May 06, 2015:

Cameron drops by the Lakehouse to check on a patient and help mend fences.

JL:A Lakehouse, Metropolis

Lavish without being ostentatious. Expertly decorated without losing the
basics of comfort. This is the Lakehouse that 'belongs' to the JL:A (though
Kate Bishop's name is on the paperwork).

Once through the doors, the foyer opens up to a large foyer, decorated in
deep rich hues. Stepping through, the living area is comfortably appointed,
each chair, each couch with its own set of throw pillows. Coffee tables and
end tables dot the room, each with its own work of art, and coasters for
drinks. Windows overlook the pathway to the slip to the lake that lies

A professional kitchen is attached to a grand dining area, the great glass
and shining metal table able to seat 20 without difficulty.

Upstairs, four bedroom suites can be found, each with their own 'theme',
each with their own balconies. Past the suites, five large master bedrooms,
each with their own grand window and walk in closet are available.

On the roof, a helipad.


NPCs: None.


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Fade In…

Cameron Tenoaks is a Healer. Big H for the real deal. Not just stitching people back together again — though she could do that. Although it has some quirkiness, she's sometimes seen patrolling the streets of Metropolis — not for criminals to take in, but for injured folks to restore to health. Insurance companies would hate her, except in a way she does them a favor by this public service.

Part of her obligation as a paramedic, though, means she has to go through and follow-up with her patients. She hasn't lost one yet that she's healed, but for legal and liability reasons it is required. So tonight, she's returning to the Lakehouse, to talk to the First Avenger, The Star-Spangled Son of America, Steve Rogers.

As an additional item, though, she wants to try and work on mending fences in the League. Lately there's been some rumors flying back and forth — and mostly confirmed by Hawkeye — No, not that Hawkeye, the other Hawkeye! — that there was a bit of a falling - out between the spirited young woman and the Sentinel of Liberty.

She enters the Lakehouse after ringing the doorbell, shoulders slouched a bit, clad in black trenchcoat, blue jeans, and hints of a green running suit accented with silver bits.


It takes a while for the door to open up. First there is nothing, then the light, then a shadow moving from behind the door, visible in the frosted glass between its partitions. Finally it opens up.

Behind the door is Steve Rogers. His parted blonde hair is neat, as per usual, and he looks pretty well rested given all of the craziness that has been going on. He's wearing a grey t-shirt and pair of black trunks.

"Cameron, good to see you. You know you don't really have to knock, right?" He leaves the door open for her. "I was just doing some studying and watching the game. How are you?"


Cameron nods and enters, then carefully closes the door quickly behind her, even as there's a brief flash of light and the whirring of a camera. She hangs her head a bit and facepalms, rubbing her temples a bit. "If they got a shot of you I apologize. I was trying to be low-key without being too obnoxious, but they… can be tenacious."

She smiles happily. "I was raised right. Knock or ring before entering, even if it's a place you're welcome at? Gives folks a chance to get decent enough for the door if they aren't, and all?" There's a bit of a pause as the mention of studying makes her quirk an eyebrow.

"Whatcha studying and which game?"

She's not really huge into sports, but she gets it via osmosis on the Department, so she's not completely lost in that conversational tangent.


"They know where I live," Cap says responding to the cameras. "After so long, I'm pretty used to it." He heads into the living room where he has a tv-dinner tray by a big chair in front of the big screen.

"Yankee game," he says absently as he picks up the remote control. "As far as what I'm studying, looking into reports from SHIELD agents regarding the potential whereabouts of Red Skull."


"Oh." It hadn't occurred to her what that could mean for other people. Typically she's fighting the attention so hard that the idea of someone being used to it kind of blows her mind for a moment. She appraises the tv-dinner tray and the big screen.

"Oh, neat. Heard they had some good prospects this year. Any truth to that, or just hype?"

AT the mention of the reports she blinks a bit. "The Skull is back?" She hadn't heard about that one. If Cap is back, and the Skull… is a world war not far behind?


"They're alright. Probably better than I thought they'd be," Steve says as he settles in.

At the conversation about the skull, Steve raises an eyebrow before nodding a few times. "He's been back for a while. From what I understand he was fished out recently once they were sure they could revive him. They'd already used his DNA to create a daughter for him. I'm not sure how powerful he is at this point, but I'm sure he was behind everything at Orleans."


Cameron nods. Sports obligations met, she flumpfhs carefully into a recliner, hovering a brief instant before landing so she doesn't disintegrate the thing.

"That… okay, that's kind of disturbing. Don't doubt it, but disturbing…. and… Orleans… that's… well. Hell…" Might as well cut to the chase, then.

"Steve, heard something about you and Kate mixing it up a little bit. Sounded like Kate was trying to pull a little bit beyond her weight limit, and you'd just gotten out of Hell?"

Might as well call it straight.


Steve nods, "Yeah we had a little bit of a bust up. That's going to happen with younger kids from time to time. Especially under crisis situations. I think we learned a bit about where both of our boundaries are."

He shrugs, "To be honest it seemed a lot worse than it was. Next time we saw each other, we talked about it, and moved on. She's a good kid. She'll be alright at this."


"Alrighty. Cool. You need any help with your studies on that Skull thing, or is it at the Classified sort of level you shouldn't say any more about it? Don't want to get you into hot water over something like that?"

There's a bit of a glance at the screen. Someone just hit a homer, go figure.

"How's the shoulder holding up?" Cameron doesn't doubt her talents, but if there's something else amiss, she should know about it, sooner rather than later.


"You're welcome to it. So far it's just report after report of agents finding nothing. Since you're a member of the JL:A, you're alright to look at it. But," Cap sighs. "There's nothing in there."

"The shoulder is doing very well, thank you. To be honest, I even forgot I got shot."


Cameron shakes her head. "Not gonna go all Zen on you, but sometimes the not finding anything is the biggest clue of where something is at? Ever hear the phrase 'Don't shit where you eat'?" Okay, it's a bit crass, but some of her travels through the Slums have exposed her to it. She'll stand up and move over to take a glance at the reports. A lot of it is in officialese, but that isn't stopping her from taking a crack at it. After all, she needs to put her Liberal Arts Degree to work somehow, right?

"That's really GOOD to hear. Haven't gotten banged up anywhere else recently, right? And what the heck was going on this past weekend? I had duty, couldn't break away when we're short after everything that's been going on lately."


"Well, that's true. But the problem is that it narrows it down to everywhere other than Orleans, France. There have been other HYDRA issues, but those have been here stateside and have been far more mystical than his normal M.O. Either way…" Cap shrugs. "We'll find him eventually. And do what we need to put him down."


"In the meantime, what do you think about working on some cross-training? I mean, I suggested to Kate we just do it at the Hall, try and separate downtime from up-time and all, but if you're reading files…" There's a bit of a wince from the paramedic. She'd wanted to avoid it, but it's kind of important and while she has Steve's ear, she might as well go for broke, right?


"I think doing more training is a good idea, generally," Steve says with a nod. "I'm just knee deep in work at the moment. I keep thinking things will slow down, but they really haven't to this point. I suppose that's the way the world has changed and is continuing to change."


Cameron chuckles a bit at the comment. "Y'know, you sound kind of like Kate." There's a bit of a shake of the head, she clearly didn't mean any harm in the comment, and the paramedic has unwound a little bit since her entry, not slouching nearly as much now that she's engaged in the conversation.

"Is there anything I can do to help take some of the load off? I mean, there's stuff I can't touch because you've got far better training on it than I could ever hope to have, but if there were things you needed me to check out in my off-time, or even a couple of errands or something…" That almost sounds like the woman's dangerously bored.

"Need to take a bit of a break myself from work. Been one crisis to another almost non-stop lately. Change of pace could help?"


"Well yeah, now that you mention it, you could. Since you spend a lot of time in Metropolis, that means you're pretty close to D.C. There are several of us at SHIELD who have the belief that Sarah Traverstein is up to no good. And not because she's giving us heat, but because we think there's more to her than just a silver tongue. We know they've been spying on us—maybe you could do the trick on her a bit, see if you can find anything."


"She's that Representative that's been making all the fuss during the hearings, almost going all McCarthy on League members? I wouldn't normally think of touching that with a ten-foot pole, but… y'know, it could make things uncomfortable for her if I started hanging out near her. I mean, the media just LOVES to chase me around. Can't help but imagine what it might be like if they start looking at her, too? I know that's kind of indirect, but maybe it'll cause her to slip up somewhere if what you're saying really is the case, and maybe find some dirt if it isn't."

She takes a deep breath and lets it out.

"I'll look into it. But I'm going to be blatantly clumsy about it, not ask about any hidden agendas or anything, just be a popular figure wanting to meet up with someone famous. Sound like a plan?"

Inwardly, Cameron's cringing a bit, but Diana, her mother Maria, and others have been riding her to be a bit more public… at least this would be in a good cause, right?


"Well, that's the thing about being a hero, Cameron. We don't get to pick and choose what we take on and what we keep at a distance. 10 foot or otherwise," Cap says as he looks to her. He nods when she agrees. "Excellent. Let me know if you find anything. Might be chasing a needle in a haystack, but it's better than not chasing at all."

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