Girls Day Out

May 08, 2015:

Gwen Stacy and Honey Lemon go shopping and bond!

New York



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As GoGo so cleverly observed, Honey Lemon - aka Aiko Miyazaki - actually likes to shop, talk about clothes and fashion and color palettes and all of those sorts of things. And GoGo herself does not. So, when Honey wants to go shopping, she decides to give a call to her 'new friend' - the person she barely met one evening last week - Gwen Stacey, whose fashion sense in that encounter encouraged Honey to ask her about where she'd bought it. Of such are built some of the best shopping friendships of all time. (Well, OK. Of this month. Anyway!)

Already having Gwen's phone number, Honey calls her as she is leaving the laboratory. "Hi. Gwen? This is Aiko Miyazaki. Honey Lemon. We met the other evening at STAR Labs. I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but I am in the mood to go SHOPPING! Would you be free to join me?" Yes. She makes it that damned easy.

"Oh Hi! Nice to hear from you. I'd love to go shopping." Gwen replies to the other girl after answering the phone. She was presently at the University campus finishing up some last minute work, "Why don't you meet me at the NYU campus and we'll start from there, there's some really nice student clothing shops on campus. Stuff to absolutely die for." A pause, "By the way, do you prefer to be called Honey or Aiko?"

The stork-like tall blonde can't help but smile at the question asked, since it is one many people ask when preparing to get to know her better. "Either is fine, really. Obviously, my name is Aiko. But all of my friends back at SFIT called me Honey or Honey Lemon." No secret ID for Aiko, to be sure. Hers is a matter of very clear public record. "Since we're going to be science- and shopping-friends, why don't you just call me Honey?" Aiko offers, as she heads for the bus stop. "How much to NYU campus, please?" Gwen can hear her ask, as she hasn't hung up the phone, just getting on with the journey. "Is that alright?"

"SFIT? San Francisco Institute of Technology right?" Gwen asks of the other girl after hearing the acronym spoken and starts heading towards the bus stop area of the campus so she can greet Honey when she arrives, "So is it weird? Being a superhero and all that to and people knowing about it?"

The lightly accented young woman's voice laughs lightly at Gwen's question, as she takes a seat on the bus. "Yes. That's it. And I really don't know if it's weird. It's normal for me. I can't say what is weird for others. After all, I developed a means to change my biology when I was only seven. I achieved my first PhD at thirteen. So I imagine, compared to the population at large, my 'normal' is probably very weird already. The superhero thing is just an extension of the rest, and the fact that I care about people and want to help the best I can." That, and Fred is obsessed with comic books. But it's a long story.

"I can't even begin to imagine what it's been like. I've seen some of the videos online and that, plus you were actually mentioned in a few of the textbooks I've used. I never actually realized you were thirteen when you got your doctorate though, that's insane." Gwen just shook her head. If Peter was jealous of her for where she was right now, she couldn't imagine the young man's response to hearing when Honey got her PhD, "So you ever run into Spiderman?"

"Man? No. Just Woman. She was really nice." Honey Lemon answers, smiling. She doesn't really offer anything about the videos or the history online, but it does make her grin incessantly that she was mentioned in some of Gwen's textbooks. Then again, fair is fair: chemical metal embrittlement with a simple spray on quantities in the near-ton range is pretty amazing. And that was just one of her fun experiments. "I've heard about him, of course. But I haven't met him." Not yet, at least.

It won't be long until Honey's bus arrives, however, and she comes down the stairs to meet and greet Gwen, arms open. Yes, Honey is a hugger. So be warned! "Hi. I'm glad that you could join me for a little shopping excursion. Why don't you lead the way, since you know where we're going." But as they walk, she makes a comment at one point, "Oh. Over there's the lab building. Pretty good facilities. Though now that our labs at THINK are complete, I probably won't spend as much time there."

Gwen greets Honey with open arms as well and envelopes the taller girl in a friendly hug, "The pleasure is all mine, I'm so happy you called me. I was going crazy, doing nothing for once." Unlike Spider-Man, she really wasn't that big into spending three-quarters of her time being a superhero, "I've heard good things about Spider-Woman, she's pretty Amazing, the new one anyways." She glances towards the labs and smiles, "I'm surprised Doctor Wells hasn't taken a chance to visit THINK but he's a bit insular with his work I find." Honey's hand is taken and she begins to lead the other girl towards a series of small shops on Campus run by students that sell original fashion made by design students.

Warmth! Friendly! Hugs! Honey Lemon is almost glowing, she's so happy. Good friends are hard to find, but she's found one; she's sure of it! "I'm rather surprised, too. Visiting THINK doesn't mean bringing your work there. It's just an amazing place to meet and network with other brilliant scientific minds. Heck, we had Victor von Doom show up to one of our demonstrations in the Open House. I think he went to a few others, too, but obviously we only saw him at our demonstration." We, us, our. Yes, GoGo is a permanent and unrelenting fixture in Honey's universe. "Oooh. This stuff is pretty amazing. I love it." Yes. The shopping gene has found its home. And it is good.

Gwen was positively glowing to as she walked through the store with Honey, not having many friends to go shopping or do girly things since they drifted apart after high school. Picking up a vintage pinstripe dress to try on she replies, "Victor von Doom. I've heard him mentioned before by Doctor Storm" There's some alarm on the young woman's face at the mention of the name but since she hadn't heard anything on the news she could only assume it wasn't an attack, "Have you and GoGo been friends a very long time?"

"He can be very scary. Intimidating, both physically and intellectually. But he is clearly quite brilliant. It was an interesting experience, meeting him." Hard to imagine Honey is talking about one of THE big supervillains of the world, right?

"GoGo? Oh, yes. A pretty long time. She started at the Program at SFIT about a year before I did, and I started at thirteen. We've known each other ever since." Honey is just nineteen now, so it's been six years. But that's six years in superheroic terms, which is like dog years.

"That's pretty cool, it's nice you both moved here together. Was it because of the THINK job?" Gwen picks up a top and holds it up to Honey, "This would look darling on you." Her mind drifts back to Doom, because of an earlier encounter perhaps and she asks, "So.. what did Dr. Doom want? He isn't the type to randomly show up.."

"It is really nice." Honey admits, smiling. "And yes. The Program at SFIT shut down. We stayed there for a while, because of the team. But everyone started looking to continue their own work their own ways. THINK seemed like the right fit for us." Of course, Honey had some of her own reasons for that choice that she probably won't share - top secret spy stuff! - but the rest is still true.

"Oooh. Let me see." Honey twirls with the top in front of herself - she does so with incredible grace, given how gawkishly tall giraffe-like she appears - and looks in a mirror. "Mmm. You're right. This is good. I need a skirt to go with this."

"Mmm? Well, I can't say, really. I'm not a telepath, and I'd guess he keeps some kind of anti-psi factor in that armor of his." Honey answers. "He seemed genuinely interested in our research into advanced rollerblading tech and materials. But that could be just because it can parallel haptic feedback control systems for things like his armor. He could have just chosen our display to make his point to Mister Stark, or others, that he was there and free to do so. I can't really say." No one can. But some SHIELD analyst is trying his or her damnedest, right now, to be sure.

Gwen begins to browse through some of the skirts on the rack to find something matching for Honey Lemon, pursing her lips as she picks up a few skirts one by one before putting them back with an exasperated expression, "Your legs are like, way too long for any of those. Hmm."

The young woman is using the clothing as a way of distracting herself from the talk of Doctor Doom, she hated being reminded of what Spider-Man had told her 'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility'.

For a moment, she seems to want to confide her secret in her newfound friend but she decides not to, instead asking, "I know you modified your own genes, but what are the specifics? Are you a mutant, a metahuman? Something else?" She seemed genuinely curious, of course it wouldn't be because of her own condition.

Honey too is looking through racks. "I used to get a lot of push-back over my clothes, my skirts being 'too short'. That's why I went to wearing tights and leggings under my dresses and skirts." She can fully embrace fashion as distraction. Totally.

"Hmmm." Honey responds with, as Gwen asks the prickly question. "TO be honest, I never really considered a label for it. Basically, all I really wanted was …" Honey sighs, then turns to look at Gwen. "Being honest? I know lots of folks miss it. But I'm mixed-race. Hispanic - Mexican, if you must know - and Japanese. So I had dark, curly, unruly hair. And I hated it. I wanted to look like … well. Like I'm sure you did at that age." Interesting, to be discussing this with Gwen, of all people.

"So I worked it out in my young mind, and made myself a blonde. My hair follicles actually generate a polymer sheath for my hair, which keeps it so straight. Also almost impossible to cut normally." Also probably interferes with normal attempts at styling. "It wasn't until years later that we realized the same changes had also changed my metabolism and by bodyshape. There's no way I was originally encoded to be this tall, or this thin." And Honey stops there. "Beyond that? As far as I know, I'm completely normal. I was already smart, like I am now, or I couldn't have done what I did. So none of my monkeying around did that."

"So basically, being smart is like your superpower? You don't have any special abilities or benefits that come with the new body type? Aside from being really pretty, which I am SURE you were before to." Gwen smiled a little and tried not to think how many girls had picked on her for having blonde hair, blue eyes and the fact they probably wanted to be like her, "Doctor Wells and I have been doing a lot of work together on the subject of metahumans and the particulars. I'm actually trying to work on a serum of some kind that might serve to reverse powers, it would be useful to deal with troublesome villainly types or give people who genuinely didn't want powers a chance at a normal life."

Honey chuckles wryly and shrugs her shoulders a bit, nodding towards Gwen. "Well, I suppose you could look at it that way. I suppose some actually /do/ look at it that way. I don't. I don't believe my intelligence is beyond normal human potential, even if it is well beyond two standard deviations from average." Then again, Honey would look at it that way, given she was part of a program geared specifically to gather, encourage, and foster such geniuses at SFIT. She doesn't feel alone, or nearly as freakish, as she might. As might, perhaps, a young boy with Reed Richards' intellect. Or Anthony Stark. Or Victor von Doom.

"I respect the idea." Honey offers seriously. "After all, I'm sure there are those who would rather not have whatever abilities have been handed to them by chance, fate, or the genetic lottery." The taller blonde purses her lips. "I suppose my concern would be similar to some I'm sure Doctor Wells has brought up, too: the terrible danger and risk of something like that being weaponized to use against /any/ with those inherent abilities, regardless if they are guilty of any crime." Still, she's not condemning the research, only preaching caution.

"I suppose that's a risk with any breakthrough, discovery or invention. There will always be those who seek to use it as a weapon, the goal would be to have some kind of safeguard or something but that's a whole set of complications I haven't even planned out." Gwen sighed, clearly the issue of curing powers was personal to her, "If you would be willing, maybe you could look over my work sometime. I understand if you don't want to, it's not exactly a subject everyone is interested in helping with."

"Sure. I would be happy to look over your work, and help out any way I can." Honey offers, smiling. She honestly doesn't believe there can be any one solution to suppressing powers. But she'll look at the research anyway. It could be important, to help others, and she cannot help the inner drive to always help those in need. "And maybe we can brainstorm together on ways to help secure your research, as well."

Gwen grabbed a skirt and blouse off a rack she was perusing before nodding to Honey, "Thanks, I really appreciate it seeing as you're like THE chemistry wiz. Doctor Wells is helping me a little to and Doctor Storm was before." She looks at her phone checking a text before pursing her lips a little, "So why do you do it? Go out and be a hero I mean?"

"People need help. I have the smarts to help them. Why not try?" Honey offers, as she gathers up two more skirts, and a pair of leggings, making her way towards one of the changing rooms. "I'll admit, I probably wouldn't have gone the whole costumed hero route on my own. But together, the team really fit. And now, I couldn't imagine doing it any other way."

"The team? I've never really heard much about the rest of them, just you and GoGo really." Gwen started heading towards one of the changerooms with the clothes to try on, asking, "What happened with the team if you don't mind me asking?"

"We got together to stop someone. Someone … we didn't know it at the time. But it was someone very near and dear to our hearts, who had gone wrong. And rogue." Honey Lemon explains, while changing in the room beside Gwen's. "What we knew was that someone had stolen the tech of one of the Program members. So we went after it, together. The theft had already killed one of us. We were … invested. One of us was a comic book lover. That was the inspiration. The inspiration to create the suits, advance the tech, use our talents, and put an end to it."

Honey continues changing and chatting. "After we were done that, the Program itself fell apart. Most of us stayed at SFIT for a while. It was what we knew. But without the Program, it was … not the same. We kept up the team. But when it became clear the Program wasn't going to come back, all of us started looking for where to go, what to do. We couldn't just stagnate." She shrugs her shoulders, unseen. "Now we're spread out, mostly around the world. But we're in touch almost every day. It's not the same. But … it could be worse."

"I'm amazed nobody has approached you for any kind of movie deal, it sounds like Hollywood Gold; at least compared to most 'origin' stories. I'm sorry that you're all not together anymore, but at least you're still in contact." Gwen struggled in the changeroom next door, not sure if she like the dress enough to even ask for an opinion on it before asking yet another question, "Do you ever wish you could go back? Nevermind, that's a stupid question it sounds like it's part of your life now.."

The taller blonde chuckles and shakes her head. "No movie deals for us." Honey wouldn't want anything like that, and she /loves/ the movies. GoGo would woman up and break someone if they offered something that shallow. Neither of them needs money badly enough to make it worth the loss of their self-respect. "Mmm. Well. Sometimes I wish we could have known the Professor was hurting, and helped him before it all went bad. Before good people died. Then, we wouldn't have become superheroes. But it would be better that way. Thing is, time travel is bad stuff. Makes a mess of things. So. We live, we learn, and we do the best we can."

Gwen nods from within her changing booth, biting her little lip a little as she realizes how personal becoming a hero must have been, "Was the professor a mentor of yours? I'm sorry if I'm prying too much. I just naturally ask way too many questions."

"It's OK. We're scentists. We thrive on knowledge, and seeking answers and understanding." Honey responds, not quite as upset as she could be. It's still very emotional, and she doesn't try to hide that. But she isn't breaking down, either. "Yes. The professor was the head of the Program. He established it, with the desire of finding and cultivating brilliant scientific minds. That's what - and who - brought us all together. We loved him." And yet he killed one of them, stole another's technology, and then went on a murdering rampage of revenge. Sucks, right?

Gwen stepped out of the changing booth wearing the blouse and skirt she had picked up and twirled around looking in a mirror, "At least everything turned out alright in the end." She smiled as she waited for Honey to step out of the changing booth, smoothing out the skirt a little.

Honey Lemon does emerge from her changing room, wearing the adorable top that Gwen found, as well as the skirt and leggings she picked out. She twirls for Gwen and then checks out her new friend's outfit. "Very nice. And you're right. It did turn out OK in the end. Not perfect. But OK. And we're happy with the life and the path we've chosen."

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