The Rainbow Room

May 10, 2015:

Roy G. Bivolo comes to the Guggenheim to vandalize. There are heroes. And it gets weird.


Uh, it's like a museum and stuff.


NPCs: Rainbow Raider


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Fade In…

Guggenheim Art Museum

It's a weekend, so it's busy. Mobs of people line the large, stark white, cylindrical ramp that heads up and up and up.

It's almost so busy that no one really sees a man dressed in black fleece, black pants, black gloves, and black baseball cap reach up to an abstract piece by Heinrich Gholson. He pulls the splotchy white and red piece from the wall, immediately sounding an alarm. But rather than pull it from its moorings and try to make off with it, like one might think, he instead puts it back.

Then, from the inside of the fleece, he brandishes a long blade, slicing a large crisscross through the work!

The cameras focus upon him, which seems to be what he wanted the whole time! Immediately the authorities are called and the word goes out among the superhero community!!!

Sue is between tests at the Baxter Building, so when the alarm goes off, she takes the opportunity to leave the lab for a little bit. Art vandalism isn't exactly a code red alarm, but it means she doesn't need to worry about alerting the rest of the team either. A window opens, and Sue steps out onto a disk of force, shooting her toward the museum.

Felicity is not part of the superhero community. Nor is she someone anyone would call in the event of an emergency such as this. However, she is a lover of art and visiting art museums.

Already in the room with the Gholson piece, she's eyeing the man in the all black get up and gloves. It's spring in the city, what's he doing dressed like that inside? As he starts pulling the artwork off the wall, she starts backing up, shouting, "Hey! Heyheyheyhey, that guy's pulling a Rembrandt on the Gholson!" in hopes of alerting the guards.

"What do you think you're doing!?" She's - what she deems - a safe distance away from the man with the blade and she's not about to just leave while he's vandalizing a work of art.

"Vandalism at the Gug—" Cisco Ramon's words are cut off by the squelch of the radio response. "On it," announces Barry Allen as he speeds through the streets of Manhattan, dodging cars as he does so and careful not to go so fast that the windows break all around him.

A second later he skids to a stop, doing a twirl as he does so, and finds himself on the other side of the man in black than Felicity.

"Look, no one hates what's happened to modern art in the past few years more than me, but we really got to do a better job of keeping our anger in check," the Flash says with a smile.

"This doesn't concern you," says the man in the hat. "This doesn't concern either of you." He turns to look at Felicity and for the first time it's clear he's not wearing sunglasses. They're some sort of goggles.

Sue takes a little bit longer to get to the scene than the speedster, but she's there in short order, coming in on the roof and going invisible when she reaches the stairs. Sometimes, help is better when it's unseen. Moving quietly, she creeps along the walls, trying to get a better look at the man who's started all of this.

As the Flash skids to a stop on the opposite side of the room, Felicity continues her backing up until she's right next to one of the white partitions. At least if anything happens she can quickly duck behind shelter.

Her eyes narrow as she sees his goggles and frowns. "Then, uh, who does it concern? 'Cause the last time I checked art thievery included, you know, taking the painting outside. Not taking it putting it back and then slashing it…unless you wanted people to be here. Wait, are you trying to get the police and vigilante folks involved?"

"Art is made to be seen," says the man in black.

The Flash is fast, and Felicity is well positioned. Sue is invisible. But are any of them faster than light?

With a mighty scream, the white walls of the Guggenheim are doused in every color of the rainbow. The Flash should be moving. He should be chasing this goofball down, giving him one fat punch in the Mellencamp, and knocking him clear out. But his crimson suit is covered in red light. He is overcome with emotion. With a deep and inner yearning for the blonde across from him. All of the sudden, his earworm begins to play ( )

Felicity body is doused in orange light. She, meanwhile, is overcome with curiosity. Come out, come out, come out from over there and see what this here is all about, young lady.

It's unclear if Sue will be affected by such things, but if she is, she will turn a shade of purple and be filled with an incredible, incredible calm. So calm, that going after the RAINBOW RAIDER may or may not even be worth the effort.

The jam packed art museum begins acting rather oddly. Some begin to make out with each other. Others scream in fear, while still others act joyously or full of despair

While Sue is invisible, light is bending around her. Which is apparently a very, very good thing right now. Mostly. On the one hand, the light show doesn't affect her. On the other hand, as the light bends around her, it makes it clear that someone is there. Someone invisible. Or rather, someone who was invisible.

"Well. So much for the element of surprise," she says, rushing forward toward the Rainbow Raider. Time to try some of those boxing moves Ben was showing her.

Though Felicity is primed to move out of the way should anything happen, she's hit by a curious orange light. Curious being the operative word. While always interested in how things work, normally her common sense tends to keep her at least partially safe. Now, however, the blonde woman moves forward without a sense of fear, needing to satiate this need to know as she approaches the Rainbow Raider.

"Wow, was that you? How in the world did you do that? Was it a sort of prism that focuses light? It seems like it has other properties other than doing a really awesome impression of a Pink Floyd album." And with her curiosity comes her motormouth. When Sue comes bursting forward out of invisibility, her eyes widen all the more, wanting to get a closer look at the pair of them to figure out how this works. "Dude, you were just invisible. That's awesome."


A yellow flash zips by Sue before she can even think; once she becomes visible all is fair game. She receives a nasty knock right upside the head as the yellow, well, flash tears on by. All of the Gholson works become mysteriously shorn in tatters as he passes by. Something about this Heinrich guy, I guess.

A green construct raises its arms in the air and the large tree in the middle of the courtyard begins to grow high, high, high, its branches reaching up to ensnare the Flasher's feet, then arms. He struggles helplessly as he desperately tries to get towards Felicity.

Rudely, a red construct comes to stand in front of Felicity. Very big, very burly. He takes a boxer's stance, and looks like he might pop Felicity right in the nose!

Before Sue can land a punch, she gets knocked upside the head and goes down to the floor. Where before her invisible form was outlined in light, now she's fully visible, shaking her head to try to clear it from the blow. "Not nice," she mutters, throwing up a hand to lock the Raider into a bubble of force. Getting it to cut out the light completely is going to take another moment of concentration, though.

As the red construct stands right in front of Felicity, she tilts her head upward. Blue eyes widen for a moment as she takes this in. "Is this—is this actually a construct made of light?" She sounds amazed and reaches out to touch the thing while also quickly moving around it to try and walk around it in a 360. It's as if the danger is completely and utterly nonexistent to her and all she cares about is attempting to figure out how this works.

"Interesting, but then you'd need a reflector, isn't that right? Something to bend the light around and separate it. Huh. Separate it. Can you all be put back together again? What if we shove two of you back together? You'd shift into another color, but would that color have the same properties your exhibiting now or a completely separate one?"

The Flash can see it all happen in slow motion. The red construct doesn't seem to hear, or want to answer Felicity, as it reaches back and readies a mammoth punch. There's a melodramatic scream of "Nooooooooooooooo!" as the Flash breaks the branches of the tree, just in time to put his body in front of Felicity's, taking the massive punch!

Meanwhile, Sue is able to apprehend RAINBOW RAIDER who desperately tries to fire more and more shots at her, but to no avail. That speedster, though. Where is that speedster.

The other speedster, the red one called the Flash, crashes through the white wall, his legs hanging out back over the break in the wall. The red construct, meanwhile, has shattered its right hand. It stands there, staring sadly.

One danger down. But that other speedster is definitely going to be a problem. Think like Johnny, Sue. Cautiously, she raises another, smaller dome of force around herself, careful to make it as transparent as possible. "Flash?" she calls out toward the more friendly speedster. "You still with us here?"

Turns. Turns at speed are harder. Holding up a second hand, she peppers the gallery space with knee-high walls at random intervals. Run around those.

The sudden scream and the punch takes Felicity - strangely - by surprise. "Oh. Oh!" Moving away from the red construct, the blonde woman rushes over to where Flash crashed through the wall. That's still a curious thing to have happen to investigate.

"Are you alright?" She asks, peeking through the hole in the wall and glancing over toward Sue as she calls out. "I, uh, I'm not an expert, but crashing through a wall at that speed wouldn't be good. Though, look, it affected the red guy, too. So, it doesn't look like they repair immediately?"

At hearing his name, the Flash sits up helplessly and looks back through the wall. But rather than regard Sue's question, he's screaming for the other blonde in the middle of the action.

"Felicity!" he exclaims. "Felicity! My darling! Are you okay?"

"Uhhh, Barry?" comes the voice in the Scarlet Speedster's ear. "I'm not su—"

"Shut up, Cisco," Barry says under his breath. "I need to make sure she's okay."

As Felicity joins next to him, he reaches up to touch her cheek, looking quite the fool.

Just then: a horrific crash and explosion of yellow light as the speed construct explodes against one of Sue's speed bumps. Oops.

Rainbow Raider still sits stuck in his bubble, while the red construct is still looking all sad at his busted away arm. Without the Raider, he cannot be fixed. So he sits down sadly on one of the benches with slumped shoulders and everything.

Sue quirks a brow at the show of affection between Flash and Felicity, but…there are still things going on here. Very, very strange things. "You should maybe make sure he stays sitting down," she calls back to Felicity. "He might've hit his head." Understatement of the century. "I think it's time for you to take a nap," she informs the Raider, altering the consistency of the field around him to filter out most of the oxygen as well. She keeps an eye on the red construct, but at least it isn't causing any trouble at the moment.

"Fel" Felicity stares at the Flash, unsure of how he knows her name. And, also, why he sounds so familiar. "How do youwoah now." As he reaches forward to touch her cheek she starts pulling back from being caressed by a strange man in a tight faux-leather looking red suit. "Uh, why don't you just stay sitting down."

Felicity turns to Sue with a look of perplexed curiosity. Is he always like this? Then, as the red construct looks morosely at his busted arm, she tilts her head a bit, frowning. "Aw. That's actually…kinda sad. And adorable. I almost feel bad for the thing if it it didn't just punch someone through a wall."

The Flash reaches in, to take his inner desire. His only want is to brush his lips again—and she's pulling away. An inner sense of dread and despair hits him in his gut and he can feel the icy fingers or misery pull his heart from his chest.

His life is over as he knew it. There is no reason to go on.

Until Sue starts choking out the air from Rainbow Raider. Then all of the constructs begin to fade away. The carcass of the yellow speedster; the plant lady construct from down below, now even the red construct sitting on the bench. He gives one depressed heave of a sigh and a slight wave before he's gone.

Barry's eyes flash red, and Felicity's orange, and all the rest according to their colors as they begin to snap out of it.

"Cisco?" Barry says quizzically.

Who hasn't been mind-controlled into doing something strange at some point? It's a rite of passage. Sue won't be the one to tell anyone who the Flash's new temporary crush is. As the constructs fade, she lets her own constructs fade as well, starting with the speed bumps and then the field around herself, sighing in relief as the pressure of holding so many simultaneously starts to ease. It means she can focus on not leaving the Raider there unbreathing for too long. Brain damage is real, people.

Strangely, Felicity's curiosity continues long after the orange flashes across her eyes and the effects of the Rainbow Raider fade. She's still a curious woman - the light just made her all the more so. "Aw," Felicity repeats as the red construct fades away. She even gives a small wave of her own. "Now I definitely feel bad."

Her attention shifts to the Flash and she raises an eyebrow, still keeping a bit of a distance from him just in case. "You alright?" The way she asks the question is not a stranger to another stranger: Felicity is a smart woman, she can make leaps in judgement.

Sue gets a curious study. "So you can make forcefields?" she asks, clearly impressed. "That's really cool."

"Fine," the Flash says, his face now a blur and his voice distorted. Oh man. Now Felicity knows. Caitlin is going to /kill him/ for this. /Kill him/.

"Uh, there's problems in Harlem! Gotta go!"

There are no problems in Harlem, but the Flash is gone.

Meanwhile the ole weee-eeeeew weeeee-eeeeeew of police sirens can be heard and before long the whole place is filled with the five-o. They want to talk to Sue, of course, and get the low down from a tried and tested real bonafide hero such as herself.

Rainbow Raider is released and still breathing, but he's unconscious as the paramedics get hold of him and put him on the stretcher.

The part you won't find out until later is that Gholson once had a student who went by the name of Bivolo, until the latter was thrown out of the art studio for a lack of talent. It seems as though this is some sort of tale of revenge. Of revenge and love and curiosity.

And plants. Because that dude's powers are weird.


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