May 10, 2015:

Lunair's return to the Outsiders gets a warm welcome home and a small debate in regards to future safety.

HMSS Starfire

Starfire's ship that hovers just outside of the atmosphere above Metropolis.


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Well, her car's engine got punched out and the roof ripped off, but she was smart enough to hide her communicator before getting summarily yoinked. Lunair hates fighting speedsters SO MUCH. They get cool powers. It isn't fair, no siree. But what's done is done. Post-tentacling and post-trying-to-murder-the-crap-out-of-everyone-Not-HYDRA, Lunair was picked up by her favorite green guy, Skaar.

While it is apparent she did get a good whack of drugs and intense conditioning, thanks to Duplo and medical being awesome, Lunair will slowly come out of the fog. Really slowly. She does at least grump about it while it happens, rambling about Zyklon and hailing this or that. She's in and out early on.

Skaar called for Lunair and him to be ported to the spaceship and explained briefly what had happened. Then he left again, probably to smash some more Hydra goons. Or maybe just to vent his anger somewhere away from civilization.

A few hours later, more calmed, he has returned and goes straight to see the dark-haired young woman. Only brief greetings to the other Outsiders if they are around.

Jericho's been in operations in and out of this reality and he's dead tired when he arrives on the Starfire. He'd heard about Lun. Mostly after the fact. The hacker makes his way back from the teleporter to medical. "How is she?" He asks Skaar rather than Lunair herself. She seems fairly out of it.

The med bay is neat, sterile, organized…. Hard to imagine of you flip the wall compartment that is on the other side, all of the 'test tubes' and mad science paraphernalia like way illegal on Earth or any nearby galaxy resides.

Depalo and his kind (Dominators) are not known for their humane studies, but they're efficient.

Starfire stares out of the port window that spans a small space on this level of the deck, leaving the spanse of space opposing earth open to her gaze, though the reflection shows a worried face, Lian perched upon her hip, and the room behind her where Lunair is hooked to monitoring devices as well as stabilizing machinery that is set to send electrical jolts of stunning amps if she starts to slip once again… Vitals, brainwaves.. All the beeping…

One hand reaches up to pinch the bridge of tawny nose, finger palming over her face but tips spread to where she can see Skaar pass behind her to enter Lunair's room. "No changes yet." Thouh that statement send emerald gaze towards Depalo who shakes his had, points to the monitoring that has remained relatively stable and exits.

Too many in one space upon all of their entries, and Depalo is not social. At all.

A slow exhale and she turns her back to the scrolling 'scape of space and nudges Roy with the bump of un-childladen hip. "This is over now, eight? She just needs to snap out of it?" Though that question is to both Roy and Jer, the two who know more about HYDRA alive then Starfire cares to.

Dead, that's all she sees them as now.

"I've lost count of how many times HYDRA's been after Lunair now," Roy grumbles. "We should just put up a sign counting down the days since Loonie's been last grabbed. You know, we should just use your image inducer thingy to make Skaar look like Loonie, then have him tear down the place. Save us some headaches trying to go after them."

Glancing over to Jericho, Roy grunts. "Are we even closer to knowing what's going on?"

Wargharble. Hail your mom? Lunair would be sympathetic to Depalo once she comes out of her fog. At least she's stopped trying to murder things. And it probably is better if she's sedated, due to a fairly massive phobia of medical equipment. She will probably emerge from her HYDRA-tizin' in a while, since it would take a few hours. Thankfully, it's not Tranq Dart Thursday. And thankfully, she won't remember the tentacling because otherwise she might have a purple pelt if she gets her way.

Skaar is willing to implement any plan to keep Lunair out of Hydra's hands, but they don't even know what they want from her. It must be important given how many resources they are spending. "No. They just put her to defend a small underground installation," he explains Roy. "It was attacked by some superhumans I didn't know and the black leather man we saw in the ice-cream shop. When I found her she had already been knocked unconscious."

Jericho glances over to Kori. "I think so. Well, part of it. Is it ever really over with HYDRA?" He hasn't gotten there with them yet to be sure. "The group that snatched her is in disarray. Mostly they're dead and their leader is missing, so she won't be getting any trouble from them." He pauses. "I hope."

"Who is this Cyclone?" Starfire asks, having been standing sentinel long enough to hear rantings and ramblings as well as tidbits of gurgles.

"Zyclon!" Lian corrects from behind a veil of flame red hair she was playing with from her perch upon Starfire's hip, pulling it out to a fan to pet it down and begin trying to braid it, but using two pieces and dancy twists instead. That explains the knotting on the other side of Starfire's hair…
"What she said." Starfire states with a light tip of her head, though Roy also gets a glance at his idea.

"You know, we could do that… Should have done that, but with the pauses in between, we were hoping they had been done trying considering their failures before…" A rise and fall of bare shoulder, though those eyes turn to Jericho.

"Who was their leader?"

Time has passed, especially if Skaar got to go smash and such. Her eyelids flicker open. There's a distinct irony in being knocked out by her own armor. Her gaze is distant, unfocused a moment. Lunair shakes her head. And awww, Lian and Starfire are cute. Wait, is that? Lunair looks confused. "… wasn't I just by my car?" There's a puzzled look. What the noodles? What's going on? Skaar makes her smile a bit, though. What's going on? She's in a bit of a fugue, puzzled and dazed. She was just getting things and checking her phone and - uh oh.

Skaar moves closer to Lunair's bed and frowns. "Have you forgotten? You were in the city called Metropolis and there was an invasion of the Hydra army." He is not giving all the details to the young woman, and he glances at Depalo inquiringly. "Now you are in Koriand'r starship. Your car is still in New York, but it was wrecked."

"You were missing for the better part of two days." Jericho says quietly before looking back to Starfire. "You just said his name. Zyklon. I don't have much on him but we've encountered him before. Well, I have anyway. We fought and beat him in Metro, and then I heard again in whatever Abyss dimension that was. Hopefully he's out of the picture." The hacker pauses. "Can't be sure though."

Blink. Blinkblink. Lunair pauses. "I was getting ready to go home when a scary, armored German guy attacked my car and chased me. I remember my arm being grabbed and things went fuzzy." Her eyebrows furrow. She seems unhappy about this. She shakes her head. "Two days? What's going on?" She looks lost. "Really? He's gone?" Stupid evil speedsters. "Well… I'm glad. He hurt you." And also apparently kidnapped her.

"So a missing leader that is part of a very large network of criminal organization, a bunch of which are now dead though if it is as grand a scale as you guys seem to be implying, their current dead are of no consequence. From the research we did after Lunair's second kidnapping this likely meant nothing to them. They'll just regroup and try again using other means. Civilizations on entire planets do it, a group bragging their numbers can." Starfire states matter of factly casting a lance to Depalo (just ONE of the /many/ examples standing solo), though the inquiring look to Depalo from Skaar has Depalo lifting his head, the insectile clicking ringing out first before the translator at his neck speaks for him, an android male voice seeming outdated beyond the current tech surrounding them.

"Lunair has sustained minor injuries, though there is several things inside her system battling for the space as well as the command center of her central nervous system. One side dormant, the other being defeated by the fact that she was shaken like a can of tuna in her armor and her own shocking human willpower. Or, the commanding force and programming is not near enough to command them to a dominating force again and control her." That said Depalo taps the screen of his tablet and shuts it off.

"She's as stable as she is going to be." A quip from the insectoid alien? Perhaps. Or a jab. Either way he leaves them to their visit and their sitrep.

Kori nods her thanks to Depalo and steps inside, setting Lian down on the bed beside Lunair where the little girl squees and promptly hugs Lunair with no regard for if she was speaking or not. Even the child felt the worry for a friend.

"Well infiltrating them and taking them out is something we need to do, but we also need to find a way to neutralize that programming at the same time," Roy muses. "Do we know a telepath or someone who could handle the deprogramming?" Roy chimes in, pausing to ruffle his daughter for her quipping. Good girl.

Pausing to consider something, Roy looks towards Lunair. "Do you have anything of theirs?"

Skaar would feel better if the nanorobots the Baroness left in Luna's head would go out. They are like the Damocles sword in her head, instead of over it. "This Zyklon… is he the leader of the whole Hydra army?" He asks. Finding out about Hydra is not easy for an alien giant, and the Internet was full of contradictions and rumors, so little help this time.

He looks down at Lunair. Maybe it is better if she doesn't remember much. "Are you feeling well enough to stand up?" He asks.

Huh? Lunair looks confused. And alarmed. Things. Inside of her!? Battling for control!? Eeeeeee. Nevertheless, Lunair blinks at Depalo. "Um. Thank you." She's not quite sure what that means, but some things may just not translate well. Either way, who knows? She smiles at Lian and gently hugs her back. "Hiya! Thank you." It's good to see her and Lian is freaking adorable. Socially stunted as she is, Lunair at least picks up that much.

She blinks and shakes her head at Roy. There is one downside to Lunair being most of her own equipment. "I don't - think so?" Puzzled. "I don't think he - I don't think he was entirely their leader," She admits. Hydra is slippery that way. And it probably is better not to remember the Dawn of the Tentacles or she might be … upset.

She looks to the group. "I'm… sorry." She really is a lot of trouble.

"There isn't a 'HYDRA army'." Jericho shrugs, glancing at Roy for support. "Not one, anyway. HYDRA is a very large organization and a very fragmented one. Individuals like Zyklon who can get whole branches of it to act in concert are rare. Mostly you deal with individual cells who might know of, if you're lucky, two or three other cells. They all have their own agendas but they all have the same goal: Absolute control."

He sighs and finds himself a seat. "Not your fault you got victimized, Lunair. But they're right. You're safer now but probably not safe."

"From the research, the organization has been around since this worlds early 1900's, if not before. So no, never fully safe for as long as they know you exist." Though that final word has Kori making a waving gesture in the air, like a magician who was making a rabbit appear and disappear.

"This wave is done, for now. They seem like the game at the carnival we went to," Starfire looks at Roy. "You know, the little brown things that poke out of the holes and you smack them with the hammer…" Though Kori put the hammer -through- the game in her desire to get Lian the stuffed unicorn… "Anyway. My thoughts? Hunting pushes those already in retreat further down, but between K'tten and Jericho, could we not make Lunair…/Disappear?/. I know there is still who she is in the flesh, but… It will make their job a bit harder and perhaps they will just… Lose interest. Like…"

Starfire pauses and watches the monitors. Shiny…

Blink blink. Give her a minute. ADD moment. "A cat!"

"Jericho's right, HYDRA's more like cells than an army. 'For every head you cut off, two more will take its place'. We've heard that often enough." Frowning, Roy looks at Starfire. "Yes. The whack-a-mole, that's what it's like. To basically prevent them from coming up again, you have to cauterize them. Rip their heads off and burn the stumps so the heads can't grow back. In this case, the stump's going to be whoever's organizing -these- cells. We've got to find that out, but how…"

After a moment, Roy considers that. "You mean, deprive HYDRA of its prey…? I don't think they'll back off as long as they know she's out there, but if we -kill- her…"

Skaar hrms. "They have large numbers of soldiers and weapons, and they are willing to go to war for territory with the armies of America. Seems like an army to me," he points out. Cell organization guerrillas (or terrorist factions) do not operate at that scale. Although of course the definitions are blurry.

Jericho shrugs. It's a fair point. A lot of the more militant HYDRA forces seem to have been extra-dimensional though. Which makes sense. This world's HYDRA is neither geared nor organized for combat on that scale without exceptional leaders. That worlds' does seem to have been. Not that they didn't get cleaned up in the space of about 8 hours by SHIELD and the US Army but then they did get stranded.

"They're willing to do an awful lot, yes. Shutting them down in any permanent fashion is tricky though." The notion of making Lunair disappear gets some thought.

"Doable. I can make a lot of her records vanish. Give her a new identity or make it look like she died in the fighting. It'll mean some lifestyle changes on Lunair's part. Alternately if she just teleported everywhere she'd be a lot harder to track. Maybe have Lunair take some contracts overseas and make it look like she's relocated. Or just have her pop up in a different continent every week."

Starfire nods then and looks thoughtful as she glances to Roy. "It is not so hard to make someone think you are dead. One leaked article… One memorial. The records from her current vitals here imported and uploaded into a hospital directory, but…"

Starfire moves around Lunairs bed and pulls the plug on the machine that is monitoring her, alarms sounding and small blips of lifesigns flat-lining.

"We can insert something having happened right before the end, a surge of some sort of her body… Just before…"

"The teleporting is the easy part." Kori states, gesturing to her ship as a whole. "Getting them to be currently satisfied is what we need to do. Give them the results they want." Which is Lunair alive or believing her to be dead.

"Or we could make it really big and visual. Get videotapes of her in public…" Roy considers, nodding at Starfire. "Don't worry, Lian, we're playing hide and seek, make the bad guys think she's gone, so they will stop coming after her."

Glancing back towards Jericho, Roy shakes his head. "The hard part is what we do if she's caught on camera again later, though. Especially with the same powers. Got any thoughts on that?"

"Right now she still have those devices in her head," points out Skaar. Until the nanites are out it seems of little use to him to fake Lunair's death and try to hide her. "We should keep a better watch on her," he suggests. He has tried, but somehow they always manage to find her when he is not around!

"We could always tag her." Jericho suggests dryly. "But you're right, I'd forgotten about that. It's possible they can track or recall her through those nanites. Any luck on Deplo neutralizing them?" He peers over for a moment before settling back. "Makes me want to stick K'nert on her back. With duct tape."

"Dunno Roy. Being seen doing my thing has always been my problem too. And they respond pretty damn fast sometimes. I still have to be careful who sees me doing what." He gestures to his long sleeves. "Or even having my traces seen."

Lunair's been kind of in and out of things, but she's hearing talk of killing her, tagging her, wait, what? Her eyebrows lift. Her mouth opens, closes. "I'm open to suggestions. I guess killing them until they go away for awhile isn't working so much." Still, she smiles at Skaar (her favorite green dude) and everyone. "Thanks for not smashing me." Hey, she appreciates it. "… and let's not duct tape poor K'nert to me."

"There are options." Kori states as she combs fingers through her hair now, getting them caught in some of those tangles that makes her reaction much akin to that of a feline trying to shake tape of its paws, but its her own hair.

Lian's look goes from worried to nodding in an understanding a child her age should simply not have or be subjected to. But the more you know…. "Luna stays with us!" Lian pipes in and then swings her little legs to hop off the bed and dash for the door. "I wannabrushtheprincesseshair!" All too excitedly she is dashing out of the room to go retrieve her 'barbie brush' and return to comb (rip) the knots from Kori's hair.

It's a ritual, Kori's scalp feels no more pain.

A look is passed to them all and she claims a seat on the floor to prepare, tugging that long main out and back. "Lunair, we have been speculating, planning, plotting. What do -you- want?"

Thinking for a moment, Roy glances back at Jericho. "Maybe science's not the answer here… what if we had some sort of magic that basically hid you guys from being recorded, like vampires?"

Looking back towards Lian, Roy shakes his head, before sighing, sitting down on the floor as well. "We could get that magic girlfriend of yours to do something… what was her name, again?"

"Illyana. We can ask, certainly. She's often at X-Red when she isn't at one of our two homes." Beat. "Or school." She is getting her masters after all. Jericho ponders for a moment as Lian rushes off to get the royal brush of many tangles.

"What are you interested in, Lunair?"

Lunair nods and sits up a little. She frowns. Aw, Lian. "I do like to stay here a good bit. And um. It's okay. I know you're worried. I feel really bad about this. I'm a tremendous burden, someone's escaped lab project." A weapon, really. All jokes about weekly dartings aside, it's good cause for despair and teen angst is an ugly mix. She takes a deep breath. Then a blink at Lian, and an eyebrow lifts. She's not sure. Lunair seems uncertain about it all.

"I don't know. I am tired of being a joke and getting grabbed so often," She puts a hand to the side of her face. Would it have been better to die ages ago? "I really don't know if the people of HYDRA who helped create me are going to give up, if they got wiped out. I think - I guess I could change my name and stuff." Sigh. "I'm already legally dead in at least one life," A wry, sad smile. "Burned as medical waste. I guess Lunair can follow, too."

"You have dangerous enemies, but it is not your fault," protests Skaar. "But I believe you will defeat them, and we can help you if you need us. You have several paths before you now, Luna. Whatever one you pick, you can be sure we will be with you all the way."

Starfire listens as Luna speaks and the look on her face… For a moment her face falls to empathic sorrow and then… Brows furrow and from her place on the ground Starfire is leering up at Luna.

"Don't you dare." Those words carry the rage that rolls in pupilless emerald eyes that reflect the imagery of Luna, Jer, and Skaar before her.

"I don't know how many times I have had to tell you to stop apologising. If we all stopped to feel bad when we simply lived our life would be nothin but regret in retrospect." Star is about to stand when Lian comes back in with her brush and is standing upon that flowing river of red hair to start at the scalp for her brushing ritual! Tritely making Kori flail and land right back on her ass.

"Nope, you stay right there!" The small child exclaims, her face exuberant for that moment where she is -in charge-. Brush, brush, brusssshh.

That does not break the look Kori has focused upon Luunair. "You are no longer what they made you feel like. You are and can be, whatever you want to be. You're a warrior, you're my friend, you're an essential part of this team." Star looks down and then back up. "You're free, so stop thinking like they'd want you too and decide what -you- want and stop apologizing for it."
Kori's head is tugged to the side with Lian's brush/yanking, but no flinch is given, instead she smiles lightly reaching over and tugging at a bit of Roy's own hair, payback and symbology in the reference, looking from Lun to Skaar.

"Look at that lug, he adores you. Not for what tried to create you, but for who you are. Time to accept that you are no longer the victim, Lunair. I know, it took me a while and I still have moments."

Nodding in agreement with Jericho, Roy comments, "See if she can cook up a way to hide you and Lunair like, well… vampire reflections…?"

Lunair gets a frown. "Is that what you -really- want? I mean… to be an outsider in society too…?" He motions to Starfire. "Just… yeah, find a path that works for you, but don't abandon the path you already have traveled so far."

Lunair is quiet a moment, blinking at Starfire. She looks startled a moment. She looks to Skaar and smiles. She'll pat his shoulder, then. "Thanks." Her favorite space barbarian dude! A blink at Lian and Starfire. Hee. She stifles a smile. "I know, it just feels awful being grabbed at like I'm the last bag of reese's pieces." And putting everyone in danger and… She goes quiet for a moment, looking to Starfire. She smiles. Skaar is great. "He's very kind about it all," She offers. Having a girlfriend who gets carted off more than dead people in Monty Python has to be tough.

She looks between the two. Then a peer at Roy. "You think I am not already? I'm okay as long as no one looks at my childhood records. It's a bit sketchy," She admits. "Thank you guys. We'll think of something. I can stay Lunair awhile longer." Nod.

"I am quite found of Lunair," admits Skaar matter-of-factly. "Regardless, we need to get those machines out of her head even if she wants to vanish and chance her appearance. It would be much better to just eliminate the Hydra group after her. If they are just a few… a cell, you said? It is much easier."

"We're all outsiders for one reason or another. Pick a boat to miss, you're not alone and with us? That's a promise." Kori states, her head tilted to the side to try and lessen the joyous tug-brushing of Lian, though at points Kori's eyes fall closed and she resembles a pleased feline, even so much as untucking her legs from that folded position and stretching out.

"So, Lunair. What's your favorite food? I think it's time for dinner a la delivery." Nope, no Orn. Lun's been out for a while and… Let's not risk it!

"So a little bit of science, a little bit of magic, and we'll get Lunair clear. Yourself too, Jeri…" Roy responds, before cautioning Lian, "A little easier, Lian. Like how Kori does your hair."

Stretching, Roy whistles. "So, pick a food, Loonie, and we'll feast."

Lunair is settling a bit. Though, she blushes deeply at Skaar. Awww. He's fond of her. That's enough for her, ayup. She nods and smiles at Kori. Although her and Lian are so adorable. "Aw, thanks. Umm… hm. Well, I'd like it to be something everyone can eat." Hey, Lian may or may not like veggies. "I guess pizza is fine for now," Sagenod. She'll go with that. She also does seem happy about the idea of getting the nanu-nanu out of her head. "Oh, and garlic bread." Sagenod. "Thank you guys." She is lucky and happy to have such friends.

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