."

"But I don't really feel comfortable with sitting on the sidelines and just allowing them to come after you either. This sort of thing is all about the tough decisions, I suppose," the Flash replies. "Strength in numbers."

Reese adds. "And it's just us two then."

She smiles a little, then rubs at her cheek with her free hand. "I often thought about taking the fight to her, but.. of course what load of good that'll do me if I can't break a grape in a fruit fight." The analogy made her laugh a little, her nose wrinkling. "How do you fight demons and you're not an exorcist?"

"I have absolutely no clue," Barry says as he shakes his head, "But I do know we're not alone. We have Cisco. Caitlin. Dr. Wells. Joe. We've got a whole team."

"Who what who?" Way too many names. None of them she's heard. Save for Cisco. It was hard enough asking for help, and there was a whole team now that she could rely on. Through Barry. Reese mentioned NOTHING about living with an alien. Aliens. How weird would that be? But then again…

"Okay.." She squeezes his hand. "However you want to do it Barry, I'm game."

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