THINKing about help

April 30, 2015:

Nyx visits Susan Storm while she is visiting THINK with science cameos.


THINK's lobby is more or less complete, though there's signs that it's not quite there yet. The whole thing has a sort of retro-futuristic flare, with a lot of chrome and subtle lighting, but also mid-century furnishings. Somehow it all works together without looking tacky or like something that belongs in Tomorrowland.

A young woman is seated behind the curved reception desk. She works the holographic display while simultaneously carrying on a conversation in Farsi. She looks more like the majordomo of an alien space station than a receptionist. There's no directory, but it's safe to bet that Howard Stark reserved the top floor for himself.


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Samantha, aka Nyx, aka The Angel of Metropolis is pretty well known to House Stark, except for Tony. Her apartment and minimal allowance is actually paid for by Pepper. Sam Wilson scanned the heck out of her medically and ran into a slew of dense alien technology and needed to get back to her, which he hasn't managed to do, with the results. Still those results are definitely available for Jarvis.

Still what prompted her to swing by THINK today wasn't the Stark connection, it was the Jericho connection. The Hydra hating hacker is very worried about the eighteen year old. Probably with really good reason. I mean seriously someone who barely managed to slink out of high school with grades and test scores like she did. Possessing an alien weapons systems of way not good proportions, that seems to be driven by some form of AI. That Hydra seems hellbound to acquire. That seems to be eating technology, including a set of those magic absorbing traceries that Jericho has implanted. WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

Anyhow, Jericho told Nyx that the people at the Baxter building could help her and hooked her up with contact information for Sue Storm. She finds herself winging it across New York but not to the Baxter building for her appointment with Sue.

The young woman lands on wings of contained particle energy in front of THINKs new Epcot Campus and looks around blinking. "Woah.. this is like that .. disney place…" she vaguely remembers from the disney channel. With a shake of her head she walks into the lobby.

THINK's lobby is more or less complete, though there's signs that it's not quite there yet. The whole thing has a sort of retro-futuristic flare, with a lot of chrome and subtle lighting, but also mid-century furnishings. Somehow it all works together without looking tacky or like something that belongs in Tomorrowland.

A young woman is seated behind the curved reception desk. She works the holographic display while simultaneously carrying on a conversation in Farsi. She looks more like the majordomo of an alien space station than a receptionist. There's no directory, but it's safe to bet that Howard Stark reserved the top floor for himself.

Nyx looks to the receptionist. "Uhm.. hi… I'm here to see Ms. Storm?" which might seem odd to a professional since she is wearing beat up sneakers. Distressed jeans, mostly from being tossed through walls in the course of hero-ing, and a heavy duty sports top/bra that doesn't get flash fried by her wings.

There's a quick crackle of sound in the building's wall-mounted speakers, and then a voice comes over the intercom system.

** Uhh … for anyone who just evacuated the entomology lab due to the threat of a thirty-foot-long millipede, things are back under control. Repeat, back under control. **

A nigh-deafening « THUD » resounds overhead.

** Yes, definitely under control. All's well near the entomology lab. Pym out. **

A few moments later, a blond individual steps out of the reception elevator, his hair and lab coat coated in splotches of greenish slime. He sighs and wipes off some of the gunk from his hands to clean patches of the coat, walking toward the front desk. "You don't happen to have any copies of the 'Incident report' form, do you?" he asks with a cough.

The young lady at the desk looks up with a sweet smile and nods. Apparently it's a gap in the conversation she's having. Whatever she says in Farsi, it's probably something close to 'if you'll excuse me' or 'let me put you on hold'. She regards Nyx for just a moment before she nods and gestures to the elevators. They seem to require some kind of security card or fingerprint scan, but she just says: "Certainly. I'll send you up. May I have a name?"

Tony, meanwhile? Is not being Stark of Stark Industries. He's not being The Man who's On and flashy as hell. He's walking in (with his beard, he didn't leave that behind) in a Black Sabbath T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans just a few steps behind Nyx. He's just in time to catch Pym's question, too, and calls out: "Cleanup on aisle six?"

The lady at reception, meanwhile, gives Pym a quick once-over. Particularly his still-gunky hands. "How about I email it to you? Fillable PDF. Very simple."

Sue Storm doesn't actually work here. Not yet, at least. She has the Baxter Building for her own personal projects. And the Fantastic Four projects. And their contractor projects. Why does she need more projects, again?

Oh, right. THINK. Which seems to be snapping up promising scientists left and right. And therefore is certainly worth looking into. She's actually just finishing up a tour, being hurried into the lobby in the wake of whatever evacuation emergency was in progress.

"Really, it's all right," she's saying to the tour guide of the moment. "I'm not actually worried about the bug. Bugs? Was that what was actually going on up there?" Her brows rise as the announcement comes over the speakers, a faint smile tugging at one corner of her lips.

"It already feels like home."

It seems like it is all coming together in the Lobby really. She looks around a little uncomfortable at the noises and then the goop covered giu. She does offer a bit of a shy smile to the receptionist. "Oh.. um Nyx… though …" she hesitates "Nyx works for this. I don't think she works here but she said meet her here…. I need to be checked out and …" she trails off again over sharing then pivots a touch and looks to Tony Stark "Woah.. Tony Stark…." eyes wide.

Hank Pym purses his lips and nods absently to the receptionist, raising a finger. "Right. Let's do that. Probably cleaner, too," he adds, looking at the finger before returning to wipe his hands on his sleeves.

At Tony's jab, Pym allows a faint smirk before his face turns solemn. "Didn't have a screen door or mason jar big enough to resolve things peacefully. But the test was at least a success, assuming that coating a lab in insect…"

Pym trails off as he seems to recognize, for the first time, the number of individuals around in the reception area. He clears his throat and shakes his head, looking to Sue Storm. "Never mind. Pay no attention to the man in the lab coat," he says quietly. "Just some entirely mundane and inconsequential experiments."

"Kidder. BIGGEST kidder. Almost as big as me." Tony claps Hank on the shoulder, which proves to be a bad idea, at least from the not-getting-insect-gunk-on-your-hands perspective. He looks like his gorge is rising, but the receptionist is quick enough to nudge a bowl of wet-naps and an industrial-sized bottle of hand sanitizer out onto her desk. Tony takes quick advantage, clearing his throat as he washes off his hands. Several times.

He winks at Nyx, though, and raises a finger to his lips: "Just Tony today. I'm off duty. I'm actually being helpful. Helping all over the place." His attention swings to Sue, and his smile widens just a bit: "Now, I know I've seen you somewhere before. I never forget a face. You're brilliant at… something."

"How did the exoskeleton hold up to the increased body mass?" Sue asks Hank, as if giant millipedes are an everyday occurrence. "Or is that what the cleanup's for?" She waves off the tour guide, clearly having found the people who can answer the important questions anyhow. "Sue Storm, Mister Stark," she adds with a wry smile. "Biochem in general, but I know enough to keep Reed from blowing up the Baxter Building at least fifty percent of the time." She flashes another smile toward Nyx, but she has't placed the girl yet.

Nyx just seems mildly overwhelmed by the goop, the science, the Tony Stark in person, and she pivots taking a step back and smiles to Susan Storm. "Oh hey… I am here to meet you Ms. Storm… um… my name is Nyx… Jericho told me to talk to you about my .. well hitchiker I guess is what he always calls it…"

"Oh, sure, he gets the wet-naps," Hank mutters to himself before perking up at Storm's question, stepping toward her to answer not too loudly. "A kindred spirit," he states with a smile. "In all honesty, results were much better than expected - although I'm worried that I'm going to hit some sort of limiting factor soon. It wasn't the mass difference that was a problem; it was the length of time for which the size was sustained. In fact -"

Pym stops talking as the stranger approaches and listens. "We can talk later, Doctor Storm. It seems you're needed for a pressing matter. Although," he adds, "depending on the type of hitchhiker you're talking about, I may be of some help. Insect or microscopic parasite, perhaps?"

Snap-point. "Yes. That," Tony says, nodding to Sue. "Complete genius in things that are alive. That's where I recognized you from." He even has the class not to say anything horrific. Apparently he's on his best behavior today. His head lolls over to Pym and he adds: "I think you need to stand under a chem-shower first. Then you can have a wet-nap. The wet-naps are crying as they look at you. The janitorial staff are crying — do we have janitorial staff? Is it robots? I hope it's robots. If it's real staff, we're going to have to give them hazard pay."

He turns to Nyx then, because apparently he can have his attention on at least four things at once. "Nyx. I know that name. I've heard that from… Pepper, I'm sure."

"Interesting. So whatever you've been using to enlarge it is contributing to some sort of instability?" But then there's actual business to be taking care of, and she turns a warmer smile on Nyx. "Of course, Jericho sent me a message. Although I'm not sure what sort of equipment might be available here?" she asks, looking between Tony and Hank. "We could always go back to the Baxter Building, but if you don't mind, Nyx, I'd be happy for more opinions on the various elements of your situation. I was hoping to get Reed's opinion, but he's out at a conference at the moment."

Nyx nods to Tony first, cause well he mentioned Pepper. "Ms. Potts… um well maybe. I mean we have been in a lot of situations together. She pays for my apartment right now actually so I wouldn't be evicted.. probably the best lady I know." she seems to have a Bronx accent if you were to place it. Her attention skips to Hank "Not.. um.. parasites or um… insects no. I mean microscopic yes. Doc Wilson said it was nanites from the meteor that started all of this…" she looks to Sue finally "I'm good with whatever… Jericho just wants to make sure I'm okay and… I do too."

With a furrowed brow, Pym shrugs slightly and his eyes glaze a bit. "You know, I don't actually know if we have janitorial robots. I should make some…"

Then, he shakes his head and returns to focus. "Nanites, you say? Well, then," Pym grins. "Microscopic and robotic. That's my kind of song, although I will admit that I don't often hear about extraterrestrial nanites delivered via meteor." He glances to Sue and then to Tony. "Maybe I'm just out of the loop in that regard?"

"Nanites?" Tony, too, is immediately interested. "Nanites are fun. Definitely more your area than mine, but robotics in general, that's where I'm happy. As far as the facilities here?" Tony squints upward as if he could see through the ceiling. "Howard definitely has the equipment. That's not the issue. The issue is, it's mostly in crates and boxes right now. That's what I'm here for today: to see about putting the upstairs labs into some kind of order. I know you've got yours the way you like 'em," he adds to Hank, "but they're also, and I use the word with feeling, gooey right now. So we can leave your interns to hose that down — or call out the janitorbots — and see about actually setting up the perfect place for this. There's even some new stuff up there straight from Stark Medical. Donating to charity. Good for our bottom line. Brings a tear to my eye. How much do you like tech, Nyxie? Want to see it get put together?"

Sue's smile quirks at Hank and Tony volunteer to help, gesturing to both of them. "By all means," she laughs. "But no," she adds to Hank. "Meteors are news to me as well. Still, it seems reasonable that something coming from space could have carried something with it. Especially if all this talk of aliens is true. Which it should be," she adds, going off on her own tangent. "Infinite planets in infinite universes, it's ridiculous to assume we'd be the only intelligent life. Anyhow."

She waves a hand, looking around the group. "I don't mind putting things together. If you're not in any hurry, Nyx?" she asks the girl.

Nyx shakes her head "I'm cool helping… I mean not actually putting it together.. I didn't do so great with Science Class but I can lift a semi-truck?" it is offered very helpfully. Then she adds "Aren't the kryptonians aliens.. that damn Zod guy who shot me with his eye lasers sure was… I can't wait to blast the snot out of him one of these days…" she trails off and blushes "Anyhow… um.. to the lab… Doctor Wilson who works for Mr. Stark .. ur .. Tony said that I'm not really totally human anymore but he never called me back with the results…?"

Hank Pym offers a broad grin. "Well, I'm just humble enough to admit that I'd definitely love to see what Tony's equipment looks like. Maybe there are some ideas I can build on for upgrades in my lab. Once it's clean, of course," he adds quickly.

"I wonder if any efforts have been made so far to communicate with these nanites. Do you know? Are they cognitively distributed? Or autonomous social entities? Or do they resemble fungal spores or multiplying bacteria? Infinite possibilities for intelligent life indeed."

"Doctor W — Sam?" Tony is legitimately struggling to remember what Doctor Wilson works for him before the name finally sinks in. "Thaaat's right. Medical division. Talented man with technology. I have an eye," he says, even pointing to the eye in question and tapping his cheek, "for that kinda talent."

Attention back to Hank, and Stark smirks: "And you're not even inviting me to dinner first. Come on, everyone. You, just don't drip on anything." He takes a step to the elevator. Steps back away. Grabs the big sanitizer bottle and a handful of wetnaps, lobs the bottle at Pym, and stuffs the wetnaps into his lab coat's pocket.

"See, that's the fun and interesting thing about nanites. Because are we really going to be dealing with molecule-sized gears and springs, or is the best route gengineering? We need to get these things under a microscope. Tell you what," he adds, "I'll get JARVIS to go through the records and see if he can find what Sam dug up. Then we can just set up our own lab and confirm his data. I'd love to know how these suckers are working. It seems like it would be hard to encode that much information on each nanite; a 'queen' would be handy, but then you have the problem of what happens when it malfunctions…"

The elevator doors are opening as he says this, but he doesn't stop talking. He just walks in, gesturing for the others to follow.

"Which is no doubt why Jericho suggested we take a look at things," Sue continues Tony's train of thought. "If these are indeed nanites and not some form of living parasite…Well, either way, it would be for the best if we knew for certain if and how they're controlled. I assume they've been serving some form of purpose for you?" she asks as she steps into the elevator.

Nyx slips into the elevator amidst all the science talk. She quietly adds "Well.. I dont know.. I mean I just figured nanites cause sometimes I absorb technology and it looked like silver goop" technical terminology. "Also.. when Jericho and The Oracle tried to hack me it attacked their systems… Jericho says I have some wierd network around me…"

Once upstairs Nyx moves a whole slew of boxes around and then finds herself with Sue once more, seeming to shy from touching the exposed scanners and technology.

For all Sue's specialty is biochem, she doesn't seem to have any problems assembling the necessary equipment. Or with using her powers to help lift the heavier parts. "Well, it certainly sounds technological rather than biological," she muses. "At least, if it started to get into their systems. An unusual field could come from energy from abnormal cell activity, but taking action through computer networks in a meaningful way implies technology. Whether it's directed or AI, though, that's something else to consider."

She looks up from the scanner she's assembling, getting a closer look at Nyx. "Did you have powers of any sort before you encountered it?"

The teen blushes once more "Uhm.. no.. I mean I could make a mean burger…" she shrugs lightly "I was working fast food before I found the space egg in the meteor…" she smiles a little ackwardly. "Now though I can fly… I'm super tough and strong… and I shoot lasers.." she pauses a beat "Well not lasers.. I'm told it is something called Particle Beams …." she clearly doesn't get the difference. The difference being one is feasible to earth technology while the other is pure Sci-Fi and often assumed to be a weapon for intergalatic capital ships right.

"Well, then at least we can assume it's native to whatever came from space, rather than some combination of your own abilities and something extraterrestrial," Sue concludes with a reassuring smile. "Can you tell me about the space egg?" she prompts. "What did it look like, exactly what happened when you found it?"

Samantha listens to your analysis then nods before going "Oh.. right. Well when I got to where it landed in the park it was this silver egg in the crater.. I mean it was like eh…" she holds her hands up about the size of a volley ball it looks like. "When I touched it though it surged to life.. it coated my hand and wouldn't come off.. then I tried to get it off it went on my other arm too and crawled up.. I.. may um have fell into the crater at that point… but by the time I got into better lighting it was all gone .. I guess inside me."

"Have you seen the goo since then?" Sue doesn't seem to mind the imprecise terms. She's spent a good deal of time studying Johnny's and Ben's powers, and that usually means piecing together things differently than she would with Reed.

Nyx nods "Well … no but sometimes stuff just gets absorbed when I touch it… like after I am hurt it seems to need stuff for repairs. It also likes high tech stuff. Also well.." she holds out her arm sort of in the curl motion and it is surrounded by a bright white energy glow as it charges up. It seems to reconfigure subtly but the glare is extreme.

Sue arches a brow at the demonstration. "Very interesting," she says thoughtfully. "So it needs feel, and presumably not the organic sort you're providing by eating regularly. Though if you've had changes in diets or cravings, this could be why. Especially if you're craving certain sorts of things.

Nyx considers "Well.. all sorts of food really that I wasn't all that into before I guess…." vitamins and minerals "Mostly a lot of red meat" minerals and iron. She powers down her arm and then steps to a clear part and flares up the wings. They look like the same energy as the particle cannon but contained, sort of an expression of some sort of other thrust as she starts to hover. Magnetics. Something supersciency for certain.

"I thought that might be the case," Sue nods. "Well, with the information from Jericho's scans and whatever we gather here, I'm sure we can at least get a better idea of what we're dealing with, and whether it's going to present any problems for you." She leans back from the machine she was setting up, giving it a look. "And I think this is ready to use. Let's get a few scans, see what we're starting with."

Nyx touches down and snaps the wings out of existance, no wonder she has the nickname Angel of Metropolis on the net. "Sure thing…. I just shouldn't touch it.. it likes high tech sensors…" she goes to get scanned further.

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