SHIELD and Smoak tour THINK

May 12, 2015:

FitzSimmons arrange to tour THINK



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Jemma Simmons, part of the 'dynamic duo' known as FitzSimmons within SHIELD, has received an invitation (of sorts) to become involved in THINK. Arranging to meet Fitz at the THINK offices, Simmons is just walking through the door now. She's exchanged her labcoat and safety goggles for a pair of jeans and collared T-Shirt, dressing down a little. Approaching the woman at the receptionist desk, the biochem offers a small smile. "Good afternoon, Dr Jemma Simmons, I was wondering if Mr Stark is available?"

The receptionist looks up, smiling. Clearly, she is someone well suited to the task of interfacing with the broadest segment of the population, gracefully and without rancor. "Good afternoon, Doctor Simmons. I'm sorry, but Mister Stark is not in at the moment. Is it possible that someone else could help you?" Not immediatey familiar with Jemma's academic accolades, she doesn't immediately think of someone in biochem, but she's willing to do a search and find someone, if given a clue.

Emerging from one of the elevators, still wearing her golden-hued lab coat and her glaringly PINK goggles - though they are pushed up over her hair, right now, instead of covering her eyes - the stork-like tall and thin blonde known as Dr. Aiko Miyazaki - aka Honey Lemon - glances by force of habit around the room as she heads for one of the access doorways leading to the back of the building. Seeing someone at the front desk, Honey Lemon approaches with a smile. It turns out not to be - yet - the guest she herself is expecting, but she can be polite anyway. It's her nature, after all. "Good afternoon. Welcome to THINK. Is there anything I can do to help?" She glances at the receptionist, checking to see if this is a good thing or bad, but she has already made her own introduction - t's on her sizeable ID badge on the breast pocket of her lab coat.

With all the famous scientists and world shattering discoveries, it's not exactly unusual for there to be photographers outside of THINK. Although today they are perhaps a little more numerous, louder and keen to try push past security. A young woman, dressed in a black designer dress and matching shoes, pauses to wave to the press before heading through the doors. "It's an absolute nightmare out there," Bette remarks. "/Please/ let this be THINK. I don't think I can face fighting my way through that mob again."

As the gangly blonde appears, Simmons turns her attention to her. "Dr Jemma Simmons" she omits where she is from "to see Mr Stark if he's available, he sent me an invitation regarding THINK." Peering at the ID badge, Simmons holds out her hand to Dr Miyazaki. "I'm expecting my colleague to join me here. We thought we'd stick our heads in and see what Mr Stark was doing." Of course, Fitz is running fashionably late…

Gwen was here having been visiting Honey and GoGo earlier on and she hadn't left even if she was pretty peeved at the pair. Walking up to the reception with her friend she asks her, "Do you want anything to eat? I'm going to go grab some lunch and then I'll be back." She frowned a teeny bit at Honey.

Honey Lemon's hands are as lean as the rest of her, but clean, neat, and bedecked colorfully. "Good afternoon, Doctor Simmons. Elizabeth, it's alright. Just send a message to Howard, if you haven't already. I can escort Doctor Simmons and her friend easily enough. He can find them with me, when he arrives."

That dealt with, Aiko is probably about to explain that she knows who Jemma is and is pleased to meet her, and things like that, when the arrival of Bette Kane interrupts, as it were. Elizabeth, behind the reception desk, greets the young blonde woman with a smile. "Good afternoon, Ma'am. Welcome to THINK. My name is Elizabeth. May I confirm yours, so I can contact whomever you're here to see?" Bette has enough of a public reputation that Elizabeth thinks she knows who she is, and is ready to act on that, but only after her hunch is confirmed officially.

For her part, Aiko is watching past Jemma, observing Bette without yet saying anything. If she recognizes the woman, she makes no sign of it. She glances back at Gwen, sighing softly at the irked look on her friend's face. She really had hoped this would ease up by now. "Perhaps we should wait a moment. Someone else might want or need something to eat. I wouldn't mind a salad." She starts fishing in the pockets of that labcoat of hers, looking for cash to offer Gwen for the salad.

"Hi there Elizabeth," Bette replies, flashing a smile. "I'm Bette Kane, I was asked by a friend over at the Tennis Association to help out with some kind of new drugs testing program they've come up with." She glances back at the doorway and sighs. "I think your friend might be right about waiting a few minutes. It'll give the reporters outside time to calm down a bit."

Simmons doesn't recognise Gwen, having not seen the woman on the SHIELD operation where Gwen had webbed Skye.

Smiling politely to Honey Lemon "Thank you Dr Miyazaki. I've been so busy at work and Mr Starks invitation said to pop in whenever." Gwens general air, gets a raised eyebrow from Simmons before she turns to listen to Bette. The drug testing program, gets her interest.

Gwen smiled a little and replied, "I wouldn't have a problem grabbing food for others, I just need a little bit of air." Honey Lemon definitely knew why! Dun Dun Dun! She looked to the other women and said pleasantly, "I'm Gwen Stacy, nice to meet you all." Of course, she wasn't a Doctor /yet/.

Whether or not Jemma would be aware of Doctor Miyazaki's efforts with SHIELD, Honey Lemon is very aware that Doctor Simmons is highly regarded there. And she is well aware of her professional brilliance. "That's quite alright, Doctor Simmons. I really don't mind." She gestures to her friend. "Gwen works with Dr. Wells at STAR Labs. She has an excellent mind, and I'm sure we'll be hearing lots of great things from her." Honey means what she says, even if she is still hurt by Gwen's anger.

"If you need some air, Gwen, feel free." Honey offers, trying still to defuse the bitterness she's picking up there.

To the receptionist, Honey offers, "Elizabeth, would you please hold Gwen's badge, until she can return to claim it? I would really appreciate it."

"Ms. Kane? If you would like, I can probably get you back to the lab for your testing. Unless you prefer to wait for Dr. Macklroy?"

Flamebird hmmmms. "I don't mind waiting a little bit if you are busy," she offers. "After all I'm sure you have far more important and exciting things to do than show people round the building! Besides I think the testing might involve needles and I can't stand having injections done, they really creep me out."

SHIELD can be a strange beast by nature of secrecy. People who need to know things, know them, those who don't, don't. So no, Simmons is not aware of Dr Miyazaki's efforts with SHIELD… simply no one has told her.

"Dr Jemma Simmons" Simmons repeats herself as she holds her hand out to Gwen "Ms Stacy, a pleasure to meet you. Might I ask what you're specialising in." A natural assumption from the scientist, working with Dr Wells at STAR labs, Gwen must be an intern or student or similar.

Bette's predicament with needles has Jemma nodding "I see many with the same aversion, Ms Kane." Unfortunately Jemma's line of work involves using needles a lot.

"Biochemistry. Yourself Miss Simmons?" Gwen certainly recognized Simmons from SHIELD, at least she herself had the virtue of being costumed when she was out being a miscreant.

Rather than dare to presume, Honey Lemon does not answer for her friend Jemma's question about her specialty, even though she knows the answer. She could tell Gwen what she knows about Simmons, but since it has already been asked, it would be rude not to let Jemma answer herself as she sees fit.

Instead, Aiko addresses Bette Kane's concern with a little waggle of her fingers. "Honestly, I don't mind showing people around. I can understand not liking needles. Maybe we should work on that next: a way to do the testing without needles?" Give a scientist a problem, and those with the really bright minds start trying to dissect and defeat the problem. It's just how they're wired.

Entering a bit late are Leopold Fitz and Felicity Smoak. Upon entering the building, Fitz slows down and looks around at all of the chrome, the retro-futuristic architecture, and begins to grin. "Oi. Awl right? I feel like I just stepped into a time machine." He glances toward Felicity. "You didn't… see us entering a big blue Police Box outside, did you? Because I missed that part." His phone comes out, and even while looking about, he's sending a text message to Simmons.

'Sorry I'm late. Brought a da' No. Wait. Backspace twice, change that to 'friend'.

"Oh well if it's no trouble…?" Bette says, with one final look at the photographers outside. "Maybe once you've found a way to get rid of needles you could come up with something that stops cameras from working? Sometimes it's flattering, but it can get in the way."

While Simmons may be waiting for her colleague, Leopold Fitz, he's also brought along someone else. While she may not be a scientist, Felicity knows her science and knows more than her fair share of about computers.

"You're the one with the bowtie, remember," the blonde woman tells Fitz with a laugh as she takes in the general decor with raised eyebrows. "But, if we accidentally stumbled into a big blue Police Box, I would not be leaving it any time soon. You'd have to pry me off the doors."

A hand reaches out to touch the chrome, maybe smudging it a bit with a fingerprint. Chrome gets smudged just be looking at it. "Wow, it looks like how the 50s imagined the future. I wonder if there are prop laser guns somewhere. Oh my God, wait, do you think they might actually have real laser guns here?" The prospect is exciting for her.

"Dr Simmons" Jemma murmurs as she shakes Gwen hand "Biochemistry as well, amongst other things." Working for SHIELD, Jemma doesn't speak a lot about what she does or who she actually works for.

As her phone buzzes, Simmons reaches for it and checks the message "Oh, my colleague has arrived…. with a friend. He'll be up in a moment, if you don't mind waiting a few minutes Dr Miyazaki? I know he's been looking forward to this visit."

Texting back to Fitz "We're waiting for you. Fashionably late as ever." The mention of a friend has her interested, but they'll be here soon.

Gwen gives Jemma a bit of a look and says, "Sorry, Doctor Simmons." She hands her ID badge to the receptionist and smiles at Honey, "Text me what anyone else wants for lunch, traffic sucks this time of day so I might be awhile." She gives Honey a hug and waves to the others before heading out the door.

For Bette, Honey Lemon offers a tiny smile and a shrug. "I'm not sure that particular challenge would be in my area of expertise. But I'll suggest it to GoGo. She may have some ideas, since she's not exactly a big fan of having her picture taken either." Not out of costume, anyway.

Honey Lemon seems to genuinely relax when Gwen actually gives her a hug before departing; it puts her mind at ease that they will get to an 'OK' state, given a bit more time. She can wait. "I'll text, promise. Just be safe, and we'll see you soon."

Once Gwen's badge is given back, Elizabeth files it away along with a photo and a scan tag timeframe for Gwen's return. Unobtrusive it may be, but they really are pretty secure here.

"Certainly, Doctor Simmons. I'm happy to wait for Doctor Fitz and his guest." Honey offers, glancing at Elizabeth to see that the woman is indeed checking to make sure a guest is fine, and prepping a new guest ID to be produced as soon as they can ID Ms. Smoak as that guest.

Once Fitz and his lovely guest arrive at the front desk, Elizabeth greets them warmly. "Doctor Fitz, good to see you, Sir. Here's your guest ID. And Ma'am, you would be?" Given a name, Elizabeth adds that to the photograph and the scan tag and produces a guest ID for Ms. Felicity Smoak as well. "Doctor Miyazaki has already agreed to guide Doctor Simmons, so if you would both go with her. I've passed the message to Mister Stark. I'm hoping he'll be able to return soon."

Introductions given, Honey Lemon steps forward and offers her hand. "Good afternoon, Doctor Fitz. And Ms. Smoak. Welcome to THINK. I'm Doctor Miyazaki. But you can just call me Honey Lemon. Or Honey, if you prefer." See here that bright yellow lab coat of hers.

Truth be told, Fitz has been looking forward to this for a while; ever since Howard Stark first announced the creation of THINK, in fact. SHIELD, however, keeps him awfully busy.

Once he and Felicity have been checked in, he follows Elizabeth until he is introduced to Doctor Miyazaki. The Scot smiles in a coy manner and greets her with a proper handshake. "I'm Fitz," he greets simply. They already know he's got a PhD! "This is, uh, my friend, Felicity."

For a moment, he seems distracted, eyes wandering to locate Simmons.

"Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you all. I think that's someone from Dr. Macklroys department over by the elevators," Bette says, waving and making sure her visitor badge is clipped on. "I hope you all have a nice tour." And with that she's off to spend an exciting afternoon as a lab rat.

As Felicity makes her way to the front desk, she gives her name, filling in the last name when Fitz introduces her. "Felicity Smoak. Not a doctor." She grins, taking the badge from Elizabeth. "Wow, so many doctors in here. The last time I was surrounded by this many people called Doctor they were trying to figure out why I kept passing out in seventh grade English class." With her tone softer, she confides, "It's because they partnered me with James Cardihad and when he got close to me I fainted. It only happened twice! But, they totally tried to diagnose me with a nervous disorder. And, I mean, do I seem like a nervous type? Actually, don't answer that." Because, obviously, she does. Perhaps why she's yammering so much.

"Mister Stark, so, is this place linked with Stark Industries? He came to speak at MIT once. I totally handed him his visitor's badge." She doesn't seem to notice Fitz is distracted so much as that she's thinking she's talking far too much. As they meet up with Doctor Simmons and Miyazaki, she puts a hand out and smiles warmly. Her eyes follow the departing Bette, curious as to where she's going before, adding, "Hi, nice to meet you! Felicity."

Professional courtesies observed, and an alternate form of address given, Jemma relaxes a little and smiles at Honey "You can call me, Simmons."

Watching Bette leave, Simmons turns to Felicity and smiles "It's nice to meet you, Felicity, I'm Simmons." Simmons might have seen some security footage from the SHIELD Reception area several days ago. "Good to see you could join us, Fitz."

"I suspect, Felicity, that was his son, Tony Stark. This is THINK, which is Howard Stark, his father." Honey Lemon offers, with a smile. Hey, they are in many ways reflections of each other, so it's not that odd.

That clarified, introductions given and received, Honey Lemon waves goodbye to Bette before then gathering up Fitz, Simmons and Felicity and leading the way to that back hallway she'd been headed for earlier. "A brief tour of THINK. We have over sixty laboratories here, ranging across everything from virology and biochemistry to mechanical engineering, materials processes, electronics and computer sciences. Participle and high-energy physics are kept in the sub-basement below the parking garage, with virology one level up. My lab is joined with GoGo's lab, and we're right off the garage itself here on the ground floor." And so begins the tour.

"Part of the whole point of THINK is to take science out of the shadows and make it something everyone can see, learn about, and embrace. We have multiple open-houses and we encourage public visits, field trips and more as efforts to share the wonders of the science we work on." Some might have heard that even the likes of Victor von Doom can be allowed to visit and experience their open houses.

"Simmons is," Fitz starts, though he finds it suddenly hard to explain. "Simmons is, she's, biochem. A biochemist. And my research partner, ever since school." He smiles toward Simmons, though he seems a bit bashful about it all. Really, this is all kind of awkward. He and Simmons are just friends, after all. Best friends, joined at the hip, to the point where people in the know actually refer to them as 'FitzSimmons', and sometimes to their faces at that.

"Sorry for being late," he explains. "Felicity and I got kicked out of a bloody movie. Talking too much, I guess. But it was a crap movie, anyway, the science of it was completely bollocks."

He goes quiet as the tour begins, looking around with a keen interest.

"Yes of course. Simmons. Fitz has mentioned you. You two work together?" Felicity gives a curious look to Fitz. While this is not exactly jealousy, she knows tends to know studying looks when she's given one and she takes more from the way that he's stuttering over how to introduce the two of them together than she ever did when he spoke of her.

"Oh, yeah, it was totally deranged. There were phones going off and we were kicked out because Fitz rightly talked about how their wormhole technology was completely off base and the hacker didn't even seem to know a proper coding language if it picked up a keyboard and hit her in the face." She shakes her head. "I mean, I still totally want to know how it ends, though, right? Jacob Kale has got to figure out who he is at the end ."

As Dr. Miyazaki starts to give the tour, though, she pays close attention to the blonde woman's words. "Interesting. So, you don't focus on a certain kind of science at all? It's kind of a all-for-one and one-for-all Musketeers sort of thing?" She's genuinely curious. "I have to ask, what system are you guys running on? Is it cloud based? I can imagine anyone from the Stark family could afford the M10FG processors for their computers, but it is only for the ones that are actually running computations, or are most of your computers able to handle the huge amounts of date that I'm sure participle physics must output almost simultaneously." She takes a brief moment to breathe, thinking of a more focused question. "What science do you study, if I may ask, Dr. Miyazaki?"

Jemma raises an eyebrow at Fitz's discomfit and then smiles warmly at Felicity "It's a pleasure to meet you. We've known each other for what seems to be forever really" Simmons clarifies. "and we work well together." The discussion on the movie gets a small chuckle "I can just picture it, really." and she settles in with the group as Honey Lemon speaks. "I really liked the idea when Mr Stark sent us the information" the british biochemist explains "I just hadn't realised it was so large." She's about to ask how Honey became involved, but Felicity asks something similar and Simmons looks attentive as she waits for the answer.

Chances are, Honey Lemon is astute enough to notice the uncomfortable bits going on between the other three brilliant people. But she's also smart enough to keep her mouth shut about that; it's not really any of her business, as fascinating as it may be. (Hey! She's half-Hispanic, and this is like a telenovella in person!)

"I do not like when movies get their science all wrong, especially for no good reason." Honey offers to Fitz, with a little shrug of those narrow shoulders of hers. To Felicity, Honey responds with a shake of her head. "No, we don't focus on a single aspect of science. I'm not so sure about Three Musketeers, but let's go with 'yes', for now." That's a playful grin she offers, there. "Our systems are a custom blend, based on each lab's particular needs. Most labs use a series of custom Linux units, connecting to a Beowulf Cluster of Linux units in our server room doing much of the heavy computations. Backups include onsite to secure rooms, and private cloud to what I believe is a Stark subsidiary facility." Hopefully, that's enough information for Felicity's curiosity? "My specialty is chemistry. Biochemistry, materials science, all of chemistry." Yep, she means it, too.

"The facility is very large, but I think it works well as a real community. We work together, sharing ideas and knowledge, supporting each other. And we share meals together a lot, which I think really promotes that togetherness." Honey answers Jemma, as they continue the tour.

"Impressive, too," Fitz adds, pushing away the discomfort with a brief expression of brooding. It certainly helps that Felicity has such a mouth on her; there's no dead air for people to continue staring at him, because of course, people are staring at him. That's what the Scottish engineer things, at least.

Honey Lemon gets a smirk. "Look, all I'm saying is, time and space are relative to each other and very much static. You don't just portal into another dimension where time moves differently. Star Wars got that wrong; The 804 Project hasn't gotten it right just by doing the same damned thing but with a rip-off of Stargate In Space rather than Hyperdrives." A beat. "The acting though? Not bad, really." He glances toward Felicity. "We are going to need to finish it."

Again, to Honey Lemon, he asks, "What are you using as a power source? Certainly all of this isn't tied into the city's power grid, it would shut it down faster than…" Okay, Fitz cuts himself off. Not in good taste to make jokes about Metropolis or Gotham. He's also not sure whether he should stick closer to Felicity or Simmons; that whole 'this is who I am dating' versus 'this is my best friend' dilemna. So, he opts to move off a bit, looking around at various items and things.

"No, it's totally my pleasure. It's good to have someone you trust to work with." And Felicity is sincere in that comment. Though, her attention is quickly pulled in Honey Lemon's direction as she discusses their systems. "Oh my God, drool," she replies, high heels clicking on the floor all the faster as she tries to keep up with Honey Lemon, eyes eager in the new found knowledge. "That sounds like pure bliss. Custom Linux units? Beowulf clusters?

"No, it's totally my pleasure. It's good to have someone you trust to work with." And Felicity is sincere in that comment. Though, her attention is quickly pulled in Honey Lemon's direction as she discusses their systems. "Oh my God, drool," she replies, high heels clicking on the floor all the faster as she tries to keep up with Honey Lemon, eyes eager in the new found knowledge. "That sounds like pure bliss. Custom Linux units? Beowulf clusters? Do you know what I had to do to request a computer that didn't run on Windows ME? It was like I was speaking a totally different language. A demonic one. That would raise Old Gods. I met someone I thought was going to do that. Cute, but also kind of terrifying."

The talk of THINK is met with a grin. It certainly sounds nice. As Fitz keeps talking, she certainly doesn't seem to notice he's facing a dilemma of who to stand nearest to. Mostly because she has all her own questions and curiosities to satiate, much like Fitz does. First, she gives Fitz a fond smile over her shoulder. "Of course. Like I said, movie at my place." She glances at everyone else. "In a totally legal way. I, uh, I know a projectionist. And one of the filmmakers…?" She's a horrible liar. Glad to have something else to think about, she nods at Fitz's questions as to where the power comes from, blushing just slightly.

Just down the hall from where the visitors are, is a series of labs. From one of these labs, there's suddenly a deep purr of noise, followed by light that pulsates in a way that light doesn't normally. It's like sunlight alternating with a mechanical pink haze. The air ionizes and deadens sound around them. It's safe to say there is Science Happening (TM) in that lab.

Jemma's too interested in what Honey's sharing to notice Fitz's dilemma, of course she'd expect Fitz to stick with his guest. She gets to see him most every day and she offers him a warm smile as he walks off… she's listening to Honey and being impressed.

"Chemistry, that's a wide field. Is there anything in particular that captures your attention more than the other? Or is it more about what's happening at a particular time?" Simmons understands that, look at what comes through the FitzSimmons lab at different times.

Felicity's 'geek out' about the computing systems gets a small chuckle "I can see why you and Fitz have hit it off…" Whatever she's about to say is cut off as Science Happens (TM) just down the hall… and she turns with an expectant air to Honey.

"Power source? We have our own Arc Reactor. There are some backup systems, but that is our primary off-grid power source." Honey Lemon answers. Which doesn't mean they don't research other alternatives. But so far, nothing they've researched has matched the arc reactor. Go figure.

"It's very important to be able to trust those you work with, especially in science like this." Honey answers Felicity. She clearly remembers how badly it went back in San Fransokyo when they couldn't trust someone they'd worked with. That changed everything. "I really do appreciate us having the computers we do. THINK has clearly spared no expense on the infrastructure here."

Honey's answer for Jemma is likely what the other woman is expecting. "It's more what comes up at the time. GoGo and I are pretty self-directed, but we spread wide. And I often get sucked into whatever she's doing, or whatever we run into." Not unlike Jemma and Fitz, it would seem.

"That's one of the high-energy labs" Honey Lemon offers the others, as the light and sound show gets started. Not that she knows exactly what is happening, only that it seems to be emanating from that particular lab. She'd have to go inside to find out more.

A grimace is given when Felicity admits that piracy is most likely in line for her third date with Fitz. They're certainly off to a great track record: arrested on the first date, kicked out of a movie theater on the second. It's possible FBI might show up on the third, who knows? Either them or some fascists from the MPAA.

The light show also catches his attention. He comes back over toward Felicity, glancing toward her. "Bet you a pizza it's not a jump node," he quips in her direction, before looking toward the lab in question with barely bridled curiosity. "Can we go have a look?" he asks Honey.

The area is not technically restricted. The doors are all very thick and there are various safety measures in place to make sure nothing dangerous leaks out of the labs. That's all the plan, in any case. In practice, science can be more unpredictable than that.
There is, in fact, a video feed projecting what's happening inside the lab. The smart wall shows an overhead image of the lab, which is at the moment glowing quite intensely.
The scientists in the crowd (well, that means everyone) may very well be able to interpret the various readings that spike onto the display. This is an experiment with quantum entangled batteries. There's a note at the bottom of the feed that shows H. Stark is currently logged into the lab.

"Well. This seems to be where Mister Stark has been hiding. No wonder Elizabeth couldn't get him. His phone is probably in the vault locker in the lab." So that its electronics don't get fried by what they're doing in there. Honey Lemon leads the way and reads the readouts as best she can. High energy physics is not her forte, but she has seen enough to puzzle it out about halfway. "It should be safe enough to buzz for admittance, if you want to go inside?"

"I would love to" Jemma pipes up. It's science and all science is good. Nodding to Honey, Jemma smiles faintly "Seems like this is just the place for you. Who is GoGo?"

"GoGo is Doctor Leiko 'GoGo' Tamago. She's mechanical engineering and physics, and my best friend. We went to school together at SFIT and the Program. We were part of the team together. And now we're here together." Honey Lemon answers, as she keys the buzzer and requests admittance to the high energy laboratory.

"Put goggles on if you care about your retinas," comes Howard's droll tone from inside the lab. Then the bolts click open on the door, allowing Honey to tug it open.
The whole room tastes…orange. That's the only way to describe it. The ionization in the air is even stronger inside. The levels are all tolerable according to the readouts - at least in this part of the lab. There is something beyond the protective layer of glass being manipulated by robotic arms that Howard is controlling. "Sorry, I can't look away. Who's there?" He's making very minute adjustments to the control panel, which minutely changes the readouts. "I really should install a building AI. It comes in handy to have a full vocal interface. I understand why Tony went that route."

"Much like Fitz and I" Simmons smiles at Honey and steps through the door, only to pause and look around for goggles. "It's Jemma Simmons, Mr Stark" she responds when she's sure she won't cause anything he's doing to go wrong. "I finally got chance to accept your invitation to have a look. Honey's been very kind in showing us around." Us? Simmons glances back over her shoulder "Fitz is here somewhere to and he's bought a guest."

Honey Lemon pulls her very PINK goggles down off her head and over her eyes, then helps to find sets for all of the visitors and safely distributes them. "Honey Lemon here, Mister Stark, with several guests for a tour. This is really fascinating, Sir. Have you had any luck getting them to stabilize at this higher energy state?"

Fitz and Felicity aren't long behind. Having gotten them both goggles, he rushes in, grinning widely. "Hello, Mr. Stark. Felicity Smoak is here with me, she's, uh, my friend. And quite clever too."

"Well, any of you fans of spooky action at a distance?" asks Howard as he makes a few more minute adjustments. "Because it might just be powering your next phone." He frowns at Honey's question. "Not in any way that would be feasible for mass production. The housing is a a quasi-vibranium alloy. Too expensive to mass-produce, but it's the only thing that helps contain the reaction and stabilize the output." He clucks his tongue. "I wouldn't stay in here for too long if I were you. My body can take the energy fields. You folks might start vibrating sympathetically. Which can have unfortunate bladder side effects." A shrug, "Just saying."

Felicity immediately opens and closes her mouth when she enters the orange tasting room. "Woah, this tastes…what does this taste like? It's exactly like the waiting room for Horizons at Disney World. Is that still a thing? Were they testing strange devices that would make you pee there, too?"

The blonde woman is close behind Fitz as they enter, realizing she's rambling about Disney World and pee to Howard Stark. "That is, uh…hi, Mr. Stark. It's really a pleasure. Even if you make me lose control of my bladder. Uh that is, it would be a pleasure anyway…that is, um, hi. I'll just….go disappear into a corner of shame and never come out again. Promise."

"Quasi-vibranium. Well, that makes sense. So at best, this might become a means to establish an alternative to the arc reactor, for broadcast power solutions." Honey Lemon offers, as she assimilates what Howard has had to say. But the way he says his body will react to this very differently than theirs … that loses her. She's not sure at all what that means or where that comes from. She's not cleared to know her boss is a synthoid. But she's struggling mightily not to laugh at Felicity as the poor dear's diarrhea of the mouth goes nuclear. That's impressive!

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