Don't Blow up The White House

May 10, 2015:

Some friends gather at the JL:A Lakehouse


JL:A Lakehouse


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And soon enough Karolina and Hope are going through the headquarters vacation home or whatever searching for a computer or laptop or tablet with internet access so they can research crime locally and find some mafia guys to bust and steal from! "You go right, I'll go left, call out if you find one of the devices," Hope advises Karolina.

Hope is clean from a shower, but wears the same clothes from yesterday and is fully armed even in the saftey of this place. And when Hope hears Karolina call out that she found a tablet, Hope is jetting through the house with a wide grin on her face as she slides into the tablet! "Is it hooked to wi-fi?" She sounds a bit breathless. Apparently, beating up bad guys excites her, especially if it includes stealing and going on a shopping spree afterwards with the money!

Kara came downstairs to find her two guests already making themselves at home, she wondered where Kate was as she came down the steps, asking the pair of girls, "Hey you two. How did you sleep last night?" She gives them a puzzled look at their investigations.

Leaping sky-high when Kara comes down the stairs, Karolina twists towards her, kinda moving as if to shield easy view of the tablet from prying Supereyes. "Ohhellosupergirlweweren'tthinkingofattackingthemafia or anything," says Karolina, starting out a bit breathlessly. A beat, and then she takes a long sighing breath.

"I um…"

"We… I slept great, thank you. There's some leftover eggs if you were looking for breakfast. Someone made a ton, and I can't eat any," she says, biting a piece of leftover asparagus.

Kate had her weekly lessons to give at the shelter yesterday, and then a bit of patrolling to do around New York, which is why she's just getting home now, quiver over her shoulder. "Honey, I'm home!" she calls jokingly from the foyer as she comes inside, tossing her keys into a shallow bowl by the door. "Anybody else in?" She'd be more concerned about potential hangovers, but almost no one else in the house can get hungover, so…

Hope kinda just -STARES- at Karolina. Wow, can this girl -NOT- keep a secret. She finally just rolls her eyes. She then goes to steal the tablet form Karolina's nervous fingers so she can test it for wi-fi connectivity and do some research. "I slept some," though she has light circles under her eyes. "Thanks for a the place to crash," remembering to be polite this morning.

Though Hope's green eyes flicker up at Kate's call that can be heard all the way into the kitchen. She grunts and goes back to researching. "Do you know where we can buy a decent harmonica and guitar super girl?"

Kara waves to Kate when she makes her way back home before looking back to the other girls, "A guitar and a harmonica? Sure that's lots of music stores in Metropolis." A lightbulb turned on and she said, "Oh! Kate this is Karolina she's also known as Rainbow Girl. Karolina this is Kate, she's Hawkeye. Um Hope, this is Kate, she's yeah you all get it!" She peers to see what the two are researching before explaining to Kate, "Hope is from far away and lost, kind of like I was before and Karolina needs a place to live I think. They both do possibly"

Karolina could keep a lot of secrets. Generally it was harder when you were keeping a secret from a girl who could punch you to the moon.

Karolina gives Kara a pretty smile, kinda tossing her hair over her shoulder, and lifting up her chin somewhat. "So, uh… hey," she says. "Yes, thank you for the place to sleep - it's been a little bit since I've slept in a bed bed." she pauses. "Bed. Ahem."

"Hi there! I'm Karolina - I guess…" Lucy in the Sky was kinda a weird codename. Rainbow girl was close enough. "Rainbow Girl works too - nice to meet you Kate," she says. "And there!"

She points at Hope's tablet. "One Note Music and Sound. That's where we'll go for the instruments when we're done!" she enthuses.

Kate follows the sound of voices to the other room, shrugging off her quiver and raising a hand for a slightly awkward wave at the presence of two unknowns. "Hi," she says slowly, managing a faint smile. "Nice to meet you guys, glad to give you a place to crash for a night." Not that she isn't going to be having a general chat with Kara about boundaries soon.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she leans against the doorframe, taking in details with a long look. "Done with what?"

"Where is Metropolis?" Nope, city doesn't ring a bell for Hope! "Money is easy to come by when you know where to find it. Finders keepers," is Hope's response about that! She then nods at her research, "Found some blogs about local crime, but…this is a little weird." Her head tilts slightly.

Both are pulled up on the screen as Hope jumps between her research and the music shops. "Is Metropolis another name for New York City?" She sounds sooo confused!

"Done making money and having fun," Hope states. "They do not need to be exclusive," she advises matter-of-factly. The girl is wearing strange handguns on each thigh.

Kara blinked at the question but thanks to all of her friends, she knew a bit about alternate realities, dimensions, timelines and strange universes, "Well, Metropolis is known as the City of Tomorrow. It's the best city on Earth pretty much and lots of really powerful awesome people like Superman help to protect it so it's really nice, unlike Gotham which is a total dump because Batman is all 'Rawr I'm The Batman ya better watch out rawr!'." She had totally tried to impersonate Batman and failed.

"So like, Kate. Rainbow girl has pretty cool powers and Hope, I'm not sure what her powers are but she seems tough and stuff and you don't have powers and you do fine so maybe they could become recruits in the JLA and we could help them both out?" Kara smiled at her friend who she often put in tough positions.

"No… Metropolis and New York are totally different things," says Karolina. She pauses a moment, placing the tip of a forefinger at the corner of her lips. "I… think," she says. A pause then, and Karolina leans over to whisper to Hope briefly. "So, Kate - or Supergirl. If you had to choose the place where you would find the most mobsters ever - where would that be?" she asks, glancing between the two of them.

"I've heard about Batman," she says, her voice wry. "But who hasn't?"

A beat.

"I think you have pretty amazing powers too, Supergirl - didn't you like freeze the ocean?" she says. A beat. "Before it melted?" Another moment. "Recruits? I um. You barely know me though!"

"You're in Metropolis," Kate answers Hope, though the explanation as to what they're planning on doing doesn't seem to be inspiring a great deal of trust in her. She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she tries to figure out exactly what angle to come at this from. "Okay, folks."

She pushes off the doorframe, scrubbing a hand over her face. "It's been a super long week. Somehow, the couple hours on the phone disputing a several thousand dollar charge to a leprechaun for a fake wand were actually worse than getting hit by the Hydra energy weapon." That with a bit of a Look in Kara's direction.

"And I'm totally up for helping you guys get your feet here, but let's stop pretending anyone here's stupid. What're you guys trying to plan here?"

"Uh…Gotham City sounds interesting, maybe they have lots of mobsters, looking it up now. And I never heard of Gotham City or Metropolis…seriously. I mean…isn't every city a metorpolis?" A roll of Hope's eyes at that. She doesn't seem afraid of Batman, and doesn't recognize him or Superman. Though she pauses and Hope looks up, "Huh?"

She just got derailed! "I…I'm not some superhero! I'm a soldier." Hope looks about. "And we are going to beat up mafia goons for fun and steal their money so we can go on a shopping spree, obviously. I mean, what else do you do when you need money and clothes?" Hope then goes back to researching Gotham City as if that was the most crazy question in the entire world!

Normal upbringing for Hope? That would be a NO!

Kara raised her eyebrows at Kate as she mentioned the fake magic wand business, that may have been her bad; stupid leprechauns. When Hope explains the plan, she sits down on the couch and facepalms.

"We could always ask people. That sometimes works," says Karolina, kinda reaching over a hand to poke Hope in the ribs a bit. "I'm sorry, Kate. I'm just… really really bad at keeping a secret sometimes. I feel kinda anxious right now, actually," says Karolina, making a little smile for the rest of the young women.

"But we were just thinking it might be… you know. Better if we beat up criminals for it, you know? Stop crime, and help us out too." she says with a rolling shrug.

"Okay, well, as plans go, it's not a complete loss, at least." Kate gives Kara another look. She might be getting used to these ones. The 'you didn't think about this at all, did you?' look. She moves to sit on the arm of the couch, holding out a hand for the tablet. "Gotham's lousy with mobs, but they're also well-organized. You don't want the mob for this sort of thing, unless you're planning on a serious designer spree. Which, pot and kettle here, but not really super noble."

She looks between Hope and Karolina, considering. "Gangs are a better bet. Less organized, more violent, less systemic. You're not really going to put the hurt on the mob by taking on hit. You'd be indulging yourself and making an excuse to make it feel better. Lot of the gangs right now are dealing in smooth, though. Either of you a mutant?"

"It's practical. Lack of funds hurts a mafia's standing in a city and lessens the impact of their crime waves as it decreases their influence. It also hurts their reputation so people aren't afraid of them as much, and they can stand up for what they believe in more. It only takes a small action to create a movement." Hope shrugs at that. "Gangs can also often be broke. And I need a number of clothes and money for musicial instruments. This is my vacation. I fulfilled my destiny, time to do something for myself for once in my life." Her brow wrinkles at that. "Man…that feels weird to say that. I'm not even sure what I -want- for my life, or what's going on with my past memories."

But Hope then shrugs, "Anyway, up to you Karolina. I'm confident in my abilities, and I don't mind follow-up to really derail a mobster group, though gangs be easier pickings and easier to find. You likely just walk down the street in a bad part of town and throw a piece of broken cement."

Hope gets distracted on the tablet, searching for any rumors about 'Cable'.

"Ya…mutants, rare, almost extinct, but wait, they should be reborn now," Hope's brow wrinkles again thoughtfully as things get mixed up in her head. She doesn't give a straight answer on if she is a mutant or not.

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Kara looks between Hope and Karolina again, she's not even sure what to say to the pair anymore. Instead she looks back at Kate and shakes her head, "Didn't think it through at all." She responds out loud to the look, she was almost bewildered by Karolina and Hope. Snapping her fingers she asks the pair, "So you want to form a band or something? Maybe I can get Kate to buy us the instruments instead of you two robbing the mafia. I love music, I'm a super amazing singer."

"I dunno. I don't really see many street gangs as being… well… rich. Most are just in gangs because they are bored and need a family, uh…" Karolina begins to say. "…unless they are selling drugs or something like that," she says. Although some of the things that Hope was saying draw Karolina's eyes, her brow furrowing, and a little frown tugging down the edges of her lips. "You have an odd idea of the word… vacation, I guess - where you come from must be very very… uh…"

Karolina just lets it go for now. She already knew that Hope was from someplace… else. Even if she wasn't sure where that else was. "So… are you like a singer or something, Kara? You should try to sing a song for us…!" A pause.

"No no, we can't get Kate to buy us things… could we?" she says to Kara - turning her eyes back towards Kate and tilting her head just so to one side.

Like an owl.


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Kara hops up onto the couch and sings, "Jingle bells, jingle bells. Batman smells. Robin laid an egg! Batmobile lost its wheel and the Joker got away. Hey!" She hops down from the couch and smiles, "Kate is super rich. She is like giving and enjoys helping people to buy stuff. Right Kate?" She pulls the magic wand out of her belt and says, "Abra Cadabra!"

"Yeah, not so rare, not so extinct," Kate summarizes for Hope. "And the smooth's a drug. Extremely addictive, messes with mutant powers. So if either of you is a mutant, do your research and don't hit the smooth runners without something to keep you from getting hit with the drug."

She gives Hope a long look as well. "Okay, just so we're clear here, you hear the hypocrisy in saying you've done something good, so you deserve to steal stuff from people and treat yourself to some luxury, right?" she asks. "That's not how this hero gig works. You do it to help people. To make things better for other people."

At Karolina's question and Kara's dance, she sighs. "No. Kate is drawing a line, and Kate is not buying instruments for people because otherwise they'll go out and try to rob the mob. Seriously? Kate likes helping people who need help."

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Hope looks at Kara in…horror. Then bursts into laughter after the sight of the wand! "I know who used your credit card Kate!" And she's just dyyyying! She almost drops the tablet! "Oh…oh….buy her singing lessons!" Yes, she just busted on Kara's singing, she couldn't help was….horrrrrriable! There was no nice way to put it! Well, Karolina might find a nice way to put it, but she's like that. Hope…isn't so nice.

"Smooth..huh," she gasps for breath as Hope holds onto the kitchen counter so she doesn't fall over from laughter. "I…well, how does it…work? I mean…oh…gawd….sorry…who wrote that song?!"

"Careful careful, don't… hahaha… drop it!" says Karolina - reaching out her hands for the tablet. But the reaching was in vain, as Hope manages to hold onto it anyways, Karolina instead choosing to hold onto her own sides. "I haven't heard that song since I was in grade school!" she enthuses.

Kate's… very stern words has her looking that way, a smile lingering on her lips a bit. "I'm not a mutant. I…" Karolina pauses, coming to a bit of a crossroads. The smile falls away from her face. "…am not sure what I am, exactly, but it's not a mutant." A half-truth. She… didn't know exactly what she was yet. She just knew the name of it.

Wiping the corner of her eyes, though, she glances up towards Kate, pausing a moment. "Well. It's how me and the group I used to run with got by. We kinda had to… take from supervillains. And it ended up stopping a lot of pain," she says.

Kara didn't have to be a psychic to know when she was being mocked, a little glare is shot in Hope's direction and Kara Zor-El is gone; disappearing in a flash of super speed.

"Getting by is one thing." Much as Kate may not be thrilled with the idea. "Stealing to go on a shopping spree is another. This," she adds with a look to Kara, pointing a thumb around the room, "This is why I've been working on beefing up the Got Your Back Program. Look, guys, I one hundred percent get wanting to stop evil in the world. I am one hundred percent behind that. And I get it's not real conducive to a day job. But the minute your plan becomes to start living off of other people? You're just as bad as they are. And there's a whole lot of people who get stuck in that place."

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Hope shakes her head and works to supress her laughter when Kara goes running off, "Great…now I'm feeling bad. She really wasn't -that- bad." Though Karolina goes after Kara perhaps or something comes up (Karolina had to go OOCly). That leaves Hope and Kate in the kitchen alone…together…"Alright…smooth. Look, we can talk philosophy another time. I've been fighting to survive while surrounded by people that wanted to pick my bones clean since the day I was born. Even when things supposed settled down, I was still fighting for my life and the lives of my loved ones. So I can forgo the lecture, I know how the world works, and I know what lines I will cross and which ones I won't." Hope then goes back to reaching Cable on the tablet.

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Clark Kent heads out to Midtown Metropolis.

A few days ago Nate had a precognitive dream. He usually ignores them because they are usually pretty much identical to his nightmares. This one was different. This one made him go to spend some time watching the beaches south of New York.

He saw the firebird the day before. But arrived too late to catch Hope. She left plenty witnesses, though.

After wasting some hours looking, Nate went to Cerebro and used the mutant detector machine (unauthorized!). Which is why he comes flying into the Lakehouse about a minute after Kara and Karolina left. Hope may be able to feel him coming; both young ladies will definitely see him as he phases through the wall of the house. He smiles when he spots Hope. Aaaand… she is not alone. Ooops. Should have scanned, but he was in a hurry. "Hope! Nice to meetcha here," he greets the redhead.

"You know how your world works," Kate corrects with a dry look. "You're not there right now. Different time, different place. If you're planning on sticking around, you're going to want to-" And then Nate is phasing through the wall, which is not something Kate really needs right now. She springs off the counter, diving for her bow and aiming an arrow at the new arrival in the blink of an eye.

"Doors, people. Doors, and knocking politely. Hi, I'm Kate, and this is my house, and this is my bow. And you are?"

And Hope ends up blinking and -STARING- at Nate. Her brow wrinkles, "Who…who are….," and then she pales a bit. "Daaaad?!" No way, he's sooo young! Hope looks a little pale and unsure of herself! "Noooo way! No waaaaay!" She's freaking, totally freaking out. She slaps either side of her face, the tablet having been dropped to the kitchen counter where she was researching Cable. "No, no, no, no…..this isn't right, this isn't right at all! Arrows aren't going to do anything to him!" Least she remembers to warn Kate of that. Hope then face palms, palm to face, SMACK! There is even a sound effect!

Nate blinks at Hope and smirks. "That is the /other/ Nate, the ancient guy," wait. A bow? "Hi, I am Nate. That is a… nice bow." The young man raises his hands a little. "Sorry for the sudden arrival. Hope tends to get into trouble with alarming frequency. I am family… uh… in a complicated time-traveling and dimensional-warped way. It might even be I end up raising her at some point like 40 years in my future."

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Kate stares at Nate for a long moment, then sighs heavily as she lowers the bow and drops her arrow back into her quiver. "I really hate the time travel alternate world stuff. So. Much." Quiver and bow get dropped against the wall again, and she gestures toward Hope. "Apparently you do a…interesting job on the raising. We were just discussing whether or not robbing the mob to get money for a congratulatory shopping spree was okay. Thoughts?"

"Whoa, whoa! We never met! Have we?" Hope is groaning now. "You feel…like dad." She seems..confused. Not about the time-traveling bit, that makes sense! More like the dimensional-warped way! "I..," and then she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out. She is centering herself, she has to keep her cool! She then glares at Nate, "You better say yes, that is absolutely cool and awesome, and brillant."

"Sounds like one of Hope's ideas," comments Nate, smirking to Kate. He steps closer to the redhead. "You are looking for Cable. Well, I ain't him. Maybe I will never be him. But he is here, in this time and space, too. Or at least he was until recently. Regardless, I know you and I want to help you. And not to rob the mob… unless you have a good plan that requires cash right now. Congratulatory shopping spree is likely not okay."

Having 'friends' is a double-edged sword. Sure sometimes it's great to be around them now and again, but then the other side of it is having social obligations. People expect you to do what you say, to be there when they need you, all that nonsense. For the young deity Alexander, there are few people he'd agree to meet up with on a Sunday evening, and fewer that he'd actually not resent it immensely for. So the road up to the lakehouse provides an approach for Phobos, he's been here before and he's let through…
A few moments later and he hops out of the car, strolls up the path towards the lakehouse, then knocks on the door.

At the knock, Kate points at the door. "See?" she says to the pair in the kitchen. "Knocking. It's a thing." She turns then to answer the door, opening it up and waving Alex inside. "Don't mind the time-travelers convention in the kitchen. Kara brought back some visitors, things…are the usual level of weird here. I've got good news, though. Sort of. We got Fenris back. Most of him."

"I need clothes and supplies. It's practical. Just because I might want some bracelets and make-up to, doesn't make it completely and utterly selfish." She glares at Nate. And Hope looks about to knock Nate for a loop when he gets too close, her jaw set stubbornly. But then there is a knock on the door and Hope blinks.

"Oh wow, someone that knows how to use a -front door-." This pointed at Nate. Oooh, she got a point there! She then smirks, knowing it!

Hope then groans, "Gawd, I can't believe I just agreed with Kate." She pinches the bridge of her nose.

"I don't need to use a front door," comments Nate. Doors are for the weak, or something. "And yeah, supplies and clothes… I can get you to the X-Men. You don't need shoot gangsters for them. Or are you hiding from the X-Men for some weird and convoluted reason that will give headaches to normal mortals?"

Of course that is the mess that Alexander walks into. He looks at Kate and offers a greeting of, "Heya." He looks over at Hope and Nate, cocking an eyebrow curiously even as he blows a bubble of gum, pops it, then goes back to chewing it absently. He shoots a sidelong glance at Kate and asks her, "Leaguers?" The way he pronounces the word it's probably clear he's not exactly a fan of the organization.
Stepping further into the room he lifts a hand to offer a wave towards the other two. "Hello," Then he gestures to himself, "Alexander. Pleasure and all." That having been said he looks back to Kate, "He's alright? S'good news. Who tagged him?"

"No, not exactly," Kate shakes her head to Alex's question about membership. She glances to Nate at his mention of the X-Men, then promptly files this even further under things to talk to Mimic about. Not that the time travel and alternate futures thing hadn't already put it there. "It's…a time travel thing." Which really covers it, doesn't it? "Don't worry, the agreeing with me gets easier," she calls back to Hope. "I'm super good at making sense. Common sense. Best superpower."

Heading for the fridge, she looks back to Alex. "You want something to drink? It was some guy named Darque. And apparently, he made off with Fenris' divinity. Is that a thing that can be done?"

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"Shooting gangsters and mafia goons is fun," and Hope scowls at Nate! She seems to jump from one foot to the other at the mention of the X-Men, appearing more nervous and unsure. "Why would I hide from them?! Well, as long as they aren't destorying the world by accident. I mean….if I could remember how they were," she ends in a grumble. "So, can you help me find my dad or not?"

Hope then glances over at Alexander when he walks in, "Leaguers?" No idea on that term! "Hope," she says in introduction. "I don't typically agree with people. They say I'm a lot like my dad, very disagreeable, stubborn, and like to do things my own way." That about sums it up! Her brow is wrinkled and worried again. "Water?" Yep, that was to Kate since she was in the fridge anyway. "Wait…is that slang for virginity or something?" Yes, the virgin just went there, don't ask.

"Common sense is the least common of all senses," Nate points to Hope. "There is hardly an atom of it in that redhead… wait. What do you mean you don't remember?" Leaguer is an odd terms, it takes Nate a couple seconds to register, and then he glances at the bow.

There are not many women that would aim a bow at him like that. Maybe with a gun. But most would just run away screaming at seeing him walking through a wall. "We are just a couple extra-dimensional muties," he says to Alex.

"Got a beer?" Alex asks Kate as he follows along after her, but as he walks on by Hope and Nate he gives them a thumbs up and as Nate mentions them both just being typical X-people with crazy alternate dimension stuff, he responds simply with, "Right on."
Turning back to Kate he answers her, "Only time I've heard of something like that was when there was another of the blood who sought to usurp the holder of the title or name." Alexander blows another bubble then leans back against a wall nearby Kate as she rousts about for some drinks. "It's rare, and never attained by a mortal. So either this Darque is some unappreciated son of Lomi…"

Kate looks out around the fridge door to quirk a brow at Hope. "No. Divinity would be a pretty crappy slang word," she opines, then tosses a bottle of water toward the girl. "It's what makes him a god. I wouldn't have thought it was a thing that could be…removed, any more than someone could take the x-gene out of you, but apparently, there's a way for it to be done. The divinity, at least. Magic." Which seems to bother her less than time travel for some reason.

She adds a beer for Alex, then looks back to Nate in case he wants anything. "No one seems to know much of anything about this Darque, but even Fenris didn't seem familiar enough to say. Then again, who knows what Loki gets up to?"

Hope glares at Nate, "No, I don't remember you, I don't remember anyone!" And she's getting upset, and having to work hard to control her temper. Cause a temper from Hope is a very, very, bad thing. But being a fear god is here, perhaps he can sense her temper is coming from fear. Fear…that she won't remember, that she won't know those she loved or ever be with them ever again. She…is alone.

Hope sucks in a deep breath and catches the water bottle effortlessly. She opens it up and takes a drink from it. Better than exploding at poor Nate, cause already a few things are rattling in the the kitchen during that deep breath thing for absolutely no reason, no reason at all!

"I'm completely in the dark, so ignore me," Hope states. She doesn't know who any of these people are!

Rainbows. Rainbows everywhere.

Karolina Dean had her medic-alert bracelet off, her entire body shining with all the colours of the rainbow. Gliding, she ducks her head as she clears the windowpane, landing back through an open window. To kinda skitter to a stop. What were they doing?

/No one knows/.

But Karolina straightens up, her multicoloured hair shining in the light, floating behind her as if she were underwater. Glancing around, she spies Kate, spies Hope, and spies… the two newcomers. Ulp.

"Um… hi. Kara should be here any minute now…" she says, lifting up a hand to kinda wave awkwardly towards the new types. "I'm Karolina, by the way."

"Beer for me, thanks." Nate steps back to give Hope some space. Amnesiac? That sounds familiar, too. "Alright, look… I will help you find Cable, and I can get you in touch with the X-Men. And then you can get your memories straight. Meanwhile, maybe you can stay here?" That questions goes to Kate. "But no killing mob goons or anyone for a few days, okay?"

Karolina's rainbow show makes him look up and stare. "I'm Nate. Nice to meet you."

"No promises there," Hope grumbles about the no killing rules. "Someone people just need to die." And yes, Hope honestly believes that! Still, she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out, "Suppose I can stick around for a few days though," and Karolina's beautiful rainbow form appears and Hope seems to relax a touch. Karolina has been watching over her, mothering her…Hope seems to look toward her and nod in acknowledgement.

At times it is hard to be the personification of such a concept as fear. It is like sharing a body with an idea, existing linked to a primal feeling that was a purity of instinct. The waves of fear he felt coming from the young woman were there for Alexander, existing like some siren's call, a heightening of emotion that demands an answer. His brow furrows, the beer held in his hand… and then abruptly he places it down heavily upon an end table, the glassware rattling.
For a moment it is not just a young man standing there, it is an aura that seems to unfurl darkened wings that exist as feelings of fright
Those crimson eyes of his flare and with two steps he moves to stand before Hope. "Be silent."
"Be still."
"You are not alone here. You are amongst those who will be your comrades, your brothers and sisters. You made your mark in the realm you lived in… yet such a mark will fade in comparison to what you will do here… so long as you draw upon your strength. And be unafraid."

"Sure, but you don't know who they are yet. Your memory is scrambled, Hope," points out Nate. "I am going to have a telepathic chat with some folks, I will be back soon." He heads out, this time through the door. Hopefully with the beer.

"You can stay here, but he's right, no going after goons while you're staying here," Kate adds to Nate's words. "This is the home of several members of the Justice League Avengers, Hope. And we're sort of already dealing with some serious PR issues. We're the good guys here. You want to go after the mob? We can do that. You can stay here. We'll help you plan. We'll hit them with you. It just won't be because you want to get some fun toys."

She tosses a beer to Nate, watching him head out for a moment before she waves to Karolina. "Water, soda, juice?" She's dispensing at the moment. Alex's words to Hope get her to pause, though.

"Holy crap!" Yep, Hope just got frightened the hell out of by Alexander, eyes about popping out of her skull. She has seen lots of things, but not THAT! Still, as he speaks, his words seem to resound insound her, bring something out. Hope forces her shoulders to square out, "With great power, comes great responsibility." She doesn't remember who told her this, but it…is important, beyond important really. It…is life or death.

Hope finally nods. "I…won't forget." She then glances briefly toward Kate, "And…that doesn't mean I'm not independent. I've been surviving and doing what needs to be done since I was little." She then looks back at Phobos, "You should have been around when I first had to face the Phoneix down and…failed. I almost had…someone kill me, just to protect the world. Having you around would have been useful I think." Yes…Hope was willing to die to save the world, and she doesn't even think twice on it, she doesn't fear death…she fears being alone and failure, but she still pushes forward. Though Phobos really helps.

Kara came back as promised by Karolina carrying an old fender guitar with a bowtie and a harmonica which she set down on the table. She looks between Karolina and Hope, apparently not the happiest still before stating, "Collect cans next time. You can make a lot of money." Kara totally hadn't stolen a few hundred pounds of cans from a land fill.

Karolina first looks towards Kate. "I'll take… water for now, if you wouldn't mind," says Karolina to her, giving her a smile. "Maybe a little bit more water for Kara? She was like…" A pause. "…she helped out a lot," she says, her smile a bit lopsided as she tucks a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder, glancing to Phobos.

The intimidation that man had - Karolina takes a step back, looking from him to Hope and back again. And finally… Hope proper.

Karolina nods back, a gentle smile touching her lips then. "Is, um…" she glances to Phobos. "Everything ok?"

As quickly as the feeling of an otherworldly presence arrived… it fades just as quick. Alexander looks Hope in the eyes, his own gaze still smouldering and crimson. Then he gives her a nod and steps back, "I don't do interdimensional housecalls." Though something about her and the words he gave her leaves him feeling uneasy. A few steps back are taken and he looks over at Kate before he tells her, "Sorry,"
The beer is reclaimed and the bottle cap pops off. He grimaces somewhat and then adds towards Kate, "Think I swallowed my gum." At that he takes a swig.

And when Kara comes in the window with those items. It is readable on Hope's face….it gets a little pinched, and she says so softly, "Sorry Kara." And if Kara lets her, she will actually walk over to the young woman after setting the bottle of water aside to give her a hug. It's the first time Hope reached out herself to actually touch someone since she arrived. Hope smiles a bit at Alexander's words, but doesn't comment on them.

Kate tosses a bottle of water to Karolina, quirking a brow at Kara in the last offer for a drink. "Hey, I'm guessing the god thing comes with a few responsibilities of your own," she smirks over at Alex, taking a soda for herself and leaning over to open one of the drawers in the kitchen. There's a pack of bubble gum there, which she tosses his way. "Sorry. Alex, this is Hope and Karolina. Guys, this is Alex. Also a friend."

Kara returns the hug and gestures to the guitar and harmonica, "I'm guessing one of you wanted one and the other wanted one so go ahead. Now you don't need to rob the mafia." She gives a look in Phobos direction and shrugs before heading to the fridge.

Lifting up a hand to catch the bottle of water, Karolina gives Kate a wide grin. "Um… hi, Alex. You're very… big," she says, giving the most awkward smile in the world up towards Phobos. "Thanks," she says. A bit of a beat, "Thank you very much, Kara - I'll use the guitar," she says, picking it up. Now, she had no idea how to use the thing, but she tries a few notes anyways, a smile given up towards Kara.

Offering what could almost be a sheepish smile, Alexander gives Karolina a small wave of acknowledgement. "Yah, I work out. Tae bo." He offers as an explanation for his size, but really to be fair he's kinda tall and reedy, though perhaps certain aspects of him give a… different impression.
Another swig of beer is taken and he looks across the way towards Hope, though his words are probably most likely for just about everyone there. "So, we got things under control and all. Any plans on getting Fenris his godhead back?"

"You do realize I'm totally going to anyway just because I enjoy tormenting bad guys and destroying their organization after they have felt the taste of fear, right?" But Hope is smiling softly and reaches out to touch the harmonica before picking it up. "I have…no idea how to play." But her smile is growing. She gets to learn! For once in her life, she actually has the time to learn! She then turns that smile onto Kara. "Think we can really all learn to play together?" She then steals a look at Alex, "You should be our drummer, and Kate can be our bass player."

Something so silly! But something like this…is so alien and wonderful to Hope!

As for godhead, "Does he really need it? Sometimes things happen for a reason, he should enjoy who he is at this moment. Well, unless it was really someone abusing the power they stole, then it's his responsbility on getting it back, but perhaps he can reach out to some of his old godly contacts and ask for information as someone that could steal it has got to have contacts amoung the gods."

"Can any of you guys actually read music?" Kate asks with a quirk of her brow, opening her soda to take a sip as she leans against the counter. She shakes her head to Alex's question. "I'm sure he's got some sort of plan, but I'm not in on it at the moment. Magic is great and all, but it's not exactly my specialty. I wouldn't know the first thing about how to get it back for him. But if he needs an arrow for that, I'll be there."

"Tae bo, huh?" says Karolina, "Well, it seems to work. I did Tai Chi a while, back when my mom was going through a.. well… a phase," she says, smiling kinda lopsidedly. Except she was half convinced that the guy was… being sarcastic.

Cue the return of the awkward grin.

"Well, I've listened to a lot of music - so that's a good place to start, right?" she says. A beat, and she grins wider. "Sounds like we have the start of a band, right?" she asks, looking from person to person.

"Wait…what? I thought music were these note things, how can you read it without letters?" And one priceless moment later, everyone will realize that Hope is -serious-!

Hope nods, "I like oldies music." She then wanders over to Karolina and reaches out to hold her hand for a little bit, giving it a gentle squeeze as she grins, her other hand holding the harmonica, "We can research it on the internet!" Yep, the answer to any question Hope has about present day is there on the internet somewhere!

"There is no way I'm going to be the Pickles of this band, it's Skwisgaar or nothing." Alexander says this with a half-smirk as he keeps his place against the wall, holding it up with his shoulders and looking terribly amused at some of the exchange. He shoots a glance over at Kate as he cocks an eyebrow at her as if asking her silently, 'these people for real?' then he looks back to Karolina.
Those dark red eyes meet her gaze and the young deity tilts his head just so. "Hey, Tai Chi is nothing to sneeze at." He offers and alright so he might not have been entirely honest about the Tae Bo thing, but he extracts himself from the band discussion by holding up a hand, "So if you all are not in the League, then I suggest we annex this lakehouse. It's wated on those chuckleheads." He crinkles his nose at Kate, condemning her so wickedly with such a proclamation.

"There's a way of writing down the notes," Kate explains to Hope. The fact that she treats it as a valid explanation says worlds about the sort of unexpected people she tends to run with. "I can probably find a few of my old musical theory books if you guys want to learn. It's mostly classical music, but it'll help you get the basics down." Phobos' comment gets a smirk and a roll of her eyes. "I play the cello," she explains to Karolina. "So. Probably not what you're looking for in your band."

Karolina was still a woman made of rainbows - and the spectrum that makes up her form starts to favour reds and other colours like that as Hope squeezes her hands. "Well, there's tons of YouTube Videos on how to learn musical instruments, you know?" she says. "So it'll be a good place to start too? I mean - we have such a good place to start with both of those things, right?"

A beat, as the red gaze of the demigod lands upon her. "I don't think it was… combat Tai Chi," she says. "More like… old people aerobics tai chi."

"So… what you guys are saying is that maybe you can teach us both?" she says, looking desperately Hopeful.

"Umm…what's a cello?" Hope…still has some holes in her education. "Wait..what about a pickle? Alex, you aren't speaking English, if you are, has to be present special English, cause…ya, I'm from the future." That explains -everything-! Wait, not really.

Smirking sidelong at Kate, Alexander takes that opportunity to push off the wall and plant a hand on her shoulder, giving it a firm pat-pat-pat. He steps past her and wanders over towards one of the suitable nearby couchseats and then /drops/ into it, settling on his back and propping his feet up on the arm of the sofa. He still holds the bottle of beer upon his chest and sips from it daintily. "I am not one that often hires out his services, be they for musical purposes or otherwise." He answers Karolina with that, then glances over at Hope. "Did you remember to bring back a sports almanac?"

Kara sighs a little and says to Kate, "I've got the harness thing ready if you want to go with me, but there's a plane crash in Colombia I just heard about on my communicator. I'm going to go try and help rescue survivors. Catch up with you all later unless someone wants to come with!"

"There were no sports teams, end of the world, extinction of mankind, that sort of thing," Hope states. "Thus why I saved it, with help…from people I can't remember," her annoyance at the end. She…doesn't like the holes in her memory, they worry her, a LOT. But she is keeping it under wraps. Though she does seem to lean toward Karolina more when she is forced to think of them.

"Take care super girl," Hope says.

Hope sees enough death and destruction and doesn't feel like seeing more of innocent people right this second….survivors in plane crashes…not common.

"What's a-" Kate sighs at Hope's question, setting her soda down. "All right. I'm gonna go get my cello. Because if you've never heard one, Hope, you're missing out on one of the most beautiful sounds ever. I think you can handle the plane, Kara," she adds to her friend with an encouraging smile. "I'd just slow you down there. Not a lot arrows can do for plane crashes. Go on."

"Well, we weren't talking about hiring you. We were talking about… you know - friends. Helping friends learn how to be a rock and roll band," says Karolina, a little bit of a smile dancing up at the edges of her lips. "I don't think I could afford to hire you to teach us anyways."

Leaning towards Hope, she whispers, "Unless we attack those mafia right?" she asks.

"Bye, Supergirl - it was great to meet you - and thank you again for letting us stay over!" she calls.

A beat. "I've heard a cello - I don't think I've ever heard anyone that /plays/ one though - what made you learn it?" she asks.

"My dear, Kate Bishop. I do declare. You pretend you have musical talents of some sort?" Of course chances are Alexander has had some smidgin of an inklin that Kate was a closet band geek for some time, but he hasn't voiced such suspicions lest he risk an early death to their friendship. But he keeps his place on the couch, not really looking after the women and just perhaps looking past the bottle that rests on his belly, scrunching up one eye as if trying to make the lettering on the bottle to contract into something obscene.

"Ya, we totally are going to for the principle of the manner," Hope whisper promises Karolina. Stubborn girl! But she then says, "Ewwww, friends with a boy?" But she's grinning over at Alexander, kidding around with him. "Alright, let's here what a cello is!"

She then eyes Alexander, "Don't make me punch you for her." She smiles so sweetly when she says that too, and Hope can really pull off that adorable look! It's…kinda creepy!

"Mom and Dad figured it was a good hobby," Kate calls back as she runs up the stairs. In short order, she's on her way back down with a cello and bow, pulling out a chair to get everything together. "Don't worry about Alex, Hope," she adds as she pulls out the end pin, adjusting it and then starting to check the tuning on the instrument. "Picking on people is how he expresses affection."

Once she has everything adjusted, she plays a few notes, trying to pick a piece from memory. Finally, she settles on something Karolina and Alex might recognize, but Hope probably won't: the theme from Schindler's List.

"Don't keep cracking wise, Red. Or I'll have Kate whup your ass for me." Alexander, however, remains much as he was. Though as Kate disappears upstairs he gets a faint wry smile as he sits up, planting one foot upon the floor and turning just so. He takes another pull from his beer and shakes his head with a smile. Then his attention shifts to Karolina, "Did I hear correctly that you and yours plan to wander off to 'fight some crime' or some such?"

For all that Karolina had said - she hadn't seen a cello being played live. Turning her eyes towards Phobos as he speaks, the woman lifts up her hand, flipping a silver medic-alert bracelet up and over her wrist. In an instant, the rainbow corona that covered her dies down. In an instant, she was just a blonde, vaguely Californian young woman once more.

It was in that state (her hair was still kinda frizzy), that she leans over to share in the whispering with Hope. "What's wrong with boys? Or is it this boy that's the problem?" she asks, lifting her chin towards him.

As stated before, 'lina hadn't quite seen a cello being played live. So as Kate springs into Schindler's List… Karolina lets a smile dance across her lips.

A snort at that. "Wait till Nate comes back, I'll whoop you all." But Hope seems to be relaxing and doesn't really mind Alexander. "You never heard anything of the sort, we would -never- do something like that!" Hope then whispers back to Karolina, "Let me find out." She then sets her harmonica on the counter by the tablet and her water bottle. She then goes up to Alex and stands toe to toe with him, looking up at his face thoughtfully. "Mmmmmm….."

Still, Hope listens to the music Kate is now starting to play gaining a slight smile at the strange sound, but it does sound like classical music a bit! "You definately aren't human, are you? But you aren't a mutant either." She reaches out and pokes Phobos in the chest…and again…and again..unless he stops her. Pity he isn't a normal empath! He could have sensed that Hope was seriously messing with him playfully, but not to be mean. "The music is interesting," she says distractedly after studying Alexander.

For all that Kate doesn't generally advertise her non-martial talents, she's actually very good with the cello. And for as rarely as she gets a chance to play these days, it's still something she enjoys. She curves around the instrument, swaying with the music, her eyes half-closed as she lets the music move through her. The rich tones of the cello tug at the heartstrings, as versatile and warm as the human voice. She said she was going to play for the others, but at the moment…it seems like she's playing for herself.

Karolina narrows her eyes a bit.

"Something like that. We had an idea to get some money to earn some instruments - and Supergirl super-got us some instead," she says, finally uncapping her water to take a long swig from the bottle. "Who was that Nate guy, anyways?" says Karolina. "I was kinda… distracted, I guess, when he swang by," she asks Hope.

Hope was brave, she had to give her that. So Karolina kinda takes another sip of her water, attention of her mind torn away by the cello - the attention of her eyes on the interplay between Hope and Phobos.

Standing up from that couch, Alexander was rising to perhaps get a better look at Kate and the cello she holds. It's a curious thing for him, to see this friend from such a long time to be showing this part of herself he never took the time to learn of. Those faintly glowing crimson eyes of his remain upon her for a time… and then Hope pokes him in the chest.
Normally the young woman's attention, pressing her finger into his firm chest, would amuse him… since really people paying attention to him, talking about him, or anything else really involving him as the center of interest makes him terribly happy. But then he holds up a hand and rests it gently over the back of hers. "Hush girl, have some respect for the arts."
The words might sound harsh coming from someone other than him, but the way those eyes gleam, that subtle curve of his smile, and the hint of amusement in his tone all serve to take any sting from them. And so he indulges himself in the music, the few moments passing of time. He might even let his eyes hood faintly as his thoughts drift.
But then there's a momentary break in the music, perhaps a lull. He looks back to Ms. Summers and tilts his head. "I am not a mutant, no. I just have an old family."

Hope rolls her eyes, "Maybe you should just confess to her," teasing Alexander. She doesn't seem to take offense at the light scolding. Rather, Hope crosses her arms and listens and watches. She then gently taps Alexander's foot with hers, before she darts away to Karolina's side!

The music fades away, and Kate looks up from the cello to the others, smile quirking faintly. "And that, boys and girls, is the cello. Some of it, at least. I mean, I could break out some Dvorak, but honestly, it's been a while since I played regularly enough to really have a whole piece memorized, and you guys don't want to sit through the whole classical concert thing."

There was a certain aura of tiredness to Karolina's demeanor. She watches Alexander's rise, and watches the man. He wore intimidation like a cloak, and discomfort touches her features as a result of that. But there was an edge to how he said it and why - it lessens the discomfort in Karolina's lips. Not eliminates it - but lessens it.

All in all, Hope darts back to her side, and the part time rainbow warrior gives her a grin. "So - verdict?" she whispers under the cello music.

Until it finishes. Karolina claps for Kate, her smile bright. "Why /can't/ we use a cello in our band?" she asks, glancing between everyone. "I mean, we'd have to make songs around it, but why can't we?" A pause. "That was a wonderful piece, Kate - from a movie, right? Thank you for playing."

Crinkling his nose at Hope, Alexander looks after her and cocks an eyebrow. "I have nothing left I could confess to Ms. Bishop." He looks over at the young woman with the cello and gestures with a long-fingered hand. "She has seen me at my worst, and knows what sort of individual I am." For some reason this doesn't seem to bother him too much, might as well expect a scorpion to regret its nature.
He strolls over and opens a hand as if offering for them to take the very words from him while he gestures to Kate. "Am I speaking an untruth, Ms. Bishop?" Then he lifts his chin, already looking back as if expecting her to back him. "Though, to be fair, I still have to meet her boyfriend."

"I'm going to torment him, he seems like fun." Poooor Alexander! But Hope smiles over at Karolina. There isn't the lick bit of fear in Hope toward Alexander! He surprised her earlier, but didn't really terrify her. Apparently…she trusts her judgement of character. "And I like the cello, it's pretty. Not my normal tastes, but pretty. Maybe you are right, we can get a cello in our band."

"Poor Alexander, heart already broken," she whispers toward Karolina.

"Schindler's List," Kate nods to Karolina, leaning back in her chair and giving the strings a gentle strum with her thumb. "Really plays to some of the cello's strengths in a…elegantly simple way. But." She looks back to the girls with a wry smile, shaking her head. "I don't think I've got time for a band right now. Between the League, and some of the league's charitable actions, and my own charitable activities, and training…There's only so many things you can do and do well, you know?"

At Alex's words, she shakes her head, smile faint. "You are what you are, Alex. Calling it worst would be like saying a wolf is bad when it's hunting. It's not. It's just…being a wolf. Have you really never met Clint, though?" she asks, tilting her head as she tries to remember.

"I don't think we're going to do our portion of the band well, though," says Karolina a bit wryly, bringing up a hand to touch Hope's shoulder and give it a squeeze. "We'll try, and maybe in a few years, we'll be amazing, but…" she glances at Hope then. A beat, and she pulls her hand down and away.

"He doesn't seem like the… torment kinda guy. A little, uh… dramatic," says Karolina.

"In the opera way."

A beat. "That's where I heard it from!" she exclaims to Kate, finally talking back to the other things she says. The bit about the wolf though. She looks at Phobos again, blue eyes looking him up and down as if in a new light.

Alexander wanders over to the refrigerator now, dropping his empty bottle into the recycling bin as he passes. The door opens and he sticks his head in, the sound of glasses clinking as he shuffles things around can be heard… and then his voice from behind the refrigerator door. "I don't think I've met him. Or rather if I did he didn't leave much of an impression." There's another louder clink as he finds another bottle, pulling it free and then a snap-hiss as he pops the top.
"Though I think I saw him on television once with Chris Hanson." He gives Kate a nod with eyes slightly widening as if to warn her away.
But then he looks back across the way towards Hope and Karolina, and the way he lets his gaze rest upon them… as if he were gauging their worth… their merits. It's an almost preternatural thing. And perhaps for a moment, Karolina might get the subtle feeling of the young man looking back at her, but something else entirely as well.

"I knooow. But isn't that what makes life fun? Living dangerously?" But more seriously, "He won't hurt you Karolina," Hope whispers to the girl, giving her a hug. But then Karolina is all happy again, and Hope relaxes. "Hunting is fun, especially when the pray is challenging and you aren't starving. The human kind are the most exciting to hunt though." This stated so -seriously-! "Though I've never ate one, that…is just gross," and she wrinkles her nose at that. "Hunters are survivors, it's not a bad thing." She hated running! But she survived, but she isn't a runner anymore, she's the hunter! Well…that's all going on inside Hope's aggressive little teenage brain.

In the meantime, in reality! "Is it alright if I borrow this tablet?" Hope holds it up to show Kate. "I do need to do some research, the holes in my memory aren't…good, and I need to fill them in." She doesn't seem to mind being studied or gauged by Alexander, she did it to him earlier.

"Ass," Kate smirks over at Alex's jab about Clint. "One of these days maybe he'll actually be around when you stop by. No picking on him when he does," she warns, loosening her bow and slipping the end pin back up. Hope's question does get a long look. "No hacking into the Pentagon or something, okay? I mean it. Please don't get into trouble using resources here."

"Maybe he'll pick on him back?" says Karolina, a bit of wryness touching her lips. "I know he won't, he's just…" Karolina narrows her eyes a bit, glancing over Phobos. As if trying to figure out the man. When she feels the eyes of the man on her, a cold shiver running down her spine.

A hand lifts, brushing a lock of her hair over her shoulder.

She almost misses the whole hunting spiel that Hope goes over. "I… you hunted… people?" she asks her, her expression kinda turning a little bit questioning.

"Yes, there's laws and things here - you can break them, but you have to be really careful when you do that," she says.

Pausing to step over towards Kate, he gives her a small hug around the shoulders with one arm, just as he steps away and begins to move towards the door. "Thank you for having me over, Kate. You know where to find me."
That having been said he starts towards the two other women. "Red, if you care about your hosts at all then you'll play by the rules while you're under their roof. If you turn wild child then you'll be damaging their reputation at a poor time when it's already besmirched." He holds up his bottle of beer at her, as if making a point. "And believe you me, if there's anyone who knows about smirching it's me." He turns those eyes upon Karolina and smiles easily enough, the red eyes do seem so terribly strange but if they were perhaps normal… it might be less disconcerting. "Karolina. Be a good friend, she'll need to be able to trust those around her."
As easy as that he steps past, wandering towards the door and shouldering it open. He waves casually without looking, "See you around."

"Huh? I'm more of an engineer than a hacker Kate," Hope states. "My hacking is limited." So she CAN hack, but…ya…she is not a hacker. But she removes the cord from the tablet and wall socket so she can take it with her to charge later when it runs down. The harmonica is also picked up.

"Huh? Well, yes. Urban warfare is a speciality of mine, but I can also survive in the wilds, even desert lands. I've been hunted, and done the hunting. I…did not come from a happy future timeline," Hope says with a thinning of her lips as they press together.

"I stated earlier, I'm a soldier, trained and raised actually." Hope then says, "I think I'm going to spend some solo time with the research material, and…settle in for a bit. Knowing my luck, something will explode sooner or later, and I should have my head on straight."

"Ya…I'll move out before I blow up the white house," Hope states dryly, but she is serious that she will move out before she blows up toooo many things. "Take care Alexander." She then says toward Karolina, "Let me do some research and think, and I'll catch you later, perhaps for lunch or dinner or something?" She hugs Karolina one last time before she goes to head upstairs to the room that was shown to her by Kara the other night for her use. Course, her water bottle comes wiht her as well.

"Seeya, Alex," Kate calls after the young god of fear, leaning over her cello as she looks to the others. "I'd add please don't blow up the White House, Hope, but I'm still not sure the new President isn't out to get us, so. We'll hold off on that one for now."

Karolina gives Hope one more hug as the other young woman starts to head out, giving her a bit of a smile. "I think… I need to explore the area around the place, anyways. See what there is to see out there," she says. "The sun is bright," she says, as if that explained everything, leaning to one side, peering out the window.

But Phobos' words strike her. Another moment, her eyes drawing down. "What about you?" she asks the man. "Do you have a good friend?" she asks, her eyes going towards Kate after, a smile dancing on her lips as she maybe… answers her own question.

With a heady sound, she pulls her medic-alert bracelet off of her wrist, again flaring into light. "I'll see you around Kate, yeah? Thank you again for the music."

And again, without using the door - Karolina takes off through a window. Totally unmannered.

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