May 08, 2015:

Some members of the New Justice Society hit a SMOOTHHOUSE with the aid of Iron Fist.

New York



NPCs: Smooth Dealers


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Ever since the recent hits on Smooth dealers by an unknown party, the streets had been in chaos for the drug peddlers. Fear was a commodity being traded regularly by the Smooth Dealers now along with other gang-bangers who felt like a war was coming to the streets.

Black Canary had acted on information she found earlier to raid a Smoothouse (like a Crackhouse but for Smooth) on her own so the druggies and dealers would end up with the police in handcuffs not in bodybags and had found herself biting off more than she could chew.

That's why she had put in a general call for help to any members of the New Justice Society who could give her a hand, as well as Iron Fist who she knew to operate in Harlem.

Black Canary ducked down behind a brick wall as automatic weapons fire pelted the area she was in and she muttered, "Some backup would be /very/ nice about now."

Tre was out on patrol, he was liking this regularly scheduled hero thing a lot more and more. Though having stopped off to eat after work, he was about ot head back to the dojo when he gets a call to come help out in Harlem. Tre finishes his food, though once he is done he walks down the street, in a blue/silver streak like lightning he is already running towards Harlem. Nitro changed into his make shift hero costume. Deep blue jeans with a black hoodie with blue and silver dragon like motief with a scarf covering the lower part of his face. Yes, low budget, but hey, it's what he's rocking with. Oh he also has a backpack on.
Tre stretches out a bit when he makes it to the Smoothhouse, looking around and keeping out of sight. Having been given the info on the place, it was going to be a bit nuts when they go in, but hey. He likes starting things off first. *Going in* he calls into the blue tooth. Speeding up the back side of the place, he enters into the top of roof access, "Hello." he says to a group of thugs who are watching the hall leading to one of the dealers places. "What up Gee, you got dat fire yo!" yes, Tre knows how to talk hood.

Having just finished closing up the the Mechanic Shop for the night, and stopping in to his neighbor/tenant's apartment to fix her sink, Simeon had been making himself dinner when the alert on his newly acquired New Justice Society comm went off. Quickly changing his outfit, he grabbed a pre-made lunch he'd intended for tomorrow from the fridge, and leaped out the window, bounding off the walls and swinging into the shed in the alley where he houses his motorcycle. Thankfully he has an extra limb, eating as he races through traffic, kicking off the ground to launch himself and the motorcycle over a cop car at a wreck blocking 157th at Amsterdam Ave, and causing the cops to call in the crazed motorcyclist's direction of travel… like he somehow wanted the cops to head the way he was headed…

As the modified Triumph Rocket III Roadster Motorcycle comes to a halt in the alley beside the Smoothhouse, Simeon leaps onto the wall and begins to scout windows, trying to get the lay of the land, figure out which areas are most heavily guarded, get a rough head count, and so he can coordinate with any others… after all, he wouldn't want to get tangled up or step on any toes (whatever those are). He does occasionally take sme stuff off his bandoleer, makes something quickly, and stick the constructed item to the wall near a window… clicking his comm he whispers, "Grease Monkey checking in, I'm on the North East side of the building, ready to pick off some nits and grease some squeaky wheels."

Oh why the hell do people continue to mess up shit in Harlem. Danny has gotten very protective of the area around his dojo. He knew all about the SmoothHouse that had opened up, so that is why he was setting up some drug counseling programs. See he didn't want to go into the house fist a blazing, cause that is how people get hurt, and well a lot of these people are related to his students, and he doesn't want anyone getting hurt. Danny has been more about trying to work with others and teach them the error of their ways lately, as opposed to just knocking them around. Plus you know going into to the drug den without his 300lbs of solid muscle backup was never going to be on his list.

Of course no someone has forced his hand, and Danny hates when people do that, no matter how cute they may be. Of course Danny is one to make an entrance, and well he has seen Luke smash into a few places and Danny has decided to do the same. He just heads to the outside of the place, and charges up his iron fist, and throws a charge punch at the wall. Breaking his way in, "Okay gentleman, you all know how I feel about this neighborhood. So are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

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Black Canary remains pinned down behind the wall, having hoped her comrades would have done more than simply arrive and announce themselves. Gritting her teeth in annoyance, she says to Simeon and Nitro over the comns, "Mind helping me out? Or are you two having fun playing out there…"

Thankfully, Iron Fist has some sense and rushed in to actually deal with things. Instead of firing on Canary, the group of six thugs turn and open fire on the Martial Arts Master.

Tre sighs fussy, fussy. Nitro, reacts fast, throwing blows on teh two men who were actually a bit awe struck that someone came at them from the roof. He hears the gunshots and he is already bluring through the building towards where the gunshots were coming from. Things slow down for Nitro, allowing him to see things happen in slow motion, allowing him to react at break neck speeds. He sees the gunmen firing on some guy in a mask who looks like a kung fu guy.
Thats pretty cool, but still men with guns are something that he has to take seriously becuase even he isn't bullet proof. He rushes the guy who is already firing, intercepting the bullets, by plucking them out of the sky, and he drops them on the ground. He hits the lead gunman, and still moving at high speeds, his two friends leaving Iron Fist clear to get his kung fu action on.

Tapping his helmet, Grease Monkey gives a one word response, "Affirmative." then taps his new bandoleer. There is no big explosion, no grand entrance, just dozens upon dozens of tiny little tranq needles shooting through the walls into various dealers, goons, and addicts. Grease Monkey may have his vicious side, and to Magi-Cyborg Nazis and Killer Mercenary Mutant Marauders that side warrents being shown, but most of the people in the building right now don't, and since it will take longer to identify the few who might deserve having their bones broken, Grease Monkey opted for something that takes out the most potential threats without risking causing harm to a relatively possible innocent. As a joke he taps a different point on his bandoleer and the walls seem to echo inward with Drowning Poul's song, 'Let the Boddie hit the floor'.

After the first volley of tranq darts have brought many threats and all the non-combatants to gentle slumber, Grease Monkey makes an entrance of his own, coming in through a window and flinging weighted bean bags, like those used in riot guns, to bean, groin shot, and solar plexus shot armed foes he sees, keeping himself low to the floor to provide a smaller target profile and allow him to flip and leap in whichever direction he may need to dodge. As he makes his way through the fray he clicks his mic, "Sorry, ma'am, had to set up something to reduce the chance of hurting someone who is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hope the mood music is suitable?"

Well okay Danny was expecting them to open fire on him, so once they do so he dives behind part of the wall that he didn't destroy. Hey this is where having the bullet proof guy as backup would have been great, but of course his hand was forced on this one. "Hey lady. Next time you're going to start a problem on my turf, can you give me a heads up. I have people I can call for backup you know." The martial artists yells and the person who put the call out for help.

Of course the guys are still firing at where he was, and thanks to that he finds his way back into the room through another window and just well uses his training to start taking out some of the guys. Focusing on the three closest to him, doing an elbow strike (Barbarian Squirrel Elbow) to one, a face palm (Suffering Blow) to another and the third gets the Wicked Foot of the Demon!

The group of thugs is dealt with by the three men with ease, the more experienced Iron Fist doing the majority of the heavy lifting in the fight. Getting up from behind the table, Black Canary wiped sighed in relief as she looked over the group of downed men, "Thanks for the assist. I should have called you sooner Iron Fist."

She nods to Nitro and Simeon, "Thanks Grease Monkey and Nitro. Sorry to be terse with you, these smooth dealers have really been pissing me off."

She removes some zipties from her belt and tosses it to the other men, "Let's tie these guys up for the cops. Leave the evidence behind to, so they can go to jail."

Quirking a brow at Laurel, he shrugs, "It's coo." he says as he looks at her. The speedster yawns and stretches out a bit. Looking around, "There weren't many civvies in here and the supposed guards are all zip tied." eh tells her. Already knwoing the protocol for how thtye do things. Nitro looks to the others for a momemnt, taking in the other two guys, he's not met them before. "This is the big thing now, so what all do we know about these guys and who is running things?" he asks.,

Checking something in his helmet, Grease Monkey shakes heads quickly with Tre, the one time they'd met before was brief, during a bank robbery, and afterwards they didn't really take the time to trade info. He looks over, "Police Radio has them about 5 minutes away. They had trouble getting past the car wreck at 157th, but it just cleared, and seems people reported gunshots, an explosion, and someone playing loud music at this loaction." he then looks to Iron Fist, "Sorry about encroaching on your turf. Canary called, I came. The tranqed people should be out for about an hour or three, plenty of time for the cops to handle them." If the Monkey-esque Mutant ever was tempted to try Smooth, he shows no signs of even looking to snag himself some today.

A phone rings in Grease Monkey's jacket and hit pops it out and thumbs the answer button, his voice seeming concerned, "Hello?"… "What's the matter?"… "He DID what?" his body seeming to visibly be trembling, "I'll head to Gotham and look into it Aunt Yrma. You keep Aunt Petra and Uncle Kurt calm, I'll check in on Raphael. They don't need to see their son like that. Take care." he then looks at the others, his cell phone crunching and falling apart in his hand, "I have some family business in Gotham. Looks like I can't stick around to chat."

Well everyone is okay, and that's the good thing. With that he heads over to Canary, "I don't know how you do things where you are from, but we do things differently in Harlem. We make sure all the pieces are in place before we strike. And we make sure that there are no kids in the dojo that happened to be near this place before we do anything." The kids totally go there to feel safe. "If you're going to opperate in Harlem give me the heads up, I can take care of the support." He doesn't wait for any answer, after that he just does a Ninja vanish! gotta love that K-un Lun training!

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