Let There Be Darkness: South Hook Obelisks

May 09, 2015:

Whisper Adaire makes an appearance in Gotham but that isn't all… (emits by Wonder Woman)

South Hook


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Fade In…

I am the first, a shadow at the end of the hallway.
I spin the carousel, the laughter recedes away.
My finger on your lips, I stole something precious…

Whispers, telltale utterances on the streets, but something has been stirring, people have been moving a bit quieter - a bit more with a fear that rests in the backs of their gazes and drives them onward in their criminal duties like enslaved drones. What better to use to push your desires then fear? The endgame becomes so much more bittersweet.

'Intergang'. A newer name, one that had only been telltale and moving in the background with little to no noise, and for a good reason. But airwaves and transpiring has become more prominent. Dealings in Gotham have come from criminals looting, raiding and trading precious gems, new identities and a 'better life' for weapons hidden away and now being advanced, fast forwarded to a level that would make most back away slowly and /want/ to disappear.

"The apocalypse is upon us. Rise now for the power you have wanted or be crushed like insects."

That is the first stirring this dark night, insects. A shadow blanketing the alleys as cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, moths… They start in small scatterings, not even avoiding the light this time as a deeper call brings them forth, devourers of plantlife leaving skeletal remains to wilt behind them, and if you follow this growing parade of what creeps and crawls, it is the more 'subtle' uprising of troops. Even Robinson Park sees the devastation as everything begins to swarm over Red Hook in a darker cyclone of what can take flight forms against the night.

Radio-waves now begin to flicker, white noise backing as a light noise annoyance and disturbance, a message slowly able to be deciphered if someone savvy knows….

"Liberation, freedom in /the end/, and now we march to show!" But this is a woman's voice, and what sounds like a rally chant behind her is that of children, but not what you would expect. No sounds of play, no sounds of amusement. A march to the same tune of the insects, silent, obedient…

All of this leads to that small isle, the shipyard that this night has gone still, even the old monolithic naval ships groan in silence, the abandoned ones left pouring the insects from their insides like a visceral finale to wounds long left to decay.

Some life has heeded the warning, the rest tucked away at the lateness of the hour, unaware of a call that is much akin to a ghost of life, but the haunting presence is palpable.

This is where missing children have been spotted, but once approached they disappear like rats to sewer holes.

This is where the technical disturbance climbs tonight.

This is where that cyclone of feasting insects converges like a cyclonic arrow above and below.

In the Clocktower, Oracles green eyes narrow as she watches the insects swarm and the radio signals flicker and become disturbed. Sending out a general broadcast to Bat Family and OracleNet, she waits to see who responds.

"This is Oracle. Support is required at the shipyard." Included in that broadcast are the bare bone details of the transmission she's heard.

"What is that?"
"No. Say it again. What did you say? Say it again, I can't hear you."

Ivy awakes with a start, a once limp and languid body rolling to a tumble out of her hammock, straight to the wooden floor, nary a whip or vine in sight to catch her fall. Perhaps she wanted it that way, the pain. For the pain that grips her now was felt deep within the pits of her belly, that creep upward with each vertibrae to the base of her neck that premates the thickness of her skull to attack…

"What was that.." She said aloud, her eyes a frantic mess of tears, green piercing through the dark haze that her humble abode provides…

"No.. no.." She seemingly says to the creep crawling vine that spiders her way up green velvet, her bottom lip a tremble, arms draping along her midsection as bare feet pad to the door.

"I know.. I know the sounds of pain.. I know.. I FEEL IT." Ivy nearly screams at the little glowing wisps that hide in the darkened corner, attempting to keep out of the way of the wrath that may soon be directed towards them..

Her fingers clutch her sides, arms slowly moving along her sides, following every shapely contours of her body as she sinks green gloves into a thick copse of red hair, tugging and pulling strands..

"I feel the sounds of pain.. no. You can't feel sounds I know but I can -feel- them screaming. EVERYWHERE…" She flips a chair with a strike out of her hand, the other ripping the thickness from root of scalp, allowing the red locks to fly as a wisp swoops down to catch it before it hits the floor..

"They're hurting.. EVERYWHERE.. THAT.. IT.. TOUCHES.. and I cannot STAND it.."

Her pace takes her to the front door, already unhinged and bust through, fingers at a clear claw as the earth around her bends..

"I hear you.. I hear you CRYING.. I can feel you WHITHER and it's like a death.."

The vines that slowly creep along her arms draw its way to her neck, embracing her like a hand upon the throat from an abusive lover, drawing thin green lines upon her face as eyes that match the color draw along it's arsenal..

"My… CHILDREN…" She hisses, her body nearly faltering in a slight stagger as she winds the path, the bending earth slowly drawing itself upright.. the groan of trees like a moan of whales as they slowly begin to uproot..

"I … am.. coming…"

Roy had run afoul of Intergang on several occasions. Rogue gangs suddenly being armed with advanced technology being beyond their capabilities. Being able to smuggle weaponry somehow without using conventional channels. The disappearance of various homeless people that were suspected to be part of some sort of slavery ring.

But when Lian Harper nearly got taken from her daycare center, they were making it personal. As Lian described it, someone with a weird way of speaking tried to offer her candy and get into a van, with muddy license plates, along with her friend. Lian had refused, but a friend of hers had gone with the funny-speaking 'lady dressed in red'.

Investigating had led him to the Gotham shipyards, a trail confirmed when Oracle had caught him, and radioed him towards the locale…

"Thanks, Oracle," Roy responds, perched atop a warehouse rooftop. "I don't suppose Poison Ivy is working with you, is she? Because if she's not, she looks pretty pissed."

The night was still young for Black Canary as she made her patrols through Gotham, taking down a group of thugs as her mind raced with thoughts of events presently occurring around the world.

"What an asshole." She muttered as she knocked the last thug out, a group of street dealers who were selling Smooth and made a quick anonymous 911 call from one of their cell phone; evidence left intact for the police.

Of course, the asshole she was referring to was not one of the thugs, but the man she had met in the middle east a few days prior. He had given her a fool's errand to complete and left her with a secret to keep that made her extremely uncomfortable.

As the oddities begin to occur and the insects and other lifeforms begin to migrate she avoids the ones rushing past her as best as possible with an "Ugh." Sound before hopping on her motorcycle and racing towards the source.

When Oracle transmits she replies in her Justice Society headpiece, "This is Black Canary, I'm headed there now Oracle."

This was not the night to have an evening shift scheduled. Officer Dick Grayson tried to get out of it…he tried to switch with others, but it seems that all 'rookies' have to work some night shifts and this was the one he got. He's currently in a patrol car with one of those radar guns at one of the more popular areas for speeding when he got the call over…well, let's say that Officer Grayson isn't always wearing police-issued equipment. A hand goes to his ear and he murmurs, "On my way, Oracle…"

This might get him disciplined but…well, this is probably more important that folks speeding on the highway.

The patrol car takes off as it will get him closer to the shipyard than if he went on his own right now but it's not brought all the way there. The rookie officer steps out and begins to climb one of the fire-escapes to the rooftop of a nearby building and only moments later, Nightwing is making his way even closer. "Arsenal…Oracle got you online too? Won't say I'm unhappy to have you on our side for this…"

The insectile swarm sounds much akin to that of the static and white noise upon the radio-waves. This was all for Ivy, all that she hears as her arrival of lashing vines and torn free roots is met with the shores of the Red Hook seething. A blanket of light-reflective black on the backs of arthropods that converge with her 'babies' and coat over them with venomous bites, toxic insertion, and their general destruction that causes any gardener dismay.

Though not far off that cyclone above the shipyard sections off, plummeting like dive-bombers as ones from the ground rise and a scarecrow like silhouette is formed from their writhing bodies, moving with them to block Ivy's progressive path.

"Such a beautiful noisseee, the feasting… Their cries… That pained look in your eyesss… We could be so good together." A hand extends, a centipede falling from the hand that is slowly revealed as the bugs crawl away and shed from around the Russian accented woman's vocals, all topped off with that clicking…

All the while the ones in the skies gather movement, motion unwarranted, unprogrammed… Does not belong. "We have visitors!" Those final words not to Ivy though, these cause a static shock over the radio waves that Oracle can see the interruption but not decipher the words. A takeover, a push to gain control of the technological transmissions is starting slowly and gaining in interferance of that white-noise snowstorm.

Below Roy, from the building he perches upon there is a sudden echo, a sound much akin to marching as the warehouse doors are thrown open and organized rows of children emerge all dressed in matching jumpsuits, a vacant look within their eyes that comes with programming of another kind and a trauma that needs to be blocked. At their leads are adults bearing the same looks, that same emptiness, though at their head is a woman who is facing them in their procession, red and white streaked hair falling around features and emphasizing green eyes, but on closer look they bear pupils of reptilian slits, pupils that every child stares upon and waits.

"Tonight, my darlings, we bring to you that which will please our Father, and you will be the first to bask in his delight and the gifts he can bestow upon you. Bring me these interlopers!"
The children scatter then, though it is an organized motion, like their own version of vines and branches, disappearing like the whispers had been told while others follow the adults in a march that has them dissecting to points on the island.

The thick fog of insects above splits once more, and the revelation from the depths is a man bedecked in armor that resembles that of a parademon's own, but the words that omit from the seeming conductor of this symphony are anything but: deafening to Oracle upon the soundwaves in his command, but an echo across the docks to the heroes that gather. "I do hope you have made arrangements for your futures. This one is already planned!"

As that is said pillars on crucial points of the islands edges rock foundations and begin to rise, the children now having appeared from their holes they had dispersed to, drawing weapons that bear charges, sprialing insides sending sparks that fire off in a power that can leave dark holes behind if our uprooted heroes do not move fast!

Oracle winces as the armoured man speaks… "Conferencing … th… tea…." The white noise is affecting even Oracles systems, the redhead frowns and recalibrates her systems, switching comms channels to get in the clear. "Conferencing the team in. Nightwing, Arsenal, Black Canary." She conducts a quick roll call "This thing is playing havoc with comms all over Gotham. Be careful."

Using the security and video feeds from the area, the wheel chair bound woman captures images the parademon and starting a check of her databases.

"Arsenal advises Poison Ivy is onsite. Given the amount of insects, that doesn't surprise me." Oracle updates the three "For now, monitor her and try not to engage. She may address one problem for us."

"What is that?"
"That noise.."
"It sounds like thunder that lights up the darkness.."
"It is the roar of pain.."
"It cracks and whips.."


The heroes came to congregate, all rushing to the scene of the crime that was taking place. Ivy, barefoot and not pregnant but yet carrying an army herself. Leaves and twigs that made constructs that resemble men, yet broken bark crowns their heads like a real coming to Jesus moment. Her sentries, both resembling Groot walks at her left and right, holding vines that serve as whips; instruments of torture for Ivy's pleasure.

And who would soon know that pleasure best? The bitch of insects that swarms in front of her, and her own children that eat and foil her foilage like so…

…and then it speaks..

..green eyes narrow…

..a hitch happens within her throat…

..blot out the noise.. the pain…

..she does this all for them..

Green eyes slide down the figure, drawing back upright to alight upon the extended hand, one of her own draws up to halt the sentries within their movements, stopping like toy soldiers in place, arms stretched out in wait. It was a horrid scene of course, for but a moment.. those eyes draw and tear themselves away from the horrid visage to those heroes..

Oh how.. how she could tear them asunder with allies to do it with.. how she could turn her babies onto the approaching Nightwing.. Arsenal.. Black Canary..

She could watch them fall while her sentries create wardrums with their flesh..

It draws an ilicit shiver down her spine as her gaze falls upon the insectoid being, a slow smile creeps across gentle and harsh features alike.

"Fuck. You. Bitch."

her hands snap out, drawing the whips from the hands of her sentries, the handles brought up and down with a loud..



And with a whipping spin of body and vines, the sentries duck and dodge as if it was a well practiced dance, the piercing thinness of life slashing down upon the insectoid construct to let it know..

..That it was on like Donkey Kong.

Black Canary replies to Oracle, "This interference is killer." The motorcycle arriving at the shipyards not long after the others, skidding to a halt not far from the insanity that seems to be occurring.

For a moment, Black Canary thought she was almost in an old Team 7 clean-up mission; dealing with a dangerous meta before they could cause trouble. She almost missed those days, the solutions to problems; were always far simpler.

She doesn't get off her motorcycle, she gives Roy a hand-signal from below before revving her bike into a wheelie, crashing straight into the warehouse with a loud sonic scream erupting from her lips, "SKREEEEEE!"

Black Canary could only hope it would be enough to at least stun the enemies in the area so they would have a chance to strike, her motorcycle aimed towards the parademon like creature as she continued to accelerate.

"Hey, Wingster," Arsenal responds. "Tracking the bastards, they tried to take Lian, so we're going to shut this all down."

Pausing to watch the creepy crawlies, Roy grimaces. "… although I wouldn't want to get in the way of Ivy. What bee's gotten into her bonnet…?"

Whatever further rumination he might have, though, is dropped when the doors rumble open.

"Oh hell… they've got the Children of the Corn remake going on. And… crap, I think they know we're here…!"

And off Roy moves, dashing across the warehouse and leaping off it, grabbing for a nearby crane hook, and whipping out a crossbow, aiming and firing a quarrel at the armored man…!

"Ivy? Here?" Crap. Nightwing winces when he hears that one from the Gallery is here as well. He slides to a stop at the edge of one of the buildings in time to see the 'army' on the march. He watches from his perch even as he tries to make out the communication through the interference. "Unless we can clean up the comms, we may just need to trust each other. Except Ivy. Just…I'm with you. Let's not get in Ivy's way."

That said, he doesn't want to be attacking children…or the adults that are apparently also enthralled. He takes only another moment before he leaps down from the rooftops and shoots a grapple gun so that he can swing over towards the armored man as well. Right now, he'll let Ivy have the woman…and not get in her way at all.

Everything is told from the whispers of her insects. Much akin to Ivy's plantlife, the being formed from the descending bodies of insects simply smiles. Hornets fall from above, a swarm like their nest had been bricked to divebomb Ivy in her well choreographed display, though those lashes of vines have her stepping back in a staggering motion as it opens the skin along her cheek, blood seeping forth that a small swarm of tiny buzzing insects flood to, eradicating it from her visage like it never happened though the skin is still open and the wound is very raw.

"And to think, I offered to shhaarreee. Pity our babiess do not get along." Insect Queen's Russian accented vocals cut forward as her hands splay forward, the venomous maws of beetles opening in their placement along the ground responding in kind, sinking into roots all the while the woman at their command releases an insectile clicking crescendo, fisting a splayed palm that has the floods of cockroaches up-heaving bits of cracked cement on the docks, pieces she plucks from their backs and sends flying towards Ivy!

Oracle is having to hop-skip and search channels, though when crossing one a voice speaks.

"Hello. What is it they call you? Oracle, right? There is no need to respond. But I do hope this message will be received loud and clear. Sometimes new fruits must be flowered to make a wine less bitter in taste. Allow me."

The calm aristocratic voice seeks control of her screens and her search, and if it is had over them the displays begin to show explosions, war, marching troops, emulative training practices, war. And as the scroll of what all would come up in a simple Google run begins to speed up like a horrific slide show. Bombings, trenches, poverty… In between images of known heroes in this world come and go. X-Men. Missiles. Bats and Birds. War stricken faces of impoverished citizens. Justice League:Avengers. A mushroom cloud. Society. A Berlin Wall with warplanes overhead. Over and Over, faces known ad shown in the heat of battle, the current political races and news articles of hate. When it stops the screens go black to leave Oracle staring at her own reflection.

"It's time to end this. Don't you say. I say it's time for something less bitter." And then silence, her control returned to full….

Canary's cry has the children that were in her vicinity and firing at her heels dropping, clapping hands over ears and falling to the ground. Some even begin to cry as something inside of them shook loose…. Though she is aiming for the man on the hoverdisc the woman on the ground now makes her a target, narrowing her eyes as children that had spread regroup before her, the militaristic march converging in front of her bike to cease her ride forward abruptly unless she swerves her path, those small hand-cannons charging and sparking to life as dead eyes stare forward and open fire.

The armored man sweeps to the side at the grappling fire from Roy, seeking to grip it and rocket skyward with him in tow if successful, though return fire comes at the ends of a rising arm that folds inward and reconstructs a fisted hand into a glowing plasma cannon much like a smaller charrge in the chest of Dynamo, aiming for Roy's path and missing, though behind him in silence the building he had left behind now slowly begins to crumble in on itself.

The man leading his small platoon of children raises a hand, a fist forming as they all heel-turn and face one of those rising pillars, a small girl at the front lifting something that appears to be a controller to him only to have it scatter and spin across the pavement beneath their feet as Nightwing sweeps in, making the man fall back, but rise crisply, almost robotic as he lunges to go toe to toe with him. "Find it and do as told!" He barks to the child that now salutes and moves forward, a ring of the other children now forming around Nightwing and the commander.

As control is lost of her systems, Oracle snarls at her screens. The databases and sensitive data at least were safe, segmented from the network by more firewalls and IDS'. Thankfully, the redhead had completed a full system backup, just that morning and stored it off site… contingency plans come in handy.

As her control is returned, the wheel chair bound woman begins a diagnostic system check… if they got in that far, what else could they have done… she knows she would have done something.

Some results from her earlier search begin to display on her screens and the green eyes widen in horror as she realises what they mean "Those pillars are explosive, when they go off they'll flatten Sandy Hook at least… The seismic activity will affect all of Gotham. Evacuate that area, now…. Get the people out."

Watching the children drop, the horror gives way to a frown "Canary's call seems to snap them out of it, use it Canary."

As for Ivy? The redhead watches her, a phone number blinking on her screen…. if it's needed, Oracle might have an interesting discussion ahead.

"They are wise."
"Of course they are. They're hero.."
"Shut up. You're ruining my mojo."
"Your mojo can't be ruined."
"Cause I'm Pamela Fucking Isley."

The whip tastes a kiss of the insectoids blood, the grin furthering upon her face as the maniac takes a bare foot forward, and then ducks. The sentries upon either side of her, block the oncoming swarm of the hornets, the backs of the wood taking the force of the beating as their limbs and bodies cover Ivy from their onslaught.

And she could feel their pain! Every.. stinking.. inch of that pain picks and pricks her back which causes her to arch, her eyes upon her poor sentries as they growl lowly with the need to be released from their earthly prison.

"My babies.."
"It hurts."
"I know."
"Save us."
"Not just us."
"We're going to die!"

Her eyes give way through the swarm towards the crying babes, her own eyes alight with tears, the lump swelling within her throat as she lifts a hand to press against the sentries. She could feel them coming, the oak, the ferns, the tall trees that stalked the area of Sandy Hook, rising up.. up..


"As far as you can get them."
"Very far."
"Wrap the children. Bring them home."
"Their home?"
"No, they're mine now."

It starts with the sound of snapping rope, the rumbling of the ground, the children soon scooped up by vines that hang from the trees.. the ones who were free from their burden of control. They were carefully cradled, warmed with the embrace of life..

"And you?"
"We fight."
"But can you feel it?"
"She's moving.."
"We're all going to die.."

The sentries break away, their limbs set to flail and beat back the bees, Ivy a cyclone of fury as she unleashes whip after whip, lash after lash upon the being; little spriggans and sprites snuffing out the insects that cover the plants upon the ground as some actually fall prey to their bite.

Amist the fighting? Ivy's tearing her clothing asunder, bearing arms, thigh, calf (yet leaving the lovely parts hidden), so that the insects that try to rip and tear and bite at her skin? Fall dead in a heap.

She is a weapon, bite her?

And YOU bleed…

Black Canary winced a little as she saw Poison Ivy going berserk, she definitely wanted to avoid getting on her bad side and she didn't even know if she was one of the good or the bad guys.

As her path to the parademon is cut short by the legion of the children of the corn, she takes Oracles advice to heart.

Skidding her motorcycle to a halt in front of the group she sighed a little, "I'm so sorry kids, trust me, this is better than being used by someone."

Leaning forward and taking a deep breath she let another loud sonic cry come forth from her lungs with a resounding, "Skreeeeeee!" No wonder people called her pitchy.

Well, talk about getting tangled up in a hurry. He certainly didn't -want- to drag this guy along…

Dropping to the ground, Roy mutters. "You know, this firearm of yours is going to be a lot of trouble… just -who- is developing this tech…?"

Coming in closer, Roy brings the crossbow up… and fires a quarrel. And then a split-second later, a wrist-shot attached to the underneath of his arm. God, Kori's little present offered possibilities for surprises.

Low-flying dense clouds and smog part around black wings as a mechanized bird of prey swoops over Gotham's Sandy Hook.
"Frequency switch - now 47. Oracle? Nightwing? Anyone?" The batwing screams overhead with a silent whine that only those with advanced audio capabilities (or elevated high above street level) can hear.
" Multiple anomalies detected. Location detection error. " A computerized voice chimes from the illuminated display before grim cowl-covered features.
The fog and electronic interference has reduced the Dark Knights visibility down to just his eyes and limited technological range detection to a near absolute whiteout on various points. A setback Batman rarely faces these days. It's frustrating to say the very least.
Abruptly a voice chimes in out of the quiet, "Sir, you're growling in to your mic. I suggest when you return home we update your vaccinations."
"You're back. I lost all radio when I passed the channel. I was flying blind."
"As bats do, Master Bruce."
A grunt is the response.
"I'm patching you back through to the team, it would seem Oracle's communications are open again."
"Good, thank you, Penny-One. " Louder now, to those who can possibly hear him, "I need a sitrep."

Get them out…right. "A little busy, Oracle…" Nightwing mentions as he glances about at the ring of kids around him. As the instructions are given to Canary, he adjusts the earphones in his mask before he murmurs something about "A little backup would be nice…get the kids away." He's going to have to focus on the commander and hope that he can take him down before the kids can attack.

It's a vain hope, most likely.

Escrima sticks are taken in hand and Nightwing assesses his opponent for a moment before he darts in for an attack.

//I am the second, alone in a faceless crowd.

A human caught in monochrome dreams, I scream to wake up. My voice drowns deep underground.

Only the dead can hear me, see me.//

Just as vines wither beneath the bite of the Insect Queen's swarms, the massive movement that assaults Ivy's own sentries begin to fall, their own venomous bites meeting their own peril.

"No! You bitchhh. My babiess…" Even as lips part with the wail of a mother suffering great loss, insects crawl from the corners of lips, one taking flight after clinging to the side of her face, going for Ivy as others disperse.

"They know! They sseeek to take them back!" The insects relay the images to her, the movement of the heroes. She is their eyes and ears, their personal 'information goddess' borne of nature's beings that creep and crawl.

Though just like Ivy's own natural resources, Queen's own send the warning call. Those pylons that had risen on pivotal points of Sandy Hook begin their count down, small vibrations that reverb through the ground, at first nothing felt perhaps, but then pebbles and loosed bits of concrete dance across the ground, the water rippling beneath ships and slapping against the docks, small waves… But like the tension - clearly rising. Waiting.

Oracle is left with clear communications, nothing was touched, but she is left with enough worry that the point is proven. Hint given, and like a nightmare she is left to pick up the pieces and hope that the cold sweat is not real, though what still rages on is very real on the screens before her.

Canary's cry is effective and apparently an unexpected boon, manipulations by the woman faltering more and more as the ones that once sought to block her and fire drop their weapons and stare blinking only to loose wails as they realize they are not where they last remembered. They are lost and now they have headaches. But that is the least of their worries. Canary's now is the woman who stands in the pool of crying children, her upper lip drawn back in a sneer as scales sleekly form over her skin, a single blade brought to her lips where acidic saliva coats the end of the blade soon to be loosed at Canary to end the disruptive cry, followed up by a rapid approach to try and attack the blonde.

"These are mine!"

The armored man upon the hoverdisc is swinging around now, Roy's captured hold one that has the armored fist winding and wrapping him up to bring him closer as his movements cease to evade and the arrows only ricochet off the armor, bringing forth laughter. "The Master takes care of his faithful."

With those words that cannon is leveled on Roy, the discharge sudden and one that would likely dissolve him like that building if he does not move fast!

The commander Nightwing faces off with stares at him with empty eyes, a lost gaze only narrowed with a purpose, his fighting style and stance though training from his youth in the Russian military. Efficient, quick bursts of speed, his thrust inward towards Nightwing brandishing a blade from beneath his sleeve, seeking to stab into his side with the blow towards vitals.

A voice calls though, the one who had spoken privately to Oracle and now statically broadcasts on her current channel, one even now bearing Batman on its wavelength. "I do so hate when my hand is forced. But please do, enjoy the preparations made for you all." And then nothing again.

The little girl that had been handing a controller to the commander found her prize, and at the prompting presses a button…

Oracle is dialling another phone number "Commissioner Gordon, this Oracle. There's an explosive threat in your area, please evacuate now. Batman is dealing with the threat." Without waiting for a response, the redhead hopes he heeds her words, Oracle turns her attention back to the team.

"Batman, those pillars are explosive. I have the team evacuating people, I'm going to try and disable them." Oracle knows better than to have the non-Bats conferenced to the Dark Knight. "Nightwing is requesting backup, I've got Arsenal and Black Canary evacuating people. "

Across the two channels, the conferenced one and Batmans, "These parademons appear to be the same that attacked JL:A members in Russia. I've got the files to examine later." Oracle explains. "Get the people out, we're going to try and disable those pillars." beat "Someone should also get Ivy out." Another moment as that voice speaks to her and again, eyes widen as she see's the girl with controller "There's a girl with a controller, get the controller out of her hands." Coordinates transmitted to the team as a whole.

As she's been talking, her hands have been flying over the keys as she deciphers the systems for the explosives. Sharing her results to the Caped Crusader, the wheel chair bound redhead rubs her temples. "I believe, Batman. This will give me access to their systems…." pressing one last key, she waits with baited breath.

One last thing to be done… time to call in The Low Fat Bat substitute…. Accessing another frequency, Oracle doesn't waste time on pleasantries "Agent May, this Oracle. We require assistance evacuating Sandy Hook. If you are able to, I would appreciate your help." It's not a big secret that the redhead and the SHIELD agent have been working together.


The elm groan as they move, the grounds shaking with their might, the trees on approach as they lift their limbs to beat down the pillars right into the ground. Ivy isn't a technical genius, but for now? Smash, grab, take kids home.. find them a daddy.

The bird that flies within the sky was not missed by her children, it only seems to piss Ivy off more, the fray of the fight nearly reaching it's pinnacle as she nears with vines lashing and slashing against the Russian..

..But her words.. they tear a hole in her heart.. it causes her to stop mid fight as the swarm collects and drives into her, staggering back, biting at her skin and stinging.. yet falling down dead in their wake.

Those words.. her babies.. my babies..

"I know.." There was a softness to Ivy's voice as she pushes through the pain, through the swarm, that meta-human strength bearing into supple skin that reaches out through the cloud to grip the womans neck with a gloved hand. She slips close, pain obvious, her own babies were dying in this fight.. but it was either her own, or theirs.

"I understand.." She hisses.. "Better than them all.."

And then Ivy does the unthinkable, her free hand lifting to squelch the swarm that drives from the womans lips, her hand quick at removal after the staunch to press a poisoned kiss to now revealed lips. Something that would have been so sweet, turns deadly as the woman slumps within Ivy's arms, and soon discarded as if she were..


The body drops and soon Ivy turns, the roll of her eyes given as a lone tear falls, her mouth working back and forth as she spittles out a few bugs that fell prey to her saliva. "Gross."

Yet, was draws Ivy out of her reverie was the 'skree', a slight look of anger drawing upon her face as she rears a foot back to kick and launch a rock in Black Canary's direction. "SHUT THAT SHIT UP!"

And she was on the move, taking off into a run with whips dashed to the side, her hand outstretched as she catches onto a sentry so that she could swing herself upright and leap upon the trees.

Children were continually grabbed, under the thrall of whatever they were under or no, ushered to safety in the huddle that she calls home..

Soon.. there would be few children left..

Only Ivy and her 'army of green'.

But her direction was a curious one, the leap and bounding figure drawing down behind Nightwing.. landing only but a few paces away as a beetle was worked within her mouth and spittled to the side..

Who has two thumbs and has found a baby daddy?

THIS GAL! -insertdoublethumbpointhere-

Black Canary ducked aside at the last second as she noticed the blade being loosed towards her, the edge of the blade ripping the fabric of her costume just above the shoulder and causing a wound that would have been fatal if she had not gotten out of the way; just barely.

"Oracle, that might be a problem. I have my hands full."

She prayed Jesus, Superman or Batman would arrive to save her.

"I'm sorry lady but these kids aren't yours, they're going home to their parents and you will be going to spend a very long time behind bars." Canary moved in to attack the woman, regretful that it would distract her from evacuation he children but she had no choice.

Rolling forward she reached towards her belt mid-roll and was about to Canary Cry but then she thought of evacuating the children. That would be no good for the children.

Springing forward from her position towards her assailant she gained enough momentum to sail towards the other lady with a fierce dragon kick towards her chest. "HI-YA!"

The reply to Oracle is not instantaneous, but it does come back within a minute. "Guessimate a headcount, Oracle," May's voice comes back over the communications link.

Back at the Triskelion, the central operations hub is already becoming aware of the situation in Sancy Hook, so when she gets the request from Oracle, the approval to take a bird to go help is given readily enough. Now the only thing keeping her from scrambling the nearest quinjet is how many civilians need to be evacuated. It's worth it to wait a few extra seconds and make sure the bird that goes can handle the number of passengers necessary.

Oracles update is enough for Batman to fill in the blanks. Fingers fly over the controls and smoke canisters are deployed to screen the escape route of the children and cut off the bad guys from the good.
"Computer tag Oracle's data feed." Piggy backing the hacker's line is an easy enough tactic when the woman is openly allowing him to. It saves on communication effort when they're all on the same page. Batman isn't trying to get in to the pillars inner-workings like Oracle is anyways, he just wants to know what to expect.
"Not possible, this technology is physics bending? who?" A quick target check, facial recognition and the Batcomputer is working on who is who. Whisper A'Daire. The rest are not identifiable.
A secondary sweep and Batman is firing sponge grenades in rapid fire at any visible targets who are not openly being engaged. It's non-lethal of course and an inaccurate stream but it gets the point across.
"These pillars are dimensional oscillators. So high-tech it's science fiction." That is saying a lot coming from the Batman. "They're resonate and rip through just about everything in this district if not beyond. Oracle, you need to work fast. " No mention towards calling in SHIELD aid. It makes the Dark Knight's eye twitch but necessity outweighs. Fortunately the surrounding area and most of Gotham itself is earthquake engineered to outstanding levels, after the 09' quake Wayne Industries itself spent millions in restoration and preparation for future disaster of the same caliber. Though, this is a different kind of threat. The bar keeps lifting. But that's why they are doing what they're doing. The Bat-clan, the JL:A, SHIELD?
The batwing continues to circle and lay down covering fire, smoke and distraction. He is buying time and aiding where he can.

Crap on a stick. He wasn't going to get far, and he really didn't trust how -wide- the dispersal was. Which means… well, what did it mean? It meant Roy had to do what he usually did in situations like this… pull something.

Aiming quickly, Roy fires another grappling line, while backpeddling quickly, and then… did it miss him? No problem, because the grappling hook was meant for the cargo load behind the floating man. "Oh, I know what you're gonna say, but I didn't miss…!" Roy says, as he pulls -hard- on the line.

It seemed that Canary's cry did what he hoped it would, so Nightwing continues to ignore the kids that were surrounding him and the commander. He's focused on his opponent but does hear Oracle's communication with Batman. Well, if it ends like this, he hopes he'll take the other guy down with him. He ducks and rolls away from one of the bladed swings only to find Ivy right there when he gets to his feet.

This can't be good. Or…can it?

Ivy is acknowledged as if she's about to help him with this fight before he turns back to send a roundhouse kick to the commander. He then uses the momentum to twist about and swing his escrima sticks at the other's face.

Hopefully it will leave the commander stunned enough for Ivy to get to him as well…since she's helping, right?

The Queen and Ivy exchanged their moments, the ones that came to empathy and understanding, even down to the shared and dreaded embrace, passing their toxins between eachother, one that withers life, another that grants it, all dependent on the give and take and the will of the wielder. The crunching of insects beneath feet when they fail to scatter pains the Insect Queen and is just as much of a distraction as the decay of Ivy's own plants beneath the swarms that feed intel. Though when that ending embrace comes and her body slumps to the ground the blackening cloud of her precious 'children' begins to dissipate, fleeing from the island and the proximity…

The pylons are under assault, the monolithic trees battering against them make them groan, but in response to all the attempts only a few shut down. The vibrations that show of the building pressure though is rocking the ground to points that waves are rising on the island of Sandy Hook as well as that of Gotham outlying, the ground is cracking, where foundation might be weak, shaking and rising in a surmountable level to make footing unstable. If any residents were left asleep this is sure to wake them and bring them to the streets to stare as the Batwing rips across the sky and watch as their known heroes stand in the middle of the fray. There's confusion abound as these citizens begin to scatter, screaming, stampeding, trying to get to ships where hopefully there is safety… "It'll be okay mama," One child protests as he is yanked towards a ferry. "See? They're here. I want to be just like him!" The blankie laden hand points to Nightwing as the commander drops beneath his blows, though the wide eyes of the child stare curiously at Ivy just before the mother jerks him into the wave of other citizens.

Canary and Whisper are exchanging brutal blows, the kick to her chest sending her back and with a wheezing exhale showing telltale sign of a cracked sternum Snake Fatale…. Laughs? Slowly she is stepping back and away, that forked tongue rolling up and over her lips as fingertips come to press upon them like a kiss, the few children unadultered and still in her thrall coming to her side. "You cannot win all of them." the words from the woman not just meaning the children, as the forbodance comes with another rocking tremor, the smoke that is rolling over the shore being used as cover for known snake-holes of evacuation for the few she has left.

Roy's attack forces Ironblood to waver, to release him because as he called it! Mockery was about to leave his lips before the cargo comes toppling down, the blast from his cannon leaving a gaping hole in the pavement beside Roy that stretches down to an abyssal depth… And filling with water… "There's always the future." The suited man calls to Roy as he regains, rocketing upward into the dark fog of Gotham's night sky.

Oracle's working as quickly as possible. Access to the Pillars systems has her agreeing with Batman, but that doesn't phase the redhead. As May questions her, she responds with an estimate before turning her attention to the Pillars again.

Lines of code scroll up her screen, Oracles computer systems are probing the Pillars OS, she's got access, now she's got to disable them. Finally, the code stops scrolling, the text of the screen blinking green…. tapping a key on her keyboard one last time, the redhead blows out a breath "I…. believe ….. that should do it…. Batman. Can you confirm?" If her analysis has been correct, the Pillars should be powering down, the resonation slowly and the danger abating.

There was a moment where Ivy had seemed as if she were going to do something, to aid Nightwing in his fight. It /appeared/ that she came there to help..

She did.

But she was helping herself. To the victor goes the spoils, though.. Ivy's meaning of spoils is completely different compared to most that she knows.

She watches with delight as the commander is downed, her all too familiar jump and clapping with glee stance enimated, the bounce and wiggle carrying her towards Nightwing as she throws her arms around him in a hug that was too dangerous to compute.

Exposed skin, thankfully, only touched the skin of his suit, there was no poison that passed from one to the next..

However.. there was a shocking kiss that was planted upon the lips of the 'victor', who.. may or may not slump immediately within her grasp. Depends on the person, amiright?

"MY.. hero…" She purrs out, gloved hands stroking along his cheeks, her eyes fluttering as she drags him towards the darkened alleyway. There was a little twist, a little turn, Lestat dancing with the corpse style woo'ing as she kisses him yet again.

"You were so valiant! So brave in the face of danger! But rest now.. my sweet. The children will be at home waiting.."

Another dangerous twirl, a spin.. she was clearly taking liberties with the bat-guy. Not the big one. The one just under him. Whatever!

"There will be dinner on the table.. I'll make sure you have your slippers.."


She stops though, leaning into his ear, not knowing how those stupid bat communicators work. "I hope you can hear me, Bat-Dick.."

And then she's spinning again, flourishing Nightwing into a dip that was made for damsels. "I so totally stole your sidekick. And I'm going to ruin… his… life.."

And everyone knows.. it'll happen.

With those words spent, she cackles and drags him into the dark of the nearest alley. And if he puts up a fight? There will be screams. And it won't be hers.

Eyeing the hole that leads into the murky deep, Roy looks back up at the armored man. "We're not done -yet-, pal!"

Tapping his earpiece, Roy mutters. "Hey, Wingster, Oracle, Canary. All good here. Do… oh crap. Hey, Oracle… Ivy's got Nightwing."

And whether or not he could catch up to Nightwing from where he was, he was drawing and aiming to shoot at Ivy. Though she had a huge head start…

With the estimate relayed, it's only a matter of moments before one of the larger of SHIELD's quinjets is jetting toward Sandy Hook as fast the engines will go. Agent May is totally taking advantage of that narrow sliver of airspace below commercial traffic but above the realm of cropduster airplanes and commuter helicopters. "Oracle, May. ETA, two minutes. Do you have landing coordinates already picked out?" If not, she'll have the jet's computer pick a good spot.

"Nightwing can handle himself." Batman pauses, "And if not? Poison Ivy isn't hard to find." Task at hand still the Dark Knight is circling around, "It's changing Oracle. Powering down? possibly, no, it's doing something else? reconfiguring, they're undergoing a metamorphosis. Concentrate on evacuation! " The Batwing is sweeping low now cables dropping off of it so he can pick up those requiring transportation. It's obvious there is nothing they can do at this point.

Black Canary grabbed the pair of remaining children and hopped on her motorcycle as she looked up to the sky, she smiled and raced out of the warehouse, telling Oracle, "One day you need to introduce me to our cities other Guardian Angel, you know Batman." She sighed as Whisper escaped but at least they got the bad guy!

She pointed up to the Batwing for the kids, "Look kids, Batman." At least the kids got something fun out of all this, they could tell their kids one day they were rescued by Batman.

// I am the third.
A master.
A sentinel of awakeness.
I hold truth like a torch.
Shadows flicker before me, rapid eye follow the chain of thought….

Until the silence ends.//

The shockwaves stop. Several heartbeats of silence as code scrolls before Oracle, her deft work having seemingly come to fruition…

…Or had it?

Clapping, slow and crisp comes over the communications. A single entity giving a round of golf-worthy appraisal before words. "There are some things you will just never understand. But I do not expect much more from Earth's. Mightiest. Heroes." The final three words are said as a mockery, the grin upon the non-entities lips can be heard and once again silence backed by white noise that slowly begins to fade away like end credits.

SHIELD's backup in the air as well as the Batwing clears the areas needed, those around the large alien devices and the surrounding areas close enough… But how close? As the carrier and the wing go to leave with their final transports and the people with tear stained faces pressed to the windows can witness what comes only as a sound at first:

A digitalized explosion, the sound like a subsonic bass drop that sends a final quake from the bases of the pylons, the ground around them sinking inward to form a crater at ground zero, spreading outward and wiping out structures near. The dust rising with debris to float in the air and hover there. Anti-gravity bearing metal, cement, steel beams that held buildings together, pipes and ducts, belongings….

That slow motion moment ends with a sudden sound like that of a rewound drop, all of that sucking into the pylons like broken fractal pieces of a puzzle, adhering to the technology and solidifying in a glistening mass of mirrored and reformed, metamorphasized and transposed.

The wave of destruction and the blow was lessened in one way, but can fail to be seen in others. These pylons now sleek alien 'needles' like the one that rests in New York, Washington… Egypt, but far more advanced and unmovable in their reminder and ominous placement for meaning…

Behind Canary that explosion chases on the tail of her child laden motorcycle, but what catches them is only a slight breeze before it all sucks back in, their eyes wide and tear stained as they cling to her ad eachother and watch, one dropping that pistol in time to have it be part of what gets sucked back in…

Innocent eyes turn towards the sky where the Batwing works with the carrier as a small voice calls above the wind. "Batman saved them. You saved us. They saved my friends. You're all our heroes."

The younger girl looks up, piping in. "That makes you -my- hero."

Oracle had sent May a location to land but she trusts the SHIELD agent to use her best judgment. As the explosion goes off, Oracle winces "Reports, please." the redhead asks for them each to check in.

Tracking Nightwings communicator, Oracle will watch where Ivy takes him. If need be, they'll send in a rescue crew.

She's already tracing the incursion on her systems, whoever this group is, she'll find what she can.

Melinda May flies the transport and the last group of evacuees to the pre-arranged drop off point. There's a bit of turbulence when that shockwave hits the transport, but commercial airline pilots could take a cue from how calmly she reacts. "Oracle. May. Last group en route to the muster point. ETA four minutes." It goes unsaid, but it's practically audible: and after this is done May wants to know what the heck this is all about.

"Excellent, thank you for your assistance May." Oracles traces are still running. "When you've completed that, I'll give you a full debriefing." If May wants to join Oracle in the Clocktower, she knows where to find her, otherwise… they can do it remotely.

"The evacuees' are safe. Everyone please help with clean up." Now the hard work is to be done.

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