Red Headed CEO and the DA

May 09, 2015:

Pepper goes to visit Janet Dorne…



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The waiting area outside the District Attorney's office seems to have had the attempt made to be pleasant, but most of City Hall is badly-ventilated and badly-preserved. The carpeting is green and a bit old, and there are places in the building that smell faintly of mildew. This area, however, has a nice potted plant and paintings on the wall, and the receptionist outside is a young man with a fairly modern computer, even if he does have a rather high-strung and nervous disposition. Gotham must be getting to him.

But the ladies have an appointment, and he ushers them in. There's the smell of a pot of tea brewing in here — either the DA isn't a coffee person or she's done her research on her guests. She actually steps out from around her desk and smiles a little when she greets them. It's an expression she usually saves for her friends, but. Well. Politics.

The room itself is fairly grand and large, about the size of a conference room. Indeed, there's a conference table against one of the windowed walls to the outside. There are two of these — she has the corner office — and the other wall, the shorter one opposite the door, is clearly intended to be a nook for a desk. There is a slight alcove with floor-to-ceiling windows and lovely drapes. It would be the perfect spot for a very grand desk area. Instead, it has a small table and two wingback chairs and Janet's desk is against an inner wall. Evidently, someone doesn't like having her back to the windows.

Janet's research was assisted by Ms. Potts PA, who called ahead and informed her of her bosses tastes as well as anything that Ms. Van Dorn wanted to know to make things go more smoothly. Cricket even had a package sent to the office with a selection of Pepper's favourite teas, far more then what is needed for the meeting so it is safe to assume that the remainder is intended as a gift. The teapot with matching cups probably also gives that away.

Cricket walks a step behind her employers, fingers tapping away busily on her tablet. Occasionally, she puts a hand to her ear as if listening to her bluetooth. All of these behaviours are a farce, things to make humans feel more comfortable around her. In truth, she needs neither the tablet nor the bluetooth headset to do her job. She can communicate with JARVIS through G3 if she has to, though with the prevalence of wifi she normally doesn't have to resort to something that slow.

The wait in the reception area is short and Cricket smiles warmly to the poor man that is Janet's receptionist. Gotham is a terrible city. Anyone who can live here for an extended period of time has to be made of stern stuff.

Speaking of being made of stern stuff, not long behind Cricket and Pepper, comes Babs Gordon. Having mentioned Janet to Pepper, the wheel chair bound redhead got herself invited along.

Being ushered into Janets office, Babs looks around, taking the layout in. She's not seen Janet's office before. In fact, people might notice that Babs is getting out a little more.

Pepper Potts was as polite as possible to the receptionist here. She's supremely lucky she managed to snag Cricket to act as her PA and she knows it. When they're shown through to Ms. van Dorn's office, she greets the District Attorney with a similar smile and an offer to shake hands. "Ms. van Dorn. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me." The clearly NOT classy accessory to her outfit is a walking boot/brace/torture device thing around one ankle, and a cane that looks far more like a family heirloom than a medical device. She made a point of stepping far enough into the room that Babs would be able to follow without anyone standing in her way.

One of the office windows abruptly darkens. There is… a head in it. A large. Reptialian, draconic head. Upside down. As if peering in from hanging over the rooftop. It look in as everyone's admitted and then there's the rap-rap-rap of a claw tap and a large, clawed hand waves. To Babs.

The gift of tea and teapot and cups was, Cricket may or may not have discovered, checked over carefully by the nervous young man outside. Not for anything unsafe or poisoning or explosive — corruption statutes allow very specific amounts for gifts. And they all have to be recorded. Yes, a box of tea and a tea set is pretty standard and fair, and it's still been recorded in a 'Gifts' spreadsheet in her receptionist's computer. She didn't get the moniker of 'most incorruptible woman in Gotham' for nothing.

Pepper gets immense respect. Cricket, too, is given a polite greeting, but all the affection is for Barbara. "Come in, please; it's wonderful to see you, Janet; Ms. Potts, it really is an honor. Didn't People call you the most influential businesswoman in the country? Or most influential woman? I forget. Please, sit — "

That's more or less when she notices the giant reptilian head peering in through her window. She takes a half-step back, eyes widening and then narrowing through her gleaming lenses. "I… don't remember a dragon being on the guest list. Is this a friend of yours?" Because that's a reasonable question. She is quite tense now, because the chances of a 'yes' answer to that question are at least reasonably slim.

Cricket looks about the office and nods to Janet with a smile. She steps over to the side, getting herself out of the way. She is just here to take notes, after all, and act as Pepper's walking-talking appointment book.

Pepper's PA is dressed in upscale business fashion, smart and expensive. Luckily today she is wearing short sleeves, so her outfit isn't ruined when a large dranonian head appears at the window. She quickly maneuvers so she is between the window and her boss, a laser cannon tears out of the skin on one arm, pointed at the beast.

Maybe this is why Babs doesn't get out too often… no, that's not true or fair.

Smiling warmly at Janet "It's lovely to get a chance to see where you work, Janet." she's a little overwhelmed by the attention.

Looking at the draconian head and Crickets response to him, has the redhead rubbing her temples "Uhhhh, he's with me?" Calling out to the dragon "Rowan, when I asked if you'd join me, that's not exactly what I meant."

"Sorry. Got a little turned around parking the car…" The beast says in a rumbly, resonant voice that does not match the sheepish tone. "Could you open the window? I'll slip in…" Cricket gets a look. A curious look. "Huh. I didn't think surfacers had that tech yet…" He murmurs mostly to himself. "Uh, I'm not going to hurt anyone? Promise."

Pepper Potts startles with a gasp when the dragon starts peering in through the window, though what startles her even more is when Cricket moves so swiftly to her defense. "Ah… I think we're okay, Cricket." She completely trusts Babs' judgement and by the way she's addressing Rowan the Sheepish Dragon, she knows him at least passably well.

The laser cannon. That's a new one on Janet. She takes a sharp step beside Pepper — ordinarily she gets between other people and danger, evidently because she has an odd notion of what a 'public defender' is supposed to be, but she has at least one fewer laser cannon than Cricket. But evidently this is a friend of Babs's?

"How do you make friends with a dragon when you don't so much leave the house?" she mutters sidelong to the young lady. "Are dragons online?" But she raises her voice to call out to Rowan, gesturing toward the shorter wall: "Those windows don't open very wide; here, come to the other side. It'll be a little easier." Indeed, the two large floor-to-ceiling windows there open like a pair of French doors. There's not a balcony outside, so it's anyone's guess why they do that. She throws them open, leaning around and peering out before returning to her desk.

"So there's that," she says, "which is nice. Ms. Potts, Cricket, Barbara, how do you take your tea?"

Cricket's eyes briefly flash in an unnatural manner as she scans the dragon at the window, also connecting to all cameras that are outside to see him from all vantage points. She remains where she is, standing between Pepper and the window, but has the good grace to let the cannon sink back into her arm. Carefully, she smooths the torn skin back into place as it starts to mend itself.

The way Cricket keeps looking to the dragon, it's clear she doesn't trust it and is already calculating what strategies for dealing with it that will cause the least collateral damage.

Babs actually blushes. "Well…. I didn't know he was a Dragon when I first met him…" No, this is going to take too long. "We met out at Sandy Hook, when I was visiting Dad. I went for a walk, by the beach there and he…. came out of the sea." the redhead explains "but not as a dragon" she adds rather quickly.

Oh good, Janets asking about tea "Just black, thank you, Janet." Subject changed.

There's a set of muted thuds on the roof as the dragon shifts over to the larger, open window. As he comes in though his entire form begins to… disappear in trails of whispy white smoke. Rather rapidly. And so what comes through is not an oversized lizard with aspirations of being a barbecue delivery device, but a young, muddy haired man dressed in… er well it had been casual jeans and a tee shirt but his adaptive clothing is 'adaptive' so it immediately shifts to a more formal sports jacket, slacks and collared shirt. "Ahem, sorry about that."

"Black for me as well, please." Pepper finally moves to claim the nearest seat, setting the cane aseide and letting her shoulder bag settle on the floor. And then Rowan's in the building and her eyebrows disappear up under her bangs in surprise. "Rowan? Please promise me you'll never arrive at Stark Tower that way. I would have for both Cricket and JARVIS to shoot you off of the tower and then realize who you are."

"Yes. Well. Luckily we don't have any ordnance on City Hall capable of injuring a dragon." Janet says this in absolutely as pleasant a manner as she can. She backs away toward the desk, bumping gently into it as Rowan slowly turns into a muddy-haired man in a suit. "I do accept appointments at my receptionist's desk. He would also prefer you weren't a dragon when you do that. Generally, that sort of thing causes comment. Would you like a cup of tea?"

Yes, she's cross-examined the Joker. Nevertheless, dragons in Gotham cause comment. She does pour the tea, though, ensuring everyone has a cup to their specifications, and settles in her seat. Her hands are hardly shaking at all.

"So," she says, glancing among the four (and trying not to look too hard at Cricket's arm to see how well her skin has closed up). "To what do I owe the honor?"

As Babs explains more about the dragon, Cricket tilts her head with curiosity. "Is this who I bought the corset for for Valentine's Day? And how did you go out for a walk? Do you have a set of mechanical legs?" At the mention of the name Rowan from Pepper, Cricket's computer mind looks into every file that JARVIS has on the Stark database about him. She turns to look at him and gives him a polite nod. "My apologies. Had I known who you were, I would have never have aimed armaments at you." She steps back into the corner she had been in initially and picks up her tablet again, getting back to work. "None for me, thank you," she tells Janet in regards to the tea.

As to Cricket's arm, the tear is sealing nicely though not completely gone. It is certainly healing faster then what would be considered the norm though. At the rate it seems to be healing at, it might take about a half hour before it looks as good as it did when she arrived. In other words, flawless.

Oh god! The corset… she'll ignore that and hopes Rowan doesn't question it either. "A figure of speech, Cricket. I was in my chair… but saying I went out for wheelchair or a roll, just doesn't sound right." Looking to Janet, Babs is apologetic "When Rowan told me he'd been in Gotham, I asked him to join me. I… must remember to be more specific next time." Janet seems to use tea like Babs does… tea can fix many of the wrongs in the world.

Settling back, Babs smiles at Rowan and then the others. "Let me stop interrupting, so you can start your meeting."

Rowan quirks an eyebrow but… he has no idea what a corset is. Well, he does, but he's familiar with it being called other things. Blue language doesn't always map to more obscure topics. "I'd like some tea yes." he smiles. "Sorry to have frightened you. I didn't want to walk after where I ended up parking. It can turn out badly." For other people. He doesn't like doing it when he doesn't ahve to.

"Oh, was I interrupting? Sorry Miss Potts. And… Bug?" Her name is Bug, right? He's already trying to remember. "No… Cricket. Right. Pepper's mentioned you. Don't worry about pointing lasers at me. Not the first time it's happened."

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