Wild Wild West

May 06, 2015:

Some members of the New Justice Society help some other heroes fight the nefarious Dr. Arachnia!

New York

Abandoned Warehouse/Rundown street


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Late Night, New York City

One of Simeon's clients, Marcel Gruber had gone missing without paying for his work he had hired Simeon to do. The disturbing thing is, Marcel had never failed to pick up a device or contraption he hired Simeon to make and the man was meticulate in his dealings.

An investigation of his home upon attempt to deliver the device had lead Simeon to a trashed house and no sign of Dr. Gruber. It had become clear, he had been kidnapped.

Benjamin on the other hand, had learned he had not been the only one to arrive from his time period in the future. One of the 'villains/criminals' he had faced in the past was here as well, Dr. Arachnia; a woman known for her steampunk contraptions and utter cruelty.

Less than an hour ago, both men's trails had led them to an abandoned warehouse on the waterside.

In the hour since then, both men had been engaged in a life and death struggle against a massive mechanical spider that was at least thirty feet tall and fifty feet wide.

One of the massive mechanical legs attempted to crash down on Simeon even as a tesla cannon fired electricity from the pincers of the beast towards Benjamin!

"Arachnia!" Benjamin shouted, as he dives behind a low wall and covers up as the electricity fired from the tesla cannon and burned the air around him. It smelled like ozone. "You ain't gettin' away from me, Scorpion Woman!" the man out of time shouted towards that old adversary of his. While he shouts, he begins to load that leaver-action rifle of his. A hand loaded overpressure round designed for penetration and accuracy.

When the blast ceases for a moment he pops up and empties his rifle's magazine towards what tesla coil- hoping its as delicate as it looks. Individual wires are aimed at- and with his impressive mixture of skill and connection to the Speed-Force its not exactly an impossible shot for the old cowboy. "I'm comin' for you, woman! Expect me like you expect Jesus!"

There is a moment of thought as Simeon considers the sanity of this situation. He glances over at the other being seeming to be a target for the Arachnobot, trying to place where in the Hell he met the guy, marveling at the tesla cannon workmanship. Taking a moment to flip out of the way of the massive leg, he shouts, "Hey, you do know that Nikola Tesla wanted to make electricity free for everyone, and transmit it through the air to benefit people, not harm them. You are being incredible cruel to the dream of a brilliant scientist and altruist who already had to endure having his name dragged through the mud during his lifetime and for over half a century after his demise. Cut the Croatian some slack. Why not build a Edison cannon instead?"

There was no response from Dr. Arachnia save a shrill laughter at the commentary of the two heroes arrayed against her.

The shots from Benjamin strike true and the Tesla Cannon Pincer's explode in a shower of sparks and electricity, that causes the massive steampunk spider to crawl up the side of the wall of the warehouse and up onto the ceiling.

"DESTROY THEM MY CHILDREN!" A shrill female voice shrieks and the abdomen of the Mechano-spider opens up.

From within the abdomen a dozen mechanical spider-bots drop down and begin firing miniature tesla cannons at Benjamin and Simeon; giving them little chance to regroup as the swarm of bots goes after the pair of them.

"I ain't got time for this shit." Benjamin grumbles as he shoulders his rifle and begins to run and gun- a pair of Colt Peacemakers slid out of his holsters as he shoots at the spider bots with pistol ammo. As before, his shots ring out in the warehouse while the old-west Marshal eyes up the spider-bot, trying to see if the 'good' doctor had any important looking tubes exposed.

Ah, the many things that go through the mind when one has a swarm of baby spider-bots attacking you. Had Simeon had time to plan for this, he probably would have made a simple Faraday suit… if a Band in Austin can play music and get hit by Giant Tesla Coil Arcs on a regular basis, using one to handle a situation like this has to be a simple solution, but where to get a metal mesh on short notice… but sadly, Simeon was not planning to take on an anachronistic anarchist arachno aligned assailant, he was planning to drop off a simple combination automatic parrot feeder, avian entertainment system, and feather plucker prevention device fitted for a fussy attention addicted African Grey, getting paid, and going to a Western Themed Bar Mitzvah Party. Wait… sure, they're not loaded, but Simeon does have real pistols on his personage, and some of his usual stuff too.

Step One, reduce the threat level. Using some crates for temporary cover, Simeon assembles the handle he uses for his sledgehammer, but forgoes the head, instead throwing it to pierce the ground… voila, an improvised lightning rod… not guaranteed to get all the electricity, but should pulls some of the fire off himself and Captain Pony Express (Simeon really needs to learn whatever alias Benji uses).
Step Two, get to the high ground. Easy enough, very few warehouse's have ceilings more then 3 stories high, and Simeon can easily leap straight up, plus by getting above the warehouse's lights, the shadows should give him added cover.
Step Three. Join the attack… sure, he's not as fast as Benji, but he's 9x faster then the fastest normal human, and he can use 1.5x to 2x as many pistols… wait, darn it… still no ammo… where to get ammo? ARGH! Brilliant plan partly foiled by pacifism.

+MEET: Rain has arrived via +meet.

+MEET: Constantine has arrived via +meet.

Several of the spider-bots are taken down by Marshall Enoch's well placed shots even as electricity arcs towards the improvised lightning rod that Simeon had created. Despite his cover, the little bots were still skittering towards Simeon attempting to claw at him in close combat.

—Earlier that evening

"Rain. Constantine. I'm not sure what to expect, I've been keeping tabs on these two in hopes of recruiting them. One of them is a wild west gunslinger whose sense of justice might not fit with modern times and he could likely use our help with that, the other is a mechanical genius and we could really use one of those to help with gadgets." Black Canary explained to her pair of compatriots in the New Justice Society as she headed towards the warehouse Simeon and Benjamin had been spotted heading towards, "Here's the warehouse location, meet me there." With a press of a button, she sent off the address to the pair from her phone complete with directions.


As the remaining spider-bots continued to assail the heroes fighting Dr. Arachnia, a high pitched scream shattered the windows above the warehouse and a black and yellow clad woman leaped onto the Gigantic Spider.

"SKREEEEEEEEE!" Another high pitched scream was sent towards the spider before it tossed the Black Canary off, exposing a set of tubes and wiring beneath a shielded surface.

Constantine has a phone, but up until last year he had one of the classic old brick cells. This newfangled Starktech sPhone seems to perpetually give him fits, and it doesn't get much for reception while he's joyriding across planes of existence.

Fortunately, the text does eventually get to him, and instead of leaping and flying across the city like a cavorting madman, John simply opens up a shortcut behind a dumpster that links up to an unused doorway across town, less than a hundred yards from the place Canary had directed him.

That proximity sure put him close to the action, and John stares up at the spider-queen slack jawed, automatically fishing for a cigarette. "We're gonna need more Raid," he comments to no one in particular. Unlike most of the bystanders, who are running and screaming, John is standing in the middle of the street almost diffidently despite the clear surprise on his face.

Benjamin takes what he can get- tubes and wires tend to dislike being broken and that's where Marshal Enoch's tomahawk will be flying. He holsters a weapon, and in the blink of an eye there's a loud *BOOSH!* as his tomahawk is pulled out of its sling, and thrown towards those tubes and wires. It travels at super-sonic speeds, whirling through the air with deadly speed and force. "ARACHNIA! YOU SHE-DEVIL! THE REAPER IS COMIN' FOR YOU!" he shouts out, as he redraws the Peacemaker he'd holstered a moment before and just waits for the right time to shoot.

"I see…" Rain seems a little puzzled. Then again, gunslinging is hardly a new or unusual talent. It's handy during this era of freaking lasers and now SPIDER-BOTS. Nevertheless, a flying broomstick gets her there pretty quickly. She has a nice phone, and is good at using it (and keeping Loki up on his Angry Birds and texts), but these things still take time. She hates teleporting since she almost always ends up in drag or covered in chocolate. No idea why. But teleporting? Not her thing.

And then she lands near John, blinking. "Ohgods." Spiders. Of course it's freaking spiders. Captain pauses. "I think I ate one of those once," The orange tabby comments. Nevertheless, Rain blinks and watches Benjamin do his thing. Holy crap. Okay, gotta - one gets a bit close and Rain kicks it away. "ARGH." Pants spider, noooooooo.

Reholstering the ammoless, and therefore next to useless pistols, Simian decides to see in the spider-bots like trying to play follow the leader. He may not have the instincts for being a monkey, but he has certain structural qualities that resemble those of a Monkey, and brachiating is something one picks up when you have hands for feet, long limbs, and a tail. He may not have a gun, but the Spider-Bots do, and if he can keep himself between them and their

Reholstering the ammoless, and therefore next to useless pistols, Simian decides to see in the spider-bots like trying to play follow the leader. He may not have the instincts for being a monkey, but he has certain structural qualities that resemble those of a Monkey, and brachiating is something one picks up when you have hands for feet, long limbs, and a tail. He may not have a gun, but the Spider-Bots do, and if he can keep himself between them and their 'Mother', then his lower metal content and electricity's natural properties mean then getting rapidly more vulnerable Giant Arachnobot practically is meant to be a Tesla Blast magnet… hey, that's an idea, Simeon looks around, "Anyone know where I can get a hundred or so yards of copper wire, like right now?" the pure elegence in its simplicity bringing a smile to Simian's mouth… Electricty, plus copper wire, plus a large bit of metal equals Electro Magent, and that isn't even super science, just simple elementary school science fair project level.

The battle has indeed moved into the street near the warehouse at this point as the massive Steampunk Spider tears through the side of the warehouse and out into the streets.

The spider comes to a halt mid-strider as it's about to pounce towards John and Rain for no apparent reason, the Tomahawk of Marshall Enoch striking the wires and tubes before cleaving through the contraption and destroying several of the gizmos and gadgets inside.

Meanwhile the remaining spider-bots are fried by Simeon's makeshift contraption in the field, the electricity arcing forth between all of them causing them to sputter and spasm before going inert.

Black Canary recovers from being tossed earlier and looks between Simeon and Benjamin, smirking, "You two sure know how to keep it interesting."

A steel compartment near the head of the Massive Steampunk Spider was starting to open.

John isn't a scientist or a gadgeteer, but he does have a working knowledge of fundamental chemistry. Even in places where steel rusts to powder in an hour instead of a decade, it's still /rusting/. And John knows how to exploit those processes with the power of magic.

There's a strange fracturing of the air around the magus and not one but /six/ Constantines are standing in a loose semi-circle, for only a moment. They go running in six different directions, each one of them taking a wholly believeable response to the spider-mech, from shooting at it to hiding to readying spells. It's hard to say at first glance which one of them is the real John Constantine, but one of them is working some kind of magic, as a ruddy, ugly film of abrasive rust starts to rapidly spread across the spider's joints, even as corrosion and accelerated decomposition attack rubber gaskets and fluids inside. Whatever spell John is slinging, it's an attempt to replicate the effects of a hundred years exposure to salt water spray, condensed to bare minutes.

"Ma'am." Benjamin offers to Black Canary, "Things ain't changed that much." he explains, as he takes the moment to reload his pistols- dropping antique cartridges on the ground and reloading in less than a second. Pretty impressive with a pistol that doesn't have a swing out cylinder. "Still a whole mess of folk who seem to think they can cause trouble and get away with it. Take the good Doctor here." he says, as he finishes that reload. "But, I'll take care of that, I reckon." Benjamin then recocks his pistols and lifts them towards the opening door.

Rain is duly impressed by the gunslinger. Then Constantine is doing his thing and there's a skree. Righto. Captain hisses at a spider nearby. Before it gets shocked into oblivion. Rain is starting to cast a spell, going quiet and looking meditative. Her gaze is distant and peaceful, and Captain is watching out for the zoned witch. Vines and roots start emerging from the ground and reaching for the big spider's legs. Better safe than sorry.

Clearing his throat, Simeon flips and slams both feet onto the opening hatch. Evil Magi-Cyborg Nazis trying to destroy the planet are one thing, and even then Simeon would have preferred they brought the guy who he was pretty sure was actually Heinrich Himmler (somehow enhanced and around nearly 7 decades after his alleged demise), in for a proper trial and prosecution for his war crimes. He looks directly at Benjamin, not caring if the corrosion forming everywhere actually rusts the door in place, since a living Doctor can be pried out later for trial, "Hey, Captain Pony Express, I'm all for swift justice, and frankly I'm sure the doctor deserves punishment for far more then just what we just went through, but frontier trials don't allow her a trial by her peers, which she constitutionally is entitled to." stomping the door a few times to encourage the lady inside to take defeat gracefully and not risk getting shot, "Put the Peacemakers away and we can all talk this out nice and calm." he looks to Canary for support, "Ma'am, tell the nice quickdraw master that we can't go around blowing criminals heads off without a trial first anymore" he then grumbles, "even if some of them really do deserve it." thinking of some of the drug dealers, sexual offenders, and drunk drivers of the world.

The steampunk spider begins to rust and decay in moments, the spell proving extremely effective as the spider begins to collapse upon itself, legs breaking off and the abdomen falling to the ground. The hatch that was opening begins to disintegrate even as the strangely dressed woman who was attempting to open it falls through a whole in the bottom of the spider.

The woman was Dr. Arachnia and she was wearing a period specific dress and bodice with what appeared to be spider legs (mechanical of course) sprouting from her back.

Magical roots sprout from the ground ensnaring the wreckage of the spider and the woman who had emerged.

Arachnia seemed absolutely distraught that she had been defeated, "You fool! If I had only succeeded, we could have been returned to our time. Now, the disruption will never be repaired."

The old west villainess collapsed and began to sob.

Black Canary raised a hand towards Ben's pistols, "That's not how we do things in the year twenty fifteen." She nods in support to Simeon's words after her own.

"Wasn't there a really rotton American film a few years ago about a giant bloody spider?" John asks, the images disappearing one at a time until the magician himself steps from behind a narrow shadow. He puffs on his cigarette a few times to stoke it again, inhaling the swirling smoke with a deep arc of his chest. "If you were serious about fixing something, luv, all you had to do was ask," he tells the woman, his tone grim. "Rampaging through town on a mechanized spider, screaming mad glee, wasn't the proper way to go about it."

"She had her chance to submit to such Justice." Benjamin states simply to Simeon. "Instead, she decided to build a weapon of death and destruction and try to and kill both yourself and me with it." He notes, frowning at these 'new school' heroes and their not understanding. "I don't need your tears, Arachnia. What's done is done. You're here. I'm here." He decocks his pistols and holsters them. "You're real lucky these young folks seem to believe in the system they got. Seems real complicated to me. Were it up to me, you'd not need to worry about goin' nowhere at all." he states, as he rolls a cigarette then lights it up with a match. "If you do it again, you know what I'll do to you." he promises the woman. "Let you go one too many times, on account of your bein' a woman and all." He inhales slowly, before exhaling a plume of tobacco smoke.

Ben just takes a step back then, and waves his hand towards the woman- looking to Canary and Simeon expectantly. They wanted to handle it, after all.

Rain pauses. She nods. "It's best to let the law handle her," She offers to Ben. Rain pauses. "What do I even call you?" She asks. Rain looks a bit puzzled. She nods at Constantine. "That seems like a really roundabout way to try to go home…" She considers.

Glancing at Constantine, Simeon nods, "It was based off an old mid to late 1960's television show. The movie was trying to recapture the magic, but abused the special effects, tried to shoehorn in some political correctness and pop appeal by casting a Rap Singer in the Lead and having him sing a modernization of the old theme song, then went the other end by rewriting the midget genius from the original show as a paraplegic amputee instead, and to save on funds had the main supporting actor double up as the President of the US, then tried to turn the whole movie into a glorified pilot for a reboot of the series. The Steampunk Spider wasn't even the worst of the film, the writing was convoluted and insulting to the original series. And though some of the acting was actually decent, it couldn't save the rest of the travesty." Yes, Simeon is discussing film while trying to save a villain's life, but he's easily distracted, and he'd been thinking about the same ridiculous steampunk spider since he'd arrived, Constantine just made it a topic of conversation instead of something driving him nuts to not have to think about when trying to stay alive.
At Rain's query, he nods, "Yeah, I never did catch your name. While it is fun to call you Captain Pony Express, I don't think it is really right." Simeon offers a hand to Benji, trying to be cordial, and seeing no point trying to use a codename, since his real face is on display, "I'm Simeon Kluger, had I expected to be in a fight, would have been dressed as Grease Monkey, but no point in pretending, since I'm not wearing my helmet." he shifts his gaze to offer the handshake and introduction to the others, as well.

+MEET: Karen Starr has arrived via +meet.

Police sirens can be heard in the distance and Black Canary sighs, "Putting her in jail won't do much good for now, but the law is the law." She gestures around to all of the scared people, "I know a detective in the SRD who can help deal with this." Canary sends out a text to the detective they had dealt with over the Smooth stuff prior and walks up and back-hands Arachnia to knock her out.

"Power Girl was supposed to be searching for any other problems, she should be here anytime." Canary raises her eyebrows skyward at Simeon's explanations and just shakes her head, "You would probably get along well with Nitro."

Looking back to Enoch now she frowns a little and asks, "How has finding your way in the future been? It can't be easy on your own."

"Blimey mate, are you Siskel or Ebert?" John says, arching an eyebrow at Simeon. At Canary's declaration, he cranes his neck skyward, as if expecting to see the blonde superheroine crusing overhead that moment. The lanky, pale magician takes a long drag on his cigarette and overturns a scrap of metal with one toe, watching it crumple to pieces with the gentle nudge.

"They call me Marshal Enoch. Marshal Benjamin Enoch Williams." Benjamin offers, as he takes another pull on his cigarette. He takes Simeon's hand and gives it a solid, strong shake. "Right fine to meet'chya." Benjamin looks th en back to Canary. "Lass, I've lived through two wars, and fought people like Doctor Arachnia here most my life. In all that time I've learned one thing: Life is hard. So, this is just par for the course. More hardship. Ain't nothin' to do but get some of that oh be joyful, roll yourself a quirley and sail on straight. Still, could certainly use someone to ride the river with."

Rain is quiet, tilting her head. "I see." She looks quietl amused by things. "Pleased to meet you, Mister Williams." She waves to Benjamin. "We have to go deal with a rampaging gremlin infestation in an electronics store. Be well!"

Constantine says, "Well, thanks for letting me jump in."

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