More Lost Time

May 07, 2015:

Lunair comes to the Triskelion to report about her lost time.

The Triskelian


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It has been at least 3 days since Lunair's last abduction. Life is tough when you nearly get darted almost weekly. Fortunately, Lunair does not remember her weekend as HYDRA gone wild (nor Vorp's tentacling thereof, because if she found out, she'd have a purple feline pelt on her walls). It's been a bit traumatic, even for the resilient young lab project.

So now that HYDRA aren't actively turning the city into a war zone, it's time to talk about what went down before the poo really hit the fan. Lunair is going to let May know in advance, although she politely stops at the receptionist. "Hi. Um. I'm here to see…"

Melinda May sends newest Agent Thompson to collect Lunair from the front lobby and lead her to Simmons' lab, as a minor test to see how well the former corporal is settling in to life with SHIELD. She herself is waiting to hear word from Fury as there's a meeting of a different sort going on in another part of the building.

With such a task set before him, Flash performs it decently well, for now. He navigates the elevator, the hallway, and then even up to the desk for the reception area. The tall young man gives a nod to the agent on duty there, "I have her, thank you." He turns back to Lunair and says calmly, "Ma'am, if you'll follow me."
After he says this and should she agree, he'll turn and take her back into the labyrinthine corridors of SHIELD HQ. She most likely doesn't recognize him, considering the last time they actually met he was in all black and with a balaclava. Now he's in… okay still mostly black but some grey there for the SHIELD fatigues. But no balaclava. Eventually, barring unforeseen circumstances, he leads her to the lab.

Well, Lunair is patient and polite. She has a habit of looking up and behind her (damn drones), though. There's a polite smile towards Flash, though it seems off somehow. She actively has to remember to emote, so it seems a little… delayed. "Sure."

She will follow him along. She looks puzzled. "Have I met you before? What should I call you, Mister? Sorry, there's a few gaps lately…" Poor Lunair has had a few wild adventures these past few weeks.

Simmons is in her lab, reviewing test results. Her safety goggles are on the workbench beside her "And this here, Agent May, indicates the beings brainwaves returned to normal after Logan broke the manacles."

Melinda May nods to Simmons. "Good. Has the individual woken up at any point yet?" She refuses to call Corvinus a subject, or an 'it'. It's just not in her to refer to someone that way. Well, unless they ask for it. And the giant bird hasn't. She's still waiting for Thompson to arrive with Lunair, but is completely patient. She knows how labyrinthine the Triskelion can feel. Especially after the recent … remodeling.

While they were travelling, Flash told Lunair. "Agent Thompson if you like," He seems about to add something else, but things better of it as they walk. He's not exactly chit-chatty at the moment, then again he's on the job. He's still got that formality to him that sometimes departs with years on the job. Then again for some agents… that formality becomes part of their identity.
Once they reach the lab he steps in and announces their arrival. "Lunair Weir, here for you Agent May." He steps to the side of the door and then cocks an eyebrow in that ubiquitous gesture that asks the silent question of, 'should I stay?' or 'Everything alright?'

"No, he hasn't" Simmons takes her cue from May. "I've left instruction for if he does and I've configured some alarms to notify me if the brainwaves change to indicate that he may be waking." the biochem looks like she's about to continue when Agent Venom enters. Recognising Lunair, she smiles a little "Lunair, what brings you back here? Did Fitz ask to see you?"

Lunair nods. "Nice to meet you, Agent Thompson." She accepts it. They're all kinds of Men in Black up in here. She doesn't push conversation. Thanks to dating a space barbarian, Lunair is perfectly fine with quietly being around someone. That's just how they do.

She will wait until she's okayed in, at least. She doesn't seem to mind if Flash sticks around, at any rate. Lunair smiles back faintly, then shakes her head. It's not so much a happy thing that she's come back. "Um. It's kind of a story. And no, he didn't. I did get to see him do something really cool though." It was totally cool.

Melinda May nods to Simmons and steps forward toward Lunair. Her eyes briefly shift toward Thompson, and she nods slightly toward the nearest chair, silently instructing him to stay, but not requiring him to remain 'on guard'. Returning her attention to Lunair and hoping the slightly less formal atmosphere will help put the young woman more at ease, she steps back over to where Simmons is. "Maybe you can tell us about that after you share what prompted you to visit." Sorry. Business first. And, she already knows what Fitz did. She was there too.

Stepping to the side, Flash takes up a place near the table and the chair but seems alright standing in a sort of at ease posture that really does kind of look like he's at ease but deceptively so. The tricks you learn overseas and all. He looks towards Lunair and May, then spares a nod and a smile to Simmons, given quickly as if it were him breaking character while on stage.

"I know, he's been telling me all about it." Simmons resists the urge to roll her eyes. It was all she heard about when he returned to the Triskelian after Metropolis. Gesturing to the woman to take a seat, Simmons steps around in front of her worktable. From Lunairs last visit, the biochem had picked up a certain discomfit of medical procedures and she wants to put the young woman at ease too.

As Flash settles and gives her a small smile in return.

Heehee. Lunair smiles. "Sorry." It was pretty cool. And May zapped a dude and - she tries not to look too much at the worktable. Sure, phobia's a phobia but Lunair tries to work around it. "Um, okay. So. You know that HYDRA created me, right? Sort of. I have parents. But it's a long story. Anyway, Zyklon had been chasing me. I don't remember everything, and I'm sorry. But I felt you should know what happened."

She looks uneasy. "I hope you don't think less of me for this." Really, as much as she gets grabbed, Lunair really does evade a LOT of attempts. "The Thursday before everything kind of went to Hell, I was loading my car up. I needed food for Pinchbro and some other things. I checked my phone and started unlocking my car when my phone got shot by a sniper." Really. "When freaking Zyklon lands on my car's hood, punches the engine block to the ground, ripped off the roof and was like, HEY. Come be HYDRA. And I politely declined. Unfortunately, he didn't appreciate that, so I had to run."

Melinda May listens to Lunair attentively and without interrupting. She's been through an Armory debrief before, and the randomness is kind of expected now. She does look at Simmons, though, to make sure the scientist is making mental notes. Important note number one: Lunair has lost time. That to May implies she's been mentally compromised.

As Flash listens to Lunair's story he keeps his expression clear, no hint of his thoughts or opinions surface as he watches the exchange between the others. On some level the main thing he's naturally waiting for is for her to go for a gun, sure that's not likely, but hey. He's got his eye on her.

"Would you like tea, Lunair? Agent May, Agent Thompson?" Simmons has a stash of Mays tea in the lab for times just like this and the young womans unease is easily noted. "I see, so you lost time again? What is the next thing you can remember and how long do you think you lost?"

Poor Lunair. Life is rough. "So anyway, I armored up and grabbed my portal gun. I managed to make a few blocks before he did the obnoxious cheater freaking speedster thing and caught up. He did some weird aura thing and grabbed my arm. Then I think I got jabbed by a syringe and - I dunno after that. I woke up with my friends around me." She doesn't know about Midnighter clonking her with her own helmet, or thankfully - Vorpal's tentacles. And definitely thankful they didn't send the HYDRA School Girl Brigade. "If it helps, once the mental fog cleared," And she stopped hailing everything, "I haven't felt odd since. No lost time. I've been staying with someone almost all the time, just to be safe. And almost all my friends can punch my lights out if it comes to that." There's an immense fear and sadness tinged with guilt like dye staining waters. "I did start helping out after everything cleared up. Granted, I thought those minotaurs were maybe a hallucination so that's… kind of a relief," That it wasn't. "Admittedly, creating a rocket powered district attorney kind of was the highlight of my weekend." Aside from Fitz's epic laser action. "Um, sure. Tea would be rad. And as for how much time this time? I went to my car Thursday night. I thought by travelling at odd hours…" Sigh. "I guess - sometime after a couple of days? Maybe three? It's not really coming to me."

She looks like an intern, it's no accident she's been asked -three- times now to go get coffee. A neat dress shirt and slacks and even a jacket and a lovely tie, she could be some poor college girl from anywhere really and it's entirely easy to just ignore the neat little ID badge around her neck. The one which she's conveniently covered with her tie, and well she plays the game terribly well. Slipping into the room with a manilla folder under one arm and a little tray of coffee from the canteen. That young, pretty blonde thing with the coffee and the faux-nervous smile? Yeah you'll never guess who that is, She's the Mother Fucking Partisan of course. "Agent May, director Fury suggested maybe you might need me?"

Melinda May looks at the newest arrival, recognizes the young woman that just arrived, and nods to Simmons at the offer of tea before crossing the room again. "Let's hope not," she tells the surprisingly non-Partisan looking Partisan. "You know everyone here?" Get introductions out of the way fast, so Lunair can finish her story. There are some clarifications that will need to happen. Like, Pinchbro?

Looking across the room towards Jemma, Flash lifts a hand and waves off the offer then says, "No thank you, ma'am." He's completely fine standing against that wall partially between Lunair and Melinda May, his hands at the small of his back and fingers linked. He turns a glance upon Partisan's arrival and watches her for the time being.

Simmons looks at the blonde who enters and shakes her head to May "We've not met, I believe." Making her way to the kitchnette and starting the tea, she turns to give Thompson a mock glare "It's Simmons. Not Ma'am." She knows it's his training but still…

"So three days, maybe more. And you think you were injected with something." Glancing to May and then to Lunair "I'll need to run some tests." Returning with tea for the three of them, she hands one to May and another to Lunair.

It's PartiTime! Lunair looks curious as Partisan arrives. She smiles and waves. "Hiya. Sorry I don't have lunch this time," She admits quietly. Today has been a rough day. Then she looks to May. "Pinchbro is my crab," Lunair explains. "When the Atlanteans invaded, I was watching the tide pools. I was afraid he was gonna get stepped on so I picked him up, put him on my shoulder and then I dubstepped the Atlanteans. Also they were naked. It was weird." When Lunair says something is weird, it probably really is. She accepts the tea from Jemma. "Thanks. Yeah, I felt a familiar sting in my arm. Trust me, I know shots." She was a lab experiment, after all. "Um. That was about it. I did schedule talking to a telepath when she's not terribly busy, but I don't want to out her until I can ask her if it's okay. I've not lost any time since."

"I know you, and I know my home girl there Agent May."Part sets the coffee down, before offering Lunair a little smile. "It's a pleasure, I'm perhaps better known as the Mother Fucking Partisan."Not that she looks like it, at all. "Zyklon. goodness somone's a fervent little neonazi hm. As for lunch, honey don't worry I told you I'd be buying next time didn't I? Now darling, did you ever see the instrument? Was it a big needle like in the hospital, or one of those little guns that use an air can to zap you? Any needle marks perhaps?"

Melinda May accepts the tea from Simmons then nods as Partisan makes some very good points. She steps away from Lunair again so as to not make the young woman feel crowded, especially if Simmons is going to need to do something like draw blood. She's met her share of individuals that react very badly to medical procedures.

Flash offers that small smile towards Simmons again and corrects himself, "Simmons." He again holds up his hand to stave off the offer of tea and keeps his place against the wall. The focal point of the moment is Lunair, May, and this newcomer Partisan. He watches them, looking like little more than one of the many many agents that roam the hallways of the Triskelion in those black and grey fatigues.

Lunair shakes her head. "No, Zyklon liked syringes. He pulled them a couple of other times he chased me, but he never got close enough to use them since I can pull on armor fast. Plus, I know what a shot feels like." She really does. She pauses. "So I'd seen the ones he toted around before he got me." Lunair smiles weakly. "So just like a hospital needle." But filled with total badness. Lunair will probably at least try to cooperate, but most of a lifetime in a lab and hospital'll do things. Plus, some phobias just aren't inclined to go away that easily.

"I'm really sorry, Lunair" Simmons speaks to the young woman as soothingly as possible as she prepares to take some samples "I'll just need some blood and I may get you to come back in… " she's thinking of other ways to put Lunair at ease. Preparing the syringes, if Lunair lets' her, she'll take the blood samples and do the tests.

Lunair shakes her head. "No, Zyklon liked syringes. He pulled them a couple of other times he chased me, but he never got close enough to use them since I can pull on armor fast. Plus, I know what a shot feels like." She really does. She pauses. "So I'd seen the ones he toted around before he got me." Lunair smiles weakly. "So just like a hospital needle." But filled with total badness. Lunair will probably at least try to cooperate, but most of a lifetime in a lab and hospital'll do things. Plus, some phobias just aren't inclined to go away that easily. Still, there's a definite fear as Simmons prepares to get blood samples. Lunair will cooperate but she's going to look away and her free hand is going to have white knuckles gripping the chair. (Repose for proper order action)

Partisan seems unphased by the little phobia, as she takes a seat. "That means it does not need to be kept cold, nor does it need to be shielded from UV rays. I'm guessing it's a veternary oriented compound, as most of those can be stored and utilized in rather austere conditions. Small needle means small dosage, so it's very powerful. The fact that they need her for work, means that it will have a minimum of interaction with your standards cocktails. Usually that means a mixture of Sodium Pentathol and DMT. Depending on the depth of their work, they may use a bandaid laced with LSD over an area of skin rubbed raw. Usually with very fine tooth sandpaper, the back of the shoulder was a popular location in my day."Folding her hands quietly in her lap as she sighs. "As these chemicals all are depressants in their own way, our tranquilizer will be something with a very low working time. Maybe as low as fifteen or twenty minutes, but certainly no longer than an hour or two."

Melinda May just shakes her head slowly at Partisan. Not a reassuring discussion topic for the kid who's afraid of needles.

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