Hope & Faith

May 10, 2015:

A strange occurrence in New York leads to the arrival of Hope

New York

The Beach


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The beach is beautiful, well as beautiful as a New York City beach can be! The sea is somewhat calm, the sun is out, and it is finally feeling like summer. There are even sun bathers out finally, along with some swimmers in the still cold ocean. The shops on the boardwalk are open and busy, and it is promising to be a wonderful day.

As it is the weekend, the kids are out as well, some high schoolers actually playing volleyball or is that young college guys? So hard to tell these days! Well, except that surfer with the huge beard that has got to be a college dude, right?

In either case, the beach is not overly crowded, but it's not empty by far.

Supergirl is playing volleyball with the high schoolers/young college guys, given her age it didn't matter one bit. Instead of wearing her costume, she's wearing a red bikini top with blue bottoms and you wouldn't even know she was Supergirl.

Of course, she doesn't mean to but when she's serving the ball she sends it flying across the beach and off sailing into the horizon.

Kara blushes and looks embarrassed, saying, "Oops.."

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The wonderful sun. Karolina adored it so - even if she had an ulterior motive for liking it.

The sun gave her go go power, yo.

Ahem. Regardless of such things, the young woman was wearing a pair of bell-bottom jeans, and a lavender top that she felt was cute - sandals upon her feet as well. In spite of her runaway stature, she was pretty darn clean, even if her clothes had a little bit of fray around the edges, the medic-alert bracelet she wore glimmering in the sun.

Sandals crunching in the sand, Karolina had a brilliant smile on her face, her head tilted back to look up towards that sun (with eyes closed, of course). But the sound of teens at play draws her attention to the game.

Right before that ball gets hammered her way. Eyes flick up to the ball, and 'lina leaps upwards - she wasn't going to jump nearly high enough to catch it, but if someone was watching - a rainbow shimmer strikes the ball. And the ball… well… bounces /back/ towards the game with as much force as it had been sailing away from it with, the volleyball against her shield like a hammer to the back of her head. "… /ow/."

And Karolina lands in a bit of a heap. She hadn't jumped nearly high enough to reach the ball.

Wanda is at the beach? The end of the world must be upon us. Not that she doesn't like sunshine and sand…whatever that is…more that it is rather open for a person hiding from numerous pursuers who want to chop her up into bits. Bikini? No chance. Wanda is still dressed in the clothes thaat were burned and melted by a lightning wielding follower of God…or Smooth as it is also known.

"I will be fine" Wanda whispers to a nothingness beside her on the sand. "Everyone is looking at other people" she adds, nodding over to the scantily clad vollyeballers for a start. Though since she is probably the only person on the beach wearing a long coat she may be attracting some glances. Then she starts to draw in the sand. Odd shapes and sigils that she studies as if they were presented to her rather than drawn by her. Then a nod. "Just a few more minutes" she informs her invisible companions - that may or may not exist.

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The guys are going crazy over the ball that Kara hits toward the horizon, "Daaaaaang! Glad that wasn't my head!" And another guy is running to the cute Karolina that somehow made the ball come back in one piece even though she didn't touch it, "Are you alright?!" He sounds worried and of course flirting, as he goes to help Karolina up off the sand if she permits.

As Scarlet crazily draws in the sand, one of the kids points and says to their mommy, "Look, she has invisible friends too mommy!"

The mother says, "There is no such thing as invisible friends, that is just crazy. Get away from her," and leads the kid away. That wasn't very nice!

Still, it's a wild, beautiful, crazy, sunny day!

Well, really strangely sunny. Insanely sunny. No, seriously!

The sun seems to get brighter and brigher, actually, that doesn't make any sense! It's lower than the sun, but seems just as bright! The ocean actually starts to steam and get hot, people scream and scurry to get out of the water. The sun bathers are getting up, covering up with their towels in an effort to protect themselves!

And there is magic in the air, a magic that Scarlet Witch just may feel a kinship too seeming to fight against the psychic power that burns so bright!

For her part, Aiko Miyazaki is of age to join the volleyballers, but is instead sitting on a blanket beneath an umbrella staked in the sand, watching the ocean. She notices those around her, and seems an avid people-watcher, though it's hard to be completely sure, as she is wearing seriously large dark glasses to go with her lightweight golden summerdress and the white leggings she wears beneath. All because the dress is not nearly long enough for her legs. Protected as she is - and probably slathered in SPF 9000 sunblock besides - Honey Lemon is safe from the sun's vicious onslaught. But when she sees others suffering, she drags those she can under her umbrella, and starts tossing little spheres at people that explode to goop them with protective sunblock, straight from that weird glowing, beeping purse of hers.

Heroes were like cockroaches.


So Kara assumed, this being New York that there were probably a few other heroes lurking on the Beach aside from Rainbow Girl and Honey Lemon. The morale of this story? New York had a major roach problem.

The bikini clad Kara disappeared for all of three seconds and returned changed into her Supergirl costume, proclaiming loudly, "If you have powers of some kind or you're a hero, now is the time to show yourself and do something!"

She was /totally/ staring in the direction of the awkward Scarlet Witch, total coincidence right?

Flying towards the water she began to blow gouts of freezing cold air from her mouth to cool the water down!

The sun. Well. In spite of Kara's pale complexion (normally she had a very rainbow complexion) - Karolina had a different sort of relationship with it.

As mentioned before, she fed off of it.

So as the sun grew stronger, so did her relationship to it (even if it was imagined), and Karolina felt warmer and hotter by the moment, even as she gives the young man a wry smile, gently taking his hand and accepting his help to her feet. "Yeah, yeah - I'm fine. Wow - one of you guys has a really strong arm!" she enthuses, using her free hand to rub the back of her head. "I… watch out!"

It was about that moment things got crazy. Supergirl flies off, and a blop of sunscreen slaps against the boy she was talking too, Karolina bringing up her hand to yank off her wristband. In an instant, her body flares with colour, taking on a thousand rainbow shades, the young woman drawing in a quick breath.

"Don't worry! I'll get you out!" she says, careful of any further slime attacks heading her way. Digging into the ball of sunscreen glop, Karolina pauses. "Sunscreen?" she says, glancing up towards the sun. /Was/ it getting brighter? She looks back towards Honey.

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Logedit: KAROLINA's pale complexion

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It seems to be even sooner than a few minutes. Wanda gets to her feet as she feels mystical power approaching…very familiar power too. She cocks her head to one side. "This is strange…" she mumbles to her friends - who /are/ there, nasty mother! And for Wanda to think something is strange then it probably is.

Is there a blonde yelling at her? Wanda looks over at Kara, flames flickering for a moment in her eyes, before scarlet energy starts to spark and form around her hands. Wasn't that woman in a bikini a second ago? New York is one strange place. Ignoring Supergirl…and the girl who is now a rainbow…Wanda walks through the sand towards the source of the power.

People squeal and cough and spit out sunscreen when they are splashed with it. But they aren't burning at least! Well, not that it is a normal burn. It's hot, so hot! But it isn't realllllly burning them, just feeling as if it is. The sunscreen does help a bit however for those near by, and the umbrella isn't burning away, it just feels as if it should!

And some people just stare at Kara more than the sun-like threat! Not that is a threat to the beautiful and manificiant Karolina! She is rainbows and beautiful, and the boy she saved? Well, his jaw dropped open and he's like, "Wow…..will you marry me?" But then his soon to be bride (in his dreams anyway) flies off!

As the light brightens further on the fringes it seems to darken in the center and there is a girl with seemingly flaming red hair. Her eyes are closed and the magic radiates from her as well as psychic energy.

The ocean has boiled away, the water receeding back for who knows how long as brown decay and dying fish life is left behind. The light starts to fade toward the edges though always duller in the center as it fades away from the seeming Phoneix shape it had formed briefly though dazzlingly. The feel of Wanda's own magic, so powerful is still strong, and those with the ability to hear the slightest whispers may hear, "Phoenix no more…Phoenix no more…Phoenix no more…..," being repeated over and over again.

As he walks out onto the beach, the Thunder looks much different then normal. He is dressed in a pair of black and goal board shorts, and nothing more. His hair is currently down around his shoulders, and he is carrying a picnic table with one hand that is filled with all sorts of food and beverages. He pauses to look around for his beach companion. A smile crossing his lips as the massive god begins to walk towards Kara. He lifts the large table over his head like it was a sheet of paper to avoid everyone.

He seems to ignore all the women and a few of the men oggling his well defined body, and large pecs.

Hey it's the BEACH!!! Tre is in DA HOUSE!!! Sporting blue long swimming shorts and a white T. He is ready, he got a cooler with some sodas and food and DAYUM, it's HOT out here! He sets up on a spot of clear beach and he sets his towel down and he looks around. It's about this time that he notices heros moving about, on the beach. Damn is it getting hotter out here? He looks up and notices that the sun is getting awefully big, "What da hell is going on?" he asks as he reaches into the cooler and pulls out a large JOLT cola and downs it quickly.

Kara spots Thor having returned with the refreshments as she's failed at doing anything to save the boiling ocean with her freezing breath, a frustrated expression on her face, "Hey Thor. Picnic will have to wait, there's some freaky stuff going on."

Ok, that doesn't stop her from zipping over to snag the iced tea she had asked for and gulp it down superquick (quicker than Power Girl could chug an iced tea) and wait to see what happens next.

The sunblock goop isn't terribly thick, but it is highly effective. Honey Lemon - the gawky tall blonde under her umbrella - finger-waggle-waves at Karolina when eyed for her 'gooping' others. "I didn't want them to get burnt, that's all. The sun's rays have increased dramatically." And she's staying under that umbrella, as she opens up her backpack and starts tugging on some odd bits of purple neoprene-like clothing.

Needless to say - the poor boy was barking up the wrong rainbow-coloured tree.

Karolina gives him a brief glance, and an awkward little smile. Bringing up a hand, she gives him a salute. "I think you should… find some cover, ok? It's getting really weird out here," she says.

Other people were coming onto the beach - and Karolina glances between Thor and Tre - her eyes going towards Scarlet Witch most of all.

Was she the source? She was moving so… strangely.

But the goopthrower draws her eyes that way. The ocean was boiling away. Would her shields even work against the sun? She had to try. And it was even starting…

Majesdanians fed on the sun. And she was starting to get hot and burny feeling. She /never/ felt that way. Flying over towards Honey Lemon, Karolina hovers over her, holding out her arms, and generating a shield over them both. "I… don't know what's going on! Is the Earth ending?"

Wanda is on the edge of the water, letting the heated ocean lap over her boots as she stares at the figure emerging from the light. 'No more Phoenix'? What an odd thing to say…and so much like another expression that was put in her mind by a friend the other night - 'No more mutants'. "I know…I feel it" she whispers to her companions, bathing in the power that is more than familiar. It is like a heightened version of herself but that redhead is not her. Is she? The mystical power around her hands starts to grow and deepen in colour. "You have nothing to fear!" she calls out to figure…though she is only speaking for herself.

As he sets the refreshments down, Thor walks over to stand next to Kara. He cocks an eyebrow, "What magic is this? Do I summon Mjolnir to my side?" He looks around at all the people with a curious looking before looking back at the scene unfolding. There doesn't seem to be as much concern in his eyes or body language as everyone else. Just a look of…preplexaty (sp).

The eyes snap open from the girl and there is a cry of pain and surprise! The light from her suddenly bursts out, a feeling of psychic and physical force thrusting outward, all around! The ocean disappears from about Scarlet Witch's feet and the heat gets unbearable during this terrible force!

The girl's eyes then close and the feeling of the magic that once was is gone, as even the psychic energy begins to fade and wisp up through a seeming rip in reality itself which is healing quickly into nothingness.

The problem is, as the girl's eyes close, her body becomes limp and beings to fall toward the sand, dirt, and destoryed ocean life below.

And perhaps Wanda will hear a parting whisper…a word of warning or perhaps of encouragement…a something from an older, more experienced self before the connection is cut violently.

Many of the people have fled the beach or are huddled near Honey for the protection of the sunblock and her comforting presence, they apparently like white gloop! Wait…that doesn't read right!

"Thanks there." Aiko offers the pretty multi-hued flying lady above her. How interesting indeed. "Alright. Everyone please, stay beneath the umbrella until this is over. It's safer." Changed, she tugs her helmet on, letting the crystal clear faceplate slide closed. "Oh no, that girl!" Worried for the falling figure, her fingers rapidly flow over the keypad on the side of her purse, and she pulls out another glowing sphere. "Incoming!" She throws it towards a spot somewhat near to the longcoat-wearing Wanda, where it should land and explode, rapidly expanding upwards into a billowing pillow … to hopefully cushion her fall. It's the best she can manage.

TRe walks up towards teh water, but when the backlash happens, he has to guard his eyes. He didn't know what the hell was going on here, but a woman, bright lights and heat. Either she is pissed off or someone just landed on Earth. Either way, not good. "Ummmm….can someone see if she is a threat ro something?" he calls out as his vision begins to clear, and he even steps back quite a bit, he isn't immune to the elements at all.

"What girl?!"

Karolina was so focused upon the sky proper that she didn't realize the source of what Honey was aiming at. Glancing down at her, briefly, she tracks the flight of the thrown projectile towards… oh no. But she was wearing a longcoat, and seemed fine in this heat - not that Karolina had too much time to glance that way. Nor did she want to risk dropping the 'umbrella' of her force field.

Even if Karolina was quickly becoming kinda frightening herself. As she absorbed /so much/ sunlight, she began to glow brighter and brighter - and the heat from her was starting to ramp up as well. She felt… bad. But what could she do at this point?

Grit her teeth, and hang on.

Kara considered the question before nodding her head swiftly at Thor, "It would be a good idea. If that girl isn't the threat, it's probable a threat is to follow. It's the way of Earth." She winked at the Asgardian before flying over to the recently arrived and apparently injured girl, checking her for injuries and asking, "Can you hear me?"

As he looks over at Tre, the Thunder looks at Kara as she flies over to the woman. The large man hmmm as he begins to walk towards the pair. Thor seems not remotely bothered by the elements but he cocks his head to the side looking Scarlet Witch over before looking back at Hope. He asks Kara with a raised eyebrow, "What is a mutant, Lady Kara?"

Wanda is used to hearing voices in her head…but rarely her own. Her brow furrows even as her energy wraps around her body, shielding her from the last explosion of heat…and perhaps even absorbing some of it. When it is over, Wanda staggers back a few steps, trying to catch her breath before realising that someone is falling from the sky. But before she can act there are others who have taken care of the stranger. A stranger that Wanda very much wants to talk to but…there are so many people here now. So many strangers with powers and that has never been a good thing. Wanda whispers to herself in a language that was ancient before the first human word was spoken. A finger absently drawing a sigil in the air as she stares at the fallen woman. And then she shakes her head clear and turns to leave.

The OMPHF of air expells somewhat from the poofy thing as the girl impacts it and bounces a bit. Her body limp from being passed out which helps her avoid injury. The air is still knocked out of her, which actually helps her start to wake up as she coughs, lashes flickering as Kara's image fills her face. There is a confused expression, a breathlessness as she tries to catch her breath, her brow wrinkling in confusion.

The girl does not appear to be really damanged, at least not physically, though her expression looks to be somewhat pained and very confused. She is armed with strange weaponry as well, and an unusual uniform. Maybe she is really from SSSSPPPPAAAACCCCEEEE!!!!!!

She is soon marked without even really realizing it by Wanda as Hope is far from lucid right now. She coughs again, gasping for breath as she tries to look about, her limbs not working like they should as her mind seems to be struggling to cope with what just happened.

Kara does her best to try and steady this strange girl, ready to disarm her in a second if things turn violent before pinching her cheek, "You're ok now." She looks into her eyes, checking for pupil movement before asking two important questions, "Do you know your name and the date?"

And the sun fades away. Karolina draws in a long breath, and slowly lets her shield down. Why was it still so warm?

Because Karolina still glowed like a little minature star herself, probably. Furrowing her brow with concern, Karolina Dean slowly comes to a landing, bringing up her medic-alert bracelet and slapping it around her wrist.

It helped… a little bit.

Now she looked just like she normally looked with it off.

And she felt… jittery. And hyperactive.

"Is everyone ok? Is anyone hurt?" Briefly, her eyes touch upon Kara and her strange cargo - but she would check for other injuries first.

"I'm OK. I think the others here are too." Honey Lemon offers with a nod to the pretty, colorful girl. How interesting. "Is she alright?" Honey Lemon calls out towards Supergirl, curious about the girl caught in her puft of goop. Rapidly diminishing, fading goop. Honey does try to program things to clean up after herself. It's better that way. The sunscreen should do the same, though it'll be another half hour or so, waiting for the lower-intensity sun to whisk it away. Of course, Honey isn't looking like a civilian now, and she's probbaly getting odd looks from those huddled around and beneath her umbrella.

Wanda's energy has dissipated and she is now simply a young woman walking towards the street and away from the beach…albeit dressed in a long scarlet coat, a corset, latex pants and boots. This is what happens when you go clothes shopping with Zatanna. She will keep her head down and just get out of there for now. Her own voice from inside that second sun told her…something…that she needs to think about.

A groan comes from the young woman. "What..where is…everyone. I…there is someone that should be here…," her expression confused. "I know who I am though," snapping a bit, though she sounds tired, exhausted, and cranky. "It's Hope." Like duuuuuh! She glares at Kara without any major venom. But with the woman's help, she is getting off that stupid bouncy thing! That she would totally love more when she was not dead on her arse exhausted!

The bystanders seem alright, very minor injuries at most. Mostly frightened and jittery than anything else.

Though that is when Hope gets her first look at Karolina…, "Ooooh, pretty," she says. All rainbowy and bright! Shiney object distracted her! But she shakes her head to get back on track! "Where…what…wait…," though nothing else comes out.

The water hasn't rushed back in yet, it was truly damaged this area of the beach and will take a little bit before the water recovers, perhaps a few hours or a few days tops. The young woman had missed seeing Wanda who had wandered away just in time, but she sensed the woman and appears to be searching for her.

As he crosses his arms over his bare chest, Thor remains silent watching Hope curiously. When she begins to scan the people, Thor turns his attention towards the by-standers and hmmms. He begins to scan each of them with his eyes trying to get a feel for them.

Since everyone seems to be alright, and things are all cleaning themselves up, Honey Lemon emerges from the crowd around her umbrella and comes over closer to get a look at the woman emerging from the fading puft ball she deployed to catch her. "Uhm. Hi." More finger-waggle-waving, at close proximity. "I'm hoping you're alright? Was it soft enough? I estimated standard human resilience to muscle and bone when programming the sphere."

Hope blinks a bit blankly at Honey Lemon. "I…sure. Just glad it wasn't a bullet. Bullets suck." Right, because that comment totally makes sense, but then again, Honey Lemon's comment made her think of velocity and other things associated with shooting and snipering! "I…think I want to pass out now," she says a little weakly, and not very happily. The psychic backlash has done damage to her mentally.

Karolina smiles at Hope - a slightly awkward expression on her features as she shrugs her shoulders. "I… thanks. You're… are you an alien?" she manages to bite out - probably a bit too late as her eyes track across the beach. Thor, of course, drew the eye by the sheer physical presence of the man, but Honey Lemon also did.

"Those little grenades you have - very cool," she says, giving the other blonde (even if Karolina was rainbow right now) a thumbsup.

Kara smiles at Karolina and the others before replying to Hope, "I'll take you to the Avengers Mansion and we'll help you figure out what happened from there." She looks to the other girls and Tre, "You're all welcome to come if you like but it seems smart to get the beach cleared out quickly." She smiled brightly at Carolina, "You're pretty cool Rainbow Girl, what's your name?"

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Kara lead those who were interested back to the JL:A Lakehouse, helping to carry Hope if needed and when they arrive she sets Hope down on the couch; shooing away a tabby cat and a puppy that had been playing tug of war on it.

Smiling at the girls she says, "Make yourselves comfortable, I'm going to go get us some stuff to drink and eat. I'm Kara by the way, most people know me as Supergirl though. Be back!"

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Hope is only about half awake right about now, a hand on her head as Kara sits on her on the couch. "Who's that?" Her speech is a little blurred. But she is forcing herself to sit up, forcing herself to stay awake through sheer will of strength. Her eyes jet around in confusion. Such an -expensive- looking place. She….just doesn't get it. "Too…soft." She scowls a little bit, not looking entirely comfortable.

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"I'm just… Karolina," says the rainbow girl. By now - the traces of the rainbow were fading from around her, the medic-alert bracelet that was her power suppressor working to keep the extra energy under wraps. So she finished the last bit of the journey on foot. "From California?" she says then, bringing up a hand to brush a lock of her hair over her ear, tucking it in place.

"Too… soft?" she repeats to Hope, her lips kinda waggling with an almost-frown. "Like… you'd rather sleep on the floor?"

Karolina could get that, kinda. Being on the streets, she had to sleep in some weird places. If she had done that long enough…

Tre followed the group back to the JL:A base nad well he didn't know he would be able to get through, but he does have a name tag on and is being monitored as well. Tre stretches out a bit and he walks over towards Kara, Karolina and Hope, "How is she doing?" he asks as he looks between the three.

"No…just, everything looks breakable. Too much, too expensive." Hope sighs at that. "Not practical." She then looks over at Karolina, "I'm tired, alright? Wait..did someone ask if I was an alien earlier?" NOW she remembers?!

But then green eyes flicker over to Tre and she blinks. Her brow wrinkles again, and with a shake of her head, she says, "Where am I? Who are you people?" Hope seems to curl up on the couch, boots even on it, wrapping her arms about her legs protectively.

Karolina pauses a moment, ice blue eyes looking after Kara. Especially now that Hope seemed to be waking up. Another moment, and she moves to tuck her hair behind her ear again - perhaps a nervous gesture, because she didn't need to do that twice. A pause.

"Hi," she tells Tre, "I'm Karolina," she says, looking from him to Hope and then back again. "And yes - I did. You fell from the sky. And I'm just… …" Karolina pauses. "Curious, you know?" she says.

A beat. "So are you?"

Tre nods his head to Karolina and he smiles to her than looks to Hope. "I'm Tre." eh says introducing himself to her and Karolina. "I just thought I would come along for the ride, didn't know it would be this next level up in here." he says a little about the security and protocols he had to go through. Still though he stretches out a little bit as he looks to them and to Kara who is quiet.

"Umm…no. I mean, the Phoenix, everyone knew about it, right? End of the world…stopping it, right?" Hope glances about, still confused. "I…I was with people," her mind trying to work it out to no avail. She raises her hands to slip her fingers through her hair, her palms over her temples, eyes closing. "It…hurts to think, to…remember. I don't like this," the last part ending hard, deadly even, even chipped those last four words.

"Nice to meet you Tre," says Karolina, the smile on her lips a bit awkward.

"I'm still not sure what happened," she says. "But I was on the beach - having a little fun, and then… well… the world blew up. The sun went crazy, and…" A pause then, the corner of Karolina's lip twitching. "The Phoenix? So it wasn't the sun? It was a person?" she asks, looking towards Hope.

It hurts to think? To remember? Karolina glances worriedly at Tre. "Can I get you something to drink? I thought I saw a fridge over there - I can get you something to drink," she says to Hope.

Tre nods his head but he is moving towrds the door way and leaning against it as he watches Hope. She had a very interesting intro today and as he stands there listening, he didn't know what to think of any of what she is saying. "Phoenix?" he asks. He thinks he's heard that name before but maybe he read it somewhere who knows right? Still he looks over to Karolina and smiles, "No worries, I'm good, I just wanted to make sure you all made it back ok is all."

"Me….I felt it burning, I was destorying it, magicking it away, and the Phoenix resisted. I won, we -won-, but….something isn't right." Hope is starting to feel panicked, but latches on Karolina's words, "Water…I want water." Her knockles are white she is holding her red hair so tightly.

Now, Karolina wasn't super-familiar with the way that the kitchen was set up. But she nods her head hurriedly to Hope as she says what she does. Tre gets another concerned look, Karolina pursing her lips as she ducks her head into the kitchen. It would take a minute or two for her to find a glass, fill it with water from the sink, and step back out into the room proper, kneeling next to the couch that Hope rested upon. "Here… here's water," Karolina says, reaching out a hand to lightly touch Hope's shoulder before offering her the glass proper.

Hope jumps at the touch, but doesn't attack Karolina. She looks wary however, but she does reach out to take the glass of water, soon sipping on it. Using it as a device not only to rehydrate, but to occupy her body and mind to keep calm. She falls silent, trying to straighten out her tangled thoughts and emotions. And yes, she stares at you guys.

Kara returns from the kitchen carrying a tray of snacks; like crackers and cheese, little sausages, mini quiche, snack meats, pate and all kinds of other stuff. She's also got a big pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice, another pitcher of water and some glasses which she sets down on the table.

With her superhearing she had been listening the whole time and she smiles, "Nice to meet you all by the way. You can stay here a bit Hope since you obviously have no place else to stay, the Justice League Avengers are really nice."

Noticing the jumping at the touch, Karolina pulls her hand back, glancing up towards Kara as the Kryptonian returns. A pause, and Karolina Dean gives Kara a little smile. "Karolina," she says. "And of /course/ you are Supergirl," she says. "So… you've probably heard everything that was said - and maybe a litlte more, too."

"The…what? I've heard of the Avengers, but…that's Justice League Avengers?" She stares blankly at Kara. Who are the Avengers?! Hope's brow wrinkles again, and she raises a hand to rub her forehead. "I…need to lay down." But she should eat too! So Hope reaches out to get some snacks and starts to eat them, finding out she really is hungry, since her tummy growls at her!

Hope then whispers toward Karolina, "What is a super girl? You aren't mutants," meaning neither of you are!

Karolina - well, she was fairly hungry as well. There had to be veggies on the tray of snacks. Karolina extends a hand out and catches a few of those for herself, nibbling on the edges. If Kara looks her way, Karolina would have a smile - however small, for her. "I haven't quite heard of the Justice League Avengers either, but I'm kinda new in town, too," she says.

A beat, 'lina leaning forward to catch that question.

And she whispers in response. "She flies around and stops crime and all that - she was all over the news a month or two back, you know?"

"Really?" A whisper back to Karolina. "I didn't exactly get news as I was dealing with the Phoenix." Hope makes a bit of a face. Still, something is really bugging her! She just can't put her finger on it with her mind a mess! But she eats quietly, obviously looking worn down. "Is…there a place I can crash for the night? Until, I figure things out?"

"Well," says Karolina, leaning back away from Hope again then. "I haven't heard of the Phoenix - and I don't think anyone here has."

Another pause. "I know Kara said that you could stay the night - I think I might take her up on that too. Especially as it looked like they have showers here I could borrow," she says, letting the smile on her lips smile brighter. A beat. And Karolina nibbles on the end of a celery stick, "Are you /sure/ you're not from space? I mean… there must be a lot of people around from space, that's all."

Kara explains, "The Justice League Avengers is a combination of the Justice League of America and the Avengers Initiative. We all work together to keep the world safe along with other different groups like the fantastic four, x-men, justice society and others. Do we not exist where you come from?"

"I've -been- to space, fought the Brood, nasty creatures. They implant their eggs into your neck and paralize you, and once they hatch…," Hope shudders at those memories. "I've been on the blue side of the moon too before." That's the breathable side of the moon.

"Justice Society?" Hope shakes her head, "I just…I need to sleep…shower, later…just need to sleep right now." Well, when she is done stuffing her face! In either case, it won't be too long before she asks to be shown to where she can crash and burn.

Kara smiles and offers Karolina to stay over as well before leading the pair to seperate rooms and showing them to their places to stay! No doubt, there would be more fun tomorrow.

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