Dreamwalking Fenris

May 10, 2015:

Fenris walks in Peppers and Babs dreams


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Fade In…

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. Tonight… may be one such night. In the early hours before the morning a wolf stalks through a place that isn't a place. A land of dreams, seeking out those the minds of those familiar. He finds two, fast asleep and already in their own private worlds. Ordinarily he likes to meld seemlessly into them but today requires somethign a bit more direct. The dreams turn to those of the earth, of nature. A stream running through a moonlit wood leading down to a clearing where a bonfire burns.

Pepper very, very rarely remembers her dreams. And when she does, it's usually an indication that something is amiss. Like, her stress levels are way, way worse than usual or she's fallen asleep worrying about something. Usually Tony. Tonight, though, she finds herself walking through Lord of the Rings, trees and moonlight all around, and a fire up ahead. And of course, once the Tolkein reference occurs to her, she finds herself wearing a gown of the palest green, with a fitted neckline and upper sleeves, the rest of the garment loose and flowing and dragging through the leaf litter in her wake. She's walking barefoot and doesn't notice. Instead, her dream-attention is on the fire, and she approaches it at a slow pace as if hypnotized.

Babs has dreamt before. Normally, in these types of dreams, it's all 1's and 0's. The trees are typically digital constructs, manifestations of her databases and computers - the things she holds dear.

But tonight, she finds herself, in her chair, in this woodland setting. As she looks around her clothes morph to a simple linen shift type dress, a wreath of vines grace her head and even her chair becomes decorated with a flowering vine.

Breathing softly, Babs wills her chair to move forward, towards that campfire. Strangely, it's not jolted by the uneven surface… the chair just seems to glide over the surface.

There's someone waiting for them near the firelight. Well, something, rather. A large wolf. Red eyes. Midnight black fur. He smiles as they both approach. "Hello, both of you." The creature chuckles at their dress. "Fitting…" Is all he says as he moves around the fire.

He seems smaller than either have known him somehow. Tired. His presence is less… dramatic. "How are you two?"

Pepper smiles a hello to Babs and then to the not-as-wolfy wolf. Odd that Babs is here in her dream, but she's learned to not question things like that. "Hello. Fenris? Are you okay? I feel like I've not seen you in a long time."

Babs smiles a hello back to Pepper. She's had Vorpal in her dreams, this is potentially much better.

"We're worried, Fenris." Babs had the news nearly as soon as he'd gone missing, well Oracle had. The redhead tilts her head as she looks at the wolf "What's happened?"

"I've been… kept away." The Wolf murmurs as he lays down. "I wanted to let you both know I was back, since I wasn't sure who had been told I was missing… and warn you both that there is trouble coming. I sincerely hope it does not affect you but… given your connections it may. A powerful necromancer has taken most of my magic and added it to his own. He's become… exceedingly dangerous."

It's a VERY good thing that Oracle apparently has practice with lucid dreaming, because Pepper is clearly stuck in dream mode. She walks around to where The Wolf is now lying down and sits so she can pet his head. "Necromancer. They're always unpleasant. I think it comes from having to put up with dead things all the time."

It's likely Babs can do this because she doesn't really sleep deeply. But certainly, the previous experiences have had some effect.

Watching Pepper pet the wolfs head, Babs nods slowly. "Perhaps, Pepper." Pepper, not Miss Potts. "I can't imagine it would be all that pleasant either. So Fenris, if you've lost your magic, how is it affecting you?" The younger redhead shakes her head "I'm trying to ask if you are ill because of it."

"Well also channelling all that dark magic." He murmurs quietly. "I'm not ill no. I'm… weak. My magic is much reduced and I'm… not really at peak performance. Nowhere close actually. Quite mortal just at the moment." Mortal with two thousand years of experience and all that time studying magic. But still mortal. "I'll be okay. Well… probably." Or he'll get killed and this time it'll keep.

Pepper keeps petting the Wolf serenely, though at his mention of being mortal, softly murmurs the words used in the movie 'The Mummy' to remove the character Imhotep's immortality. She seems completely unaware of what she's just said.

Watching Pepper, Babs smiles a little "It's the most relaxed I've seen her, you know. Even including the day you put her to sleep in her office." As Babs remembers that, the couch that graced Peppers office then appears to the side and instantly becomes covered in vines. Babs doesn't seem to notice it though.

"You're not being entirely reassuring with your well …. probably's, Fenris." The wheel chair bound woman frowns "Is there anything we can do to help?" The danger to her associates, she'll get to that …. or maybe Pepper will become a little more lucid.

"If there is anything I'll let you know. At the moment I'm more concerned that he may move against some of your associates. I do not know what Darque wants. But power like his, especially as he has now, breeds dangerous ambition. You both… help protect people. I thought you needed to know." He smiles. "Plus I wanted to make sure that you yourselves were alright."

"I made an AT-AT blow up," Pepper tells the Wolf lightly and conversationally, as if that would make any sort of sense. "It made me break my black Louboutin shoes. I liked those shoes. But I think Dmitri is never going to escort me anywhere again."

"I am well, Fenris. They turned Gothams power off, it took a couple of days to restore. Kept me busy." Babs doesn't need to explain further. Considering Pepper, Babs smiles a little "An AT-AT… it probably deserved to be blown up if it made her break her shoes."

"Which associates, Fenris?" Babs can be prepared, warn them, watch them. As Fenris says, she helps protect people as well.

"Any who run in special circles. You know the ones I'm talking about." Fenris murmurs, smiling at Babs and then at Pepper. "You sound like you've had quite the adventure. You're alive though. And that's important." The Wolf raises a Paw and touches it to Pepper's forehead. "Wake up there. You seem still half asleep."

When Fenris touches a paw to her forehead, Pepper blinks a few times and then seems to focus on the wolf more alertly. "Fenris?" She notices almost right away that he's … diminished, and her expression is very clearly one of concern. "Are you okay?"

And pretty much at the same moment she asks that, her pale green gown is replaced by Tasmanian Devil PJ pants and a baggy red t-shirt that has a pentacle silk screened on the front along with the words 'Got Salt?' Her hair is in a sloppy low ponytail, and one ankle wrapped in an ace bandage. "Babs said you'd gone missing, and that someone was trying to locate you."

"Yes, I do." Babs murmurs in return. As Pepper 'awakes' and her clothing changes, the young redhead stifles a chuckle. "It seems he's been found, Pepper. Although, " she cants her head a little "you didn't say how you got back."

"I was rescued. By friends." Is all Fenris will say about that. "Well, from a very dark place. I'm… alive. But diminished. As I said much of my power is missing and it isn't just… power. Or tools. It's me. Darque took a part of me - a very large part - and ripped it from me. It hurts. All the time. In a way I can't describe in any way other than soul-rending. It's… not pleasant. But I'll survive."

"What can I do to help?" Pepper asks. "My couch is always open, though it's technically a new couch. Tony kind of dismantled the last one to make a laser turret in the middle of my office. And I'll bet if you asked nicely and brought something like a new pair of Manolos for her, Cricket would likely help make sure no one tried to mess with you."

"You keep saying that," Babs chides the wolf "you'll survive… but as I'm sure you've told me at least once, surviving isn't living" OK it might not have been Fenris that told her that but she hears it a bit. Peppers description of what happened to the old couch has Babs looking bemused, she's truly grateful she just gets to wrangle Bratlings.

"We'll look out for our associates, Fenris. Now what is being done to help you retrieve what was stolen?" Always one to get right to it….

"I'm not sure yet. He has to be found first and then confronted. Neither will be easy. One thing at a time. If you can help I shall certainly let you know."

Pepper's offer meets with a smile. Laser turret eh? That should keep the growlies away from her office. "I will consider that. I may need to stay in more than one place. I don't fear for my life. Master Darque already has what he needs from me. Killing me now gets him very little else. Other than perhaps an enemy out of the way. But he's brash… I do not think he will."

Pepper nods to Fenris. "Well, I can't think of many places safer than Stark Tower. And, well, neither JARVIS nor Cricket ever sleep, so…" She falls quiet then, and after a moment, her eyebrows draw together in a faint frown. She glaces off randomly, then turns as if to reach for something and abruptly disappears. That was either her alarm clock or her phone that just woke her.

In the real world, Pepper answers her cellphone, somehow managing to sound completely awake and alert. "Hello? He's what?" She sighs and squints at her phone's screen to check the time. "No, it's fine. Really. I'll be there in twenty minutes. Just make sure Dummy doesn't get a hold of a fire extinguisher. Right. Bye."

Ending the call on her phone, Pepper breathes out a sigh and lets her eyes close for ten seconds. Then she's up and moving, preparing to throw on some clothes and get to Tony's workshop before he does something truly stupid out of complete sleep deprivation.

"Forgive me for not reciprocating Peppers offer, Fenris." Babs just stares at where Pepper had been "hmmm, guess she had to wake up… but my home, is probably not the safest and I have only myself there in general." she shakes her head "If you need it, I can speak to …. well you know …. we have other… facilities that you maybe able to use." She's thinking the Bat Cave and the auxillary Bat Cave

Looking over to the large black wolf, the redhead smiles slightly "I'm glad you're found Fenris and I'm sorry for what's happened to you." She won't tell him that Charlie had been missing for several days, that… can be done later.

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