Getting Pepper Home

May 06, 2015:

Partisan makes good on her promise to get home from Metropolis



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Part had promised to be back around sundown, and well she's usually a woman of her word when it can be helped. So sure, around sundown comes a low growl. A low growl and a truck, the technical term of course would be a "technical". So what the hell is it, well it's a pick up truck of course. A twelve hundred horsepower, armored, armed and dirt covered big black truck with a mass of antennas routed from back bumper up to the front bumper. This one wears a few scars, but well it's intact and seems to be idling just fine as it pulls into the camp. Brakes squeeking as it comes to a stop, and Part pops open the door to expose a jungle of steel rollcage within. Nevermind the guns, explosives, grenades and so fourth strapped to every available surface. Especially don't mind the black ice little trees hanging from the rear view mirror.
Part grunts as she hits the ground all the same, before planting a boot on the heavy lugged tires and hoisting herself up on the hood to quickly get to converting this truck from a sneaker to a proper mother fucking technical. Popping latches to jerk the windshield free and toss it aside, before reaching inside to drag an M-134 foreward infront of the passenger seat. There are quick mount grenade dispensers to slot and clip into place too of course, and cute little covers to pop over the headlights to ensure it wont accidentally pop on the hi-beams when they're off playing war wagon.

Pepper Potts is in one of the temporary buildings — likely where food is being served — waiting for Partisan to return. At Dmitri's insistence, she's changed from her slobby 'laze about' attire to something a bit more suitable for travelling via ground vehicle. She's wearing the same baggy t-shirt, but is now pairing it with a pair of comfortably fitted jeans, socks (yes, over the ace bandage on her ankle) and simple sneakers, one laced only very loosely. As much as most doctors would insist she use crutches for the sprain, Pepper vehemently refused to accept any from the 153rd, insisting that there are others in more need of their medical supplies. And that's even with the first of the relief supplies Tony arranged starting to trickle into the city.

At the sound of an unfamiliar engine, Pepper straightens up from where she's got her tablet and phone both in use. Is that Partisan finally? Is Brinley okay with her leaving now? There still seems like there's so much organizational work left to do.

Brins spent the night, sleeping on the floor in the ambulance. Her talk that morning with Nick has left the young mutant feeling emotionally raw, not that anyone would know unless they took a good long look in her eyes. The rest of her time has been spent liaising with the army and Miss Potts, getting things into shape so the supplies flow in an orderly fashion into Metropolis.

Yes, it does seem like there's a lot to do. But Brinley's given written instructions to the supply officers… it is now time for the group to return home. Miss Potts has duties that require her attention and Brinley needs to speak to Scott or someone in X-Red about Smooth.

Looking up at the rumble, Brin nods to herself and goes to stand beside Pepper. "Are you ready for this, Miss Potts? It's likely to be rough. But that woman seems to know what she's doing and I'll do what I must to keep you safe." Brin is sure Pepper gains such a following for just being the person that she is…

Though frequently busy, Jericho Trent has been rather focused on Metro of late and with operations more-or-less winding up, he's found himself here. He could fly or teleport back but Pepper's headed back and Jericho'd like to make sure that she makes it back intact. Partisan is good insurance for that. Brunley he doesn't know but if Part's letting her come she must be alright.

Partisan slips over the roof to pull out the back glass, and pitch it off to one side. "Hey ladies, Jerry go ahead and take the Mk.19 you're best here with it alright?"Reaching through to pull the gun foreward and lock the mount in it's ready to fire position. "You're what was the name?"Looking towards Brinley, and then peering after Dmitri for a moment. "Dmitri, right? get up here first, you're sitting beside Jerry there. You'll be in charge of handing him ammo, alright?"

The War wagon inside is, well. A strange mix of the factory original interior and all manner of rollcage, fighting impliment, GPS, radio receivers and lord only knows what half those guns and grenades strapped everywhere are. So no, this thing has a Minigun firing foreward, a MK.19 firing rearward, grenade dispensers on all four corners, more of them in the pickup bed and oh yeah. Nevermind the like, Submachineguns, light machineguns, and everything else inside. No folks, shit ain't legal.

Nodding to Brinley, Pepper packs away her tablet and phone and moves to stand, using her incongruous rolling suitcase to help support her weight as she heads toward the truck. She figures the suitcase will either be stowable somewhere, or it'll get left behind. There isn't really anything in it she can't replace.

She lets Dmitri go on ahead to where Partisan directs him. She'll be there when she gets there. ow. ow. ow.

Partisan's approach puts Brin in the right mindset, stiffening her back and paying attention "Brinley, codename Mana." she answers Partisans question, nearly automatically. The two of them didn't really meet 'properly' but in a warzone, that's not so unusual.

The man who has arrived, gets the briefest of attention, Brins eyes track as Dimitri takes his place. Pepper leaning on the suitcase, has the brunette following behind. She'll help stow the suit case and then hop up behind.

She fully intends to ensure that Pepper isn't harmed and she has a few tricks up her sleeve for that.

Jericho climbs up to the crew served weapon, checks it and makes sure the belt is feeding right. He looks like he's done that a few times before. And, truth be told, he has. Mark 19's are fun on the range. Cleanup, not so much. "Nice to meet you Mana. I'm Aspect." He pauses. "Pepper? You okay there?" He's about to hop down and help her over.

Partisan extends a hand down to Pepper and a smile. "Alright, Pepper lets get you situated. Now most of Hydra has been reduced, but not all of them. So heres the deal, the truck is life. Somone fucks with the truck, you don't fuck around and you light their ass up. This is my vehicle, so while you're in it you'll do as you're told. I'm going to have my hands full just driving alright?"Part does indeed wait to make sure she can get Pepper belted in and comfortable before minigun 101 begins. "Pepper look through this little tube, see the red dot? Thats where the bullets go, see this button on the back of the gun here? Push that and hold it, it takes a second for the gun to begin firing but once it does you need to keep the gun going for at least two or three seconds alright? When the guns empty, theres a P-90 above your head and you are greatly encouraged to utilize it."Part glances after Brinley for a moment before nodding. "I'm the Mother Fucking Partisan Mana, you're in charge of keeping Pepper and Aspect clued in. I'm driving, Dmitri is loading, Pepper and Aspect are shooting. Your job, is to look and direct as needed understand?"Part slips into her seat with a roll of the shoulders, and belts herself in. "Alright, Lets get going."Hit play, give the stereo a second and…yeah. Megadeth.

"Yes, fine. Just a bum ankle." Pepper's voice is a bit tight, she's putting a LOT of concentration into getting to that truck without making her ankle hurt worse than it already does. Then Partisan is making sure she's belted into the truck and giving her minigun 101. She blinks, looking from Partisan to the minigun and back hesitantly. "I… don't know if I can shoot at people, Partisan. I don't even like those military shoot-other-people games."

Brinley clambers into the truck, after making sure Pepper gets in safely and glances over to Jericho with a short nod. Her time in the field with The Paragons has some impact. Nodding to Partisan, the psychic mutant cants her head "Mother Fucking Partisan is a little of a mouthfull in the field. I'll call you Part."

Taking up position behind the trio, Brinley nods to Part and winces as the music begins to play.

"Be just like Beggar's Canyon back home." Jericho mutters to no one in particular as he goes weapons hot on the grenade launcher and swifels it to face his sector. "Trust me Pepper. When people start shooting at you, you'll know what to do."

"I suppose I could just run over them if that'd make you feel better Pepper."Part eases the clutch in, jerks that sequential down to first and well the truck rolls foreward smoothly. It doesn't seem all that bad really, until the defensive perimeter shrinks behind the truck and -CRACK- The fender erupts in a shower of sparks. That right there, is about where shit goes totally fucking wild. Then again this is the god damned Partisan, the fuck were you expecting was going to happen?
The Truck erupts, the whole front end feels like it wants to lift right off the pavement as all four tires shed a dusting of rubber and a rather copious amount of smoke. Like a dinosaur's scream that huge blower upfront whines to life, and thirteen hundred horses pound through gears and shafts in a mad dash to escape their prison. The truck leaps foreward, as the gunfire picks up. Not that Part seems terribly bothered, she snags second as she stabs for whatever is left of that gas pedal. Jerking the wheel hard to the left, and whirling the truck around a corner and down a side street. Popping off the throttle as she taps the brakes to settle the truck for a sharp right back onto a relatively wide street. Incidentally taking off a car door somone left open, if it wasnt for the -thwap- of the impact and the explosion of auto glass though you'd never know. Diving right back into the throttle as the truck drifts over the low concrete divider with, well absolutely zero fucks. Snatching third as the truck rockets down the street. Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, shift into fourth and well yaknow what? Triple digits speed way way more real when you've got no windshields.

Pepper Potts is still looking uneasy about the minigun until the gunfire starts up around the truck. She doesn't even have a chance to brace herself and try to fire back when the truck takes a hard left and throws her sideways. She's just starting to recover from that when Partisan forces a right turn and she's throw sideways yet again. That second turn slams her already injured ankle against something in the footwell and she yelps in pain. Not much else she can do, and as their windshield-less truck hits triple digit speeds the only she can do is use her hands to try and hide from the wind hitting her face.

Peppers yelp of pain has Brinley focussing for long minutes and a wll of psychic energy envelopes the redheaded CEO… not that's visible to anyone, but Pepper will notice her ankle no longer bangs against the wheel well. And then Brinley is scanning the area, calling directions (if a little distractedly) to Pepper and Aspect as the truck moves.

There's something. Jericho can hear something but he's got a sector to scan and unless Brin calls anything out he won't engage. Hopefully Pepper can work the minigun but… if not, no harm. Might be some trouble but he understands. She's not a soldier and never asked to be.

Hydra didn't bring any cars with them really, but well now they've sort've made do. Which is why when a Crown vic swings onto the road infront of them and the car door starts to open, the throttle stays glued wide open. "Contact front Pepper!

Hydra didn't bring any cars with them really, but well now they've sort've made do. Which is why when a Crown vic swings onto the road infront of them and the car door starts to open, the throttle stays glued wide open. "Contact front Pepper!"Shooting or not shooting, no she's not slowing down. No she's not even turning to avoid, because this is a fucking combat truck. "Brace!"Comes a call, and then everything happens very fast. Six thousand pounds of American built malice, slams into what used to be a Crown victoria. Gunfire seems to erupts from both sides of the street, as the big Truck ploughs it's way through with hardly the sort've jolt you'd expect from a triple digit impact. The Raptor takes to the air, clearing an easy six feet in height before slamming back to the ground as bits of Crown Vic go flying in every imaginable direction.
Part hooks a hard right, ploughing through the back half of a parked Minivan. Through a parked, and well fairly gross hotdog cart, through a newspaper stand, across the road and then over a rather sizable curb into the Metropolis central park. Hurling dirt instead of, bits of…everything really. In it's native habitat, well the ride is surprisingly cushy. Even as all manner of madness breaks out in the big truck's wake, it seems like they woke up the Hydra!

Pepper Potts notices the change in the air around her (and that her ankle's not getting bashed around anymore), but can't figure it out before Jericho's yelling at her and then Partisan is driving OVER another car. With the lack of a front windwhield, all Pepper can do is gasp and shield her face again. Maybe she SHOULD have let Tony put on his Iron Man suit to come get her.

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