Light 'Em Up

May 09, 2015:

After months of work, Tony Stark has successfully designed and built a new sustainable, clean energy system for the city of Metropolis. Since it's Tony Stark, this means there's going to be a big ribbon-cutting ceremony, possibly including dancing girls and fireworks. There will be hot dogs and a band and speeches. What a time to be alive!


Tony Stark's Partay!


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The platform has been set up right outside the new power station, which has the same lovely sleek brilliance that a lot of new architecture in Metropolis does. Everything's been fitted out with banners and chrome, and the sound system setup looks like it might have required some scaffolding, permits, and special power generators of its own.

The banners include Stark's logo, of course, but there are also logos from other companies, local and international, who helped with the effort to improve Metropolis's power grid. Among them is Oyama Heavy Industries, and several of these companies have booths around the edges giving away pencils, koozies, baseball caps, and those blinky electric lights on headbands that make people look like aliens don't.

There's also free sodas, popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy. Beer's five bucks a cup with ID. There's a band setting up in the bandstand, but the mike at the front is almost certainly for Tony Stark, who wouldn't dream of not being the main event.

Oyama Heavy Industries - a name that no one outside of the world of big business really knows. They're the ones you go to for custom-tooled machine parts, industrial chemicals, the construction of a fleet of fishing trawlers, the occasional military contract and a major shipping operation to move it all around. The Japanese company has seen its share of turbulence in recent years. The passing of its founder and chairman, Kenji Oyama, was under suspicious circumstances. His two sons died under similarly odd circumstances a few years earlier, leaving his daughter Yuriko as the heir.
Oyama's booth is actually Smiling Porpoise Confectionary - one of the many small subsidiaries under the family brand. The candy is popular with the Japanese expat population of New York, and is gaining a following among Japanese culture-obsessed American youth.
Yuriko Oyama herself is here this evening, though she looks somewhat out of place. It's not her dress - a pair of skinny jeans, trendy heeled sneakers, a loose peasant blouse. It's not her somewhat fashion-forward haircut, or the heavy black-framed glasses. It's impossible to pinpoint anything that makes her stand out - but she does. There's a pair of black-suited guards who are never far from her, even as she wanders around and takes in the booths.

Since the latest state of emergency, Kate's been hanging around Metropolis a bit more, trying to do what she can to help out with people displaced by events. The Justice League is great for when things are exploding, but there's a lot of work to be done afterwards, too. A lot of work that does good things for public opinion, which the league could also use a the moment. Conveniently, it means she's in town for this little shindig.

She's gone casual chic for the day, in shiny black leggings, chucks and a loose-fitting purple silk tank top with a black shrug for if it gets chillier. Purple shades sit on top of her head, holding her hair back out of her eyes as she walks through the booths chatting people up.

Though a direct rival to Stark Industries, Miranda Tate of the Trutina Corporation would be remiss to not make an appearance at this gathering. As she is not the CEO of an energy company, there is no Trutina booth here. Instead, she is dressed impeccably in what is a simple, but expensive looking business suit, tailored to fit her form generously and perfectly.

With a drink perched in her hand, she navigates the crowds almost supernaturally well, bumping into no one and seeking out the person she most wishes to speak with - Tony Stark - with a patient and practiced air. She knows she most likely will not be able to speak with him after his speech, but she's positioning herself to be one of the firsts to congratulate and speak with him.

Cameron Tenoaks is a socially reserved sort of person. She likes private time, saving lives, and avoiding the limelight. In fact, if one asked her which she'd rather be at between a big ceremony and a multi-car pile-up, she'd definitely indicate the latter, because that's being pro-active and saving lives is better for her. She'd definitely NOT want an accident to happen, of course, but…

Once again, a huge public to-do has been created, this time in the Big Apricot, with no less a luminary than Tony Stark headlining the grand event. Clean, sustainable power, implemented on the poor embattled City of Tomorrow's power grid. Of COURSE Cameron would be there, because her mother Maria was watching out for her. Strings were pulled. The invitation came in the mail yesterday, along with a request from the Justice League to attend this event. The notification that she might be required to make a speech? A text two hours ago from her Mom.

Right now she's sitting on a chair on the platform, with a notebook frantically scribbling notes that she wants to hit on her speech, while trying to keep it short somehow. And this isn't a nice cozy environment like the other place in Gotham. This is wide open in front of the public, all the major local channels are out there. Also in force? The paparazzi. Because any event that has Tony Stark is just an amazing source of material… but to have Columbia there too? That's like Christmas and Easter rolled into one!

The orange-haired paramedic is clad in a nice blue wind-breaker jacket over a light green blouse, with blue jeans over what appear to be some sort of green tennis shoes. The fashion houses are already falling over themselves trying to find out who made them, and what it took to get the normally taciturn giantess to put them on.

There's a nervous glance over at the crowd as she pauses for a moment to try and catch her thought, then it's back to writing. If she's writing, she can pretend that the crowds aren't there, right?

Of course, there are pictures being taken of her, even though she hasn't DONE anything yet.

Rain likes science. And it was her thing before she totally became a witch. Her engineering degree hasn't been used a whole lot since she sprouted magic freaking powers and dealing with magic and occult issues often precludes having a normal job (seriously, just try explaining Cenobites in the break room to HR). Rain doesn't really have a company. She works as an itenerant healer and also an occult detective. Sometime she turns into a bear.

This is not one of those times. She has some sort of dorky hoodie on, likely a physics pun like her t-shirt. Captain is draped around her shoulders and has his own ID badge. Captain! "Hey. We should totally get some hot dogs," He batbats Rain's arm to steer his human like a meat mecha. And so the two go to load up on refreshments and commence exploration. The talking cat might get a little bit of attention. Also, he's a cat in a trenchcoat. Redonk cute.

"Ahem. Excuse me Miss." A security guard moves to stop Kara Zor-El from entering the event. The young woman dressed in her halter top with the distinctive S, skirt and boots looked at the guard puzzled, "Yes?"

The Guard said something into his earpiece and another guard moved other, "Miss, I'm sorry but the only cosplay allowed tonight are Iron Man or Iron Girl-" The man looks to his compatriot, "Is that what the boss is calling them? Nevermind. Anyways, I'm sorry but this isn't a convention Miss."

Kara sighed and pointed at her chest so they could see the S, "Duh, Hello. I'm Supergirl. See?" She even shows them the JL:A Belt Buckle worn, "I've even got my JLA belt buckle on."

The pair of guards looked between each other and laughed before one said to her, "It's a real nice costume for sure, but you're clearly not on the list and you're not Supergirl."

Levitating off the ground a little to prove her point to the men, Kara crossed her arms over her chest and smiled playfully, "Seriously, a cosplayer couldn't do that. Can I come in now?"

The pair of guards moved aside and allowed Supergirl to enter, one of them shaking his head, "Metropolis, eh?"

This is nothing compared to the Expos but security is a must in such places. Standing near the stage is Happy with sunglasses on and in a new suit is talking over coms to others. The smell of hotdogs are making his stomach growl but he has to ignore it. Hearing the other agents, "There are many different sorts, guys." he says to them, "Let it go." checking his watch he is waiting until getting the word of the bosses entry into the event stage.

It's not a full-fledged science fair, not quite a Stark Expo, but it's shiny and glossy and the band is starting to play now. It's not, unsurprisingly, Sousa. It's a bit heavier metal than that. Less brass band, more AC/DC. Stuff to get people's blood pumping. Tony is, after all, the rockstar engineer.

He's nowhere to be seen just yet. It could very well be that he's inside the building or at the curtained back of the platform waiting for his moment. The band's off to one side, after all. Then again, there's a big red carpet with barricades on the sides leading up to the platform, which is a pretty good sign.

Tony Stark doesn't leave people in suspense for long. There's a sleek car — an electric car, a beautiful orange and yellow and red Tesla — that pulls up. Driven, apparently, by Tony Stark himself, dressed in a slick pinstripe suit and sunglasses. He lets himself out and pitches his keys to a waiting security guard. From there, he glances around to the stage and finds Happy up where he belongs; giving the man a tiny salute, he then speaks softly into the earpiece he's wearing: "Everything copacetic, Happy?"

He steps forward then to stand on the red carpet and just extend his arms. Hello, public. Time for some awe. Two security guards fall in behind him. Their job, with Happy's guidance, is to make sure their boss doesn't get stabbed. Or shot. Or irradiated.

Yuriko looks over her shoulder at the arrival of the man of the hour. Her face remains expressionless, but her eyes register interest. Curious eyes, those. You don't see many blue-eyed Japanese women.
Passive scans of the area might register something…odd about her. Her biosignature is oddly even. Nothing to raise a red flag at a first pass, but it might draw the interest of a certain AI. Then again, she's a VIP at this event. It might be rude to scan deeper.

Catching sight of Cameron on the stage, Kate starts to weave her way through the crowd toward her teammate. For her, this is nothing. But she knows how the other woman feels about these sorts of things. As Tony arrives and draws the crowd toward him, she gets a little closer to the stage before whistling sharply up at Cameron and reaching up to wave and give a thumbs up with a grin. Team spirit!

Miranda is not a part of any team. Instead, she watches the security, the pomp an circumstance with passive, but steady eyes. She's always taking in information. As she watches the others react to Tony's arrival along with his seeming lack of security, she takes a sip of her drink with a smirk.

'The eagle has landed' comes over the coms before Stark makes his appearance on the red carpet. Happy of course is watching telling which security agents to do what and all eyes are trained on the man. "Things are running as planned, boss." he answers into the coms. There is no /lack/ of security. Anyone does anything stupid they will see just how /lacing/ there is.

The sharp whistle from Kate does get Cameron's attention and then… OMG that's a crowd.

There's a little wave and a smile back to Hawkeye as she almost wishes she could curl into a ball right now. She was doing okay at the not being looked at thing, but sharp whistle and waving and thumb's up-ping? Especially a Justice League member? If the cameras weren't going overtime with the man of the hour's arrival, they'd be doing it now. That's probably going to end up on the web or a tabloid somewhere.

Welp, back to the speech reading, writing, editing!

Thank goodness for Tony Stark, though. Once it becomes painfully obvious that Cameron's a lot more boring than he is, the cameras aim back to the way they SHOULD.

That is so a crowd. Rain and Captain load up on refreshments, and a couple of people are tickled by the appearance of a talking cat in a coat. It's adorable and he's nomming a hot dog. Yes, he can has. Rain sips a soda. "Nah, Captain. No beer. I don't wanna end up a Halloween ornament." Ever wonder where those witch crashes ornaments come from? Now you know. The two weave over to watch the show. Neat! "Huh. I think I'd die trying something like that." Captain pauses, "Why? That's kind of sad. You're sad." He nudges her.

Tony's ambling along as cheerful as can be, shaking hands, kissing cheeks, taking selfies with people. This is the part he likes best. He doesn't spend more than a few seconds in any one place, but he does accept congratulations and adulation from everyone who crowds in to see him. Men, women… apparently there's a cat in a coat over there…

He doesn't LOOK armored. He's wearing a sweet watch and sunglasses, and that's about it for obvious metal. So if he's protected, there must be some more to it. But Happy and JARVIS working together probably have that well in hand. He's clearly enjoying himself, even briefly hoisting a kid with an Iron Man helmet onto his shoulders.

When he does finally get onto the stage, he turns back to the crowd and bows quite dramatically. With equal drama, he pulls out his cell phone, waves it at the crowd, and then speaks two words into the microphone:

"Say cheese."

Turning his back on the crowd then, the man takes a selfie with a few thousand people.

There's something about the energy of a crowd like this that tends to get everyone a little hyped up. It helps that there's sugar and greasy food. There's music, there's a flashy car, and a flashy personality. It's really enough to get everyone smiling.
But Yuriko's expression remains the same neutral it was before. She watches Tony with the same expression that she looks at a teenager chowing down on free hot dogs. She stands, hands clasped behind her back, which is an oddly formal posture for the event and how she's dressed. She turns her head and mumbles something to her guard in Japanese. She's standing just to the left of the podium, not far from her company's booth. She's…watching.

Kate can't help but grin at the Tony show. It's always a show, after all. Besides, Stark really does have all the cool toys. As he makes his way to the stage, she takes a minute to get herself a soda. Of course, that means she loses her spot with a good view of the stage. That's all right, though. Finding a spot with a view is standard Hawkeye procedure. Tucking the soda under her arm, she finds a less watched booth to climb up the side and get a better look at things.

Hands clamped against the paper once more? Check. Staring straight ahead almost like a prisoner of war? Check. Tony Stark turning around and taking a 'selfie' with the crowds? That… that's awesome. It means Cameron is NOT in that picture. Hands now clapping as she carefully balances her speech on her legs.

This will work out. A bit less of that whole 'prisoner of war' thing now. The man of the hour is given a curt nod.

Miranda can certainly appreciate a show. Part of the League of Shadow's exists on the idea that a good show can distract from what is actually happening behind the scenes. The woman smirks as she watches Tony ham it up for the crowds. Perhaps being a part of said selfie by being close to the stage, she raises a glass and tilts a head. If it makes it to papers, at least it can be said she was there to support good causes.

It's a neat show. Rain and her cat (that is indeed a cat in a coat) move to find a good spot. They finish their hot dog and Rain jut keeps her soda with her. Time to find herself a decent vantage point. Although, at least she's somewhat tall as gals go. "He looks really happy." Captain hmns at Rain's words.

Happy Hogan moves to stand at the foot of the stairs facing the crowd keeping silent watch. Not that he has missed the cat in the coat but there are other things to do at this moment.

The selfie goes off without a hitch. Tony checks the shot, sees that it is good, and turns around to thumbs-up the crowd. The applause and cheering are still loud when he leans over to Cameron, speaking softly to her: "You're nervous. But I'm gonna tell you something. Everyone out there, once you get up to the mike? They're going to be rooting for you. They're going to be primed to like you. People like to cheer. That's how I do this."

He winks at her, then backs away to return to the microphone and pluck it off the stand. "How's everyone doing out there?"

Cue the massive cheer that he could expect.

"That's what I like to hear. Hello there, Metropolis. You know, I really like your city. Sunny days, beautiful people… and now, there's just a little more me in it."

On that cue, the curtains behind him part to show that beautiful new power plant. It's actually relatively small; it doesn't need the massive size that coal or even nuclear plants need. But it's gleaming and rounded and all glass and steel.

"In there? Nested ARC reactors. Enough power to feed the grid without maintenance for over a year, with maintenance costs at a quarter of coal plants. That means lower power bills and lower taxes for, gosh. Everyone in the city. But I thought… nah. There's more we can do. You may have noticed, particularly if you work downtown, a lot of new solar panels going up. Metropolis is one of the sunniest cities in New England, and we thought we'd take advantage of that. Power that isn't used during the day comes back to the plant, so we make sure you have enough power to fire up your stove and your TV when you get home."

Once the power plant is revealed, Yuriko pays a bit more attention. She might be the only person in the crowd paying more attention to the building and the panels than the man himself. She cocks her head and then straightens it, her expression still mostly blank. There is however, a very faint chink in her armor of normalcy. A faint power spike as she engages her ocular implant to scan passively.

The science stuff isn't really Kate's gig. Kate does people and fighting. But there's enough of the people part going on here to keep her happy. And just because she doesn't entirely understand the science behind it doesn't mean she can't appreciate what it's doing. And that it's cool.

The orange-haired paramedic nods thankfully to the engineering genius. This does help her a little bit and she straightens up in her seat some. And… this is probably why the League (along with her mother) want her out doing these kinds of things. Her body language shifts a bit as she visibly relaxes after the brief pep-talk, then pays attention to what is being said. Mentally she's crossing off portions of her speech as they've been addressed. Less is more, right? Especially with such a huge opening act?

Miranda not only studies Cameron and Tony, but the passive woman scanning the background. She looks quite familiar. However, Miranda Tate would know nothing about her. Instead, she raises her glass and claps politely. That's what a CEO does at an event like this.

Rain is an audience member, but she seems to grasp what's going on well enough. "Neat," Rain offers. She claps when the others do. Captain is quiet, watching easily enough. They are a good audience, yes indeedy.

"So you're all wondering: what does this mean for me? It means that you're going to be paying less every month on your electric bill. And if you get solar panels on your own roof, then you're contributing even more to the grid and paying even less over the long run. And if you get a house battery, courtesy of Stark Industries, we have a booth over there somewhere, you're going to — see a pattern here? Clean energy. For less. Apparently, miracles are possible."

Tony spreads his arms again for another big cheer.

"Now, we couldn't do this without help. There were a lot of companies who helped us out, both local and international. From the local food trucks to Oyama Heavy Industrial, who helped out tremendously in the solar load-out and the rerouting of the Metropolis grid, we worked with some amazing people, and I am thrilled to be able to spotlight them here today. We invited everyone we worked with to come out, bring a booth, talk to people, give out sacks of free stuff. Please, make your way around them, but NOT until… I make a couple of introductions."

Throatclear. "We have a few of Metropolis's own out here, who I'm sure are ready and eager to have the spotlight for a few minutes. I'd like you all to give a great hometown welcome to Metropolis's own Columbia!"

And then he's putting the mike back on the stand and backing away, applauding for the young lady along with the rest of the crowd.

Yuriko's odd behavior continues. A normal person would turn their attention to a change of speakers, but she instead keeps her attention fixed on the reactor. Her scanners however, are not particularly intense, so she can't get much of a read. That, and her built-in HUD does not display very much information. It would clutter up her field of vision too much and impede fighting. She blinks, suddenly - she hadn't been blinking before - then turns her attention back to the podium. She murmurs something again to her associates. One steps back to head towards the candy booth to instruct their employees to smile and wave a little more. SMILE AND WAVE FOR THE NICE PEOPLE.

When Tony introduces Cameron, Kate cheers and claps from her perch on top of a booth, adding another of those sharp whistles to the noise of the crowd. And a couple more thumbs up. You can do it!

Cameron closes the distance to the podium in one long jump-fly-step and tugs on her blouse a bit as she lands. "Thank you, Mister Stark!" She clears her throat and pulls out a couple of pieces of paper. "Um… Don't worry, it's… not as bad as it looks.." That's accompanied by a laugh as she cracks her neck. while she gives the crowd a smile that has been bolstered by Stark support.

"We all remember this winter. We remember what it was like when things got dark and cold, and it wasn't a matter of 'if' we were going to lose some of our fellow citizens to the weather but more a matter of 'when'. With the help from Stark Industries, we avoided that. With the hard work of our own local power companies, along with metropolitan workers, we began to dig our way out. But we could not have done it without help from outside."

She pauses for a moment to stretch out another paper.

"Everything needs power these days. From our iPhones to our basic life-support equipment in hospitals to the microwaves in the homes of Metropolis… power is important. But at the same time, having clean power, not destroying the environment to get that power is equally important. We can't sacrifice our future to benefit in our present. That's a dead-end solution."

A brief pause.

"Perhaps not right now, but… when you get a chance, please, thank Mr. Stark and the hard working corporations that have chipped in for the effort they've put forth in helping make the Big Apricot once again The City of Tomorrow. Thank you."

The applause is only slightly less vigorous for her — she's not the man of the hour, she's only the hometown hero done good — but the crowd still maintains its energy. She didn't kill the vibe. The statuesque paramedic will then head back to her seat and sit down crisply, placing her hands on her notebook after giving Tony a swift nod and a smile.

That'll probably spark some Internet rumors…

From her spot, Miranda applauds for Cameron. It's polite, but seemingly sincere. Why wouldn't a woman of means and company applaud for the betterment of others? That would certainly seem out of place. A warm smile crosses her face as she takes another drink, scanning the crowd for their own reactions.

Rain applauds with the others. She smiles faintly. There's an amused look at it all. Cool. "I dunno about solar panels on the manor. I mean, we already sorta stick out…" Captain comments. Rain looks thoughtful. "No idea." Then again… But they are an audience and Cameron is up there. Yay!

Happy Hogan stands by the steps allowing those that have passes to go onto the stage. Listening to the speeches he of course can't see what is going on and watch the crowd at the same time. As some kids do try to get on the stage to get Tony's autograph, "Not right now, kiddos. He will have some time later."

Cricket approaches the side of the stage that happy is on, her ever present tablet in one hand. She doesn't even seem to look at the crowd, too busy looking at her tablet and dealing with business. Stopping at Happy's side, she leans in to say something to him softly.

There's an empty seat on the stage. It's possibly quite visible, like there should be someone in it. It's not the one Cameron just left. It even has a little 'reserved' flag on it. It's been empty this whole time, and Tony's been giving it the occasional glance.

But he applauds mightily when Columbia is finished, leaning in to speak softly to her as she heads back to her chair: "You're a natural at this, kid. Well done. Really, well done." He's striding up to the microphone again then, snagging it as the applause dies down. "Give it up for your very own Columbia?" Aaaaaand another round of applause.

As this bout dies down, Tony goes on: "I do have one more — seems like it's one — person, if she'd like to come up here. I know it's not super-announced, I'm putting her on the spot, but I did happen to see a very convincing Supergirl out there. Could it be… the Supergirl? And if so, would she like to say a few words to the people of the — is it really called the Big Apricot?"

Only when her guards applaud does Yuriko seem to realize it might be a good idea for her to as well. She seems to be either ignoring social cues or is slow to pick up on them. The energy signatures that she was giving off die back down to a normal background level, though her vitals are still oddly uniform and…suspiciously normal.

Kate joins in the cheering for Cameron again, letting her legs swing as she leans back comfortably. Speechifying! Excellent fun. When the cheering dies down, she opens up her soda to take a sip, brow arching when Tony calls Kara out. Discreetly, she taps on the comm in her ear. "You got this, Kara," she murmurs, encouraging.

Cam acknowledges Tony's comment with a nod. She resists the urge to say some more… she's done her part, gotten a nice little speech out there, and can now watch the crowd for any injuries or the like while giving the polite glance. This would be a huge opportunity for folks who want to cause mischief to do so, so being ready is a good thing.

Especially with Kara apparently being called to the podium. Because that… that might not go over so well after the France thing. Still, Mister Stark seems to know how this all works, so hopefully this doesn't blow up in anyone's face.

Happy Hogan leans in towards Cricket as she speaks to him giving a thumbs up. Then he listens again and then whispers back to her a moment. As people on the stage change places he mves letting them pass and whatnot.

The personal assistant to the Stark Corporation CEO looks up at the Security division head and simply blinks in surprise. She looks utterly speechless, her mouth parted open in shock. Realizing she must look like a goldfish out of water, she snaps her mouth shut and looks down at her tablet, suddenly very *very* busy.

Kara perked up a little at Tony Stark's words, while she had never met Iron Man she had respect for him as a hero of Earth. She hoped being Supergirl and this being Metropolis, she would get mostly a positive reception; but you never know, people were fickle.

Walking up on to stage, rather than flying, she smiles at Tony Stark and says cheerfully into the microphone, "Aww thank you Mister Stark and some people call it that. Kind of like New York is called the Big Apple!"

She pats the taller Tony Stark on the arm and says, "Of course, the Big Apricot wouldn't have power right now if not for the hard work of Mister Stark and others as my friend and teammate pointed out and I'd like to get a big warm round of applause not only for him but the person who runs Oyama Heavy Industries as well Miss Yuriko Oyama."

She gestures to the woman in the crowd, "Won't you come up and take a bow and say a few words? I'm sure everyone is anxious to hear from you as well. Mister Stark couldn't have done it without you!"

Of course, not being sure how to top Cameron's speech, calling up Yuriko seemed to be the next best thing.

Rain and her cat are still watching. "Oh dang," Captain blinks. Then he winces. "Hey, no pulling the tail!" He flicks his tail away quickly, looking pained. A guy moves his hand back and moves away, looking guilty. Rain sips her soda, listening.

Happy Hogan doesn't normally make others blush so this should be a bonus for him. He gives Cricket a nod as she finally goes out of fish mode to speak to him quietly again. "Did you see the cat in a coat?" he asks looking towards it.

Well. Dragging Oyama up here wasn't planned. Tony observes Kara, nods, and shrugs: if the lady wants to say a few words, she's apparently welcome. He's mostly just glancing back at that empty chair.

When Yuriko hears her name, it's like cold water being poured down her back. Kara gets a glare for a moment before she remembers herself and schools her expression back into as pleasant as an expression as she can manage. She wasn't on the official bill as a speaker, nor is her name well-known outside of big businesses. So the fact that Kara knows who she is, is a bit disturbing. Hers is not a business that benefits from a high profile for its chair.
Her smile grows more pleasant, though, and actually at least seems somewhat authentic-looking. She holds up a hand towards the stage and shakes her head rather emphatically. No, no, she's not going to give a speech. Thanks very much.

Kate eyes a stand with cotton candy from her perch on one of the booths, but…Well, there might be more speeches. No sense in getting down before the show is over.

Happy Hogan keeps his hands on front of him as he looks over the crowd. Continuing to listen to Cricket he grins lightly before speaking back to her lightly. For a brief second he glances onto the stage at Tony and back over the crowd. Wasn't Pepper supposed to be here?

Cameron winces as the vibe sort of gets disrupted by Kara's rather clunky hand-off. She's not an expert at hiding her emotions so it reads like a book as she attempts to figure out some way to either bail out her team-mate or otherwise clear the situation.

So far? The answer is Not Gonna Happen.

Cricket keeps an eye on Oyama, tilting her head to one side as the PA regards her. But even as she looks at the crowd and at Yuriko in particular, she continues her whispered conversation. If she's here, but Pepper Potts isn't, then the Stark CEO must be doing something extremely important.

"Yeah, okay… not everyone's quite as quick on their toes as you and me," Tony says, reaching out to snag the microphone from Kara. Assuming the Kryptonian's willing to give it up. "Thank you. Truly. Thank you, thank all of you for the chance to be able to do something big. Which is what I love. All right, now! I've got a… there should be a button around — "

Whips around. Left. Right. Pats himself down, and finally goes into the podium to find, yes, a metal box with a big red button on it. He gestures to Cameron, motioning that she should stand on one side of him and Kara on the other.

"If the crowd would be so good as to do the countdown," he says, "and you two ladies would be so good as to press the button when they hit one? We'll get this show on the road."

The fact that she's been introduced actually causes Yuriko to withdraw. She steps back from the edge of the stage along with her entourage. The edging takes her back towards the Oyama-owned booth. It's there she'll linger until the button gets pressed, then she'll quietly make her exit. Introductions to the man himself will have to wait for a less flashy occasion. She didn't come here for the spotlight.

Cameron stands back up cautiously and makes her way over. "It's a shiny red button. Must we touch it? Must we?" Okay, now she's trying to ham it up a little bit as she tries to get Kara in on the humor, preparing to activate the device while inwardly hoping she's not setting off a high-level explosive that will level her beloved Metropolis— she'd probably survive it, and so would Kara… but it's not the kind of thing she'd want on her resume.

Why did that stray thought cross her mind, though? Hanging out with the Justice League too much?

Rain and her cat smile and wave to happy. Well, Captain more lifts a paw, but his tail is now wrapped around his meat mecha's shoulder, to avoid another tail yank. She is watching, quietly curious.

Kate is having a ball, sipping at her soda and watching the ceremony with an easy grin. Totally normal to be sitting up on this booth.

Kara smiles politely as she hands the mic back to Tony and goes along with the button pressing, telling Cam, "Ready?" The moment it is time, she presses the button!!

Cricket rolls her eyes at the whispered conversation, the two Stark employees trying to focus on the crowd. She smiles and nods her head, but then looks down to her tablet to tap a few things on her screen.


The audience helps with the rest of the countdown. Tony holds the button for the ladies and, when they push it…

It's just now hitting evening. The sun's setting, and there are a few lights illuminating the stage. Not much else, though. But when the button gets hit? All of a sudden the lights inside the power plant go on. And then more lights. Little LEDs strung all over the place, among the booths and stands and over and around the crowd, all turn on at once. The light is sudden and brilliant, and the stage lights are suddenly joined by bright, huge spotlights. Looks like Tony has a good reason to be wearing his sunglasses.

Over the clamor of the crowd, he says: "Thank you very much, ladies! And now, everyone… enjoy the evening."

Happy Hogan grins over at Cricket saying something else before looking to the stage as the button is about to be pushed.

Happy Hogan grins over at Cricket saying something else before looking to the stage as the button is about to be pushed. Once it is he claps with a smile giving the bossman two thumbs up.

Cricket slips her tablet under one arm while she applauds. She smiles, shaking her head at something that Happy has said to her.

Rain and Captain are going to join in the applause. Well, more Rain than Captain. His limbs don't quite move the same way, after all.

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