Summit Blues

May 10, 2015:

Rowan is invited to a Blue city (so is Mera, unofficially)



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The city of Kiska is in the Carribean Sea, away from the shipping lanes and major islands. The sea is large, after all and finding things in it can be quite a challenge. Especially when said things are hiding as the Blue are very adept at. This particular city, unlike many in the Pacific, is not constructed on the ocean floor, but beneath it. And it is this city that Rowan has been asked to visit along with Ulani. Of course as Ulani is currently the only Blue diplomat in any kind of contact with the Atlanteans, she has been authorized (encouraged even, privately) to ask the Sea Queen along on this trip. The city gates are not far ahead now. Rowan's been swimming as a large sea dragon for some time but just shifted back so as not to cause alarm.

Mera of course had to discuss it with Arthur first, but once her husband gave the okay, she most definitely came along. Her only contact with the Blue until recently was the ambassadors or visitors in the city of Atlantis, so this will be… fascinating. She even made a point of bringing a change of clothing, something a bit less combative in appearance (though likely just as protective as her usual attire), and her most ornate tiara. It was a gift from Kraye some time back, and she hopes that wearing it will be a noticable nod toward the hope of renewed relations between the two societies.

"I haven't visit Kiska in a number of years" Ulani explains to the two she's swimming with. She had hydraported them in to a safe distance, keeping the exact location of the city somewhat of a mystery.

During their journey, she's shared a variety of 'generic' information on the city and who she expected to be there. For this visit, Ulani is still dressed as a Blue just …. more formal …. if string bikini's could ever be more formal.

The guards at the gate are wearing traditional Blue armor. Which does seem to be intended to show off their physique qute a bit, both male and female. Ulani is passed on through with her guests down a tunnel that's perhaps two or three hundred feet long which emerges into a large set of underwater caverns lit and alive with people. All of them Blue.

The Blue mode of dress is indeed rather revealing and as Rowans clothing shifts to match its surroundings Mera may get a decent look at him for the first time. He's… battle scarred. Quite fit, but he's obviously seen hard use.

A large set of buildings one cavern over can be seen from where they are. Those are the government buildings where functionaries are waiting to greet the three of them and speak at length to them as well.

Mera very intentionally did not choose anything that would make it look like she was trying to emulate the attire of the Blue. The torso of her current outfit is made of iridescent green scales so tiny the fabric (or is it just really fine armor?) seems to shimmer like a swordfish, with her shoulders and arms covered to the wide gold bracers at her wrists by a fine and delicate mesh with the same iridescence. From waist to ankles is deepest teal, again the almost impossibly tiny scales, with a patterning of the lighter scales from the upper part of the garment on the outsides of her legs. To top the outfit off, and as if to emphasize its formal nature, strips of the same mesh that cover her arms feather out from the back of her garment and her calves, as if emulating the fancy fins of a decorative fish.

Keeping pace with Ulani and Rowan, Mera looks at everything curiously, but not with any sort of hint in her gaze that she's trying to memorize structural or tactical weaknesses. She's simply curious.

"You look very nice, Your Majesty, you do the Blue honour." Ulani murmurs as they pass through the tunnel. Whether she recognises any of the soliders at the gates or people they're passing, Rowan and Mera would never know.

Rowans clothing adaptation does get a slight quirk of the brow, she's seen him use that once, on the beach… to appear as a Blue is a little surprising.

"Just over there…" the Blue Envoy gestures in the direction of the buildings. As they get near to the front doors she announces them "Ulani of the Blue with Queen Mera of Atlantis and Rowan to see Jerosh and Ambassador Kraye."

Kraye and Jerosh are waiting for them just inside. Both in… well Kraye is in the garb of his homeland as is Jerosh. ( Both bow politely as Mera enters. "Welcome to Kiska, your majesty. And to you as well Rowan. Please. Come with us." Kraye motions and turns, leading them into a building that looks as if made of coral and then up several floors to a spacious meeting room with quite a view of the surrounding area. "Please, have a seat, both of you. I trust your arrival was uneventful?"

Mera offers Ulani a brief smile and then they're inside and greeting Kraye and Jerosh. She nods in reply to their bows then follows them to the meeting room and takes one of the offered seats. "Uneventful, yes, but not uninteresting. Your city is very different in appearance from Atlantis, but no less beautiful." She's sticking to niceties for now. At least she's not losing her temper yet.

With a nod to Jerosh and Kraye, Ulani takes up a position by the door, standing with her hands clasped behind her back. Mera's response gains a faint smile from the Blue Envoy, their cities are rather attractive and she's proud of them.

The older of the two ambassadors smiles and relaxes in his seat. "I believe we have already discussed the recent surface troubles with Rowan. Your Majesty, may I ask if your people are aware of the recent magical disturbances in Metropolis? And if so, what is your people's stance on them? Have they affected your waters?"

Mera takes a breath as her smile fades. "We knew nothing of this attack until after it was underway. The Surfacers are understandably reluctant to request assistance of Atlantis. Though if they had, I know my husband would have sent aid without a second's hesitation." Even if that decision would have not sat well with the citizens of Atlantis. She knows Arthur. He wouldn't have let people suffer if he could have helped it.

As the ambassador relaxes, Ulani does slightly, still too much of a soldier to let her guard down. As Mera answers the question, Ulani looks thoughtful, she's only met Arthur when she's helped the Surfacers fight…. and she's not about to admit doing that.

Rowan nods. That squares with what he knows of the rulers of Atlantis. Krate looks to Ulani now and then to Mera again. "And, that you have observed, Unlani, and that of course that you know, your Majesty, what is Atlantis' stance on dealing with such disturbances now that we know they can occur. The power to shift whole cities away could easly be something quite dangerous in the wrong hands." Kraye pauses and winces. "Wrong-er."

Mera shakes her head slightly. "That is an excellent question, Your Eminence. And one that Arthur is addressing with his council currently. He wished to be here for this meeting, but this other incident and how Atlantis will prepare for similar took greater precedence." In her own mind, what has protected all undersea civilizations from Surfacer interference thus far is still their greatest defense — that the Surfacers have NO idea where Atlantis or any other ocean dweller city resides. And she hopes it stays that way.

Ulani takes her time in answering, looking at Mera and then Rowan. "Queen Mera, King Arthur and Rowan fight beside the Surfacers to repel threats." Certainly, they've been threats from sea based creatures and beings, "King Arthur appears to be rather adamant about how the sea folk are perceived by the surface. Queen Mera as well."

"Mmmm…" Kraye nods slowly and rises, looking out the window. Rowan watches him quietly. "The Blue Government has become convinced that we must at the very least learn. There are threats to our world from both above and below now. We want to know more. For that we need Rowan and Aspen… and you, Queen Mera. Ulani… I have a change in your orders. You are to investigate the surface, help Rowan make contact with Aspen and then bring them to our capital in the Pacfic. There is to be a summit there." His look turns sly and he winks to Mera. "Would you convey an invitation to the King and Queen of Atlantis? They should be there."

Mera blinks, her eyebrows quirking at that. "I… would gladly convey an invitation. This sort of summit is unprecedented. And very promising." She nods respectfully to Kraye, knowing it was his influence that helped bring this about. "Is there any other information I can convey back to the King?"

Mera blinks, Ulani blinks and then nods slowly. This is quite surprising news. Without even thinking, the Blue Envoy looks to Rowan "It might be best if I spent time living on the surface. Will you assist me in achieving this?"

"I can yes. You'll need… employment. Unless the Blue wish to make formal diplomatic contact with the Su-" Rowan glances over and Kraye shakes his head.

"No not yet. There's the problem of being recognized and such. However we can empower you, Ulani, to contract negotiations on our behalf with the surface pending our government's approval."

"Your Majesty, Ulani will work out the details with you about the summit. I'd request a… minimal honor guard if at all possible. The Blue will guarntee your security in their waters and the activities of Atlantean soldiers of late have… not endeared them to our military establishment or many of our civilians."

Mera looks at Rowan, then nods to Kray at his observation about the honor guard. "That should not be too much of a difficulty." She doesn't mention that Arthur was not raised as Atlantean royalty so frequently does things 'wrong'. Like not having an honor guard.

Ulani hadn't expected diplomatic insurance when she'd made her request of Rowan. "Employment and some place to live." the Blue Envoy nods to Kraye and then Rowan.

As to an honour guard? "Should her majesty ever require a…." Ulani searches for the right word "companion, I would be pleased to accompany her."

"Easily secured so… long as you're not very particular. I'm certain we can get you something well compensated since you have… traditional Blue abilities." Rowan murmurs.

"It's settled then." Kraye nods. "Ulani will you show our guests some accommodations. Perhaps if there's time you can take them on a tour of the city. Not quite diplomatic duties but I think both might enjoy it." And with that both of the senior Blue rise, bow politely to Mera and leave.

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