Smooth: The Crushing

May 12, 2015:

Coordinated by the X-Men, heroes across the country strike out at HYDRA's 'smooth' distribution network. This log focuses upon three pivotal locations.

Hamtramck - Detroit, Michigan

A massive train yard sandwiched between Eight Mile Rd and the E. Edsel Ford Freeway. These trainyards are where the smooth is distributed into the midwest, the East Coast, and the northern United States.

Texas City - Texas

South of Houston, this industrial area is focused around an industrial and barge canal off the Swan Lake, which primarily feeds shipping to and from BP Texas City Chemicals and Oiltanking. This scene focuses on a sizable shipping location, where the smooth is by and large entering the United States.

Fairview - Portland, Oregon

Close proximity to the Troutdale Airport and separated from the State of Washington by the Columbia River. This scene focuses upon a massive warehouse nearby the Portland Fairview RV Park.


NPCs: Daniel Whitehall, Damian 'Scales' Woods, various HYDRA agents and various SHIELD agents.



Mood Music: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by Genesis

Fade In…

The X-Men. The Justice League: Avengers. S.H.I.E.L.D. The Titans. The New Justice Society. It may be the first time such a wide-reaching operation has brought all of these organizations and teams together, but the need was great; for a team of hackers had discovered that HYDRA was behind the surge of 'exgenta-diacetylmorphine' distribution across the United States.

HYDRA, in response to the hacking, had destroyed its distribution centers in Boston, New York City, and Gotham, thrusting the three cities into a crime-wave not seen in many years, as smooth addicts took to the streets in desperate need to find a fix that wasn't there.

While there has yet to be a treatment for 'smooth withdrawal' developed, the risk of HYDRA running to the ground was simply too great. They had the power to erase the narcotic at will, something they proved in the Northeast, and there was always the lingering threat of such a terrible narcotic going global.


South of Houston, this industrial area is focused around an industrial and barge canal off the Swan Lake, which primarily feeds shipping to and from BP Texas City Chemicals and Oiltanking. However, the target in question is a massive shipping operation named 'Dynamic Strategy Import/Export, LLC'. These shipyards give way to massive stacks of shipping containers, lined up row upon row.

Intel claims that these shipping containers hold the majority of smooth coming into the U.S. The operation needs to be wiped out, and this particular one will see SHIELD operative 'Black Widow' in command. Her mission: contain the area, block all exits, and take as much of the drug into custody as possible. Why? Because the smooth withdrawal epidemic may require the government to employ some 'creative methods' to handle such a thing.


This neighborhood is primarily identified by a massive train yard sandwiched between Eight Mile Rd and the E. Edsel Ford Freeway. These trainyards are where the smooth is being distributed into the midwest, the East Coast, and the northern United States. It is a critical piece in the network, and if it comes down, HYDRA's network east of the Rockies will be crippled.

From the X-Men Gold Team, Mimic has been given the job of commanding the operation in Detroit. With Shadowcat and Jean Grey at his side, it's bound to be easy. However, nothing is ever easy in the world of the X-Men.


In close proximity to the Troutdale Airport and separated from the State of Washington by the Columbia River, there lies a massive warehouse near the Portland Fairview RV Park. Intel claims that this is the major piece for West Coast distribution, however, surveillance courtesy of the X-Man named 'Metal' has revealed the area to be surprisingly heavily fortified, for reasons unknown.

The Leader of the X-Men, Cyclops, is away from his other teammates for this operation. He stands today alongside members of the Justice League: Avengers. Their mission - contain the warehouse, subdue its defenses, and find out just what the hell is going on in there.

Across the United States, 22 other cities are being hit by smaller groups, ranging from SHIELD teams to splinter teams from the various hero groups. Even a handful of mercenaries have gotten involved. They're all connected by a network of drones created by Metal from the X-Men: Red Team, which will feed updates to the team leaders in all 25 cities. The coordination is massive, and HYDRA has no idea what's coming.

….. or do they?


"I have a question," Booster Gold remarks, floating casually above the ground as he looks towards the fortified warehouse. There is a barely visible holoscreen floating by his head, with some kind of imagry and readout flickering through it. "We have a lot of destructive capability going on, here. Just how much collateral damage do we want to inflict or avoid? I mean, smashing through the candy shell and breaking things will probably not be difficult for us, that is the point I am getting at."


Karen Starr, aka POWER GIRL, had not really heard so much about this Smooth disaster that was ongoing. But she had troubles of her own to deal with over the last handful of months. Upstart Kryptonian cousins that she might just have a secret fondness for, and… monkey troubles.

It was best not to ask.

Regardless of how she started… when she learned of the Smooth, she wasn't terribly happy with what she heard. Of /course/ she would help stop it.

Golden medallion gleaming in the sun, white costume shining in the same, cape heroically flickering behind herself, Peej floats up near Booster proper. "Collateral damage? If we have to cause a lot of collateral damage, then what are we doing here? The point is to protect people, right?" she says, glancing aside towards Slim.

Booster was given a wink, and a shining grin. "Don't worry about it. Between Supergirl and I… we got this."


Supergirl is with the others wearing her Kryptonian Battle Armor costume, covered in head to toe with a holographic visor over her eyes; likely feeding her information directly from Sanctuary.

She nudges Power Girl before asking, "So what's the plan Cyclops and what law enforcement agency is coming in to collect the scraps when we're done?"



A SHIELD agent leading a merry band of mutants. Well, stranger things have happened, and Natasha is no stranger to the Differently Capable. She's been briefed on their skills, and as the Quinjet soars sneaky-like toward the shipyards, she gives everyone their final orders.

"Scion," she begins, nodding to Nate. "I need you to keep in communication with me." She taps her temples. "You're my eyes and ears. If you can prevent other people from even knowing you're there, what I want you to do is find the main security node and get inside with as little fanfare as possible. I'll direct you once you're there. Mana," she continues, turning to Brinley. "I'd like you to be my eye in the sky. If you start to see large movements of people out there running one way or the other, you can relay the bird's-eye view to the team. I love having a top-down person. Lunair," she continues, "I need you with the agents blocking off the ways in and out. If we start experiencing extreme resistance at any given point, we'll give you the coordinates. Is everyone clear on that? Does anyone have any questions?"


Lunair is in Natasha's group! She can dig that. Dynamic Strategy. Man, if only she actually played Corporate Buzzword bingo, she'd be winning so hard. Lunair doesn't mind her name being used in this company - she is choosing a new codename (she never wore a trucker's hat nor does she have red hair!) due to a lot of confusion over her current codename. Lunair is quickly covered by an odd looking armor suit. Hello to a tentacle free variation of Laughing Octopus' armor. "Yes'm," She nods at Natasha. Fortunately, rocket boots are totally a thing. "Did you want any power armor before I go? And that makes sense. I am good." She falls quiet after.


Nate also finds vaguely unnatural this working closely with government agents. Why, it was just last week he was fighting to prevent Stormwatch from invading Xavier's school. Now he is going to fight international terrorists turned drug dealers along with SHIELD agents.

Also, he is apparently going to do recon. That is… not something he had done in a long while. But he has new tricks that would help quite a bit. "Actually, I can do better than that," he comments to the Widow. "I can mind-link us and then I can go there in astral form to see what is going on. You can see all I see."


Brinley's quiet, well she normally is anyway, as Natasha gives her briefing and nods in acknowledgement of her tasking. "Mind-link would be good. No questions from me." From her previous missions, she's used to working with different groups. Brins dressed in her X-Men uniform today, finally ditching the jeans and T-Shirt look for something more appropriate for in the field.

As she waits for Nate to do the linking thing, the petite brunette concentrates and green and gold wings appear on her back. "Ready when you are."



It says something that only three mutants - Mimic, Phoenix and Shadowcat - were sent to Detroit to take out a Hydra facility all by themselves. It says they're either extremely powerful or extremely arrogant. Both A and B work too. Of course, Professor X is also monitoring things via Cerebro and he let them know of another mutant nearby who turned out to be Ampere accompanied by a friend. Once they were all comfortable than no one was working for Hydra, they made plans. The strike team is standing outside of the train yard, hopefully outside the field of any cameras. "Lynwen, I'd like a thick blanket of fog covering the entire train yard." Mimic says, trusting Ampere to translate. "Ampere, can you drain the power from the yard? There's likely to be underground facilities as well so make sure to get it all no matter how many different lines are powering it. "Phoenix, link us please. We'll depend on your sensing their minds in place of our seeing them. Shadowcat, stay in our center and be ready to phase us out if need be. We'll play it by ear depending on what they can throw at us without electricity."


Already in the middle of the pack, Shadowcat is in her official X-Men uniform - flexible but practically skin tight suit of black and gold. Lockheed perches nervously on her shoulder, wings flexing and fluttering in a desire to do something other than sit still. But, the last thing anyone needs is a small purple dragon flying through the air and possibly calling attention to their approach.

She's been working with the simulations and with Mimic enough that she's not about to talk back at the moment. This is a serious and dangerous mission. The most she will manage is a proper, "Aye aye, cap'n." To the others, since they are not all X-Men, she says softly, "Alright, folks. Stay within reach of me. If they start shooting at us, grab a hold of me, as I've only got the two hands. As long as you're in contact with me, you'll phase and we can move through the mess all together. The moment you aren't touching me is the moment you're solid again, just remember that."


Idiots and arrogance. Call them that. Both make good stories to be told over Jean's favorice recipe of Shepards Pie.

Calvin had the lead in this, which was fine by her. Senior member or not, it felt a little good to take orders and hear suggestions instead of giving them. Besides, she didn't get her degree in analyzing behaviors for nothing. True interesting thing, that.

A nod was given to Mimic as she draws in a breath. Her eyes closing as she feels the area around those gathered, linking them one by one with a slight tug and pull that could possibly be felt with a tug of their ear to let them know that she was there, and present. And if anyone knows her best? They would be comfortable in the fact that she /will not/ read their surface thoughts. Or tell their inner-most secrets.

« Linked and ready.. »

No words were needed for this moment, Phoenix was the Nexus of the crew. Information would be shared through her.

« Expanding.. »


Ampere nods to Calvin and answers, while his eyes sweep over the station, "It should have several large transformers. I can hit those and drain them, along with a back-surge that will melt the incoming lines." He turns to Lynwen and quickly explains the request in a few words. Then he nods. "I'm on my way!"


Uniform what uniform, dressed in jeans and T-shirt is what Lynwen is dressed in. Her long blonde hair has been pinned up with gold claps. The light catches the heavy gold torque around her neck and the gold bands on her biceps. She nods her head as Joshua who is known as Ampere translates for her, she offers a bow towards Calvin and the others. Slowly she begins to chant in an archaic tongue. Each word hangs heavy in the air and seems to gain a life of its own. As she does this the air around her shimmers like a mirage. It becomes more humid as droplets of water are gathered from the air and ground. A natural looking begins to roll in. The chanting continues the air is charged. The fog is thick and heavy. It moves through the area, looking and seeking.



Having found a perch upon a water tower, Cyclops has been scanning the area with his enhanced tactical visor. "Because we need your power to prevent collateral damage," he answers Power Girl. He turns back to face the warehouse, gesturing. "I'm picking up underground bunkers. Twelve military-grade tanks, approximately forty- to fifty armed guards. Some of the weaponry I'm scanning is pretty large. Probably looking at RPG's, rocket launchers, even plasma weaponry."

To Kara, he smirks ruefully. "That would be SHIELD. I have it from Director Fury himself that he has quinjets in the area, ready to bring in the cavalry when we have this place contained."

Cyclops turns to face the team next. "I want the three of you to disperse in a triangular pattern around the warehouse. Booster, you take due north; Peej, you and Kara will form the triangle based on his position. When I blow a hole in the outer wall, that's gonna signal them to bring out their heavy guns. That's when you get to work on those defenses. Try not to kill anyone, will you?" Scott's not going to expressly forbid it, but given the nature of the country's political position, it would be better if this were not a bloodbath.



"Hey, just because I'm blond and good looking, it doesn't mean I'm useless," Booster tells Power Girl, without any irony; sexism is different, where and when he's from. Floating a little higher, he remarks to Cyclops, "Okay, that doesn't sound too bad. Nothing we couldn't walk away from, anyhow." With a nod, he takes off, flying north as instructed. He glows only faintly at the moment, as if he wanted to make the people in their bunker work at seeking him out. It will make them feel more accomplished when they shoot at him.


"I see what you did there," says Peej to Booster.

Turning her head towards Kara, and giving her a grin, Peej says, "He says he thinks good looking blondes are useless! Good thing we don't know any of those, right?" she adds. Bringing up her hand, she drives her fist into the palm of her other hand - gearing up to start using more strength than normal. Keeping yourself from smashing things during daily life was hard. It felt good to let it out sometimes.

"Nifty armour, by the way, Cupcake. Is that House of El fancy stuff?"

Ducking low, she takes off like a bullet, keeping her eyes on the slower moving Booster. So she can adjust based on his position.

To Cyclops, Karen says, "Gotcha - I'm not the… … kill everybody sort, anyways. And I'd hope no one here is." She says this before taking off because. Shouting across the world would probably be a bad idea right now.


"It's from Sanctuary if that's what you mean Power Girl." Kara took off to take her position in the triangle as they waited for Cyclops to blow his hole in the place. She scanned the area in advance with her supervision trying to pick out targets in advance, not needing to remind this group to take it easy on the squishy humans.



Jean Grey expands her senses, and begins to get a read on the enemy's deployment. There's a whole lot of them hunkered all over the trainyards, for those massive machines of transportation provide a lot of hiding places. The number breaches 60, pushing 70, men with semi-automatics and a handful with heavier stuff. RPGs. Grenade launchers. It's a pretty big deal.

Ampere finds his way to the nearest transformer without being spotted, thanks in part to Lynwen's mastery of the elements. A thick fog rolls over the yards, but they are unnatural. Jean will sense it as her senses expand over the area; the ranks of the enemy are alarmed.


"If you can't do it through the third rail, we'll come with you." Mimic tells Ampere. No one squishy is going off alone. Once they get to the transformer, he nods to Ampere. Do it. "Phoenix, shield the group please and when he's done, move everyone to the next one if this doesn't take down the entire grid. Shadowcat, keep everyone phased when Ampere isn't busy doing his thing. Lynwen…" Hmm. "Lynwen, you know best what you can do so improvise. Take out agents and weapons as you see them. I'm going to be making a prison out of some railroad cars." He blinks over to one where he can't sense any minds and makes sure none of the doors can open.


Shadowcat is not linked in with the other team leaders, so she guesses what's happening in the other areas by Mimic's demeanor. The young mutant grabs on to whoever is closest to her. Through Phoenix's handy telepathic link, she says, "Alright, Ampere, why don't you give me a count off for when you're going to do your thing and then I'll count in for us to phase back. Just so no one's caught off guard. If you want to not be shot to death, everyone grab on, but remember, I'm not just a random piece of meat."

Lockheed gives a bit of a hiss, hopping from shoulder to the top of Kitty's head to give people better gripping places so they can phase along with her. Moving forward with the rest of the group, she warns, "Alright, phasing now! Let's go!"


They were there, all of the collective minds of the dealers and HYDRA insurgents; while the connetion remained open in case they were split up, she manages to steal a peak through the weakest link.. yeah. They were heavily armed against those who bodies and minds were weapons, outgunned and nearly out manned.. would that make a difference?

Possibly for the new ones of the crew, but tonight? Ampere and Lynwen will be cut from stone.

"On it.."

Her hand lifts to press fingers to her temple, her eyes opening to focus upon the surroundings. The first shield manifests itself around Lockheed as he bounces, soon following through to the rest of the remaining crew, the TK bubble enough to draw back the effects of guns and other projectiles that weren't back by internal rockets.

Jean was obviously holding back.

As Mimic departs, she relays to the rest of the group: « Nearly sixty of them. Heavily armed. They're on alert. » That inner voice was calm as ever, as she reaches out to grasp Kitty's shoulder.


Ampere nods to Mimic and then steps forward to the first transformer. He looks to Lynwen, "Defnyddiwch eich greddfau, Lynwen! Cuddio ni a diogelu ni! Rydych yn gwybod eich rhoddion ac anghenion yr awr!" Ampere takes a deep breath and grabs the rail. The rail begins to glow with power. As he absorbs the energy from the rail, a glowing blue-white field begins to form over his body, growing more intense by the second. Lights around the station begin to flicker and go dark.


Ampere is given a nod of her head when the translation is given, "Deall hyn y gallaf ei wneud. Byddwch yn ddiogel fy cerrig haul. Rhowch wybod iddynt Byddaf yn chwarae gyda'r ddaear. Bydd yn ysgwyd a bydd mwd." She nods her head head a spear of ice appears in her hand. Then her focus is on magic. She begins to chant and in her hand a spear of ice forms. Water begins to slowly soak the ground a she begins to make a quagmire.



Black Widow's SHIELD agents have eyes in the sky over the area. Reports start to flow in from SHIELD's hi-tech sensors; a number of the shipping containers have been 'retrofit' to be defensive points. Some are filled with soldiers armed to the teeth, others conceal heavier weaponry ranging from surface-to-air missiles and anti-tank emplacements.

Scion, however, will earn a more detailed description of the defenses as he goes astral and reaches out with his telepathic capacities. With his mind-link and Widow's intel, they are able to pick out the defense points with ease. Which is good news for the eager SHIELD agents who, with Lunair and her endless supply of munitions at their side, will be able to bring hell upon HYDRA's operation here.

From above, Mana will be able to spot those patrolling the grounds. Given the size of the shipyards, there are at least four dozen HYDRA men armed with semi-automatics, in addition to those squirreled away inside their shipping containers.


"You can go astral?" Natasha blinks in surprise. And approval. "Do that. Definitely do that, and give me your number, because that's handy. If you can find me the way there, I'll take down their security and communications. Make the whole job easier for everyone."
When they get the full situation, she finally nods to Lunair: "You know what? Sure. Rocket armor might be best for this. It looks like things are going to be pretty damn hot in there, and I've always wanted rocket boots."

Once she has the rocket armor and the info on their fortifications and communication network, Black Widow is heading out. But she'll keep in communication with everyone, of course, in case (or rather, for when) things go haywire. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy.


Okay! Lunair nods, and gives Natasha sleek, black power armor. Mass Effect, eat your heart out. And she can totally rocket kick a dude now. Lunair thinks that is going to be so awesome.

Also the whole being way more bulletproof than most armor outside of plot armor. Woop. Lunair doesn't seem bothered working with Natasha, which might be somewhat telling in and of itself. She will move with the plethora of agents, arming herself with a railgun and helping them. Yes, a couple even ask for lasers and light sabers. Why not?


"I'll give you my number if you give me yours," agrees Nate with a smirk. Then looks around for a place to settle, sitting down with his back to some solid surface, preferably on the way from what he expects be a heated firefight.

Then he concentrates. First he links Black Widow, Lunair and Brinley's minds to his own, keeping them somewhat shielded to prevent too much mental chatter, but weakly enough so they can talk to each other and share information. Then he steps off his body.

For Nate it is no effort at all, the effort is not slipping into the Astral Plane instantly, it pulls him. For the women it looks as if Nate fell sleep, but they can feel him in their heads, as a powerful presence that seems to lurk just outside of their regular senses.

And then he goes exploring, seeking to touch and identify every mind in the area. Tagging some as SHIELD, others are unknown, and many others are Hydra-bad-guys. Quickly, ghost-like, he moves through patrols, and defenses, mapping the battlefield for Natasha. Finally, he dives into the main building of 'Dynamic Strategy Import/Export, LLC.


Brinley takes the sky, her wings holding her aloft as she scans the area. Thinking out her updates, she relays what she sees to the group… the number of HYDRA men and the armaments.

She has to stay fairly high, green and gold wings are fairly obvious and Brinley's only form of protection is what her X-Men uniform provides. Her job is not to take out things… but to be the teams eyes.



Booster, Power Girl and Supergirl take their positions, forming a triangle around the large warehouse. Cyclops, with a smirk, gives Power Girl an upnod before she blasts off. These were good people. He could trust them.

As soon as the trio are in their positions, Cyclops turns to face the warehouse. He flexes his gloved fingers, bringing the finger-triggers online, then chooses a point in the warehouse that is close to Power Girl. She seemed eager for the fight. "And here we go," he murmurs to himself, before unleashing a ferocious optic blast that rips through the wall and blasts shrapnel in every direction.

Hidden doors in the pavement begin to withdraw at once, while an alarm sounds from inside the warehouse. From out of these four holes, one on each side of the building, a trio of military grade tanks rise and begin rotating their turrets, seeking out their targets. Simultaneously, soldiers begin pouring out of the doors, taking aim with heavy weaponry designed for targets in the air. There is only a brief moment before the air around the warehouse is filled with rage, the trio from the Justice League: Avengers having been easily spotted.

"Team leaders, this is Cyclops," goes over the country-wide comm. "We're hot, engage now!"


Once in position, Booster Gold really starts to glow, looking like a second sun in the sky. This makes him a much more visible target, especially since he is not really trying to dodge. Bullets do not bounce off of him so much as they seem to strike near him, and then the flattened bits of metal fall lifelessly away and downwards like solid rain. He does not really move until a much larger missile is aimed his way, whereupon he flies forward and actually punches it.

With the explosion blooming around him, smoke and fire streaming away, Booster brings his arms forward and starts spraying out broad beams of golden stun-blasts, trying to drop as many soldiers as politely as he can manage.


Power Girl, eager for the fight?

Maybe. Maybe not. What might be hinted at, however, is that out of all the Kryptonians… Peej had… well. Anger issues. And it felt good to work through them in a productive manner, sometimes. Not that she was really anticipating being able to punch these guys as hard as, say, Booster.

'We're hot, engage now!'

Peej couldn't help the grin that spreads across her lips.

Like a bullet, she was off again.

But this time…

The soldiers probably pour out of the barracks, aiming their weapons up at… nothing.

Power Girl was at ground level. She was big, tall, and p. heroic, so she was probably fairly easy to see. She gives the soldiers a wide grin. "You boys lost?" she says. Heedless of the soldiers that were already firing their weapons into the air blindly.

She would give them one second. Just one. Before she was dashing forward, trying to grab two of those weapons, and just… squish them in the middle of their barrels.


Supergirl was waving at the soldiers from about twenty feet up in her shiny costume, calling out, "Hey boys! Looking for me!" She makes her hands into the approximation of guns and goes, "Pew Pew!"

The soldiers she is fighting look utterly confused.

Supergirl winks and flies straight into the fight flying by the men and slapping them on the side of the face as she takes their guns and breaks them.



Phased by Shadowcat, the group makes it to the transformer intact. Shielded by Jean, Ampere is able to drain the power from that first circuit. Detroit hasn't fared well in recent years, given the implosion of the auto industry and the collapse of the housing market… the city simply hasn't paid much into its infrastructure. Thus, the power drain brings these heroes a stroke of luck, causing a systemic collapse of the other transformers feeding the yards and plunging it into an inky, foggy darkness.

Lynwen's mysterious powers then begin to soak the ground, bleeding out from their location and steadily turning the trainyards into something of a bog. Unfortunately, the power flickering started somewhere, and the HYDRA soldiers are onto it. Shouting comes from those nearest, and they begin shining high powered flashlights through the fog, hoping to spot the heroes.

Mimic, meanwhile, teleports with a BLINK! and secures the first of his train car prisons.


Flashlights in dense fog is almost useless when it comes to seeing. However, when it comes to being a beacon they're wonderful. Mimic blinks over into the middle of a group of flashlights, grabs a Hydra agent with each hand and uses them as clubs against the rest. Once they're disarmed, conscious or not, he ports them into the railroad car he secured. One by one, agents blink in near the ceiling to fall to the ground, sometimes landing on top of other agents. But they won't teleport into each other so they better not complain. "Detroit's going well." he reports.


Eager to do something other than just keep people phased, Kitty looks to Phoenix and her shields as well as Lynwen and Ampere. They have their own magics and their own defenses. Time to do something with them!

With the power gone and the flashlights signaling where people are, Kitty gives a shake of her head to dislodge Lockheed from his precarious perch. "Go on," she tells him. The dragon almost grins as he takes wing, soaring through the glorious fog as if he was no more than a wraith. He glides somewhere near the middle and then there is the bright flash of a burst of fire, Hydra agents screaming as they catch fire.

Pulling her katana from the sheath at her waist, she grins. "Alright, shout if you need to disappear. Let's wreck this operation." Moving forward, still phased and pulling along anyone else who wishes to come with her, she moves toward the second train car, deftly sidestepping agents and slicing at those that come too close.


Queen Multi-task still had a hold upon the weakest link, what he sees, she sees. What he feels, she feels…

What she feels.. he feels.. and what she does.. he does..

The transition was easy, taking mental control of the HYDRA agent, his ammo soon ejected from his rifle, chamber cleared of any bullets as he begins to use the metal piece as a bat.

One down… two down.. three down..

As soon as Lockheed takes flight, and.. just because she likes the little dragon.. she doubles the shielding around him. He's cute. That's why.

They were starting to disperse, and thankfully, that allows Jean to cut loose… yet keeping the shields around everyone, as well as allowing the lone HYDRA agent to berserk.

"Time to fl.. no." She was walking.

Her hand drops down to sinch her sash around her waist, then joins them behind her back, heading straight towards the mist where the others are gathered, cloaking herself to be sight unseen.

..A brush of the shoulder here..

..A touch of the leg there..

Bodies were dropping all around her with silent thuds upon the ground.

« Use the link if you're in trouble. »

Clear enough, right?


After draining the rail, Ampere surveys the newly darkened scene and heads for the nearest group of combatants. He more energy than usual to discharge. With a rapid sweep of his hands, he blasts arcs of raw electric power in the form of forked lightning at the group, stunning them and heating the metal of their weapons to white hot. Looking toward Phoenix, he calls, "Lynwen said that the earth might move tonight, and she wasn't talking about romance! Expect her to use earth and fire!" With another sweep of his hand, he stuns two more HYDRA.


The chanting continues from Lynwen. A hot dry wind blows in from the south. It smells heat and dry earth. The Agents finding themselves sinking into the quagmire soon find the muddy earth growing hot hardening around them. Trapping them in the earth, the wind moves to wrap itself around the chanting woman like a cat asking for attention. She laughs softly and starts to chant again. She slams the staff into the earth.



In the Astral Plane, Scion proves himself a critical asset. The information relayed allows the SHIELD teams to move in, as soon as the word from Cyclops is given. Widow begins to infiltrate the inner workings of the DSI/E shipyards in physical mirror to Nate's astral, her skill second to none at getting her inside. Of course, Brinley's information made that whole affair pretty damned easy.

Meanwhile, SHIELD Quinjets move into the area, surrounding the shipyards and providing cover fire from above while the ground agents, backed by Lunair's assortment of odd weaponry, move in upon the fringes. In short order, the place becomes a ferocious battleground, but HYDRA loses numbers quickly. The good guys clearly have the advantage here. Within minutes, they will have contained the area and be able to move onto their next task; taking out those defensive embattlements, toward which Mana will see many of those inside the yards moving to protect.


Lunair really needs to think of that new codename, but she rolls with it. Much as she grumps about not having awesome powers like Scion sometimes, or missing the healing factor boat, she seems to have lucked out on the power front. It just requires more lateral thinking than a geometric orgy. Nevertheless, for as much as she's seen as she is, she's a fairly ferocious combatant. She's no slouch at slinging a gun, and certainly a champ at rail gun marksmanship.

If it looks like someone might get hurt, armor flashes over them for a moment. She doesn't want her newfound peeps going splat.

And over the mental link, it hits her. Give Brinley a bow and arrows, since she's pretty sure that's something she uses, right? Lunair is never sure why archery is so in vogue (strike a pose!) but it is. Maybe it's poetic.


Nate just found a large number of shipping containers with drugs. That was the last thing Natasha needed to know, right? No, wait… where is the Hydra leader? He hovers over the battlefield, unable to do much physically, but still having a good deal of telepathics, as his body is nearby.

He concentrates, stunning psychically those terrorists that seem the most dangerous to the advancing SHIELD forces. But mostly, he is mind-scanning to try to find the head honcho. Jeez, he is using Xavier's tactics now. He would so much prefer to be there punching terrorist and blasting them to pieces.


Why Bow and Arrows? Well… it was one of the first things Brin had learned to manifest as a child… something about mimicking her TV show heroes or something.

Scooping past Lunair, Brin takes the offered weapons… just in case it's needed and relays what she's seeing to the three. She's going to take up position, just above that compound and pick off the defenders as she can….



Booster Gold makes short work of the defenses on the ground, surviving the missile with ease and blasting the area with stun beams. Those aiming for Power Girl find themselves instead staring at her in the face. When she moves in, she makes quick work of those guns, and the HYDRA soldiers smartly decide not to risk friendly fire.

Meanwhile, a ferocious red beam of concussive energy comes from afar, ripping one of the tank's turrets clean off its tracks to disable it.

Supergirl, adopting a similar strategy to Power Girl, further serves to disable guns and cause confusion. Another red beam of energy strikes out, taking down another tank.

Over the comms, Cyclops calls, "Team Leads, Report."


Booster swoops down and starts to collect and lightly toss stunned soldiers, moving them aside just in case things get explosive. He is moving quickly so they kind of get stacked like untidy cordwood, but it keeps them out of immediate danger and anyway they're unconscious. They're not going to be aware of discomfort. Ignoring stray gunfire aimed his way, he turns his attention to the remaining tank near him and jumps onto it, grabbing onto the turret as he attempts to wrench it off completely.


"Pardon!" Crunch. "Thank you!" Crunch. Power Girl was almost casually walking through the midst of the hydra soldiers, reaching out her hands, grasping guns from them, crunching them with violence, and then tossing them aside. She was all smiles at the moment, giving a wink or two at the stunned glances.

"Ah ah!" she says, as one levels their gun on her, apparently letting fear override friendly fire concerns. With a brief blast of eye lazors, Peej cuts the gun in half, the eye lazors going into the sky for their brief bout of existence.

"Hi, I'm Power Girl - how are you doing?" she says, until she was certain that all that was left was a handful of soldiers milling about without weapons.

Heaven forbid they tried to do anything dumb like punch her.

"Soooooo…" she asks one of the soldiers casually. "I see those tanks there, but don't you guys have… you know. Anyone that's big, powerful - the kind of guy you usually roll out around this time?" she asks the soldier. "You know. Big, muscley? No?" A sigh.

"Ok fine."

And Peej launches herself from the ground, again moving like a rocket - bursting through the barrel of one of those tanks, twisting around to catch the barrel before it could fly too far off - and impale the tread with the barrel to complete the spin.


Supergirl doesn't seem to be as talkative as her companion as she fights, when the soldiers are down she's quick to double check and bring them away from harm; even doing the same for Power Girl's targets.

When the last of the downed men has been cleared away she flies up and grabs a tank just to show Power Girl she was better and lifted it up by the barrel and twirled it around before tossing it to her.

"Catch Peej!"



With the power of teleportation at his beck and call, Mimic BLINK!'s the HYDRA agents into their makeshift prisons one by one. "Detroit's going well," he reports over the comm.

Lockheed joints the fight, dragon breath lighting HYDRA agents aflame. Shadowcat is shortly on the dragon's tail, her katana slicing and dicing where it counts. It's brutal, and it's bloody, but she is an X-Man trained well and the agents will surely live. Perhaps lacking members, but, c'est la vie.

Jean Grey takes hold of the weakest link, forcing the HYDRA soldier to begin attacking his own people with his gun-turned-melee weapon. Jean herself drains the consciousness of every HYDRA goon she touches, moving through the ranks like a wraith.

Discharges of electricity from Ampere fry his enemies. It's not lethal in most cases, but a handful of these goons are going to be in the ICU for a while, if not permanently. Lynwen, however, proves her mastery of the earth as a hot wind swoops in from the south, solidifying the quagmire that HYDRA's soldiers found themselves sinking into. Gunfire erupts from those left with weapons, but there's little for them to aim at. Easy picking for Mimic to go after.


Completely human opponents are so easy to take care of. Not seriously hurting them is the bigger problem but Mimic is well trained in how to use his strength against them. His armored form doesn't even scratch against their weapons and he hasn't once bared his claws or used his eyebeams since there hasn't been need. As agents are dropped by his team members, he ports them into the railroad car sans weapons. As he comes to ones still standing, he ports them into the railroad car once they aren't any longer. He's almost worried that it's going too well and keeps alert for any surprises that may show up even though there shouldn't be any. Missions rarely come so cut and dried as this one.


As they move their way through the yard, Kitty moves from the outside of the train to inside one of the cars, attempting to find the Smooth that they are here for so that they can clear it out and shut down the operation.

Leaping up into one of the cars, she looks around, attempting to find someone to question so that they can find the leader of this particular organization. Someone to hold responsible and question to make sure they've properly shut down what is going on her. Her katana flicks downward, the mutant glancing around, ready to leap forward again.


The last of the HYDRA agents finally catch wind of their comrade going ape-shit, the men taking him down with a few shots to the knees, which promptly sever the connection that Jean held upon the young man. But it was too late.

Just as they were about to issue the kill-shot, Jean steps in, her hand lifting to yank the rifles from their hands, forgoing the need for further use of their powers to jump right into a fist fight with the remaining goons.

She dismantles them, punch by kick by blow, only stopping when the last one falls, her gaze darting towards Ampere as she gives a sharp nod as Lynwen's words were translated. "Good!" She calls out, drawing a knee down partially to lift into the sky, a trail of fire following her feet so remaining attentions would be left upon her. It -was- too easy…

« Mimic.. thoughts. »

Could she feel his worry? Possibly not.


How many have fallen? In the fog, that is not easy to judge, but Ampere has spotted one lurking in shadow, not far from Lynwen, leveling a rifle to make a final stand. Ampere raises his arm with fingers splayed like a claw. With a loud crack, blue-white lightning arcs from the hand to the the barrel of the weapon, jolting the man backward to slam against an empty railcar. The agent of HYDRA slumps to the ground, ready to join his comrades in the cars that now serve as their prison.


With the fire created by the dragon she calls the to the fire. Balls of fire whirl off of the burning men and seem to grow. The wind dances around Lynwen and her chanting changes. The balls of fire hang in there in the fog waiting for a command. The wind continues to blow and it is now howling but fog stays.



Having secured the perimeter, Lunair and the SHIELD agents advance into the DSI/E shipyards with speed and efficiency, thanks to Scion's strategic mind-stunning of those who are the most threat. Those men manning the anti-aircraft guns, the heavier weapons? They fall asleep, one after the other, and they're going to be asleep for a good long while.

From above, Brinley will see the organized movements of the HYDRA agents becoming haphazard as they make their last ditch effort. Quinjets are swooping in, no longer providing cover fire but rather, dispersing SHIELD agents armed with ICER weapons all over the place. HYDRA's been pretty good about keeping their secrets safe… but SHIELD is about to collect enough prisoners to entertain the interrogators for a long time.

What Brinley then notices, amongst the cacophony of an operation gone beyond well, is a lone HYDRA agent who is going toward a specific building somewhere in the maze of shipping containers. It's unclear what's inside of that building, but her mutant power will tell her. Inside is a button. Linked to a detonator… his emotions are heavy upon it and the destruction it will bring. HYDRA aerosolized the narcotic in New York. If they're able to do the same thing here… the heroes will be powerless against the narcotic's horrors.

Black Widow, not yet knowing of this threat, sends her report. "Houston Sitrep - perimeter's contained, hitting the inner defenses now."


HYDRA really likes ruining everything. Really. Lunair would know. But she's doing her best to help keep the SHIELD agents armed and free of holes (especially those in the internal organs). She's pretty sure SHIELD agents like having organs. She and the agents are unaware of what Brinley might be seein, but she does report in that no one seems to be making it through them. "Oh. One sec." ZOT. "Okay, yeah, we've totally got this on lock down." ZOT. Rail gunnin'. Lunair seems pretty content to be taking revenge. She doesn't murder any prisoners, but any active threats are cheerfully picked off. Really, is gunfire such good punctuation?

Of course it is.


Nate is actually aware of what Brinley is seeing. That is what the mindlink is for, after all. « That guy is very suspicious, we gotta… hey! I found the leader, I am going to try to 'convince' him to give a surrendering order » but direct mind-control at distance is not easy, and Nate is technically several hundred yards from the Hydra commander. Nevertheless, he marks him in the case the Widow can get to him, or Lunair snipe him, while he tries to convince him the situation is hopeless and that he really should surrender right now.


For her vantage point in the sky, Brinley watches that lone HYDRA agent and the horror of his emotions cause her to blanch, just as Nate tells her what he's going to do. « I'm going to try and stop him, Scion… » The brunette pales, the effects of her last mission weighing heavily on her.

Letting her wings carry her down in the agents direction, being as cautious as she can whilst still being quick. If she gets near enough before any of the others, she'll use that Bow and Arrow that Lunair provided to disable him… she's not going to try to shoot to kill….



Booster Gold wrenches the turret off his tank with ease, sending it flying. Power Girl, meanwhile, continues picking off her enemies' guns with one crunch after another. The tank she flies through is easily obliterated.

And then, with most of HYDRA's external guard dispatched? Supergirl plays catch with Power Girl, lifting an entire tank by its heavy barrel. A shot is even fired, but the munition bounces right off Supergirl's chest, clonking ingloriously to the ground while the driver inside the tank emits a certified Wilhelm Scream as his machine soars through the air.

A handful of optic blasts soar out from the water tower where Cyclops is perched, decapitating the turrets from their tanks. Moments later, a zipline is fired across the distance, and the uniformed X-Man is swooping in to rejoin his teammates. "Wrap things up out here," he instructs his allies from the JL:A. "This ain't all of 'em. I'm getting funny readings from inside, we'd better move in before they pull something on us."

Meanwhile, inside the building in Portland…

"The time has come." Daniel Whitehall peers at the security console within his shielded bunker. The heroes have no idea he's here; nor do they know of the sophisticated, magically charged portal opening behind him. A man in his thirties, Damian "Scales" Woods, wrestles in the grasp of his HYDRA captors. "You bastards!" he curses. "You won't get away with this!"

Daniel Whitehall turns to face the young man. Behind his circular frames, the white-haired German raises his eyebrows and smiles plainly, the measure bearing a subversive threat all its own. "Oh, but we already have… 'Scales'. We had your formula before… now we have its creator."

Scales wrestles hard, but the HYDRA goons are stronger. As they wrestle him toward the portal, his screams become more desperate. "No! No, stop, please!! NOOOO!!!!"


"Funny readings?" Booster replies to Cyclops, once he has stunned and tossed aside the pilots of the tank he has disarmed. He goes still for a moment as he tries to concentrate; there is a lot of cacophany and mayhem going on out here to muddle up one's enhanced senses. "I'm hearing some stuff, I think… Power Girl, Supergirl?" Coming in for a landing, he says, "They can't fire this kind of heavy artillery at us inside, it'd take them out before it'd scratch us." He is striding inwards, anyway, clearly trusting in his own invulnerability.


The Hydra Soldiers attacking Power Girl point at the circular window in the chest of her uniform and an officer calls out, "Achtung! There! That is her weakest point, focus fire on it immediately!" All of the Hydra soldiers near Power Girl begin to open fire on her, trying to get hits in the window as best as they.

Supergirl meanwhile flies right past the Hydra soldier and through the hole Cyclops has made in the building. Scanning the area with her supersenses, she notices the 'shielded' bunker and decides that something she can't see into has to be valuable.

Kara Zor-El resorted to her usual means of dealing with things that were out of her reach, she blew something up and began to punch, kick, laser beam and scream her way through the soldiers!

Focussing her eye laser beams like a bore drill she made a hole down towards the bunker before flying down the hole still lasering until she punched straight through the roof of the shielded bunker and landed in the midst of the commotion.

Punching Whitehall in the face so she can knock him out she smirks, saying to the man, "You've gotta admit, that was one /SMOOTH/ entrance."

She looks around the room, waiting for some of the enemies to potentially laugh before glaring at them, "None of you have any sense of humor." As she speaks, she's flying forward grabbing Scales and trying to fly him away from the portal.


"Ka… …. Supergirl!" chides Peej, reaching out to catch the tank. Grimacing as she holds the heavy thing aloft, she kinda grits her teeth. "There's people inside of this! You." She shakes the tank at Supergirl. "Should." Shake. "Be careful!"

With that said, she kinda ducks down - and then stands up. With that motion she applies her muscles, giving the tank a flip over her head, letting it fly over her head and then crash down against the ground properly. Upside down.

And to make certain whoever inside doesn't fire a stray round, she stomps on the barrel, reaching down to yank it up so that it was bent at a 45 degree angle.

A brief flight up, and she lands on the bottom of the tank, tearing the poor soldiers inside an exit hole. "Okay everyone in there!" she calls out. "Sorry Supergirl was so mean to you guys!"

It was at that point that lazers and guns start pinging off of Power Girl, the woman seeming surprised a bit. Glancing up towards the soldiers, she frowns down at them. "Frank, right?" she says, pointing at one.

A beat after, and she waggles a finger back and forth in a 'no no' sort of fashion. "How funny were these readings? Haha funny, or funny funny?" she calls, glancing over her shoulder as Kara and Booster kinda power off somewhere. She sighs.



The scene is wrapping up nicely. The X-Men, with their new found allies in Ampere and Lynwen, have taken care of the situation in Detroit. However, the concern from Jean Grey and Calvin Rankin is certainly not unwarranted.

Beneath the train yards, there is buried a very large electromagnet, powered by a source completely disconnected from Detroit's under-funded power grid. The leader of this particular operation looks on from a distance, binoculars being all he's needed. He's aware of what's going on elsewhere, in Houston, but for the life of him, he's not gonna make this easy. All it takes is the press of a button.

The electromagnet comes to life, blasting the area with magnetic forces that only Magneto would be powerful enough to stop. The trains wrench free, rails ripping up from their moorings, and the entire train yard begins crunching in toward that central point. It all begins to happen so fast that there's barely time to blink. Either the heroes do something fast, or they'll end up in the middle of a gigantic prison of mangled metal and crushed bodies.


« They didn't know we were coming and had no reason to expect us. But it's safer to assume they had more than just regular agents here. Or that we're missing something. » Mimic sends to Jean. « Find a safe spot, one of the cars we already cleaned out maybe, where you can do a thorough scan and see if we are. Better safe than… » And then his paranoia is proven to be warranted as the train yard starts shrinking in a metallic implosion. There might only be time to blink but a blink is all he needs. Jean's been keeping them connected so he can easily feel where they are once he extends his own thoughts fully into the link. And then they get that one BLINK, teleporting to the same spot outside the train yard that they started from.


« You mean another telepa… »

Jean was too late to convey her thoughts, with everything happening around her, that buzz was felt at the base of her spine coupled with the racket that draws the cars into compaction.

"Wai..>!" Jean hollars out, blinking out with the rest into a safe distance by Calvin's hands, her body already in a pre-moving state which keeps going once she was upon the ground. "We can't let them die!"

Of course they could, they were within their rights. But Jean knows all too well the burden when lives are lost when easily prevented.. she felt it billion times over when she closes her eyes.

Her jogging stops once she reaches the entrance of the shipyard, her hands rising up as her eyes alight with fire, her body lifting from the ground as she throws her hands into the air, each focus upon the containers that aim to crush and kill those within.

And she pushes.

That TK force building a shield around the inside of the carriers, her teeth gritting to prepare herself of the strain, the force fighting against the electromagnetic pulse that tries to tear those within asunder.

She pushes, breath drawn out with a heavy, slow paced exhale, coupled with a scream that taps into something unseen, a slow coat of fire wrapping around her arms that soon engulfs her body and sets her aflame.

That magnificent firelight lights up the darkness, drawing upright into the shape of the phoenix raptor, the flamebeak spreading to unleash a deafening cry within the sky as lines were attempted to be crossed by the unseen man.. and limits were pushed and exceeded by Jean.

The metal breaks apart; the walls exploding up, out, and away from the disarmed HYDRA agents, and Jean.. high into the air suddenly drops into a freefall as the light itself?

Dies out.


Ampere glances around him to determine his next move, when Mimic decides that for him, plucking him from the yard and suddenly, dizzyingly plopping him onto the spot where the mission started. When Jean protests aloud, Ampere flinches from the mental force behind the word, and then watches while the woman launches herself into the air and unleashes legendary force to fight the impending crush. Brighter and brighter the fire grows, while he watches. When it vanishes suddenly. He strains, and spots the falling. Instantly, he leaps. A faint blue-white glow surrounds his feet as he releases electrical energy against the surrounding air, speeding himself toward the falling herooine and hoping that he will have time to catch her.


Two things happen the chanting continues even when Lyn is blinked out of existence and back into a different existence into a different location when that happens the fire balls die but that hot wind is still blowing. The fog still covers the train yard. The phoenix rising up and then fading in the ashy darkness of the night has her shouting out commands. The wind howls in response as Ampere uses the electricity to launch himself into the air to snag falling woman. That hot wind seems to reach out push Jean back up into the air to keep her from crashing into the earth until someone can reach her. Lynwen switches from the shouted command to chanting again. Her clothing is soaked in sweat and the fog begins to creep towards them.



Nate's direction leads Widow toward the leader of the operation. She is… persuasive, in many ways, and within moments, the leader surprisingly issues the order to cease fire and surrender the operation to SHIELD. He'll probably end up dead for this some day. Betraying HYDRA is unforgivable.

However, it is Brinley alone who is onto the lone HYDRA agent. She's able to swoop in on his location, and mere moments before he presses that button, an arrow pierces his wrist, pinning him to the wall. The man lets out a cry of agony, but his fingers go limp and the button goes unpressed. A later inspection will reveal how the button would have blown the supply of smooth, not only keeping it from SHIELD's clutches, but aerosolizing it and turning all of those SHIELD agents and heroes into addicts with one breath of air.

Mana has earned her place in the ranks, today, to be sure.


Well, there's a first. Even Lunair is surprised by surrender, but no one is going to be shot after they surrender. She'll help confiscate weapons, zip tie people (the safe word is unicorn) and generally just do the helping thing. She'll have to thank Mana when she finds out she kept them from getting Smoothied.


Nate is happy to make the Hydra leader unnaturally afraid of the Black Widow threats and hasten his surrender. But even more happy to get back to his body. First fight he misses in… bah, boring. Also, headache, as normal for using telepathy so intensively.

And the job is not over. So he swallows a couple painkillers and goes to help round down stragglers, give first aid to the wounded and mind-scan the prisoners that could have information of immediate use.


Brin says silent thanks to Armory for the weaponry, she'll thank the woman in person soon.

Unconsciously following Lunairs lead, she'll depin the mans hand (ewww, all that blood), zip-tie him up and force him outside to where others are rounding up the captives. Once he's handed over, she'll be 'up, up and….' well, not quite but she will certainly fly back to her group. Right now, the young woman has no idea, how much trouble she averted.



"Yeah, it's scrambling everything." Cyclops fusses with his visor for a moment. "Kinetics, heat sigs, even my link with…" With Cerebro, but he doesn't say that much. He opens a secure comm to Professor X. "Professor, anything?" Meanwhile, he's motioning for the JL:A members to go on and follow Booster inside.

« Scott, it's him. The one who created it. »

However, before Cyclops can chase after Supergirl and Booster, the Kryptonian is rushing in, making quick work of the enemies inside. When she confronts Whitehall, Cyclops is barely coming up at the rear, panting with the effort of running so hard and so fast.

The punch to Whitehall's face is strong enough to knock him back onto his ass, but oddly enough, the man is still awake. When she tries to fly, she finds it simply impossible, a sickness coming over her that may be all too familiar. The HYDRA agents scoff at her and throw Scales through the portal, which seals up behind him. He's gone.

Whitehall looks up at Supergirl with a sneer, wiping some blood from his face before reaching into a pocket and producing a small, green crystal. "Actually, Kara Zor-El, I do have a sensor of humor." He smiles mirthfully at the woman, but the smile is wiped from his face when an optic blast soars out, bashing his chin and knocking out a couple of his pearly whites. The HYDRA leader's head drops back, cracks against the ground, and he's out cold.

"So do I, asshole." Cyclops walks over toward the others, looking toward his teammates with concern. "Everyone alright?"


"Oh, I'm fine…" Booster Gold steps up to the unconscious Whitehall, looks around, then grabs at the green crystal, enclosing it with his fist. The glow of his forcefield dims, no longer outlining his body, concentrated now around the shard in his hand. This drastically reduces his invulnerability, of course, but he seems confident in his choices at this point. "Dunno what that portal was, though… it's going to make it tough to follow…"


POWER GIRL steps up after the tank was done, brushing her hair out of her eyes. Seeing the HYDRA insignia on one of the buildings… her eyelasers light up again. Soon after, the skull and tentacles was wearing a baseball cap in a black fuzzy outline.

Nodding her head in approval, Peej hops down off of the tank, noting Scott's gesture to enter the base proper.

At least, until she feels something was… /wrong/ with Kara. Perhaps she hears it through super-hearing. In an instant, her features harden to stone, and Peej ducks her head low, rocketing forward through the base, clearing the stairs, punching any stragglers (even Frank), to end up near…

Peej looks down and sees Whitehall, and then looks up to see Kara and Booster proper. "…what happened here?"


Kara fell to her knees, extremely weakened by the Kryptonite that had been produced by Whitehall; it was her first time being exposed to it or even seeing something like that in existence.


Kara stumbles into a corner of the lair and begins to shiver a little hugging her arms around her chest.



The destruction seemed inevitable, until Jean Grey calls upon the power of the Phoenix Force. In a mind-blowing display of power, the X-Woman uses her unbridled power to prevent those needless deaths from taking place. Ampere and Lynwen team up to catch her from falling and hitting the ground.

The imprisoned enemies are spared their crushing demise, a demise fully intended by their terrorist leader to wipe out any testimony, and are left to face the true wrath of justice where it belongs.

In the hands of the United States Justice System.


"Houston is secure," Black Widow reports over the command channel. "HYDRA has surrendered." Her voice sounds a bit incredulous at that. "Moving teams in to secure the narcotics."

SHIELD teams quickly take control of the situation. The enemy is rounded up, the supply of narcotic protected. Whether or not this will prove beneficial to the impending epidemic of withdrawing addicts remains to be seen. It will all depend upon politics, now.

God help the addicts.


"Take whatever readings you can," Cyclops tells Booster grimly, looking on as Booster curls his hand around the kryptonite to protect the Kryptonian from its debilitating power. In short time, Kara will regain her strength.

"That man is the one who created the drug," Cyclops tells them. "We have to get the information to SHIELD, and quickly." Leaving Daniel Whitehall to be 'arrested' by the others, he turns away and reports over the command channel, "Portland. Area secure." Then, the Leader of the X-Men calls up a different channel. "Get me Director Fury," he says quietly.

Across the United States, in twenty-two other locations, members of the various teams involved in the massive operation report in. There was trouble in certain areas, to be sure, but by and large, the operation was a success. HYDRA's distribution network of exgenta-diacetylmorphine, known as 'the smooth' by its street moniker, has been shut down… signaling what might be the first major victory in The War On Drugs, ever.


"We lost Whitehall."

"Yes, but his use to us has been expended."

"Cut off one head, two more grow back."

"Whitehall was a fool and a coward. It was far too risky, attacking the mutants this way. They rose. They conquered."

"Yes, but we still have the Primary Asset."

Off in the corner, Damian 'Scales' Woods is strapped into a chair, his eyes pried open and forced to look at the video display of brilliant colors and flashing lights. He trembles violently, but words are slowly forming upon his mouth. Silent words through dry, cracked and trembling lips that eventually find enough breath to be heard.

"I… must… comply.

"M… m—must… comply.

"I will… comply."

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